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#NationalGeographic 📆 September 12, 2023 At temperatures around minus 15°F (-26°Celsius) ❄️, microbes 🦠 “don’t rely at all on solar ☀️ energy— only using chemical energy”

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A pair of Orthetrum chrysostigma dragonflies mating by a pond in a curious posture. The blue one is the male, and the yellowish brown, the female. I took this photo in a park in Valencia at the end of September.
iPhone 13 mini + homemade macro lens
My other macros in:

Una pareja de libélulas Orthetrum chrysostigma apareándose junto a un estanque en una curiosa postura. El de color azul es el macho, y la marrón amarillenta, la hembra. Hice esta foto un parque de Valencia a finales de septiembre.

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#insects #animals #nature
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#dragonfly #orthetrumchrysostigma

A pair of Orthetrum chrysostigma dragonflies mating by a pond in a curious posture.
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From time to time, birds fly into the office since I like to keep the doors open.

Today, it was a #dragonfly.

It only took a minute after showing it where the open door was, and it left for better hunting grounds.

#Birds take a lot longer to figure out where the exit is.

I guess dragonflies have been around longer and are quick learners.

Having those intimating insects flying around was a thrill, not necessarily in a good way.
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Libelle, Nahaufnahme im perfekten Sonnenlicht

Faszinierende Tiere!

Ich wünsche ein schönes Wochenende.

#libelle #dragonfly #makrofotografie

Libelle, Nahaufnahme
5 days ago

What?!? Dude landed and just sat there. #dragonfly

Dragon fly
Dragon fly
Dragon fly close up
Dragon fly face
5 days ago

Created this model back in 2017, decided to give it a clean up and re-render.

Took about a day, 'past' me was clearly less bothered by overlapping faces, and unaware of the usefulness of the mirror modifier.

#blender #blender3d #MastoArt #DigitalArt #dragonfly #robot #scifi #machine #insect

robot dragonfly resting on a tree stump by a lake
6 days ago

Lucky to spot this dragonfly in the brambles! #dragonfly #photography #lancashire

A green and brown dragonfly in the brambles, cropped in close to see its eyes and wings
6 days ago

BBC Taps Dragonfly For Commissioner; ITV Buys Aussie Drama & Confirms ‘Big Brother’ Launch Date; Talpa Restructures As Studio — Global Briefs
#BreakingNews #Distribution #Executives #RealityTV #TVNews #BBC #BigBrother #Dragonfly #InLimbo #ITV #ITVX #NewenConnect #TalpaStudios

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Dragonfly in the coastal zone of Redwood National and State Parks today. Learn more about the park at and #nps #nationalparks #ocean #publiclands #photography #dragonfly Image credit Kurt Angersbach / Westernlabs

Peter Sketch
1 week ago

It's #dragonfly time again. This is a Ruddy Darter, at the #RSPB reserve at #Otmoor, #Oxfordshire, a few days ago. There were large numbers of this species, with very few of any others. #insects #wildlife #wildlifephotography #odonata

A red dragonfly sits on a wooden fence, warming itself in the sun.Its body is deep red, its wings are clear and its legs are black.
1 week ago

Vertrocknete braune Blätter an euren #Tomaten? Bloß nicht abschneiden - mit Glück wachsen daran die seltenen fliegenden Tomaten! ;)

Im Blog habsch noch'n kurzes Libellenvideo verlinkt:

#garten #garden #gärtnern #gardening #tiere #insekten #insects #libelle #dragonfly

Eine Libelle sitzt an einem braunen, vertrockneten Tomatenblatt und wartet darauf, dass die Morgensonne sie wärmt.
Eine Libelle sitzt an einem braunen, vertrockneten Tomatenblatt und wartet darauf, dass die Morgensonne sie wärmt.

Im Hintergrund wachsen Tomaten in schwarzen Maurerkübeln, die mit Schafwolle gemulcht sind.
Nahaufnahme einer Libell, die sich an ein braunes Tomatenblatt klammert.
Nahaufnahme einer Libelle, die sich an ein braunes Tomatenblatt klammert
Thomas Herrmann
1 week ago


Not much to say. Thats what photos are for, aren´t they? :)

#dragonfly #insektensamstag #thuringia #prachtlibelle #photography

A banded demoiselle sitting on a branch that is occupying one third of the picture horizontally in the middle. The dragonfly has a nice metallic blue shimmering color with fades to black into transparent on its wings. In the background there is a river that causes round bokeh balls.
1 week ago

Am #InsektenSamstag die Aufnahme einer wenig bedrohten und aufgrund ihrer Anspruchslosigkeit an das Gewässer häufig vorkommendenden Klein-#Libelle.

