Traveling Piano Man
4 minutes ago

Traveling Piano Pup Mo (the old G.O.A.T.) wore his hoodie today for the first time this year while hanging out with everyone who found us on the University of Las Vegas school campus. We will be there everyday until the end of the semester sharing music and presence to honor those gunned down and as a show of support for the teachers, students, friends, family and neighbors coping with the terrible gun slaughter that happened on Wednesday. We want them to know that we have not forgotten what happened and that they are loved, respected and deserve all the fun and friendship life can offer. Mo and I say, "Get Rid of the Guns."
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Mike Edey
42 minutes ago

Do you see what I see?

#Macrodon #DogsOfMastodon

Macro, my dogs eye reflecting the living room.
43 minutes ago
Let's put him in the table and place a bottle for scale 😁

A dog placed next to a 1 liter bottle for scale.
4am ❧
1 hour ago

Zara has had a long day being the queen of the house and the center of attention.


Close-up photo of sleeping French bulldog on a white couch, wearing a red sweater
1 hour ago
A small dog rest its cheeks on the arm of a sofa and wags its tails at the person filming him. Sorry,  forgot to ask the name of the breed. It's super tiny. It also has a flowery braid to tie his front hair above its forehead .
Eugene Glover
1 hour ago

The “after” picture. Clean, shorn, and contented.


Freshly-mown dog, curled up asleep on a footrest.
2 hours ago

#fedibird #dog #dogs #dogsofmastodon #mastodog #papillondog #

📷 Layla on the afternoon of November 28th.

#FediversalPictures #Dogs #DogsOfMastodon

a large boxer puppy sits on grass with a few fallen leaves, ears back, and makes eye contact.
3 hours ago

Salami would like everyone to know that he has had a very busy day and is closed for business. Please just leave a message. Thanx.
#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Dachshund #SausageDog

Long-haired dachshund laying on his back sleeping.
Joseph Meyer
4 hours ago

Clear photo of our new #dog, Guapo, and the back of my head. The photo was taken by my wife while we drove home from the #rescue organization.


A shaggy light-brown dog sitting in the rear seat of our Honda CR-V with my wife while I drive us home. The back of my head with grey hair is also visible as I sit in the driver's seat. The road, roadside plants, a utility pole, and a blue sky can be seen out the rear window.
Mandy May
4 hours ago

This dog has attitude... #dogsofmastodon #dogs

A small tan dog stares challengingly at the camera, his stance defiant. His description reads "Tyson, male dog aged 2 years. Not good with dogs, Not good with dogs, Not good with children."
4 hours ago

You’re going to share that, right? Pretty please!
#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Dachshund #SausageDog

Two dachshunds in Santa outfits next to a platter of meats and a salad. The dachshund in the foreground is licking his lips in anticipation.
Paws to Trail
4 hours ago

Busy weekend, but we took some time to visit our local Lebanon Hills for some #hiking with the #huskies in a light dusting of snow. Still waiting for proper winter to make its appearance!


Elderly husky Gypsy walks towards the camera placed a dog level on a hiking trail dusted with snow. She's followed by Jeff, hiking in a puffy winter jacket.
Huskies Zeena and Tonttu lead the photographer down a gently curving trail dusted with snow through a deciduous woodland largely bare of leaves for the oncoming winter.
We Built This City
4 hours ago

Today's #whippets blog post: We set up a big bed in the living room so Cricket would not get hurt trying to jump off the couch, but Enzo is also a fan (2023) 🐕❤️ #DogsOfMastodon

5 hours ago

When the adults leave for the wood fired hot tub. #PureMichigan #DogsOfMastodon

Three rather anxious dogs (a Pitt, a poodle, and a golden lab mix) all face a lit hallway downstairs. There is a half door closed at the top of the stairs and the Pitt has his front legs up on the door.
John Gordon ⚡️
5 hours ago

Of course, the dog also had to come on the holiday photo trip, but she wasn’t quite so keen on posing for photos amongst the leaves.

