Anne Ominous
2 days ago

ok. it's gonna be hot girl winter 2024 babies because i am filing for #DIVORCE

David Njoku
2 days ago

A close friend is also going through a #separation. She's the one person who fully understands what I'm going through, so we get together and talk for hours, knowing that we won't judge or get bored.

But we're different too. Every minute of a separation is challenging, but I'm determined to get through it without bitterness. Just because she doesn't want to be with me doesn't mean my wife is a bad person.

My friend is different. "I need to hate him," she says. "It makes me happy."


Showbiz & Entertainment
2 days ago

FTISLAND's Choi Min-hwan and LABOUM's Yulhee have officially filed for divorce, marking the end of their 5-year marriage.


Steven Saus [he/him]
6 days ago

From 29 Nov: Conservatives Want So Badly To Keep Women From Being Able To Get Divorced - Conservatives have an unhealthy and radical obsession with trying to control people’s personal live... #divorce #matt-walsh #right-wing-media

1 week ago

All relationships are about trust. If your spouse has an emotional or physical relationship outside of marriage, then it is an abuse of trust. It's over. Who would want a business partner that lies? Why is a spouse different? #infidelity #deceit #affairs #divorce

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History November 23, 1644: At the height of the English Civil War, John Milton published an anti-censorship pamphlet, “Areopagitica.” He had been censored several times, particularly in his attempts to defend divorce, a radical idea in those days. He anonymously published “The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce” (1643), which was condemned by the Puritan clergy as heretical and supportive of sexual libertinism.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #FreeSpeech #censorship #liberalism #divorce #sexuality #CivilWar #books #writer #author #milton #fiction #nonfiction @bookstadon

Cover of Milton's "The Divorce Tracts"
2 weeks ago

I’ve been over exercising and starving myself to lose weight. I know that I’m more attractive when I’m lean, so this is all part of looking for validation from others. I know that exercise and love addiction are my means of self medicating for the absence of love from my mum during my early years and childhood, and yet I seem unable to change. I’m also using these things to deal with the pain of my separation from my own kids since the #divorce. At least I’m not medicating with drugs.

Universal Hub
3 weeks ago

If your ex-wife tries to murder you with a hatchet, you can be excused from having to keep paying her for her share of your business, court rules
#Massachusetts #SJC #lawsuits #divorce #hatchets

3 weeks ago

Bride comes before a fall
#marriage #relationships #divorce

Poetry News
3 weeks ago

Chris Appleton and Lukas Gage
Put their marriage on center stage
After just half a year
They've decided it's clear
That their love, alas, could not engage

#chrisappleton #lukasgage #divorce #marriage #limerick #poetry

Philip N Cohen
3 weeks ago

When is it OK to #divorce? I asked 68 undergraduate #sociology students, and their answers may surprise you*
*or not

bar graph of results

Avez-vous des idées de ressources littéraires ou bédéesques pour expliquer à des enfants de 7-8 ans que mon ex et moi nous divorçons parce qu'elle ne m'aime plus depuis ma transition ?

[Post-scriptum de précision : ce n'est pas tant pour mes filles (qui semblent bien gérer la situation) que pour leurs camarades d'école qui leur posent des questions, et permettre aux instits d'en parler en classe]

#divorce #trans #LGBT #bandedessinee #livres

Steve Maclellan
4 weeks ago

A new bill wants to criminalize ‘coercive’ conduct in Canada. What is it?

A new bill wants to criminalize ‘coercive’ conduct in Canada. What is it?
Phil Yastockings
4 weeks ago

Doing #research for a book led me to #divorce rate #statistics in #Aotearoa NZ.

Turns out there's a MASSIVE spike in divorces in 1981 & 1982.

Like, 1980:9%, 1981:11.9%, 1982:17.1%(!!), 1983:13.3% - and then it stabilises back out at about 11% for the next 30 odd years.

Anyone know what might be the cause of that?

