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'Better than cheating on your partner': Fijians have a porn problem and the government wants it stamped out
By Lice Movono and Melissa Maykin

Fijians used 626.13 terabytes of data watching porn last quarter, according to one telco, landing it in the top 10 countries worldwide for pornography-related searches.

#Pornography #WomensHealth #Children #Family #DomesticViolence #Internet #LiceMovono #MelissaMaykin

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Former Army officer accused killing six injuring police Texas shooting spree: Army officer charged with murder for shooting spree in Texas. 6 dead, 2 injured. Discharged for domestic violence. Inmate at Travis County Jail. #Domesticviolence #Texas #SanAntonio #Murder #Mentalhealth

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Man pleads guilty to DV charges committed minutes before fatal crash killed woman, three children
By Monty Jacka

Tanya Murphy and three boys were killed in a single-vehicle crash which occurred just 15 minutes after the domestic violence offences.

#CourtsandTrials #DomesticViolence #MontyJacka

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The COVID crime dip is over. Here's what the 'return to normal' looks like
By Angus Mackintosh

Australian crime is returning to pre-pandemic levels, but certain offences are bucking the trend. We ask the experts what's behind the crime hotspots and whether more policing and help-seeking may explain the "new normal" of crime in 2023.

#DrugOffences #DrugandSubstanceAbuse #DomesticViolence #Police #Volunteers #AngusMackintosh

2 days ago

@sister_ratched @rwba

Jude, thanks for pointing out what should have been top of the list.

That #DomesticViolence got missed isn't good enough.

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Grace Jabbari Testifies About Jonathan Majors' 'Rage' During Assault Trial: Actor Jonathan Majors pleads not guilty to charges of assault, harassment and aggravated harassment. His girlfriend has also been arrested. #Acquittal #Homelessness #Domesticviolence #Strikeaction #Manhattan

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Police push to expand alcohol restrictions to dozens of WA towns amid surge in violent crime
By Gareth McKnight

In a letter sent to the director of Liquor Licensing, Deputy Police Commissioner Allan Adams says "immediate intervention" is needed to address shocking rates of domestic violence and other forms of crime.

#Alcohol #Crime #DomesticViolence #Police #StateandTerritoryGovernment #GarethMcKnight

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Adelaide man accused of murdering Maria Dimasi phoned police on the night of her death, court hears
By Ethan Rix

The Port Adelaide Magistrates Court hears Francesco Dimasi, who is charged with murdering his 85-year-old wife in Adelaide's west, was heavily intoxicated on the night he allegedly killed his wife. WARNING: This story contains distressing details.

#CommunityandSociety #DeathandDying #LawCrimeandJustice #Laws #Police #JudgesandLegalProfession #Crime #CourtsandTrials #DomesticViolence #EthanRix

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Olympic rower in custody on domestic violence charges after magistrate refuses bail
By Liz Gwynn

A magistrate refuses bail for Olympic rowing silver medallist Simon Burgess who has been charged with domestic violence offences in Tasmania.

#CourtsandTrials #DomesticViolence #LizGwynn

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91-year-old man charged over alleged murder of 'loved' nonna
By Shari Hams

A 91-year-old man has been charged with murder and refused bail after his wife was found dead at a home in Adelaide's western suburbs over the weekend.

#Crime #CommunityOrganisations #DeathandDying #DomesticViolence #ShariHams

Commissioner for Human Rights
6 days ago

I welcome the vote of #Latvia’s Parliament to ratify the
@coe #IstanbulConvention. This is a critical step towards a Europe free from #ViolenceAgainstWomen & #DomesticViolence.

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'We can't be silent anymore': Hundreds march against domestic violence as reforms pass parliament
By Thomas Morgan and Isabella Tolhurst

Hundreds have marched to call for more discussions about the scourge in the Northern Territory, which suffers from high rates of domestic violence.

#DomesticViolence #Police #Women #IndigenousAboriginalandTorresStraitIslander #ThomasMorgan #IsabellaTolhurst

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Tragedy inspires Ballina man to take a stand and create international march against domestic violence
By Bruce MacKenzie and Bronwyn Herbert

Dave Harmon was at the funeral of a friend who had been killed by her partner when he decided it was time to take a stand against domestic violence. Five years on, his annual march has become an international movement.

