33 minutes ago

Looks like my dog is going on a date!

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Photo of a dog with red ribbons on its paws
Harshad Sharma
47 minutes ago

Strolling around the garden with Gobi

#pets #dogs

A furry black and brown puppy playing in a garden bed that's yet to be prepared for planting.
A puppy standing next to crimson and yellow flowers, looking at the camera.
1 hour ago

Guten Morgen! Ich möchte mit Ihnen über herrenlose Joghurtbecher reden… 🧐🤨
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Flynn Todd :verified:
3 hours ago

Abteilung Fotokiste:

📆 1987
🎞 Kodak Ektachrome 100
🌡 Kodak Lab, Stuttgart (Germany)
📷 Canon T50
🔎 50mm 1.8

Auf der Autobahn schlenderte ein Bernhardiner, der sich verlaufen hatte. Schließlich tauchte das hektische Herrchen nach ein paar Stunden auf.

#35mm #35mmFilm #IBelieveInFilm #FilmIsNotDead #autobahn #Photography #analogefotografie #fotografie #kodak #kodakektachrome #fotokiste #hunde #dogs #auto #hund #Bernhardiner

Bernhardiner auf einer Autobahn.
Errol Cavit
4 hours ago

Cyclops settling on the couch for the evening. #dogs

A white dog with his head raised lies on a brown leather sofa

Recently reported #SARSCoV2 infections in #Animals - USA

Two #Dogs from #California with XBB.1.5 (Samples collected in 2/2/23 & 3/3/23)

#SpiderMonkey from #Arizona with BA.2.18 (6/19/22)

A dog from #NewJersey with BA.4.6 (1/13/23)

Adrianna Tan
5 hours ago

Almost 15 years of staring at this face.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A brown and white cavalier spaniel looking dopey at the camera
5 hours ago

I don't know if I've told you this before, but Tiny Dog understands the word snuggles.

This fact brightens my day immensely.

#Dog #dogs

Walker Boh🛡
6 hours ago

Time for a late last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, asleep under the blanket next to me

My #dog is super jealous of all the attention my #squirrel part-time friend received from Mastodon. Would you please boost this and tell her she’s the gooderest puppa ever? She needs the virtual belly rub. Thanks!

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #pitbull #rescue

Black and white pit mix rescue pupper sitting like a good girl and feeling just a little jealous of a squirrel
Hayden Thorne
9 hours ago
Killer Boots
11 hours ago

I am so sad for my poor old dog. His hips are bad and he's still groggy from the anesthetic, so he's extra wobbly. He could barely squat to pee. I just want to smother him with love, but all he wants to do is snooze on the deck.

Some Geek Told Me
13 hours ago

Imagine if humanity could harness the power of a dog's wagging tail. The energy produced would fight climate change, and all we would have to do is keep our dogs happy. Everybody wins! #Dogs
Amy Fountain
13 hours ago

The t-rex down the street is wishing us all a happy or else delicious easter holiday (?)

Gracie and Niko are hoping for delicious.

#trex #dinosaurs #neighbors #yardArt #dogs #Gracie #Niko #dogsOfMastodon #dinosaursOfMastodon

A dog on a leash stands under a T-rex sculpture in a neighbor's yard.  The T-rex has a pink bunny stuffy in her mouth and is carrying an easter basket.  It's a sunny day outside.
A different dog on a leash stands under a T-rex sculpture in a neighbor's yard.  The T-rex has a pink bunny stuffy in her mouth and is carrying an easter basket.  It's a sunny day outside.
A metal t-rex sculpture in a neighbor's yard.  She has a pink bunny stuffy in her mouth and is carrying an easter basket.  It's a sunny day outside.
13 hours ago

Yesterday I grabbed an almost empty jar of peanut butter and scraped it out to put on a slice of bread. Which I ate. I ran my finger around the edge of the jar to get all the peanut butter, then put finger in mouth. Later my daughter told me that jar had her dog's name on the lid (it did, but I didn't see it) to warn me off from using it because she'd let the dog lick out the jar as a distraction so she could put eye drops in her eye. I'm very squeamish about things like that. Too late.

Black border collie with brown eyes and white chest and muzzle, gazing up at the camera with green grass behind and beneath her.
Dismal Manor Gang
13 hours ago

Supper time clouds are looking somewhat pregnant. #ZSHQ set condition #StormyWeather 10 mm rain and blowy winds expected.

Double leashes for bag rat #dogs. #greyhoundsofmastodon will be walking with our climbing helmets on.

