I guess this could count for Black Metal Monday too-- there's a new Wolves in the Throne Room EP called Crypt of Ancestral Knowledge that comes out on Friday and the preview track sounds GREAT (of course) - I mean, WITTR really NEVER disappoint.

Check it out:

#metal #doom #DoomMetal #BlackMetal #BlackMetalMonday #AtmosphericMetal #WolvesInTheThroneRoom #WITTR

Jake Beamer
1 day ago

It's the beginnings of Sludge Metal Fall and it's also Black Metal Monday, so I present to you this BANGER of an album that just came out a couple days ago, 'Upon the Darkest Shores' by Grim Dawn.

It has black metal elements here and there but it's also sludgy and doomy as fuck:

#metal #sludge #SludgeMetal #doom #DoomMetal #GrimDawn #BlackenedDoom #BlackenedSludge #BlackMetalMonday

Sven Vabar
1 day ago

Ära kaeba! Kannata kui mees ja oota
Ammusäetud ajapiiril koputust.
Ja kui sinule kord viimaks käega viipab
Majauksel ingel, verine ja must -
Mine temaga! Eks mõtle kuldset aega,
Nuta pisar veel - ja sihi poole siis
Kas või kalju kaudu läbi kõrbe-kelu!
Elu kõrgem latv ei ole ainult elu."

(Kristian Jaak Peterson, esmailmunud 1823, saksa keelest tlk Betti Alver)

#kristianjaakpeterson #doommetal

Sven Vabar
1 day ago

"Üksnes undamisi mõned kauged kajad
Kaduviku kolletanud kalmu alt
Üles kohkudes mind mahajäetut hüüdmas
Oma koopahäälega on koledalt.
Ikka leinalisem, ikka võõram-võikam,
Ikka lagedam on mulle ilmalaan.
Kellel kadus rõõm ta kandlehelinaga,
surmavõitlus juba sel on seljataga.

#kristianjaakpeterson #doommetal

Sven Vabar
3 days ago

Out today. This is very good, on first listen.
#TheMoth #doommetal #sludge

Currently listening to: Tideless - Eye of Water #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #Shoegaze 🇺🇸

Chris Fletch
4 days ago

Well it’s somehow Friday again which means new music! Here’s #FletchsFridayReleases to get stuck in to. #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #PowerMetal #DoomMetal #NewMusic #NewMusicFriday

Cannibal Corpse - death - USA
Rebaelliun - death - Brazil
Monastery - death - Hungary
Porkfarm - death - UK
Abominated - death - Poland
Wormhole - death/deathcore - USA
Suffer Yourself - death/doom - Poland
Kings Rot - black - Canada
Hammerfilosofi - black - Norway
Profanatica - black - USA
Deadspace - black - Australia
Solus Grief - black - Norway
Verderbnis - black - Germany
Uhritulet - black - Finland
Bergrizen - black - Ukraine
Skardus - black - Germany
Noctomb - black/sludge - USA
Grim Ravine - Sludge - UK
Farscape - thrash - Brazil
Torture Squad - thrash - Brazil
Destabilizer - thrash - Denmark
Acid Mass - thrash - USA
Bulletbelt - thrash - New Zealand
Tyranex - thrash - Sweden
Ken Mode - hardcore - Canada
Kerrigan - heavy metal - Germany
By Fire and Sword - trad/power - USA
Bekor Oilish - extremelavant garde - Italv
The Warlock
5 days ago

@bstrange I know what you mean. My wife has no idea how I can possibly listen to something like Mercyful Fate while I'm falling asleep (I have a nightmask / headphone combo that is AWESOME!). She listens to waterfalls... not my cup of tea unless they are on fire!