#DomesticViolence #BruceMacKenzie #BronwynHerbert

Hey all, I'm trying to raise $1000 for our local shelter society that provides refuge for Women and Gender Diverse people fleeing violence in #PortAlberni and around the West Coast and #Nuuchanulth Territories on Vancouver Island.
You can donate to Sage Haven Society using this link:
Thank you! 🙏

And if you'd like to know more about the society, here's the website:

#CNOY2024 #DomesticViolence #LGBTQ2S #ViolenceAgainstWomen

1 week ago

That the PPS tried so many times to reduce the charges this thug would face is really dreadful. Well done to his former partner for keeping her resolution, and being prepared to see the full case tried in court. Just one example of how immensely difficult it is for DV victims to get any kind of justice. #domesticviolence

1 week ago

Does anyone have any experience putting on an art show? My Zonta club is looking into (I am the committee chair) putting on an art show during domestic violence awareness month. We would be selling local art work and part of the proceeds would go to our local domestic violence shelter. Anything I should be keeping in mind? Any advice would be great. Our first meeting is after the holidays, but I would like to come to the table with as much info as possible.

#art #ArtShow #DomesticViolence

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Insecure Actress Accuses Brother of Keke Palmer's Ex of Mental and Physical Abuse in Child Custody Dispute: "Insecure" actress DomiNque Perry accuses former costar Sarunas J. Jackson of abuse days after Keke Palmer was granted a TRO against his brother. #Lawsuit #Domesticviolence #JacksonMississippi #LosAngeles

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Jonathan Majors lawyers evidence sealed jury selection domestic violence trial: Actor Jonathan Majors' domestic violence trial begins with his lawyers trying to keep evidence secret. He faces misdemeanor assault charges. #Acquittal #Lawyer #Domesticviolence #Manhattan #Jury

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'No other options': Domestic violence victims left to fend for themselves after closure of safe space
By Keane Bourke

The loss of a critical women's shelter will leave women with little choice but to return to violence or sleep rough, according to those who have worked with victims of family violence.

#DomesticViolence #Homelessness #StateandTerritoryGovernment #StateandTerritoryParliament #GovernmentandPolitics #KeaneBourke

Lisa Kalayji
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"Though data on police domestic violence is not only notoriously difficult to gather but also skewed by a culture of silence and intimidation, it suggests that police officers in the United States perpetrate acts of domestic violence at roughly 15 times the rate of the general population. Because officers tend to protect their own, domestic victims of violent cops often don’t know where to go.

The more honest officers will tell you that policing is a job about control... These men aren’t losing control. They are maintaining control."

#AbolishThePolice #Police #DomesticViolence #ViolenceAgainstWomen #VAW #ChildAbuse #Abolition

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How COVID-19 Enabled New Forms of Economic Abuse of Women in India

The lockdown gave some men a chance to increase their control and coercion of women.

#covid19 #CovidLockdown #WomensRights #DomesticViolence #EconomicViolence #india

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Murder of woman's best friend inspires Change for Sam safety alarms for those vulnerable to family violence
By Natasha Schapova

Lija Matthews is distributing safety alarms to family violence victim survivors to help prevent more women from dying in the hands of their current or former partners, after her best friend, Sam Fraser, was murdered by her estranged husband in 2018.

#DomesticViolence #Crime #Family #NatashaSchapova

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While politicians bicker, dozens of women are about to find themselves on the street
By Keane Bourke

With the growing focus on tackling violence against women, it is difficult to grasp how a service offering protection to dozens of vulnerable women in Perth has become such a political football in Western Australia, writes state political reporter Keane Bourke.

#DomesticViolence #LocalGovernment #StateandTerritoryGovernment #StateandTerritoryParliament #GovernmentandPolitics #KeaneBourke

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Stealing cars, hiding keys, cancelling insurance: Study reveals how domestic violence perpetrators use cars to control and intimidate
By Kelsie Iorio and Jessica Black

New research has highlighted the ways perpetrators of violence and coercive control use vehicles — and the paperwork associated with them, like insurance policies — against their partners.

