Lovely bit of news about @byroncclark who has been awarded the Bruce Jesson Senior #Journalism Grant to investigate and write about the spread of #ClimateChange #Disinformation online.

I'm looking forward to reading and sharing the articles! 😊 Even if they may make me even angrier! 🤔

The US government is offering a reward of $10M for any information on the #hackers. Yes... you read that right! (Apologies link is to Twitter where this was shared but I’ve screenshot it too so you don’t need to click. #cyber #disinformation #russia

The US and UK Governments have sanctioned two individuals from Cold River #hacking group, saying the #Russian #FSB were behind a series of hacks that included politicians, journalists and NGO’s - and resulted in false attacks on me 2/ #disinformation #commodon #cyber

8 hours ago

Climate action against disinformation

The #disinformation industry, valued at approximately $2.6B, utilises tech platforms to spread falsehoods on an array of topics, from the recent referendum in Chile to the adoption of clean energy technologies in the US.

Join us in voicing your concerns by signing our open letter to the COP Presidency, the UNFCCC, and the CEOs of leading tech platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit.

The recent UNEP Emissions Gap Report has sounded the alarm: we are currently heading towards a dangerous 2.8°C global warming, far exceeding the Paris Agreement’s 1.5°C target. As pointed out by Barbados Prime Minister Mia Mottley at COP26, even a 2°C increase spells disaster for vulnerable communities. As humanity stands on the brink of a climate catastrophe, vested economic and political interests continue to foster and fund climate mis/disinformation, obstructing vital progress. In a pressing appeal last month, UN Secretary General António Guterres emphasised the urgent need to abandon greenwashing and delay tactics to avert looming disaster.
Liam Egan
11 hours ago

X and Grok are both embarrassingly silly names for a company and AI, but Grok is what happens when you design something based on garbage in, garbage out.

#GiGo #Grok #MuskDecline #Disinformation

From @noondlyt


Cool. Totally worth it "owning" musk via the antiwoke transphobic crowd.

Elon Musk's Grok AI Is Pushing Misinformation and Legitimizing Conspiracies

Posted Dec 9, 2023, 1:53 PM

#DISINFORMATION posted on his personal site.
Which begs the question:
how can anyone trust his product ads for cars, spaceships, brain chips?

Why the anti-vax movement is still on the rise

“Instead, governments, health agencies and professional groups must take the lead in an all-out battle against anti-vaxxer propaganda and misinformation with renewed, strong public health messaging.”
#Disinformation #Vaccines #Vaccination #VaccinesWork #Science #PublicHealth #Canada

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
20 hours ago

Wikipedia in russian: How to Manipulate Information with Flexible Truths

Anastasiia Ratieieva examines how the russian version of #Wikipedia restricts access to information that is inconvenient for the regime while generating meanings that are favorable to the kremlin

It is important to note that any interference affects all parties who consume information in russian, not just the russian federation’s population

Read more here🔗

#Ukraine #Disinformation #SlavaUkraini

Bernard Marx
1 day ago

Barry Young was arrested and charged for spreading misinformation. Everything he leaked is completely genuine and true. Charging him for such lays bare the meaning of misinformation.

Any information that interferes with the official narrative the government wants to push is #misinformation or #disinformation.

I seek out disinformation and misinformation to find the truth.

Miguel Afonso Caetano
1 day ago

#USA #California #MediaLiteracy #Misinformation #Disinformation #CriticalThinking #FactChecking: "California next year will become one of the few US states to teach students media literacy, a move experts say is imperative at a time when distrust in the media is at an all-time high and new technologies pose unprecedented challenges to identifying false information.

A state bill signed into law this fall mandates public schools to instruct media literacy, a set of skills that includes recognizing falsified data, identifying fake news and generating responsible internet content.

Researchers have long warned that the current digital ecosystem has had dire consequences on young people, and have argued that such instruction could make a difference. The US surgeon general has cited digital and media literacy support as one way to combat the youth mental health crisis spurred by social media. The American Psychological Association already has urged parents and schools to teach media literacy before they expose young people to social media platforms."