#Occult #Darkness #MercyfulFate #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #Evil #IMightNeedHelp

The album Don't Break The Oath by the band Mercyful Fate.
6 days ago

Wednesday is #MittwochMetalMix where any metal music goes 🎶

Roots of the Old Oak is my choice today

There's not much about them online other than they are a pagan doom death band from the UK. They released an album last Friday that has a few hooks to reel you in with 😉

The Bandcamp link is here:

#Metal #MetalMusic #DoomMetal #DeathMetal

1 week ago

As I kept on at @derthomas to do PL as one of his metal journeys I feel I should keep him company 🎵

The coolest thing about introducing a friend to the music you love is how it helps you listen with new ears with them 😍

Paradise Lost The Plague Within
YT link:

#Metal #MetalMusic #ParadiseLost #DoomMetal

Currently listening to: Damnation's Hammer - Into the Silent Nebula #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #SludgeMetal 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Gonna have a Boris marathon: Feedbacker, Amplifier Worship and all three Heavy Rocks albums. #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #DroneMetal #StonerMetal 🇯🇵

Currently listening to: Boris at Last - Feedbacker - #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal 🇯🇵

Chris Fletch
2 weeks ago

Well it’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and as mentioned, September is a bumper month! #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal #Metal #HeavyMetal #NewMusic

Tomb Mold - death - USA
Flesher - death - USA
Thorn - death - USA
Fabricant - death - USA
Blood Oath - death - Chile
Slave Steel - death - Italy/UK
Altarage - death - Spain
Mortuary Ghoul - death - USA
Tideless - death/doom - USA
Roots of the Old Oak - death/doom - UK
Brujeria - groove/death - Mexico/USA
Blind Equation - grind - USA
Gridlink - grind - USA
Eerie - black - Spain
Storm of Darkness - black - Colombia
Shining - black - Sweden
Tumultuous Ruin - black - USA
Quasarborn - thrash - Serbia
Rising Sun - thrash - Canada
Radux - thrash - Finland
Patriarch - power/thrash - Belgium
Ignition - power/thrash - Germany
Hellfynder - black/thrash - USA
Huronian - black/thrash - Italy
Infernal Throne - black/thrash - Greece
Tar Pond - doom - USA
Fulanno - stoner/doom - Argentina
Damnations Hammer - doom/groove - UK
Danko Jones - hard rock - Canada
Electric Boys - hard rock - Sweden
Vortize - heavy metal - Chile
Serration - hardcore/metalcore - Canada
Magnitide - hardcore/metalcore - USA
Violent Life Violent Death - hardcore - USA
Shadowstrike - power - USA
TesseracT - prog metal - UK
Baroness - prog/sludge - USA
2 weeks ago

Amazing to see Smoulder play live on their first ever tour. And then to have them hit a super small venue just 10-15 minutes from my home. One that even has a policy to never ask above 8 euro entry at the door.

Amazing show and very glad to have seen them.

#smoulder #doommetal #heavymetal #canadian #livemusic

Sarrah from Smoulder giving a steller preforman e!
There is No Dana (He/Him)
2 weeks ago

Totally stolen from weedian but still makes me laugh. It's me!!! #DoomMetal

Band plays the same riff theybe been playing for 20 minutes
Doom metal guys: picture of 2 guys getting down on the dance floor
Chris Fletch
2 weeks ago

P.S the Thorn album is out on Transcending Obscurity (one of my favourite labels) and it just so happens that for the month of September all their digital releases are Name Your Own Price on Bandcamp. So if you like it pick it up. Also I suggest picking up some more of their stuff because they have an insane roster #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #Metal

Currently listening to: Hiems - Stranger in a Wasteland #HeavyMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal 🇮🇹

Matthijs De Smedt
2 weeks ago

Yeeeess. High on Fire + Pallbearer tour. I'll be there 🤘
#metal #doommetal

High on Fire + Pallbearer tour poster

Currently listening to: Hail The Void - Memento Mori #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #StonerMetal 🇨🇦

Chris Fletch
3 weeks ago

It’s Friday! That means it’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and there is some really good stuff out! Dying Fetus is top tier, Cryptopsy is great and I really liked Hanging Fortress. Sylosis was a bit of a grower but I did like it. Hope you find something you enjoy! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal #NewMusic #NewMusicFriday