#DomesticViolence #Insurance #ConsumerFinance #PersonalFinance #KelsieIorio #JessicaBlack

1 week ago

#Alberta #DomesticViolence #shelters are collectively reporting the most calls for help they've seen in a decade, following another year-over-year increase.

The #AlbertaCouncil of #WomensShelters (#ACWS) says the number of people across the province who stayed in a shelter after fleeing #abuse jumped 19 per cent compared to the previous year.

1 week ago

‘Worship of the Holy Framers Offers Us Nothing to Deal With the Problems We Have Today’


CounterSpin interview with Scott Burris on US v. Rahimi

Janine Jackson interviewed Temple Law School's Scott Burris about United States v. Rahimi for the October 17, 2023, episode of CounterSpin. This is a lightly edited transcript.

#DomesticViolence #Guns #SupremeCourt

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Man charged after woman's body found in a bathtub in Sydney's inner west
By Millie Roberts

Brazilian teacher Catiuscia Machado was found in a Chiswick unit on Saturday after police responded to an alleged domestic violence incident.

#DomesticViolence #Police #CourtsandTrials #MillieRoberts

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Royal commission and coercive control laws 'not mutually exclusive', SA advocate says

SA's premier says while he is "willing to contemplate" a royal commission into gendered violence, the government is currently prioritising the passage of legislation to criminalise coercive control — a response that has left one leading agency frustrated.

#DomesticViolence #RoyalCommissions #StateandTerritoryGovernment #Crime #FamilyLaw

2 weeks ago

⚡️ Two women have been stabbed in Palmerston, resulting in one being critically injured. A 25-year-old woman has been arrested and is expected to be charged. The incident is being treated as a domestic violence case. The injured women were taken to the hospital, while the suspect remains under police guard. Serious Crime Detectives are investigating the matter. #PalmerstonStabbing #DomesticViolence

The Japan Times
2 weeks ago
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Patricia wanted to leave her abusive husband but feared what would happen to her beloved cats

Women in violent and abusive relationships will often delay leaving due to concerns for the welfare of their pets, but an RSPCA program provides a safe bed for them while their owners seek refuge and safety.

#DomesticViolence #Animals

RT by @EUCYPRUS: Sex without consent is rape.

I call on the @EUCouncil & @europarl_en to support the @EU_Commission proposal to recognise this crime under EU law, as part of the law on combating #ViolenceAgainstWomen and #DomesticViolence.

#SayNoStopVAW #UnionOfEquality


[2023-11-25 08:17 UTC]

RT by @EUCYPRUS: Sex without consent is rape. I stand firmly by that definition.

My op-ed in European newspapers on EU law’s role in combatting #VAW and #domesticviolence:


[2023-11-25 08:26 UTC]

Is any researcher or investigative #journalist #journalists looking into the suicide rate for #MAGA followers?

We know anecdotally that #DomesticViolence and #MAGA appears connected. (And, #research really, really ought to try to get a better handle on that.) #DV is associated with depression.

I am not trying to solve any great equation. I believe the rise of #AntiDemocratic thought is a culmination of many things. I am informally (meaning, I do not intend at this time to turn it into a research question) looking at MAGA in terms of #HumanDevelopment with a strong emphasis on #Womens development. (Meaning why do women become entangled with MAGA?)

We can read great books like *On Tyranny* and philosophers like #HannaArendt to see how #AntiDemocratic #Authoritarianism appeals to some. I'm curious why it appeals to some. One argument states it appeals because it's easy; it gives easy answers. But desiring and/or accepting easy answers strongly indicates there is a connection to human development.

Developmentally, MAGA perhaps could be viewed as an impetus for an awaking of knowledge about self... and, age does not matter here because such an awakening can happen late in life if there is some sort of break. Following the 'break" and being in a newly subjectivist area of development, the person starts to see they are knowers; that they themselves are experts. Subjectivist knowers begin to see truth as intuitive, something where they have the expertise within them and they only need to "listen to their gut." (One can see how MAGA gives people a sense of confirmation of expertise.) But development is not easy to go through, and development is neither linear nor does it follow a prescribed time table. It is known people can have problems in these stages because of the stresses caused. (Note: there are stages of human development beyond subjectivist knowing; but perhaps MAGA gets stuck or falls back within stages, as researchers show happens.)

