Hikarion's art
16 hours ago

Mais bordel de .... J'AI OUBLIE DE DESSINER SA QUEUE !!! ​:akko_scream2:​ #mastoart #furry #furryart #digitalart #digitaldrawing #digital #drawing #illustration #husky #siberianhusky #anthro

Wiki Silence
2 days ago

Haven't made an illustration of Harunji In a while, So I decided to draw him! This one is based on the story I had for him. I know It's depressing, but that's what my brain goes to. ^^;
#art #artist #artwork #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #digitalillustration #oc #OCartwork #ocart #originalcharacter #pokemon #pokemonart #pokemonartwork

2 days ago

So, the other day I kinda joined another contest.
Finished the whole thing in 3 days, got exhausted but it was so fun to draw this.
You kinda need to zoom in a lot to check all the details 🔍

#illustration #SouthKorea #MastoArt #DigitalDrawing #art

Illustration of places you can go when you visit Korea
Illustration of foods you can eat and places you can go when you visit Korea
Illustration of foods that you can eat during winter in Korea
2 days ago

When it's your birthday AND a Friday night, you know what happens at the office after work-hours :blobfoxlurkaww:
Loud music, lots of unhealthy junk food, drinks and dorky board games- ALL night. :blobfoxdealwithitfingerguns:

#ocart #ocdrawing #myocs #digitaldrawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #digitalartwork #characterart

A digital artwork of twin brothers taking a selfie
Wiki Silence
3 days ago

Yesterday I wasn't sure what I wanted to draw, I ended up drawing my OC Jack looking stressed, I guess that's how I felt yesterday haha... ^^;
#artwork #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #drawing #digitalart #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #oc #OCartwork #ocart #originalcharacter #furryart #furryartwork

3 days ago

Ayer terminé este dibujo.
Nunca pido nada, pero no tengo prácticamente ningún alcance en redes sociales, así que agradecería mucho que lo compartieseis a ver si consigo llegar a alguna gente más porque desmotiva mucho sentir que eres invisible.
Gracias, de verdad, de corazón.

#art #drawing #anime #manga #digitalart #digitaldrawing

Dibujo de una chica con el pelo recogido en una coleta y el flequillo sobre la cara, está mirando al espectador y va vestida con ropas de pícara, una capa, top y un brazo vendado, un cinturón con varias cápsulas y una bolsita, en la cara lleva una tirita.
Deja claro que es un personaje de acción.
Alaire Racicot
4 days ago

Hey you. Go play Sea of Stars cause its pretty great!
So great I felt the need to fan art, which you all know doesn't happen often! 🥰

I love these kids.

#humanartist #seaofstars #fanart #sabotagestudios #rpg #games #videogames #drawing #digitalart #digitalcolor #digitalcoloring #zale #valere #childrenofthesolstice #sunboy #moongirl #digitaldrawing #noai #noaiart

4 days ago

Pos aquí estoy, terminando el dibujico de ayer por la tarde.
#art #animeart #mangaart #anime #manga #digitaldrawing #digitalsketch #digitalart

4 days ago
Love is in the air... or is it just the smell of delicious food out here? 👀
A date at the local eatery..

#digitalart #digitaldrawing #randomstuff #originalcharacters
At a pretty crowded eatery, the spotlight is taken by these two individuals who are dining together, eating noodles and drinking soda. The eatery has a cozy atmosphere with striped tiles, red plastic chairs and round tables. Beside the two guys are an assortment of barbecues and street foods on display, some of which are battered-fried eggs and squid balls.

At the distance are some people also dining at the eatery, and a picture on a wall featuring squid balls and a doodle of a fish below it.
Martin Trokenheim
5 days ago

Quick night sketch. Good night ppl!
#sketch #girl #digitaldrawing #digitalart #sketchbook #sketching

Kim Herbst 🍂
5 days ago

Doodle from this evening for #swordtember - doodling outside of work has been rare since I've had to do exercise/pt.
#drawing #doodles #illustration #digitaldrawing #digitalart #digitalpainting #sketches #sketch #women #swords #fantasyart #womenandweapons #drawingchallenge #drawingprompt

Illustration of a red skinned woman with silver hair, from the torso up, topless. She looks over her shoulder while holding a black sword up behind her back.