Incidentally, there's also a precipitous plummit in marriages after 1971. Any known reasons for that?

Boosts welcome.


Screenshot of the graph of marriage & civil unions, and divorce rates, 1961-2022.

There's a data table in the linked StatsNZ page if you want to hear the raw data.
John Colagioia
1 month ago

Anti-abortion, homophobic extremist Johnson wants to force women to stay in bad marriages

One of those, his push to end no-fault divorce, is enjoying a resurgence as a goal of the far right in its efforts to impose their misogynist agenda on the rest of the country.

#GOP #Divorce #Misogyny

Mike Johnson and an assortment of white folks
Philip N Cohen
1 month ago

More than half of Americans think it should be easier to get a #divorce
#family #demography

1 month ago

#divorce is a lifelong issue for the children. No matter what one parent is always going to be disappointed if their child isn't here on #christmas
Next year I'm not going to celebrate on my own ffs

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

Oh, er... yeah... I didn't make a fuss about it, but it has been a bit over one year since I separated from my ex-wife.

It was on November 1st 2022 that I moved out.

#marriage #separation #divorce

TIL that in Canada if you lived in Québec or Newfoundland before 1968 you had to apply to Parliament to get a Divorce. Apparently this was mostly handled by the Senate.

In 1968 Canada passed the Divorce Act to unify divorce legislation across the country.

#Canada #Divorce

1 month ago

Another image based on “signs with history”.

This time it shows an ad for #Carriage rides offered by some Bavarian farmer. The sign says:

“Carriage rides for special events, including
- bachelor party
- #marriage
- #divorce if necessary
Please contact [insert phone number]”

I wonder if someone really requested a ride for divorce.

#bavaria #Bodenmais #holiday #horse

The image show the above described ad, hanging from a fence. The background of the ad is orange and you can see two images of the farmer with his horses and the carriage on the left and the right side. The texts starts at the top with the bullet points in the middle and the phone number at the bottom.

It is with sadness that I share that my wife and I are separating due to irreconcilable differences. We tried couples therapy and even mediation, but her insistence that Town House crackers are better than Ritz is something I can longer live with.

#divorce #crackers

1 month ago

New data show that about half of U.S. adults lived alone upon gray divorce, another one-third lived with others, and the remaining 14% lived with a new partner. Adults living with a new partner tended to exhibit the most advantaged sociodemographic profiles.

Read more:

#Divorce #GrayDivorce #Marriage #Family #Society #Demography @demography

The Most Powerful Man in the #House Doesn’t Like #Divorce;
#Speaker #MikeJohnson has been talking about it for decades, and now he’s got a larger audience.

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago

@juddlegum writes about your not-so-average #Johnson. He is severely #anti-#LGBTQ, wants to make sure that #women has problems getting a #divorce through covenant marriages, and was one of the chief architects of the 2020 #electionDenial efforts in #Congress.

Now he’s the #SpeakeroftheHouse and second in line to the presidency.

Read the #Substack article!

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

I went to pick up medicine at the local CVS pharmacy.

While I was waiting in line, a woman was talking to a child. Eventually, I realized that she was speaking French. So I asked her, and she's from France. She came to the US about 17 years ago. She asked me about my story and I mentioned that I came 26 years ago because of my ex-wife, but that we're now divorced. She said she was divorcing. I got my medicine and we parted way.

" :headache: She's divorcing. You're divorced. Why did you not hit on her?"

She looked great, no doubt. However, I'm not great about hitting on people IRL, out of the blue. Also, the chances that she'd be into me are pretty slim. She'd have to be happy with my pansexuality, my polyamory, my BDSM-ness, etc.

On my way to the pharmacy, I also checked out a local international grocery store. They have bananas. I might pick up some this weekend, and maybe get some other stuff.