14 hours ago

Clover says that clean houses are overrated and mud is our friend 😀 #teamclover #leonbergers #dogs #dogsofmastodon

A large brown Leonberger dog has been playing in the mud in our back yard. She is various shades of brown, with a black face, all covered in mud.
C.W. Williams
14 hours ago
Photo of a cloudy afternoon on Harris Creek, pale gray clouds reflected in the rippled creek water.
In the foreground Miles and Jon two black Flat-Coated retrievers stand on the wood walk and look down at the intriguing minnows left over from the high tide.
Photo of a cloudy afternoon on Harris Creek, pale gray clouds reflected in the rippled creek water.
In the foreground, pale yellow emergent marsh vegetation stands waiting for spring warmth.
AutisticMumTo3 She/her
14 hours ago
billy joe bowers (black heart)
15 hours ago

"Adoptable #Dog #Molly_PIMAAZ_35 Super cuddly and HOUSE TRAINED!!! best dog ever"

"Adoptable #Dog #Molly_PIMAAZ_35 Gets along with other dogs with proper introduction. Super social with large groups"

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC

beautiful dog laying against a person
beautiful dog smiling

#TransJoy is an #actofdefiance and #power

Everyone needs to see #examples of #parents #accepting their #trans #children, #trans #youth #graduating from #college, #nonbinary #people #working in their chosen fields, and #workplaces providing #supportive #environments.

They need to see #trans #people falling in #love, going on #vacation, having #children and owning #dogs. They need to #witness #trans people #hiking, going to the #gym and playing on #sports teams.

Democracy Spot aka "Eddie"
17 hours ago

📷 Jack waiting at the back door. He *really has to go and is pissed I'm pausing to take his picture—something he loathes already.

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday #photo #portrait #Photography #fotographie #fotografía #photographie #FediversalPictures #thesouth

horizontal shot from above in color. the small white dog with brown spots stands waiting to go out at the sliding glass door into the back yard.
19 hours ago

Der #Dackel hat ein neues Quietschtier:
„Hörnchen“ 🐿️
Leider hat das Quietschding in Hörnchen bei der Qualitätskontrolle nur für ca. 5 Min. durchgehalten! 👎🏼
Der Dackel prangert das an! 😡
#Dachshund #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Hunde #SausageDog

Weimarner Planet
20 hours ago

What even is this? 😂 #DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #Weimaraner

Weimaraner lying on their back, snout to the camera, flipped ear, mouth slightly open with teeth showing.
20 hours ago

If I could get Brian Eno to write some music, maybe ‘Music for dogs in slowly falling snow’ I’d have a winner with these two. #SproutTheBerner #teamclover #dogsofmastodon #dogs #snow

Two large dogs are outside in the snow. The dogs, a large brown Leonberger and a black, brown and white Bernese Mountain Dog seem to be enjoying the slowly falling snowflakes.
21 hours ago

If you're considering getting a #pet, remember it's not just the cost of toys and food you have to worry about, it's the cost of providing proper medical care. This is an average month for me to prevent fleas, ticks heartworms and intestinal worms for my two #dogs and #cat. I don't want to discourage you at all, but when you get an #animal, you are their sole provider, and more people need to know ahead of time what they might be getting into. I see plenty of neglected animals around here.

A photo of a vet bill listing Bravecto, Sentinel, Nexgard and Revolution, totaling $164.90 after tax.
21 hours ago

Morning Mastodonians!

Here's hoping y'all have a great Friday! As you can see, #dogs and #cats are sleeping together, so there's still some harmony in the world. Still no real sign of spring, although I suppose 60F/16C degrees tomorrow, but with rain makes it kind of spring like. Still waiting for that glorious 65F/18C calm sunny spring day that does wonders for the psyche. I've alway said those days are the hardest when working from home to stay focused. #today

2 dogs (Phineas, the beige & white pitty / lab mix, and Obi, the black brindle Plott hound) and Tinker (big ol' black cat), laying together on our bed, mostly in the sun.
Karen Dorman
22 hours ago

Can I come in? It's cold and I'm done out here.

#DogsOfMastodon #dogs #dog #Mastodog #floof #doggo #pets #pet #FensterFreitag #WindowFriday

Photo taken from inside of a dog who is outside looking neck in the patio door. Kira was a retriever/poodle mix and looks very sad because she is outside in the snow and wants to come in. Behind her is a huge snowbank and sun shining on a farm fence and corn fields and bush.
1 day ago

There's more than enough room on the bed, yet #Remingtonpup has to plop down across my legs.

I think it's a pitty thing. They have to be as close to you as possible which, to them, means on top of you.😂

#dogs #dogsofmastodon #pitbulls

A large Pit Bull pup sleeping across my legs.
1 day ago

An unexpected friend showed up and decided to follow us on our walk.

#dogsofmastodon #dogs #pets

Ryan Peters
2 days ago

oh lawd he sexy

#dogs #dogsofmastodon

Ryan Peters
2 days ago

They've been starting at SOMETHING important for a good 20 minutes now.

#dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon

2 days ago

Today we brought home Toto, our new family member.
A 3 years old Mudi mix, rescued from death row in Romania in December, arrived in Germany last month.
I'm already in love. He's sleeping under our table after his exploration tour got cut short by a small panic induced by a couple of thunders. He must have lived on the street for a while. He only wanted to crawl under things. We made a nest for him under the table and he finally calmed down, breathing slowly with us.

#dogs #DogsOfSDF

billy joe bowers (black heart)
2 days ago

"Adoptable #Dog #Chewchew_PIMAAZ_01 Waiting patiently for his new home."

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC

beautiful dog
billy joe bowers (black heart)
2 days ago

"Adoptable #Dog #Simon_PIMAAZ_11 Sometimes we all just need 5 more minutes snuggled under the covers. Adopt Simon!"

#Dogs #Tucson #PACC

beautiful dog under the covers
2 days ago

One or both of us need a Xanax.

#Funny #Humor #LOL #Humour #Dog #Dogs

A dog with orange and white fur and a calm posture has round, startled looking blue eyes. The poster says: The therapy dog after I share all my problems.
Anne Ominous
2 days ago

@darth did someone say #dogs


The cutest Chihuahua/Boston Terrier mix in the world. A little brindle dog with pointy, huge ears in a camo shirt.
Boots Chantilly
2 days ago

I haven't done hashtags in 4ever, have I? Let's fix that. I'm a #GenerationJones #cishet woman; I live in the #soCal #desert ; I'm an #artist who no longer arts; I'm #married to a super smart, super hot #aviation engineer; I'm a #mom ; I love our #dogs ; I'm a lifelong #liberal & #feminist ; I'm #agnostic ; I'm an #adoptee who is #prochoice & #anti-adoption ; I'm an #ally who will put herself between you & a threat; I love #mountains & #rain & #bugs ; I have #psoriatic #spondilitis ; I'm #bald .

Walker Boh🛡
2 days ago

Lunchtime walkies in the books. Dull and warm. Dogs and I felt the difference today.

Rain due soon, so glad we got the walk in.

Miles going to charity for the Epilepsy Foundation of America.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #charity #epilepsy

Three miles in dull but much warmer weather
William and Henry, Labradors, walking on their leashes in front of me
2 days ago

Text is not publicly searchable by default, but hash tags are - not only that but you can follow hash tags.

For example, to see lots o dogs here follow #dogs #dogsofmastadon

And since I've tagged, I'd best include a pic of a doggo, here's one I saw watching me from a balcony on Thalia Street in New Orleans
#NewOrleans #NOLA

Dog looking through wooden slats of balcony of weathered building in New Orleans
Rob Wigham Watercolours
2 days ago

'Ben', watercolour, 29 x 37 cm. Ben the Border Collie in his happy place with a stick. Ben was the second toughest 'sitter' to get to look at me I've ever painted - it took about 2 hours in the garden to get him to look at me or a camera! (Disclaimer: our garden does not look like this!)
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #pets #petportrait #bordercollie #collie #watercolour #watercolor #painting #paintings #art #MastoArt

A painting of a border collie holding a stick in his mouth, on a path through the trees.
2 days ago

Well, that was enlightening in a couple ways. Took the #dogs for #walkies and, holy cow, was it cold! Don't let the beautiful sun fool you. Add in a cold wind and I was not dressed for it.

And I tried something with the dogs, who are always pulling on the leash. The suggestion? As soon as they start pulling, stop and go the other way. And darned if they didn't stop pulling in almost no time. I didn't really say anything. I probably should have.

🐶 🐕

Dan Q
2 days ago

"You're working? Don't you want to come play with me instead?" #dog #dogs

A champagne-coloured French bulldog with a black snout, her ears pricked up and her tongue hanging out, pushes her face up into the lap of the photographer, who's sitting at a desk whose legs are visible in the background.
Jeremy Knope
2 days ago

@darth indeed, you can even follow a hash tag of them! #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

Greater Swiss mountain dog looking at camera while shaking paws.
2 days ago

Current status:

#cats #dogs

A black and white dog is laying with his butt on the arm of the chair, his chest on the back cushion and his head down in my lap. There is a gray and beige cat laying over my ankles.
Sharon Cummings Art
2 days ago
Sweet potato art forming a dog paw by artist Sharon Cummings.  Pet bowls.
Sweet potato art forming a dog paw by artist Sharon Cummings.
Giles Turnbull
2 days ago

first I was like / then I was like


Chloe the brown rescue dog being fussed on the floor, her mouth wide open like she's laughing
Chloe the brown rescue dog looking up from the floor with a very silly derpy expression on her face
Amy Fountain
2 days ago