It’s Sunday — thought I’d share one of my “church sketches” from awhile back. I’m over 65 and immune compromised, and haven’t been back since the lockdowns. Texas. Vanishingly few people wear a mask. Drawn freehand on my iPad Pro using the Sketch Club app. #sketchclubapp #DigitalArt #digitaldrawing

1 week ago

September 15th.
You still have fifteen days to join us on #Patreon and earn the link to download the files of two printable versions of ‘Gala Dance’ …one spicier ;)

#Bea_n_Gio #lgbtqia #bodypositive #pink #love #❤️ #couple #cutecouple #cute #lesbianlove #eroticromance #lineart #digitaldrawing #illustration

1 week ago

I've never played Genshin (don't have the tech for it), but I'd LOVE to. Someday.
This is a sketch of Gorou(?) from Genshin, from the time when i decided to draw fanarts of Genshin characters, but without playing the game, it felt like such a waste :bunhdcry:

#digitalsketch #roughsketch #sketch #DigitalArt #MastoArt #digitaldrawing

A digital sketch of Gorou from Genshin Impact game
Enlightened Flamingo
1 week ago

I've got very little digital drawing experience, so please be gentle with me. I also didn't spend a lot of time on this. We had a power outage over the weekend & I decided to draw something random without any references. I don't think it's so bad...
#DigitalArt #DigitalDrawing #IbisPaintX #IbisPaint #DigitalArtBeginner #DigitalArtNoob #IbisPaintNoob

Basic digital art from beginner. Exterior image of home or building with shrubbery, flowers, grass, a tree, & stone pathway. No references used. Lines not straight. Just a little practice piece on Ibis Paint X.
2 weeks ago

After the Panda Bea got a taste for animal disguise... ^^

#Patreon #digitaldrawing #illustration #bodypainting

2 weeks ago
My first drawing on mah new tablet wahahha

Also random: the title of this artwork is "Meowcat". I couldn't think of a cooler name 😭

#randomstuff #art #digitaldrawing
A digital drawing of a cat wearing a top hat, white gloves, boots and a red bow, holding a cane, performing at the red-curtained, wooden-floored stage with a spotlight on them. Some stars surround the cat.
The same drawing but it's a black and white pencil sketch instead. The cat is wearing socks in here instead of boots, and there are no highlights on their eyes. The curtains are also seen closed rather than opened.

I did this sketch earlier this morning at school and showed it to my mom. She said it would look better colored so... that's pretty much the backstory of this drawing. :DD
Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

I created a new Pokémon Orphan OC! His name is Kananori. Kanori is a Shuppet fused with Chimecho and Azelf. He loves to learn and study about the world, but he can be shy around new people, But he loves to be around the orphan kids! I'm happy with how Kananori turned out! ^^

#art #artist #artwork #artistonmastodon #mastoart #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitaldrawing #oc #OCartwork #ocdrawing #ocart #originalcharacter #pokemon #pokemonart #pokemonOC #illustration

Wiki Silence
2 weeks ago

Commission by @/DsgPhyre !
Art of himself wearing a DMC4 Nero Outfit with his OC Kuraijin! Thank you so much for commissioning me! 😁
#art #artist #artistonmastodon #mastoart #artwork #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalartist #digitalartwork #digitalIllustration #digitaldrawing #animeart #animeartist

2 weeks ago


We also need to rethink some behaviors that may seem positive at first glance, but which contribute to a chauvinistic culture that sees women in a subordinate position.

#digitaldrawing #panda #Feminism #ViolenceAgainstWomen

Which image manipulation / drawing program you use?

