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Crafting Your Way to Creativity DIY Handyman Inspirations #DIY

Brian Jackson
3 hours ago

Second verse, same as the first. It’s not pretty but it’s cheap and does the job really well! #diy #airquality #filter


How can you draw a cartoon T.rex? This #NaturalHistoryMuseum London #video shares a helpful trick: With a #pencil, #draw a triangle, a circle, a rectangle, a zigzag line that starts near the circle’s center and ends with a tiny rectangle.

#drawing #kids #dinosaur #dinosaurs #howto #diy #tutorial

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Andreas H.
6 hours ago

Die lange #Selbstreparatur an meiner defekten Heizungssteuerung hat endlich ein Ende gefunden.
Vor 3 Wochen wurden knapp 70 Einzelteile getauscht, letzte Woche noch ein paar mehr (wurden separat besorgt) und seither die Platine mit 🔎 und Multimeter rauf und runter geprüft, bevor ich wieder ⚡drauf gegeben habe.
Die Erleichterung war groß, als die Anzeige endlich nicht mehr den P1 Fehler zeigte.

Danke an alle, die mir im Laufe der Monate dabei geholfen haben!

#repair #diy #KnowledgeSharing

Eine Platine, von der die meisten Komponenten ausgelötet wurden. Die Komponenten sind am Tisch über der Platine verteilt.
2 Platinen, mit Schrauben in einem Abstand fixiert. Auf der oberen Platine sind eine Segment-Anzeige, mehrere LEDs und drei Schalter.
Von der unteren Platine gehen viele Kabel weg.
Eine aktivierte Heizung, die Anzeige zeigt 34° und leuchtende LEDs zeigen eine Heizung auf Volllast an.
Es sind keine Fehler sichtbar.
6 hours ago

#AQI alerts giving you anxiety? breathe easy with this simple, inexpensive #DIY #air filter:

better air quality in just a few steps!
hamish campbell
7 hours ago
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Dollar Tree Outdoor DIYs...Transform Your Space for Less #DIY

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Takie pytanko w związku z #Wyprawa2023:

Jak Dell (7390) rozpoznaje rodzaj (wattage) zasilacza?

Na nieoryginalnym zasilaczu uniwersalnym (gniazdo zapalniczki) zwraca komunikat, że nie rozpoznaje i nie będzie ładował baterii. Działa na nim, jedynie nie ładuje.

Jakiś opornik między + i - czy inaczej? Wtyczka zwykła, bolec i tuleja.

Starszy ThinkPad łyka zasilacz jak młody pelikan ;)

Macie pomysł albo link do info pod ręką?

Z góry dzięki :)

P.S. Zakup innego odpada, właśnie kupiłem ten, no i wolę #DIY ;)
#Dell #Latitude #caradapter

British Tech Guru
11 hours ago

Out of curiosity I've got an old 120v soldering iron connected to the DC output of a 10W flexible solar panel. It's a very overcast day with no sunshine. The ambient temperature is 70F approx. After about 20 minutes the hot part of the soldering iron is at about 90F and getting towards too hot to touch. My idea is to test the viability of this setup to solar-heat water.

#solar #solarpanels #greenenergy #electronics #diy

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I want to make rubber 3 piece suits in the future
1mm latex for the vest, jacket and tie. I would probably try to make the pants out of 0.4 mm because pants are honestly really hard lmao

or maybe I should just get a decent trousers pattern and work with that...

Probably placing an order like this in December.
Maybe more than 10 meters.

