6 hours ago

@ErickaSimone One fairly simple improvement NTS could make is how they host the live chat. Right now the chat is on #Discord, a platform that will eventually go through the #enshittification cycle. If you'd host the live chat through #Matrix, then people could join it in all kinds of ways.

Júlio Gardona
1 day ago
1 day ago

I wonder, what open source #Discord alternatives are people using these days? I see Revolt is an open-source alternative, but I don't know how popular it is.

1 day ago

Discord has introduced exciting features✨that will allow you to decorate your Discord profile and avatar with a touch of your unique style. The Shop, initially available to Nitro members, has now opened to all Discord users, offering a range of Avatar Decorations and Profile Effects to help you express yourself.

It is a virtual marketplace where you can explore and purchase💰a variety of items to upgrade your profile.

#discord #discordapp #discordnitro #nitro #tech #technews #techtrendsupdate

1 day ago

I've finished the rewrite, & the bot now has feature parity with the older codebase! Yay! 🎉

#JavaScript-less & got some more experience with #Golang! It was a win/win! 😂

#Discord #Go

A white background with a grid of dots, with abstract, sharp angled shapes floating around, with "THE SENTINEL" words centered, with a slight reflection showing.
CutThroat Neko
2 days ago

#Discord, The Greed Never Ends.

Discord price in yen (1070¥) for a simple animation onto your avatar, while the nitro subscription at 1090¥ allows you to by it for ... 720¥

what's worse than open source project enclosing their community in #Discord?

them doing so in #Slack instead

Did you know that you can stack your payments to get bigger commissions over time, through Patreon?

Telegram stickers, experimental sketches, custom HEART badges (not offered elsewhere), and sketch pages. You also get high res monthly art, discord access and more!


#CommissionsOpen #IndieArtist #FurryArt #Furry #Anthro #Paws #Nostalgia #Magical #ClothingDesign #TelegramStickers #Discord #Patreon #SketchPage #Badge #HighResArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots

a flow chart showing different commissions available in the "Fire Elemental" tier on my patreon, also known as the "Choose Your Own Commission" tier. You get previous tier rewards like discord access, credit in my art posts where available, behind the scenes, first dibs on discounts and offers, PLUS 1 semi wing-it style commission like: $30/Mo x1 telegram sticker up to 2 character (worth up to ~$60) and stackable so you can get bigger rewards over time! $60/mo or $30 stacked for 2 months can get you 2 telegram stickers, an experimental sketch, or a custom <3 badge (butts, boobs, bulge, chest, paws, etc) that ships world wide. For $90/mo or $30 stacked for 3 months, you can get 3 telegram stickers or a full sketch page featuring 1 character that will contain multiple sketches, headshot to full body, some will have colour or shading or both. This can also be used for clothing designs for your characters as well.
sketch of a dragon lady in a dress that features fishnet on arms, thighs, and legs. She's got stripes on her shoulders and thighs, a spiked collar, wings and a tail with a spade club on the end. She's looking to the left with her left hand on her hip and smiling at the viewer. There is a splash of colour behind her in red, while she and the background are not coloured (white)
A black and white sketch of a goat cryptid character kneeling in the middle of a garden of a variety of small plants, thicc plants, tall plans, and three potted plants in the front that are going to be unpotted and planted into the greater garden. It's a calm serene scene surrounded by plants.
Anthro/furry creature that is various shades of green, base being a lighter green, with medium and ark green markings. Short cropped hair, short ears, mid green red-panda eye markings, with a blue nose, looking at the viewer with a small smirk, as their tail-hand is reaching around them, to you, inviting you. The creature has gentle eyes, but there are 2 sets of them on their face. One set as normal, then another set below on the cheek. They also have three sets of larger eyes on their chest, the top ones on their pecs and wide open, the 2nd just below their pecs and on top of the ribs partially closed, and the 3rd, smaller, and slanted along the bottom of the rib case. They eyes alternate from  light blue, to a medium blue, somewhat hypnotic. The background is blue, with a splash of orange and a vibrant cyan glow around the character.

"Must be your lucky day, there's a Discord update available"

Oh, just zip it, Discord! Seriously, that just means that I have to manually install a new .deb file because you folks are too lazy to set up your own deb-repository! So save me the sunshine-out-ouf-your-butt babbling!

