23 minutes ago

Current #dev experiment: 2d objs can have references to scripts, which are loaded, each script only once. Then custom logic within the scripts runs, e.g. on startup, mouseclick,.. This is, how frameworks emerge, i guess. 🙂

Ryan Li
11 hours ago

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages.

A good error message should tell the user

1. What and why it happened.
2. Current situation. Including what are not affected.
3. Providing actions they can take.
4. Who can be contacted for further help.

#dev #error

Duncan Babbage
15 hours ago

I’d like to introduce my North Star for evaluating software architecture patterns: the Supportive Partner principle.

Good architecture enables, coordinates, clarifies, & simplifies. It doesn’t insist you have to change nearly everything about yourself. And if you part company one day, the breakup will not be messy.

When an architecture insists every object, action & interaction has to be under its control, it doesn’t matter how safe it says you are: you’re in a toxic relationship. #iOSDev #dev

Aral Balkan
17 hours ago

OK, I’m just going to go ahead and blame the fact that it’s Friday for this… So Kitten builds no longer have traditional version strings… they have, umm… birthdays (complete with star sign; because cute) and a favourite colour :awesome:

When reporting a bug, please make sure you mention your Kitten’s birthday and favourite colour.

(The favourite colour is also the short git hash.)

It’s probably a good idea if I step away from the computer now…


#Kitten #SmallWeb #web #dev

Screenshot of terminal with Kitten running. On top is a sixel image of a kitten sitting on a green hill in front of a blue sky.

Terminal text follows:

by Aral Balkan, Small Technology Foundation

Born 2023/3/31 at 17:23:32 (Aries)
Favourite colour #c3f5d5 (small swatch of the colour – a light cyan, drawn using three block characters)
Like this? Fund us!                       We’re a tiny, independent not-for-profit.

Need help?
Aral Balkan
19 hours ago

:kitten: One of the nice things with the new conditional syntax in Kitten¹ is that you can have conditional styles in your components :)


#Kitten #SmallWeb #web #dev #js #css #styles #conditionals

Screenshot of code:

export default ({ SLOT, activeSection = '', autoHeading = true}) => html`
  <${Application} layout='settings'>
    <${Navigation} activeSection=${activeSection} />
    <main id='content'>
      <if ${autoHeading}>
Screenshot of code:

// Application layout.
import Footer from './Footer.component.js'

export default ({ layout, SLOT }) => html`
    <div id='application'>

    <${Footer} />


      #application {
        max-width: 920px;
        margin-left: auto;
        margin-right: auto;

      <if ${layout==='settings'}>
        #application {
          display: grid;
            'navigation  main  '
            'footer      footer';
          grid-template-rows: 1fr fit-content(100%);
          grid-template-columns: fit-content(100%) 1fr;

        /* On narrower screens, use one-column layout. */
        @media screen and (max-width: 660px) {
          #application {
20 hours ago

Mit den #Chrome #Devtools in einer anderen Devtools-Instanz rum­fummeln, um die einzelnen Frames des Renderings als Grafiken zu exportieren.
Was man als 🤓 halt so am Freitag­nach­mittag noch schnell macht. #dev #langweilige #interna

Samuel Vermeulen
22 hours ago

@greg @FlipboardCS

Thanks for the support and communication on this issue.

The beta #Flipboard, #Android #Mastodon integration, looks and feels great.

I was sharing with @mike a bit ago ( ) that Flipboard is one of the best #newsreader #apps that I can use with my #Parkinsons for #A11y.

So far, I really like 'Flipping' through my Mastodon timeline.

Looking forward to seeing what #dev you have coming down the pike.

Feel free to reach out if you need user input.

Aral Balkan
23 hours ago

So Kitten might be a little cuter now if your terminal supports sixels…

(Oh, and there’s a new version format too.)

#kitten #SmallWeb #web #dev

Screenshot of terminal. Graphic (sixel) illustration of grey kitten with big eyes and pink ears sitting on a green hill in front of a blue sky.

