R L Raymond
12 hours ago

Windows tinted dark
We never wave anymore
Who’s the asshole now?

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Universal Hub
16 hours ago

SUV driver blames new road configuration, not impatience, for slamming into pedestrian in a crosswalk on Centre Street in #WestRoxbury
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2 days ago

Have you ever found yourself on the road thinking that the drivers around you are #driving like idiots? Well, according to a new survey... you might be right:

#RhodeIsland #Survey

Lemon Gin
2 days ago

People who pass someone on the highway, then slow down to a lower speed than the person you passed:


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Jonathan Kamens
2 days ago

Today, #driving my son home from a PT appointment during rush hour, I was reminded multiple times of the question which I seem to be asking myself more and more often recently: why are there so many fucking drivers in #Boston who don't fucking know how to fucking drive? !#$&@

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
4 days ago

#Cars Are A Disaster For #Society -- Here Are the Numbers

Most people don't even really grasp how much they really pay for #driving when all personal #costs are included. Well, the story gets much worse when you consider the EXTERNALITIES of driving, meaning, the total burden #cardependency puts on society.

5 days ago

What are some strategies for combating aggressive driving that:
1. do not involve law enforcement and
2. can be implemented even in places where the government considers cars to be the default form of transportation?

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5 days ago

If we had #PublicTransport we could reduce #driving. But rural areas have no #Buses. Others who are using #trains or a #bus find #commuting a problem because of poor services. These issues are not being addressed as they don't make more money for the #wealthy & #elite.

dr jamesbicycle
5 days ago

Sent to taxi company #Saskatoon. They confirmed

Safe cycling shldn't depend on drivers.

"Cab with licence #123 ABC did all of this in less than 2 mins:

1. Did not stop at the stop sign at #th Ave N while travelling east on ##nd St E.

2. Passed a bicycle (me) over a double yellow line, with less than 1m distance on ##nd St E. .

3. Did not stop at the stop sign at Street Ave E before turning right from ##nd St E.

4. Did U-turn in front of XYZ Hotel on Street Ave E."

#cycling #driving #yxe

picture of cab and driver from today's 2 minutes of awful driving. 
licence plate and cab company redacted
Scott Evtuch
6 days ago

Just another day driving in Chicago...

#dashcam #chicago #illinois #cars #accident #driving

A dashcam video of a near-miss car accident caused by a driver rolling through a red traffic signal
Karsten Johansson
6 days ago

I did not know this. If you did this during the driving test, they would fail you immediately. Imagine challenging the tester over it since it is legal!

#ontario #canada #DrivingSchool #driving #license

(About everyday driving): "There’s absolutely nothing fun about that. My e-bike changes that completely. It’s all the fun of riding your bike that you remember as a kid, except you can actually go places and do things." -Collin Woodward in Jalopnik
#BikeTooter #EBikes #cycling #CollinWoodward #Jalopnik #driving #BicyclesChangeLives

1 week ago


- Society-wide cognitive decline due to covid and other factors.
- Virtuality, leadind to a blissful disregard of the reality of other humans.
- Political incorporation of notional reality.

These trends are converging on a kind of cultural infantilism. Object impermanence, acausality, focus on immediate desires, etc.

#rant #society #driving

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
1 week ago

People on the road are becoming more incompetent nowadays. They often don't turn on their signals before they change lanes, nor do they pay attention to other cars before crossing the intersection. I'm starting to believe that either people's attention spans are deteriorating, themselves becoming careless and cynical, or both. #rant #society #driving

smalldog club ☑️
1 week ago

I like this one.

#speeding #driving #memes

Highway "speeding costs you" warning sign showing fine rates:

120 kph = 3 points
130 kph = 4 points
140 kph = 4 points

"Best value" added to the third one.
Open Forum
1 week ago

Your fast car’s a slow coach

Motorists are endlessly lectured about the need to slow down, but most of us go below the speed limit because car manufacturers always calibrate speedometers to show less than the car’s real velocity. #driving

More People Are Watching #Videos on Their #Phones While #Driving. Often, It’s Perfectly #Legal.
Cyclists and pedestrians are reporting a rise in #distracteddriving. The phenomenon is both real and legal in many states.

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
1 week ago

Stressful drive for Thanksgiving tonight. Saw two car accidents right in front of me. One involved an asshole in a gigantic pickup truck weaving in and out of traffic loose control fly over a guardrail and become stuck in trees just over a bridge and right before entering the water. The other was a 15 mph rear end accident in traffic caused but another large pickup truck in the trees of the center of the highway. When not in traffic it started raining. 2 hour drive turned to 3. What irks me about these accidents is that 1. It was before people on the roads are drunk(er than normal) and 2. People travel in groups and families more often than you normally see. That means dude* that flew into the trees at 80 mph could have hurt his family all to save a few minutes on a long drive. Hate to think about it. Had to have a beer when I arrived. No more driving tonight for me.