#photography #dog #DogsOfMastodon #ShotOnIphone

Hazel sitting next to a tree and surrounded by the yellow leaves that have fallen from the tree.
Sean Ablett
5 hours ago

Sometimes you need the heating pad after 2 full days of entertaining and babysitting the young ones. #dogsofmastodon #dogs

A dog lying on a couch, covered with a gray heated blanket, with a remote control in the foreground.
Boots Chantilly
5 hours ago

Poor Teddi—she is TRYING to sleep, ffs! #DogsOfMastodon

Closeup photo of our brown & white hound dog lying on her back on the (quilt covered) sofa. Her mouth is closed, but you can see her tiny teeths just a little. Her eyes are open, she’s wearing a hot pink collar. She looks really goofy.
Boots Chantilly
5 hours ago

Poor Teddi—she is TRYING to sleep, ffs! #DogsOfMastodon

Photo of our brown & white hound dog lying on her back on the (quilt covered) sofa. She’s completely upside down. Her mouth is closed, but you can see her tiny teeths just a little. Her eyes are open, she’s wearing a hot pink collar. She looks really goofy.
Boots Chantilly
5 hours ago

Poor Teddi—she is TRYING to sleep, ffs! #DogsOfMastodon #LetSleepingDogsLie

Photo of our brown & white hound dog lying on her back on the (quilt covered) sofa. She’s completely upside down with all her feet in the air. Her head is twisted a little sideways, her mouth is closed, but you can see her tiny teeths just a little. Her eyes are open, she’s wearing a hot pink collar. She looks really goofy.
5 hours ago
6 hours ago

Making sure no one else sees the hiding spot
#corgi #corgiCrew #dogs #dogsOfMastodon

Red & white Pembroke Welsh corgi puts a piece of wood under the snow at the base of a metal fence then scans the area before looking at the camera
val dillydallies
6 hours ago

The eyeroll. "Whatever"

Small dog lying on a couch with a red cushion. He is rolling his eyes and has one leg crossed nonchalantly over the other
6 hours ago

My poor Penny is still not getting the time change #dogsofmastodon

Anthony Pham
7 hours ago

Sometimes Boo is happy to get some attention from Fuuka.

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Chihuahua

Close in on a Chihuahua being licked by a Siamese cat on the back of her head, seen from the side.
Effie Seiberg
7 hours ago

Portrait of a dog hugging my foot

#DailyDoggo #DogsOfMastodon

I'm lying on the couch, knees up and socked feet down. Bagel the dachshund mix is laying his head and one front paw on my foot, and the other front paw is hugging my heel from behind. He's looking really damn cute.
8 hours ago

My little dude will not hold still long enough to get his picture made in his handsome new collar. Such a doofus! Bathtime was a major fail, but we got his nails trimmed down with minimal resistance.

AltText for all three photos: A black and white pit/boxer mix, in various avoidant non-poses while I am trying to photograph him. His collar is black with red buckles and trim, and is embroidered with rainbow-colored bones.
#DogsOfMastodon #Taejo #RescueDogs #Dogs

8 hours ago

Nobody can tell me that Ollie doesn't get excited when I buy him a new toy. He got groomed a couple of days ago and while he was suffering the indignities of a bath and haircut, I stopped at the local pet shop and got him this red toy. He was delighted! He has a similar one in blue but he long ago ripped the tassels off and it's been missing for the past week. He doesn't get new toys often--I'm not Bill Gates, you know!--and when he does, it's a big deal. Merry Xmas, Ollie!