#latex #rubber #crafting #diy

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EDIBLE LIPSTICK DIY | Parenting Hacks for Stress-Free Family Life! Top Secret Hacks by 123GO! SCHOOL #DIY

12 hours ago
*NEW* HIGH-END Inspired DOLLAR TREE DIYs! Brilliant HOME DECOR Hacks and Crafts Using $1 Items! #DIY

12 hours ago
DIY SOFT ARCHES (Entryway Transformation) + COST Breakdown | XO, MaCenna #DIY

13 hours ago

The result of my Tuesday's #DIY #Twitch #LiveStream A mini greenhouse for in the corner of our wee garden. Very basic, but it'll do the trick. Half the build is out of #Recycled wood. Time to get some trimming from our house plants and grow them. :D

konsensor :mastodon:
13 hours ago

Das mit dem Gummiband hat tatsächlich mit etwas vorsichtigem Gehäuseruckeln geklappt. 😁🪛 @aggerflash @Winkefoto Danke für den Tipp! Neue Schrauben und Gummifüße sind bestellt. 😀 #iFixit #MacBookPro #DIY #HowTo #Upcycling

Die mit Hilfe eines Gummibandes gelöste Schraube der MacBook Pro Gehäusedeckels.
konsensor :mastodon:
17 hours ago

Orrrrr. 😫 Altes MacBook Pro (mid 2009) Gehäuseunterteil mit einer verklemmten und nicht mehr intakten Schraube. Komme an die Kreuzschlitzschraube #00 mit PH00 nicht richtig ran. Schon abgenudelt. 😫 Jemand ne Idee? #iFixit #MacBookPro #DIY #HowTo #Followerpower #FediHelp

Gehäuseunterteil eines MacBook Pros mit einer abgenudelten Schraube.
jamie hill 🏴‍☠️
17 hours ago


mixing! that's it! how lovely!

i started a single mix for a new artist i'm working with.

what a nice way to spend a day 🖤

#wednesday #music #diy

this is a nighttime selfie of me (jamie hill) in my studio. the lighting is generally low, and of various colors (amber, red, green). i'm leaning in for a selfie with my computer screen and a few different speakers and a synthesizer.
18 hours ago

Bonus start up video, sweet sounds to my ears!

The VTX also works, though apparently I mounted the camera upside down - but that’s easy to fix :)

#FPV #Drone #DIY #elecronics

Video of a mostly assembled quadcopter on a desk being powered on. LED lights come on, the motors play an audible ditty and the words “Telemetry recovered” can be heard.
19 hours ago

Some great progress on the rebuild! This has gone from PnP to a kit build in a hurry (with some custom parts). Seeing it light up and hearing the motors do their little ditty feels great!

I’m still having a weird problem with the ELRS radio - it’s connecting and transmitting telemetry but it’s not receiving any inputs. Any ideas on what could be causing that? (I already reversed TX and RX which are wrong in the photos.)

#FPV #Drone #DIY #electronics

Photo, a table with a mostly disassembled quadcopter frame and various electronic bits and wires strewn about all over a desk.
Photo, a more assembled quadcopter with a flight controller installed and some wires and connectors soldered on. One of the sets of wires has a tiny ELRS radio dangling from it.
Photo, a quadcopter with most of it’s electronics attached but still strewn on the desk. Power is connected through a smoke stopper. Various LEDs on the quad  are lit up.
Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
19 hours ago

How you miss something when it gets taken out of action… at the last WICEN event at Imbil, I had water ingress damage the #keyboard matrix on my little #netbook.

Tried using my tablet with a Raspberry Pi keyboard… but it sucked:
1. separate keyboard and screen was a hassle
2. K9-mail might be "best in class", but I badly missed Claws Mail or even Thunderbird
3. Android won't tell you its bloody Ethernet IP address.

Found -- and it fits beautiful. #diy #repair

Samsung N150 Plus sporting a new replacement keyboard.
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
1 day ago

oh yeah there’s no question - this was originally blued. and now it’s blued again. ^_^

#diy #restoration #HandTools

restored vintage boeing surplus pony clamp, now blued, brand side up
restored vintage boeing surplus pony clamp, now blued, model number side up
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
1 day ago

actual question should I blue this because I don’t know, it didn’t come with any kind of coating or anything and I don’t know #diy

Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
1 day ago

I’m not in I-make-a-new-one guy’s league but I’m okay with this ^_^ #diy

vintage boeing surplus pony clamp, cleaned up, screw and bar straightened, casting lines filed and sanded off, brand side up
vintage boeing surplus pony deep C clamp, cleaned up, screw and bar straightened, casting lines filed and sanded off, model number side up
Jo Jitsu
1 day ago

found this too from the EPA website, also very easy diy air cleaner. even easier.

