Martha Crimson
29 minutes ago

Good morning. I decided on a closeup and accidentally caught Alea the Black Cat's inner dragon.

#AleaTheBlackCat #dragon #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats

A close closeup of a Alea the Black Cat's face while she's curled up on my bed. She glares at the camera through almost closed eyes.

Here is a completed comm for Bahamut61 over on twitter of their lovely electric dragon~ I do hope you enjoy what I ended up with, hes such a wonderful design I wanted to do him justice!

#digitalart #dragon #electricity #lightning #glow #wings #dragonart

11 hours ago
A chubby blue dragon near a desert cliff wall.  They are looking downwards into their paw where a small tan kobold sits.

Some action at the dragon feeder. #DragonsOfMastodon #dragon #shadow

A shadow of a bird feeder, with shadows of tiny dragons flying nearby.
Laidback DM
1 day ago

The #FiveEMagazine Issue 3 Print Proof files have been uploaded. Awaiting approval from DrivethruRPG. Once it's given, I can order the print proof. Once it arrives, I can release the #FREE print version (I don't make any profit from it - you just pay the base print and postage cost). :)

#dnd #5e #dnd5e #dungeonsAndDragons #FifthEdition #Dragon #DragonMagazine #Dungeon #DungeonMagazine

FiveE Magazine Issue 3

Another finished YCH slot from FA 😌

You can also check out my YCH :3

#furry #ych #mature #NSFW #nsfwfurry #chibari #bondage #finished #dragon #MSart

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 days ago

From 23 May: Dungeons & Dragons Books Will Cost Even More Now - Image: Wizards of the Coast Illustration by Cynthia Sheppard Following a press event earl... #baldur27sgate3adescentintoavernus #bigby #dragon #dungeons26dragons #games #indexofadvanceddungeons26dragons1steditionmonsters #owlbear #role-playinggames #wizardsofthecoast

2 days ago

"You annoyed WHAT now?!"

First post in the new place!

#dragon #fakescreenshot #illustration #fantasy #digitalart

2 days ago

Krand and Bern Speedpaint. Last view of the night.

#Dragon #Kobold #Vore #MastoArt #DigitalArt #Art #SpeedPaint

Point of view facing out of a dragon's maw.  A tan kobold sits inside looking outwards towards a night sky.
2 days ago

New merch !
An eastern dragon ! Noodle boy o/
Always in the collection "creature of our world"
It will be printed as stickers and postcards

#digital #humanartist #ShadowRipsa #Ripsa #Sripsa #noodle #dragon #easterndragon #scaly #fluffy #creature #monster

An eastern dragon holding a jade ball in his back paw, it's a noodle dragon
2 days ago

Trade with a friend for my Hubby's late birthday gift~ Thanks for trading, Selroth!

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Dragon #DigitalArt #GoldenGriffiness

#GoldenGriffiness #Golden Griffiness #art #dragon #temper #wings #fluffy #fuzzy #horns #snarl #Selroth

Full body digital drawing of a fluffy dragon, sitting facing left, but head swiveled around to look right. They are snarling and looking angry, with green eyes, horns, and outstretched wings. Their long fluffy tail lays out behind them on the right. Character is greyscale cept for green eyes, background is black.

First badge commission of Malven done by the talented
@/TheOKSpot on Twitter. I look forward to working with him again in the future.

#furry #dragon #furryart #scalie

Malven chibi badge with name on the bottom.
2 days ago


Two #DarkElf sisters born in the Red #Desert, young Daughters of an ancient Queen.

One seizes the delights of the present. The other sees and despairs for their future.

My ultimate #Villain Origin. 🌵🦂 Standalone Tragic Drama, with insight into Sister Seekers! 🔥📙👀 Events in this #book play into the rest of the series! 💪

#EpicFantasy #DarkFantasy #Erotica #DarkElves #Dragon #Dune @horrorbooks @sffbookclub @smutstodon #BookToot @ttrpg

"Tales of Miurag #2: The Desert" by A.S. Etaski as shown on a phone, a tablet, and a paperback book. Orange-red sand dune landscape with the white spires of a palace in the distance.
𝐀𝐞𝐭𝐡 🫐
2 days ago

Making a new guy 🪲
#MastoArt #wip #dragon

Lineart of a dragon seen from the side. The dragon's features resemble those of an insect
Moonlit Coyote
2 days ago

One of my favorite things is pyrography/wood burning. Here’s a dragon in progress! I hope I’m doing this right!

