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THE ARSENIO HALL SHOW - 5/28/1993, Syndicated

Drag diva and recording artist RuPaul, newly famous in the mainstream media in 1993 for the dance single and music video "Supermodel (You Better Work)," was one of the guests on this late-night talk/variety show.

#RuPaul #Arsenio #television #queer #LGBTQ #gay #drag

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
23 hours ago

#MuffyVanderbiltIII isn’t just another pretty face… she also has good #makeup! 💋💄

Enter her #giveaway for a chance to see this gorgeous mug slay on #CampWannakiki and win a 1-month #OUTtv #giftcard! 👑🔥

Picking 25 lucky winners June 5th on #Instagram live!

#DragQueen #drag #mua #MakeupTutorial

Giveaway advertisement for drag queen Muffy Vanderbilt III on OUTtv’s Camp Wannakiki
Ryan Schultz
1 day ago

Using the tips I earned from last Friday night's drag performance in #SecondLife, *THIS* is my new look for next week's drag performance! 💋 (Yes, MissDrag is seven feet tall with the wig! The higher the hair, the closer to God.)

Drag in Second Life is addictive, and I might need an intervention! #VirtualWorlds #Metaverse #Drag #DragQueen

Closeup of MissDrag, my drag queen avatar in Second Life
Full view of my new outfit (MissDrag, my drag queen avatar in Second Life)
1 day ago

John Cleese and Cast Crack Up During Policewomen Sketch | At Last the 1948 Show

#TV #YouTube #Comedy #Humor #JohnCleese #MartyFeldman #Graham Chapman #Tim Brooke-Taylor #Drag

Pinky Floyd
1 day ago
#drag #races and #burgers??? the right will be up in arms.
The festival begins this fall on Oct. 22 at the In-N-Out Burger #Pomona #Dragstrip. It will feature a full day of events ranging from #dragracing, a #carshow and just an overall fair atmosphere with #livemusic throughout the day.
2 days ago

Some photos from the Honor Oak protest this morning, standing against Turning Point UK.

Pics © Aaron Coe.

#HonorOak #Drag #Protest #FarRight

A huge group of people outside the Honor Oak pub in London. Lots of rainbow and pride flags. There's a police van front right and a line of police in front of protesters.
Banners attached to walls, some people stand in front chatting. 

Banner 1: We stand united against racism and discrimination

Banner 2: Love is love. Lewisham celebrates LGBTQ+
Protesters and police chatting and smiling. Lots of signs; don't let the far right divide us, pro drag anti fascist, choose books not bigotry
2 elderly anti-trans women on mobility scooters. The scooters have "TERF" stickers on them. They look fucking miserable. One has a "stay away from our kids" poster stuck to the front of her scooter.
Queer Lit Cats
2 days ago

Pink News: Marjorie Taylor Greene, who calls drag queens ‘groomers’, thinks it’s fine for her boyfriend to do drag #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #MarjorieTaylorGreene #Drag #News #US

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
2 days ago

Break Free! The Queen of Domestic Shorthairs by @brentpruitt

new #catart for #caturday or any chore day!

my Queen-inspired #drag #cat would love to clean up several acts around the nation – but more so, wish everyone a happy, #queer & safe #pridemonth #🌈 #🦄

do watch Queen's [controversial at the time] MTV video 'i want to break free' for a cheer up…

that's PRE-madonna 'like a virgin' MTV awards controversy!

'Break Free: The Queen of Domestic Shorthairs' depicts a cat dusting and vacuuming. the cat wears a black skirt, pink blouse and earrings which match musician Freddie Mercury in Queen's 'I Want to Break Free' MTV video in 1982.
GIF of Freddie Mercury in drag from the 80's video 'i want to break free'
Mark Wyner :vm:
2 days ago

When I was in Wellington, New Zealand, I was entranced by their unusual crosswalk icons. I asked my new friends there about them. I was told a story about a drag performer and activist by the name of Carmen Rupe. She was a trans woman who was also Māori (native people of NZ).