Krita user here :krita:
(former GIMP user)

#GIMP #Krita #Pinta #ImageManipulation #ImageEditor #DigitalDrawing #FosseryTech

Martin Trokenheim
2 weeks ago

@stalbjornen has created one of the more interesting characters in recent years. Schrödinger is a crime fighter with innovative super powers, where life and death get new meaning.
#crimegighter #schroedingerscat #schrodinger #hero #supethero #vigilante #cartoon #superheroart #digitalart #digitaldrawing

Comic poster of a person in trenchcoat walking on a dark city street.
2 weeks ago

I almost didn't make the deadline for nadiaxelart 's DTIYS challenge (on Instagram) as I had a pretty bad back injury last week that prevented me from drawing for almost a week.
It is sadly a little bit rushed as I had to really hurry to finish it in time but it was a fun design to draw!
#DigitalArt #digitaldrawing #drawing #sketch #dtiys #art #artist #digitalartist

2 weeks ago

My OCs say Hi!!~~ :abunhdowohop:✨

Or more like, they're looking at me avoiding my daily drawing sessions and calling me an idiot :blobcateyescoffee:

#myocs #ocdrawing #ocsart #characterdrawing #ocmeme #memedrawing #digitaldrawing #MastoArt

My 4 OCs peeking at the viewer from behind a wall

My latest just-for-fun fantasy sketch: Selfie with a Silly Hat. The wrinkles are there, more subtly than in real life. Drawn on my iPad Pro using the Sketch Club app, Apple Pencil between my arthritic fingers. About 4 and a half hours work total. #sketchclubapp
#DigitalArt #digitaldrawing

A digital artwork: portrait of a gray haired woman wearing a black hat with silver beads, a black wrap with silver beads, and a red dress with turquoise & white beads.
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

A meeting of esteemed janitors, custodians, and all around handy men; or, a fanart mashup of Futurama, Gravity Falls, and Bob's Burgers.

#mastoart #fanart #bobsburgers #bobsburgersfanart #futurama #futuramafanart #gravityfalls #gravityfallsfanart #digitaldrawing #aceartist #enbyartist

Digital drawing. Three men around a bright green table. The wall is light yellow, the floor light green. The men are, from right to left, Scruffy from Futurama, Soos from Gravity Falls, Teddy and Mr Branca from Bob's Burgers. On the wall hang: The Planet Express logo, picture of a six fingered hand, and a picture of a burger.
3 weeks ago

Devi [oc] - Demon Cheerleader of @nero_mage (twitter) Had great fun working on this piece! :D
Thanks for helping me out with my game Lust Cards!

#devil #cheerleader #underboob #digitalart #art #illustration #mastoart #digitaldrawing #nsfw #nsfwart #sexy

I'm Super Shy~
3 weeks ago

Estou fazendo faculdade de publicidade e propaganda e estou tentando seguir em uma área mais perto do design gráfico, então tentei fazer a logo para o meu grupo de trabalho. Como sempre eu infelizmente quebrei a minha cara e meu grupo não escolheu nenhuma das logos que eu fiz, mas pelo menos pude fazer um post sobre
#DigitalArt #DigitalPainting #digitalartist #digitaldrawing #design #vectorart #vectorgraphics #illustration #illustrator #illustrationartists #MastoArt #MastodonArt

Uma árvore de baobá pintada de um amarelo palha na frente de um fundo verde sálvia, a planta está em cima de um retângulo da sua mesma cor e embaixo está escrito "Adink" juntamente com a assinatura do artista, "juniloops".
Uma árvore típica da savana africana, com as folhas verde sálvia e tronco marrom, a árvore se encontra dentro de um círculo cor amarelo palha em um fundo verde, das mesmas cores que as folhas da árvore, logo embaixo está escrito "Adink" juntamente com a assinatura do artista, "juniloops".
Uma árvore típica da savana africana pintada na cor bege na frente de um fundo verde sálvia, a planta está em cima de um retângulo da sua mesma cor e embaixo está escrito "Adink" juntamente com a assinatura do artista, "juniloops".
Uma árvore de baobá, com as folhas verde sálvia e tronco marrom, a árvore se encontra dentro de um círculo cor bege em um fundo verde, das mesmas cores que as folhas da árvore, logo embaixo está escrito "Adink" na cor bege, juntamente com a assinatura do artista, "juniloops".
3 weeks ago

A small ADV of the new #Mastodon profile for our other socials ^^

Follow us!