Image and instructions to build an air purifier made of
a 20 x 20 box fan with a single 20 x 20 filter attached to the back taking care that the air flow direction on the filter is pointing towards the fan.
attach with tape, bungee cords, or c shaped clamps.

change filter as needed.

#airquality #wildfires #airfilter
#CovidIsAirborne #diy

Jo Jitsu
1 day ago

Best understandable plans I've seen so far to build a corsi-rosenthal box. Everything else I've seen was practically gibberish.

#airquality #airpurifier #diy #wildfires #covid

plans to build a corsi#rosenthal box.
1 day ago

How to build a DIY: Corsi-Rosenthal Box Air Filter for Wildfire Smoke - Outside Online (photos from my friend @StuartPalley who really needs to come over here to the Fediverse) #smoke #air #aqi #filter #diy

1 day ago

Scrap pencil holder for the garage workbench, 10 minute project.

All from one piece of wood, cut to six equal length sides plus a shorter bottom. Put together with some old nails and a scrap wire to hold it in compression when it inevitably gets overfilled.

#Scrap #Woodworking #Garage #DIY #Recycling

A biro on top of a couple short lengths of scrap wood.
The same pieces are assembled with some small nails and a copper wire is wrapped around and loosely twisted together.
Finished pen holder, full with various marker pens and pencils. The copper wire is now tight around the wood, ends twisted together and cut off.
Magic Cauldron
1 day ago

Oh, it's #WIPwednesday!
I'm finishing a ufo (unfinished object) which lies in a cupboard for 10 years? I made this little shelf for knickknacks out of an little cardboard box, tape and papier maché. Coloured it with acrylic paint but with a lot of white spaces, finished it now with acrylic pens. No I'm in the process of adding outlines in gold with a brush. After this I will add a clear coat to protect the paint. Hopefully I don't need another 10 years to finish.

And thanks to @terraminima for the reminder!

#WIPWednesday #MastoArt #Pappmaché #Acrylfarben #DIY #Handmade #selbstgemacht #Papier #Pappe #altpapier #recycling #upcycling

Weiße Tischplatte mit hellblauem Rosendruck. Eine Hand hält einen dünnen Pinsel, daneben ein offenes Fläschchen Goldfarbe. Links ist ein Mini-Regal zu sehen in grellen Farben (rot, grün, blau, gelb), mit aufgemalten Mustern wie ein Kirchenfenster, Es hat ein Kopfende, wo gerde die geometrischen Formen mit Goldfarbe umrandet werden.
Weiße Tischplatte mit hellblauem Rosendruck, dahinter verschwommen ein begrünter Innenhof sichtbar. Ein kleines, bunt wie ein Kirchenfenster bemaltes Regal (drei kleine Fächer, rot ausgemalt), das spitz zuläuft, aber an der Rückwand noch eine angesetzte Verlängerung besitzt, steht auf dem Tisch. Rundherum liegen verschiedene bunte Stifte.
1 day ago

I got a 5" touch display for my #raspberrypi with with DAC and a external drive. I use this setup for #Volumio to listen to the music. But with the touch screen, I need more power. 2A charger is not enough. I guess I'll have to find a 3A charger. Or 4A or even 5A. And after everythings works I have to make a wooden case. So I won't need my phone to change the songs anymore 🤗
#DIY #Music #hifi

Israel Pirra
1 day ago
Ortwin Pinke
1 day ago

Außerdem Fritz Mesh neu eingerichtet, ein #Panasonic und einen #Telefunken #SmartTV konfiguriert, und eine chaotisch verlegte Telefonverteilung, die Störungen der #DSL-Verbindung zur Folge hatte wieder bereinigt.

#Reparierecke #DIY

Ortwin Pinke
1 day ago

Der Kurz-#Urlaub bei Schwesterherz ist dann doch eher zum Betriebsausflug der @reparierecke ausgeartet.
Heute gleich noch einem jungen Auslieferungsfahrer von #Amazon die herausgefallenen Schiebetür seines Transporters wieder befestigt. Ein 13er Maulschlüssel reichte dafür aus.