*If it was a woman driver, she was driving with high levels of toxic masculinity, so there is a reason for my assumption of gender.


Drew Naylor
1 week ago

Remember to watch out for deer if you drive in the Midwestern US, particularly at this time of year. There were three of them eating apples that fell off the neighbor's apple tree.

#Midwest #deer #US #driving

Cameron Mulder
1 week ago

Cars Are A Disaster For Society -- Here Are the Numbers #urbanism #cars #driving

Houston Public Media
2 weeks ago

The week in politics (Nov. 22, 2023)

On Wednesday’s show: We discuss the latest in local, state, and national news in our weekly political roundup. And a new documentary offers a closer look at Lady Bird Johnson through her own recordings.


#documentary #dps #driving #drivingSafety #history #HoustonMayoralRace #LadyBirdJohnson #mayoralRace #mayoralRunoff #PoliticalRoundup #politics #RichardStandifer #rulesOfTheRoad #ThanksgivingTravel #TheBiggerPicture #TheLadyBirdDiaries

First drive of the season in Winter weather. A light rain/ice/snow mix, with very blustery winds.

Tucked Ol' Blue into AWD for the journey out (some icing on the roads), and back to 2WD for the return trip.

#Winter #Driving #NEPA

This Old Hiker
2 weeks ago

Of late, I have been thinking often about the dangers of our dependence on driving. For years, I’ve driven by this memorial on Interstate 64 west of Charlottesville to #Virginia highway workers killed on the job. It includes at least 135 names. Late yesterday afternoon, I stopped there. #driving #safety #roadsafety

A rectangular granite memorial with the flags of Virginia and the United States on poles to the left and right. A set of three profiles representing highway workers are cut into the right side of the memorial.

There is grass in front and a hill behind.
2 weeks ago

“Using publicly available data, the authors put the annual public tab at $35.7 billion, which amounts to about $14,000 for every household in the state. Those that do own vehicles pony up an additional $12,000 on average in direct costs.

The authors say their goal is to demonstrate the total costs of #driving so that information can be used for comparison when held up against other types of #transit investments, like bus, subway, and train systems.”

2 weeks ago

You shouldn’t be #driving your car over 100 mph—and your car shouldn’t let you

2 weeks ago

It's not very often I have the type 2 fun of driving on the M1 motorway on a Saturday evening.

Can someone explain why when doing 63mph in lane 1, lane 2 was empty as far as the eye could see - I was going slightly faster than lane 3 (and possibly lane 4)?

The standard of #driving in the UK is seriously shit.

Karsten Johansson
2 weeks ago

I think it's a Canadian ritual to grumble aloud to others who may or may not be in your car about how that person in the other car should not be on the highway.

"Gazzakes! Did they get their license from a gumball machine?!"

#Canada #Canadian #CanadianWinter #Snow #Highway #Driving #HighwayDriving #HeritageMoment

Manufacture 43
2 weeks ago

Officially announcing our new game! It's called...

City Ambulance: Rescue Express! 🚑💨

Drive fast and take care of adorable folks.

Wishlist now on Steam!

#indiegame #steam #ambulance #wholesome #arcade #driving #care #videogame

Gameplay from a video game. An ambulance is viewed from above, reaching an hospital.
Alistair K
2 weeks ago

Given how drivers around here "merge like a zip", we can reasonably conclude that they have really interesting ways of putting on a pair of pants. And maybe the consequent discomfort explains why they're so aggressive on the road.

#driving #transport #justSo

Jeff Zugale
2 weeks ago

Fellow Angelenos, if you’re thinking about driving your car in LA tonight, DON’T. It’s really, really bad and dangerous. People are driving like they WANT to die. I was driving for Lyft to make my rent and I just called it. Not worth it.

Possibly related, as I walked from the car to my building, I saw 3 jets in a row on the landing approach to Burbank BUR all abort the approach and peel off under full power. 😧 #losangeles #rain #driving

Hannah Howe
3 weeks ago

May 1925, a taxi driver, a neighbour of my ancestor Annie Noulton, fined for reckless driving at 15mph.

