Big Head Tales
58 minutes ago

Both Wall Street and industry insiders refuse to consider the obvious.

#ThemePark attendance is down largely because admission has almost doubled in ten years, food price has doubled, parasitic fees (hello #Disney #GeniePlus and $25 Lightning Lanes), broken rides, terrible service, fewer cast members… The theme park experience has succumbed to Wall Street #enshitification to make billionaires richer.

Theme Parks Pin Hopes on a Fall Rebound -

David Brownman
1 hour ago

We were watching the Lion King last night and had our minds blown by a bit of IMDB trivia.

During "Be Prepared", Scar's voice actor changes after he says "You won't get a sniff without me!". Jeremy Irons becomes Jim Cummings (voice of Winnie the Pooh and Road to El Dorado's Cortez, among MANY others).

Timestamped video:

It's obvious now that I'm listening for it. I can't believe I never heard it before; I've heard this song a million times

#trivia #movies #disney #TIL

steve mookie kong
1 hour ago

#StarWars Magic Band+ paired and setup on my account. Ready for #DisneyWorld in a week.


Noventero O Mas
2 hours ago

Noventer@s, hoy toca peli #Disney en el canal aunque un poco más pronto y la ha elegido un Noventero⏳


#PatoAventuras #TioGilito #ComunidadNoventera #Retro #Cine #Noventa #Dibujos #Pelicula

#HauntedMansion, #MarvelStudios#Loki Season Two, season fifteen of Bob’s Burgers, and more are coming to #Disney+ #Canada this October 2023.

#DisneyPlus #Marvel #Drama #comedy #series #movie #movies #sciFi

Popkulturowy Bigos :tverified:
6 hours ago

Nie wiem czemu dopiero teraz, ale w końcu zabrałem się za serial "The Bear" i jestem w absolutnym szoku jaki sztos dotychczas omijałem. Jestem obecnie na drugim sezonie (a zacząłem wczoraj) i coś mi mówi, że skończę dziś. Znakomitość pod każdym względem, ale szczególnie w kwestii fabuły, zwrotów akcji i rozwijania wprowadzonych postaci, a także ukazywanych tu potraw. <3
#thebear #disney #disneyplus #serial #seriale #tv #streaming #popkultura #rozrywka #czaswolny

Headshaker Kingbreaker
7 hours ago

I wrote a very long comment on #translation in #German #Disney movies (esp the difference between 90s and modern translations of Disney Songs) on this video:

And since nobody is going to read this over there I‘ll just post this here too

7 hours ago

Turning Red is about white colonialist erasure of queer identities.

The big red panda monster represents queerness. "In modern times, this is… inconvenient" (cough), so they lock it away deep in cultural ritual. They still retain access to it, but keep it hidden beneath the surface.

The ritual involves crossing a threshold from lush, vibrant nature to a dark, closed-looking space. Meilin refuses to go back in the closet.

Her mom chalks this up to society's bad influence. Miriam and Jin prefer seeing all of Meilin, seeing how happy she is when she embraces this part of herself.

And at the end, when she asks Sun Yee if she'll regret her choice… the answer is joyful and sublime.

#Film #Movies #Disney #Pixar #TurningRed #Queer

9 hours ago

not gonna lie my brain is full of nothing but #Disney right now

Joshua Byrd
11 hours ago

Dear online friends, my daughter Vada has been collecting these Woolworths Disney cards and was hoping to get the whole set of 100, but she is missing a few and the promotion period is now closed. So if you've shopped at Woolworths (Australia) lately and have any spares of the following, we would be so grateful and happily pay for postage.

7, 8, 12-15, 24-26, 29-32, 40, 41, 58, 59, 75, 78, 87, 88, 98

Thanks so much. Boosts welcome. :BoostOK:

#DisneyCards #Disney #Woolworths #Cards

Disney cards featuring Darth Vader.
12 hours ago

TIL: "#Fantasound marked the first use of the #ClickTrack, #Overdubbing of orchestral parts, and simultaneous #MultiTrackRecording. Almost a fifth of the film's budget was spent on musical #RecordingTechniques."