1 day ago

🗳️ Reversal of content policies at Alphabet, Meta and X threaten democracy, warn experts | @guardian

「 A new study from the non-profit media watchdog Free Press documented 17 major platform policies affecting online content integrity that have been rolled back in the past year at Alphabet, Meta and Twitter/X. It also cited more than 40,000 layoffs at these companies as a threat to the health and safety of their platforms 」

#Moderation #Disinformation #Layoffs

Patrick Eddington
1 day ago

A superb example of real-time disinformation on FISA Section 702 reauthorization. The NDAA compromise bill does NOT end FISA Section 702 abuses; it extends the existing broken program through April 19, 2024. Currently circulating on the Musk vanity site. #FISASection702 #surveillance #disinformation #Congress

Joshua Holland
2 days ago

"We’ve developed this national law enforcement intelligence-sharing network that basically takes disinformation straight from the rightwing social media fever swamps and puts it out under the imprimatur of law enforcement intelligence"

-Former FBI agent Mike German #acab #disinformation #fascism #police

2 days ago

RT by @EU_Bonn: 8⃣ December - combining a paranoid conspiracy theory about notorious 'Anglo-Saxons' ruling the world with the Kremlin's favourite #disinformation trope accusing everyone of Nazism. #DontBeDeceived, read more: #ChristmasCountdown #DisinfoCalendar


[2023-12-08 08:38 UTC]

What the fuck is this. How much #disinformation are you ingesting every day to say this.

> Young Americans—or at least the subset of them who take part in surveys—appear to be remarkably ignorant about one of modern history’s greatest crimes. Some 20% of respondents aged 18-29 think that the Holocaust is a myth […]. An additional 30% of young Americans said they do not know whether the Holocaust is a myth.

Aurel Stratan
2 days ago

Leaked documents unveil plans for global #censorship with government backing. A whistleblower claims a UK-US private anti-#disinformation initiative is turning into a mass censorship project. #whistleblowing #cia #nsa #cisa

Graham Cluley
2 days ago

UK and US expose Russian hacking plot intended to influence UK's 2019 elections and spread disinformation.

Read more in my article on the Bitdefender blog:

#cybersecurity #databreach #russia #uk #hacking #disinformation #phishing

Voting ballot and UK Houses of Parliament
Noah UK News
2 days ago
2 days ago

YouGov/The Economist. One in five young Americans think the Holocaust is a myth

20% of respondents aged 18-29 think that the Holocaust is a myth, compared with 8% of those aged 30-44 (see chart). An additional 30% of young Americans said they do not know whether the Holocaust is a myth.

#disinformation #propaganda #politics

If you're working on #disinformation, in particular doing fact-checking, you could be interested in the European Media and Information Fund current open call, open until 29/02.

Shrikant Joshi
2 days ago

I wonder if #disinformation and wilful #misinformation can be reined in by using the #abortion #bounty tactics used by some US states.

What if we allowed anyone to claim from you a small amount in #damages - say, up to $100 or $1000 - for sharing stuff that is factually untrue, or even half-true.

But, I'm guessing that the #monkeyspaw will activate immediately and just result in increased litigation instead? 🤔

1/2 #Disinformation has gained a serious foothold in many #NewsMedia outlets both here and abroad. Big money is the primary reason - though not the only one. Quality of media has also taken a hit in general due to what I'd call a loudness war. It's not about sound , but emotion, and let's face it -outright appeal to hysteria is the order of the day. On #YouTube specifically it's more about the loudness thumbnails ! The overall impression ends up being one of utter desperation...

Steve Maclellan
2 days ago

Generative AI, deepfakes will ‘pollute’ election campaigns, CSE warns

Generative AI, deepfakes will ‘pollute’ election campaigns, CSE warns
2 days ago
Tech news from Canada
3 days ago

Wired: Elijah Wood and Mike Tyson Cameo Videos Were Used in a Russian Disinformation Campaign #Tech #wired #TechNews #IT #Technology via @morganeogerbc #Security/NationalSecurity #Security/SecurityNews #Culture/CultureNews #disinformation #ElijahWood #StarPower #Security #Ukraine #Russia #war

Crow 🍉
3 days ago

@toussaint Good Reddit post debunking Israel's false rape claims.

Drives me nuts that Israel lies ALL THE TIME and the press and politicians all know that but keep repeating the lies like they are coming from a reliable source. #Rape #Hamas #disinformation

Crow 🍉
3 days ago

The Israel government lies about EVERYTHING. The foundation of the country is lies. Everyone whose been following Israel for any amount of time knows this. The “journalists” and the politicians who repeat their lies certainly know this as well.
#rape #Hamas #disinformation

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
3 days ago

🤥 Internet propagandists aligned with Russia have duped at least seven Western celebrities, including Elijah Wood and Priscilla Presley, into recording short videos to support its online information war against Ukraine, according to new security research by Microsoft.