#Cars #Driving #London #1920s #SocialHistory #History #Genealogy #FamilyHistory

Newspaper clipping
Tero Kankaanperä
3 weeks ago

"What came first, the boy racer or the sports car? Academics have called for further research into the marketing of cars after analysis of UK accident data suggested that drivers of certain brands are more likely than others to cause a crash."
And the brands, BMW and Porsche, are no surprise to anyone. I couls probably name a couple of more on top of the list.
#cars #driving #accidents #marketing #BMW

Bicycling Monterey
3 weeks ago

FREE Bike-Safe Driving webinar Dec 5, 5:30-6:30pm Pacific time. To register, go to San Francisco Bicycle Coalition:

FREE Night and All-Weather Biking webinar, Dec 12, 5:30-6:30 PT. To register:

Thanks to #SFBike, one of our #California #Bicycle Coalition / #CalBike partners, for extending some of their educational resources to benefit people who bike throughout California, and elsewhere.

#BikeTooter #transportation #driving #cycling #bicycling #cylists #drivers #BikeFriendlyDrivers #ShareTheRoad #StartSmart #NightRiding #BikingInTheDark

4 weeks ago

My #android #phone has once again begun giving me evening updates about #traffic and #driving conditions on the way home.

Which might be very nice except I never drive to or from work. As it very well knows. #train updates would be relevant.

And of course there's no apparent way to point this out to it.

With my GPU finally unthrottled I fired up my #ValveIndex and played some #DirtRally2

It's a great #drivingGame, but playing it in #VirtualReality is a whole other level! The depth helps you see the contours in the track which make a huge difference in a #driving #simulator. It's my favorite #VR game; hands down!

#gaming #steam #index #valve #videoGames #pcGaming

1 month ago

Right turn on red? With pedestrian deaths rising, US cities are considering bans

The United States is one of few major countries that generally allow right turns on red.
#driving #US 🚗

Baloo Uriza
1 month ago

So, will there be a permanent driving ban for this motorist?

Is #WSDOT and the #NTSB going to have a crash investigation?

Is the street going to be redesigned to physically prevent these speeds from being possible in the first place?

If the answer to any of these is "no", Washington might as well just do away with driver licensing entirely and abandon #VisionZero since they don't give a shiat about public safety. #Transportation #Driving

Your Autistic Life
1 month ago

I was looking at the latest AARP mag...

"Wait? You're a member of AARP?"


"How old are you?"

51.The minimum age for membership is 50. So I was checking out their magazine...

"What's that thing you call a magazine?"

:headache: You know books?


Well, it is like a thin book that they send you every month by snail mail.

"What's snail mail?"

It is like email that you print out on paper and have delivered to people by snail! Understood?

"No need to get testy!"

So I as I was saying, I was checking out the magazine and saw this headline on the cover:

How to Stay Safe Drifting at Night

:catthinking: Wait? Drifting? Isn't this a bit spicy for AARP. Oh, don't get me wrong. I've drifted in my youth. I was not the one driving, however. I was friends with a guy who did rally racing. He was the one driving.

Then I realized it was a fever dream:

Hot to Stay Safe Driving at Night


"I think you buried the lede with your nonsense at the start."

Begone, kiddo!

(Before someone gets on my case. Yes, it is "bury the lede." Even my dictionary got it wrong. Look it up!)

#AARP #magazine #SnailMail #driving #drifting #cars #rally #BuryTheLede #WhatIsALede #FuckIfIKnow

Jonathan Kamens
1 month ago

I took my #motorcycle today on a road I frequently also drive a car on. I was riding at the 30mph speed limit when not one but two cars crossed over the double yellow line to pass me. That has never happened to me in a car when driving at the speed limit on that road, as I usually do. An object lesson in how some drivers treat motorcycles differently (and dangerously)! #driving

1 month ago

Got to love this explanation of roundabouts aimed at Americans who may be way less familiar with them. I learned to drive around the magic roundabout in Hemel Hempstead (Swindon's version is shown in the piece) #roundabouts #driving

hpr3978 :: Driving in Virginia.

Hosted by Some Guy On The Internet on 2023-11-01 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.

Tags: #Virginia, #Driving, #CDL, #Fraud

1 month ago

@skinnylatte I'm still not feeling entirely comfortable #driving, but I'm doing well enough.

What might help is driving with with enough safety margins that you stay in control. That will keep you mostly safe under normal circumstances, and give others enough time to react when you make a mistake.

The most reassuring (but also unnerving) thing is that you won't be driving in a vacuum. Generally, other drivers will adopt and mitigate mistakes. At low speed differences, persons stay safe-ish.