#Disney #Fantasia

14 hours ago

No, #Disney , I won't call it Jatz music.

It's Jizz music. You can't retcon it in #StarWars. I'll never forget the amazing music of Evar Orbus and His Galactic Jizz-Wailers


Peter the Pirate 🏰
19 hours ago

The Finest Cheeseburgers at Disney World: Celebrating National Cheeseburger Day! Disney World offers a variety of food options beyond the standard burgers and fries. In honor of National Cheeseburger Day… #WaltDisneyWorld #WDW #Disney

I just watched One Hundred and One Dalmatians (Hamilton Luske / Clyde Geronimi / Wolfgang Reitherman, 1961) and rated it 5/10 ~ #films #cinema #cinemastodon #OneHundredAndOneDalmatians #Disney #101Dalmations #animation

Raymond Scott Pert
1 day ago

A dealmaking denouement is under way for the decline of TV

> Having spent the past several years investing in streaming — and in doing so, undermining the old business of television — big media groups are now dealing with the fallout. Their CEOs have to finish the task of ripping up the US pay-TV business, one that had made these companies and the executives themselves very rich, in the least painful way possible. #media #TV #MSM #Disney #CNN

Walt Disney chief Bob Iger, above, in effect put up a ‘for sale’ sign on the company’s TV channels in July © Bloomberg
1 day ago


✧ Shaylee Mansfield ✧

Shaylee Mansfield is an American actress and former YouTuber. Mansfield, who is deaf, first gained recognition by making videos in which she tells Christmas stories in American Sign Language. In 2016, Mansfield appeared in an advertisement by Disney Parks, in which she met Minnie Mouse, who was learning sign la...

#AmericanSignLanguage #WaltDisneyWorld #Mansfield #Disney #YouTuber #Wikipedia

The Japan Times
1 day ago

The agreement on Monday to settle a battle between Walt Disney and Charter Communications over distribution rights is ushering the end of the decades-old pay-television bundle and creating a template for future deals that includes streaming services. #business #companies #disney #charter #television #streaming

Rob (Nitro230)
2 days ago

I'm seeing Mears and Brightline signed a deal together people from the train to WDW....

The train ends at the airport...... they're already going from the airport to WDW hotels....

Couldn't people already do this?

#Disney #DisneyParks #WDW

2 days ago

This evening Boyf and I watched the latest Pixar film Elemental.


How did this get made?

I resent the time wasted watching this.

Resent it.

I cannot understand how this came out of the same studio that made Red which was *excellent* and Lightyear which was such a mature and emotionally honest film.

What the hell happened !?

#Pixar #Disney #Elemental

Church of Jeff
2 days ago

Unrealistic Disney fantasies in the 1950s: True love at first sight. 

Unrealistic Disney fantasies in the 1990s: Your individuality bringing you success. 

Unrealistic Disney fantasies in the 2020s: Reconciliation with your family.
2 days ago

Heading into the weekend like...

(Yes, that is a photo of @dizwiz in 1979 😀)

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #MagicKingdom

Neb Comics
2 days ago

While we all loved Ariel and her adventures in the #Disney adaptation, we wanted to realise the gritty edge of Hans Christian Andersen's 18th century #fairytail 'The Little Sea Maid'.

Using dark humour, this #comicbook aims to bring the original story to modern times.

Subscribe to our newsletter for updates on this project:

Felix Bernoully
2 days ago

@flargh After two seasons* „skoden“ and „studis“ have become a cherished part of mine, ennit?

* 🇩🇪 #Disney+ would you kindly get a move on, or will we have to wait another year for you to produce a bad German dub that nobody needs?

Rob (Nitro230)
2 days ago

Interesting to see they've taken the temporary #EPCOT Starbucks and turned it into a festival booth.