Text under it reads:

by Aral Balkan, Small Technology Foundation

Version 2023/03/31-11:32:42-95b477b
Like this? Fund us!                        We’re a tiny, independent not-for-profit.

Need help?

~/Projects/kitten/app (git main)                                                                 ⬢ 19.8.1

The next Aurajoki Overflow #dev event in #Turku will be April 19. The theme is systems programming. Signups are open at

All #AurajokiOverflow events are free to attend and open to everyone interested. There will be some snacks & beverages as well.

Tomas Ekeli
1 day ago

Web Game Dev Open Jam – April 2023 | Web Game Dev

#dev #gamedev

1 day ago

Anyone knows of a decent swift package for biometric authentification (FaceId / TouchId) with a fallback to passcode? #Swift #SwiftUI #iOS #Dev #Help

Lucas Santos
2 days ago

A dica de hoje é pra você que é #dev e trabalha (ou quer trabalhar) pra empresas gringas! 🚀

Nessa última edição da nossa parceria com a @agilizeonline eu resolvi trazer algumas das ferramentas que a gente tem por lá pra poder ajudar você nessa jornada!

Chris⚡️Arter 🤘
2 days ago

"Our API documentation is an Excel spreadsheet"
(true story)

Aral Balkan
2 days ago

:kitten: Major changes:

- Content is now rendered directly to the <body> of your page, not to a special #application div (less magic = good)

- New special page slots let you entirely customise the internal base layout component: HTML, HEAD, START_OF_BODY, BEFORE_LIBRARIES, AFTER_LIBRARIES, END_OF_BODY

- You can also return lang, title, charset, viewport, and icon properties from your page routes for quick customisation


#Kitten #SmallWeb #web #dev

2 days ago

Yay, #HappySteps has been approved by Apple in less than 10 minutes. This is the best version of the app (I think!). Please boost, download, rate, provide feedback, and share around you, I hope the #Fediverse will help me make this app more visible on the AppStore ❤️❤️❤️ - #MentalHealth #Happy #iOS #Apple #App #Dev #IndieDev #Help

2 days ago

Instead of asking a general or random question, why don’t I ask ChatGPT to create a Telegram bot from scratch without using my knowledge and see how well ChatGPT can develop applications?

#linux #dev #chatgpt #dev #python #developers #tools #telegram #sysadmin #opensource #ai

2 days ago

Achievement unlocked: I just solved an actual bug using the go memory benchmarking and pprof.

Then went and ran a `git bisect` too.

Feeling like a proper dev today

#dev #git #golang

Jon McLaren
2 days ago

#security experts I have a web #dev question for ya.

Read an article that claimed "Many #cybersecurity experts recommend obfuscating code and content, making it difficult for hackers to reverse engineer or exploit security vulnerabilities. You should always obfuscate your code before pushing it to production."

My experience and training taught me - anything you don't want someone to see on the front end, should just be done on the back-end. With some exceptions obfuscating code isn't good.

Erica Hargreave
2 days ago

I enjoy showing my #BCIT students newer, beyond the mainstream, forward thinking #Interledger community & #decentralized #SocialMedia platforms, & talking about #ethics or questionable ethics of what’s happening in the different spaces, but often wondering if I am just talking to myself (& the cat), as many just stick to the popular platforms. As such it gives me a huge smile to find @Abhi_Ram is experimenting with #Mastodon, #gfam, & #dev #forem. Show him #ABitOfKindness & give him a follow.

2 days ago

Making Python 100x faster with less than 100 lines of Rust


#python #rust #performance #dev

Matt Brunt #[Impure]
2 days ago


Do we just keep adding things on now?

When does it end?!?!