#pharmacy #medicine #French #divorce #pansexuality #polyamory #BDSM #GroceryStore

Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo
1 month ago

FORDA TOK: Sang-ayon ka ba na gawing legal ang divorce sa Pilipinas? #FordaTok #Divorce #Marriage #bmpm #bayanmoipatrolmo #bayanpatroller #abscbn #newsph #news #balita

1 month ago

#SouthKorea's Gender Ministry takes action against 123 parents for unpaid #childsupport after #divorce.

Disciplinary measures include identity disclosure, travel bans and license suspensions.

Bayan Mo, iPatrol Mo
1 month ago

Inaprubahan na ng Senate panel ang panukalang magkaroon ng divorce sa Pilipinas. Para sa’yo, dapat na bang gawing legal ang diborsyo?

Sa pamamagitan ng selfie video ipadala ang inyong sagot at paliwanag sa aming official Facebook page na Bayan Mo, Ipatrol Mo.

Basahin ang kaugnay na ulat:


2 months ago
Peter Butler
2 months ago

Today is a very hard day for me

It’s my 16th wedding anniversary, but my marriage is ending and I’m grieving sorely for the loss of the future I had hoped for my family 😢

I’d love to hear any stories from parents who have come out on the other side of divorce and are doing OK 🙏🏼

#Parenting #Divorce

2 months ago

It’s been a big week - the final part of my #divorce settlement came through - implementation of the pension sharing order, and I’ve paid the final bill to the solicitor 😅. I’m getting there with my new (used) car in terms of sorting some teething issues - technical and bureaucratic with the DVLA 😬. And my ex’s cat has gone back to live with her. I’ve also started some workshop sessions with a mediator to try to build my kids’ confidence so that they’ll spend more time with me.

2 months ago

It's crazy to me I have all this tech around me including ham radios but I feel the most alone I have ever been. I would love to fly fish again, least it was fun being alone then. #CRPS #divorce

*Please boost*
In the US, divorced men are 2.5x more likely to commit suicide than married men, 4x more likely to commit suicide than divorced women.
Weds, Oct 18, I’ll be talking to men’s coach Max Trombly about “Men & Divorce & Healing” in this month’s Apprenticeship to Love virtual workshop.

Register at

#menswork #menshealth #divorce #marriage #suicide #masculinity

Monty :unverified:
2 months ago

1500€ de frais d'#Avocat à avancer avant la fin de l'année :blob_sweat:

Sans compter les honoraires d'audiences inutile passées & à venir, et ce qui est déjà parti dans le #Divorce

Tout ca pour répondre à la désormais légendaire #Toxicité de mon ex-femme 🙄

Dire que tout cet argent aurait pu profiter a la scolarité et au bien-être de nos trois #Enfants : On est hélas pas dans le bon Univers... #Fatigue

Queer Lit Cats
2 months ago
2 months ago

It’s 2 years and 8 months since I left my ex-wife and I’m still waiting for the final legal stuff to complete - hopefully this week.
Whatever you do, don’t enter into #marriage lightly or for the wrong reasons. Sounds obvious but seriously, give it some thought and be really honest with yourself.

Your Autistic Life
2 months ago

Today, I decided to pay a visit to the neighborhood in which I grew up as a kid. On my way there, I was reflecting on my childhood. Hong Kong by Gorillaz came on YouTube Music. (Yes, I play YouTube Music in my car.)

That's when it hit me.

What an eventful life I've lived! Who could have predicted it? I had a heart attack, and cancer. I've moved from Canada to the US to be with a lady for 26 years, though we're now divorced. I've been to India, Taiwan, and yes, Hong Kong, too. I have a bachelor's, a master's and a Ph.D. I've discovered late that I'm autistic. I've reasserted my true identity as pansexual and polyamorous, a little prior to discovering my autism.


Maybe my epitaph will read:

"If nothing else, this man has definitely led an eventful life."


