Sarah Rainsberger
21 minutes ago

#docs and #documentation taking centre stage on

So proud of the work @swithinbank spearheaded creating a fast, accessible, lightweight, eco-friendly docs solution. Come hear him talk about what went into building it, and watch him take it for a spin!

Docs + Astro = Starlight

Daniel Supernault
3 days ago

I will be documenting @pixelfed ActivityPub federation and updating the new docs tonight! #pixelfed #docs

Daryl White
3 days ago

Today's the day!
We're starting our read-through of *Accessibility for Everyone* by Laura Kalbag in the Write the Doc Slack Community's learn-tech-writing channel.

Not in Write the Docs? See how you can sign up here:

#bookClub #a11y #accessibility #docs #documentation #writeTheDocs #technialWriting

4 days ago

✨ Explore our new API docs

Please keep in mind this is a beta preview, we are working hard to finish this!

Boosts greatly appreciated! #pixelfed #api #docs

Daryl White
6 days ago

Today I learned that `` and the Top Level Domains `.example`, `.test`, and `.invalid` have all been reserved specifically for use in #documentation.

#WriteTheDocs #TechnicalWriting #docs 📚
1 week ago

Here's how to set a timer or a stopwatch in #Google #Docs using the new Smart #Canvas chips so you can crank out those creative novels, work-based documents and more with less distractions.

Anders Eknert
1 week ago

If I want to demo some #code snippet for solving a problem in a few different languages and have a each language under a tab, what would be the best tool for that?

#development #docs

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
1 week ago
Anders Eknert
1 week ago

Continued research on #OpenSource #documentation, and I've gotta say — as much as I like #markdown, it's really led us to a place where basically all docs everywhere look the same. Very little in terms of interactive docs or novel / inventive approaches to teaching. I mean, it's not a *terrible* place to be, just a bit... dull.

#development #oss #docs

Lawrence Murray
2 weeks ago

First release! Doxide: modern documentation for modern C++. Configure it with YAML, generate Markdown, publish it for the web with the marvelous Material for MkDocs by @squidfunk. Looking for feedback on this one and contributions welcome #cpp #cplusplus #docs #new #opensource #release

Doxide logo
Michael McCallister
2 weeks ago

@libreoffice I'm trying to figure out if I have some time to contribute to #LibreOffice #docs There has to be a few hours a month to spare...

Bsmth, the bsmth guy
2 weeks ago

Worked on #docs for #CSS :lang() pseudo today. Adding some details about selectors level 4 which specifics adding multiple languages in comma separated lists and wildcard (*) matching, like:

:lang("nl", "de") {
color: green;
:lang("*-Latn") {
color: red;

Anders Eknert
2 weeks ago

Developer friends – I could use some inspiration! What #OpenSource companies out there do you think provide great developer #documentation?

I like the #Hashicorp developer portal, but there must be many I haven't seen. Any suggestions appreciated!

#development #code #docs #oss

Sarah Rainsberger
3 weeks ago

It's def a "community gardening" kind of day in @astro Discord.

In the #docs channel, we're discussing how best to organize all our various contributing guides. And, Support Squad is making a plan for tackling StackOverflow questions.

Don't be a "sad taco"... join us!

Tech news from Canada
3 weeks ago
Arjen Haayman
3 weeks ago

Wat een prachtige podcast

[DOCS] #122 - Solastalgie #docs via @PodcastAddict

1 month ago

#Office alternatives: I want something that fits into my completely unpredictable ecosystem. I use Android primarily. However I also use iOS, Windows10, macOS, and even occasionally some flavor of ChromeOS or linux. As of now I use Google Docs because it runs on everything and doesn't seem to choke on anything. I am coasting along and suddenly I need conditional formatting or complex styles and I am looking for something else again. I thought I might have found a solution in #collabora but it runs like a dead horse on Windows10 and menu commands take 10-15 seconds to open dialogs. Honestly #Google could probably solve my issues with a few standalone apps or even just a better styles system. I use primarily #Docs for notes. I do update or view the occasional spreadsheet or presentation but I do nearly everything in a Word Processor. For now I am just going to use #LibreOffice on #Windows10 and Google #Docs on everything else. #FML

1 month ago

Got access to Google Docs AI. It is a start.✌️

#bard #google #docs #ai

1 month ago

I was wondering why my Mac’s CPU fan was constantly in slow-moving jet-engine mode. Then I remembered I had left a #Google #Docs tab open. Tab closed, and fan is silent once more.

Tobias Schlitt
1 month ago

A nifty little tool to get actionable feedback directly from your #docs (written by a great co-worker of mine): #giveitatry

Sven Wilhelm
1 month ago

Are there any #c4model rendering tools outside Java land? 🙄
#docsascode #docs

Michael Gale
1 month ago

At the end of my work week I write a quick summary of achievements in #obsidian (along with some other prompts) to give myself a sense of completion and closure - and stop myself working through the weekend.