#Disney #DisneyParks #WDW

2 days ago

Once Upon a Studio | Official Trailer
100 years of stories. 100 years of magic. 🧚🪄✨ Once Upon A Studio, a new Original short film, premieres on ABC during “The Wonderful World of Disney: Disney’s 100th Anniversary Celebration!” on October 15 at 8/7c.
#OnceUponAStudio #Disney #ABC #OfficialTrailer #Television

2 days ago
Joe Barrios
2 days ago

Turns out that fighting "woke" and #Disney don't compensate for having the personality of a wet noodle. #desantis #rondesantis #Florida #gop #woke

Rob (Nitro230)
2 days ago

Hooray, the good version of Soarin has returned

#EPCOT #Disney #DisneyParks #WDW

Anthony Dean
2 days ago
marc [sustain release] ✅
2 days ago

@marquito Top-Tasse. Chapeau. 👍 Kennst Du das düstere Gegenstück zu #RogerRabbit?

#CoolWorld mit #KimBassinger und dem jungen #BratPitt wurde zum Teil von Leuten realisiert, die vorher bei der Roger-Rabbit-Produktion von #Disney geschasst worden waren (wenn ich mich recht erinnere).

GeekDad Ken
2 days ago

Disney’s hit preschool series SuperKitties will air its first-ever Halloween special this season and the episode features an all-new song debuting exclusively with GeekMom - "Howloween"! #disney

2 days ago

Not only because "Disney theme parks provide a “nostalgic refuge” for adults seeking to escape their stressful lives", but because as an older female solo traveler, I feel completely safe there

Shine F.
2 days ago

I bet this isn't how Disney wants to advertise The Little Mermaid...

#Disney #TootSEA #advertising

A news article about red tide phenomenon with a Little Mermaid advertisement
2 days ago

A new spin on the Carousel of Progress! Step right up to witness the past and future through the fisheye lens. #FisheyeFriday

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #MagicKingdom

Magical Trash
2 days ago

It's Friday... let's get classy! Mini trash can located just inside the entrance of Blue Bayou Restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland's Adventureland.

🌐 |
📷 | Maihamazing

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Tokyo #TokyoDisneyland #Adventureland #BlueBayou

Small swing top trash can with the words "Waste Please" located inside Tokyo Disneyland
Graphic Policy
2 days ago

Disney Villains: Hades #2 preview. Why are Hades, Arachne, Orpheus, and Icarus sneaking into such a forbidding place? #disney #comics #comicbooks #hercules

Sn Parod
3 days ago

La case du jour !

22 Septembre,
Picsou : le fils du soleil (1987),
De Don Rosa, Michael McCormick et John Clark.

La première histoire de Don Rosa sur Picsou, déjà pleine de références à Carl Barks.
+ une version refaite de la case.

#picsou #disney #scrooge #bandeapicsou #ducktales #duck #ducks #Comics #comic #comicbooks #comicbook #comicbookart #bd #bds #bandedessinee #bandedessinée #panelart #panel #case #casedujour

Flairsou pointe un flingue sur nos héros, et va sauter de l'avion avec l'objet que nos canards (Donald, Picsou et Riri Fifi Loulou) ont essayé de récupérer.
Gripsou : "Ha ! Même si tu sais comment faire voler cet avion, il n'y a aucun endroit où atterrir ! Au moment où tu pourras sortir, vous aurez traversé les deux prochaines chaînes de montagne et j'aurais disparu depuis longtemps. Vous voilà dans de beaux draps, hein, Balthazar ?"
Flairsou pointe un flingue sur nos héros, et va sauter de l'avion avec l'objet que nos canards (Donald, Picsou et Riri Fifi Loulou) ont essayé de récupérer.
Gripsou : "Ha ! Même si tu sais comment faire voler cet avion, il n'y a aucun endroit où atterrir ! Au moment où tu pourras sortir, vous aurez traversé les deux prochaines chaînes de montagne et j'aurais disparu depuis longtemps. Vous voilà dans de beaux draps, hein, Balthazar ?"
The Hollywood Reporter
3 days ago