Hence, my question: if there is a high prevalence of #DV , that prevalence indicates there may also be a high prevalence of depression. Given #MAGA preference for violence, I am wondering how high is suicide amongst MAGA followers? (And, I am counting a willingness to break the law or die for the cause a form of self-harm.)

#ThinkingOutLoud #Psychology

2 weeks ago

Tag gegen #HäuslicheGewalt: Gut geschultes medizinisches Personal kann erste Anlaufstelle für Opfer und Betroffene sein. UKM-Expertin Prof. Bettina Pfleiderer leitet europaweites Opferschutzprojekt VIPROM. #domesticviolence @UK_Muenster

Foto darf nur im Zusammenhang mit der Pressemitteilung verwendet werden.

Don’t you just love
the problem-solving style of Rs?
#domesticviolence #bullies

A Michigan township that values guns over domestic violence survivors is not a place I'll visit.

#DomesticViolence #EndGunViolence #Michigan

Dr. Steve Thompson
2 weeks ago

Reportedly claims his biggest influences are sleazy Dave Chapelle and toxic Ricky Gervais. Neither is funny. Hard pass here.

"TikTok Made Matt Rife a Viral Comedian. Now His Netflix Special Is Turning Audiences Against Him"

#MattRife #domesticviolence #Netflix #Tiktok

2 weeks ago

According to a Boston Police Department report, Lucic appeared intoxicated when officers arrived at his North End apartment early Saturday after his wife reported that he tried to choke her. Brittany Lucic told the responding officers that her husband had pulled her hair, but said he did not try to strangle her. She declined an offer of medical treatment.


TheBadNewsB :verified:
2 weeks ago

Making or laughing at domestic violence jokes makes you an asshole. There’s no other spin. No other take. You’re a bad person. Sit with it. Preferably in a therapist’s office.
#DomesticViolence #IsntFunny

Every Michigan Democratic lawmaker voted for the gun ban for domestic violence abusers bill.

Only four Michigan Republican lawmakers voted for the bill.

Michigan gun ban for domestic abusers to take effect mid-February.

#GunBan #DomesticViolence #Michigan

2 weeks ago

Staff and volunteers at an #Indigenous #nonprofit say they're struggling to keep up with the growing need for #food as the cost of living continues to rise in #Vancouver.

#HelpingSpiritLodgeSociety was formed to support #women and #children fleeing #DomesticViolence, but they've expanded to include a #FoodHamper program and an outdoor #CommunityFridge that's available to those who need it 24 hours a day.

#YVR #DonationsNeeded #PleaseHelp #FoodInsecurity #Grassroots

Grabmacherjoggi Basel
3 weeks ago

Heute vor 265 Jahren - Ein brutaler Mann spürt am eigenen Leib, was seine #HäuslicheGewalt angerichtet hat | #DomesticViolence

3 weeks ago


I have to admit, this sounds more like the fellow abused his partner, got caught, and is experiencing the legal #consequences of doing so -- rightfully.

i.e. a near perfect example of #FAFO .

"OMG, your victims can call 911 and get you in trouble! It's so unfair!" is not, perhaps, the best battle cry I've heard.

Instead, this should be a learning moment for your friend, I think, on the rights of women.

#domestic #violence #DomesticViolence #legal #crime

Bendy Wendy
3 weeks ago

“According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, a nonprofit group that fields calls and texts from more than 1 million people each year, financial abuse exists in 98% of relationships in which there’s domestic violence. The organization’s CEO, Katie Ray-Jones, said cellphones are a frequently-used tool of control and manipulation.“ #Women
#Safety #DomesticViolence

3 weeks ago

Scott Burris on US v. Rahimi

The question is whether the Court’s conservative majority can use its special brand of backwards-looking to determine this country’s future.