#chibi #digitaldrawing #lgbtqia #cute #doodle

Wiki Silence
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Bea&Giò are Pro Choice and against ProLife associations (never was a more hypocritical name)

#bodypositive #digitaldrawing #prochoice #abortionrights

4 weeks ago
Dibujo estilo manga/anime de una chica con una sudadera haciendose una coleta mientras sostiene la cinta para atarsela con la boca.
Norbert Kowalczyk
4 weeks ago
Swordtember 2023 prompt list
Swordtember 2023
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
Help how to stop drawing I want to take a break and rest LOL

#digitalart #digitaldrawing #randomstuff

I am still addicted to lasso / fill tools or whatever to do quick drawings. They are really something, aren't they? XD
A quick drawing of one of my stuffed toys. It looks like an upside-down heart creature with small hands and feet and a cute smile. It is standing in the middle of nowhere. 

I call it a "Flurb".
Another stuffed toy of mine. It looks like some sort of aquatic creature that can somehow stand on its own. It kind of resembles a whale, with a round torso, two stubby fins, a tail or its two legs, but it also has like some weird antennae on its head? It has a derpy wide smile.

It's definitely a Pleep. Or a Ploop. I dunno.
Photograph of the two stuffed toys, or should I say, ✨creatures✨ in real life. At the left is the Flurb, the upside down heart-shaped creature. Beside it is the Pleep... or Ploop, the whale-like, light blue, derpy creature- I can't decide on its name XD
Martin Trokenheim
4 weeks ago

Pearl from Steven Universe. Can't ever grow tired of drawing fanart of her.
#pearl #StevenUniverse #drawing #illustration #CartoonNetwork #cartoon #character #DigitalDrawing #DigitalArt #MastoArt #FediArt

A cartoon character with a pearl in the forehead.
1 month ago

Vamos a dejar esto por aquí.

Hay una versión alternativa (no seria), si queréis la subo también XD

#art #artist #drawing #sketch #digitaldrawing #digitalsketch #anime #manga #animeart #mangaart

The amazing Miyonautica has finished one of her #Art pieces of my #Pathfinder character @ryel and her weasel Torch! I couldn't be more proud of my big dum elf and her little Torchy.

I'm so glad to have had a chance to work with Miyonautica on this. Seeing my character come to life has meant *so much* to me. I hope to have an opportunity to commission her again!

Check out her Instagram:

Working with Miyonautica is what inspired me to start learning to draw. The joy I felt watching her progress on my character was so strong that I wanted to learn how to make people that happy myself. I have a lot of work ahead of me if I ever want to create things this complex, but the journey so far has been amazing. I made my wife smile last night with the drawing of the kitty in the "Catazon" box and that felt *awesome*.

#CharacterPortrait #TTRPG #CharacterArt #DigitalDrawing

Full color digital drawing of Ryel, an elf from the Pathfinder world of Golarion. She has cotton candy colored cyan/purple/pink hair, wears green, purple, and dark orange adventuring gear with a long forest green cloak. The cloak has an absurd number of pockets on the inside. She is bowing slightly and her Least Weasel, Torch, sits on her outstretched arm smiling.
A closeup of Torch the weasel from the same digital art. He sits on Ryel's arm smiling. He's a brown and white Least Weasel.
Martin Trokenheim
1 month ago

Once upon a time... Space was one of the cartoons that defined my interest for sci-fi. I love it still. Did you see it in the days?