‘Moving’ Director Talks Finale to Disney’s Hit Korean Drama and Potential Second Season
#TV #TVNews #Asia #Disney #International

Rob (Nitro230)
3 days ago

Still looks like he's sitting on a toilet

#Disney #DisneyParks #WDW #Epcot

3 days ago

The Best Sci-Fi Movies on Disney+ Right Now (September 2023)
#Collider #Disney

3 days ago

#ThrowbackThursday to that time when Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth rocked the stage at Disney-MGM Studios in 2000 for the Walt Disney World Summer Jam Concert! #TBT

#DisneyWorld #WaltDisneyWorld #Disney #DisneyParks #wdw #DisneyPhotography #DisneyGram #Disney100 #DisneyMGM #SmashMouth #SteveHarwell

3 days ago

This documentary is part cringe, part #nostalgia for the time when EVERYONE wanted in on the Star Wars craze, no matter what the format.
#Disney did their thing to capitalize on #SpaceMadness and created a "rock band" that had equal parts Saturday Morning Show + KISS + Star Wars energy, for a mostly uncaring, passive audience who just wanted to eat their over-priced meals in peace at the foot of Space Mountain.
Did anyone see HALYX when they visited Disneyland?

Malte Janßen🎙️⚓ ☑️
3 days ago

#Disney+ hat in der zweiten Staffel es nicht mal mehr für nötig befunden, den Satz "I am Groot" zu synchronisieren.
Dafür wäre die KI doch endlich mal nützlich. Also nur für diesen einen Satz, sonst nicht. Aber Hauptsache Vin Diesel wird für die 5 Sätze fürstlich entlohnt...

3 days ago
Phil Gastwirth :imagination:
3 days ago

Seam line is still coming through so once this coat of Primer Filler dries, I'll either use the wood putty again or wait until my Bondo glazing and spot filler arrives. I had some at some point but can't find it. Wondering if it dried out and I threw it away.

#3Dprint #3dprinter #bambulab #bambulabx1carbon #wdw #disney #piratesofthecaribbean #barkerbird

Barkerbird 3D print hanging upside down after spraying it with Filler Primer.
Barkerbird 3D print hanging upside down after spraying it with Filler Primer.
3 days ago

‘Ahsoka’ episode 6 ‘Far, Far Away’ recap/review

Despite some brilliant acting and cinematography, the episode's narrative relies heavily on moments of recognition from another series.

#StarWars #Television #TVReviews #Ahsoka #Disney #StarWars

Ricardo Harvin
4 days ago

Well, I never imagined something like this would ever be considered a serious possibility.

#ByronAllen offers $10 billion for #Disney.

4 days ago

"This map, it's absolutely unique, it's in our possession, the enemy forces of unknown strength are after it, and giving it to them can bring an end to the civilisation as we know it? I, a Mandalorian and a war hero that hasn't trained for a good part of the decade, am going to take it off this ship guarded by a war-hardened Jedi master, and a droid built to train the Jedi, and I'll take it to my tower where I can think in peace even though it's so far away no help can feasibly arrive in time even if I do call for it."

"I'm just gonna leave my trainee, a rusty and overconfident Mandalorian with no force powers whatsoever, to fight this obviously very well trained Sith pupil that is strong in the Force as well as ruthless, so *I* can go and fight their master all alone, even though I can stab the said pupil about six times before they can blink, and then go fight the master together."

#ahsoka #starwars #disney

Magical Trash
4 days ago

#Holidayland is the lost land of #Disneyland, a 9-acre picnic area that opened in 1957 and closed in 1961 - but it had unique trash cans similar to #WDW's #StorybookCircus!

🌐 |
📷 | Stuff from the Park

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Anaheim

Brian Tatosky
5 days ago

Yeah, that sounds like typical Hollywood accounting bullshit: Slightly change the name, call it a new show, pay less.