#discord #debian

Squirrel News
2 days ago

Today in Squirrel News: Arizona is building the US’s first #solar canal, Australia’s set to ban disposable vape imports, #Google, #Meta & #Discord are teaming up to fight online child abuse, and much more of the best #constructivenews we’ve found for you!👇

2 days ago

Oh, & I found this lovely looking #Swift package! Might give it ago with another bot or another rewrite a few months down the road!

#Discord #Coding

2 days ago

Almost done transitioning my #Discord bot (THE SENTINEL) from #Javascript to #Golang. This is only my second time with Go. I wanted to get a feel for how the language flows, & honestly, I'm not impressed...

Coming from #Swift the syntax is a little rougher than I'd like, but I also realize it serves a different purpose! I'll have to give it some more time, but it already feels more maintainable than the JS counterpart. Haha. 😅

The Chinese government has a large stake in Discord via their proxy Tencent and the Discord user agreement lets them share your data with their friends. If you think Tencent isn't sharing that data with the CCP you're very naive.

Don't like that? We'll I guess you could move to X and share your personal info with the Saudis...

#Discord #X #CCP #saudiarabia

Want to build a #Telegram #sticker pack? Join my Patreon at $30/mo & get a monthly sticker up to 2 chars (worth up to ~$60) & I will make it so! You also get high res art, #discord access & more! - 3 slots left! (2 days left for free bonus!)

#FurryArt #CommissionsOPEN #MastoArt #CreativeToots #DigitalArt

a flow chart showing different commissions available in the "Fire Elemental" tier on my patreon, also known as the "Choose Your Own Commission" tier. You get previous tier rewards like discord access, credit in my art posts where available, behind the scenes, first dibs on discounts and offers, PLUS 1 semi wing-it style commission like: $30/Mo x1 telegram sticker up to 2 character (worth up to ~$60) and stackable so you can get bigger rewards over time! $60/mo or $30 stacked for 2 months can get you 2 telegram stickers, an experimental sketch, or a custom <3 badge (butts, boobs, bulge, chest, paws, etc) that ships world wide. For $90/mo or $30 stacked for 3 months, you can get 3 telegram stickers or a full sketch page featuring 1 character that will contain multiple sketches, headshot to full body, some will have colour or shading or both. This can also be used for clothing designs for your characters as well.
Advert that shows a selection of sketches of anthro/furry characters. Text reads "WildElement Studios Limited Time Patreon Special Offer - all new and current patrons with a successful payment Dec 1-5 will get a free bonus character drawing for the holidays if ref is provided!"
Telegram stickers (also used on discord) for VancouFur in 2023. 1) sticker of a nanaimo bar desert that says "NO" 2) Castor the beaver mascot is face down into a pillow, lying in bed with their arms out and blanket over top, sleeping "ZZZZZZZZzzzzz" 3) Same nanaimo bar that says "YES" next to it 4) Castor smiling with eyes closed looking to the right with thumbs up. 5) Misty the raccoon running to the right with an excited look on her face and text reads "OMW" 6) Sunny the otter looking like he's not gotten enough sleep, looking at the viewer grumpily while holding a cub of his preferred caffeinated beverage 7) Misty looking very excited, with arms up and hands by chin, starry eyes, and her raccoon tail is waging furiously behind her as she faces the viewer. All this is on a green texture background and the text at the top reads "VancouFur 2023  Telegram Stickers" - This was made for the year I was the community spotlight.
Selection of 5 telegram stickers. Title at top says "April 2023 Patreon telegram stickers". Top left is a chibi long eared purple dog with a very large lit smoke. Top middle is a cracked mirror with a happy red gryphon anthro inside it, and a sad Sergal on the outside, both with hands together on the mirror. Top right is a Kangaroo/Thylacine (Roolacine) who is black, with dark purple markings, mid teal hair and yellow eyes and stripes shrugging at the viewer. Botton left is the above sergal who is black, with white underbelly and a rust coloured link between the two colours, disgusted and holding out a cloth away from them. Bottom right is the Roolacine from above, chibi, lying on the ground covered in papers that say "overdue" "work" "due yesterday" and they have swirly eyes and very frazzled. Button has coloured logos linking to "" and ""

Auch wenn ich noch nicht dazu kam den #FNAF-Film zu sehen, musste ich mir dennoch diese Icons von @quillistic holen!

Und die werden auch bald als Emotes auf meinen #Twitch-Kanal und #Discord Server landen!