Luciano Ambrosini
2 days ago

📣 if you are an AUTOMATIC1111 user... maybe you could find this Windows App helpful, but only if you are a "lazy" person 😎
More info here -->
#AUTOMATIC1111 #ControlNET #AmbrosinusDEV #AmbrosinusToolkit #DEV #WindowsApp #AI #coding #windows #lucianoambrosini

2 days ago

Do people of Mastodon have opinions about Mozilla's SOPS? Any other ideas on how to manage secrets and identities? Any good practices on how to manage/store keys and secrets for a project/application (not personal ones)

#programming #devops #secops #dev

In your professional life, what is the worst piece of software you've ever been forced to work with?

#tech #software #itpro #dev

Mike Bifulco
3 days ago

Excited to say that as of this morning, APIs You Won't Hate (the newsletter) is back in action! If you're interested in APIs, you'll get a fresh infusion of knowledge in your inbox from the biggest community of API devs on the web.

Read today's newsletter, and subscribe here:

#api #dev #devX #codegen #openapi #rest #graphql

Aral Balkan
3 days ago

:kitten: Heads up: I’ve renamed the “uses” property on page routes to “libraries” to make it consistent with the other properties you can return from page routes, which are all nouns (currently: markup, styles, and syntaxHighlightingTheme).

If you’re playing with Kitten, please update your projects accordingly.

See the Streamiverse (my streaming federated fediverse timeline) example for a usage example:

#Kitten #SmallWeb #web #dev

3 days ago

#SwitUI is such a joy to work with. Just added a medium sized widget to #HappySteps in about 5 minutes. #ios #dev #indiedev

I’ve now decided that we’re doing a code freeze for the next release, I really have to update those screenshots and app preview now that the app has changed quite a lot!

Medium widget for the HappySteps app
Small widget for the HappySteps app
Paul - The Web Dev Guy
3 days ago

Just discovered a drag/drop sorting package for Laravel Nova... massive time saver!

#laravel #nova #php #development #dev

Aral Balkan
3 days ago

:kitten: Just merged an improved slots implementation to main and you can now pass CSS class lists to components. 🎉

Read more:


Layout components:

Passing CSS class lists to components:

Named slots:

Sample project:

#Kitten #SmallWeb #templating #layout #components #web #dev #html #css #js

3 days ago

can @TauriApps be used to build react native android apps?
not having a good time with expo

#askfedi #dev

3 days ago

I've added gradient colors to the happiness rating widget in #HappySteps, and I'm really happy about both the end result and the underlying elegance of the code 😋 #iOS #dev #SwiftUI #IndieDev #Design

Demo of the happiness rating widget in the HappySteps app, featuring gradient colors
Coukaratcha | クカラッチャ
3 days ago

J'ai commencé à apprendre Unity et c'est rigolo. J'ai suivi un tuto pour les bases puis d'autres pour refaire des jeux populaires et basiques.

Si ça vous intéresse, je vous recommande cette chaine Youtube :

Globalement, c'est toujours un bon exercice de refaire des trucs existants dans une optique d'apprentissage. Ça permet de se passer de la phase créative qui demande généralement une bonne connaissance des outils pour connaitre les possibilités, on se concentre sur la technique.

Et dans cette chaine, y'a du choix ! Vous trouverez certainement un jeu que vous aimez et que vous aimerez refaire pour comprendre la logique, les interactions, etc.

Et en plus de ça, il a l'air de donner de bons conseils et des bonnes pratiques de développement. C'est toujours bien de prendre dès le début de bonnes habitudes et de respecter quelques bons principes qui permettent de maintenir plus facilement son code durablement.

#unity #gamedev #engine #videogames #dev

3 days ago

I am stoked !
I finally made a minimum viable webApp for GifMaker.

Next step is to put it in a docker container so it can be deployed. Than i will implement more feature to leverage the full flexibilty of the core module. Theres also lots of UI/UX element that can be improved.

#python #webapp #flask #dev #coding #foss #opensource #libre #logiciellibre

konst 🇳🇿
4 days ago

Any tips on what to do when an external team whose service you depend on pushes back against doing a post mortem? They just don't have the culture going. But it feels like calling in management would go against the grain of blameless culture.