#ReparierEcke #DIY

1 day ago

it is
such an incredible feeling
to see something really well done and think "i think I can make that"

To feel like the construction of these is within my ability

to want to try
to make plans to try

To feel like I have grown enough to try

#latex #rubber #diy #crafting

freeformz 🏳️‍🌈
1 day ago

Yes, I just bought a pound of vanilla beans. #diy #baking

Austin Philp
1 day ago

Thinking of picking up a Prusa Mk3 soon as my very first introduction into 3d printing, what are your favorite 3d printing projects?

#3dprinting #diy team
1 day ago

🌍 🏀 ⚽️ 🎼 🚲 ⛺️ 🎭 🎨 📻
Έχεις νέα από το νησί / τμήμα σου;
Φοιτητικές Ομάδες, Εκδηλώσεις;

Do it Yourself: Γράφοντας εσύ απευθείας στο forum, έπειτα κοινοποιούμε τακτικά! :)
#diy #news #crowdsourcing

Madame Q
2 days ago

@PearceJanice2 Ou alors tu découpes une bouteille en plastique. #Astuce #DIY

jamie hill 🏴‍☠️
2 days ago

#TodaysWork: transitions!

- got word that i’ve finished the mixes on both the small dinosaurs album and the @thebenshawmusic album 👽 on the same day!

- loaded tracks into pro tools and prepped them to start a single mix tomorrow for an indie pop artist from california. only 64 tracks — about half the track count of take on me 😂 his big influence for this song, i kid you not, is bewitched. it’s rad 🧞‍♀️

- recorded the last episode for this season of our podcast! 💅🏻

#tuesday #music #diy

this is a photo of a computer screen with a large pro tools session on it. so many audio waveforms in all different colors!
Julian Lam
2 days ago

@bud_t CBC Marketplace pitted this kind of #diy box fan against commercially available filters, and found that they were more than able to hold their own.

A bar graph showing the CADR rating of various commercially available air filters, including one homemade variety.

The homemade variety is solidly in the middle of the pack.
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

but it’s a lot closer now so that’s worth something and i guess i’ll finish really cleaning it up (tomorrow is rotary wire brush time then sanding I think)

i am very much not … uh … the “I make a new one” guy but I do crib his notes occasionally xD #diy #filing

more tomorrow probably ^_^

substantially smoother clamp with casting marks mostly removed via filing
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

and by pony i mean #Pony a toolmaker apparently

i mean it is better than it was and I can use it and i did kinda go off scrubbing it and filing down casting marks but what it really needs is that hole filled in and re-tapped back out and that’s not something I can fix #dang


the clamp end, labelled “Pony” in the original metal cast
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

it’s never going to be quite right because I can clean it up and file off all the casting marks and unbend all the bars I want but none of that is going to stop Pony from fucking up the screw hole now is it


a strikingly non-centred clamping screw in the clamp arm
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

well i got it pretty straight and i also got the little crossbar pretty straight and that’s good BUT


From: @moira

clamp with basically straightened screw and basically straightened crossbar sitting on an anvil on a workbench
2 days ago


Hello all my name is Stu. I am a engineer who builds stainless steel guards for custom industrial conveyors

I love open source software, Linux and Windows 11.

I love social media and decentralized platforms like yours truly #Mastodon

#Golf #FOSS #iOS #Linux #DIY

Delta Sierra
2 days ago

I have the replacement engine, but at what cost?

(Tip: that glass wasn't broken earlier today)

#diy #cars #repair #restoration #auto

An engine and disassembled cherry picker loaded in the back of a truck. The truck has a camper shell. The glass window of the camper shell is shattered and missing, except for small bits of glass around the border.
Solarbird{y|z} :flag_cascadia:
2 days ago

now hopefully i can mallet it straight again without damaging the threads


a bent clamp screw where the grooves have been filled with wrapped wire


How can you create the illusion of a drop of #water in a #watercolor #painting? This quick #tutorial shares a simple 5 step method in under 3 minutes.

