Puka Muriska :enbiebug:
45 minutes ago

Me divierte mucho jugar D&D con Vin haciendo de gnoma pícara y artífice. Tiene dos neuronas ♥
// :blobcatcoffee:
I'm having a lot of fun playing D&D with Vin as a two braincelled rogue and artificer gnome ♥

#Sketch #DnD #MastoArt #FediArt

Digital sketch of a gnome with light brown skin, short green messy hair and a dirty face, she's smiling and looks extremely happy, sitting on the grass next to a bunch of scrap metal, a yo-yo, a lighter, a multifunction knife and her creation: a steampunk robot rat with fire on its back. The character is wearing mended clothes, a black jacket with a hoodie with cat ears, bronze goggles and has a slingshot on her pocket.
1 hour ago

@dungeons Adventurers! Listen up! Our situation is precarious. Shannon, our Gnome Barbarian, is at 83% health and faces a 🦁 Lizard❤️. There are 4 options in the next poll. However, my recommendation is to take option 3, ⛺Short Rest (+❤️ -🎲). This can regain some HP for Shannon, without great risk. In the next fight, use the terrain and environment to your advantage. Good luck! #dungeon_guide #DnD

Today in #dnd I sent a crooked, scheming merchant to encounter the team, at night, so that one of my players would kill them or swindle them out of their goggles of night vision, because that player complained about not wanting to use spell slots to get night vision...
So...They didn't do THAT...
but would later attempt to steal the knife they found in the back of an innocent murder victim.

Dave Clark
4 hours ago

In today's #DnD session I got to describe the collapse of a city build on the cavern walls of a raging alpine river down into the river.

An ancient dragon invasion with a supporting army decimated the place. The PCs are now left to pick up the pieces.

4 hours ago

I have had just a ton of trouble making dice lately -- I took some time away because I was discouraged, and when I came back to it I wasted an entire batch of silicone trying to make new molds. So I got discouraged again and stopped.

I'm back on my bullshit now though, and have gone back to basics, rebuilding my process from scratch. I'm documenting the steps this time so I don't forget. Future posts on this thread will be followers only, so feel free to follow or ignore #dicefail.

1. buff the sides of the master die to ensure there are no finger prints, dust, etc.

2. cut a 4" square piece of book binding tape and place it sticky side up on a cutting mat.

3. place the die 1 side down on the center of the tape, using the grid to guide you. Do not reposition it! If it is off center, restart from step one.

4.Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the inside of a PVC coupler with your finger. I'm using 1.5" couplers for 20mm dice. 16mm dice will probably work with 1.25 or 1" couplers but take a (non master) die set to the hw store to measure.

5. seal the edges of the couplers using hot glue. Do not lift the coupler from the surface of the cutting mat! The tape has to stay perfectly flat.

6. Cover the top of the coupler with masking tape or whatever (don't waste book binding tape on this). this is to keep dust and debris out of it while you prep the remainders.

#resin #dnd #ttrpg #crafting

a d6 in the center of a piece of tape on a cutting board
the PVC coupler stuck to the tape with the d6 in the middle
the side of the coupler with hot glue sealing the seam around the edge
6 prepared molds covered in masking tape

The conjure jungle minions spell used by priests of Ragarra transformed young crocodiles into the goddess's savage minions.

#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

☕️ PhD20 ⚔️
4 hours ago

My #ObsidianMD articles outperform my general #DnD articles (with one exception) by about 1000%. Maybe it's time for more?

Is this a niche

We were going to watch the #DnD movie with our kids, but then we decided to watch the cartoon series with them first so they'll get the cameo. And now I know where the old movie got the idea for a beholder as a watchdog.

EasilyDistracted DungeonMaster
5 hours ago

You think you want to Speak With Plants? Okay, player, that's fine. Shit's gonna get real depressing, tho.

Keith Ammann
6 hours ago

Random #DnD thought: I think the thing I'd most like to see in the 2024 Monster Manual is a chaotic good celestial.

Alas, what we're more likely to see is no alignment on anything at all.

🔞Valhalla Calling
7 hours ago

No #DnD tonight. Everyone is feeling bleh one way or another.