#russiaukrainewar #propaganda #disinformation

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 days ago

"Fake Taylor Swift Quotes Are Being Used to Spread Anti-Ukraine Propaganda"

"A disinformation campaign led by a group linked to Russia's GRU is using images of celebrities like Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, and Oprah to lambast Ukraine."

#Russia #TaylorSwift #disinformation #Ukraine #propaganda #Beyonce #JustinBieber #KimKardashian #Oprah

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
4 days ago

Someone posted an online game recently that teaches you about misinformation, bots, etc.

I thought I saved it but can't find it. Does that ring a bell? It was super 😎.

#Misinformation #Disinformation #Game

4 days ago

#House #Speaker #MikeJohnson on Tues promised a floor vote to authorize a formal #impeachment inquiry against President #Biden, hoping to provide legal heft to an investigation that has been underway for months but has so far failed to prove #Republicans’ claims that Mr. Biden accepted bribes.

#HouseRepublicans #MAGA #Politics #Congress #GOP #PostFact #PostTruth #Propaganda #Disinformation #illiberalism

Dave Rahardja
4 days ago

A good set of skills to have.

“We review three types of cognitive strategies for implementing critical ignoring: self-nudging, in which one ignores temptations by removing them from one’s digital environments; lateral reading, in which one vets information by leaving the source and verifying its credibility elsewhere online; and the do-not-feed-the-trolls heuristic, which advises one to not reward malicious actors with attention.”

“Critical Ignoring as a Core Competence for Digital Citizens”

#psychology #disinformation

Serge from Babka
5 days ago

I've been thinking a lot lately about the lessons of Masha Gessen, a #Russian reporter who talks about the role of language and #disinformation in Russian media.

One of the goals of fascists is not to present an alternate reality, but to confuse the idea of reality itself.

Today we see people happily misusing terms like #genocide and #warcrimes, saying that they don't mean what they mean, but they mean any kind of attack, or any kind of military action. This kind of confusion is part of the deliberate effort to confuse people to make them easier to control.

#Israel #antisemitism

Toni Aittoniemi
5 days ago

I guess Facebook is now buying the silence of prominent institutions on criticising it’s increasingly dominant position as arbiter of all information? 🤔

Disinformation researcher claims she was ’ousted’ after Zuck & his wife placed a 500 million dollar donation to Harward.

#facebook #hardward #university #corruption #socialmedia #disinformation #research

5 days ago

[1/3] 🧵

Hey, #Fediverse / #Mastodon

Is this the future of social media? It certainly is better than Silicon Valley/commercial-surveillance disinformation platforms by orders of magnitude, yes...

...but personally, I have a different view.

I recommend reading the "Public Service Internet" manifesto. It was a privilege to read it. This is one of my greater research interests as well.

Tl;dr: an internet infrastructure of the people, by the people, and for the people — including democratic *governance*, user representation (suffrage), and citizen co-ownership of resources. NOT government-owned.

Of course there are some bits I disagree with too.

One could argue Mastodon/Fediverse is like that... but not truly (I like the place though). Here's why →


#SocialMedia #SiliconValley #Democracy #Misinformation #Disinformation #Socialism #Capitalism

5 days ago

Can you imagine being told that they were shutting down the #misinfo / #disinfo research you were hired to do, presumably because the problem went *poof* and not due to the 1/2 billion Zuck gave them, "but you can teach a 100-level class as an adjunct, so we're not actually firing you."

Somebody needs to out the coward(s) who did this.

#misinformation #disinformation

5 days ago

Forward has removed their paywall!

"We are taking this step because during this chaotic moment of war, disinformation and rising antisemitism, open access to our independent Jewish journalism is essential."

#journalism #news #disinformation

Dr. Steve Thompson
5 days ago

"Whistleblower allegation: Harvard muzzled disinfo team after $500 million Zuckerberg donation"

"A prominent disinformation scholar who left Harvard University in August has accused the school of muzzling her speech and stifling — then dismantling — her research team as it launched a deep dive in late 2021 into a trove of Facebook files she considers the most important documents in internet history."

#Harvard #Faebook #disinformation #highered #socialmedia #Zuckerberg

Russia-Ukraine Daily News
5 days ago


❌ Social media users are falsely claiming that Zelenskyy recently purchased two multimillion-dollar yachts.