#HongKong #Gorillaz #CrazyLIfe #HeartAttack #cancer #marriage #divorce #ActuallyAutistic #autism #autistic #pansexual #polyamory

Philip N Cohen
2 months ago

US divorce is happening later in #marriage. In 2008 half of divorces occurred by the 10th year of marriage. By 2021, half were by the 12th year.
#divorce #demography

Mitex Leo :verified_3:
2 months ago

In 2016, 2-year-old Insiya Hemani was abducted by a group of men sent by her father, Shehzad Hemani, while she was with her grandmother in Amsterdam. The men also assaulted the elderly woman. Despite efforts to find Insiya, she was smuggled out of the Netherlands without her passport. Shehzad Hemani was convicted in absentia and faces a nine-year prison sentence if apprehended. Insiya, now 8 years old, remains in captivity, with reports of her crying day and night.

#BringBackInsiya #insiya #dutch #india #nadia #abduction #father #mom #divorce #story #news

In 2016, 2-year-old Insiya Hemani was kidnapped by men sent by her father, Shehzad Hemani, in Amsterdam. Despite convictions and efforts to locate her, Insiya remains captive, with reports of her crying from nearby neighbors, making the situation deeply infuriating.
2 months ago

Unplanned pregnancy: Married couples are at greater risk of breaking up if mother perceives that father did not intend the pregnancy, regardless of whether the mother did. #NICHDImpact #Pregnancy #Parenting #Marriage #Divorce

2 months ago

Arrggghhh the nights without my kids are #lonely. The only friends I’ve made in this town are members of the congregation at the church I attend, and they’re all 60+. They’re lovely, but I can’t talk openly about 40 something men things with them. I guess I need to find a hobby so that I can meet more people. Perhaps I’ll go back to badminton.

U.S. Politics in Real Time
2 months ago

Wife of “family values” Republican files for divorce over his alleged sexual affairs. Rabidly anti-LGBTQ+ Congressman Jeff Duncan allegedly left his wife and 3 kids to live with his sexual mistress.

#LGBTQNation #FamilyValuesRepublican #Divorce #SexualAffairs #CongressmanJeffDuncan #Mistress #Politics #News

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
2 months ago


The Coming Attack on an Essential Element of Women’s Freedom

No-fault divorce has improved the lives of millions. Now some extreme Republicans want to abandon it.
#TheAtlantic #Divorce #Christofascism

Screenshot of linked  The Atlantic article.

The Coming Attack on an Essential Element of Women’s Freedom.

No-fault divorce has improved the lives of millions. Now some extreme Republicans want to abandon it.
Your Autistic Life
3 months ago

More Examples Of Friction Between My Ex- Wife And Me

As I reevaluate my life, I'm finding more examples of the friction that my autism caused between me and my ex-wife.

#YourAutisticLife #ActuallyAutistic #autism #autistic #divorce #marriage #relationships

More Examples Of Friction Between My Ex- Wife And Me

As I reevaluate my life, I'm finding more examples of the friction that my autism caused between me and my ex-wife.
Flipboard Culture Desk
3 months ago

After leaving her marriage, Lyz Lenz found herself with stretches of time on her own. "Every day I was alone, I had to ask myself, What do I want to eat? The question seemed impossible," she says. For her Substack, she talked to Margaret Eby, who is working on a book about eating alone. "Margaret helped me understand how what we eat when we eat alone can help us become the purest expression of ourselves — in all our dirtbag glory," Lenz says.

#Food #Essays #Divorce

4 months ago

This has 100% nothing to do with what I usually post, but I thought this interview was worth sharing.

It concerns #divorce #marriage #love and #honesty

4 months ago

Butterfly Kisses

"If the leopard caucuses long enough with the face eating party, maybe look askance when it asks you for butterfly kisses. That's all I'm saying."

Good general advice, and too-good-to-pass-up quote from sciatrix in the thread on "The Next Front in the GOP’s War on Women: No-Fault Divorce" post from hydra77.