I have quite a big exercise isolating dependencies on this thing, but there is only so far you can go before investing significantly more effort. (Or lower your own SLO). #dev #sre

Jan D
4 days ago

Is it a bad idea to create PUT sub-routes for changing properties of entities?
Like /user having

instead of PUTing the whole resource or writing logic to send PATCH-es to their appropriate checks at the Domain Entities.

#API #dev

Ну вот и по мне ударили санкциями.
PhpStorm после обновления сказал: "License Expired".

На самом деле спасибо JB, что оставили версию уровня зимы 2023 рабочей и только дальнейшие обновления отключили. Потому что платил я последний раз в январе 2022 и по старым правилам должен был остаться с версией на январь 2022.

Надо будет попробовать договориться с саппортом чтобы можно было обновиться со скидкой по карточке коллеги живущего в Грузии 🤔

#dev #web #log #PhpStorm #JetBrains #IDEA #IDE #sanctions

The Markup
4 days ago

Hey! We're hiring two #web engineering interns to work with us this summer.

Share with a student, or recent graduate of a coding bootcamp, who should apply.

#OpenSource #Dev #Python #JavaScript

4 days ago

Developer job website,, responds to deletion requests by implying that the account will be deleted.

However, they actually just change your email address to "username.deleted@domain.tld", without any further controls to remove data or render an account functionally deleted and gone.

See examples below.

I can log in with my same password, just by changing the username I use to the ".deleted" version, And while my account seems to be mostly blank, I know for a fact that they have my name, and they still have some of my preferences & skillsets (also attached).

This opens a notable attack vector on anyone using a gmail or other "open" mail account -- a malicious actor could target by social engineering Turing Support into deleting Alice's account, while at the same time creating an account under the likely-untaken username (gmail doesn't care about period marks). Once the account is deleted, it's trivial for the malicious attacker to request a password reset to their owned dot-deleted account (which, if you see the screenshot, works).

tldr: whoever built this site doesn't know what subaddressing is, Turing doesn't delete your account when they say they're going to do so permanently, and they seem to keep all the data you've given them even after you've requested a delete. Kinda shite, if you ask me.

I've reached out to Turing but in the interests of no one else giving them their data until they explain themselves, I'm making this public post now to alert developers and I suppose people in the infosec community (which, hi, yall seem pretty neat from the outside). If Turing reverts to me, I'll add it here.

#infoseclol #infosec #jobseekers #dev

An email from "Turing Community" addressed to a redacted email that starts with accounts+turing.deleted
A list of "Competency" lines for skills like Javascript and DevOps from the profile wizard. Their values are not important, only that they are already filled in.
A snippet from's header, showing that I am "Unavailable for Jobs" and that my name is "Piper", as well as my profile progress.
The header of a password reset request email.

Keybase успел:

- Выпустить пару мажорных версий
- Быть купленным Zoom
- Стать полумёртвым перестав развиваться

Но пользователи и разработчики пакетов для Gentoo всё ещё не обсудили как перестать собирать пакет Keybase только для CLI и таки устанавливать GUI тоже.

Наверное, когда они найдут решение, сервера Keybase уже не будут отвечать на запросы.

#soft #log #fun #Gentoo #bugs #dev #Linux

Samuel Vermeulen
4 days ago

#ActuLibre 100ème publication et 3ème anniversaire de Custom Menu, à lire sur #dev

Продолжаю ремастерить старый проект. Правильно говорят, что страшно заглядывать в старый код.

Оценил свои комментарии из прошлого.

Спасибо @blue за вторую картинку отлично демонстрирующую суть этих комментариев.

#web #dev #log #fun #pic #PHP #legacy

"Creating new tag" comment above "new tag" line.
Cat with "CAT" label on it's head.
4 days ago

And so, now that I’ve entirely redesigned #HappySteps I have to redo screenshots and promo video for the AppStore. I’m. so. happy. Not. #iosdev #ios #dev #indiedev #fml

4 days ago

#VSCode cannot even render text at 60 FPS on my 2013 laptop. Any other program does, even games.