#Marvel #Disney #Streaming

Jay Baker (they/he)
5 days ago

Says Daredevil Netflix showrunner about the reboot: "It's an old Disney scam where they slightly rename a series to reset contract terms back to first season. Needs to be addressed by all the guilds/unions and crushed!" #Daredevil #DaredevilBornAgain #MCU #Marvel #Disney

Cashew Lou
5 days ago

I've been using the same blanket now for eight years; that's eight long Iowa winters. The old blanket still has some life left in it, but I think it's high time I set it aside as a spare for those REALLY cold nights.

So, yeah. Got me a new bankie.

#disney #robinhood #littlejohn #skippy

A large blanket with a white background, showing the characters Little John, Robin Hood, and Skippy from Disney's animated film "Robin Hood" (1973).
Magical Trash
5 days ago

Ye come seekin' adventure and salty old pirates in front of magical waste paper cans, eh? Sure, you come to the proper place. #TalkLikeAPirateDay

🌐 |
📷 | Gorillas Don't Blog

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Anaheim #Disneyland #Fantasyland

Vintage photo of a cast member dressed as a pirate at Disneyland, standing in front of a trash can
6 days ago

Walt Disney World Shuts Some Attractions After Bear Spotted In Tree Near Big Thunder Mountain
#BreakingNews #ThemeParks #Disney #WaltDisneyWorld

Magical Trash
6 days ago

“The Source of Inspiration" - given the short life of the plaques on these Disney Springs trash cans - seen in this 2017 photo - maybe not.

🌐 |
📷 | disneyrun4fun

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Orlando #WDW #DisneySprings

Green Disney Springs trash cans with a plaque denoting that the shopping area is a "Source of Inspiration"
1 week ago

Quick! What musical & theatrical event was created by Michael Jackson, George Lucas & Francis Ford Coppola...
...and was a total horror show?

"The Many Nightmares of Captain EO" - Secret Galaxy
#disney #Disneyland #michaeljackson #coppola #lucas

Guess who went to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom today? #Disney

Step counter showing 14,479 steps.
1 week ago

Another hint from 1990s Disney to proof that Aladdin actually lives in a post-apocalyptic future. What's a stop-sign doing in the middle of the desert?

#Amiga #Disney #Emulation #90s

Was rewatching Iron Man yesterday (doing a MCU rewatch) and thinking why couldn't we have had in the Disney Star Wars era a major cinematic event like what they did from Iron Man to Endgame / Infinity War.

Sadly, they couldn't even plan out and have foresight for the Sequel Trilogy and much less actually bring a Star Wars film to theaters since Episode IX without firing directors or them jumping ship🤔 🧐 😞.

#StarWars #Marvel #Disney

The Spaceshipper 🚀
1 week ago

Some may wonder why so many people talk about #starfield these days.

Here's why: for The Black Hole (1979), the model of the USS Cygnus was filmed in front of a starfield, not a blue screen.
#scifi #disney #theblackhole #spaceship #model #miniature #blackhole #1979 #cinema #bluescreen

1 week ago

#retrogaming #Disney’s_Goof_Troop

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
1 week ago

🥥 A noise-making duck and a noise-making fuck.
One's a cartoon and one's a #Disney property.
Know your thin-skinned, easily-provoked cartoon characters. 🥥

Line Art: Two panels, the one on the left is a cartoon duck with the word "Donald"  under it. The one on the right is the same cartoon turned upside down, also with the word "Donald" under it. Its bill looks like #Donald_Trump's hair.
Magical Trash
1 week ago

Nothing quite said "hey, I’m glad I spent $76 on this theme park ticket so I could get a free tortilla sample” quite like the Pacific Wharf area in 2010!