Edited to remove problematic band after it was brought to my attention.

uryptopsy - aeamn - canada
Dying Fetus - death - USA
Hanging Fortress - death - USA
Fossilization - death - Brazil
Excarnated Entity - death - USA
Dark Reflection - death - Sweden
Gory Blister - death - Italy
Head Cleaner - death - Greece
Uada - black - USA
Shunyata - black - USA
Valravn - black - Finland
Hiems - black - Italy
Morta - black - Spain
Dantalion - black - Spain
Bio-Cancer - thrash - Greece
Terminalist - thrash - Denmark/USA
Taskforce Toxicator - thrash - Germany
Sylosis - thrash/metalcore - UK
Kvelertak - Black N Roll - Norway
Domkraft - doom - Sweden
Slomatics - doom/sludge - UK
Nasty - hardcore - Belgium/Germany
Skull & Crossbones - heavy metal -
Starmen - hard rock - Sweden

It's #ThursDeath (🤘 to @Buffer for the tag) and this week's band is Illithilich. GRIMY, great death/doom metal from New York.

Named after a monster, and songs about monsters. I'm there.

#DeathMetal #metal #dnd #monsters #NewYorkMetal #Illithilich #doom #DoomMetal #DungeonsAndDragons

Chris Fletch
4 weeks ago

Morning #Fediverse its Friday which means new music and #FletchsFridayReleases so there’s plenty to get stuck into #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DeathCore #Metalcore #DoomMetal

Demoniac - blackened thrash - Chile
Primal Fear - power/heavy metal - Germany
Outergods - black - UK
Egregore - blackened death - USA
Enterre Vivant - black - France/Japan
Glae- deathcore - USA
Undergang - death - Denmark
Temple of Scorn - death - Denmark
Timechild - heavy metal - Denmark
Eclipse - heavy metal - Sweden
Electron - metalcore - UK
Soen - prog metal - Sweden
Belial's Throne - black - Ireland
Mind/Knot - hardcore/mathcore - Italy
Phantom Druid - doom - Netherlands
Tombstone - power/heavy - Finland
Goat Piss - black/death - USA
Nashgul - grindcore - Spain
The Last Oblation - death - Spain
Gendo Ikari - grindcore - UK
Weald and Woe - black - USA
Dying Wizard - doom - UK
Baxaxaxa - black - Germany
Borealys - black - Canada
Symbiotic Tomorrow - prog/death - Ireland
Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons - hard
rock - UK
4 weeks ago

The morning workout #music was some #DoomMetal #Goth from Chelsea Wolfe. New to me. Well done incarnation of the genre.


Man, that Church of Misery song would sound amazing with carnival music behind it.

#HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #StonerMetal 🇯🇵

Chris Fletch
1 month ago

Okay it’s time for some new music with #FletchsFridayReleases and there’s plenty to get stuck in to. Some really good stuff in here that I’ve heard and plenty I’m looking forward to checking out #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal #NewMusic #NewMusicFriday #NowPlaying

Incantation - death - USA
Celestial Sanctuary - death - UK
Grand Cadaver - death - Sweden
Orphalis- death - Germany
Cryophilic - death - Canada
MDMA- death - Spain
Rotten Casket - death - Germany
Atoll- death - USA
Augurium - death - Canada
Utilize The Remains - death - New Zealand
Flesh Vessel - death - USA
Graveripper - black/thrash - USA
Blut Aus Nord - black - France
Cvinger - black - Slovenia
Asphodelus - death/doom - Finland
Of Darkness - funeral doom - Spain
The Salt Pale Collective - sludge/doom - UK
Spanish Love Songs - indie/punk - USA
U.D.O - heavy metal - Germany
S.O.R.M - heavy metal - Sweden
Meurtrieres - heavy metal - France
Breforth - heavy metal - Germany
Velvet Insane - hard rock - Sweden
Colony Drop - thrash - USA
There is No Dana (He/Him)
1 month ago

I've had Witchfinder General - Witchfinder General stuck in my head all week. Super catchy old school #DoomMetal

1 month ago

Distortions is the latest album from #Godthrymm and it is excellent 💯

And I am not only referring to its cover!