#Electron is a waste of resources. A high price to pay for the convenience of easy multiplatform applications.

But sure, just go ahead and buy new #hardware. Everyone has so much #money these days, right? Just chuck your old stuff in the bin. Just look how shiny this new device is!

#javascript #typescript #webdev #apps #dev

Aral Balkan
4 days ago

#Web #dev folks, I’m implementing the ability to pass classes to components in #Kitten and could use your thoughts…

Passing a class is easy: <${MyComponent} … class='myClass'> (same as any DOM element). However, in the component, you can’t get a property named “class” as that’s a reserved keyword. Even if you could, I’m worried about polluting the namespace (we also have “slot”).

So, I’m thinking, ALL CAPS for special props?

- Won’t clash
- Stands out
- I’m allergic to $ prefixes


Code listing:

function MyComponent ({name, SLOT, CLASS}) {
  return html`
    <div class='MyComponent ${CLASS}'>
      <h2>Hello ${name}, this is my component.</h2>
      .MyComponent {
        padding: 1em;
        border: 1px solid cadetblue;
4 days ago

Automate your Python project with Makefile


#python #automate #makefile #dev

Paul - The Web Dev Guy
5 days ago

Just started really using Laravel Policies... really useful, not sure why I haven't used them before! 🤷‍♂️

#laravel #php #dev #development #softwaredevelopment

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

I might actually have created the Slotty McSlotFace example… (I’m not sure if this calls for an intervention or not but I know I’m having fun.)


#Kitten #SlottyMcSlotFace #slots #SmallWeb #web #dev

Screenshot of screen split into quarters. On the left, two terminal windows with code, on the right, two browser windows with an illustration of a monkey-like creature with a tuft of blonde hair at the top (“normal”) and the same creature wearing a hat, glasses and false moustache in the bottom one (“disguised”).

Code excerpt, top:

export default ({ slot }) => html`
  <if ${slot.head !== undefined}>
      <img src='/images/head.png' alt='Head'>

  <if ${slot.eyes !== undefined}>
      <img src='/images/eyes.png' alt='Eyes'>

  <if ${slot.mouth !== undefined}>

Code excerpt, bottom:

import Slotty from './Slotty.component.js'
import Navigation from './Navigation.component.js'

export default _ => html`
    <content for='head'>
      <img src='/images/disguised/head.png' alt='Head with hat.'>
    <content for='eyes'>
      <img src='/images/disguised/eyes.png' alt='Eyes with glasses.'>
    <content for='mouth'>
      <img src='/images/disguised/mouth.png' alt='Mouth with moustache.'>
  <${Navigation} currentPage='Disguised' />

You don't need #ReactJS until your webpage changes. That's why it's called "React", it makes the #DOM *react* to changes in application state. If the state never changes, #React is unnecessary. #webDev #frameworks #web #dev #programming #frontend #JavaScript

Aral Balkan
5 days ago

Kitten has slots but what about named slots?

Yep, Kitten has those too (as of a few minutes ago in main) :kitten:🎉

#Kitten #SmallWeb #templating #layout #web #dev

Screenshot of full screen. Two terminal windows on the left show code. On the right is a browser showing the rendered Named slots example.

Browser contents:

Heading: Named slots

Pink boxed section with white on pink heading titled “Slot: header”. Inside it a blue dashed border inside of which there’s a heading: “This is content for the header slot” followed by an illustation of a cat with a caption that reads “Isn’t Kitten cute?”

Under the box is a heading and two paragraphs that are regular DOM nodes from the page.

Under that are two more slots, main and footer.

Top terminal (

import Slotty from './Slotty.component.js'

export default _ => html`
    <h2>I’m a regular heading from the page.</h2>

    <content for='header'>
      <div class='content'>
          ### This is content for the header slot.
          ![Illustration of a sitting kitten.](/😸/images/kitten-sitting.svg "Isn’t Kitten cute?")