#video #howto #diy #paint #watercolorpainting

2 days ago

3D printers are pretty freaking neat.

#3dprint #diy

Photograph of a highly detailed "knock-off" space marine model.
Small plastic model of the Lovebot; a boxy, gray robot with a visible "pixelated" heart.
2 days ago

We self-host nearly 3000 videos on our server, and you can watch over, 8000 more federated videos on activism and technology. Self-hosting costs real money which we don't have, if you would like to support this #DIY #openweb then set up a recurring donation here to keep his space #OMN available for people to step away from the #dotcons mess we are all in.

3 days ago

@chad Congratulations!

Now begins the twelve-years-or-so journey of "I didn't even know that tool existed, and now I need one?"

But don't worry, eventually your collection is about 90% complete 😂

#HomeOwnership #DIY #FixerUpper #house

3 days ago

Obvious 3D printer job! Only, I don't have a 3D printer. But I do have some wood chisels and carving knives and a big pile of scrap wood.

So I made this car part for the trunk (boot) cover from scrap wood. It works for now, maybe I won't spend €15 to buy a replacement plastic piece.

#DIY #Carving #Woodworking #Car

Close-up of the left side of a sliding trunk cover. A plastic nose is riding in a slot. Some wear is visible.
Opposite side of the sliding cover. Here the same fitting is made of hand carved wood instead and engages equally well in the retaining slot.
Natasha Nox 💙💛
4 days ago

How much percent of hydrogen peroxide should I use to brighten up old plastic that got yellow? 🤔 #diy #repair

Doctor Popular
4 days ago

An interview I did with P Nosa about “free motion” embroidery and his solar powered sewing machine #interview #diy #embroidery #solar

4 days ago

c'était un peu pour le show, mais finalement c'était une bonne idée d'amener l'imprimante 3D aux 10 ans du #repaircafe local

On a fait quelque démos, (avec "effet démo" inclus) qui ont intéressé (voir fasciné) jeunes et anciens (entre 8 et 88 ans je dirais) qui ont pu voir et comprendre cette technique de première main
et un objet original a été conçu et imprimé sur place en ~1h : une protection pour capteur corporel de glycémie (en PLA, normalement bio-compatible)
#fablab #diy #3dprint #care

4 days ago

Aus #Berlin erreichen uns diese Bilder eines #Solartisch! Da eine Außenanbringung wegen der Dachkonstruktion nicht ohne weiteres möglich ist wurde ein gebaut. Paneel hat 410Wp. Um die Effizienz zu erhöhen, kann das Solarpanel auf von 47° aufgestellt werden.

wir haben auf die unterschiedlichen Bauanleitungen aktualisiert.

Im Balkon Solar Buch gibt es auch eine Anleitung:

#Balkonsolar #balkonien #Balkonkraftwerke #diy #maker #Make

swansinflight :antiverified:
5 days ago

Our bedroom vs the monsters bedroom.

We put them in the "office" part of the garage (which it will be once house renovation is done and we've moved back in), and @swmbo and I are in the actual garage part.

First night in here, and the rain is really noisy in the garage, but the demi-humans room is so cozy. Oh that carpet was $45 on trademe. Stoked, will do for now! :birb_taptap:

Not as cold as I expected so far in the garage either...

#Garage #DIY #Kitchen #TinyHome?

Double bed in front of kitchen on back wall of garage. Tools and building materials are still stacked against every wall.
Looking through internal door from garage into the office which now has 2 beds in it and curtains I stole from the house.
swansinflight :antiverified:
5 days ago

Running water and waste plumbed in yay!

Most importantly, this bright green kitchen tap was in the bargain bin so I convinced @swmbo we needed it!

Even better, it's flexible :birb_oh_no:

#kitchen #diy

Sink in a wooden benchtop with a bright green tap setup
The bright green tap bent into a squiggle
5 days ago

After some plumbing chores this morning, I had time to play #Woodworking. Decided to make the other vise on the old woodworking bench functional.