Time for all of us to turn in. As per usual, #Gracie shows us how

#GoodNightFriends I hope your dreams are sweet and your snoozles cozy

#dogs #dogsOfMastodon #snoozles

black and white photo of a dog curled up and sleeping, her back paws tucked close to her nose.
Walker Boh🛡
2 days ago

Time for the last ride of the day to dreamland with my boys.
Goodnight all.
#dogs #dogsofmastodon #lastrideoftheday

William, a large chocolate Labrador, asleep next to me with his head on the pillow
Adrianna Tan
3 days ago

Cookie does not recommend getting up today

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A dog lying on two blankets in a couch with her face squished in one

Big brother and little brother
#dogs #dogsofmastodon

2 Bichon asleep one hugging the other
C.W. Williams
4 days ago

Good morning Mastodonians. Now with bonus Ospreys!
#Sunrise #Chesapeake #Dogs #Birds #GunDogMorning #MarshMadness

Photo of a sunrise over Harris Creek, sun rising to the left just below the horizon which is lit yellow shading to orange. Streaks of grey clouds overhead fail to block patches of blue sky.
In the foreground Miles and Jon two black Flat-Coated retrievers stand on the wood walk and look to the left at an Osprey fish hawk perching off in a tree.
Close up photo of an Osprey fish hawk sitting on the platform of a hack tower in the middle of Harris Creek. Getting ready to head out for a grand day of fish murder.
Photo of an Osprey fish hawk perched on the top limb of a bare maple tree, silhouetted by a furry orange sunrise.
4 days ago

It was a real nice day, weather-wise, here in New England yesterday. Of course, along the coast we are going to suffer a cold sea breeze for another month or so, but still, it was pretty glorious. I took the doggies for #walkies and we all enjoyed it very much. Not so much today, with 40s and drizzle. It would be a good day for snuggles in bed, but alas...

#dogs #DogsOfMastodon

Phineas, the brown and white Lab / pitbull mix on a leash to the left and Obi, the brindle Plott Hound on a leash to the right of a yellow fire hydrant. Obi is sniffing the ground but Phineas is anxious to keep moving.
Dan Q
4 days ago

The dishes go in with food scraps on but they come out clean. Our dog seems convinced that there must be another animal in there, somewhere, and she's determined to find it! #dogs

A champagne-coloured French Bulldog wearing a brown harness stands on the open door of a kitchen dishwasher.
Alan Langford
4 days ago

Baxter's Monday check in: 10.6 kg (23.4 lbs).
Puppy had a very busy day today as we had to take a trip into the city, so he and Cooper got to spend the day with a couple of active adult dogs. Now he's a tired puppy.
#dogs #dogsOfMastodon

A puppy with white paws and a mix of white, black, and brown fur is resting his head on the arm of a couch and looking up into the camera.
Mark A. Rayner
5 days ago

Very cute, very big, very weird dog, ruining it all by doing mime.

#bear #bears #animals #dogs #dog #dogsofmastodon #dogstodon #photomonday #fotoMontag #humor #humour #funny

brown bear sitting in grass, with all four paws up
Dr. Sean Munger :verified:
5 days ago

How to deal with Monday: sleep through it. #bostonterrier #dogs #dogsofmastodon #mondog

Three Boston terriers sleeping on a sofa. One is lying on the top of the back. Two others are on a blanket over the seat. They are lying on their backs with their paws in the air.
6 days ago

It's always reassuring to see a meme properly brought to life

#silentsunday #sunday #meme #memes #funny #thisisfine #dog #dogs

this is fine meme in real life
6 days ago

Hail to the King, Baby! 😎
Große #Hunderunde mit dem #Dackel quer durch den Wald und über die Felder! Nach dem Regen teilweise schon eine sehr matschige Angelegenheit! 🤨
Der #Schweinehund fand es aber toll… 🐾😘
Jetzt ist Grundreinigung angesagt… 🛁
#Dachshund #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #SausageDog #SausageSunday

Ein Dackel auf einem matschigen Acker
Ein Dackel auf einem matschigen Acker (Blick in eine andere Richtung)
C.W. Williams
6 days ago
Photo of a clear cloudless sunrise over Harris Creek, yellow sun just peeking over the horizon to the left, blue sky perfectly mirrored in the calm creek water.
In the foreground Miles and Jon two black Flat-Coated retrievers stand on the wood walk and look out to the left for bird fun possibilities.
Photo of a clear cloudless sunrise over the Harris Creek marsh. Sun, rising off screen to the left, is illuminating the high marsh vegetation and trees
In the foreground the submergent patens marsh is completely flooded at high tide.
Close up photo of a high tide bush, Iva frutescens, just starting to leaf out in the Harris Creek marsh. Spring is springing.