🌐 |
📷 | Christine Kurash

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Anaheim #DisneyCaliforniaAdventure #DCA #PacificWharf

Tan and blue trash can labeled "Pacific Wharf" surrounded by guests at Disney California Adventure
Magical Trash
1 week ago

Who did Big Hero 6 trash cans better? DCA's new San Fransokyo Square or this iteration from Tokyo Disneyland's "Happy Fair with Baymax" meet-and-greet in 2021?

🌐 |
📷 | Spencer Lloyd

Used by Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Tokyo #TokyoDisneyland #Tomorrowland #BigHero6 #Baymax

Red trash cans at Tokyo Disneyland decorated to look like Baymax from Big Hero 6
1 week ago

#retrogaming #Disney’s_Magical_Quest_3_starring_Mickey_&_Donald

Sunset pics from the Disney Family Farm in Marceline, Missouri #sunset #sunsetlovers #disney #waltdisney #farm #nature #sky #view #trees #missouri #waltdisneywednesday

Today we visited the Disney Family Farm in Marceline, MO. Walt Disney grew up in this town, and in this barn (constructed to Walts blueprints) people use Sharpies to sign their names and leave messages to Walt. Outside you can see the sun setting over the farm and barn. #disney #disneyfamilyfarm #waltdisney #barn #sunset #sky #farm #tourist #roadtrip #view #explore #wanderlust #Missouri #MO

Magical Trash
2 weeks ago

You can be merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily on your way past these #Fantasyland trash cans at #DisneylandParis!

🌐 |
📷 | Daniel Wanderman

Non-commercial Usage Permission. #MagicalTrash #Disney #TrashCan #DisneyTrashCan #DisneyParks #Paris #MrToad

Exterior of Toad Hall Restaurant at Disneyland Paris - with 2 blue trash cans sitting outside
2 weeks ago

#unity #unity3d really shat the bed, and speaking as a full-time #panda3d simp, now seems like a good time to simp hard and get some people to see the light. It's battle-tested for #MMORPG and #VR by #Disney back in the day (#BSD3 now). Use #python to write your #3D games so you don't waste another minute on #compiling. Has -all- the features, from skeletal animation and glsl to a robust shader pipeline to collisions and physics. Not to mention amazing community! #gamedev

Kyle Anderson 💙
2 weeks ago

Watched the new The Little Mermaid today, and it was fine. Classic #Disney remake, not much more.

But golly, anyone who was genuinely upset by the casting of Ariel must have deep racist roots and/or needs to turn off their conservative outrage channel. 🤦

#movies #racism #conservatives

Bas van der Ploeg
2 weeks ago

I mean, look at this sorcery.

#BambuLab #Disney #3DPrinting

Bas van der Ploeg
2 weeks ago

My biggest 3D print so far. Nearly 50cm tall. (Apple TV Remote for scale.)

I keep getting amazed by the quality and speed of the X1-Carbon.

Disney fans may recognize it. 🏚️

#BambuLab #Disney #3DPrinting

3D printed bust of Wellington, one of the Twins from Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Printed in marble colored PLA filament. Pictured next to an Apple TV Remote to show the scale.
3D printed bust of Wellington, one of the Twins from Disney World’s Haunted Mansion. Printed in marble colored PLA filament.

Ahsoka episode 5 to screen in select 10 cities in the US. Sounds like something major is gonna be in the next episode 🤔

#StarWars #Ahsoka #Disney

Ahsoka mid season poster
Goddess of dark Ashes
3 weeks ago

Did you watch the latest #Ahsoka episode? I really liked it and now I realy want to watch the next episode as fast as possible 😂

#starwars #disney #disneyplus

Andrés Ortiz Massó 🔥
3 weeks ago


Curiosamente, Gustavo Fring era chileno!


Mike Kuketz 🛡
3 weeks ago

Durch DNS-Filter, individuelle Einstellungen und persönliches Nutzungsverhalten wird die datenschutzfreundliche Nutzung von Amazon Fire TV ermöglicht. 👇

#firetv #amazon #datenschutz #privacy #tracking #streaming #disney #netflix

"Groups of neo-Nazis and white supremacists spread antisemitic, white supremacist and anti-LGBTQ messages outside Disney World and in the nearby Orlando, Florida, area Saturday in the latest examples of rising antisemitism in the U.S., officials said."