Ollie the white golden doodle sitting on a brown armchair. He is holding a brand new bright red toy in his mouth while he looks out the the window.
8 hours ago

Speaking of petsitting, I had some four legged friends in Rarotonga that never left my side. When I went kayaking they even swam to the islands with me 🥺🐕
#dogsofmastodon #travel #cookislands

Dogs swimming to the next islands that I was kayaking to
My personal guard dog, he was paid in pets
Ah to be a dog on a tropical island playing in the lagoon with your buddies ❤️
My buddies taking me for a walk every morning
SteveWJJ 💙
8 hours ago

Saturday night film and a beer 🍺. Black Box a french film. Mystery thriller - very good. You're watching 👀 and get that feeling you are being watched 👀 🐶🤣
#Film #Films #MovieNight #Movie #Movies #DogsOfMastodon #Dachshund

French film Black Box on my TV.
Rolo the Dachshund watching me watch the film.
8 hours ago

Don't forget the stray cats & dogs who need love, food, shelter & warmth this Winter... They need YOU❣❣

#catsofmastodon #dogsofmastodon #cats #dogs #straycats #straydogs #bekindtoanimals 😘😿🐶🤗💕

Oscar 👨🏻‍💻🐶📲
9 hours ago

It's December, but #Duke enjoyed a Spring-like afternoon long walk and played with his toys in the park
#dogsofmastodon #dogsoffediverse

Duke playing with his toys and chewing sticks in the park

📷 Gus and Jack went out while I stood in the back door. Jack lasted just long enough to do the thing, then ran back in. Gus took his time.

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Photography

daytime, rain. high angle view of a black lab-pitty with shiny coat, stepping onto a cement porch with rug from the yard—dead leaves and grass.
10 hours ago

Just hanging out on my lap after his walk. A wee bit of a toothy look. #DailyDoseOfOliver #DogsOfMastodon

A close up of Oliver’s face. He is looking a bit off to the side, a few of his bottom teeth visible. The lights from the Christmas tree are in the background.
Joseph Meyer
10 hours ago

Introducing, Guapo, the newest member of our family.


A light-brown shaggy dog that weighs about 20 pounds. He is standing on the wood floor of our living room. The picture is slightly blurry because he is exploring his new home and has not stopped moving for long.

#Violet, with a rhino for comparison. #DogsOfMastodon

An Esperanto Eelhound resting on the couch near a large plush rhino in a pink shirt.
Adrianna Tan
13 hours ago

She looks peaceful, but she’s snoring extremely loudly

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

This is an image of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog sleeping peacefully. The dog is lying on a yellow blanket that matches the warm, sunlit ambiance of the room. The dog's coat is white with reddish-brown patches, and its ears are draped comfortably around its face. The environment looks serene, with a bookshelf in the background, suggesting a quiet and restful indoor setting. The soft lighting and the dog's relaxed posture evoke a sense of tranquility.
The Coding Beard
13 hours ago

Happy Saturday! Did you say #bacon?

#dog #greatdane #DogsOfMastodon

Cavedale Rhônes
13 hours ago

The dog bed has reached full capacity. #dogsofmastodon.

Two yellow Labradors curled up on a small dog bed
John Gordon ⚡️
14 hours ago

Somebody found a patch of sunshine on the floor…

#photography #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #shotOnIphone

Hazel stretched out sleeping in a patch of sunlight streaming in through a high window, down into a wood floor.
Blep Bot
15 hours ago

Daily #blep. Today's blepper is Bagel. Thank you @effies! #DogsOfMastodon


Life loses all meaning when there is a door between Tanuki and the object of her desire. But people need to take a shower sometimes… #DogsOfMastodon

a boxer puppy waiting at a door
Norbert Woehnl :itabashi:
17 hours ago

“On the Streets of Gion, Kyoto”

A set of photos taken a few years back on a day walking the streets of Gion in Kyoto.

1. Side Street Photo Pose
2. Canine Tobacco Shop Attendant
3. Crossing With Small Shrine
4. Maiko Walking

(A shame I wasn’t able to get the last one sharper, but it was either this shot or none at all …).