Dave Rahardja
1 month ago

I used to think that US-101 is the most depressing highway of the Bay Area, but now I think I-880 easily takes the crown.

While you get zombie drivers hogging lanes and bits of Forever Gravel™ trapped in mile-long pockets getting kicked into your windshield on US-101, on I-880 between Hayward and I-80, you get All-Day Traffic Jams For Nothing™, frequent encounters with Dodge Charger and/or Genesis Coupe drivers weaving through at 100 mph, and armed road-ragers. There has to be a damn good reason for me to get on that highway.

#sfba #cars #driving

“Woman who honked car horn shot in Oakland road rage incident”

1 month ago

California DMV: "Public safety remains the California DMV’s top priority, and the department’s autonomous vehicle regulations provide a framework to facilitate the safe testing and deployment of this technology on California public roads. When there is an unreasonable risk to public safety, the DMV can immediately suspend or revoke permits. There is no set time for a suspension.

The California DMV today notified Cruise that the department is suspending Cruise’s autonomous vehicle deployment and driverless testing permits, effective immediately."

#Cruise #Robotaxi #GM #taxi #safety #AI #robots #driving #vehicles

1 month ago

Drove past where a pedestrian walking in the bicycle lanes was killed in my town the other day, by a 16-year old driver. Pretty clear to me what probably happened--the road there has a very gentle curve left. The reports say the driver drifted out of the lane, into the bicycle lane (killing the pedestrian), and then continued directly into a parked truck. About 5-10 seconds of inattention while driving 35-45 mph ("HEY! I got a Snap! Instagram! Tiktok!") -- boom--someone is dead. #bad #driving

The Japan Times
1 month ago

An AI startup is helping insurers decide who should be covered — the latest sign of the technology seeping into sectors with little room for error. #business #tech #ai #driving #elderly #insurance

CW if you've been struck by a driver maybe don't look at this.

I'm 5'6-1/2" tall. This "ordinary" GMC Denali HD is parked in downtown Olympia. No signage indicating it has any commercial purpose whatsoever. The sales pitch on the GMC website says it has technology "to help make you aware of potential hazards." What on earth represents a hazard to something this size?! Tell me why they need this much crushing power?

#CarCulture #driving #RoadSafety #VisionZero #TowardZeroDeaths #trucks #GMC

White woman wearing casual clothes and a black hat standing in front of a massive black truck with a big silver grill. Only her forehead is above the hood height. The truck has big fat tires much wider than ordinary everyday tires for a pickup truck.
2 months ago

"US Drivers seldom know the rules and generally are not very good drivers" is what an American that spent 12 years altogether in Austria, Italy and Switzerland told me in a bar.

What struck me though, back in Austria and driving around with a car in the outskirts of Vienna, is how very noticeable much more aggressive everyone is driving here.

#driving #austria #usa

Tab Combs
2 months ago

Just dropping in to say it's possible to own a #car *and* prefer getting around by other modes most of the time.

Habituation to #driving is not an insurmountable obstacle to reducing #automobile dependency and creating safer, greener, more resilient cities. Habits can be broken if the right supports are available at the right time.

#ClimateChange #Cars #TravelBehavior (1/2)

Harshad Sharma
2 months ago

Recorded part of the drive home on a whim. Turned out okay. Next time I'll clean the windshield when recording 😅

#Kodaikanal #Driving #Dashcam

Metin Seven 🎨
2 months ago

I like my simulations realistic. 😎

An old friend of mine is the owner of a Dutch company called Cruden, creating high-end, hydraulics-based automotive driving simulators. He invited me for a test drive some years ago, and I didn't hesitate. 😃

#simulation #race #racing #driving #tech #technology #game #gaming #GameDev #formula1 #gear #computer

Photo of me sitting in a high-end hydraulics-based automotive driving simulator, backside view.
Photo of me sitting in a high-end hydraulics-based automotive driving simulator, side view.
Universal Hub
2 months ago

DCR adding short second #Arborway lane away from clogged rotary as it works on a more permanent fix
#Boston #JamaicaPlain #driving

Universal Hub
2 months ago

Family of man who died in #I93 rollover sues #Roslindale man they say caused the crash while racing at speeds of up to 120 m.p.h.
#Boston #Braintree #HansonMA #driving #crime

Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

In Nagoya's pulse, a wild car blazes Otsu-dori, leaving only whispers of rubber and a trail of audacity. 🚗💥 名古屋の大津通り、猛スピードの車が道を焦がし、オドロオドロしい跡だけを残す。🛣️🔥 #streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #speed #car #rubber #audacity #driving #monochrome

A typical reckless Nagoya driver, drives like a friggin' maniac down Otsu-dori.
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
3 months ago

Now I can join #Zoom #meetings from my #AndroidAuto #cars. Thanks, #Google, now I can't use "I'm #driving" as an excuse to skip a meeting.

