Lost Objects
4 days ago

Lovely evening with Ed.
#dogs #dogsofmastadon

Austin Philp
4 days ago

Haven't done #MonDog in a while, so here's a shot from last winter when we took our #husky Ollie up to the Snow to play!

#dogsofmastadon #dogs

6 days ago

Dougal sleeping in this cold weather. 12 years old poodle. #dogsofmastadon

Old poodle asleep on the couch. Snuggling into the blanket
1 week ago

I wanted to go do something else, so I tried to bring the dogs in off the deck.
The little dog was like "I'm going to need you to go ahead and fuck off"

Dan Bowman
2 weeks ago

For the eighth evening in row, we have a hazy #sunset over #rural #Iowa. It appears the #Canadian forest fire #smoke is thinning out. As we provide respite care for 91 y/o mother-in-law, we are enjoying the resident girl friends, Kaylee and Billie. Love these two! #today #dogsofmastadon

sun setting behind a wind row of trees.
two white sheep herding dogs
2 weeks ago

"Hello. I am a dirty thief. I walked by two nice people having a picnic dinner at the park and casually stole a 1-lb fried chicken breast right out of the KFC bucket. Then I ran away from my human mom while eating it before she could take it from me, maintaining eye contact with her the entire time. Now I'm home and have the audacity to ask for dinner."

#dogsofmastadon #baddog #baddogsonlime #winnerwinnerchickendinner

BJ Kennedy
3 weeks ago

When Daisy gets too hot from playing fetch, she takes her ball and finds a shady spot, regardless of how little shade there is. #dogstodon #dogsofmastadon

A white and black dog with an orange ball in her mouth escaping the heat by laying in the tiny bit of shade produced by a landscaping wagon full of dirt.
3 weeks ago

One more Dog photo. I happened to catch Henry and Bella looking out the front window yesterday. This is Henry's perch. What makes this special for me is our foster Bella is sitting alongside him looking at whatever got their attention.
That's not alway the case as Bella has a 4 week old puppy here with her and can be snarky to Henry who just wants to play.
Thanks for listening.
#dogs #dogsofmastadon #photography #BlackAndWhite #BWPhotography #b&w #monochrome

This is a photo of 2 smaller dogs on an armchair side by side.  They are leaning on and almost sitting on the arm of the chair looking out a partially open front window.  I don't know what got their attention or if they were just surveying their domain. Oh, the camera point of view is from behind them looking out that front window into the yard.
3 weeks ago

Been a bit since I put anything here. So what could be better than a dog photo?!
This is Bella. She and her now 4 week old pup are staying with us while she recovers from some surgery and the pup gets bigger. Both will be able to be adopted at some point from the Aurora Colorado Animal Shelter.

#dogs #dogsofmastadon

3 weeks ago

#dogsofmastadon dufus in chief and daughter, apprentice dufus…

Two black and white dogs on a woodland path

Our dog Harley got a new stuffed toy yesterday that was advertised as having a tough inner lining that would prevent destruction. Look at the shocked face on that hedgehog....


The end result of a toy hedgehog that has been ripped open by our dog Harley.   Stuffing litters the carpet along side the cloth shell of the toy.  It lasted less than 24 hours.
Steven Bassett
4 weeks ago

Getting a backyard fence installed today and our puppy Rin has been going through a fear phase lately. Just tried a thunder jacket on her and she seems pretty relaxed from what I can tell on the puppy cam!

#dogsofmastadon #shibaRin #dog

Red Shiba Inu puppy with a thunder jacket on sleeping in her crate

Furry friends are sharing the picture window overlooking the bird feeders. Black cat on the left is Sam and she belongs to my daughter who is visiting for a few days. Casper (middle) is squeaking constantly and dog Harley is trying to nap.

#CatsOfMastadon #DogsOfMastadon #BirdWatching #Caledon

Two cats and a dog share a bay window seat that overlooks our bird feeders.  All black cat Sam is on the left, all white cat Casper in the middle and Harley the dog on the right.
1 month ago

Waiting for the bacon to cool..

French bulldog staring at a plate of cooling bacon
Chris Pelatari
1 month ago

Late nite cuddle puddle featuring Dolly Purrton and Ziggy Stardog #catstodon #smol #DogsOfMastadon he found her and insists that she is his kitty.

Kitten cuddling with a puppy
Badger AF
1 month ago

Violet and Burt casing our gate to make their breakout.


Two dogs peering through a gap in a gate.
1 month ago

"Summertime, and the livin' is easy..."
#dogsofmastadon #Dogs #Summer

1 month ago

Always watching. #dogsofmastadon

Ed Boykin 🔭
1 month ago

Opal enjoying the amazing day...and fresh cut grass


White Siberian Husky napping in the grass

Furry family members, rescued at various times over the past few years, Harley our dog and cats Cassie and Casper.