There's a few pieces missing and it's bit bodgy to use, but functional for now. Much better than not having it!


One end of an old abused woodworking bench. The vise is missing its cheek, only a threaded rod with sliding handle is present, which has been derusted and greased.
An old piece of wood clamped into the working tailvise on the other end of the same bench. With some freshly made bench dogs!
The old wood piece, now planed and with a fin cut out. It's only held temporarily by the threaded rod pressing against it.
The same piece, now with a hole drilled for the rod and clamping piece of scrap that has a plane and some shavings on top.

An absolutely beautiful replica of the 469 motherboard created by 🥰 #Commodore #C64 #DIY

swansinflight :antiverified:
6 days ago

Whisky assisted plumbing done, now some handles and toe kick panels. Tap can wait until tomorrow.

Then move some stuff in before the weather turns shit tomorrow afternoon.
#DIY #Kitchen

The previous kitchen cabinets in place with bench and sink on, tools scattered on top.
swansinflight :antiverified:
6 days ago

Full stress mode. Need to make garage livable as the builders doing thr house renovation arrive Wednesday.... after we've been asking for a time frame for months.

Now it is my problem of course. Cheapest Bunnings cabinets (but glued also as the screws pull out of the chipboard they are made from) and their pre-made laminated timber bench top. This will be kitchen/laundry.
#DIY #Kitchen

Garage wall lined with plywood, flat pack 600 x 600 under bench cupboard cabinet ready for assembly
Bench top sitting on top of assembled cabinets, a hole for the sink cut in it
Underside of sink through the flipped up bench top so I could secure with the supplied clamps from underneath.
6 days ago

i made another dress

pattern ottobre 2/2016
fabric stoffundstil

how cute is this?! my first #buttonhole

@sewing @handarbeiten #janaCrafts #sewing #diy #selbstgenäht

a pocket mouth in the seam of a dress
the back of the dress, with a round cutout at the back, closed with a button
a dress, rather simple, knee long, no sleeves, in a cute beige fabric printed with small animals
Attila Györffy 🦜
1 week ago

My point? I've stopped buying things and rather repair or upgrade them myself. So before you'd simply replace your gear by buying new items, consider repairing them instead.

It's not only environmentally responsible 🍃 but it comes with a great sense of achievement 💪🏻, it feels really good.

Not to mention that you'll likely save money on it too… 💰

#DIY #RepairCulture

Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
1 week ago

the Queer Games Bundle is here!
a bundle packed with 450+ games, tabletop games, books, zines, albums, and art, all from queer creators:
“Purchasing the Queer Games Bundle is a direct action that you can take right now to support queer people in a life-changing way, and in exchange, you get over 450 amazing, heartfelt, fun, and radical games and artworks.”
#Queer #QueerArt #GameDev #IndieGames #Art #Zine #DIY #Games #lgbtq #lgbtqia

the title art for the bundle. large peach pink and pink outlined text reads “Queer Games Bundle” against a pixelated pastel gradient background.
1 week ago

Darin Gray & Loren Connors - The Lost Mariner #Guitar #minimalism #DIY #OutsiderMusic #vinyl @vinylrecords

The Lost Mariner on the turntable
1 week ago

Little project making shelves for the meter cupboard. #diy

Photo of two wooden shelves-to-be, held together by clamps, a bottle of wood glue in the middle.
1 week ago

I did some battery-related DIY to revive my old analog Praktica SLR and documented the process:

#analog #photography #diy

uxor :verified:
2 weeks ago

#bricolage #DIY #electronique Cette petite caméra de sport 📽achetée en 2014 ne fonctionnait plus après épuisement de la batterie intégrée🔋. Après quelques recherches j'ai trouvé des vidéos de gens qui ľavait changée eux même. Alors j'ai tenté le coup: démontage⚒ couper les fils✂️ souder la nouvelle batterie🔥 pas si difficile! Malgré une erreur de battetie, bonne référence mais manque le fil jaune (coupe circuit de charge) elle a retrouvé 3 à 4h d'autonomie youpi 🍾 #ObsolescenceProgramée

Changement de la batterie intégrée de ma caméra Drift Stealth 2
Nathalie Lawhead (alienmelon)
2 weeks ago

the Electric Zine Jam is happening in 4 days!
please help by spreading the work… join in and make some zines 📝✂️⚡️✏️💕
yay 🎉
#art #zine #ZineMaker #DIY

The title art for the Electric Zine Maker jam. The lettering is stylized and quite eccentric. It’s very colorful and akin to glitch art. lots of pink hues are featured in these pixels.