~ Julianne McShane

#Florida #antisemitism #NeoNazi #homophobia #LGBTQ #Disney

Disney is raising its Disney+ Hotstar subscription price in Indonesia from Rp199k a year to 799k starting next month and will call it the Premium plan. Monthly subs go up from 39k to 119k. Disney also introduced a lower cost “Basic” plan at 450k/annum or 65k/month. The difference? Picture quality, device logins, and concurrent screens. I heard they’re also raising prices in Malaysia and Thailand.

The service launched three years ago in Indonesia with the shockingly low price of, which in USD was (and still is), US$13 a year. At the time that was almost two months worth of subs in the US.

The current pricing plan is, honestly speaking, far too low to be sustainable. It really feels like introductory and we’ve been extremely lucky to have had it beyond the first year so I can understand why they felt the need to hike the price.

The monthly sub for Premium is much higher than Lionsgate, Catchplay, Prime, HBO GO, or Viu but comparable to Netflix’s standard plan, though Netflix has no annual plan which makes it more expensive over a year.

The way they went about announcing it could have been handled better, though. I wish they outright said at the beginning that it was introductory pricing so that when they announce the real cost there wouldn’t have been so much consumer backlash.

The up to 4x hike is quite a shock to consumers. Initially the app was very basic. It appeared to be similar to the global version but while the global one has profiles, group watch, and other features, the SEA version did not. Only in the last couple of months did we get additional profiles other than Kids mode and a revamped interface to match the global version. We still don’t have group watch or IMAX mode.

It is what it is and Disney must have crunched the numbers to be confident that despite the backlash, the new pricing plan will work out for them financially and they’ll have enough subscribers left to justify the hike.

#Disney #DisneyPlus #TootSEA #Indonesia

Stuart Jones
3 weeks ago

Wish streaming services would make it easier to mark episodes or movies as watched or unwatched.

Want to rewatch season 1 of Wheel of Time on #Prime - but the interface keeps trying to get us to watch the first episode of season 2 and makes it hard to reset the earlier episodes.

Or on #Disney where movies get stuck in our "continue watching" list even though we've watched it all.

David August
3 weeks ago

They know what they’re doing is wrong. $DIS people know Iger is doing damage, and bad things. If you work there, find the courage and push back. Shareholders, fire him.

#ActorsStrike #WritersStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #WGAstrong #UnionStrong #union #disney

AMID THE HOLLYWOOD strike, Disney is looking to hire a senior executive to "lead crisis communications response efforts," as well as other senior communications experts to "retain" and "motivate" employees, according to company job postings reviewed by The Intercept.
One posting offers up to $337,920 for a vice president of public affairs to lead a
"communications team to assist senior executives in preparing for media events" and "interviews." "This role is a standard public affairs position with our Disney Parks, Experiences and Products business segment that has existed for more than 15 years," a Disney spokesperson, who asked that he not be named, told The Intercept.
"It's not new and the opening is the result of an internal move."
Metin Seven 🎨
3 weeks ago

Minimalistic voxel artwork, depicting existential contemplation of famous characters. 😉

#VoxelArt #duck #mario #sonic #PacMan #8bit #RetroGaming #RetroComputing #retro #DigitalArt #art #artwork #illustration #GraphicDesign #VideoGames #disney #MastoArt #FediArt

Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing a semi-abstract Donald Duck standing on a quay.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Sonic the Hedgehog staring at pointy spikes that are in the way of a gold ring.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Pac-Man being trapped by two ghosts in his labyrinth.
Minimalistic voxel artwork, showing Mario standing on a platform, gazing into the distance.

OK, so as a feminist and anticapitalist, I obviously have to be critical of the (toxic) genius Walt Disney.