Her story is pretty cool. And it’s awesome that NZ honored her this way.

#Trans #Transgender #LGBTQ #DragQueen #Drag #Wellington #NewZealand #NZ #GenderEquality #Activism #Maori

Close-up of a green crosswalk signal using a silhouette of a feminine body type with large hair in a walking pose

It's never about kids, never was, never is and never will be, it's about control, fear and hatred.

#queer #drag #lgbtq

A photo of Lesbian comedian Wada Sykes.
Caption reads "Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats eight kids to death with a copy of 'to kill a mockingbird', I think you're focusing n the wrong shit.
2 days ago

Houston's only lesbian bar denied insurance for hosting #drag. “The denial came amid an ongoing push from the Texas GOP to criminalize drag performances in the state.” | Houston Chronicle

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3 days ago

Pink News: GB News slagging off Epsom Derby for hosting drag show ‘misses the point’, says queen #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #dragqueen #Inclusive #Features #Culture #gbnews #Sport #Drag #News #UK

3 days ago

Don't mess with Texas.

#Carrollton #Texas #Drag #Protest

A man stands at the junction of East Hebron Parkway and North Josey Lane in Carrollton, Texas. Lots of traffic is going past as he's on a small paved island in the middle of the lanes. He is tanned, grey-haired and wearing jeans, grey sweatshirt, black gloves and two body cameras. There's a rainbow patterned mask around his chin, and he's got on aviator sunglasses with mirrored frames. He's holding up a yellow sign with Dr Seuss style writing on it in bright colours, his arms and legs are placed wide as he holds it up. 

The sign says:



Queer Lit Cats
3 days ago

Pink News: The North Face used a drag queen for a Pride advert and – you guessed it – bigots are whining #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #TheNorthFace #PattieGonia #Business #Pride #Drag #News

The Japan Times
3 days ago

"Drag Race" stars and Tokyo-based queens set the stage for a spectacle that aims to put Japan’s drag scene on the global map. #culture #stage #lgbtq #drag #rupaul #opulence

Gail Is No One
3 days ago

Hamburger Mary's is opening June 1st in Dallas just in time for Pride Month.

So, of course, Protect Texas Kids has said they will be protesting (Mary's & the Pride event. . . they're really spreading themselves thin.)

So, obviously, we will be there. I'll post times and addy as we get closer.

#Pride #ProtectTexasKids #Drag

3 days ago

Amanda Bartlett: Memorial for San Francisco legend #Heklina shuts down Castro Street

"It was all at once irreverent, chaotic, memorable and beautiful — just like the shows Heklina put on herself."

#trans #drag #sanfrancisco

Jennifer Fumiko Cahill
3 days ago

I wrote about what drag taught me as a straight cis girl growing up and what it's still teaching me in the audience now. "Lessons of a Drag Hag"
(It's me; I'm the hag.)
#drag #dragqueens #lgbtq #lgbtq #dragshows #dragshow

Queer Lit Cats
3 days ago
Queer Lit Cats
3 days ago
AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
4 days ago

Clip of Marjorie Taylor Greene's boyfriend in drag resurfaces amid her ban campaign | indy100

4 days ago

If we’re gonna make it illegal for parents to take kids to #drag shows, then by the same logic we should make it illegal for them to take kids to church, since that’s where the abuse happens anyway.

Regina Granat
4 days ago

Wanda Sykes has it right! “Until a drag queen walks into a school and beats 8 kids to death with a copy of ‘To Kill A Mockingbird,’ I think you’re focusing on the wrong shit.”
#drag #dragqueens #books #truth

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 days ago

Hereby invoking Internet Rule #23,510

#TomHolland #drag #umbrella

4 days ago

well drag race mexico looks like it will be amazing!

so far i'm rooting for pixie pixie, but also regina voce because i am in love with her cactus hat.