#dragon #woodburning #pyrography #WorkInProgress

2 days ago

🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺
Issue 20 Page 63

Kaerwyn's RP

⚔️Latest Page:
⚔️First Page:
⚔️Support Kaerwyn!
#webcomic #webcomics #comic #fantasy #werewolf #dragon

October and November 2018 Patreon Reward for Jeb
It was a pleasure to work on him and his partner! I love to draw cute couples being extra cute!!

Support me!

[ #ryuukiart #dragon #patreon #patreonreward #commission #commissionsopen #blep #couple #lgbt #cute #fluffy #fluffydragon #snake #snek ]

3 days ago

I was very kindly gifted a display tablet from a bunch of my friends, so I've been having fun playing round with it!!

I need to relearn my sketching/inking, but I much prefer soft shading on this tablet!!


#furryart #dragon #mastoart #furry

Purple fluffy dragon sitting in a dark wood. Light streaming through the trees
3 days ago

Badge preorders for pickup at Fur-Eh ( are now open to the public! Slots are limited. These & upcoming merch preorders guarantee you art/merch at the event as I'll have limited stock (flight baggage weight limits.)

Starts at $25 CAD
Order here: (Badge category)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #SmallBusiness #Artist #Furry #Badge #Convention #Fureh #Dragon #Avali

#temrin #anthro #furry #sfw #WildElement Studios

Text says "Fureh Badge Preorders open". a collage of badge art, digital and traditional. top left is a grey and blue dragon that has glow paint. Top right is a black and blue avali. Bottom left is a doodle badge of a wolf, middle is a Mask and Vax badge of an eastern dragon character, and the right is a meowscarada and lucario mix.
3 days ago

The 3rd request I did on a request stream for the Discord server. Happy derg~

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Dragon #DigitalArt #FurryArt #AnthroArt

#GoldenGriffiness #Golden Griffiness #art #dragon #portrait #happy #piercings #hair #horns

Round portrait: Greyscale bust of a smooth scaled dragon, with flowing hair, two small horns angled back and are looking very happy with a huge smile and brilliant green eyes looking off to the right. Background is a grey to black gradient. Watermark reads "GoldenGriffiness"
Michael Martine
3 days ago

Glad to be on hand to volunteer at today’s #NCSSM graduation - congratulations to the #unicorn class of 2023 from a fellow #unicorn alum and #unicorn & #dragon parent!

Michael, wearing his #NCSSM #Morganton swag in front of Bryan lobby decorated with the banners celebrating the new graduating class of 2023
View of 9th Street leading to #NCSSM on graduation day 2023
Table decor & lost mortarboard at the Bryan Lawn (aka the ultimate field for 1980s alumni) at the end of the reception
Empty chairs after the graduation ceremony on Watts Lawn.
3 days ago

I found this title card for a Bran-Habanera (???) cartoon... Anyways it looks funny so I thought i'd share lol, guess this one didnt make it past the pilot

#cartoon #hannabarbera #60s #dragon #cel #titlecard

A grainy, blurry title card for a "Bran-Habanera" (anagram of Hanna-Barbera) cartoon. It is titled "Levi the Dragon" and features a voluptuous, fluffy dragon on the left side. The typography is classic 60's and there are retro-style sparkles strewn around the image.
Micca Feralchain
3 days ago

Making more dragon cats

#vrchat #furry #dragon #charr

3 days ago

Resting in the nature.

