Odin Halvorson
8 minutes ago

My first ever Inktober and my first time drawing with pens! This was fun. 🍂🍂🎃

#Inktober #October #Halloween #Drawing #Art #artober2023 #Dreams

An ink sketch. A city skyline in the distance. In the foreground, a truck overturned on a highway. A figure floats above the truck's overturned bed. A hoard of figures, distorted and uncertain, wave up at the figure as if reaching for it.
Adam Richter
32 minutes ago

Today’s drawing: #Dreams

Acorn dreams of becoming an evergreen tree.
Dr Mathieu Goux
18 hours ago

Il paraît que c'est #Inktober ! Alors, je ne sais pas jusqu'où j'irai, et je n'ai pas dessiné depuis... Dix ans peut-être ? ^^ Mais je vais tenter d'en faire quelques uns. Je voulais reprendre mes crayons depuis longtemps !

#dreams #supermariobros2

Dessin de Super Mario dormant dans un lit avec un bonnet de nuit sur la tête. Il rêve, et on voit une image du futur "Super Mario Wonder" dans sa bulle de rêve.
23 hours ago

“If you’ve ever awoken from a vivid dream only to find that you can’t remember the details by the end of breakfast, you’re not alone. People forget most of the dreams they have—though it is possible to train yourself to remember more of them.”
#dream #dreams #sleep

Justin at Ecoscore
1 day ago

🤔 Is there an exercise programme to improve your remembering of #dreams ? I am finding them harder to remember as I get older and there’s nothing so frustrating as remembering only the shadow of a delicious dream when you wake up

I dream of a world in which that one chunk of toilet paper doesn't get stuck on the side of the bowl.


2 days ago

Last semester was the first semester I got straight As in since high school. It was also the first college semester that I didn't have a mental breakdown and have to emergency drop all my classes.

I actually feel motatived. The artist in me is finally going to be freed. I found my paintbrush.

I am out of my mother's shadow now. I am now on my own path. It won't all be easy but I know damn well I'll do good.

Find your #dreams and never stop chasing them


Poetry News
2 days ago

Dreams of home ownership
All crushed so suddenly, alas
China's housing crisis

#china #housingcrisis #homeownership #dreams #haiku #poetry

Matt Gumbley
2 days ago

Last night’s dream: I had discovered an underground stream running alongside my patch of desert, so tapped into it to create a fountain which made a nice little oasis. And also a patch of quicksand, into which I clumsily fell and was consumed. The end. #dreams

A7 Radio - 100% Mix
2 days ago

🟢 Je suis tranquillement dans mes pensées, avec mes amis,
Nous parlons de tout et de rien, il faut dire que nous avons eu une journée assez mouvementée, avec les tremblements de terre réguliers.

#Photography #Mastodon #Livre #VendrediLecture #Lecture #Dreams #Simplycrown #EditionsMaïa

2 days ago
Colleen Millsteed
2 days ago

Published today : Succumbing to the Void

I beat back and stand once more on my own two feet,
And listen to the racing of footsteps coming my way,
Heartbeat thundering in my chest, attempting to break free,
Not knowing what I’ll face, am I foreplay or entree?

Please click the link to read the full piece and leave your comments below. I look forward to hearing from you.

#dreams #Writing #poetry #poetrycommunity #poetrylovers #WritingCommunity #readingcommunity

2 days ago

@AbandonedAmerica Baffling to me as well; some of my most vivid (and terrifying) #dreams involve floors sagging, collapsing, disappearing, having plants grow out of their ever less solid boards, and/or turning into flimsy cloth. I'm sure this says something about my subconscious needing attention, but I'll take it.

Pandaah Ritooh
2 days ago

Time for a lovely friday with some community games! Or at least try some right? XD
Let's all dream together!

#community #dreams #twitch #pngtuber #vstreamer #friday

A7 Radio - 100% Mix
2 days ago

🟢 Le repas se poursuit comme à son habitude.
Bizarrement, un long silence coupe notre conversation, tout est calme, trop calme.
Nous regardons dans le jardin, les voisins bronzent, et les enfants sautent sur le trampoline, tourné dans le même sens.

#Photography #Mastodon #Livre #VendrediLecture #Lecture #Dreams #Simplycrown #EditionsMaïa

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
3 days ago

#Einstein Was Right, Again: Novel Experiment Proves #Antigravity Doesn’t Exist

#Dreams of a world powered by #antigravity got quashed by a #particlephysics

3 days ago

Electric Dreams: The Art of Barclay Shaw, Paper Tiger, 1995. #BookCover #BarclayShaw #PaperTiger #ElectricDreams #electric #dreams #ArtPortfolio

3 days ago

Listening to #katebush 's #TheDreaming in its entirety before going to sleep will generate some pretty amazing #dreams.
If you're the #dreaming type.