#metal #doomMetal

Chris Fletch
1 month ago

Good morning. It’s Friday which means #FletchsFridayReleases are upon us! Spirit Adrift is really good and Horrendous was decent too. What do you think of this lot? #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #DoomMetal

Spirit Adrift - heavy metal - USA
Dripping Decay - death - USA
Horrendous - prog death - USA
Dead Talks - death - Finland 
Godthrymm - doom - UK
The Circle - melodeath - Germany 
Skalmold - folk metal - Iceland 
Invultation - death - USA
Unblessed Divine - death - South Africa 
OXX - hardcore - Denmark 
Cyhra - groove - Sweden 
Orbit Culture - melodeath - Sweden 
After Earth - melodeath - Sweden 
Ringworm - metalcore - USA
Sanguine Galacialis - melodeath/gothic - Canada
2 months ago
There is No Dana (He/Him)
2 months ago

@buffyleigh @REEL LOL Great reference! And yet my brain went straight to my disbelief that there is an amazing #DoomMetal song about priests putting crucifixes up their butts. LOL

2 months ago

The Land Under the Black Wings: Blood by Dymna Lotva (2023)
#BlackMetal / #DoomMetal

Emotional. Heavy. Absolutely haunting.

Fav track: Buried Alive

2 months ago

Good folks, it's #bandcampfriday ! Here's my haul in terms of music, what's yours?

Actually spent more money on merch this time

#metal #doommetal #music #blackmetal #messa #luxmori #detevigaleendet

Chris Fletch
2 months ago

It’s time for some new rock and metal music with #FletchsFridayReleases. Out of these I have only had advance copies of Crypta and An Autumn for Crippled Children but they are both well worth your time. Time to dive in to the rest! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #DoomMetal #ThrashMetal

Crypta - death - Brazil
Blight House - grindcore - USA
Acid Magus - stone doom - South Africa
Dark Sky - heavy metal - Germany
Declination - thrash - USA
Haar - black - UK
Warhawk - heavy metal - Sweden
Chaos Descent - death - Iran
Kult Et Morde - black - Spain
Hallucinate - death - Germany
Ulveheit - black - USA
Temple of Dread - death - Germany
Moose Cult - death/doom - UK
Tumulation - death/doom - USA
The Crawling - death/doom - UK
Besta - grindcore - Portugal 
Icon of Sin - heavy metal - Brazil
Temple of Katharsis - black - Greece
Emenetia Tenebris - black - France
Humanity’s Last Breath - deathcore  - Sweden 
Autumn for Crippled Children - black - Netherlands
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

A beginner's guide to death-doom in five essential albums
From its murky, understated beginnings to spectacular, three-disc concept albums, this is the story of death-doom through five classic records

#DeathDoom #ExtremeMetal #5EssentialAlbums #DoomMetal #FuneralDoom #BlackMetal #DeathMetal #AvantGarde #IndustrialMetal #SludgeMetal

It's #RegionalRiffs time again. An amazing band from here in Arizona (that I really miss- they broke up after their 2017 album) was TWINGIANT. Gnarly, heavy shit. Bass player Jared's rough growl-scream vocals, walls of guitars, doomy, some Motorhead in there too. I saw em twice and we hung out both times too (once with my now wife before we were married!)

Twingiant left us with FOUR amazing albums, starting with Mass Driver in 2012, all linked below. I still have my ratty Twingiant shirt from this era and you're damn right I still wear it.

Check em out!