I will post if I'm able, but I am a little cautious about posting pictures now.

Feel free to chat me up here or on Wire. I should be around most of the rest of the day.

Bobby B.
7 hours ago

My first completed mini paint in probably several decades. I think I want to keep doing this. Anyone have any advice for improving? #dnd #minipainting #ttrgp #modelpainting #dndminis

A dungeons and dragons mini of a circle of spores druid. She has purple hair, and green and brown robes. She has purple hair and green eyes. She is holding a staff and has a longbow on her back. There are mushrooms at her feet.
8 hours ago

New #Duetgame campaign set in Sharn 🏙

Session Zero ✅️
Heroic Chronicle #Eberron ✅️
Session Zero Game ✅️

Today was the first Session and I'm so hyped!
The PC is a halfling rogue of Clan Boromar - so... of course we have to kick this off with a heist! 😄

The backstory, heroic chronicle etc have given me a lot of hooks, this will be so much fun 🤩

If you're curious, I found ideas to adapt the Heroic Chronicle on the offical Eberron discord 💜

And the "Session Zero Game" by Meghan Cross is my all time favourite. Can't recommend it highly enough 🥰

#ttrpg #DnD #DnD5e #DM #Dungeonista

Two clear resin dice (d20) with glitter in cardboard box
Chaska the Magic Dog
8 hours ago

Are you looking for a group? Do you want to be playing more games online? Are you looking for more groups to talk nerd stuff with? Are you a worldbuilding and in search for a group to help with #Worldbuilding? Do you like #history armor, and weapons? Do you have a #discord? If you have answered yes, join our Discord:

All level of experience welcome!

#ttrpg #ttrpgfamily #lookingforgroup #lfg #online #group #newplayer #gaming #writing #community #rpg #dnd #dnd5e #pbta

9 hours ago

"Are you trying to UwU the dragon?"

- D&D quote of the day

#DnD #DungeonsAndDragons
9 hours ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Sometimes a boss monster getting killed with a single powerful attack defines the Rule of Cool. Go with it.

Kluennh Tzarr was a wizard from Calimshan who owned a citadel staffed with numerous slaves and dragons in the 14th century DR. He famously dueled Algarzel Halfcloak in Baldur's Gate in 1345 DR.

#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

I'm Jaydrey, a halfling sorcerer with a cleft palate from Limitless Champions! My skills in magic and medicine make me a valuable asset to any party. Join me in this Kickstarter campaign and let's make the world better! #minis #NPC #TTRPG #DnD

2 views of a gray mini of a halfling with a cleft palate in a dress with satchel, holding up a flower

Want to listen to a couple RPG geeks talking about #DnD, #disabilities, and #representation? I had a great time talking to Jacob at Accessible Games about Limitless Champions and what it's all about. Fan or skeptic, you'll enjoy this interview:

10 hours ago

#Dungeon23 Day 148

- Interrogation Rooms
- All except one room is left empty, thick layers of dust
- N most room is frequently used to ‘interrogate’ prisoners despite them knowing nothing that could longer be applied. Anyone captured by Ultores on this layer will be brought here one at a time.

#maps #writing #drawing #gaming #dnd #ttrpg #scifi #security #amwriting #art

Day 148 of my mega dungeon
Interrogation Rooms
11 hours ago

Finally got to run the Furious Road scenario from Flee Mortals. It was lots of fun. Players did use their characters which made some things easier. #ttrpg #dnd #FleeMortals #mcdm

Ken Newquist
12 hours ago

My contribution to the @lairofsecrets's May
#RPGBlogCarnival is up on Nuketown: Battle Maps in Virtual Tabletops – Go Big, or Go Bigger #Roll20 #RPG #Battlemaps #CyberpunkRED #TaleSpire #DnD

An RPG battle map featuring a warehouse and a car repair shop.
13 hours ago

Sly Flourish is on Twitch! Lazy RPG Prep and the Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd

Frankie ✅
13 hours ago

Ranger: This is what I call a target rich environment

#DnD #dndmemes #DungeonsAndDragons

DM: It's just before dawn, and you hear the shrieks of a swarm of harpies descending upon your camp.