3 days ago

“We (the indivisible divinity operating within us) have dreamt the world. We have dreamt it as firm, mysterious, visible, ubiquitous in space and durable in time, but in its architecture we have allowed tenuous and eternal crevices of unreason which tell us it is false.”

— Jorge Luis Borges

#quotes #life #dreams #reality #zen #meditation

A7 Radio - 100% Mix
4 days ago

🔴 La dernière pépite de #Thylacine vient de sortir ! Le mélange est unique et envoutant !

#Mastodon #Photography #Music #Dreams #Facebook #Twitter #A7Radio

4 days ago

Last nights dream was another anxiety doozy. Had health problems but the NHS had been abolished for being "woke" so it was all privatised. Had to see this smarmy private GP who then told me that seeing them would cost several thousand pounds (quoted £50 but I was was being charged extra as i was clearly woke) but I could pay it off monthly over several years but I'm freaking out that the cost of the private doctor alone would max out my budget. #dream #dreams

4 days ago

2021 an unfortunate event spurned an sequential round of dreams where my grandmother haunted me. #surreal #sketchbook #drawing #dreams

Bobby Kane Music
4 days ago

Looks like it's that time again. What were some of your childhood goals? I'll go first.
The "Fake It 'Till You Make It" is strong with this one.

#Dreams #ChildhoodGoals #PoorMusician #SelfProduced #BreedloveArtist #UpcomingArtist #UnsignedHype #IndependentArtist #Singer #Together #PoorMusician #MusicIsLove #MusicIsLife #GuitarIsMyDoctor #EmotionalSupportGuitar

4 days ago

Okay so here was a weird dream. I was visiting a friends place, and he and his roommate are SUPER non-sexual types with strong PC predilections. My roommate as well, who is also hard Ace.

A few other friends also showed up, all of whom are HYPER sexual types. We're all fursuiting. I caution against the lewd, but one of the hyper sexual ones keeps pushing for it, pushing for me to clean out, so I go to the bathroom and struggle to clean out for what feels like forever.

Eventually I give up because my body is on the fritz, so I go into the den where the hyper sexual ones are and sure enough they're banging already, as well as my asexual roommate who is the one on top of the pile. I feel weird.

The host's sister and mom show up but everyone is weirdly chill about the horniness happening in the other room while we all just mingle apart from the group.

I'm mostly annoyed the one guy pushed me to clean out but banged someone else anyway.


Drew Naylor
5 days ago

I had a #dream where there were characters in #Xenoblade3 that did #programming and #VideoEditing for a decade instead of fighting and everyone was aware of the reincarnation. This particular character had around a term left and was doing an interview where they were talking about how they were waiting for someone else to finish something so they could integrate it, but then they decided to use something else and wait until next time.



Weary Wulf
5 days ago

[P] I sometimes wonder what I'd do with a wish. There are things I would want to be, places I'd love to go... But if I had just one wish? I'd use it to banish social identity, removing its unfathomably monstrous cruelty and evil from the human condition, replacing it with logic, empathy, compassion, and kindness.

#psychology #dreams

6 days ago

It's the LAST WEEK of the 50/90 challenge, folks! Do you have it in you to write a few more songs? 🤘

Sure you can... in fact you could do it in your sleep! Write a song related to dreams. 😴

Examples: “1999” (Prince), “Sweet Dreams Are Made of These” (Eurythmics), “Daydream Believer” (Monkees), “Savior Complex” (Phoebe Bridgers)

Tag it #dreams at!

#fawm #fiftyninety #songwritingchallenge #songwritingtips #lyricwritingtips #music #musicians

6 days ago

Know what I hate about #dreams? The cliffhangers.

Me and some random terrier were being chased through a town, in the middle of a battle, by giant empty samurai armor wielding a high pressure hose, both of us in pursuit of the last bag of individual coffee creamers stashed on a rooftop... and I woke up and will now never know who got it.

True Quotation
1 week ago

I'm a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.
— Annette Funicello
#quote #dreams

1 week ago

Had an epic anxiety dream. Was living in this Scandi country. All clean with seemingly very Ikea-esque housing interiors. I'm trying to get this woman that I barely know a doctor's appointment as she has an almost crippling stomach pains. Somehow all the Scandi Docs appointments are now run by the English and thus getting an appointment is infuriatingly difficult.
The woman in pain keeps wandering off whilst I'm on the phone and I end up in a panic trying to find her. Fun stuff #dream #dreams

Rod Van Meter
1 week ago

Two #dreams: 1. Stephanie Wehner and I were building a submarine. No idea why, but it was fun.
2. My college best friend and I were with other friends to watch fireworks from the beach, and one fell down and rolled down the dune, which led to discussion of last year, when we watched the fireworks while scuba diving.