Große Pechlibelle
blue-tailed damselfly - Ischnura elegans

#InsectSaturday, a picture of a #dragonfly that is not very endangered and often found due to its undemanding nature.

#fotografie #photography #insects #insekten

DE: Am gerade noch zu erahnenden, nur stückweise sichtbarem und von Grünalgen bedecktem, mit Schilfgras zugewachsenem Gewässer sitzt eine kleine Libelle auf einem vertrockneten Schilfgrashalm.
EN: A small dragonfly sits on a dry reed stalk at a water body that is just barely visible, covered with green algae and overgrown with reed grass.
Herr haekelschwein
1 week ago

Unheimliche Begegnung der dritten Art.

(Der Untergrund ist übrigens kein Wasser, sondern ein umgedrehter transparenter Regenschirm, aber die Libelle vermutete offenbar einen Teich und nahm auch sogleich Kontakt auf zu dessen Bewohner. Das Bild ist zwölf Jahre alt, aber kam mir gerade wieder in die Finger.)

#haekelschwein #crochetpig #amigurumi #libelle #dragonfly

Drei Bilder untereinander, auf denen sich eine Libelle einem haekelschwein annähert.
Max, an ant whisperer
2 weeks ago

A nice male darter, partolling its territory but letting me shot a cool picture
#insects #dragonfly #RealLifeDragon #CityWildLife

A red dragonfly, standing on the concrete edge of a pond.
Its whole body is red, even with one single red cell on the apex of each of its four wings.
Tina LeCour
2 weeks ago

Dragonflies have a special meaning to many including myself, hope you enjoy this one called "Big Blue Dragonfly":)
Can Be Purchased Here..

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This is a whimsical big blue dragonfly hovering around some pretty yellow parrot tulip flowers.
2 weeks ago

A sympetrum fonscolombii devouring a small dipteran it has just hunted at the edge of a pond. These are not photos, but frames extracted from a short 4K video. I played the video on the Mac with Quicktime, selected the frame with the keyboard arrow keys, copied it, and pasted it from the clipboard in Preview (Valencia, September).
iPhone 13 mini + homemade macro lens
My other macros in:

Una sympetrum fonscolombii devorando un pequeño díptero que acaba de cazar al borde de un estanque No son fotos, sino fotogramas extraídos de un corto video en 4K. He reproducido el video en el Mac con Quicktime, he seleccionado el fotograma con las teclas de dirección del teclado, lo he copiado, y pegado desde el portapapeles en Vista Previa.

Ein Sympetrum fonscolombii verschlingt einen kleinen Zweiflügler, den er gerade am Rande eines Teiches gefangen hat. Dies sind keine Fotos, sondern Aufnahmen aus einem kurzen 4K-Video. Ich habe das Video auf dem Mac mit Quicktime abgespielt, das gewünschte Bild mit den Pfeiltasten auf der Tastatur ausgewählt, es kopiert und schließlich aus der Zwischenablage in Preview eingefügt.

#macro #macrophotography
#insects #animals #nature
#shotonmobile #shotoniphone
#dragonfly #sympetrumfonscolombii

A sympetrum fonscolombii devouring a small dipteran it has just hunted at the edge of a pond.
These are not photos, but frames extracted from a short 4K video.
2 weeks ago

Dragonfly identification is not my strongpoint. I believe this is a mature female Common Darter, photographed near the River Trent, Staffordshire. Please feel free to correct me if I got this wrong
#Nature #NaturePhotography #RSPB #Dragonfly #BTO #CommonDarter

A mature Common Darter dragonfly, side on, resting on a dry plant
2 weeks ago

A male sympetrum fonscolombii perched on a leaf. They have excellent eyesight and flee if you approach. But they have a tendency to come back to perch on the same branches or flowers and like most predators are curious. If you are patient and do not make sudden movements you can get close enough (Valencia Park, September).
iPhone 13 mini + homemade macro lens
My other macros in:

Una sympetrum fonscolombii macho posada sobre una ramita. Tienen una vista excelente y huyen si te acercas. Pero tienen tendencia a volver a posarse sobre las mismas ramas o flores y como la mayoría de predadores es curiosa. Si tienes paciencia y no haces movimientos bruscos puedes acercarte lo suficiente. (Parque en Valencia, septiembre)

Ein weiblicher Sympetrum fonscolombii sitzt auf einem Zweig. Sie haben ein ausgezeichnetes Sehen und fliehen, wenn man sich ihnen nähert. Sie haben aber die Tendenz, sich immer wieder auf denselben Zweigen oder Blumen niederzulassen und sind wie die meisten Raubtiere neugierig. Wenn man geduldig ist und keine schnellen Bewegungen macht, kann man nahe genug herankommen. (Park in Valencia, September).

#macro #macrophotography
#insects #animals #nature
#shotonmobile #shotoniphone
#dragonfly #sympetrumfonscolombii

A male sympetrum fonscolombii perched on a leaf
A male sympetrum fonscolombii perched on a leaf
Mrs K Husky
2 weeks ago

I had a #dragonfly hanging around the roof terrace yesterday so I tried to photograph it. I did okay, but definitely need more practise. I think it's type of Darter? Maybe someone with more dragon knowledge can help.
Edit - Identified as a Red-veined Darter - sympetrum fonscolumbii
#photography #insects #nature #andalucia #spain

Side view of a dragonfly flying past with a terracotta wall background.
2 weeks ago

Broken wing…
This dragonfly broke one of its four wings but appeared to be able to adapt well to its disability.

#Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #Nature #Wildlife #Insects #Dragonfly #Dragonflies

Ferdinand M.
3 weeks ago

🇦🇹 Eine Große Heidelibelle in der Lobau

🇬🇧 A Common darter at Lobau (near Vienna).

#libelle #dragonfly #naturfotografie #nature #natur #naturephotography #wildlife #wildlifephotography

Große Heidelibelle sitzt auf einem kleinen, vertrocknetem Ast. Man sieht die Libelle von der Seite und sie hat ihre Flügel nach vorne gestreckt. Der Hintergrund ist verschwommen grau/grün.
Uncle Daniel 🐅🏔
3 weeks ago

Blue Dasher

#dragonfly #insects

A closeup of a medium sized dragonfly perched on the limb of a Mulberry tree. The dragonfly has a cloudy blue abdomen, cream and black stripes on its thorax, and large green compound eyes with a white face
3 weeks ago

Look at the HANDSOME GENTLEMAN that somehow got into our house tonight. A Canada darner dragonfly, and he's enormous.

I took him outside and let him go under the porch (because it's pouring) and twenty minutes later, inside the house, I found him clinging to my pant leg.

I took him out to the shed, where he is dry and happy and there are plenty of mosquitoes to eat.


Enormous dragonfly, blue and black, in my shed, safe from the torrential rain
Enormous dragonfly, blue and black, in my house on a curtain
John Smyth
3 weeks ago

Brown Hawker dragonflies along the Brosna river in Co. Westmeath yesterday.
#BrownHawker #dragonfly #westmeath #ireland #naturephotography #wildlife #insect #river #brosna

3 weeks ago

On the hunt. A Green Darner patrolling the skies over a native prairie. Northeast Kansas, last week.

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #NatureCommunity #Photography #FlyoverCountry #Predator #Dragonfly

Green and blue dragonfly in flight

Hello everyone, hope you're having a good Sunday! 🙂👋 We went walking in the Missouri Botanical Gardens this morning. I took a lot of pictures because my daughter wasn't there speeding us through. I thought I'd share a few of the ok ones.

Have a great afternoon/evening!

#MOBotanicalGarden #STL #StLouis #nature #bloomscrolling #roses #dragonfly #insectsofmastodon #Sunday

A bright red scrub rose with a yellow center taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens September 10th, 2023.
A yellow, orange and pink rose taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens September 10th, 2023.
A dragonfly with blue body and blue green head taken at the Missouri Botanical Gardens September 10th, 2023.
3 weeks ago

#photography #dragonfly

The season just keeps giving

dragonfly on twig with berries
3 weeks ago

There are lots of insects around, since it's still pretty warm outside. They'll start to disappear when the temperature goes below 50F/10C. #insects #bugs #insectphotography #nature #naturephotography #wildflowers #damselfly #wasps #dragonfly #boneset