@fnaf @fivenightsatfreddys @twitch @discord

Anthropomorpher Silberfuchs mit schwarzem und grauem Fell und blauen Augen hält eine Pappmaske von Foxy aus „Five Night's at Freddy” vor sein Gesicht. Er streckt dabei die Zunge raus.
Anthropomorpher Silberfuchs mit schwarzem und grauem Fell und blauen Augen hält eine Pappmaske von Chica aus „Five Night's at Freddy” vor sein Gesicht. Er streckt dabei die Zunge raus.
Anthropomorpher Silberfuchs mit schwarzem und grauem Fell und blauen Augen hält eine Pappmaske von Bonny aus „Five Night's at Freddy” vor sein Gesicht. Er streckt dabei die Zunge raus.
Anthropomorpher Silberfuchs mit schwarzem und grauem Fell und blauen Augen hält eine Pappmaske von Freddy aus „Five Night's at Freddy” vor sein Gesicht. Er streckt dabei die Zunge raus.
Martin Schmitt
3 days ago

Seit ich vor geraumer Zeit Pair-Frickeling im #Discord-Screensharing mit @DonKingMat gemacht habe, wo wir beide gleichzeitig die Freigabe am laufen hatten und nahtlos jeweils beim anderen kucken konnten, käst mich dieses "ich klau mir mal die Freigabe" Enterprisegedöns wie #Teams und #Webex einfach mal so richtig übel an. 🧀

Welp, guess today is the final end of me being a fan of #LegendsOfEquestria. Nope, I will not give my private phone number to companies like #Discord, which care so extremely little about protection of private data.
There exist plenty of solutions to combat spam on a public Discord server, which don't require everyone to give Discord their phone numbers.

Bishop Fox
4 days ago

Do you want to meet other #infosec community members and broaden your professional connections? Then you are very welcome in our #Discord server. 🚀

5 days ago

Discord Discriminates Against Minorities

Discord does not care about anyone’s privacy, but this is a more pressing problem for minorities.

Discord allows you to set different profiles for different servers. Great! However, as far as I see it, the fact that you can use this feature only if you pay is yet another tax that is imposed on those people who are part of the minorities. If you are not part of a minority, maybe you don’t see the problem. If you are part of a minority, and you don’t care about the concern I’m highlighting here, then good for you, I guess. However, in my view, this problem affects everyone. I’m going to explain this issue here. I’ll start with the minorities, but I’ll explain later in the article how it affects everyone.

Discord is a social media platform that allows its users to chat among themselves. It offers a fair amount of services for free. You do not have to pay to join, to chat, to DM people, to create a new chat server, etc. However, some features require payment. The platform has to make money somehow. One such feature is the capability to set different profiles for different servers. If you pay, then you can set up a certain profile text for one server, and a different profile text for another server.

The part of the Discord UI that shows they want you to pay.

This is a case of institutional discrimination. Discord, the company will declare that they are not discriminating against anyone. They will say that everyone on the platform has to pay for getting different profiles. Therefore, the payment requirement is not discriminatory. Still, when you look at the effects that their policies have, you realize that these policies are disproportionately affecting minorities. Note here that I’m not saying that this requirement impacts all minorities, or that it impacts all minorities in exactly the same way. My contention is merely that this requirement is another form of discrimination. I’m a member of several of these minorities.

“You’re a cis white man! How can you call yourself a member of a minority?”

I’m a member of multiple minorities. Yes, I’m cis. Yes, I’m white. Yes, I’m a man. However, I’m also pansexual, polyamorous, into BDSM, autistic, and I could probably add more, but I don’t want to lead us astray here. If you are not part of these minorities, please do not make the mistake of thinking that being a member of one implies being a member of the other. Some people are pansexual, but not into BDSM, for instance.

Now, the thing is that there are all kinds of chat servers on Discord. Some of them are related to topics that one might call professional. For instance, a company may decide to open a Discord server to provide support for a product. (I don’t think that’s the best idea, but some companies do this.) Or it is possible to find servers dedicated to specific programming languages. Next to those professional servers, you also find servers that are about sexuality, specific physical and mental conditions, hobbies, etc.

Do you see the problem with having a single profile for all these servers?

My username is YourAutisticLife. That’s already a bit of a problem because I tell people I’m autistic right in my username. I’m willing to live with this choice. In addition, my profile repeats that I’m autistic, and mentions that I’m pansexual and polyamorous. I am currently on a server led by trans people. I am also on a couple of servers dealing with autism. On these servers, I don’t care if people know that I’m autistic, pansexual and polyamorous. The people there are tolerant.

What about the professional servers?