#NationalAdoptAShelterPetDay #DogsOfMastadon #CatsOfMastadon

Harley the dog lounging on the front steps.
Cassie the furry grey cat sitting waiting for a treat.
Casper the all white kitten having a rare nap.
1 month ago

Quinn makes do when a lap isn’t available…
#DogsOfMastadon #dogs #adore

My black Labrador doggie sleeping with his head nestled on blankets.
2 months ago
Chocolate lab laying on brown couch looking out the window.
2 months ago

Just a moment in “life with sprocket”
#minPin #cuteDog #dogsOfMastadon #miniaturePinscher #letSleepingDogsLie

A miniature Pinscher holds her ground when approached by her mom. Blinking and slight head movements can say so much
2 months ago

*The Babylon Eye* is free from today, 18th April, for the next 5 days.

It's a #HopePunk #ScienceFiction book, set in an alternate world #SouthAfrica:

A former eco-terrorist has to find a lost cyber dog or be sent back to prison. She soon realises that she must choose: her own freedom, or the dog's.

It's the first of the three book "Linked Worlds" series, and the second book, "The Real" is free right now as well.

(This story was written after I lost my dog Anastasia, and is dedicated to her, but no dogs die in this book! And it's not a sad story at all 🙂 )

#ScienceFictionBooks #AfricanSciFi #LGBTQBooks #FreeBooks #DogsOfMastadon #DogsAreTheBest

2 months ago

Beagle in its natural environment. #dogsofmastadon #beagle

BoneHouseWasps 🔶
2 months ago

Happy first birthday to my beautiful borky boy, Rico. And thank you for bringing so much joy into our house. #dogsofmastadon #birthdayboy #sprocker #spaniel

A beautiful, 1 year old, brown sprocker spaniel holding a stuffed duck in his mouth.
2 months ago
Miniature pinscher on a gold velvet cover, looking to the side
2 months ago

Some mornings Sprocket does not want to go for walkies…. #MinPin #minPinLife #dogsOfMastadon #dogsWithAttitude

Miniature Pinscher wearing a red sweater and partially harness, lying on her back on a gold couch, with paws curled, resisting getting up.
Miniature Pinscher wearing a red sweater and fully harnessed but looking askance at the camera in defiance of going for a walk, trying to curl up with her pillow.
Mrs K Husky
2 months ago

It's been 30 years since my first Siberian Husky (Gypsy) was born ❤️ She was my introduction to the breed, I've been hooked ever since. I surprise myself being able to remember her birthday 🥳
#siberianhusky #husky #dogs #dogsofmastadon #memories

Black and white Siberian husky dog curled on a living room chair. A picture taken in the 90's

It was a great hike on a beautiful sunny day. #Canada #photography #dogsofmastadon

2 months ago

Text is not publicly searchable by default, but hash tags are - not only that but you can follow hash tags.

For example, to see lots o dogs here follow #dogs #dogsofmastadon

And since I've tagged, I'd best include a pic of a doggo, here's one I saw watching me from a balcony on Thalia Street in New Orleans
#NewOrleans #NOLA

Dog looking through wooden slats of balcony of weathered building in New Orleans
charlobo (she/her)
3 months ago

#DogsOfMastadon friends... Dog has a rumbly tumbly (tummy growling) and it's been grumbling all day. Went out to eat some grass, looks a little mopey, and won't eat his usual treat after a walk. Any ideas?

3 months ago

My genius money making scheme: taught my dog to find littered plastic bottles and aluminium cans. My state is bringing in a 10 cent deposit scheme later this year (something I worked and fought for) - retirement sorted, haha! #dogsofmastadon #recycling #containerdepositscheme #australia #victoria #sillypost #boomerangalliance

A Bordercollie cross dog is lying in the grass, proudly guarding a plastic bottle he found. There are trees in the background.
The same dog, running towards me, tail high, with the bottle in his mouth
Kendra Little
3 months ago

Stormy, formerly Stormchaser of Narnia, aka Lord Stormington of Corg Castle, aka Storm Storm, aka Bubbie, is 8 years old today

He got fresh snow to romp in and a special dinner to celebrate
#dogsofmastadon #corgi

Overhead view of a tri-colored Pembroke corgi, who is very handsome and who is also looking back over his shoulder. Snow is on the ground behind him.
BinaryADD 🖥
3 months ago

Benson's Adoption four years ago. #Doggos #Dogs #DogsofMastadon


IrishVikingInCanada 🇨🇦✌
4 months ago

Everyone thinks they have the best dog.
All of us are right. 🐾❤
#DogLove #MyGoldenBoy #DogsOfMastadon

Golden Retriever In Snow
4 months ago

Park time with my best mates 🥰

#MonDog #DogsOfMastadon

4 months ago

Don’t mind me.
Just relaxing to the sound of a pup snoring.