#SciFi #MastoArt #FediArt #DigitalDrawing #DigitalArt #Art #Drawing #Illustration #Cartoon #Comic

A cartoon woman in a futuristic suit, shooting with a ray gun.
1 month ago

Trying to pull of that sexy secretary look.
#krita #digitaldrawing #secretary

Drawing of long haired girl wearing glasses and white shirt.
Martin Trokenheim
1 month ago

As someone pointed out a couple of years ago: "You like to draw women with guns" I guess she was right 🤔
#digitaldrawing #digitalart #drawing #illustration #SciFi #scifiart #scienceficion #fantasy

Drawing of woman sitting on the floor with a futuristic rifle.
Krita Artists
2 months ago

New addition to the Krita Art Gallery – Misaka Mikoto study (Railgun T) – Fanart by YRH.

View the entire gallery here:

#FanArt #krita #KritaArt #KritaArtist #MastoArt #DigitalArt #DigitalDrawing

Digitally-painted fanart: Misaka Mikoto study by YRH portrays a female figure with white flowers in her hair.
Faith Humphrey Hill
2 months ago

A fun drawing to make!✍️ muse from the sktchy app. #art #artist #drawing #portraitart #digitaldrawing #MastoArt

Colorful crosshatch drawing of a person with rose tinted glasses
Reference photo of person with rose tinted glasses
Daniel Gibert
2 months ago

The little tug. Yes, I have a thing with old vehicles and means of transportation. Modern ships looks boring to me. There is something lovable on the wooden cabins and riveted plates. And I super love tugboats. The little heavy workers of the marine world. This one was made a couple of years ago in #Procreate #drawing #illustration #digitalart #digitalpaint #mastoart #mastodoart #mastoartist #ship #tugboat #sea #digitaldrawing #steam

Drawing of a small tugboat where you can see both over and underwater parts. It is an old style boat, with riveted metal plates, dark red underwater and dark gray over water. The gunwale is white. It has a wooden light red cabin with a white painted iron frame and a white wood bridge cabin above it, that you can access thanks to an iron stair. A black and yellow chimney behind the bridge. A small mast over the bridge cabin supports a radio rig. A small crane with a little boat is behind the cabin. The submerged part cast a soft shadow on the turquoise water.
The boat described in the first image, but part of the hull has been cut-out so you can see the inners of the ship. From top to bottom: The bridge, with the wheel and the command semaphore, walls panels are mustard yellow. The cabin, with a table, a red padded wall seat, overhead storage, a coal kitchen with a shelve for spices and condiments and some cooking tools. A petrol lamp enlights the scene. Same mustard wood panels. The hold area, right to left, contains storage, with packages, spare parts and crates. A workshop with a wooden table, a vice, buckets and tools and boxes. A metal stair to access the level, and the engine controls. The boiler, with exhaust pipes that goes up to the chimney. Finally, a triple expansion steam engine that powers the propeller, thanks to a gear box. At the bottom of the hull you can find the coal storage. And this is my largest ALT text since I opened my mastodon account. Oh my…
by Jessica Elena
2 months ago
A digital drawing of a collection of items on a page, kind of like a drawn scrapbook page. There are two smaller frames within the page, inside which is a landscape with some houses and sheep, and a lil view on ground level through some shrubs and mushrooms. Above them is a twig with leaves, and around them are flowers and mushrooms (and sparkles, of course).
Faith Humphrey Hill
2 months ago

Recent portrait drawing. This was a fun angle to work from.
#art #MastoArt #drawing

Colorful crosshatch drawing of a person looking down
Faith Humphrey Hill
2 months ago

Portrait drawing done in procreate #art #artist #MastoArt #procreate #DigitalArt #digitaldrawing

Colorful cross hat h drawing of person with glasses resting head on hand
Kim Herbst 🍂
2 months ago

Two compositions I've put together to try out in gouache this week.