Beautiful artpiece I got from ponynok on FA.
#dragon #nature

3 days ago

AgentofSocialMediaChaos's Anime Girl of the Day is Ilulu from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid #Anime #Dragon #MonsterGirl #Waifu #2DSexual

Dinkysaurus :veripawed3:
4 days ago

Symbiote like dragon 🖤

Adoptable design, auction here:

#dragon #adopt #adoptable

4 days ago

The 2nd request piece I did on a request stream for the Discord server.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Dragon #DigitalArt #FurryArt #AnthroArt

#GoldenGriffiness #Golden Griffiness #art #dragon #grin #snarl #teeth

round portrait: Greyscale bust of a fluffy dragon character, who is looking intensly at the viewer with an evil looking grin and piercing red eyes. They have two small horns on their head. The background is grey with while motion lines coming from the center. Watermark reads "GoldenGriffiness"

August 2018 Patreon Reward for Jeb
Such a handsum snek

:sparkles_nb:​ Become a supporter!

[ #ryuukiart #dragon #patreon #patreonreward #commission #commissionopen #blep #snake ]

4 days ago

This might be the last thing you see before...
... you get cuddled.
🪡 @DireCreatures
#Fursuit #Dragon #Furry #FursuitFriday

4 days ago

¡Dragones! Esta es una de las páginas del Diccionario de Fantasía que vamos a revisar para incluir en el recopilatorio

La próxima meta extra de Verkami es una expansión con aún más chistes chorras, y cuanta más gente participe más metas añadiremos 🍦🔥🐉

#dragon #comics

Seis viñetas con chistes sobre dragones, muy centrados en un dragón alérgico y con algo de sobrepeso llamado José Esmaug, en que los europeos tienen alas y los asiáticos son sin alas como las compresas y etc
4 days ago

🐺The Realm of Kaerwyn has updated!🐺
Issue 20 Page 62

Kaerwyn's RP

⚔️Latest Page:
⚔️First Page:
⚔️Support Kaerwyn!
#webcomic #webcomics #comic #fantasy #werewolf #dragon

Sarah Sammis
4 days ago

And a dragon for the backdrop. #volunteer #art #fantasy #dragon #MastoArt

Mamath @ HOME
5 days ago

So Aurawra is NEXT MONTH (!??) and I got to make art for it! I don't paint like this often any more but man I loved doing that red fire lighting.

#Aurawra #FurryArt #Furry #Dragon #DigitalPainting

The key/poster art for Aurawra 2023, styled after Indiana Jones posters and showing the Aurawra mascots in a dragon themed temple inspecting a large red gem.
Mamath @ HOME
5 days ago

Commission for Ponah! The final painting actually had a bit more colour but I forgot to take a photo! I like this pre-paint magenta ink version too though so here it is 💕

#InkDrawing #PenAndInk #Dragon #Furry #FurryArt #Commission

A magenta ink drawing of a fluffy dragon curled around an object in its paws
5 days ago

Working on my first bigger spicy picture! #WIP #DragonArt #MastoArt #NSFW #Dragon

Work in Progress lineart picture of a dragoness with a witch hat, leaning down.
Colin Steel
6 days ago

3 months later.

It's been a while since @PanScolipede is no longer here with us in this world. I'm sure in his spirit form is here with his hand on shoulders. We may not see him but he's here to say "everything will be okay" to ensure we are not alone as we are moving on and stay strong.

#memorial #anthro #Truss #dragon #eel #male #spirit

🎨 by @ahnik (on Twitter and FA). Amazing professional artist! Thank you... <3

1 week ago

An Amiga game that should have been...

(Cover of Dragon Magazine #143, March, 1989 -- by Den Beauvais)

#Amiga #Commodore #DnD #Dragon #retrogaming #80s

1 week ago

Figured I'd post here for once

#dragon #commission

A monochrome, digital drawing anthropomorphic warrior dragon wielding a halberd.
Dragoyle Daryl 🔞
1 week ago

Daryl with a top on but no bottoms, looking like he out to play some beisbol xD

#furryart #lewd #nudity #bottomless #scalieart #nsfwfurryart #anthro #dragon #gargoyle #hybrid #buff #belly

Colin Steel
1 week ago

@Psych_Hydra came to meet me alone after class was done for the day. He's here for after class session to get "extra credits" from me. That is hella gay af. We are enjoying this worship moments between classroom jock and college professor by kissing, rubbing our body, and releasing our cocks as well my pecs. You can guess what will happens next after this step. :P

#muscle #anthro #dragon #adult #college #gay #kiss #worship

🎨 by: 69yano69 (Twitter)


When you first see this life-size #fire breathing #dragon, its size—the tail alone weighs over 1,000 pounds—and ability to shoot fire across a room demand immediate attention. But a closer look at this legendary creature reveals meticulous craftsmanship… In this #video, Kevin Stone shows off the mostly completed #sculpture after more than two years of work.