Thought I’d dump a few here:
• Did a 10km #bike ride ✨
• Started using #elk
• Set up my #linuxgaming rig
• Had the worlds smallest #docs #pr merged over at @nuxt
• Took my cat, Mow-mow, to the vet, and she came away with a perfect report card! 🎖️
• Got my budget back on track with the #selfhosted "Actual Budget" app
• Finished watching ContraPoints 2+ hour video essay "The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling"

This is Mow-mow, btw:

Sanjaymenon :mastodon:
1 month ago

Google made their apps (Docs, Sheets & Slides) easier to use with a new search tool that helps you find hidden functions by typing sentences like "who last viewed this document" or "remove column a" It will help you get things done faster!

#Google #Docs #Sheets #Slides

IFR (she/her)
2 months ago

The Boy went to a birthday party yesterday and apparently got lots of compliments on his new shoes. Rocking his #Docs.

#DrMartens #grandson #JDG

A blond toddler sitting in a large chair outdoors. He’s wearing a light coloured sweater and sweatpants and a pair of black Dr Martens boots, and he’s laughing.
Ivan Rodriguez ♠
2 months ago

🤦‍♂️ I'm trying to understand #misskey's #API #docs, but the documentation is incomplete in the English version.

DJ Fragile Toolchains
2 months ago

Folks, the call for proposals for WTD Atlantic online-only #conference in September is open till May 15th!

Would love to see your talk there.

#writeTheDocs #Docs #CFP #Documentation

In case you are searching for a eas-to-use Kubernetes documentation »»

#Kubernetes #documentation #docs #manifestIo

In case you are searching for a eas-to-use Kubernetes documentation »»

#Kubernetes #documentation #docs #manifestIo

2 months ago

Diagnostic nomenclature for #disorders of #consciousness #DoCs is poorly evidenced, dangerous, needs overhauling. ‘vegetative state’ is the worst & it should be abandoned immediately. It was always nihilistic, designed 2 make lives of clinicians easier by helping them dismiss lives of their patients. It is also unscientific, stemming not from observation but from violent ideology - a metaphysics that fragments the human being, privileging the mind and neglecting the body.

If you were going through a #tutorial series, would you rather it avoid all hard/weird cases and rough edges, or would you rather be shown the hard stuff incrementally so you know how to handle it?

The #nix #documentation team is spinning up a tutorial series and I’m trying to decide what the best path forward looks like. #docs

2 months ago

I've been having a lot of conversations about duplication across #docs at work recently.

Minimizing duplication is important, but I'm wary of introducing a lot of complexity to the docs platform just to avoid any duplication.

I'm a big fan of includes/partials, but going beyond that doesn't feel worth it to me.

What do other #documentation folks think?

Tyler Mumford
2 months ago

I’m going to figure out how to download the .NET/C#/etc docs for offline use. Not having docs when working offline is so frustrating for me.

If anyone already knows a good way, please let me know.

#DotNet #Docs #WorkingOffline

2 months ago

TIL is a viable alternative to (currently down). Also supports YARD docs and seems fairly fast.
#ruby #docs #yard #yardoc

Kirby CMS
2 months ago

How do our #docs work? 🦹

We just published a new chapter in our Guide: Let's take a look at how we structure our #documentation and go through a typical Reference page in detail. 🧭

The ASP.NET Team
2 months ago

Have you visited our http://ASP.NET docs recently? We'd love to get feedback on your experience to help us improve!

Simply visit the docs below 👇 and take our <1 minute survey!

#dotnet #dotnetcore #aspnet #docs #feedback

Claudia Regio
2 months ago

Have you visited our ASP.NET docs recently? We'd love to get feedback on your experience to help us improve!

Simply visit the docs below 👇 and take our <1 minute survey!

#dotnet #dotnetcore #aspnet #docs #feedback

2 months ago

Just inspected Google Docs UI out of curiosity and was met with this monstrosity: No semantic HTML, everything is a div 🤦‍♂️

You would think the company building the most popular web browser knows how to properly design a web application.

#google #docs #semantic #html #accessibility #web #development #design #fail

A screenshot showing an open empty Google Docs document on the left hand side and open Firefox Developer Tools on the right hand side with the inspector panel open.

The input for selecting the text heading style is being inspected at the moment. The inspector panel shows that not only this element, but also other interactive elements are solely being made out of generic HTML div elements.

My greatest contribution to #OpenSource so far has been trying to follow the #documentation, failing, and then fixing the documentation. #FOSS #docs #rtfm

2 months ago

Anyone who use d2lang in the past?

#diagram #docs #code #golang

Poetry News
3 months ago

Ode to AI in our apps
Writing emails and memos, no lack
Though it might not be perfect
It's still quite a feat
To help us on our daily tracks

#ai #microsoft #google #word #powerpoint #docs #ode #poetry

hankuoffroad :fedora:
3 months ago

Build and preview script to test your documentation changes locally works like QA test before you push your changes to the Docs site. It is written for Fedora Docs hosted at Pagure and GitLab, can be applied to GitHub.

@fedora #docs #linux

Juan Luis
3 months ago

Is there something like OpenAPI (hence an open specification) but instead of targeting HTTP APIs, focusing on software libraries in general?