#art #artwork #wip #digitalart #digitaldrawing #drawing #sketchss #doodles

Digital drawing of a bright pink hand with a ball of energy in it with orange smoke billowing behind the hand and encircled with blue grape leaves
Digital painting of a purple hand with teal smoke rising up behind, on a yellow background with a sprig of jasmine between the fingers
2 months ago

If you mix your strawberry soju with Sprite, then you have this one

#illustration #MastoArt #oldart #art #zombie #digitaldrawing #FediArt

Digital illustration of a zombie hand squeezing a brain.
2 months ago

Sharing some old personal work, because why not
Have a good Sunday ✌️

#oldart #art #MastoArt #illustration #digitalDrawing #zombie

Digital illustration for a strawberry alcohol.
There is a zombie at the center, drinking out of a soju bottle. Around the zombie, drawings of strawberries and flowers, to indicate the taste of the drink.
The taste was so strong that it made us feel like zombies while drinking it.
2 months ago

One last post for today~
I don't know why but I really liked seeing these two interact with each other. They really were Tom & Jerry

#webcomics #MastoArt #webtoon #digitaldrawing

Webcomics of someone trying to prepare pancakes, but their friend suddenly remembers that they are really bad at cooking and they might burn the kitchen down.
Webcomics of that friend taking over when it's time to flip the pancake, but they end up screwing up badly and drop that pancake on the floor
The other friend mocks them out of frame
2 months ago
ah yes, finally finished after a couple months of this drawing shelved in the basement- I mean, my storage... LOL
(I don't even have a basement!)

#fanart #digitalart #digitaldrawing
A version of the "Divorce Selfie" meme featuring three characters, namely: Gaylord and Margaret Robinson as the couple in the picture, the former giving a thumbs up while Margaret is frowning; Larry is at the left side, holding a stack of papers and looking at the camera, confused.

(These three characters are from the animated series The Amazing World of Gumball.)
2 months ago

I remember spending 8 hours on this one, and only going to bed at 6am..

#art #animation #MastoArt #illustration #KoreanCulture #digitaldrawing

Animation of a character wearing the traditional queen's dress from Joseon dynasty
3 months ago

My friend was making homemade flavoured *beverages*. So I had some ideas

#soju #MastoArt #digitaldrawing #illustration #personalproject #art #Photoshop #참이슬

Poster of a red plum soju bottle
Poster of a cherry soju bottle
3 months ago

I kind of make #webtoons about funny events that happen at the guesthouse I'm staying in in #seoul.
Sometimes culture differences create hilarious moments

Feel free to check if you want ^^

#Art #illustrations #culture #comics #digitaldrawing #drawing

Mike Luna 🌙
3 months ago

@davidrevoy That looks really awesome! I've been thinking about getting myself a drawing tablet, so this is very helpful.

#drawing #digitalDrawing #drawingTablet

Kim Herbst 🍂
3 months ago

Quick color study I managed to sit down and miraculously bang out today, based on a hiking trip from about a year ago.

#illustration #mastoArt #art #artwork #sketch #colorstudy #pleinair #digitalpainting #digitaldrawing #csp #clipstudio #digitalart #landscapepainting #environmentart

Kim Herbst 🍂
4 months ago

Figure drawing at Madrone Bar yesterday evening.

#lifedrawing #art #artwork #digitaldrawing #sketches #lifestudy #figuredrawing

Figure drawing of a man leaning forward in chair observing a crystal in his hand
Color sketch of a man standing in baggy pants with rope encircled around his hands and over his shoulder with his arms held up by his side
Sketch of a man with a sweatband around his forehead, seated in a chair with a robe on and smoking a pipe
K Lars Lohn
6 months ago

I have completed my latest maze, #87, The Spoon Daisy Maze.

See my blog post about the maze at:

#maze #digitaldrawing #flower #handdrawn #daisy

An excerpt of a maze that resembles the bloom of a variety of Osteospermum, the Spoon Daisy. The image looks like it was drawn with tubes of neon presenting the flower's colors.  The compound flower has dark pink petals, but the unopened buds in the center are dark bluish purple. The colored tube style of drawing gives a very surreal look similar the visual effects of certain illicit psychoactive mushrooms.
7 months ago

Drew #MiyamotoUsagi in #Krita using #PICO8's basic palette & resolution. This is almost too much fun! Looking forward to practicing more

#Learn #DigitalArt #DigitalDrawing #FanArt #UsagiYojimbo #PixelArt

Pixel art of Miyamoto Usagi standing with swords drawn looking determined.
Luke Dorny🛹
8 months ago

Simply amazing.
Yeah, I said “oh, right, Beziér curves.”