    <p>I’m a regular paragraph from the page.</p>

    <content for='main'>
      <p class='content'>This is content for the main slot.</p>

Bottom terminal (Slotty.component.js):

export default ({ slot }) => html`
  <h1>Named slots</h1>

  <header class='slot'>
    <h2>Slot: header</h2>


  <main class='slot'>
    <h2>Slot: main</h2>
Tomas Ekeli
5 days ago

how is *your* monday going? #dev #fileSystems #continuousDelivery

screenshot of a continuous delivery pipeline -build from gitHub with the title "i hate case-sensitive file-systems"

Starting Monday with a huge PR to fix a bug

#dev #developer #git #github

After some #procrastination and a long time working on it, here is the promised blog post about my experiences, tips, tricks and troubles on HOW TO BUILD YOUR HOME LAB:

From an over-engineered #kubernetes approach to a simplified #docker #architecture .

As usual, any #feedback is more than welcome.

#infrastructure #it #tech #devops #devopsengineer #devopscommunity #dev #engineering

Someone who says he's booking for the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur podcast just cold emailed me to see if I'd be interested in being on that podcast.

The podcast's site has an over-amped buy-my-stuff feel to it. Anyone know if this podcast is legit? Is it a hustle extended out to nobodies to appeal to their need to feel prestigious and noticed?

#Dev #DevLife #DevCommunity

1 week ago

I am (finally) wrapping up a tech job search in a remote-first world. Purely anecdotal, but I wanted to share my personal experience and thoughts, as things have really changed and zoom interviews had a learning curve for me. To note I'm a web developer in the US, my search targeted early and late stage start-ups. #dev

1 week ago

Work continues on my a game I’m making! I don’t want to post anything specific about it just yet but a friend of mine gave me the idea and it sounded simple and fun as a free quick pick up and put down kind of mobile phone game. I’ve made and verified an Android Developer account and Unity Dev account and hopefully I should officially have a game out on the Google Play Store by the end of next month.

#gamedev #developers #dev #unity

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

Get yourself a code editor you can compile in 30 seconds if you need to 💕

(Get yourself Helix Editor is what I’m saying.) ;)

#helixEditor #dev

Terminal output showing cargo install --path helix-term compiling Helix Editor in 32 seconds.
1 week ago

Ach guck, danke @heisedeveloper für den kostenlosen Download der Beilage "We Are Developers" von deinem Frühjahrsmagazin 2023.

📖 [PDF]

#Entwickler #dev #download #pdf #ml #ki #rust #programmierung #webdev #software #typescript

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

So I went down a bit of a rabbit hole with Kitten’s HTML validation features today and… well… now you can click a link in your developer console and view all the validation errors in-place in your web page :)


#Kitten #SmallWeb #HTML #validation #accessibility #web #standards #dev

Aral Balkan
1 week ago

HTML validation issues in Kitten now show a brief summary in your terminal with the full details available in your browser’s developer console.

#Kitten #SmallWeb #HTML #validation #web #dev


Terminal on left, Developer Tools open on (https://localhost) on right.

Terminal content (abridged output):

Kitten v1.0.0
Domain version 1.0.0
HTML validation failed (1 error, 1 warning)
(See your browser’s developer console for full details.)


Navigated to https://localhost/

HTML Validation Warning: void-style
Element: #application > br 
Issue  : Expected omitted end tag <br> instead of self-closing element <br/>

HTML Validation Error: input-missing-label

Element: #application > input 
Issue  : <input> element does not have a <label>

😸 Kitten: connected to development-time hot reload socket.
2 weeks ago

We're back in business :)

(there may be some re-polls here and there for a while, though)

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

Did someone say Markdown in components? Yep, you can now do that in Kitten (as of a few minutes ago in main).