This is a blue tailed damselfly. It has a mostly blue head and thorax and a mostly black wings and abdomen, with the exception of the last segment, of the abdomen, which is blue. These damselflies take to the sky in Sept and Oct.
A potter wasp. These are solitary wasps that drink nectar. However, they prey on other insects, in order to provide for their young.
A paper wasp on boneset. It is a large wasp whose body is dark brown with some dark orange spots. Its wings are also dark brown.  It has dark orange legs. It eats nectar. It lives in small colonies and constructs nests made of plant fiber.
This dragonfly is a male blue faced meadowhawk. It has a bright red abdomen with black bands, lacy black wings and green eyes. Here, it's resting on the dirt.

Original and Crop of a Dragonfly that was flying behind the remnants of some reeds. It was early in my walk and I was worried I may not get another chance of a photo (but of course the walk was all Dragons and few birds).

#InsectsOfMastodon #Dragonfly

Migrant Hawker illuminated against the black of the shadows
Migrant Hawker illuminated against the black of the shadows

The contrast between the harsh light and the shadows in the woods around the lake make it look like I've adjusted the background.

Migrant Hawker

#InsectsOfMastodon #Dragonfly

Migrant hawker flying  in the shadows

Not a great shot of mating dragonflies, but the ambiance at this part of the lake was wonderful

#InsectsOfMastodon #Dragonfly

2 dragonflies hover above the green of the lakes surface
Nicolas Demers
4 weeks ago

A Blue-eyed Darner zipping around over one of the little side ponds, though kind enough to hover in place occasionally
#vancouver #StanleyPark #LostLagoon #dragonfly #BlueEyedDarner

A Blue-eyed Darner dragonfly -- with bright blue eyes and a dark brown and blue body -- is hovering in place over water
Grant Canterbury
1 month ago

Stepped out into the woods and heard a vigorous rustling in the dry leaves at my feet. The tiny blurred action momentarily paused and was revealed as a small #dragonfly and a hornet locked onto each other! Not immediately clear who was trying to prey on who... but when they fell apart for a moment the hornet took a short breather and pounced on again, stinging and biting at the head. When they separated again I scooped the dragonfly out of the leaf litter and quickly retreated... [continued]

1 month ago



A dragonfly is peeking around the edge of a large grassy leaf. It's a very narrow depth of field, so the background and foreground are blurry greens.
1 month ago

A Painted Skimmer, an uncommon species, is one of the larger dragonflies in the northeastern U.S.

#insects #dragonfly #wildlife #wildlifephotography #naturephotography #biodiversity

"It is a medium-sized species, at 43 mm (1.7 in) long. Each wing is amber coloured at the base and wing tip and has several brown spots. The abdomen has a lateral strip that is white anteriorly and yellow posteriorly." (Wikipedia)
1 month ago

So I have an idea.

If you've followed me a while then you've heard my heat & drought woes. It'll be another month before it even begins to cool off & my garden regains some sanity.

But I really miss posting stuff.

So I'm thinking of doing a daily "from the archives" post. Just a random selection of this year's spring/summer photos (that I'm oh-so-slowly organizing lol). No repeats - just photos I liked at the time but never got around to posting.

I dunno. What d'you think?

(photo info in alt-text)

#gardening #TexasGarden #Zone9a #butterfly #dragonfly #NaturePhotography

Two clusters of Roughleaf Dogwood flowers on a very young shrub.

Further detail: the individual flowers are approximately a quarter-inch in size and have four creamy-white petals. They grow in thick clusters that resemble fluffy clouds. The shrub's leaves are dark green and have an elongated oval-shape.

Photo taken 4.23.2023
A Horace's Duskywing butterfly perched on a bright yellow sunflower.

Further detail: the butterfly has dark brown wings with faint darker mottling and a few tiny glassy spots on the upper forewings. The body and head are a matching brown color. Its wings are spread wide and have a soft, almost fuzzy quality reminiscent of a moth. The medium-sized sunflower has a reddish-brown center and bright yellow daisy-like petals.

Photo taken 6.26.2023
A male Blue Dasher dragonfly perched on an unopened sunflower bud.

Further detail: the dragonfly has large turquoise eyes, a turquoise and black striped thorax, and a royal-blue abdomen with a dark tip. The wings are clear but in this photo the veins have a darkish-blue cast. The sunflower bud has two small triangular leaves and bright yellow petals that are still tightly closed. It reminds me of pursed lips. Background is a blur of green and yellow from other sunflowers.