Deep dive into digital curves and splines:
Thank you, Freya Holmér and Uncle Thor 🐈😻
#bezier #digitalDrawing #design

Freya Holmér Splines video
Freya Holmér Splines video
Freya Holmér Splines video
Freya Holmér Splines video
Johanna Forster
9 months ago

You got to choose one as a companion for your next quest, who will it be ? 😏
Little portrait illustrations for fun ✨ inspired by the new #dragonage series 🗡 I’m a big fan of the video games and loved all the different fighting styles and the character designs of the animated adaptation. Do you know one of both?
#art #illustration #drawing #fantasyart #fantasy #fantasyillustration #sketch #characterdesign #characterart #procreate #digitaldrawing

Coralie Mercier
9 months ago

@slothrop apparently the pro version is on sale two days at a price you can hardly refuse!

#TayasuiSketches #TayasuiSketchesPro #DigitalDrawing #DigitalArt

Sketches Pro is on sale from $6.99 to 0,99 € from december 24 to 26
Marina Kraus
9 months ago

Day 20 of #ArtAdventCalendar

I extended the color palette of my blue, white and red drawings with some golden-grey color for drawing in the background and I think it works quite well with the other colors. 

#ArtOnMastodon #ArtistsOnMastodon #ArtOnMasto #MastodonArt #MastoArt #Art #FediArt #AdventCalendar #Advent #MyArt #DigitalDrawing #DigitalArt #Flowers #DrawingFlowers #RedDots

Flowers drawn by hand outlined with white. The middle is marked with small red dots. The background is a dark blue and behind the white flowers there are some more flowers in golden-grey color.
Elaine Will
9 months ago

Oh, are there more new people arriving?! :blobaww: Here's some interior #art from Last Band On Earth issue 3!
#Comics #SmallPressComics #IndieComics #MastoArt #MakingComics #FediArt #Illustration #ClipStudioPaint #DigitalDrawing

A greyscale comic book page, beginning with a panel of an 80s Ford Econoline van driving across a desert road, kicking up lots of dust. The second panel is a closeup of one wheel as the van picks up speed. Sound FX letters, gradually getting larger and spelling out "RRRRRRRRR," run across the top of these two panels. The final panel is a splash which bleeds off the edges, now showing the van in midair driving into the body of a demonic figure, which is filled with planets, stars, and Kirby Krackle. The rest of the panel is filled with lots of small panels of varying sizes: one showing a profile closeup of the van's driver, a determined looking woman with unkempt wavy hair wearing a backwards baseball cap, one showing a closeup of her eye, one showing a closeup of her mouth, and many more showing closeups of the other characters' eyes, including several of the demonic eyes.
A greyscale comic page, leading on from the first one in this photoset. We now see the interior of the van where the characters are becoming stretched out and distorted. Panels 1 & 2 show Nat, the driver, and Rick, in the front passenger seat.
In panel 2, a disembodied voice begins speaking: "TOLD YOU TO STAY - NEVER LEAVE"
Panel 3 shows Axel in the back seat, clinging for dear life to Charlie, a white bull terrier dog.
Panel 4 is a distorted closeup of Nat's eye.
Panel 5 is a closeup of the steering wheel and speedometer, showing 160 km/h
Panel 6 is Rick, Charlie, and Nat, looking even more distorted.
Panel 7 zooms out and shows the van driving through this weird outer space landscape.
Elaine Will
10 months ago

A bit of a departure from my usual work, but here's an #Illustration I made for the Saskatoon branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association - each year they put out a cash calendar to raise money for the CMHA, and mine was actually chosen to be the cover of the 2023 calendar! 🙂