Ranger: I grab my bow, nock an arrow, and take aim heavenwards.

DM: Not...uh..e not gonna take a turn to put on your armor first?

Ranger: I made my choice.

Naked girl aiming bow straight up...

Day 65. Random words: answer case

Translocation Coffer
Wondrous Item (very rare)
This is a small, finely crafted wooden box, measuring 14" x 8" x 5". It can hold up to 1/8th of cubic foot of messages or items. The box is adorned with a carving in common reading: "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays this coffer from the completion of its task."
Once per day, you can fill the Box of
Full text:

Follow for more!
#DnD #5e #ttrpg #homebrew #100Items

14 hours ago

Good morning Fediverse!

Been taking up mini painting a bit as found it's been relaxing. Only my 2nd mini I've ever painted and was a lot of fun. Next batch to practice is behind her


A D&D mini front and centered and recently painting of a elf warrior. Behind her on the desk are three freshly resin printed other D&D minis, a human knight, a dwarf warrior, and a tiefling woman carrying a spear. Barely pictured behind is a random warhammer figure
14 hours ago

#dnd tip: Let players name interesting NPCs.

Action Jay 🐾
14 hours ago


☕ Cat woke me up at 6, booo
✍ Doing some prep getting maps and stat blocks together for next week's #AdventurersLeague #dnd
🛍 Meal plan and big grocery shop
🎮 Game time, baby

Meeple Mountain
15 hours ago

Need help generating a character for your tabletop RPG or crafting NPCs on the fly? Get your pencils ready while you read Ian’s review of Roll For Your Life, coming soon to Kickstarter!

#RPG #DnD #BookReview #CharacterCreation #Kickstarter

Chaska the Magic Dog
15 hours ago

#selfpromosunday #ttrpgrising #ttrpgfamily #indie #indierpg #ttrpg #dnd #dnd5e #community #selfpromotion #plug #showme #promote


Post your work on a SUNDAY.

Make sure to interact, retoot, and all that fun stuff.

And if you have Discord, please check out all that is ttrpgs here:

qedx 🎮 :d20:
15 hours ago

#Waterdeep #ttrpg #dnd: Floor 2 - Cold Storage

Dungeons & Dragons now at

#stream #gaming #streaming

The Krakk't tribe of thri-kreen in the Rushing Hills hunted rabbits but saw the local horses as a delicacy—as well as passing elves.
#dnd #forgottenrealms #Realmslore

Action Jay 🐾
16 hours ago

Last night we ran #dnd #AdventurersLeague DDEX1-5: The Courting of Fire. A fun adventure nicely paced between investigation, combat, and puzzles.

Cycling of characters from week to week is really keeping the Saturday night games fresh, with new group dynamics every session.

"An exiled cultist and his kobold minions are spotted searching for long-forgotten ruins in the Dragonspire Mountains. Rumors say he looks for a precious gift to give a fearsome dragon that dwells there. What he hopes to attain with his gift is unknown, but can't be good for the citizens of Phlan."

This week's cast:

Avaline - Wizard
Rakaah - Monk
Elizabeth - Warlock
Zinfina - Druid
Percival - Barbarian/Wizard
In the first act, the group tours Phlan and meets some NPCs to pick up the trail of a wanted cultist
The entrance to the dungeon is in a standing stone circle, guarded by Kobolds. The cover provided by the stones made a great set piece for a fight!
The Temple of the Scale involved a fight with zombies, and our target barricaded within. Trapped rooms held pieces of a key. No match for mage hand!
Eberron Wiki :dnd:
16 hours ago

The gnome artificer Vi and her eldritch cannon in battle with foes on the roof of a speeding lightning rail.

📖: Tasha's Cauldron of Everything
🎨: Unknown

#Eberron #DungeonsAndDragons #DnD

16 hours ago

Last year I was freaking out and overwhelmed by my tasks but...

Last night I onboarded the 10th adventurer into our task slaying guild!

Dayquest (like Dungeons and Dragons but for tasks) has helped me help 9 other people organize their work, track their productivity, and have fun slaying tasks.

Fun Fact:
Out of 10 Adventurers -
1 is Silver
4 are Bronze
5 are Copper

One of our bronze members will be ranking up to Silver this week!