#photography #streetphotography #japanlife #japan #kyoto #gion #fotografie #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs

A woman is taking a photo of another woman posing in front of a restaurant on a narrow street in the Gion area of Kyoto, Japan.
A dog is looking at the camera whilst sitting in the window of a tobacco shop in Kyoto, Japan.
A v-shaped street crossing in Gion, Kyoto, Japan. A small shrine is seen in the center of the image.
A Maiko is seen walking on the streets of Gion in Kyoto, Japan.
Arlo el Mastín
19 hours ago

I have an important job guarding my family. Especially if we stop, I need to be on the lookout for wild animals, wolves, and tractors, which are a constant threat.

Today, my job is even more important because we have stopped for breakfast and I must protect this sausage.

I will go now, as I must concentrate...


Arlo the dog is sitting next to a plate of sausage on a table, watching it earnestly.
Juliet and Indiana Jones
20 hours ago

We were arrested today doing climate civil disobedience in Melbourne with Dad, sit down protest in an intersection in front of Flinders St Station. After being arrested we were lead away, police asked to see and photograph Dad's ID, they didn't ask to see our pet registration tags!!! (yes we had them on) Then they let us go, as long as we promised not to go back to the intersection.

We were in good company, some 72 people arrested for blocking an intersection, highlighting the #climateEmergency and need for rapid #FossilFuelPhaseout

More Pics and a statement by Dad on Facebook:

#ClimateAction #Civildisobedience #ExtinctionRebellion

here we are with Dad and the Brompton bike in Treasury Gardens. Dad is holding an umbrella over our heads.
wet rainy day, an extinction rebellion banner partially seen, a person on a brompton folding bike with two chihuahuas in the front basket. The person holds an umbrella. Police in the background. The sign on the bike says Chihuahuas for Climate Action . New Coal and new gas is barking mad.
Two chihuahuas in a bike basket on the march through Melbourne next to the students holding School strike for Climate banner. We love the student climate strikers. Cool kids, and they usually say hello to us.

Bailey er også meget tilfreds med det nye gulvtæppe. Det er 3,20m*2,40m så der er plads til at flyde, som hun ynder


Sort hvid hund ligger tæt ved min arbejdsplads
21 hours ago

Happy Birthday Ernie. 3 years old today and he still doesn’t like going out in the rain.


Brindle and white boxer puppy sleeping against his mum’s fawn coloured paw. Her paw goes from his chin to his rib cage. He is resting his chin on her front claws and his front paws on the soft and warm paw fur. He is one week old.
A nearly one year old brindle boxer dog wearing a green harness. With a stick in his mouth and leaves underfoot he looks very pleased with himself.
A bed of fallen leaves cover the ground in late autumn. A boxer dog is lying on top of them looking away from the camera with his tongue hanging out. He’s nearly two years old here.
Stopped in his tracks. A boxer dog sits by the open back door to a house in a utility room with a washing machine to his right. It’s before sunrise and the garden beyond is still in darkness. What you can’t see from the photo is it is raining heavily. This dog doesn’t like going out in heavy rain, light rain or stepping in puddles. It’s not a great start to his 3rd Birthday to be sitting on the mat hoping the rain will stop before he really needs to go out for a wee.
1 day ago

Bree would like you to know that she is enjoying her green bathrobe but wonders why I am taking her picture again. #dogsofmastodon #bordercollie

A black and white border collie in a green terrycloth dog bathrobe gives her person a side-eye.
Adrianna Tan
1 day ago

I’ll never tire of taking these photos of her. She’s 14 years old and she still wants to run 3 miles a day (at least. 8 miles on big walk days). Most days I’m trying to catch up with Cookie!