#quote #funny #true #politics #US #divorce #GOP #WarOnWomen

via Flickr, image from page 195 of "The Naturalist's Library; containing scientific and popular descriptions of man, quadrupeds, birds, fishes, reptiles and insects;" (1850) by Internet Archive Book Images: a black and white drawing of a leopard facing left to right and staring at the viewer
Gracie Gato
4 months ago

I swear, i carry an ex husband’s last name like 2-3 years after divorce. As a certain type of self flagellation. #divorce

4 months ago

🎵 🎶
Suckin' on a cocktail
That's made with cheap rye
Jackie is an incel
Diane's got a rich guy
They say life sucks balls
After your ex
Sues for it all....

Sepia-toned wanted poster with photo of John Cougar Mellencamp, captioned Do not serve this man a chili dog, thank you Tasty Freeze management
5 months ago

2/ So I can no longer talk about romance or work on the Twitter account. Sooo I talk about romance here.. and can say stuff about work that I wouldn't say with my name attached to it. So I guess in a long rambly kind of way, that's my personal #introduction thing for mastodon. You can also expect me to spam you with music that I'm currently listening to. And regular updates on my f*cked #mentalhealth. And thoughts about #relationships and #sex. And processing the emotions of #divorce.

Tiffaney MB
5 months ago

Because it’s important to never lose yourself inside of the expectations and limitations of others, here is something to reflect on today:

“If I didn't define myself for myself, I would be crunched into other people's fantasies for me and eaten alive” -Audre Lorde

#SelfCare #SelfLove #SelfAwareness #Healing #MentalHealthAwareness #Love #Peace #Individual #AudreLorde #Individuality #ProtectYourEnergy #DefineYourself #ProtectYourPeace #BlackMastodon #EmotionalAbuse #TraumaBonds #Trauma #YouTube #LifeCoach #Joy #Freedom #Truth #Light #HumanRights Mindfulness #FamilyTies #BlackSheep #Divorce #Family #Autonomy #SelfCareSunday #SilentSunday #Radicalselfcare #Boundaries #Depression #Anxiety #Voice #Question #KnowYourWorth

David Njoku
6 months ago

WHAT I SAID: I think I'm getting a divorce.

WHAT (some of) MY FRIENDS HEAR: I think I have leprosy.¹


¹ That had to be what they heard - from the way they start avoiding me. Listen, fool, I'm not going to start talking to you about it. And, as far as I know, #divorce isn't contagious.

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
6 months ago

@DemocracyMattersALot How come today's "GOP" assembles so many morally defunct idiotic individuals in its ranks, who never physically felt the difference between rape & divorce?
(Rhetorical question)

#RuleOfLaw #DefendAmerica #BanTheGOP #Alaska #Dunleavy #Rape #Divorce

6 months ago

Colorado Becomes the First State to Limit Court Use of Family Reunification Camps

A new bill restricts the use of reunification programs and requires domestic violence training for experts in custody cases. Lawmakers credit ProPublica’s reporting for exposing the need for reforms in the family court system.

#Colorado #Custody #Parents #Divorce #Kids #Courts #Families #DomesticViolence #Reunification #FamilyCourt

Democracy Matters :verified:
7 months ago

Think GOP for all your hypocrisy needs!

#GOP #Divorce #NoFaultDivorce

Republicans Can't Stop Divorcing Long Enough To Make No Fault Divorce Illegal Again

Very insightful personal piece by one of the infosec people that I follow:

This reminds me that my country is the only one (aside from the Vatican) that still doesn’t have legalized divorce, thus trapping far too many people in relationships that are irretrievably broken. More info:

#divorce #DivorcePhilippinesNow

7 months ago
7 months ago


They want to give men automatic custody of kids in divorces. They want to legalize sexual harassment to drive women from the workplace and make them financially dependent on men. They want to end community property so women who leave their husbands will be destitute.

#GOP #Republicans #Republican #divorce #misogyny #patriarchy

Philip N Cohen
8 months ago

Chance of divorce within the first 10 years, by age at first marriage: US, 2021.