Right now, those professional servers see the exact same profile text. If they read my profile, they know that I’m autistic, pansexual, and polyamorous. Now, I’m not usually shy about these, but do those servers need to know this information? I’ve thought about editing my profile, but then I remembered that because I do not have Nitro, I’m condemned to have the same profile text everywhere. Listen. I’m 51, and so far I haven’t gotten any flak for my revelations. However, I may do at some point in the future. I’d prefer to keep that information out of my profile on those servers preemptively, but I cannot do this, because I’d have to pay.

However, I can easily imagine people in more precarious positions deciding to hide their identity because they don’t want to antagonize people, and they don’t have the money to pay for Nitro. Not everybody is a 51-year-old man.

“But you can have multiple accounts! How about you create one with your real identity, and one that is professional?”

This does not scale. I already have multiple accounts. YourAutisticLife is not the account I use for everything. What you are suggesting here is that I create a “hobby” account for YourAutisticLife, and a professional one. So far so good, but what if I need multiple “hobby” profiles? Maybe I’m into cats and I want those people to know about my love of cats, but not about my sexual orientation. Not only this, but as I said above, I have multiple accounts already. Am I supposed to split all of them into “hobby” and professional??? Creating multiple accounts is not a solution.

Note here that I’m not saying that Discord shouldn’t charge for some of its features, but charging for the ability to have multiple profiles is discriminatory, because it impacts the minorities more. However, even if you do not consider yourself to be in a minority, you should be complaining about this. Let’s say you had cancer. If you join a support server for the survivors of cancer, and a professional server, do you want the information about your cancer to be seen by the people on the professional server?

“But why talk about your cancer at all?”

Because in some contexts it is useful to tell people about it, especially on a server dedicated to the support of survivors. It gets old repeating the same story over and over, about how you were diagnosed, treated, etc. If not cancer, then something else. You might be into circus clowns, and have a blog about them that you want to advertise in your profile on a server dedicated to clowns, but not want a professional server to know about this. Or it could be your religion, and so on and so forth. I don’t think it is such a strange idea to want to be open about your identity with your peeps, but not with other groups.

In my view, this is a privacy problem. Discord does not do everything it can to protect your privacy, if you do not pay them. This is why everyone should be unhappy about this. Yes, it impacts the minorities more, and is thus discriminatory, but everyone is impacted.

(Original article on substack.)

#ActuallyAutistic #autism #AutisticWriters #Discord #discri #InstitutionalDiscrimination #minorities #privacy #profile #YourAutisticLife

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
5 days ago

Oops, looks like I forgot to expand the #poll to the full 7 days. Anyways, if anyone is interested in our #gamesnight, please join our #Discord server where we will plan and host the #games. @actuallyautistic

Scameleon Discord Bot
5 days ago

📈 Weekly statistics:
🗒 25 new reports were registered
🚫 267 potential scam messages were deleted.

🗑 16043 potential scam messages were deleted in total.
📊 3318 reported accounts in total.

#antiscam #scam #discord #discordbot
You also want to use the bot? Check out

Herr Bosslet
5 days ago

Habe gestern erst Revolt Chat vorgeschlagen bekommen. Funktionierte wie es soll. Wer also eine #opensource Alternative zu #Discord sucht, sollte es sich mal anschauen :blobcatjustright:

6 days ago

Can #Discord host their server in #Malaysia already? Their servers in Singapore suck ass, boggles my mind how servers in Hong Kong are constantly more stable even with the far higher ping (due to distance).

Sebin Nyshkim :drgn_happy:
6 days ago

I hate this trend of everything needing to be on fucking #Discord

Fuck your little private treehouse club that’s badly managed and barren because you learned the hard way community management is a full-time job too much to handle for a single person

Use better, open tools ffs


Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Hello @actuallyautistic adults, we would like to start hosting some #gamesnights and was wondering what #games would people like to see at these #events? Vote and add your favourite #online #multiplayer games to the comments, and be sure to follow us to see when these events get announced. (Reposting cause the first time I posted this poll to only my followers, it got no votes at all.)
#Discord #MarioKart #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Switch #MarioKart8 #MarioKart8Deluxe #Roblox #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasy14 #FinalFantasyXIV #FF14 #FFXIV #XIV #SquareEnix #Discord #DiscordGames #Autistic #AutisticGamers #AutisticGaming #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #NeurodivergentGamers #NeurodivergentGaming #AutisticAdults

Unpopular opinion: #Discord is terrible

El Blog de Lázaro :mastodon:
1 week ago

Muy contento con la tarjeta SAS HP P822 2GB que me ha tocado en el sorteo del canal de @unraides en #discord . Muchas gracias, ahora a cacharrear 😎 #unraid

Tarjeta SAS HP P822
Linux Is Best
1 week ago

In fairness, I did pose the question directly to Vanilla OS via their Discord server.