#drag #RPDR #RPDRMexico

pixie pixie
regina voce in her cactus hat

Samedi 3 juin, Marché des Fiertés au Garage Moderne à #Bordeaux.

Y’aura un marché donc, mais aussi des conférences, lectures et une scène ouverte avec Show #Drag

Affiche du Marché des Fiertés. Dessin d'une pièce aux murs roses, sol carrelé jaune orange et rose. Une arche, au fond, abrite un brasier. Il y a aussi des flammes au mur et au sol. Sous l'arrondi de l'arche, en suivant la courbe, il est écrit "Embrasons-nous"
4 days ago

Peter Hartlaub: What San Francisco must learn from the #Dodgers’ Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence disaster

"But as San Francisco confronts an uncertain future, with national voices piling on with critique and scorn, the Sisters can be a roadmap for all of us.

For 44 years, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have promulgated universal joy in our city, in good times and bad. They kept that joy going when they were denounced, and they held no grudges when the San Francisco mainstream was finally ready to embrace their message.

That’s the lesson of the Sisters. Colorfully defy those who want to spread hate. Know that history is on your side. Confront your enemies with a smile. (Fabulous makeup optional.)

And let us shout our joy from the rooftops, until it’s all anyone can hear."

#sistersofperpetualindulgence #drag

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 days ago

TOOL Frontman Says Wearing Drag Onstage 'Had Nothing To Do With Florida'
When TOOL frontman Maynard James Keenan donned a blonde wig, smeared red lipstick and a body-hugging shirt that showed off his fake breasts during the band's performance at the Welcome To Rockville festival on Sunday (May 21) in Daytona Beach, Florida, most people...

#Tool #ToolBand #MaynardKeenan #Drag #DragPerformance #FloridaShow #Onstage #StagePerformance

ChatGPT making things up about the article:

Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan says wearing a dress during a recent performance was not meant to be a statement on the band's Florida concert. He explained that the drag act was a "a movement piece" and had nothing to do with the show. Keenan said in a statement, "The performance piece had absolutely nothing to do with the Florida show, amazing crowd, and kind locals that we encountered along the way." He said wearing the dress was "my own statement" that had nothing to do with the city or the venue.
5 days ago

Two demos coming up, London.

Meet at 9am outside the Honor Oak pub, 1 St German's Road, SE23 1JG on Saturday 27th May.

Meet 11:30am at the 7th July Memorial, Hyde Park, W2 2UH on Sunday 28th May.

#HonorOak #HydePark #London #Drag #Trans #LGBT #AntiFascist

Oppose the far-right in Honor Oak. After being chased off by locals 3 times before, far right org Turning Point UK are again attempting to disrupt a family friendly drag event at the Honor Oak Pub. 

We have organised another counter demo to show that we will always reject their message of hate and division. We will not take one step back.

Join the community opposition and oppose the far right! 

Meet at 9am outside the Honor Oak pub. 1 St German's Road, SE23 1JG on Saturday 27th May.
No Nazis, no transphobes.

Join us for another event in the park to show visible resistance to the neo-nazis who flock to grifter Posie Parker

Meet Sunday 28th May 11:30am at the 7th July memorial Hyde Park, then moving to the Reformer's Tree

Bring masks, bring comrades, bring water, bring signs!

Come and join us SUN 28 MAY and next month too
"The Eddie Show" 😎
5 days ago
a color photo of lady bunny in black with one arm akimbo and the other against a wall. i assembled a 4x4 grid of the image.
Ride With Chris 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

#ACLU Utah represents St. George #Drag Stars in new lawsuit against the city. How many millions will Michelle "Marjorie Taylor" Tanner cost the city this time?