Mass Driver:

Sin Nombre:

Devil Down:

Blood Feud:

#HeavyMusic #riffs #StonerRock #METAL #AZ #Arizona #ArizonaBands #ArizonaMetal #doom #DoomMetal #HeavyShit #DesertRock #Twingiant #bandcamp @HailsandAles @SisterMaryBaphomet @Banur

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Reborn In Flames
When it comes to heavy metal credentials, Chris Boltendahl has more than most. As vocalist with GRAVE DIGGER, the German veteran has spent four decades propagating an ethos of unashamed blood 'n' thunder. From seminal debut "Heavy Metal Breakdown" (1984) to last year's excellent "Symbol Of Eternity"...


Chris Fletch
2 months ago

Eternal Hails to you all it’s Friday again so that means it’s time for #FletchsFridayReleases and there’s a bunch of new albums. Out of the ones I’ve heard in this list Cadaver and Gateway are pretty good. Outside of that I’m looking forward to Outer Heaven the most! #Metal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal #HeavyMetal

Outer Heaven - death - USA
Thunder Horse - doom/heavy metal - USA
Rannoch - prog/death - UK
Velvet Viper - heavy metal - Germany
Gateway - death/doom - Belgium 
Antioch - heavy metal - Canada 
Zenith Passage - tech death - USA
Cadaver - death - Norway
Bloodletter - black/thrash - USA
Disimperium - black/death - USA
Remission melodic death - Australia 
Ancient Crown - thrash - USA
Ageless Summoning - death - UK
Sorcia - stoner/doom - USA
Mizmor - black/doom - USA
Somnuri - sludge - USA
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Album Review: MIZMOR Prosaic
"At only 45 minutes long, Prosaic provides consistently killer Mizmor tunes with no filler in sight."


2 months ago

Rainbows Are Free - Shapeshifter (Music Video) | Ripple Music - 2023

#music #metal #heavymetal #doommetal #stonermetal #rainbowsarefree #ripplemusic

Alexander Hay
2 months ago

I really wanted to hate this EP because it's only available on fucking vinyl. Unfortunately, I can't, because the damn thing is really good, so it comes recommended instead. Bastards.

Old Ghoul ¦ S/T ¦ 2023 ¦ Regain Records

#Music #DoomMetal #Metal #Doom #Recommendations

The front cover of Chad Davis' new band's debut, the self-titled 'Old Ghoul'.

It features a lurid but deliberately low-fidelity painting, in the style of the 1960s and 1970s. Think Basil Gogos or the front covers of Creepy and Eerie. 

Most of the colour scheme is a sickly ochre, with an ominous and huge full moon in the background, and bats flying in the horrible khaki/mustard sky. 

In the foreground, a shrouded figure leers at a tombstone. The only parts of the figure not covered by its black robe is the skeletonised face and hand, both of which seem a little too large and faintly simian in proportion, particularly around the jaw. A single horrible eye peers out of the skull's left orbit, and down at the grave. Blood pours out of the tips of the thing's skeletal fingers.
Chris Fletch
2 months ago

Good morning #Fediverse its #NewMusic Friday! Who is hungry for some tunes! Out of the ones I’ve heard in advance I would recommend Deitus, Djinn-Ghul and Quiet Man. Let’s get started! #Metal #HeavyMetal #DeathMetal #BlackMetal #Deathcore #ThrashMetal #DoomMetal

rown Magnetar - deathcore - USA
Exsanguination - death - USA
Sludge Keeper - death - Italy
Cavern Deep - doom - Sweden
Djinn-Ghul - death - USA
Evile - thrash - UK
Izrod - black - Bosnia 
Vendetta - thrash - Germany
End Reign - thrash - USA
Quiet Man - sludge - USA
Deitus - black - UK
Tailgunner - heavy metal - UK
Progenitor black - USA
Calligram - black - UK
Astrophtye - death - Sweden
Corrupt - death/thrash - USA
Desekryptor - death - USA
Aetherian - melodic death - Greece
Amongruins - melodic death - Greece
Nuclear Remains - death - USA
Dripped - death - Australia 
Borgarting - black - Norway 
The Night Eternal - heavy metal - Germany

Currently listening to: Bongzilla - Dab City #HeavyMetal #DoomMetal #StonerMetal 🇺🇸