#video #metal #welding #art #artist #teamwork #steel #fantasy #dragons

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
1 week ago

I remember being fairly confident that Boeing would beat SpaceX to the International Space Station back in 2019.

Today, SpaceX has flown its tenth human mission and its ninth mission to the ISS.

Boeing's Starliner, which cost the American taxpayer at least a billion more in development funds, has yet to fly a single person and had significant failures in both uncrewed test missions.

#Space #SpaceX #Dragon #NASA #Boeing #Starliner #ISS #Spaceflight

Morris Wayts
1 week ago

Hey, I made a recap of the last twelve months, for my journey of writing in English started a year ago. Comments, follows, feedback, whatever you throw at me, all is highly appreciated.

Also talking about my thoughts how creatives should treat their wins like a #hoard much like a #dragon. 🐉

You can read it on #kofi - no membership required:

#amwriting #writerslife #KofiChallenge

1 week ago

Done. :D Still no idea, still fun. :D Additionally, writing a caption for such randomly created drawings is quite challenging... :X I have seriously no idea what to write.

#drachenmagier #angel #fantasy #fantasyArt #traditionalArt #mastoArt #wings #blue #traditionalMedia #dragon

Figure with a whole bunch of wings in blue with stars and a random dragon, because why not
Spaceflight 🚀
1 week ago

#Engineering 📆 May 30, 2014 #SpaceX’s #Dragon #spacecraft's #SuperDraco engine chamber is manufactured using state-of-the-art direct metal laser sintering (DMLS), otherwise known as #3Dprinting

Unlike previous #LaunchEscape systems that were jettisoned after the first few minutes of launch, SpaceX’s launch system is #integrated into the Dragon spacecraft.

Picture :

1 week ago

The 7th stream request I did in a hired request stream for the's Discord server. This was a ton of fun, thanks so much for the opportunity, Dorg! Honestly a setup I'd love to do again. Each of these took approximately 20 minutes, 9 wrapped up cleanly in 3 hours.

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #Dragon #Draconity #StreamRequest #GoldenGriffiness

#GoldenGriffiness #Golden Griffiness #art #dragon #greyscale #monochrome

round portrait: Greyscale bust of a smooth skinned dragon with fluff/hair starting at their forehead and going down the back of their head and neck. They have two horns coming from the top of their head that curl around their ears like smooth rams horns. They are winking at the viewer, one green/blue eye showing as they smile. A star is drawn next to their right side. Watermark reads "GoldenGriffiness"
1 week ago

A chonky dragon. 🐉

I really want to paint something more serious and complex again, but making a silly little dragon every now and then is just so much fun and relaxing.
Should I make this a series in the very off chance I might ever get an artist booth at a con?

#watercolor #watercolour #dragon #TraditionalArt

Watercolour painting of a round dragon with four very small wings. It's sticking its tongue out and looks rather silly overall.
Karen C
2 weeks ago

The 4" adult (rainbow sparkle) and the 4" baby (rainbow sprinkle), for size comparison.

Yes, I still have the Seltzer Can For Scale, but I finally emptied it so it didn't go blooie in the moving box, and now it's too light and tips over. I need to grab some plaster-of-Paris next time I'm out, and fill it. Which will be easy. What will be hard will be not falling down a rabbit hole of "I could do some sculpture while I have it..."