I seem to have a thing about dreaming about my old college professors lately. Last night was the second one in 2 weeks. #Dreams

Nell Greenfieldboyce
1 week ago

This weekend is the return of an asteroid sample NASA collected about 200 million miles away in 2020. Getting the 8 ounces or so of asteroid rock will be historic, if all goes as planned…and the stress is giving the lead scientist strange, vivid dreams….

#space #asteroids #nasa #dreams #astronomy #biology #geology

1 week ago

9/100 #100daystooffload @82mhz #Jung #Dreams #Psychology
I was alone with a library book of Jung's lectures for an hour. The next day, I wrote this phost.

I extend Jung's idea of non-memory dream free variables by identifying memory recall with antidifferentiation and art with differentiation.

Suitable for all people who actually read it

2 weeks ago

Well *that* was different. Thought I was actually lucid dreaming during the night. Turns out I was just dreaming that I was lucid dreaming in an entirely different bed with different noises and people creeping around. The other big clue was that I've never experienced lucid dreaming but of course I didn't question that during the dream within a dream.
#Dream #Dreams

2 weeks ago

Common Ant Dreams:
* All sisters are convinced you are dead & keep carrying you to the graveyard.
* Discover you can pick up anything you can grasp in your mandibles: trees, anteaters & people.
* Queen notices you & asks for food (huge honor) but your social stomach is empty. Everyone is watching.
* Sugar dream.
* cutting leaf but keep going in circles, leaf never falls off.

More “common dreams” :

#ants #silly #dreams #tumblr

2 weeks ago

Our cat „Fräulein Smilla Gespür von Schnee“ and our Dog „BillyRubin“ talking about my new Release „Lucid Dreaming“ which is released on Friday on all streaming platforms

Presave „Lucid Dreaming“ and support me by doing that. Boosts are also welcome 💋🦍

#music #art #lofihiphop #chill #downtempo #dreams #luciddreaming

Our cat „Fräulein Smilla Gespür von Schnee“ and our Dog „BillyRubin“ talking about my new Release „Lucid Dreaming“ which is released on Friday on all streaming platforms
Travis Briggs
2 weeks ago

I'm eating a McDouble with bacon on it. #dreams #carnivore

When you were a kid did you ever have that dream where someone told you you didn't have to go to school, then you woke up and said to your adult, "I'm so happy I don't have to go to school today!" and they said "What? Of course you're going to school!" And you just felt crushed? That happened to me once or twice, and I think about it now and then. #Dreams

Karthik Srinivasan
2 weeks ago


Related to the Kekule story, mostly hypnogogia:

Hypnopompia is even less understood/studied.

#Sleep #REM #Dreams #Neuroscience #N1

50+ Music
3 weeks ago

"Never Going Back Again" is a song written by #LindseyBuckingham that was first released by the British-American #rock band #FleetwoodMac on their eleventh studio album #Rumours (1977). The song was also released as the B-side to the Top Ten single "#DontStop" in the US and the "#YouMakeLovingFun" single in the UK. It was also the B-side of "#Dreams" in the Netherlands. "Never Going Back Again" has been covered by other artists, including #ColinReid.

Ben Higbie
3 weeks ago

'Above the Mountains and Through the Wire' #art #artwork now hanging in a home in California, painted with acrylics on wooden board, msg me for #artwork #artforsale #artists #artist #artlover #artlovers #artistsonmastodon #artistsofmastodon #surreal #surrealist #surrealism #dream #dreams #dreaming #painting #paintings #artfinder #artforsale #artmarket

Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 weeks ago

Please, universe, can we get a version of Dreams for PC? #dreams

3 weeks ago

I dreamt about a conversation with #PaulThomasAnderson, we had some whiskey brewed by himself, later we spoke about some dumb stuff and I asked for some advice on becoming a better songwriter in relation to creativity, advice now lost in zzz… #dreams

Music Video Beach GIF
TapTap 🎮
3 weeks ago

Here are the 4 sexiest characters we made in the Sonic Dress Up Game stream! This was actually really fun both ironically and unironically.

Also her name is Riot the Rabbit and you're unironically free to draw her or do whatever you want, I do not support almost any form of copyright.