Queer Lit Cats
5 days ago
Catherynne M. Valente
5 days ago

If the GOP has decided drag & trans folk existing is the wheel they want to break this country on

I’m thinking cis men need to start wearing sparkly eyeshadow

One shade is about .99 at CVS

Simple, straightforward, & in this case, truly, they can’t arrest you all #shadowprotest #shadowban #drag #transrights #ally

Sally Strange
6 days ago

"Baby, you are not on my level. If I'm around, all you see is a shadow. All you are is afraid."

--Sasha Colby

#Drag #Trans #LGBTQIA #legend #Queer #Queen #DragQueen #SashaColby

6 days ago

From the Department of Good News for Queers (a very small department these days), "Drag Laureates" are now a thing! Thank you, #SanFrancisco. 👠

#Drag #Trans #LGBTQ #California

Bennett McIntosh
6 days ago

This is bad and is a reminder of the vastly underappreciated power of the insurance industry to enforce social norms through the psuedo-objective language of "risk"

Houston's only lesbian bar, Pearl Bar, was denied insurance for hosting drag shows because drag is considered to be a "risk factor." @Chron via @TexasObserver

#drag #lgbtq #insurance #uspol

KrissyKat 🏳️‍⚧️
6 days ago

Drag is always joyful and artistic.

#photography #drag #lgbtqia #transjoy #monochrome #indiana

An artist in drag lipsyncs at a performance.
Roni Laukkarinen
1 week ago
Interview video with Oklahoma state senator Nathan Dahm. The interviewer doesn't make it easy.
1 week ago

In Zürich geht es heute ab. Es gibt eine Kinderveranstaltung wo 10 jährige Kinder von Drag Queens sexualisiert werden 🙄 (man fragt sich wer auf so eine Idee kommt?).

Das ganze ist freiwillig, wird aber vom Staat subventioniert.

Rechte Kreise haben das nun herausgefunden und wollen heute unbewilligt dagegen Demonstrieren…

Der Wahlkampf in der 🇨🇭 hat nun definitiv gestartet.

#schweiz #Zürich #drag #sexualisierung #kind!481171163

Daveography :yesbike:
1 week ago

My shoulder is still sore, but was well enough to get out to #EvolutionWonderlounge to see #LadyCamden!

#Drag #DragRace #yeg #yegDT #Edmonton #DragIsNotACrime #DragIsntDangerous #DragIsGood

A photo of Lady Camden, finalist on RuPaul's Drag Race season 15, in a pink wig and black bodysuit with a giant pink lightning bolt on the front.
Alex Moore
1 week ago

will be going live in 90 (4PM bst) to talk DEATH DROP: DRAG ASSASSIN with writer david hazan over on the keep it geekly youtube;

(was up at 1:30am to record a show with the comic book yeti team so may be sLiGhTlY LoOpY)

#comics #comicscommunity #queercomics #podcast #lgbtqcomics #drag #dragqueen #noir #MastoArt #CreativeToots

2 weeks ago

Houston's only lesbian bar, Pearl Bar, was denied insurance for hosting drag shows because drag is considered to be a "risk factor."

Read about it here:

#drag #dragqueen #lgbtq #bar #lesbian

Team Idgara
2 weeks ago


Well-founded concern. My #Democratic #TX #state rep voted yes to an #AntiTrans #bill, which passed.

Maybe why they are sending a proxy to our #Drag #brunch #fundraiser ...

... won't work, though, as they're the featured speaker at our next local Dem group meeting (jointly with a neighboring Dem group and there is a strong #LGBTQIA+ presence).

Unfortunately, I'm in a role where I can't bitch about them by name. There were multiple Dems who voted yes on this bill ....

Courtney R.
2 weeks ago

ICYMI ... last night the Austin Library Commission adopted a recommendation opposing legislation (like Texas SB 1601) that tries to ban drag events at municipal libraries.

I chaired the working group that drafted the recommendation. I'm really proud of our work.

#library #texas #austin #drag

#Louisiana restaurant owner forced to close down business after #drag #brunch

she wanted her restaurant to have an inviting feeling including strong equality.