#dragon #plushie

Three plush dragons: two are slightly slimmer and have longer, horse-like heads. One is chunkier and has a much shorter muzzle.
2 weeks ago

Sorry for being so quiet lately, I am uncomfortably busy with #commissions and #ConFuzzled prep.
Gimme a wave if you'll be there!
I'll be in the den and a bunch of my stuff in the art show (hopefully)

But in the mean time, CHAOS. This is how I work. Abject chaos or bust.
Enjoy these dragons, pyrography and water colour and an alcohol marker and ball point pen.
#art #artist #furry #furryart #dragon #fantasy @Curator

A blue dragon looking left against a brilliant sunset sky of yellow, orange, red, magenta, purple and blue. Drawn in pyrography on a disk of wood, coloured in water colour. The dragons scales fade from light blue on the under belly to dark blue on the upper plates. Its eye is a fiery orange and its horns show the colour of the wood and tipped in the burnt black of the pyrography that also outlines each scale.
A green dragon looking left on a blue sky, it's left front food on its chest and a wry smile as if to say "who, me?". Draw in ball point pen and coloured with alcohol markers it's scales are a viberent yellowy green on the belly, neck and lower jaw, its upper scales and back plates are darker green, it's eyes are orange and yellow and horns a bone cream.
Levia Draconia :mastocheck:
2 weeks ago

Every day I wake up to:

Social Media: 💣🔥🧨☠️

The Draconia community: 💖🐉😍🌈🎉

Keeping places on the internet positive or at least free of toxicity is a group effort.

📸by Cidrok

#Draconia #Gamedev #Indiedev #Gaming #dragon #steam

2 dragons holding chunks of meat which shape a heart
Karen C
2 weeks ago

Okay, here are yesterday's dragons: chocolate cupcake with vanilla icing and rainbow sprinkles.

These are more 4" babies (so, larger than the usual babies I do, and unlikely to have matching adults). And yes, I made custom sprinkles fabric and then embroidered the sprinkles on these. I'll probably do sprinkles-fabric ones as well before the shop drop.

Also yes, when I decide which yellow minky is best I'll make yellow cupcake with chocolate icing ones.

#dragon #plushie #handmade #cupcakes

Four tiny plush dragons. They're chocolate brown, except the tops of their wings and heads which are white and have rainbow sprinkles embroidered on them.
A closeup of one of the dragons, showing its dark amber eyes.
A side view of one of the dragons, giving a better view of the wing sprinkles.
The four dragons nose-to-nose, showing that each has a unique pattern of sprinkles on top of its head.
Dinkysaurus :veripawed3:
2 weeks ago

Still rising money to fix my chompers :'D

[Adoptable dragon design, auction here: ]

#adopt #adoptable #dragon #dragonart

Os dejo por aquí un increíble #dragón de la práctica de ayer, el único dibujo que completé porque el resto no me acabaron de convencer :bun:


Ilustración de un dragón oliendo flores
Karen C
2 weeks ago

Obligatory wings-in-progress picture! With the new workroom arrangement I can pop it in the lightbox conveniently from the machine, which is mostly for taking step-by-step tutorial shots but also means my wing pictures aren't just task lighting.

These are going to be 4" baby-style dragons because I had an order for one of these with a 3" adult-style dragon. 🤪 Not a parent-child pair though, just two different versions for a fan of The White Dragon.

#dragon #WorkInProgress :machine_embroidery:

White-on-white embroidery for four sets of plush dragon wings.
2 weeks ago

Reread this #ShortStory I wrote and I still like it.

Kind of a #Metaphysical #ScienceFantasy with elements of #PostApocalypse

Though I should add any similarity to anyone living or dead is merely a coincidence.

Cosmos is a three-foot-tall anthropomorphic cat. In therapy after the #apocalypse.

His therapist is a #Dragon and may or may not be the one referenced in scripture.

#Amwriting #writingcommunity #Writing

This link leads to my #Blog (hosted by #Blogger)

🐉 Artist: #ARDIF in City: #Lyon France 🇫🇷 2022 - Title: untitled - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Dragon #Painting #Drache

Street art wall. On a three-story modern building is sprayed / painted a huge dragon. The background is bright blue. On it is vertically sprayed in white and light blue a finely drawn dragon that snakes across the entire wall. Around him are light blue clouds.
Info: Magonia, a new cultural and festive place in Lyon:
" Is a territory of expression, it is the embassy of the imaginary. This autonomous space is a refuge for utopias, artists and creative people of all kinds," say the collectives.
Magonia - Free entry - 
Location: 14, rue Gorge de Loup, Lyon, France
3 weeks ago

🎨 Psy draws 🎨

Psy: I'm totally wasted..,
Fen: From what? All you do is sitting...