#disinformation #fakenews

5 days ago

NY Times: "China Sows Disinformation About Hawaii Fires Using New Techniques: Beijing’s influence campaign using artificial intelligence is a rapid change in tactics, researchers from Microsoft and other organizations say." #disinformation #weather #wildfires #firewx #AI #AIpocalypse

5 days ago

"Zoom in: Pro-Russian social media accounts tried to "discourage the people of Lahina from going to the agencies that could help them," Brad Smith, the vice chairman and president of Microsoft, testified before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee meeting in September. Microsoft, along with several organizations, examined the misinformation and disinformation spread online following the August fires.

Smith said researchers also saw "what we believe is Chinese-directed activity, trying to persuade the world in multiple languages that the fire was caused by the United States government itself using a meteorological weapon," he added." #disinformation #FEMA #disasters

Noelle :verified:
5 days ago

"One of the world’s leading experts on misinformation says she was fired by Harvard University for criticising Meta at a time that the school was being pledged $500m from Mark Zuckerberg’s charity.

Joan Donovan says her funding was cut off, she could not hire assistants and she was made the target of a smear campaign by Harvard employees."

#news #tech #meta #Harvard #MarkZuckerberg #Disinformation #misinformation #charity

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
5 days ago

"As research director of #Harvard Kennedy School projects delving into mis- and #disinformation on #SocialMedia platforms, Donovan had raised millions in grants, testified before #Congress & been a frequent commentator on #tv, often faulting #internet companies for profiting from the spread of divisive falsehoods.

...This year, the school eliminated her position."

ht: @dankennedy_nu

#Corruption #Technology #Tech #Meta #USA #News

Text from article:
As research director of Harvard Kennedy School projects delving into mis- and disinformation on social media platforms, Donovan had raised millions in grants, testified before Congress and been a frequent commentator on television, often faulting internet companies for profiting from the spread of divisive falsehoods.

Last year, the school’s dean told her that he was winding down her main project and that she should stop fundraising for it. This year, the school eliminated her position. The surprise dismissal alarmed fellow researchers elsewhere, who saw Donovan as a pioneer in an increasingly critical area of great sensitivity to the powerful and well-connected tech giants.
Crow 🍉
6 days ago

The images and stories coming out of Palestine are horrifying but if we don't elevate their voices they aren't going to get elevated.

#Palestine #CNN #disinformation

6 days ago


Joan Donovan, a disinformation researcher at the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard, has accused Harvard of shutting down the project that she led in order to protect its relationship with mega-donor and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

#misinformation #disinformation #democracy

Rich Puchalsky :anarchism:
6 days ago

Every one of these "disinformation" projects is connected to some kind of governmental security agency -- don't cooperate. Why would anyone need to "have this image of a political rally you want to verify" if they weren't police surveilling protestors?

#disinformation #surveillance #cop

Alex Wild
6 days ago

Our oligarchs are so rich they don’t need to hire assassins to take care of the pesky journalists who cover their crimes, like they do in less wealthy countries.

They just obliterate the truth tellers and fact checkers with money.

#Meta #Harvard #Disinformation #Corruption

6 days ago

Ousted #propaganda scholar Joan Donovan accuses Harvard of bowing to Meta: prominent #disinformation scholar has accused Harvard University of dismissing her to curry favor with Facebook & its current and former executives in violation of her right to free speech.


Joan Donovan at Boston University on Thursday. (Jesse Burke for The Washington Post)
6 days ago

Wow: “Early in the COVID-19 pandemic a blizzard of disinformation had deadly consequences. A Carnegie Mellon study analyzed more than 200 million tweets discussing COVID-19 at the height of the first lockdown. Eighty-two percent of influential users advocating for “reopening America” were bots. This was a targeted “propaganda machine,” most likely Russian, designed to intensify the worst public health crisis in a century.”

#ai #TheComingWave #disinformation

82 percent!

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
1 week ago


"The #US federal government has stopped warning some social networks about foreign #disinformation campaigns on their platforms, reversing a years-long approach to preventing #Russia & other actors from interfering in #American #politics less than a year before the US presidential elections...