Full Stream VOD:

Picrew for Riot:

#Sonic #OC #SonicOC #stream #memes #dreams #dressup #dressupgames #newgrounds

Latex Goth Blaze the cat in tight black clothes, buckles, and a goo? wrap thing
Riot the Bunny, a purple rabbit with red hair, gold knuckles, and a curvy figure for a sonic OC
Bimbo-Goth Blaze the Cat
an abomination of god, indescribable. Actually just random ill fitting parts of a sonic OC creator
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 weeks ago


HENRY ROLLINS: Why I Stopped Making Music
During a recent appearance on producer Rick Rubin's "Broken Record" podcast, punk rock icon Henry Rollins discussed his decision to stop making music 15 years ago

#HenryRollins #Music #LogicVersusPassion #LawOfDiminishingReturns #Evolution #Dreams #Growth #CreativeFreedom

Patrick Stewart
4 weeks ago

I've always felt my spirit animal was a #tortoise for several years. I've owned 2 of them, and they both met untimely ends. However, that hasn't changed the way I feel about myself. So, I wrote about why I feel that way, and perhaps, in my mind, I've already lived as one! Here is my latest article on @medium Enjoy it for #free!

#writing #dream #dreams #philosophy #spirituality #spirit #animal #animals @writers @philosophy #medium

Jenny Lam
4 weeks ago

Look how much the cost of my little PO box (which is for #Dreams of a City: & has gone up over the years 😵‍💫

2023: $176
2022: $166
2021: $134
2020: $106
2019: $92
2018: $82
2017: $76
2016: $70
2015: $66
2014: $62
2013: $60
2012: $58

#USPS #PostOffice #Mail #SnailMail #Postcards #Postcard #Handmade
#DIY #MastoArt #FediArt #Art #Artist #Interactive #InteractiveArt #Dream #Data #Mapping #Hope #Chicago #InstallationArt #PublicArt #StreetArt #Design

Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
4 weeks ago

I had a dreadful night, too hot to sleep and I dreamed I had travelled in time and was a passenger on the Titanic, no one took any of my advice or warnings seriously.
#dreams #anxiety

David Boles
1 month ago

Do Android Cats Dream of Kibble?

#AI #AIart #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Dreams #Kibble

Android Cat.
Android Cat. Hands. Paws?!!
Android Cat. Mech.
Android Cat. Adorned.
Kate :verigold:
1 month ago
A cuttlefish swims in an aquarium at the Scientific Center of Kuwait
Martin Giger
1 month ago

Sometimes when I try to sleep to get rid of a headache I have these extremely exhausting dreams. They usually involve trying to solve some impossible pattern over and over again.

Are #headache #dreams a thing?

1 month ago

A quick clip and look into my session for my soon to be released #lofihiphop song „Lucid Dreaming“ 💋🦍

#artist #producer #lofigorilla #luciddreaming #dreams #music #musicart #lofi

Dylan Bragg
1 month ago

"My True Self"

Throughout my normal childhood
A silhouette in shadows stood
Beside me as I walked along
The narrow path. It was wrong,
They said, to talk to strangers, so
I acted like I didn’t know.
For forty years, that forced rejection
Blinded me to my own reflection.

#mastoprompt #sillouette

#poetry #poet #poetrycommunity #innerself #darkside #innerstruggle #poetictruth #beherenow #dreams #hopes #fears #symbolism #irony

1 month ago

Had a weird-ass dream last night. Dreamt that my wire assigned me to go to a garage sale at a church to see what furniture we could buy. I went there with my best friend and we struggled with parking. When we got there, almost everything was picked clean except for some candelabras and old linens, but also a HUGE stack of DVDs and Video Games.

They all had primo stuff, each less than a dollar, so we get $40 worth of games, but something went awry 1/2 #dream #dreams

Cainmark 🚲
1 month ago


A few years ago I realized I kept visiting the same small towns in my dreams. Everytime I tried to map them out, I'd start to blank out. So if I have trouble sleeping at night, I imagine I bicycle through one of these towns and go to sleep pretty fast.

Before I get to a town, there is a bar that keeps changing colors on the outside walls. Different bands play "Ring of Fire".

Works for me, no idea if it would work for anyone else.

#r_medical #r_medical_sleep #sleep #dreams

1 month ago

En otro orden de las cosas. Me tomo unos momentos para revisitar este impresionante corto de 'Sueños' del Maestro Akira Kurosawa. Si estan leyendo esto, hagan una pausa y aprieten play.