I was doing this kind of wrong in previous editions. You'll be glad to know I fixed it. (Results are about the same, but it's the labor that counts.)

#marriage #divorce #demography #sociology

8 months ago

A thread about #relationships and #divorce

1/9 I met Red on Twitter, maybe three weeks before I left my wife of 20 years. The marriage was dead before it started, but I was too (mentally) ill to do the right thing and walk away before making the big commitments - the mortgage, marriage then kids.

Red was beautiful, intelligent, kind and kinky. She was running a peer to peer support community for a particular group of people.

Transformation is messy. Having someone who can help navigate change can help you evolve into your next stage.


Book your free consultation using this link:

#change #LifeCoach #Coaching #ExecutiveCoaching #LevelUpYourLife #GrowthMindset #Loss #growth #divorce #life #LifeLessons #health #MentalHealth #money #transformation #KeepGoing #Life

Branded content about my life coaching. Orange background, circle in center, framed by various butterflies. 

Text reads: Just as butterflies need a branch to stabilize their cocoons during the transformation process, a life coach can help support your growth. Book a free consultation at
Big Head Tales
9 months ago

@GottaLaff @jysexton We should be clear that the #GOP isn't calling for a "#divorce"; they're calling for a #CivilWar that will give them the excuse to suspend the #Constitution, overthrow the American government with their #RepublicanTerrorist brownshirts, declare martial law, and install a #Republican #FourthReich #fascist dictatorship.

9 months ago


At this pace, soon even #Democrats will support a #national #divorce

I'm having some interesting and unusually productive conversations with my ex, today. Very pleased.

I am reminded that although there are many situations where asking permission would be wrong and unnecessary, telling people what is going on is a sign of respect and an act of kindness.

Even if it's bad or uncomfortable news.

Especially then, actually. People hate surprises.

#parenting #adulting #divorce #feelings

… 2/2

I love her to bits but I realized after my parents #divorce some years ago (I'm from a rare breed of people who got to see their parents got through a hateful divorce at adulthood) that, even she wanted to do good, she actually got me some of my worst traits. She resorted to #shame to correct me when I was a teen.

I remember when I got too much 'feminine manners' when I was around 15 - she imitated me, parroted me - it shamed me so much that it indeed corrected me, I lost the 'feminine' presenting but also got me big issues about trust. To this day I have a broken psyche. I have a diagnosis of #borderline personality disorder and I'm always jumpy about what I tell people about my truth.

On the other hand, she can give incredible advice. She was always there for me and always accepted me and my boyfriends. She tried, in her broken way, to make me as she thought would be a easier way to navigate the world. She's still trying, sometimes. But I'm not having none of her shit anymore. I'm my own person.

11 months ago


Sold a house now just trying to figure out if I can buy another one


#SellingHouse #divorce #separation

11 months ago

My old house is up on the market as of today.

I’m looking forward but it leaves a twinge thinking of the life I won’t have that I thought I’d build there.

Hard to deal with when the future feels so amorphous.

I feel like I don’t know who I’m even going to be in a few months.

#separation #divorce

Woah. The paperwork for my Legal Separation was couriered by a bike messenger to the courthouse an hour ago.

It'll be a bit until the judge's signature makes it a Final Judgment (since I'm pretty sure our paperwork will pass through the clerk just fine), but this is just as momentous as when I left Florence, Italy at the end of September 2021 and decided I was no longer a husband.

It's been a long time and a lot has happened, mayhaps I'll write more as it does...

#Divorce #LovingKindness

Recent statement by the Secretary of Justice serves as a reminder that once upon a time we had divorce in our law books and how it ended up repealed. Divorce lost in the debate: #divorce

1 year ago

I paid off the last of my #creditcarddebt last night.

Several years ago I went through a #divorce and the card became a very important way to make ends meet as a newly and unexpectedly single dad. I also struggled with #loneliness and #depression and spent money I didn't have on things I didn't need.

It's impossible to overstate the sense of relief I feel right now.