Context: I'm evaluating documentation engines for Python that support narrative documentation + API reference. We basically have Sphinx (and JupyterBook), MkDocs, and pdoc.

However, what if I want to use modern static site generators like Hugo or Docusaurus, while adding a library reference as well? An API specification would be key here.

#python #docs
3 months ago

“Anyone who knows her just falls in love with her.”

Tiny is a short film about a strong woman

The inspiration for the film Tiny is Ritchie Hemphill’s mother, Colleen. She is his role model and hero.

In the film, Colleen tells stories from her time as a girl growing up on the wild and unpredictable West Coast. It’s a place that she says provided so much.

#FirstNations #Indigenous #film #InternationalWomensDay #docs #stopmotionanimation

Claymation character is an old woman with grey hair pulled back into a bun behind her head.
Jos Klever Web Support
3 months ago

@roytanck In the #docs channel on Slack I see the link

Or ask the Documentation team on Slack directly and they will show you the way.


3 months ago


Keyboard navigable, “load times as short as possible”, fuzzy search, “works offline, on mobile, and can be installed as web app”, and “with a clean and readable user interface”.

#documentation #docs #programming #SoftwareDevelopment docs
4 months ago

Hi, everybody! February is Infrastructure Month for Code freezes are a great time to prioritize the #docs backlog, so let me know what you'd most like to see documented!

erin mikail staples
4 months ago

Priority of Knowledge Transfer =

Importance of Knowledge + Availability of Knowledge + Frequency of Knowledge

#KnowledgeTransfer #Documentation #Docs #WriteTheDocs #TechnicalDocumentation

4 months ago

The #Python docs will hopefully soon have a dark theme! 🌒

Demo build at:

Please try it out and let us know if you find any big problems!

#documentation #docs #DarkTheme #DarkMode

The homepage at
"Methods of RawTurtle/Turtle and corresponding functions"
"Sorting HOW TO"
"What’s New In Python 3.11 > Removed"
Christian Hammond
4 months ago

Just released beanbag-docutils 2.1

This is a collection of extensions for #Sphinx that offers:

* Support for our Beanbag / @reviewboard doc standards (some improvements on the Google style):

* Linking to #GitHub for all autodoc code

* Multi-DPI images

* Multi-line refs

* Per-page Intersphinx control

And lots more.

This release adds multi-DPI images for `.. image::`, Sphinx 6, GitHub Enterprise linking, and bug fixes.

#projects #docs

4 months ago

LibreOffice 7.5 Community released! Did you know that 25% of the new features have been developed by 91 individual volunteers?

#opensource #libreoffice #foss #office #docs #calc #impress #free #oss #software #windows #macos #linux #community

5 months ago @elk We'll get to the docs at one point. We need a features page listing all the things that Elk brings to the table. There is a lot to do still, so if someone reading this is keen on docs and want to help us pushing on that front, join and look for the #docs channel 👋

If you're a #TechnicalWriter looking for one or more #conferences to attend this year, make sure #WriteTheDocs Portland, Atlantic, or Australia is on your radar.

But if you're looking for something else, ClickHelp just published a list of 2023 conferences #TechCom adjacent.

#documentation #docs #MeetUps

Hynek Schlawack
6 months ago

such markdown, very sphinx, (almost) no reStructuredText

#python #docs #sphinx #markdown #MyST

Marco Siccardi
6 months ago

Well, one of 6 endpoints have now #OpenAPI #docs. I totally need to improve my #documentation writing skills 😁

#waytogo #devlife #Azure #OpenWeb #SwaggerUI #CASBAN6

OpenAPI from my current side project #CASBAN6
Laura Langdon
6 months ago

(Yet another) new instance = new #introduction! Hi, I'm Laura. I'm a #DeveloperAdvocate @suborbital, writing #docs in the #extensibility and #WebAssembly spaces. Previously a #math prof. I'm in the #ADHD or maybe #AuADHD zone of the #Neurodivergent world.

I'm comfiest in #Python but am learning #Go, and I'm into #ResponsibleAI, #BicycleInfrastructure, #ResearchAsRecreation, #SocialJustice, #pedagogy, #OwnYourData, #a11y, and #FuckWhiteSupremacy.

I like meeting kind people who do neat things!

Sarah Rainsberger
6 months ago

Docs meeting, calls and streams today!

First, team meeting brainstorming/strategizing Astro Docs re: content/partnerships.

Then, looking forward to watching @LauraLangdon and @ben 's Docs Accessibility stream

And, our weekly open Community Call in the Astro Discord, where core team members share updates from around the project, we discuss proposals and recognize contributors! (Catch up on past calls at )

#docs #a11y #AstroDotBuild #AstroJS

Laura Langdon
6 months ago

Join me this Tuesday the 29th at 10:30am PST / 18:30 UTC to learn about #accessibility in #docs specifically and De#vRel in general from @ben!

Banner for Laura's Loquacious Livestream with photos of Laura and guest Ben Meyers