They're blaming Mail Chimp, which they're not the only Linux distro to use this, but they are the only ones I know whose site fails to load.

#MailChimp #uBlock #Linux #Discord #VanillaOS #Vanilla

Damage Control Blog
1 week ago

It came from Discord: Black Friday and Tactical Embedded Reporting
A look into Black Fridays past in which we lay in wait for a TV sale.
#Features #BlackFriday #Discord

1 week ago

How to freak out your discord friends with a custom status message 🤘😁🤘 #discord #satanist

Discord profile with status text that says “User is suspected to be a part of a satanic organization. Please report any suspicious activity to Discord staff”
1 week ago

I think it's absolutely hilarious #Discord has about twenty different themes they have locked behind Nitro and absolutely none of them are a simple AMOLED Black theme.

Nope, mostly goofy gradients very few people would use. :facepalm:​ :ac_laughter:​

*continues trying to find a Stylus or Better Discord black theme that doesn't have other massive issues*

*Write angry reply*

Think 20 seconds.
*#Delete it*

There is no place for some things.
And I see this place as a #diary

I want no #discord here if possible...

1 week ago

Trying #discord for the first time and it feels like slack went into a party and mixed its drinks.

1 week ago

I'm curious, what does your setup look like, peoples of Mastodon?

Here's mine:

#linux #neovim #discord #spotify

Flit 🦊 🔥
1 week ago
Looks like #Discord is adding additional trust and safety related features, including automated infractions for certain things:

Granted, there's already been some form of automated moderation, as they automatically scan all attachments you upload to make sure they aren't malware, or otherwise illegal. But it looks like they're ramping up their efforts in that department and making things more transparent to users.

There don't seem to be any additional privacy implications here - Discord already stored a copy of every message you send there, and they already track a ton of stuff about you even when you're just browsing (every channel you switch to, your location, your ISP...). They seem to just be using that info to moderate their platform.

I greatly appreciate the additional transparency (we previously had basically none), but I'm curious as to how they'll continue to moderate the platform going forward. My money is on nothing changing, but we'll have to wait and see.
Olivier Forget
1 week ago

#Discord is such a clown show. Just trying to log in to join brought up so many popups and another curd. I was asked if I was human at least 20 times, it's enough to make me doubt the very fact of it. And of course it's a terrible format to ask questions and get answers on open source libraries and stuff. Why on Earth all open source projects feel compelled to dive headlong into this service is a mystery to me.

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Hello @actuallyautistic community! If you are on #Discord, you should join our Global #Neurodivergent Community #server! We have a few text channels here and also want to do some #virtual #events in the future, so come join us!

🎉 20% towards funding a data storage system! :blobfoxheartcute:

Donate directly for the NAS bay on

#CommissionsOpen on

$3+ Patrons on before Dec 1st get a free bonus sketch.

#Gumroad/#Kofi are also options. Will need to join my #Discord to get free bonus sketch. | |

#Fundraiser #FurryArt #MastoArt #CreativeToots #FantasyArt #Patreon #Crowdfunding

Kofi screenshot that shows 20% of total $1500, for a 4-bay NAS system fundraiser goal (NAS bay and storage drives.)
advert that shows pay what you want sketch commissions, some are even coloured! Reads "WildElement Studios PWYW Sketches. 1 character wing-it "Pay What You Want" commission sketches are now open on - Final details (colour, shading, details) up to the artist, will try to add more for higher payments. Buyst: $40+ CAD (~$30 USD), Hip-up $75+ CAD (~$55 USD), Full Body: $100+ CAD (~$72 USD)" then shows a selection of furry/anthro examples.
Advert showing a selection of sketches and reads "WildElement Studios Limited Time Patreon Special Offer. All new and current patrons with a successful payment from Dec 1-5th will get a free bonus character drawing for the holidays."
Mike Kuketz 🛡
1 week ago

Neue Version Messenger-Matrix. Änderungen:
- Security-Audits werden neutral bewertet, falls vorhanden. Audits verlinkt
- Selbstzerstörende Nachrichten werden neutral bewertet
- Telegram werbefrei: Nein
- SimpleX Finanzierung: Kapitalgeber ergänzt

#messenger #briar #deltachat
#discord #matrix #signal #simplex #telegram #threema

David Chartier
1 week ago

Neat, looks like #Discord answered people's requests/criticism of being able to completely hide channels they don't want.