#DomesticViolence #Guns #IsraelPalestine #SupremeCourt

Marion Davis
3 weeks ago

The holidays are particularly rough when your parent has left an abuser and is struggling to make ends meet. The REACH Holiday Gift Program is collecting donations – cash and selected items – for 300 families. Will you join me in supporting this holiday drive? Deadline is next Tuesday! Visit to give cash or for a list of items needed. #domesticviolence #holidaygiving #givingback

Christmas-themed flyer for the REACH Holiday Gift Program, saying it gives Target gift cards to families and inviting people to support survivor empowerment by giving them the opportunity to choose their own gifts. It also provides instructions for giving in kind by going to the website's Give In Kind page. Questions can be directed to Maria Duffy at
4 weeks ago

Politicians and cops from coast to coast and border to border insist that we need to hire more cops--and pay them more--to "control" crime; meanwhile, people who report crimes are either treated like criminals or simply not believed.

Day laborers tried to report that Sam Haskell hired them to dump bags full of body parts, and two police stations fobbed them off.

#MeiHaskellMurder #DomesticViolence #ACAB

4 weeks ago

One Woman Died on an #Alaska Mayor’s Property. Then Another. No One Has Ever Been Charged.

Before they died, Jennifer Kirk and Sue Sue Norton were both victims of domestic violence, but the men involved — the ex-mayor’s sons — faced few consequences despite a long history of similar allegations.

#News #DomesticViolence #Police #Politics #Women #NativeAmerican #CriminalJustice

Side-by-side photos of two young,  Inupiaq women. On the left is Jennifer Kirk and on the right is Susanna “Sue Sue” Norton. Both died, two years apart, in homes owned by a former mayor of Kotzebue, Alaska, and often occupied by his adult sons.
Texas Observer
1 month ago

From our magazine: An investigation by the Observer found that many domestic abusers under protective orders get to keep their firearms. Most #Texas counties have no consistent policy to enforce the surrender of #guns owned by abusers. And we can prove that this has been deadly, too.

(CW: Descriptions of #DomesticViolence and murder)

#news #politics #USpol #GunViolence #TXlege #women #HumanRights #CriminalJustice #abuse

Texas Observer
1 month ago

Top story: Between 2015 and 2021, at least 55 people were killed by those who'd been under protective orders. At least 60% were shot.

Our investigation shows that, far too often, violent abusers in #Texas are allowed to keep their #guns, in violation of the law ...

#GunViolence #crime #abuse #CriminalJustice #law #TXlege #politics #HumanRights #women #DomesticViolence #news

Texas Observer
2 months ago

Next, Senior Reporter Lise Olsen looked at the disturbing tale of an overlooked victim of the Tower Massacre, and one of the first to be killed by the sniper, even before he took aim on campus.

#books #DomesticViolence #GunViolence #guns #history #Austin #Texas #culture

Texas Observer
2 months ago

Featured story: Murder was the leading cause of death among pregnant and postpartum people in the U.S. In 2022 alone, at least 17 #Texas women were killed while pregnant or shortly after giving birth.

Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher details disturbing facts from this recent report on the terrible impact of domestic violence:

#abuse #news #DomesticViolence #politics #USpol #HumanRights #LGBTQ+ #women #CriminalJustice #police

Texas Observer
2 months ago

Last week: A new report documents the growing numbers of domestic violence incidents which turn deadly in #Texas and the United States at large ...

#DomesticViolence #CriminalJustice #police #abuse #news #HumanRights #LGBTQIA+

Texas Observer
2 months ago

Murder was the leading cause of death among pregnant and postpartum people in the U.S. In 2022 alone, at least 17 #Texas women were killed while pregnant or shortly after giving birth.

From a newly issued report, Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher shares the shocking facts about the domestic violence crisis in our state and America at large:

#DomesticViolence #abuse #murder #CriminalJustice #news #HumanRights

Friends in the U.S. The government is conducting a test today that will force a message on all connected devices. People (almost exclusively women) suffering domestic violence who have hidden phones are at risk. Please let people know so they can turn them off completely.

#DomesticAbuse #DomesticViolence #Safety #FEMA

Graphic with text: Do you have a hidden phone? National emergency alert test scheduled October 4th at 11:20 am PST. Even if it’s on silent your phone may make a noise or read the alert. If you have a second phone due to domestic violence please remember to shut it off during the test.
2 months ago

If you have hidden/secret phone (safety reasons or whatever else) - turn it off tomorrow. The only bypass way to ensure you skip the alert = turning it off. Only turn it back on in a safe environment.
Stay safe, make sure it stays hidden.