Ergonomics is a hoax, real artists suffer ;)

#artistsonmastodon #dragon #comicstrip #comic #comics #MastoArt

Mark A. Rayner
3 weeks ago

Your periodic reminder: keep hydrated!

#komodo #dragon #animals #humor #humour #funny #hydrated #hydration

komodo dragon with its head and arms looking out from a bathtub
3 weeks ago

Unboxing a huge number of early 2000s #dnd magazines. #Dungeon and #Dragon. I'll be laminating all the posters from the centerfold to use in games. There's quite a few. I actively use the small number of inserts I coukd afford to laminate from back in the day. Catching up after all this time will be a fun adventure.

Any interest in me posting photos of the posters?

I realize that maybe it's already been done? Let me know.

Big box of D&D magazines and laminated magazine insert used in games.
Big box of D&D magazines and laminated magazine insert used in games.
Jo Qatana
3 weeks ago

I’ve had this filigree #dragon for 46 years. Her skin is disintegrating but she’s still here. #oldstuff #handcrafted

Green wire and plastic dragon sculpture
3 weeks ago

[DE] Ich habe heute einen Clown gefrühstückt. 😂 Ich habe das Bild noch niemandem aus dem Team gezeigt bevor ich es hier poste. Bin gespannt was passiert, wenn es die ersten entdecken! 😁

[EN] I can’t help myself today. 😂 I haven’t shown this to anyone on the team, yet. Looking forward to when they notice! 😁

#Rosenpass #Wireguard #Alice #Bob #postquantumcryptography #Mastoart #ArtistsOnMastodon #bunny #dragon

A buff bunny (Rosenpass) riding a dragon (Wireguard) into the sunset, holding a person under each arm (Alice and Bob)

#introduction since I only introduced the instance so far.

:fediverse: It's me, @PaulaToThePeople, that's my main account where I post about #ClimateJustice, #SocialJustice, the #Fediverse, personal stuff and more...

:mtg: This right here is my #MagicTheGathering account, so I'll tell you about my #mtg stuff.
I started playing around 20 years ago, but never really played regularly or competitively.

:green: My favorite color is green and my favorite and best deck is my elves deck. You can often hear me say "I'm attacking with eleven eleven-eleven elves with trample" and that usually ends the game.

📊 I like statistics so I have a huge table of all my decks where I enter all the wins and losses (I play against myself) and rank my decks.

🔝 My top 15 decks are:
#elf :green:
elf 2 :green:
elf-token :green:
#demon :black:
+1+1 counters :red: :green:
elf :black: :green:
#dragon :red:
elf 5 :green:
#human :red: :white:
#soldier :white:
+1+1 counters :green:
#goblin :red: :black: :white:
elf :black:
expensive creatures :green:
#eldrazi :black: :red:

(as you can see I'm not good with :blue: )

👩‍⚖️ I'm running this instance and will be very strict about any form of harassment, discrimination, hate and violence.

3 weeks ago
A portrait of a shark/dragon/wolf hybrid character looking at the viewer with a gentle-slightly-flirty smile. SHe has bright blue stripes and horns, with brown hair and darker tones for skin/fur.
Paul Baldowski
4 weeks ago

Rounding out my @Chaosium Ringworld #TTRPG peripheral reading material — Dolphin characters and NPCs in Known Space. A copy of #Dragon magazine from March 1985.

Devorah Ostrov
1 month ago

This incredible streetlight featuring a #dragon holding three #umbrellas adorns the corner of Calle Oro & Calle delle Acque in #Venice, where it used to advertise a leather goods shop called Marforio. The shop is gone, but the dragon remains - at least it was still there when I took this photo a decade ago. #sightseeing #history #art

Adorning the corner of a building, a streetlight in the shape of three colourful umbrellas is held aloft in the jaws of a winged dragon. An old Venetian building painted in a muted shade of yellow with white balconies at each of its arched windows can be seen in the background.