Personally, I prefer the way Discord does it (versus #Slack), so that new folks at least get introduced to all the available channels once they join.

Screenshot of Discord in the new 'Browse Channels' section. This allows users to view all available channels in a community, then disable any they aren't interested in.
Bishop Fox
1 week ago

Auditing #API endpoints after discovering a public hosted specification file is no small feat for #pentesters. Enter the new #opensource tool from Tony West (@un4gi_io), Swagger Jacker. He’ll walk you through how to use this new #pentesting tool in our next #BFLive training session. 🔨

And afterwards, we’ll be doing a quick #AMA with Tony in our #Discord server, which you can join at the link! It’s an active group consisting of 1600+ #infosec community members.

1 week ago

Ich habe vor Jahren, als #guildwars2 herauskam, jeden Tag sehr viel gespielt. Jetzt will ich wieder anfangen und bin erstmal erschlagen von allem 😂

Ach ja, wer sich noch für das Spiel interessiert und eine #Gilde aus dem #Fediverse sucht, der darf sich gerne auf dem #Fedinerd #Discord zeigen ❤️

#gaming #games #videogames #pc #pcgaming #mmo #mmorpg

Mike Kuketz 🛡
1 week ago

Die Diskussionen über die Messenger-Matrix sind in der Regel spannend, manchmal aber auch herausfordernd/anstrengend. Wir haben nicht nur ca. 84 Millionen Bundestrainer, sondern auch Messenger-Experten. 😉

#messenger #briar #deltachat #discord #matrix #signal #simplex #telegram #threema #whatsapp

Space Hobo Actual
1 week ago

OK, I'm inheriting some...Web Services, here, and I have some possibly naïve questions.

Is there a way to just wire #dropbox straight to #discord via webhooks? It seems like most of the Web pages talking about this that I can find are all about "Use our fancy service to do this: free 7-day trial!!!" instead of "just put url X into form field Y, and Bob's yer uncle".

Am I missing something? Do you really need some kind of middleware layer just to make this stuff happen?

@mae shit like this should be illegal.

#NoDiscord #Discord #Enshittification

2 weeks ago

#Cinny is a looking really good for #Matrix. I think once calling is solved, I can really start to recommend it as a replacement to #Discord.

Karoline :bruins:
2 weeks ago

A really interesting idea came up in the #Discord game day chat: The team might actually be complete. Not that they are all executing perfectly. But the consistency in GF as well as the fact that we already have multiple games where every player gets a shot on net, that's a deep team.

#HNOM #NHLBruins @bostonbruinsgameday @nhl @hockey @hnom

Finally managed to delete my Discord account.
They don't make it easy making you jump through hoops to first delete the server they initially give you.
A few YouTube videos and searches later, I am free!
#Discord #DeleteAccount

Discord email notice of account being accessible for 14 days before being deleted.
Your Autistic Life
2 weeks ago

TFW you have too many Discord identities, and you don't remember which identity a friend knows you as.

Yes, this just happened. 😬

#TFW #Discord #friend

First of many I would imagine.
Businesses don't splash out on expensive gimmicks if there's no profit to them, hype or not.
#GenerativeAI #Discord

Discord Is Shutting Down Its Clyde 
 Chatbot Experiment 
 Less than a year after upgrading its chatbot, Discord will shut down Clyde at the end of the month.

If anyone should be listening, and support this view, please absolutely and without any feeble excuses, go out into your communities and tell them that their #Discords, #Google platforms, etc. are discriminating against parts of the community, and moving away is an indisputable necessity.

I am more than tired of fighting this fight alone every day.


#privacy #rights #foss

I recently added a clips sharing channel to my public #Discord server, but I realized that I don't have a dedicated hashtag for posting them on social media. 🤯

Any ideas, y'all? Drop 'em in the replies! 👀

My existing hashtags are listed in my bio if anyone needs some inspiration.

