"How We Land" by P.O.S feat. Justin Vernon

We on our own trip, falling in love by the milligram
Pay no attention, no intentions could keep this from getting out of hand
So resistant cause we know that we are so content to sleep where we land
So sick, we get to choose when we skip the plan
Pay no intention, no resentment ever evened out a weaker hand
Get some comfort from the chemist and we hold each other close as we can

Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait
Worse things have happened to better people
That's the mantra
The feelings are over with
Sick pout, kissed
But no frown flip
Missed it
We're dealing with oceans
Big fish bigger hooks
No coast, row
But just don't go quiet
Keep them alarms loud, let 'em look
No harm meant friction in the gaze
Stare easy or fade to another place, why stay
Ain't no sense in mending any fences they break
Only taken when there's things to take all away
All of me offered if you ask
But only if you ask
Honesty could cost me all I have
Take it, we stay

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J. Clark Powers
1 year ago

And another, just for kicks

Old #Doomtree
First time I heard #Dessa

Csepp 🌢
3 years ago

#Doomtree - The Bends

I might have linked this a few times already and I'll probably do it again, because it's Just That Good.

5 years ago

About to go on a weeding rampage. This is my weeding/guerrilla gardening theme song . Even if you think you don't like this sort of music, try hanging around to Dessa's part (1:40) which is amazing. The lyrics are solarpunk af. "My girl gave me a bolt cutter / We love to break in / Reclaim all the spaces / They forgot they had taken / And all this is ours / It's gonna be what we make it / If only the stars were close enough we would paint them" #music #doomtree