“I have all walks of life come through that door,” said Early.

her landlord shut the air conditioner off right before the show started, and eventually received a message from the owners of the building mentioned to shut down her restaurant.

Donate to the GoFundMe to reopen this this restaurant

#drag #dragQueen #lgbtqia #lgbtq #lgbt

Ryan Schultz
2 weeks ago

Doing Drag in Second Life: Pal’z Premier Drag Club, the Anatomy Mesh Body, and SeraPRIDE’s Ultimate Drag SuperStar Contest! #SecondLife #VirtualWorlds #metaverse #Drag

Gestalterrier 🕊️ :amaz: 😷
2 weeks ago

Mein letzter Countdown-Tröt für heute 😉

⏳ Noch 3 Stunden! 🕘

Außer Konkurrenz gab es während der Abstimmzeit vom zweiten Halbfinale ein beeindruckendes #Drag-Medley. Ob sich das Finale ähnlich divers präsentieren wird?

:queer: 🥳 :queer: #BeWhoYouWannaBe :queer: 🥳 :queer:

#UnitedByMusic #FreeYourself #FreeYourMind #YouAreFree #WeGotLove #queer

#ESC2023 #Eurovision2023 #ESC #Eurovision

Steve Silberman
3 weeks ago

TX Republican Bryan Slaton who libeled #LGBTQ+ folks as "groomers" and led charge against #drag shows was boozing up and screwing his teenage intern.

Boil in oil, dude. #politics #GOP

the Drag Isn't Dangrous Telethon is live. Raising funds to support our queerfam in states that are trying to make their lives illegal.

#DragIsntDangerous #drag #queer #lgbt #DragRace



3 weeks ago

#DragLesung: Verbotsforderung in München

Die Brandmauer nach rechts ist längst voller Drehtüren.

Wo offen ein staatliches Verbot queerer Sichtbarkeit und Meinungsfreiheit gefordert wird, haben wir es mit protofaschistischer Politik zu tun. Die CSU fordert diese, die SPD nickt dazu.

Das Sichtbarkeitsverbot unter dem Vorwand des Kinderschutzes war immer nur der erfolgreiche erste Schritt. Es ist nirgends dabei geblieben. Das Ziel war überall die weitergehende Kriminalisierung queeren Lebens. Es läuft überall letztlich auf eine Politik der Auslöschung hinaus.

Wir sehen es in den USA, in Russland, in Uganda, in vielen anderen Staaten.

Und ich wette jetzt schon, kaum ein Journalisty wird diese Sache in ihrer ganzen antidemokratischen Bedrohlichkeit in den größeren Kontext einordnen.

#CSU #SPD #Drag

3 weeks ago

BTW, there's two hours worth of the show available here on YouTube:

#GratefulDead #drag #LGBTQIA

3 weeks ago

Rolling Stone ran a story on the #GratefulDead drag cover band, "Bertha"! There's a fine photo gallery in there, too. #drag #LGBTQIA

Texas Observer Lives!
3 weeks ago

”Everything might be bigger in #Texas, but it seems that also applies to hate and bigotry.”

In this new editorial, civil rights attorney Louis Bedford reflects on the 52 bills—and counting—in the legislature designed to eradicate #trans or #LGBTQIA+ people from public life:

#TXlege #transgender #transphobia #CivilRights #HumanRights #politics #USpol #healthcare #drag #law

Aral Balkan
4 weeks ago

Trixie Mattel for president.

(Please and thank you.)

#gender #lgbtq #drag #trixieMattel #humanRights #transRightsAreHumanRights #christofascists

Interviewer: What about people that think it's just plain wrong: God made men and God made women and there shouldn't be any gender fluidity?

Trixie Mattel: Well, God's not real. And I am.
4 weeks ago

I can't remember who mentioned #Nazi #uniforms a few days ago but it seems they are dressing like a dollar store #Kraftwerk tribute lineup in their little red sweatshirts with badly scribbled runes on the front, black pants and knitted balaclavas.