The developments underscore the far-reaching impact of a conservative legal campaign"

ht: @cpep

#Republicans #GOP #Corruption #USPol #News #USA

News headline: U.S. stops helping Big Tech spot foreign meddling amid GOP legal threats:
The federal government is no longer warning Meta about foreign influence campaigns, a shift that comes amid a legal campaign against the Biden administration’s communication with tech platforms

By Naomi Nix and Cat Zakrzewski
Updated November 30, 2023 at 8:08 a.m. EST|Published November 30, 2023 at 8:00 a.m. EST
1 week ago

US stops helping #BigTech spot foreign meddling amid #GOP #legal threats

The US federal govt has stopped warning some #social #networks about foreign #disinformation campaigns on their #platforms, reversing a years-long approach to preventing #Russia & other actors from interfering in #American #politics less than a year before the US presidential #elections, acc/to company ofcls.

#ForeignInfluenceCampaigns #SocialMedia

Tim Mak
2 weeks ago

#Russia is using #disinformation to take advantage of political division and disappointment with lack Ukrainian movement on the #frontlines, #TheEconomist reports.

This comes as political divisions in Ukraine worsen, after relations between #Zelenskyy and commander-in-chief, #Zaluzhnyi have reached a new low.

Caroline Orr Bueno
2 weeks ago

Sports Illustrated has apparently been publishing AI-generated articles by “authors” who don’t exist beyond their AI-generated photos. This is a much bigger problem than most people realize, and the implications are quite dire — consider, for example, that the same thing is happening in medical and scientific journals (it is). #AI #disinformation #media #socialmedia

AI generated author photo
AI generated author photo
David on Formosa
2 weeks ago

New ASPI report: The role of foreign influencers in China’s propaganda system

"...the CCP also actively cultivates a rising group of foreign influencers with millions of fans, which endorses pro-CCP narratives on Chinese and global social-media platforms."

#China #disinformation #propaganda #SocialMedia

Robin Patterson
2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff New Zealand's #Stuff media group (Wellington's daily paper and many community newspapers etc) is also reducing its involvement on #Twitter/X because of "#misinformation and #disinformation" there.

Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago


I’d say the U.K. was the first proof of concept with the #Brexit vote. Want to see how to destroy a democracy and its economy? Look no further than Britain

#EuroPolitics #Outin #Disinformation

Pablo M.U. :vericol:
2 weeks ago

Has anyone seen a study/analysis of the #disinformation going around yesterday in/about #Dublin, #Ireland?

Sohan Dsouza
2 weeks ago

From Logically Facts: 〝Shortly after the prime ministers speech, social media users started adding subtitles or captions to footage from the event, claiming Kristersson said "folkm" or "folkmo" before pausing, which would make it more probable to hear "folkmord" - the Swedish word for genocide.〞

#disinformation #cheapfakes #Sweden #IsraelGazaWar #propaganda

2 weeks ago

A wealthy middle-aged couple died in a car crash at the Niagara Falls crossing Wednesday. Right-wing politicians and media figures saw a terror attack and opportunity.
#News #misinformation #Twitter #TheExtremismDesk #rainbowbridge #terrorism #Disinformation

DC Deejay
2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff The problem with this argument is that everyone is Xitting into a black box, one that likely amplifies what the owner wants amplified, and suppresses what he doesn't.

Why treat X any different than Gab or Truth Social? 🤔

Those that remain on X are likely doing more harm than good by legitimizing the platform, assisting the owner in his attempts to reshape our information spaces in a way that suits his needs, not ours.

#disinformation #bigtech #politics

DW Innovation
2 weeks ago

"We gather. We source. We map."

That's the motto of the EU Disinfo Lab.

Have you checked out their web #newsletter yet? The *Disinfo Update* is a "trusted source for curated updates on news, events, and announcements in the #disinformation field from around the globe."

"In 2011, a poll found that twice as many Americans knew that Randy Jackson was a judge on American Idol than could correctly identify the Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court."

~ Brian Klaas

#voters #disinformation #misinformation #ignorance #apathy #democracy #Republicans

“I didn’t think I was going to be a YouTube newscaster at the age of 67. But these days you will often see me at my daughter’s house, holding my grandchild while translating articles from Politico or The Atlantic into Vietnamese that I then broadcast on a news channel on YouTube...This is not how I imagined spending my retirement.”

#misinformation #disinformation #publichealth #aapi #aanhpi #vietnamese

I’ve updated my free-to-access #propaganda and #disinformation bibliography! Do check it out here and support my work. Thank you! #commodon @potemkinvillage