The theme was "what makes you smile?" and nothing makes me happier than drawing & creating #Art
#MastoArt #ClipStudioPaint #DigitalDrawing #ArtistsOnMastodon #CreativeToots

A brightly coloured collage style illustration with many different elements. In the left hand corner is a cartoon octopus holding a picture of some British castle ruins. A small hermit crab looks up at the octopus, and another smiling cartoon crab is to the right. Behind them are some red flowers and a rainbow. Above the octopus is another picture of some houses in England. A splash of water springs up out of this picture, and the word DRAWING appears in block letters in front of the splash. Some vines curl up the left hand side of the frame.
A dragon and a red Bird of Paradise are in the center, in front of some clouds and mountains. A non-copyright-infringing Sonic the Hedgehog is in the right hand corner. There are several cute anthropomorphic food characters - a taco, a hamburger, and a slice of pizza - made to look like holographic stickers throughout the picture. Another "sticker" reads "Art" in curly purple letters. 
More vines curl around the right hand frame, and a hand holding a stylus pen reaches in from the right hand side. A rainbow of coloured blobs emanates from the tip of the stylus pen.

Moved the "My New York Map" project to my website. This project is like a travel letter. It features an interactive map and photos of some things we did during our stay in NYC. Inspired by the Amélie movie! 👜 I made this with code and drawing/design software.


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Map of New York with four small markers that are shaped as red hearts; five markers that are shaped as pins with red heads and a small red bow; and three markers that are shaped as a dark-haired woman resembling Amélie with red T-shirt and black skirt clutching a brown travel bag.
Photo collage with four photos placed on a sheet of vintage-looking ruled paper. The photos have white edges. The photos show a paper doll version of the Amélie map marker, about 15 cm tall. One of the photos is from when the figure was cut out, the three other photos show the figure "standing" at Brooklyn Brigde, Central Station,  and Chrysler Building.
Nicola Schofield
10 months ago

This is an illustration from a book I'm working on. It has a few scanned textures and was drawn & created using Affinity Photo. I've just downloaded the full new Affinity 2 suite and I'm excited to see the updates!

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Three girls lay on a rug under a band of stars. A mixed media and digital illustration by Nicola Schofield
Morgan Makes
1 year ago

So I've updated my spotfund with details about commissions and a potential job (which will hopefully make the spotfund not necessary, but we will see)
Again, fiverr commissions also really help and you get some cool art too! I'm trying to get at least $100 before withdrawing just in case there are fees for every withdraw
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A digital painting of Jackie Daytona (aka Laszlo Cravensworth) from What We Do In The Shadows (tv show). He's wearing a cowboy hat and has a toothpick in his mouth. The shading is kind of blocky, and there's a yellowish light behind and to the right of the camera, and a pink light on the left behind the subject.
A digital painting of a wizard in a snowy forest holding blue flames. The shading on the person and the trees is mostly realistic, but the flames stand out as not real. There's a too-perfect circle on the ground around her cut out from the snow. The wizard is Black and feminine, with teal box braids and a teal wizard robe with gold trim. The trees behind her have way more detail than I should have bothered to put, but they don't have leaves.
A lined digital painting of a mermaid sitting on a rock in the middle of the ocean. There's not much shading. Her entire body is covered in aqua scales, and her tail resembles that of a beta fish. Her "hair" is the same colors as her tail fin, dark green at the base leading to coral at the ends, but it's not fanned out like the tail is because it's out of the water. It's actually a fin, but it looks kind of like hair that's shaved on one side from the way it falls down on her face. She has human-shaped green lips, but on either side there are cracks that show that her mouth actually opens all the way up to about where her ears would be if she had them. Her eyes are human-like, but her "eyelashes" are actually tiny fins that look like the most dense fake lashes you can find. She has a nose but no nostrils, and breasts but no nipples.
A shaded but simple drawing of a planet with rings. The planet itself is striped with light and medium brown, and the rings are purple and indigo. I had fun with the shading. The image has a transparent background.