"El Túnel" (A. Kurosawa)

#AkiraKurosawa #sueños #dreams

@annika if you replace “they” with “you wish they would” it becomes more aspirational. And more difficult. #dreams

Dobes Crusher
2 months ago

A meme I saw in a dream where it was a normal part of life for giant sky squids to occasionally grab and eat people

#fediart #mastoart #artistsonmastodon #mastodonart #squid #dreams

A digital illustration akin to a chart showing the length and body shape of different squids. The text is in impact font, like what would be used in a meme edit. The text at the top reads- Me: Oh, what a beautiful day for a picnic. At the bottom- Giant hungry squids in the stratosphere: Yes, I agree.
🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
2 months ago

Mastodons Bill Kellihers Dad Hated Distortion, So He Had to Improvise as a Kid
Sometimes you gotta MacGyver the hell out of your situation. The post Mastodons Bill Kellihers Dad Hated Distortion, So He Had to Improvise as a Kid appeared first on MetalSucks.

#Mastodon #BillKelliher #Distortion #Music #Guitar #Family #Improvise #RocknRoll #Youth #Creativity #HardWork #Dreams

Alarmingly Bad
2 months ago

Let’s A-Go

It’s never good when my brain is at the wheel.

#dreams #nintendo #mario #comic #webcomic #mastoart #alarminglybad

Alarmingly Bad comic where a man has-a dream
Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 months ago

Dreams are hallucinations while we sleep.

Artificial neural networks connect disparate bits of information that could be plausibly connected, which we view as a hallucination.

While we’re dreaming, our organic neural network connects disparate bits of information which could be plausibly connected, but are not necessary or helpful, so it flushes them out via dreams, as sleeping hallucinations.

#ANN #neuralnetworks #hallucinations #dreams

HowToPhil (Phillip R)
2 months ago

I reach for my dreams
and feel the dark closing in.
Give up? Not this night.

#dreams #darkness #poetry #haiku #senryu

Naomi aka Tattooed_Mummy
2 months ago

I forgot to tell you the other day I had a dream that many people would think was a stress dream, in which you're wondering around naked, but because it's me I just thought oh cool I'm naked and then carried on wandering around naked, and then some other people were naked and we all just carried on wandering around naked amongst all the clothed people, and it was really quite nice, that's it that's the dream.


I combined 700 pages of dream log notes, uploaded them to #ChatGPT, and asked questions about the material.

Although the analysis hit some of ChatGPT’s limitations, the experiment was completely useless, and so was the upgrade to ChatGPT Plus.

(I hope some past notes on writing a dream log are not:

2 months ago

Last night I dreamt about a two-headed giraffe, which also had a third head instead of a tail. I tried asking #Midjourney to visualize this, but it’s just giving me images of groups of giraffes.
Any idea on how to prompt this?

Mika E.
2 months ago

I've had sleep issues for years, and due to an overactive imagination bad dreams quickly spiral out of control into full on nightmares. One of the coping mechanisms I picked up was to 'take control' of the dream.

In my case, I have the dream ability to teleport "home." Over time, this ability moved from just thinking hard about it to having a touch-point trigger. Right now that trigger is my watch. I look at it and touch the "HOME" app, and poof! Out of the nightmare!

I still wake up feeling like ass because it was a nightmare, but it stops it from recurring most of the time.

Yesterday my Apple Watch told me it was going to update overnight.

Last night, I had a dream that the update took away my ability to teleport.

My dream self decided that there was no way they'd remove that safety feature, and it was just renamed to "SAFEHOUSE". I found that on my watch, tapped it, and POOF. Safe.

The nightmare was running away from a rather specific thing in my life. Still haunts me.


Pretty much every night for the last several weeks, I've been having nightmares. This has never happened to me before, and I can't explain it. It's weird and unsettling and a little exhausting.

#sleep #dreams #nightmares

Had one of those #dreams where you wake up and think about the #dream and the people you met in it for a good ten minutes before you even realize you're awake and check the clock.

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

AVATAR Frontman JOHANNES ECKERSTRÖM Talks Classical Music Influences - "My First 'When I Grow Up...' Dream Was To Be A Conductor" (Video)
Finland's Chaoszine caught up with Avatar frontman Johannes Eckerström after the band's show at Tuska festival in Helsinki on June 30th. Check out the interview below. When asked about the first band he was a fan of,...


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

#dreamt that I bought groceries at #WalMart but I needed a ride home so they have me a ride in a #helicopter. The pilot took off so fast I woke up but then I went back to sleep and kept #dreaming about it which is rare. We dropped off another customer at a hospital on top of a mountain first and then I got to #fly it. It was harder than my regular #flying dreams, but safer since it kept bouncing off of things. #dreams #dreamed