Photo taken 6.20.2023
1 month ago

Today was the first day in a week that the heat index was not 100 or more. As expected, there were a lot of dragonflies and some butterflies flying around. #dragonfly #butterfly #insects #insectphotography #sunflower #thistle #flowerphotography #nature #naturephotography #hoosiermast

The most abundant dragonflies are the blue dashers. They are small and the males have a blue abdomen, a striped thorax and big green eyes. Here is one clinging to a dried out flower, near the water of the pond.
The eastern pondhawk dragonflies are slightly bigger than the blue dashers. This is a young male, with a powder blue abdomen and some green in his thorax. The females are bright green.
A tiny pearly crescent butterfly visits a sunflower. The butterfly is about  an inch wide with its wings fully open, and is orange with dark brown and black marking.
A tiny (1/2 inch) beige and brown butterfly, the zabulon skipper, clings onto the side of a lavender-colored thistle flower.
Peggy Collins
1 month ago

I've added a new dragonfly to my collection of artwork with a stained glass look. (Not real stained glass - hope you enjoy!)

Prints & more are available at

#dragonfly #dragonflies #insects #art #artist #CreativeToots #ArtForSale #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of a dragonfly with a stained glass effect, by artist Peggy Collins.
Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Variegated meadowhawk (Sympetrum corruptum) dragonfly trapped in spiderweb. Baylands Nature Preserve, Palo Alto, California.
#NaturePhotography #dragonfly #insect #Photography #California

A red-bodied dragonfly with transparent wings extended perches on a dried plant stem, tangled up in spiderweb
Deb Oppermann
1 month ago

The bright and flashy Halloween Pennant is a bright dragonfly that floats like a butterfly. This one was resting on a Sunflower petal with wings spread. The Halloween Pennant's wings are entirely orange-yellow in color with dark brown bands, the Halloween inspiration for its common name.
Halloween Pennant is here
#dragonfly #insect #nature #animal #wildlife #NaturePhotography #macro #BuyIntoArt #photography #PhotographersOnMastodon #fediverse #FediGiftShop #sunflower

Close up of Halloween Pennant dragonfly resting on yellow sunflower with greyish background
Peggy Collins
1 month ago

I once took a dragonfly for a swim in a lake while he rode on my uplifted finger. True story! Now I know I can swim with one arm in the air. What a great memory. Edited to add - many thanks to the person who just bought a throw pillow with my dragonfly! :-)

You can purchase it here -

#dragonfly #dragonflies #insects #colorful #color #art #pastel #artist #CreativeToots #ArtForSale #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of a dragonfly against an abstract background, by artist Peggy Collins.
Bosque Bill
1 month ago

Bleached Skimmer
Bottomless Lakes State Park, NM
[click for full view, if needed]

#photo #nature #Odonata #dragonfly #NewMexico

A dragonfly with black legs and a blue/black/white body perches on a light brown stalk in front of a mottled pale background.
2 months ago

I really liked how today's #inkyDays drawing turned out, so I decided to try the dragonfly motif on nice watercolor paper and play with color blending. So far, so good.

If these work out, I may bring them to upcoming shows/events.

#ink #drawing #art #mastoart #dragonfly #wip

Hand drawn generative art in ink on watercolor paper. The abstract pattern has a repeating dragonfly motif. My glass dipping pen is next to the drawing.

The dragonflies at yesterday's concert were entrancing. Now I have dragonflies on my brain.

Here is my first attempt at finding the pattern I hope to play with for a while.

I'm starting new posts for this week's #inkyDays drawings. I'll be posting in-progress and finished drawings for my supporters on ko-fi and patreon in these:

#ink #drawing #art #mastoart #GenrativeArt #dragonfly

Hand drawn generative art in ink on an open page in my sketchbook. There is a repeating dragonfly motif.
Tina LeCour
2 months ago
This is a square mosaic style image image of a beautiful dragonfly and a sunflower done in very bright colors of green, teal , blue and yellow
Bosque Bill
2 months ago

Blue Dasher dragonfly
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, NM
[click for full photo, if necessary]

This female is in what is called the "obelisk" stance. Experts opine this is to minimize exposure to the sun as dragonflies usually do this when that ball of flames is high overhead. ☀️