4 months ago

Ever seen a dog smile? #dogsofmastadon

Khalid ⚡
4 months ago

Guinness winding down #dogsofmastadon

Pouting dog on couch looking at camera
Kendra Little
4 months ago

Sewing machine fixed and remembered how to do binding

Happy to get this one finished!
Corgi inspection ✅

#corgiswhoquilt #quilting #dogsofmastadon

A corgi sitting on top of a quilt. The corgi looks mildly displeased. The quilt is diagonal stripes of dark blue and light blue with scattered inset economy blocks featuring bird fabric in the middle.
4 months ago

Poor #MrMaxi thought I was stealing his favourite meerkat toy but I was merely washing it because it stank. Here they are reunited.
#DogsOfMastadon #chihuahua

Chihuahua on a white coverlet snuggled up next to their stuffed toy meerkat
5 months ago

Happy good morning, beautiful friends!

I hope this picture of Pancake the #Dog living her best life helps start your #Monday morning right :)

#dog #DogBellyRub #DogsOfMastadon #MondayPhoto #APancakeADay

Pancake the Dog, giving the camera a “why did my belly rub end?” look
David Hembrow
5 months ago

Who knew that Podencos were Kate Bush fans? #dogsofmastadon #podenco #KateBush #vinyl

Guilty looking Podenco dog sitting next to a slightly chewed LP of Kate Bush's "The Kick Inside"
5 months ago
Jordan Hirsch :vbike:
6 months ago

Clover says happy #Mondog


Beautiful white dog with black spots reclining on her soft bed, tongue out
julia ferraioli :cc_by:
6 months ago

Luna Rae Muppet Show would like you to know that she is *not* amused.

#Dogstodon #DogsOfMastadon

Photo of Luna, a labradoodle, staring at the camera from under her eyebrows. One ear has flipped inside out, and her fur is scruffy. She bites her leg.
Adrianna Tan
6 months ago

Messy morning scenes from our warm, lived in home.

#DogsOfMastadon #dogs

A scene of a living room with light coming through. A dog sits on the couch with blankets. Many plants surround. Above, photos of cities with names like Bali, Penang, Mumbai, Singapore, Paris.

My twist on a popular holiday meme. I'm rather proud of the details: shadows, paw prints, snow overlay, etc. 😏

Thanks for the boosts, faves and other feedback!

#DadJoke #pun #DadJokes #puns #holiday #holidays #christmas #snow #winter #dogs #DogsOfMastadon #pets #humor #funny #humour #photoshop #composite #altText

A holiday meme.

Actor Christopher Walken walks a small, white dog on a leash, up a low, snow-covered hill. Walken carries a gray coffee mug in his other hand. 

Snow is falling over the entire image, and behind the actor and his dog are snow-laden fir trees. To the left of the image, in the background, is a reddish glow from the sun setting out of frame... the sun casts long shadows of the subjects in front of them.

The meme text at the bottom reads:
"Dog Walken in a Winter Wonderland."
Laura Blankenship
6 months ago

#dogsofmastadon This is his sexy look.

A dog reclining and looking seductively over his shoulder.
6 months ago

The Shepherds were pretty happy about going out back today...they've been cooped up in the rain and getting cabin fever I think. #dogsofmastadon

Coach Mark
6 months ago

"Can I get a Boop or two?"

White and brown dog on a couch with a red dog in the background
Patch Zircher
6 months ago

She still thinks she's a lap dog, even if it takes my shins and hips to make a lap.

#DogsOfMastadon #aussies #dogs #SundayMorning

6 months ago

@salsawler reading this with my cat who had snuggled as close as possible just a few minutes before #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #DogsOfMastadon #animalfriends #closeness

Orange and white cat on teal comforter sleeping against the body of a person with black sweater and blue and white polka-dot scarf - her wrist and hand [pale skin tone] are visible as well.

Mia has a bucket hat!

#DogsOfMastadon #Dog

Mia, a grey spotty dog, wearing a yellow bucket hat that has holes in the top for her brown ears to poke out of. She's resting her head on the sofa, looking comfy.
Mia, a grey spotty dog, wearing a yellow bucket hat that has holes in the top for her brown ears to poke out of. She's looking at the camera and seems to be smiling.
Mia, a grey spotty dog, wearing a yellow bucket hat that has holes in the top for her brown ears to poke out of. The picture is of the back of her head, so you can clearly see her ears poking out the holes in her hat.