#VTuber #ENVTuber #BlackVTuber #VTubersWithDisabilities #LGBTuber #VTuberUprising #FediTuber #VTuberEN #VArtist

2 weeks ago

Now, I know some of you are going to suggest #KDE Connect or other applications and tools. And I welcome those suggestions, and I would love to hear them, but my point is this:

My wife doesn't regularly ask me to send her files. It was just this once and on this one morning. She doesn't want to install something on her PC and get it all set up just to receive a few JPEGs. And yes, I could've just send those files through #Discord, but I didn't want to. Why do I have to send my photos to some random company thousands of kilometres away if the recipient is right next to me? Why?!


Ugh.. finally forced to use #Discord in order to discuss some buggy behavior in a #FOSS project.

It is a freaking Christmas tree 🎄 #UX and somewhere something notifies me in the many ways this is possible. I will spend this day trying to find where exactly.

#FOSSuseFOSSplease 🙏

2 weeks ago

Because almost everyone I know are depressed and coping, so many people have expressed to me that they want to die, and at times that feeling of helpless despair resonates.

Surely there are better ways to encourage these kids than by being condescending and hostile.

I will defend to the death my younger siblings’ (and their peers, etc) use of #TikTok, #Pinterest, #instagram, #discord etc. because guess what? Surveillance/bad moderation/data abuse/ads aren’t THEIR fault.


Anyone know how dangerous it is to use alternate #discord clients with my discord account?

I know they're against discord's EULA and risks banning.

But also im exhausted by it advertising it's Nitro premium service to me. Or forcing me to learn about new features, or new .... chatroom microtransactions I can engage in?

NOTE: I only use discord, for one group im chatting with who could not be talked into doing something more libre/privacy respecting. Please don't recommend alternatives. Ive never been heavily invested in Discord, and never plan to be.

The result of an art trade with Nate on Discord. This is what I came up with.

#furryartist #notfurry #discord #arttrade

Nate's OC Jakob, a pretty convincingly human-looking android, posing against a blue backdrop with stripes. Though not part of the design given, the artist has added some seam lines to Jakob's arms and hands.
Dionysus 🍇
2 weeks ago

Seriously contemplating leaving all my Discord servers. People/companies are using #Discord to replace forums, and it is a shit replacement. Discord works best for small to medium-sized groups with a common purpose. #MMORPG /#VideoGame guilds and #TTRPG groups are great examples. Clubs too. But a server with hundreds of users doing Q&As is information overload. Even with the new forum function, it is just clutter. I rarely read them because it is too much to sift through. Blech.

2 weeks ago

Even with open source it’s hard to verify that everything works as it says it does. So that’s why we started working on an app. One that can be used a reference for understanding.
It’s a #discord replacement! Obviously much simpler and with fewer features.

A screenshot of the Relay App
Indie Creator Hub
2 weeks ago

Will be creating a new Guilded community server, along with talking about everything that is possible with Guilded.

Guilded Setup and Walkthrough

#owncast #streaming #alternativeplatforms #matrix #guilded #discord #ecamm #independentcreators #livestreaming

Live stream preview
Kevin Bowen :xfce:
3 weeks ago

Software projects that use #Discord are being actively hostile to folks with low powered machines & limited bandwidth.

This also includes locking up the conversations in a proprietary platform that cannot be properly archived.

It's a very terrible, no good, very bad decision for software projects who claim to be advocating for more #inclusitivity #accessibility #a11y

Looking at you #python

David Chartier
3 weeks ago

Did #Apple add a feature recently that allows an iPhone to be used as a microphone on a Mac? Discord pops this up each time I wake my MacBook Pro lately.

To be clear: #Discord can automatically switch input and output sources when it detects new hardware, so this dialog itself is normal. The new part, at least to me, is that Discord is asking if I want to use my iPhone (Slartibartfast) as a microphone.

Screenshot of a dialog box in Discord. It is offering to switch to using my iPhone as a microphone.
3 weeks ago

@kitt my son has a credit card, and access to Uber, DoorDash and Instacart…and our blessing to like, go do shit.

He still prefers to stay home on his #Discord server with his friends and play video games. 🤷‍♀️

James Scholes
4 weeks ago

There's what I think is a new website for all things #HearthstoneAccess, which should reduce the need for #Discord membership. Find it at #hearthstone #accessibility

Juan C Nuno
4 weeks ago

Hm. I could've sworn #Discord asked me to install its #PWA, but now I can't get it to. I have always resisted installing the desktop "app" when it ran fine in a browser tab.