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A senior Cavalier King Charles spaniel walking quickly with purpose on city streets
Adrianna Tan
1 day ago
A senior Cavalier King Charles spaniel wearing boots and walking with purpose on a city street
Joshua Holland
1 day ago

Everything is pretty bleak but one bright spot in my little world is that Oscar’s surgically repaired knee is getting stronger every day. We’re 9+ weeks out, and now able to take (slow) walks lasting up to 30 mins, which is not only strengthening the leg but also gives him a lot more mental stimulation. #dogsofmastodon

A medium brown mixed-breed dog with a graying muzzle looks cutely at the camera.
Adrianna Tan
1 day ago

Old dog riding a bus

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs

A senior brown and white Cavalier King Charles spaniel with white eyebrows looking out of a bus window. There is a reflection of her in the window.
Chris @ 🦣
1 day ago

Today’s supervisor has had a long week. #DogsOfMastodon

Bubbles the dog, snoozy and tired at the end of the workweek.

Day 15 of #RunAmanda Quick out-and-back, because busy Friday and drained after getting so much done this week.

Warmed up a bit today, and caught the sun. Someone missed me while I was out 💖

#running #vermont #dogsofmastodon

Silly selfie in front of pine trees in traditional runners red and highlighter yellow
Closeup of a snoot for a brown, white, and black merle corgi
1 day ago

I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but one of my favorite toys on walks is Chuckit! Fetch tug

It distracts Moxxi from eating sticks. It's a little tricky to learn how to throw it like a Frisbee but it works. It doesn't fly insanely far, which I like in the city. It doesn't roll into busy streets either, which can be an issue with balls. I clip it onto my dog walking belt and off we go!

#Dogs #DogsOfMastodon #Mastodogs #DogsOfFediverse #FediDogs #PetsOfMastodon

moxxi the corgi is outside in the snow with an orange ring in her mouth.
2 days ago

‘Tis the season to save a pup! Our Home for the Holidays adoptathon is on through this weekend at all four of our adoption centers. Adoption fees for all dogs aged one and older will be waived. Eligible dogs will have stars on their adoption profiles. Learn more at! 🐶 ✨ ❤️

#rescuedogs #dogsofmastodon #boston #salem #methuen #capecod

Tammy, a mixed breed dog available for adoption at the MSPCA. She's mostly tan with a white neck and chest. She also has white fur on her snout and between her eyes. Her ears are popped up and her tongue is out. She looks happy and ready to play
Gaston Rampersad
2 days ago

I’m woefully biased but this isn’t a face I can say no to when we received 20 minutes of sun to go play. Then she ate donkey poop and lost her outdoor priviledges. #dogsofmastodon

A white boxer dog sitting in front of double glass doors looking back towards the camera. The vista outside the doors is green hills and a blue sky.
2 days ago

Look what greets me every time I walk in the door!

When one of us comes home she always runs to grab the nearest chew toy. It's so stinking cute!


Good morning Mastodon, TGIF! My insomnia got me up at 3am which sucked but I did get this picture of Pixie and Mr Minx snoozing together and thought, there are worse ways to start my day. 🙂 Hopefully Friday flies by and we can start the weekend!

Have a great Friday! I might give HR the🖕and slip out early...

#TGIF #catsofmastodon #tuxedocat #manxcat #DogsOfMastodon #bullypit #catsanddogs #insomnia

A fawn red bullypit mix named Pixie sleeping on a blue and grey dog bed with a black and white tuxedo cat named Mr Minx.
Gaston Rampersad
2 days ago

Regardless of the number of dog beds you have access to, nothing is more comfy than a couch. #dogsofmastodon

A white boxer dog curled into the corner of a cream couch that has grey blankets and cushions on top of it. Above the dog, a window looks out onto a green field.
Anthony Pham
2 days ago

Sometimes you're just the right shoulder to nap on.

#DogsOfMastodon #Dogs #Chihuahua

A Chihuahua resting her head on my shoulder, eyes looking at the camera.
A Chihuahua resting her head on my shoulder, sleeping with her eyes closed.
2 days ago
Hündin im Wiesengrund
Acef Stripe
2 days ago

pepperoni pizza cleaning crew..


my three dogs.  the front one is licking her lips.  hehe.   one is a cattle dog, one is a husky, and the other a Jindo.  all rescues.