#InsectSaturday #InsektenSamstag #Odonata #dragonfly #photo #NewMexico

A dragonfly with a black and yellow body perches at the end of a thin branch against a clear blue sky; wings outstretched; abdomen pointed straight up.
Pamela Williams Fine Art
2 months ago

I wish I was a dragonfly,
Blue in the shimmering sun
Settling on the tropical palms,
When my breeze guided journey was done


#dragonfly #bugs #nature #SharePamsArt #photography #PhotographyIsArt #PhotoOfTheDay #POTD #DigitalArt #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #TheArtDistrict

Image close up of a dragonfly perched on a lily bud with lake water bokeh background
Jenny 👽 🌵
2 months ago

Photo of a #dragonfly (I think it's called a Whitetail) taken at Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge near Roswell, #NewMexico on May 30, 2021.

#NaturePhotography #Wildlife

Dragonfly with white body and brown and white wings settling on a brown twig that's laying in the dirt.
Ember Kelly
2 months ago

I was in the yard getting some references photos and this cool #dragonfly let me take a couple shots.

#insect #insectphotography #naturephotography

A dark blue dragonfly perches on some dry grass. The sun is shining down from the top left, creating a hazy beam of light. The background is vegetation.
Bath Nature
2 months ago

Several recent #dragonfly and #damselfly sightings - Beautiful Demoiselle and Scarce Chaser from #Bath #Somerset #UK, Golden-ringed and Southern Hawker from East Woodlands near #Frome.
#Insect #Insects #Odonata #Nature #Wildlife #NaturePhotography #WildlifePhotography #Entomology #NatureCommunity

A male Beautiful Demoiselle - a metallic blue damselfly with clouded wings, perched on a leaf.
A female or teneral male Scarce Chaser dragonfly - an orange dragonfly with black markings, perched on a dead plant stem.
A Golden-ringed Dragonfly - a black dragonfly with golden markings and green eyes, perched on a plant stem.
A Southern Hawker dragonfly - a dragonfly with black, yellow and blue markings, perched on a plant stem.
Steve Jackson
2 months ago

Keeled Skimmer #Dragonflies, seen on this date two years ago at #Studland Heath. The male has a pale blue abdomen with a thin black line (or keel) running down the middle. The female (second picture) has lovely greenish-yellow and brown hues, with a more obvious black keel. This is a species with a scattered distribution, with a preference for wet heathlands.

#Dragonfly #Insect #InsectPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Wildlife #WildlifePhotography

Male Keeled Skimmer Dragonfly with blue abdomen as described in Toot. He is perched on some dead bracken.
Female Keeled Skimmer Dragonfly as described in Toot. She is perched on a grass stem, with the green foliage and purple flowers of Heather visible (though out of focus) in the background.
Walter S.
2 months ago

A male black-tailed skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum)

This is one of the largest #dragonflies here. This species prefers open, sun-exposed water surfaces and shore zones. The imagines like to sit on stony or sandy ground to sunbathe.

#photography #photo #nature #naturephotography #mft #microfourthirds #darktable #macrophotography #macro #nature #naturephotography #animals #wildlife #insects #odonata #dragonfly #damselfly #Orthetrum #OrthetrumCancellatum

A light blue dragonfly sunbathing on a dry stick
Robin Whittleton
3 months ago

Found a huge Brown Hawker in a Swedish garden centre of all places (fingers for scale) #dragonfly

A brown dragonfly with green eyes and blue dots on the body, perching on a branch. My fingers next to it show that it’s approximately the size of my hand.
3 months ago

It's the heart of summer. All the insects are here. (IDs with each picture.) #insects #dragonfly #robberfly #honeybee #flowers #onionflowers #teaselflowers #dogbaneflowers #nature #photography #naturephography

A close up of a Halloween pennant dragonfly perched on dogbane. It is a brown dragonfly with dark brown stripes on its wings.
An Indiana robberfly is a frightening looking insect, with a beige abdomen with black stripes, big legs with grasping pincers on the ends, big black eyes and a  nasty looking proboscis. It eats other bugs and when it flies, it's very loud. I heard this guy before I saw him.
An ornamental onion flower with pale pink buds with a domestic honeybee on it.
The teasels are starting to bloom. It has a spiky looking shape, with numerous light lavender tiny flowers all over the spikes. Butterflies and bees love them.
El Duvelle
3 months ago

Check out this beauty :)
#Dragonfly , but which one?
#NewHampshire #NatureIsBeautiful

Update: looks like it is a female Widow Skimmer - thank you @LateOnsetGirl!