#dnd #games?

16 hours ago

Last week was productive! Here are some of my favorites:

- Bombard Spelljammer
- Void Dragons
- Bugbear Rogue
- Wind Dragons

As usual they're all ready for #3Dprinting & free.

Files under my most recent posts:

Onto a new week! #dnd #3dmodeling #3dart

22 hours ago

Image 1: me, Circle of the Buddhadhamma Druid pausing a moment to take a selfie before engaging an angry, and clearly horny, Red Devilwolf (this thing is about 2m tall)

Image 2: friend and companion in adventure, Monk of the Shănshăn Fāguāng de Qīngjié Dù Order (閃閃發光的清潔度), fending off the aforementioned beast with the Mop of Immaculate Cleansing

#ttrpg #rpg #dnd #dnd5e #taiwan #kaohsiung #art

Me, bald and sunglass wearing in front of a large, mythical creature with the head somewhat resembling that of a dragon, large white pointed teeth bared in a wicked sneer, and the body of an over muscle canid of some sort, with a rather large erection
That large, erection sporting quasi-dragon faced, snarling, rippling muscled, canid bodied beast standing in front of an statue of an old Chinese sage holding a mop
Calico Jesse
1 day ago

I picked up the Old School Essentials boxed sets, and I’m kind of disappointed in the declared open content. Example, the only thing declared open content in the Advanced Players Guide is a list of secondary skills. Really, they couldn’t open elves or dwarves? They are some secret proprietary race?

It’s a fine enough system, but if I want to publish old school adventures I’ll look elsewhere. Or more likely use the 5e CC and call it good.

#TTRPG #OSR #OSE #OGL #OpenGaming #NSR #DnD #OpenDnD

1 day ago

The Narratives of Aufstrag (A1), Entry 6

The adventurers are now only a few days from the town of Botkinburg where they can rest and recover from their adventures, but before they can do so, they must fight the Ogre Kruggle and Trosh, his Troll friend who ambush them at night!

#CastlesAndCrusades #Aufstrag #DnD #rpg #ttrpg #story #narrative

Darryl Mott
1 day ago

#TTRPG Freebies, Sales, and Charity Bundles for May 28, 2023 - Giveaways, deals, and charity fundraisers for #DnD #Pathfinder #Starfinder #CallOfChtulhu #LevelUpAdvanced5e #BattleTech #IndieRPG the video game Solasta: Crown of the Magister, and a lot more!

The Lady of Pain was not a deity, even if she was as powerful as one.

In fact, she refused worship. Those who tried to worship her were found with their skin flayed off.
#dnd #forgottenrealms

📖: Planescape Campaign Setting
🎨: Tony DiTerlizzi
1 day ago

#dnd tip from the archive: a single NPC mage in a fight is likely to have spells countered continually. Add a second mage.

2 days ago

@dungeons cont.| Shannon's sturdy shield and strong strength, you're well equipped for the challenge. But remember, teamwork is key! Good luck! #DnD #communityplay [2/2]

2 days ago

Any advice from #TTRPG and #DND experts for a terrified soon-to-be-first-time DM?

I've got the world and scenario (I worldbuild excessively, it's an addiction) but any tips on how to actually run a session would be much appreciated.
2 days ago

#dnd tip: Give characters something to do in every scene.

2 days ago

Patrons! Don't forget to vote for my next silly model!

This Tues I'll live stream its creation ;)
#dnd #3dmodeling #3dart #tabletopgaming #patreon #tabletopgames

2 days ago

Here's my Pug in Armor model #3Dprinted by someone on #printables :3

Such a good brave lil boi <3

Free stls here:

More to come soon. Enjoy!
#dnd #3Dprinting #3Dmodeling #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames #pugs

2 days ago

Here's a couple more mini's painted up for if/when I start to run BarrowMaze in person again.

The gargoyles are 5 identical models from Blacklist (I tried to give them some variety in the basing), and the others are 'iron cobras' and 'iron defenders' from wizkids...

...though I'll be using them as clockwork cobras and brass jackals.