Is bat dragons a thing? Kinda had the idea the other day altho can't imagine im the only one to think this up for a sona

#furry #furryfandom #bat #dragon

🐉Artist: #ZAG / #ZagArtist + #Anje in City: #ÎleDeBatz Rue Neuve, France 🇫🇷 2020 - Title: "Trou du Serpent/Toull ar Zarpant"( Snake Hole / Schlangenloch) - (📷 via Trompe-l'oeil info) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mural #Graffiti #Dragon #Drachen

Streetartwall. On the outside wall of the post office of the place is sprayed / painted a huge, colorful mural with green dragon and two children. The dragon hovers over a blue sea surrounded by fish and a green island in the background. Two children are sitting on him and laughing. A boy with paper hat and striped shirt, and a girl in green dress and hair band in brown hair waving at us.
Zag describes his fresco:
"The legend tells that Saint Pol was offered all the domains of the Island of Batz to found his monasteries there... When he arrived on the island, which he had been asked to evangelize, he set up his monastery at Penn Baz... at the eastern tip of the island. He soon realized that the island was the prey of a frightening dragon that terrorized and decimated the island's population. Saint Pol then puts on his priestly clothes, and, accompanied by a gentleman warrior from the region of Cléder named Nuz, he goes to find the dragon in its lair to rid the island of it. Confident in the Gospel that gave the apostles the power to defeat snakes, he first orders the beast to come out of its lair. The dragon then appears, uttering frightening hisses. Saint Pol put his stole around his neck and, miraculously made docile once held in this way, the dragon followed Saint Pol to the north-western point of the island and committed suicide on his order by rushing into the water. The place can then take its current name: Trou du Serpent (Toull ar Zarpant)..."

Como llevo bastante tiempo sin subir un #dragón, os dejo por aquí uno que he hecho para probar varios pinceles :ablobcatbongo:


Dragón verde sobre fondo amarillo
2 months ago

Un jour je serai, le meilleure dresseur !
Je me battrai sans répit !
Je ferai tout pour être vainqueur
Et gagner les défis !

(ça y est, vous l'avez dans la tête ?)

Dragon enfin terminé \o/ (mix de patterns : Crafty Intentions) Dans les 12 heures de taff quand même.

(et je rappelle au passage que j'ai encore des peluches sur la boutique :

#mastoart #crochet #pokemon #dragon #handmade

Dragon au crochet rappelant le Pokémon Dracaufeu, vu de profil. Le corps est orange, le ventre blanc. Il a des griffes à chaque patte, il crache du feu et il a des cornes orange. Ses ailes sont vert foncé.
Dragon au crochet rappelant le Pokémon Dracaufeu, vu de profil. Le corps est orange, le ventre blanc. Il a des griffes à chaque patte, il crache du feu et il a des cornes orange. Ses ailes sont vert foncé.
2 months ago

… wish dragon? Afraid you summoned the wrong magical eel, unless your wish was getting wet

flattered but I’m talking rain, darling

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Cartoony drawing of an oriental dragon done in minimal greyish blue tones and mear white yellows
2 months ago

The joy of drawing noodle dragons on left-over paper scraps.

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very long chinese luck dragon
Another very long chinese luck dragon
A bit less long chinese luck dragon in a forest
✨ Qeli
2 months ago

Hi, hello out there, Qeli here (pronounced like Kelly) and I'm that darn starry void dragon on the Internet! Had to redo my introduction post, so here we go for round two~

So, a little bit about me:

I'm a non-binary transfemme in my 30s who works in IT, and my pronouns are she/they. I like magic, tea, and all things witchy :dragon_tea:

I can be sassy and snarky at times, but I also love to connect with folks from different walks of life and find ways to make them happy, laugh, or lift their spirits in some way. I spend most of my time either birding, gaming, reading, or working on some form of creative writing.