Colin Purrington
3 months ago

If you'd more information on The Dutch Reach, check out the fantastic website created by @dutchreach. It has videos in multiple languages plus an About page that everyone should read. #DutchReach #bicycles #cycling #driving #road #safety #cars #traffic #vehicles

Illustration of a man opening his car door with the arm that is farthest from the door.
Colin Purrington
3 months ago

PSA: To avoid dooring or killing cyclists when you exit a vehicle, please consider adopting "the Dutch Reach," which is using your hand farthest from the door to open it. This forces you into a position that allows a better view of bicycles approaching from behind. And, of course, first look, *then* open door. Teach your kids, too. #cycling #safety #driving #cars #psa

Smiling man exiting a vehicle.
3 months ago

@organicmaps is a carefully well designed app, using monthly updated data from @openstreetmap . If you do not need advanced features or lots of customized options, just a smooth map with pretty fast user experience and simple, straight to the point offline navigation, it is a very strong option that respects your privacy and your freedom.

#FreeSoftware #opensource #FOSS #openstreetmap #maps #map #routing #navigation #gps #hiking #cycling #driving #privacy

A screenshot of Organic Maps app on Android 8, depicting a light map with an overall view of a navigation route, in blue, starting with a blue arrow and following a road up to a checkered flag and the black text Nathali - My places - Driveway. There is a white bottom panel with black text 56min, 35km, and a blue Start button. The upper part of the screen is green with Android notification bar and a line of icons for going back and the navigation modes depicting Car, Walk, Train and Bicycle. Left, there are two rounded white buttons also with icons for Search and Favorites. Right, zoom in, out, and current location.
Universal Hub
3 months ago

#Woburn Ride passenger injured after her driver got out and another guy jumped in and sped down 93 to the O'Neill Tunnel, where he crashed, police say
#crime #driving #TheRide #MBTA #Boston

A grim headline, but accurate in naming what happened: "Pedestrian hit and killed by driver in Tumwater has been identified".

For more on why it matters that we name the actor in this instance, the PedalLove toolkit has links to research and how-to advice.
#WordsMatter #RoadSafety #VisionZero #CrashNotAccident #DriverNotCar #transportation #communications #driving

3 months ago

Driving home from LA yesterday was super intense. Heavy rain from LA to about an hour after the end of the grapevine on I-5. Lots of cars hydroplaning, low visibility, slow driving, and rushing water all around. We were more exhausted than usual lol. What a way to end vacation.

#vacation #driving #weather #CAwx #hilary

Rain covered windshield showing low visibility view of road ahead. A barely visible view of the road and two cars with red brakelights
3 months ago

Dublin cyclists fear being ‘bullied’, as Dublin drops 40 places in cycling-friendly city rankings.
<< the reason is crystal clear in the article. Not enough (none to a decent approximation) policing when drivers abuse the cycling infrastructure.

Cycling Infrastructure is not safe if delivery vans park in it at commuting times, and cars stop in it whenever they want.
#cycling #driving #ireland

Universal Hub
4 months ago
Two smashed up cars from crash at Hyde Park Ave. and Destefano Rd in Roslindale
4 months ago

Love that we have a member who's a traffic safety researcher commenting in the Speeding Ticket thread: TheKaijuCommuter talks about elements in the (US) built environment and issues that subconsciously trigger people to go faster.

#driving #infrastructure #safety #speeding #traffic #US

close-up of image on yellow school crossing sign showing black silhouette figures of students walking and carrying books
4 months ago

Why Some #Wisconsin Lawmakers and Local Officials Have Changed Their Minds About Letting #Undocumented #Immigrants Drive

“If we suddenly kicked out all of the people here, the undocumented, our #dairy #farms would collapse,” one lawmaker said.

“We have to come up with a solution.”

#Immigration #Farming #CivilRights #Police #Cars #Driving #Courts #Labor #News

4 months ago

Wisconsin’s #Dairy Industry Relies on #Undocumented Immigrants, but the State Won’t Let Them Legally Drive

Undocumented #immigrants in the state can own and register their vehicles, but they aren’t allowed to drive them, forcing many #farm workers to risk fines and #arrest.

“It’s a Catch-22 for a lot of folks,” advocates say.

#Wisconsin #Immigration #Farming #Farms #Safety #Police #Driving #Cards #News