Markdown support is now in the core renderer and every Kitten feature is now supported under Markdown as it is under HTML (Kitten conditionals, components, etc.)

Mix and match to your heart’s desire :)


#Kitten #SmallWeb #Markdown #markup #html #web #dev

Screenshot with Helix Editor editing on the left side of the screen and a browser showing the page rendered (it’s a mock blog example with a heading, a figure with my photo and the caption It’s-a me… Mario! Umm… Aral, an example of syntax highlighting in a code listing and a dynamic Comments section.

Excerpt of code in editor:

if (!db.comments) db.comments = []

const Footer = _ => markdown`
  <footer class='Footer'>

    Copyright (c) 2023-present, Aral Balkan.
    Released under [Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)](

    .Footer { margin-top: 2em; margin-bottom: 3em; }
    .Footer p { text-align: center; font-size: small; }

// This is a demonstration of using the markdown tagged template function.
export default _ => ({
  markup: markdown`
    # My lovely blog

    ![Black and white photo (close-up) of a white passing man]( "It’s-a me… Mario! Umm… Aral.")

    Lots of interesting things, including code snippets:

    [code js]
    function say (message) {


    <if ${db.comments.length === 0}>
      <p>No one’s commented yet… be the first?</p>
        ${ => html`
2 weeks ago

Hello fellow adventurers ⚔️

This bot is hosted by me (@astrelion) on my own hardware, and I'm moving this weekend. As such, the bot (and @dungeonsbeta) will be down for a minimum of a day or two, but may be longer.

I expect down-time to start the morning of 3/18 (edit: now) going until further notice. The current campaign will resume.

Thank you for understanding, and thanks for playing :)

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

Small Is Beautiful live stream starts in ~20 minutes :)

We’re going to make a silly little blog page in Markdown and then add commenting to it using Kitten. Feel free to follow along and ask questions during the stream.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallWeb #Kitten #web #dev

Craig Grannell
2 weeks ago

If you’re a weather #app #dev for #iPhone and/or #iPad and recently pitched me, please can you ping over a reminder? Thanks. (I’m writing a thing.)

Aral Balkan
2 weeks ago

Small is Beautiful: live stream today at 5PM Irish Time (UTC)

What’s new in Kitten¹ this month?

:kitten: Markdown support
:kitten: New HTML validator
:kitten: HTML renderer improvements
:kitten: And more…

Watch live:

(You can also follow our @owncast instance from your fediverse account from the link above to be notified when the stream goes live.)

More details:


#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallWeb #Kitten #web #dev

So despite being in charge and ultimately the guy who decided to get my entire company using JIRA I must admit… I hate it… As with many GUIs just way too much clicking and waiting and im too impatient.

Anyway, so I decided to install jira-cli ( ) and I cant tell you how much nicer this is, certainly improves my stress levels…

If anyone is curious this is what a full workflow from ticket creation to completion looks like for me. Keep in mind if you are on a JIRA instance that isnt customized you can probably get by with fewer steps.

myjira issue create -pSYS -tTask -s”Configure jira cli w/ aliases” -b”Add to nixos config and create some helper scripts for commands” -yHigh

myjira issue move SYS-125 Accept

myjira sprint list -pSYS

myjira sprint add 65 SYS-125 -pSYS

myjira issue edit SYS-125 –custom story-points=2 –no-input

myjira issue assign SYS-125 “”
myjira issue move SYS-125 “Start Work”

myjira issue worklog add SYS-125 2h –comment “Started reading up on the subject” –no-input

myjira issue move SYS-125 “Ready for Review” –comment “Successfully printed from lab office’s printer using shmuels computer”

myjira issue move SYS-125 “Accepted” –comment “Shmuel confirmed it is working for him now”

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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago

Okay, this might be a dumb question, but how do you know whether a font supports the phonetic alphabet?

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3 weeks ago

Any Ruby devs out there? There's a Mastodon bug that really badly needs fixing and the only Ruby dev looking at it right now is suuuuper busy.

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