Marek Küthe
4 weeks ago

Die Hochschule Hannover wurde gehackt - alle IT-Systeme (Moodle, E-Mail, SSO, SSH, GitLab) sind offline und was wurde uns (vom Dozenten) als Kommunikationsplattform empfohlen?
Discord 🤯🤦‍♂️😭
Proprietäre zentrals Lösungen scheinen die Menschen irgendwie anzuziehen.

#HsH #Hannover #Studium #HochschuleHannover #Discord

Sal Rahman
1 month ago

I started a Discord server to discuss the Fediverse, for those of you who prefer to talk about the Fediverse over chat.


#Fediverse #Discord

Steve Frenzel
1 month ago

Posted this on @astro #discord but maybe someone here can help?

I can't install a new #astro project by running "npm create astro@latest". Using #pnpm and #yarn works just fine.

#node version: 20.9.0 & #npm is 10.1.0. Tried installing #svelte with npm for comparison & got a similar error, so it's a local issue? When using "npm install" to install #11ty it works with no issues.

Could anyone point me to a direction how to fix this? I'm not very familiar with debugging these kind of things...

Successful Astro install using pnpm
Successful Astro install using yarn
Unsusccessful Astro install using npm, throwing a bunch of errors I have no clue how to fix

Now #Twitter / #X isn't even generating link previews on #Discord anymore.
Completely useless. I wish people stopped using this walled garden.

(And *not* go to the next walled garden that you can't even read without an account, like #bluesky)

Larry Garfield
1 month ago

"It's your lucky day, you get to download a new #Discord release, so that it can then download itself again once you start, because Discord doesn't know how Apt works, and we won't let you start the app until you download the update, even though you're on hotel WiFi!"

Discord, you have a very strange definition of "lucky."

Dave Mackey
1 month ago

so I've got #CirrusSearch, #Elastica, #MediaWiki, and #Elasticsearch all installed and configured but MediaWiki still seems to be using the default (MySQL) search. I've had two friendly folks from the #Discord and #IRC MediaWiki channels helping me and still no luck. Taking a break. 😂 😭

Doug Parker 🕸️
1 month ago

@sanderelias Yeah, I haven't been a fan of the #Slack and #Discord approaches because they aren't indexed and require you to already be a part of a relevant community for a particular question.

I don't have a lot of experience with #AI in this space, but have been generally underwhelmed with it's results.

1 month ago

Don't forget, #AllThingsTech has our own Discord server for those that are looking to hang out and chat outside of Mastodon.

We feel that there are often times that longer, more in-depth conversations are wanted/needed and Discord is a great place to have those conversations.

It's a great place to give us feedback about our server to help make it a better place.

Come join here if you'd like as we'd love to have anyone and everyone!

#Discord #AllThingsTech

Logo/Branding for the Mastodon instance

The logo has a circuit board like image on the left side that's pointing to the right in the colors orange and yellow. There's also two semi-circles in green and purple on the right side.
Djangonaut Space
1 month ago

Quite sad that a feature request for Discord to support live captioning for their voice channels appears to be completely ignored.

There's loads of people with disabilities saying how this would really benefit them. 💔

#Discord #accessibility

omg! ubuntu
1 month ago

Nice – Discord is now verified on Flathub, no longer an unofficial package (thanks to work by @cassidy n' co)

#flathub #discord #linux

Discord logo and a verified blue checkmark logo sit on top of a purple background tiled with the Flathub logo
Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
1 month ago

I'm happy to report that thanks in part to my efforts (but mostly thanks to TingPing doing tons of up-front work, feaneron's constant help, and employees using Linux internally):

:verified: Discord is now verified on Flathub

#Discord #Linux #Flatpak #Flathub

Random tip - if your #Discord client doesn't work after the latest MacOS upgrade, right click on Discord in Applications to get to the info menu, check the Open in Rosetta checkbox, launch the app, wait a few to let it pick up the updates, and then you can uncheck Open in Rosetta. 💥

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

Is it just me, or #Patreon just released a big-ass community forum refocused app overhaul exactly at the time when most creators started moving conversations with their community to #Discord?

Ren 🐧
1 month ago

I literally cannot use @matrix as a Discord alternative. I can't manage roles, I can't have people auto-join the correct rooms/spaces within the main space, I can't ban people from all spaces/rooms within a Space, I can't do voice/video calls without using a client with support for a Jitsi widget and hope the other person is ALSO using a client that supports widgets, its actually embarrassing how awful it is. And they take LITERALLY YEARS TO DO ANYTHING. All these issue will be addressed, but it's going to take a damn decade at the current rate of progress.

#Matrix #Element #Discord #Messages #Community