I have a broad assortment of interests and causes that are important to me, but I'll typically post about or share stuff regarding the following:

Creative Writing
Dungeons and Dragons
Furry Fandom
Trans/Non-binary Stuff
Video Games
Witchy Stuff

I'll typically use content warnings and alt-text on my posts, and will generally prefer to boost content from others that do the same to improve accessibility.

I'm pretty easygoing and very fond of making new friends, so if you found something here that intrigues or resonates with ya, give me a nudge sometime and let's talk! Thanks for reading ✨

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Damon Thomas
2 months ago

Southern Baptists leaving out the Greek additions to Daniel is impactful. Like that one time as a teen I was a Vacation Bible School teacher? It'd have been all exploding dragons. #religion #dragon

Extra Bible bit where Daniel explodes a Babylonian dragon.
Robin Childs
2 months ago

If you sit in the sunshine still (so still) and listen to the whispers of the grass and trees, then you might be graced with a glimpse of the world's smallest dragon:

The Daisy Dragon

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A long green dragon with the head of a mouse and a ridge of daisy petals down its long back.
3 months ago

a dragon perched atop its mountain dwelling.

the craggy island juts above a calm sea.

in the water we see a reflection of the fearsome predator.

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a bright orange dragonfly stands on top of a submerged log in the middle of a small lake. its reflection is visible in the glassy water and there is a  small ripple emanating from the log that looks like a small mountainous island
Jürgen Hubert
3 months ago

The last of the once-proud lindwurm dragons of the Gevezin area found a rather ignomious end.

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The Last Lindwurm:  The last lindwurm in the Gevezin area was killed by a cowherd. This cowherd encountered it sleeping on the Lindberg hill. He believed it to be a fir tree that had been toppled by the wind. He sat down on it, and wondered where the cut-off tree stump was. Since he was tired, he decided to light a pipe. He took a flintstone, steel, and firestarter, and began to make a fire. Meanwhile, the lindwurm woke up and started to move. The cowherd, who was scared out of his wits in the first moment, took his knobbed stick, and hit the head of the monster with a few forceful swings. This stunned the creature, and he was now able to kill it with ease.  Source: Bartsch, K. Sagen, Märchen und Gebräuche aus Mecklenburg, 1879. p. 40.
Nick Ferguson
3 months ago

Drove to Anglesey for a job today, after passing through the Ogwen valley and Bethesda I finally got to photograph this amazing wood carving of a huge dragon in a roadside woodland. Mobile phone photo in dull conditions, will do better in the future! #dragon #wales #woodart #carving

Photograph of a dragon carved from wood in a woodland near Bethesda North Wales
Photograph of a dragon carved from wood in a woodland near Bethesda North Wales
Photograph of a dragon carved from wood in a woodland near Bethesda North Wales
Photograph of a dragon carved from wood in a woodland near Bethesda North Wales
Auri C
3 months ago

Finished personal piece, used the oil painting filter on it at the end, not sure how I feel about that 🤔

Anyway comms open

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A small boat on a very large abyssal body of water with a massive serpentine dragon coiling underneath the boat.
Emily Hare
3 months ago

A snuggle of dragons, just painted it for fun. Watercolour on board #dragon #dragons #watercolor #watercolour #MastoArt my members have access to my originals before I put them in my shop.

A small pile of colourful dragons. On top is a teal and pink dragon with its back to us and head to the side, blowing a puff of smoke int he air. Under him is a purple dragon with his eyes closed, under the purple dragon is a green dragon, also asleep, on top of a blue dragon with his head snuggled up in the dragon above him, then a red and orange dragon at the bottom. All of them have stripe type markings on their bodies. They all look very relaxed and happy.
Alastair Temple
3 months ago

Crystal Dragon - My 6th submission to Project Aurora: Gems, and what will be the final in my Dragons series that started with our Bronze release.

Created with a mix of #blender3D, #cinema4d with #OctaneRender and #photoshop.

Initial inspiration for the series came from the work of UMGJ so do check them out.

Full series on Behance:

#dragon #DigitalArt #crystal #SciFi #ScifiArt #illustration #MastoArt #ArtOnMastodon #ArtByAlastairTemple #projectaurora #collective

3D illustration of a sci-fi  mechanical/robotic serpentine dragon with crystal elements.