Anyway, hope you like 'em :)

#minipainting #miniaturepainting #ttrpg #DnD #barrowmaze

2 days ago

Made a thing in inkscape for when the party is once again steadfastly refusing to do follow any story line they're given and go off exploring things on their own.
#dnd #ttrpg #penandpaper #pnpde

A round, yellow sticker with text "Plot hooks? Nein danke!" around a red 20-sided die, reminiscent of a similar sticker from the German anti-nuclear movement.
2 days ago

@dungeons cont.| running away is a valid tactic, but it depends on your group's preference. Be safe out there! #dungeon_guide #DnD [2/2]

2 days ago

Here's one of my latest Golem models #3Dprinted by a friend on #Printables!

Free stls here:

I love seeing my models come to life like this :D
#dnd #3dprinting #3dmodeling #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #3dart #ttrpg

Gelatinous Rube
2 days ago

If there's a better spell than Otto's Irresistible Dance I haven't found it. #dnd

2 days ago

Here's my Gelatinous Cube Wizard #3Dprinted by one of my patrons!

They used glow in the dark paint! So damn cute!

Free stls :

Well there's my next character lol
#dnd #3dprinting #3dmodeling #3dart #dungeonsanddragons #dndart #ttrpg #miniaturepainting

2 days ago

Starting to make some decent progress on this beholder miniature! 👁

Everybody singing with me?
🎶 Puuuurple paaain, purple pain 🎶

#Miniatures #MiniaturePainting #DnD #WorkInProgress

Photo of a beholder miniature, painted with a purple skin tone and an angry looking yellow eye.
2 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Use tabletop terrain as scene set pieces, not just for combat.
3 days ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Scarlet Citadel Session 24 – Lazy GM Prep #dnd #lazydm #dnd
3 days ago

#dnd tip: Don't forget how simple this game is. Don't let the vastness of possibility overwhelm you.

Geert Bevin
3 days ago

I finished a bigger StageTop table prototype with my Dynamod #DungeonTiles integration. Having it out in my workshop just keeps me playing around with different dungeon configurations even without playing a game. So much fun!

More information about Dynamod:

#dungeonsanddragons #3Dprinting #dnd #3dprinted

5x3 StageTop table with a work in progress dungeon and a collection of tiles and components laying around.
A closeup of the dungeon section I'm playing around with
Another angle of the table
Science Blue
3 days ago

Could you even imagine playing DnD with this bunch?🤯 :vulcan_hmn_g1:
#DND #StarTrek #StarTrekLegacy

Instagram video from Terry Matalas' account showing a Dungeons & Dragons session in progress. Players include Todd Stashwick as the Dungeon Master, Jeri Ryan, Mica Burton, and Terry Matalas, who is behind the camera.
3 days ago
Johanna Taylor ✍️👻📚
3 days ago

📚 Library tieflings 🧮

#dnd #ttrpg #tiefling #ttrpgart #illustration

Two  tiefling’s in a library putting books away on the shelf. One is green with a shamrock tail and rams horns, the other is red and portly, and has an abacus on their horns. A small child tiefling peeks out behind them.
3 days ago

The Goose Hydra, Pumpkinholder, Centaurtaur... these are some of the minis that make my Patreon stand out and its all thanks to the wild ideas my patrons come up with!

Time for a new silly mini! Patrons! Its time for your crazy minds to shine:

#patreon #3dmodeling #3dprinting #3dart #dnd #dndart #ttrpg #tabletopgaming #tabletopgames

3 days ago

Today was a fun day #3Dmodeling for #3Dprinting! Today I made:

- Plasmoid Explorer
- Kenku Sorcerer
- Bugbear Rogue

Free stls here:

My patrons have some wild requests lol. More to come 2mrw!
#dnd #3dart #dndart #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #tabletopgaming

PJ Coffey
3 days ago

To celebrate getting our own Drivethru category for Level Up A5e, the best like-for-like replacement for #DnD available today, the designers including me, are putting their stuff on sale.

Here's a piece that @EvlynMoreau provided the cover for. So much thanks because finding POC non male gazey cover art is... tricky.