I’ve got an Idea!

A lot of us #trans folk are creative artists! If you are trans and reply to this thread with your art using the #transartist hashtag, and any other relevant tags you want (like #mastoart) and I will boost it to my feed!

It doesn’t just have to be pictures! #music #film or even #diy projects will do!

Feel free to include info about commissions, patreon, your portfolio, whatever. You get that coin, fam!


My first new album in over a year: a collection of mixed moods, don't expect one genre; it booms and then....? The calm.
Anyway, if you like it, please boost/retw**t the hell out of it. It's the only way I can promote it and it means a lot.
#music #electronica #electronicmusic #postrock #ambientnotambient #synths #welshmusic #cardiffmusic #bandcamp #diy #independentmusic #electro

Paul Watson
2 weeks ago

A reminder that the last remaining copies of Rituals & Declarations (Vol 2 issues 1, 2, 3, and 4) are available at the discounted price of £5 per copy while stocks last:

#zine #zines #DIY #zinester #ZineFest #FolkHorror #Folklore #occult #horror #RitualsAndDeclarations #magazine #SmallPress #FediGiftShop #hauntology #psychogeography

Please feel free to Boost!

3 weeks ago

Husband & wife team provides the evening soundtrack
Maxine Funke - Lace
Alastair Galbraith- seconds mark iii
#vinyl @vinylrecords
#NowPlaying #NewZealand #folk #DIY

Alastair Galbraith on the turntable with Maxine Funke in the queue
Chris Ostertag
3 weeks ago

You know how you think "This is dumb, I shouldn't be doing this?" Well sometimes you think that a few seconds too late.

Anyway my hand is bleeding now and it looks like we need more VetBond. #DIY #maker

git commit -m "fix: try patching broken broom handle" #diy #repair #repairability

A broken broom handle I tried to fix with wood glue and a heated plastic tube

Any Fedi pals recommend me an MP3 player please, something like an old Archos Jukebox which just plays from folders of MP3s in filename order? Needs to be battery, little LCD/LED screen, at least 16GB. Presents as USB storage device so I can just dump files.

Failing that if anyone has a RPi Zero-W project I can crib, but tbh I’d just prefer to buy a cheap unit from somewhere. It’s only for listening to demos without all that Apple Music faff or jumping through hoops.

Anyone, please?

#mp3 #diy

Jarosław Dzedzej aka DJ
3 weeks ago

My mousedeer drawings are now print patterns on my wife's hoodies. She's really great at sawing! So proud of her !
#diy #hoodies #PrintDesign #mousedeer #fashion #PatternDesign

Mousedeer sketches
Photos of casual models in hand made clothes (hoodies and backpacks) by Dzedzejowa (my wife)

How many things are on your Bandcamp wishlist? Comment em! I wanna see!

Here's mine. The bands here are a weird mix, but I listen to some of these almost daily. Many are SUPER catchy, and some I've mentioned on here before. (Warning: some brutal metal/odd cover art/song titles, etc are here, too).

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Brian Transplant
3 weeks ago

Fisher Price Record number 2 is all set. I don't want to abuse my library's 3-D printing privileges, so that'll be the last one for now.

#3DPrinting #DIY #Maker

A 3-D printed black record for a Fisher Price record player sits on a countertop.
Silverworker He/Him
3 weeks ago

My newest YouTube video tutorial. This one shows how to make an Art Deco inspired link bracelet with a box clasp. Check it out, like the video, and subscribe for more metalsmithing content! #metalsmith #art #artdeco #maker #diy #tutorial #tutorials #jewelry #jewellery #bracelet #retro