Flipboard News Desk
2 months ago

FEMA and the FCC are testing their emergency alert systems Wednesday, sending an alarm to cellphones nationwide even if the devices are set to opt-out of them. Social media users are sending out an alert of their own ahead of the test, saying vulnerable people with secret cell phones, such as domestic violence victims, should turn off their device.

#DomesticViolence #FEMA #CellPhones #Emergency

Pablo Rrrrrrr
2 months ago

@w7voa It’s important that people who are in a domestic violence situation and hiding a phone for emergencies keep it powered down during the tests. Keeping it on silent mode will not be enough as the test will override it. #FEMA #EmergencyBroadcast #DomesticViolence

T. Thorn Coyle 🖤
2 months ago

The FEMA emergency test is this coming Wednesday, October 4.

If you hide a phone for safety’s sake, *power it all the way down* before 11:20 pacific time, and keep it off for at least 30 minutes after the test.

Phone on silent won’t work.

More info:

#DomesticViolence #safety #FEMA

National emergency alert in the United States is scheduled for October 4th.

At-risk users should protect hidden devices.

Helpful detailed instructions for Apple and Android users.

#NationalEmergencyAlert #DomesticViolence
3 months ago

The film Tautuktavuk (What We See) has won the Amplify Voices Award at #TIFF.

The film is co-directed by Carol Kunnuk and Lucy Tulugarjuk, who also play the leads.

It’s about domestic violence in Igloolik, #Nunavut, healing in #Montreal, and being far away from #family by necessity.

The jury said the directors “powerfully capture truth in its most unadorned form” and reflected “a rare purity” in their #filmmaking approach.

#Inuit #Indigenous #film #domesticviolence

A woman wearing an orange T-shirt with syllabics printed on it is running barefoot down a snow-covered road through a northern town.
3 months ago

Are we talking about #DomesticViolence now? *cracks her knuckles* hold on to your butts

4 months ago

How Tennessee’s Justice System Allows Dangerous People to Keep #Guns — With Deadly Outcomes

Michaela Carter was one of at least 75 people killed in #DomesticViolence shootings in #Nashville since 2007.

Nearly 40% were shot by people who were legally barred from having a gun.

#Tennessee #Weapons #Police #CriminalJustice #Firearms #News

Mary Clark
4 months ago

Passages: Coming of Age in the #1970s - based on #truestories Martin lives within his male and female (Maryanne) identities which fuel vivid dreams and fantasies. He meets Simone, a rising star on #Broadway, #NYC. In a strange encounter a new self is revealed to him. He engages in two volatile relationships, searching for the most amazing life possible. #sexualidentity #genderfluidity #artists #poets #dreamers #history #mentalhealth #domesticviolence #America

Book Cover for Passages by Mary Clark. Photograph of Broadway theaters at sunset, marquee lights coming on. Large yellow triangles like arrows above and below, making a passageway.
Texas Observer
4 months ago

Sophi Sullivan's 7-year-old son blamed his father, Danny, for her brutal murder. But friends and relatives say they're still seeking justice.

Sadly, Sophi's case is all too common in the state of #Texas, as revealed by Rob D'Amico's investigation, from the July/August issue of our magazine:

(🎨 Illustrated by Walter Stanley, CW: Descriptions of #abuse & #murder)
#DomesticViolence #CriminalJustice #politics #news #USpol #HumanRights #WomensRights

An illustration of a silhouetted boy pointing toward the viewer, as another person holds up a hand in warning, and a third rests their hand on the boy's shoulder.
4 months ago

Substance #addiction and #alcoholism are serious conditions and I have great sympathy for those who suffer and great admiration for those who get help. But that also doesn’t mean one can use alcoholism as an excuse for one’s actions. One has to deal with the fallout. And if #Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán’s history of #DomesticViolence is related to his alcoholism, I applaud him for getting help, but I still am not okay with his actions nor want him on my favorite #baseball team.

4 months ago

#Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán is going to rehab for alcohol abuse. According to GM Brian Cashman, there was an incident yesterday. Look, I understand and respect a need for privacy, but when referencing a vague incident with a man who has a history of #DomesticViolence, Cashman has to know where our minds go.