Anyway, if you thought Satyr was dead you've been mis-infauned. 😀 😀 😀

#LevelUpA5e #TTRPG
@ttrpg @dnd

Alphastream :verified:
3 days ago

I can't believe it has been 11 years since I wrote "The True" and "Traveling the Athasian Wastes" for Dungeon Nr 202. Wow. I miss working on official Dark Sun.

Cover art for Dungeon 202, depicting a dark stone fort upon a desolate hill, the red sun of Athas looming overhead.
Josh :phillies_vintage:
3 days ago

Some day, I'm going to full-on sicko GM and turn AC into damage reduction.

#ttrpg #dnd #pathfinder

Luis García
3 days ago

A couple minis we printed last week, from the repository of @mz4250.

Thank you so much, they're awesome :ablobaww1:
#DnD #ttrpg #3dprinting

A 3D printed miniature of an Ettin, a giant-like creature with two heads, each controlling one side of the body.
A 3D printed miniature of an Androsphinx, a creature resembling a lion with eagle-like wings.
3 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Use poster maps to give you ideas of the dungeons the PCs may explore.
4 days ago

#dnd tip: Focus on your next session.

4 days ago

Yes, we had fun last night playing D&D!
Yes, that is a dragon!
No, this was not the worst we encountered... 😬

#DnD #Miniatures
4 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Introduce lots of NPCs. Narrow down to the ones the players enjoy the most.
4 days ago

From the Archive: Empowering Player-Driven Storytelling #dnd
5 days ago

Sly Flourish YouTube video: Do Published D&D Adventures Save Time? No. But They Offer a Lot More. #dnd #lazydm #dnd
5 days ago

#dnd tip: What are your three villains doing right now?
5 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Too many protections on your Big Bad Evil Guys (BBEGs) can seem more of a slog than a fun fight. It's hard to balance.

I still can’t believe they used “Bigby’s” in a title without “Handbook.” Srsly. It was right there. 👉


Alphastream :verified:
5 days ago

I’m going to be that person saying #DnD price increases are good for our entire hobby. It’s wild how well made and lavishly produced today’s books are, and how much use we can get from them. Basic Rules are free and cover what many RPGs would consider a whole game. Lots of free adventures and supplements out there. The game is super affordable as a whole.
6 days ago

#dnd tip: Mix up treasure with random rolls and items selected for the characters.

6 days ago

An Amiga game that should have been...

(Cover of Dragon Magazine #143, March, 1989 -- by Den Beauvais)

#Amiga #Commodore #DnD #Dragon #retrogaming #80s

6 days ago

I've been putting together a #FastAndFurious #DnD campaign.

The plot is stupid, makes very little sense and is held together by dreams and Spiderwebs, so it might be the most true to the source material that it could be.

#ttrpg #DungeonsAndDragons
6 days ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Give players the information their characters would know. Their characters have a far greater understanding in the world than the players do.
1 week ago

New Article: How Many Encounters Per Day in D&D? #dnd
1 week ago

Lazy D&D Podcast: Map Options for D&D, JP Coovert Spotlight, Patreon Questions – Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd

1 week ago

🗺️ Campaign 63 #dnd

This is the chronicle of...
1 week ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Build trust with your players. You are not their adversary, you are there to make their characters do awesome things.
1 week ago

Sly Flourish is on Twitch! Lazy RPG Prep and the Lazy RPG Talk Show #dnd
1 week ago

#dnd tip: Lean in on the characters' cool
1 week ago

#dnd tip from the archive: Think of locations is the backgrounds to a play. Give each location an evocative name and three interesting features.

1 week ago

This is Stormbreaker, a goliath barbarian that I painted for a fellow D&D player! It's a custom HeroForge mini they ordered. Loved painting this one, he's got an awesome pose ❤️

#MiniaturePainting #MiniPainting #Miniatures #DnD

A painted miniature of a goliath barbarian clad in black leather armour and a cape. They're wielding a large stone maul and holding it out in a threatening pose.
A painted miniature of a goliath barbarian clad in black leather armour and a cape. They're wielding a large stone maul and holding it out in a threatening pose. Photo of the back side featuring a blue cape.
1 week ago

#dnd tip: Give characters the option to skip random encounters. Let the monsters wander right by.