A large dragonfly resting on a wood fence, the 4 wings are transparent with a touch of black on their top and a brown spot in the middle, it has giant black eyes and a long brown body. It was very approachable.
3 months ago

Gorgeous new arrival to my garden!

A male Needham's Skimmer

Surprisingly territorial. It's making a play for the pond - which 100% belongs to the male Blue Dashers. (Of the 8 species in my garden, they're the smallest but the fiercest - like little blue Chihuahuas lol)

There's quite a dragonfly battle going on out there. It's kinda fascinating.

#TexasGarden #Zone9a #dragonfly #Odonata #NaturePhotography

A male Needham's Skimmer dragonfly resting a thin twig. View from behind. It has a vivid reddish-orange body with a vertical dark stripe on the abdomen. The wings are clear with a reddish-orange vein across the top. The color feels vibrant and spicy, like a hot pepper. Background is a green blur.
3 months ago

going through some old photos on my camera and thought i'd share some of my favourites!

1: southern hawker (aeshna cyanea)
2: buff-tailed bee (bombus terrestris)
3: as above
4: common darter (sympetrum striolatrum)

#entomology #insect #insects #bugs #bugstodon #dragonfly #bumblebee #bee #nature #biology #myphotos

close up photo of a southern hawker dragonfly (green and brown body with clear wings) sat on the edge of the pavement beside some moss
a buff-tailed bumblebee sat on a pink flower in a garden surrounded by pink and blue flowers
a buff-tailed bumbebee sat on a purple flower
a common darter dragonfly (red/orange body and clear wings) sat on the ground
Julie Spriddle
3 months ago

A Greek Goldenring Dragonfly (Cordulegaster helladica).

This endangered dragonfly is (unsurprisingly) found in Greece, where it favours tropical or subtropical forests, rivers and freshwater springs. It's primary threat is habitat loss.

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A black and gold striped dragonfly with jade coloured eyes on a muted swamp background. Created by JulieSpriddleArt.

Have been visited by a Brown Hawker dragonfly (Aeshna grandis)

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Closeup of a Brown Hawker dragonfly
A Brown Hawker dragonfly
A Brown Hawker dragonfly
A Brown Hawker dragonfly
3 months ago

'Greek Goldendring Dragonfly'
The loss of their inland wetland habitats is the driving factor behind this insect's inclusion on the IUCN's Red List of Threatened Species . An illustration for #wildlifewednesdaychallenge - aiming to highlight the plight of endangered species through art.
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An illustration of a dragonfly on a shimmering bright blue background. The dragonfly is seen from above, the iridescent wings outstretched and drawn in great detail. White and yellow light seems to emanate from the body and white swirls create a sort of energy field around it. Headers: 'The Greek Goldenring Dragonfly. Insecta - Odonata - Cordulegaster helladica. Endangered due to habitat loss. IUCN Red List of Endangered Species.
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got sunburnt sat by the pond watching the bugs but it was worth it ☀️ (don't be like me and always wear suncream folks)

• marmalade hover fly (Episyrphus balteatus)
• blue emperor (Anax imperator)
• black tailed skimmer (Orthetrum cancellatum)
• tapered drone fly (Eristalis pertinax)

bonus: lots of blue damselflies (Enallagma cyathigerum)

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close up photo of a marmalade hoverfly on a pink creeping thistle
an emperor dragonfly (green head and thorax and blue/black striped abdomen) on a floating pondweed leaf on a pond. common blue damselflies can be seen on other pondweed leaves around the emperor dragonfly
common rush in a pond, with a black tailed striker dragonfly in flight to the right. a common blue damselfly can be seen on a blade of rush grass behind the striker dragonfly
close up photo of a tapered drone fly on a pink creeping thistle
3 months ago

A dragonfly's wings are all you can see approaching the ferns, giving an odd illusion. Umpqua State Park Oregon, USA
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a dragonfly is hidden by fern fronds with only its wings showing at Umpqua State Park in Oregon, USA
a bronze-colored dragonfly rests on fern fronds in Umpqua State Park, Oregon, USA