Disney is well known as a union buster. The pays were very unequal and chaotic. Disney promised to pay the animators great bonuses after the release of Snow White, but instead of bonuses, he treated his employees (especially the unionised employees) with layoffs; he even took all ending credits for the movie himself.

It all lead to the great Disney Cartoonist Strike in 1941:

Although little is known about the (un)equal payment of women, it's reasonable to assume that the (mostly female read) cosmeticians, who meticulously applied makeup to each frame with Snow White, were probably less paid than most of the (mostly male) animators who did more or less some same work.

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As a feminist and lifelong fan of Disney's 1937 animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", I can very much approve of this sticker.

You can order them from @blackmosquito at

(CW: eye contact; lethal weapon)

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A sticker featuring Snow White armed with an assault rifle in front of a pink star. In the top right corner it reads in a fancy font "fight sexism & homophobia".
Steve Herman
3 weeks ago

#Disney-owned TV channels, including ABC, ESPN and FX, have gone dark on Charter Spectrum, the second-largest cable TV provider in the US, with nearly 15 million subscribers.

Big Head Tales
3 weeks ago

I’m hearing from my laid off #Disney friends that their jobs are being refilled at a level lower making them ineligible to apply.

Meaning filthy rich #BobIger destroyed 7,000 lives while relaxing on his yacht to replace older workers with young, cheap labor.

Watching young Jedi Adventures. #Disney #Starwars

Okay, don’t know who needs to read this, but if you haven’t seen Star Wars: Rebels before Ahsoka, or perhaps Mandalorian, you need to watch Rebels first.

- Most of the cast has shown up so far between Mandalorian and Ahsoka
- Ezra Bridger is important, and what happened to him
- You need to know what a purrgil is
- You need to know who Thrawn is

Watch Rebels first. Both Mandalorian and Ahsoka will make more sense.

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Setsune Wave
4 weeks ago

We no longer live in the age of Lost Media. We live in the age of Active Erasure by corporations who have the means to preserve it but the financial impetus to destroy it. #LostMedia #ActiveErasure #HBOMax #wbdiscovery #wb #Max #Disney #DisneyPlus #Google

S.A. Wilson
4 weeks ago

I’m so sick of established IP. I’m so bored of fan service at the expense of what made these stories great in the first place. Just tell me a good, novel story wrapped around ideas that havent occurred to me before already! #Movies #tv #startrek #starwars #marvel #andjustlikethat #disney #hbo

1 month ago

I skimmed through a little of the #Cinderella 4K restoration and it looked pretty amazing. Here's hoping some other films get the treatment!

It's wild to me that the #Disney team had to go to the Library of Congress to get the print they worked from. I always assume Disney is great at archiving, but I know that wasn't always the case.

Yay! #Disney sues #desantis directly!"

"In a move right from the playbook of little guys who taunt jacked-up-dudes in a bar,

"…Ron DeSantis has said that he’s ready to “move on” from his lawsuit with Disney... but, buddy, that’s not up to you any more, especially not in a legal battle you started.

"Disney has sued various elected officials, including DeSantis,

alleging that he has used his position as Florida’s governor to violate Disney’s first amendment rights"

The #video industry is so broken beyond repair.
Writers on strike (and they are correct)
#Disney stop selling physical media in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, etc. #Streaming only. But also removing content from internet altogether.

Piracy needs to be legalized, we need backups of Human creativity available for all to see and hear.
This is going way too far.

Big Head Tales
1 month ago

#Disney CEO #BobIger is outraged that WGA writers would like to make a living wage.

It's unclear at this stage if Iger made the comments while sunning himself on the deck of his superyacht, or his other superyacht, while flying home on his private jet, or whilst rolling around in a giant vat filled with millions of his dollars in excess cash.

Cashew Lou
1 month ago

For all those who seek
That vulpine mystique!

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Dashing Disney fox Robin Hood admires a bottle of eau-de-lally cologne by Foxxo Robinne, with the caption, "Because faint scents never won fair lady."