#HugoBoss is weeping in his grave and many German electronic music bands are going to have to rethink their image.

#Politics #Nazis #Swastikas #Ohio #Trans #Hate #Drag #Envy #RachelMaddow #MSNBC #WashingtonState #Closet

Balaclavad Nazis in Ohio, looking like a dollar-store Kraftwerk tribute act. Their bald leader has a handgun on his right hip and is waving a large black swastika flag.
Heidi Li Feldman
1 month ago

Supporting #ZooeyZephyr is way to reject misogyny and patriarchy, two types of hateful bigotry behind efforts to demonize and harm #trans people, as well as #drag and all #women. 4/

Aram Sinnreich
1 month ago

Further evidence that the moral panic over #drag, #trans visibility, and #lgbtq rights more broadly, including all the "gr**mer" discourse, is flat out projection by people who hate themselves so much they're willing to hurt everyone else to make it go away.

FYI, #TakomaPark is the neighborhood next to mine, and it's known as a kind of bougie hippie haven.

Alex Moore
1 month ago

some Very Cool People have been saying some Very Cool Things about our drag queen crime noir DEATH DROP:DRAG ASSASSIN- FOC for issue #1 is creeping up so be sure to get your preorders in to avoid sashaying away from the comic stores empty handed this june!

Massive thank you to the incredible David Booher for the super kind words 🙌
#drag #dragqueen #comics #queercomics #MastoArt #CreativeToots #LGBTQ #comicscommunity

1 month ago

Laura Lübecker Marzipan
#drag #dragqueen

Queer Lit Cats
1 month ago

Pink News: Lizzo defies Tennessee drag ban with help from iconic Drag Race alumni: ‘Why would I not come to the people who need to hear this message the most?’ #LGBT #LGBTQ #Trans #Lesbian #2SLGBTQ #RuPaul'sDragRace #anti-dragbill #Celebrity #KandyMuse #Tennessee #Aquaria #Music #lizzo #Drag #News

Joe ᔪᐊᐣ
1 month ago

For fans of #Drag Race #Sweden, I calculated the PPE (Points per Episode) of Drag Race #Sverige after the finale, based on the usual method.

[WIN 5pts, TOP2 4pts, HIGH 4pts, SAFE 3pts, LOW 2pts, BTM 1pts, ELIM 0pts, MCW (Mini Challenge Winner) add 1pt.]

Admira winning is 💅🏻 correct 💅🏻

Spreadsheet of the scores of Drag Race Sweden per episode. 
Final scores show Admira Thunderpussy clearly winning with a PPE of 4.25 overall.
Dr Annetta Mallon
1 month ago

Vale Barry Humphries

In a time when drag artists are being falsely accused of grooming and pedophilia, persecuted and losing rights, it is even more sorrowful to farewell a pioneer in the field of general and commercial entertainment.

Dame Edna Everage - megastar housewife from Moonee Ponds - was a regular fixture on Australian TV screens as well as the stage for literal decades. Humphries brought gentle satire, biting wit, and on point commentary to a nationwide audience, a groundbreaking presence that paved the way for others over time. While not queer himself, his work has softened access to opportunities for queer performers both in the antipodes and overseas. This was thanks in no small part to her oft-mentioned son Kenny, as her work often referred his wildly successful interior design business as well as life-long "friend".

A supportive, intelligent and incredibly hard working light has gone out in my personal firmament. Thank you for all your hard work Mr Humphries - I guess you are now burning a purple wig and gladioli in your personal fireplace.

#grief #RIP #sorrow #BarryHumphries #DameEdnaEverage #vale #drag #PublicFigure #australia

A promotional image of the well-known drag character Dame Edna Everage, a woman with a bright purple wig, signature rhinestone fanciful glasses and bright lipstick. She wears an apron over her shocking fuschia frock.