“I’m worried right now for the person and the immediate family.” This quote from Cashman can just be bc #alcoholism impacts the alcoholic and their loved ones, but with Germán’s history…

Hannu Ikonen, MD
4 months ago

On this day of 113°F or 45°C, let us remember that domestic violence, femicide, and abuse skyrocket in proportion to heat waves, as well as pulmonary injury to vulnerable children from Ozone and other pollutants:

#ClimateChange #domesticviolence #MentalHealth #endfossilfuels

5 months ago

📢 The European Parliament's final position on the directive on combatting #ViolenceAgainstWomen and #DomesticViolence is here.

✅ less focus on criminalisation, more on protection
✅ online platforms recognised as crucial players
✅ a specific article to support victims of #CyberViolence
❌ no room for encryption

Read our take:

three women with their phones, with apparent hateful words on them (shown through characters !*#@). purple background, with floating eyes on the left upper-hand corner
David Wakeham
5 months ago

This inner critic is common in those like me, who have been sexually/physically and or psychologically abused.

Interestingly though, it’s job is to actually to protect.

It believes as you are worthless and pain is inevitable to present that to you first, so others cannot cause you further pain.

#SexualAbuse #PhysicalAbuse #DomesticViolence #Gaslighting

where the (sic) Destroyer is very active, they will compulsively apologise for themselves (and their very existence) or their posture will be slumped to avoid eye contact.  They often have histories of extreme trauma (physical, sexual, emotional) and their Destroyer parts hold beliefs around it being safer or more preferable to not exist.
Commissioner for Human Rights
5 months ago

I welcome the ratification by the European Union of the Council of #Europe #IstanbulConvention and I urge all #CouncilofEurope member states to ratify and fully implement this landmark instrument to combat #ViolenceAgainstWomen and #DomesticViolence. #VAW #EU @coe

From Sisters Inside Facebook page:

UPDATE: 🖤💛♥️

Aunty has been safety relocated in another jurisdiction. Now we are working around the clock to secure palliative care and permanent safe affordable housing near a hospital.

Safe affordable housing is at a crisis in this country so we won’t be able to secure housing for Aunty quickly. Because of this we need to continue to raise funds to pay for private rental which is expensive. So please keep donating and sharing.

As I said goodbye to Aunty to travel back to Meanjin she said surprisingly that she wanted to live. 🥲 This broke my heart 💔 and made me smile as we cried together. It was hard to say goodbye.

Aunty has many people around her now who are caring for her and advocating for her medical needs and housing. We also have to return to her home and pack up her personal items and engage a removalist to transport to a storage shed. We will need to pay for this from the fund raiser as well.

Please share and donate if you can

Much love to you all who are donating to support Aunty.

#FreeHer #ForOurElders

#Indigenous #Aboriginal #IndigenousMutualAid #DomesticViolence #DV #PleaseShare

Indigenous activist, Debbie Kilroy, hugging an Indigenous Aunty who has been supported in leaving a domestic violence situation.

It is with great sadness that Debbie Kilroy has had to travel interstate to urgently relocate one of our sistas who is an Aboriginal Elder and who is one of the Stolen Generation.

We must get her out of her home where she is experiencing abuse and is not safe. She is very unwell and lives on oxygen. Her prognosis is not good.

She has to leave with only the clothes she is wearing, her medication and oxygen tank.

They will travel together by vehicle interstate and secure safe accommodation near a hospital so she is cared for and free from violence. There is no affordable accommodation across the country so the funds donated will go towards securing private rental until we can secure public housing near a hospital.

Please help us so she can live a longer life free from violence and live in a safe home.

Plz donate here 👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

- Sisters Inside

#Aboriginal #Indigenous #Decolonise #AbolishPolice #Abolition #AbolishPrisons #anarchism #MutualAid #IndigenousSolidarity #IndigenousMutualAid #DomesticViolence #PleaseShare

6 months ago

RTs appreciated!

We are conducting a paid study to understand the support-seeking process after facing technology-facilitated abuse - e.g. spying, stalking, and harassment. If you would like to participate, pls sign up.

#ipv #techabuse #domesticabuse #DomesticViolence