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zeug + IOCI + St. Peter´s Murder + Acid Arno

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#Swissdrones scheint wohl kein Mühe zu haben, an Armeen zu liefern:

#VTOL #BLOS #Drone #Schweiz

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Photo by Abe Blair from #California please read the description. #Drone #Photography #Waterfall #Winter. Please boost.

Recently I captured  some images from the Webber lake area.  I have spent many years snowmobiling in this area but very little the rest of the year.  With the super cold but dry weather I knew this waterfall would have some ice around it.  I couldn’t believe how much had formed when I arrived.  Access to this tight canyon is not for the faint of heart and since I was solo I chose to stay up on the rim.  Using my drone I flew it as low and close to the water.  If you swipe left and zoom in to the upper right corner you can see me on the cliffs edge water the incredible display of color.

Aerial photograph of a community garden and tennis court in summer.

July, 2021 at Webb Park in Lakewood, Ohio, USA (near Cleveland)

Posting for December 2nd #ArtAdventCalendar

#Aerial #Drone #Drones #AerialPhotography #DronePhotography #Cleveland #CityParks #UrbanGardens #CommunityGardens #Allotment #Tennis

Overhead photograph of community garden in summer, with individual plots and dirt rows between.  Red surface tennis court and walking path are visible nearby.
LimeDye After Dark
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This one goes out to, for being one of the most inspirational latex models! You pull off this corset so well, that I just had to get one for myself. 😊✨

#latex #drone #hexcorp #queer #femboy #androgynous #nsfw #msa

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wsssssssssss #drone

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Sunn O))), Paramount Theater, Austin TX
29 November 2023

#metal #drone

View of Sunn O)))'s amplifiers from the balcony of the Paramount Theater in Austin, Texas
A curved wall of guitar amplifiers used by the two-piece band Sunn O))).
Beams of light cut through endless billowing fog as the beams appear to scan the crowd. Drone metal washes over the entire theater, inside and out. Fell spirits and unholy beings billow forth from the mouth of the abyss located beneath the historic theater as the crowds innards are vibrated to mush.

Aerial/drone photograph of a little boat heading out toward the sunset on Lake Erie.

May, 2021 near Vermillion Ohio.

Posting for December 1st #ArtAdventCalendar

#Aerial #Drone #AerialPhotography #DronePhotography #LakeErie #Ohio

Aerial/drone photograph of a little boat heading out toward the sunset on Lake Erie.  The sky is cloudy in a mixture of pinks and blues.  The water surface is smooth and glassy.

hey it’s friday, and i guess i should let you know that my “difficult second album” is up on bandcamp for free or whatevs 💜

much of it was initially done during lockdown a couple years ago, when i made quite a few super harsh sounding tracks while i was working through things and trying to wrap my head around transitioning and other stuff 🎧

after that i shelved it and didn’t listen to it, then lately i pulled it back out and decided it was actually worth finishing and keeping around after all. in the process the harsh edges were softened and it became just a little more blissful, like cotton candy wrapped around a gleaming core of darkness 🌔🧨🎇🍬

#bandcampFriday #music #logic #pigments #psychedelic #techno #drone #shoegaze

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It's #BandcampFriday and I have a new release out today. Please go check it out!

#bandcamp #music #drone #darkambient

An album cover with a clocked figure with an abstract skull for a face, standing in a sloped open field on a mountain with trees in the background. The title is "an empty space" by Skullzy
Phillip Wilkerson
2 days ago

For Bandcamp Friday 12/1/2023, here's a new slow-motion, long-form classic ambient drift for decelerating your holiday season:

Any $ you can toss into my virtual tip jar at Bandcamp is much appreciated!

And the entire PW discography is still just $10.


#ambient #space #meditation #yoga #sleep #nidra #relax #drift #drone #music #Fediversemusic

BTW ~ "Eastbourne & Weymouth" is now available at digital stores and streaming sites:

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Washington Post: U.S. Department of Defense plans a drone army to counter China’s market dominance. The war in Ukraine has shown the value of low-cost drone swarms in modern warfare. Now the Pentagon is planning to build an army of thousands of small, cheap drones in hopes of spurring U.S. drone production and cutting China’s dominance of that market.

#DoD #Pentagon #drone #dronewarfare #China #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #Russia

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everything is hidden behind #docker nowadays...
#drone for instance
you need a dedicated vm for it.
and there's no documentation about how to set it up without docker or a dedicated vm.

why? it got bought by some company in august 2020.

I'm tired.

Come experience the MELT audio visual installation this weekend! <> Liljeholmshamnen <> Stocholm <> Saturday 2nd December and Sunday 3rd December <> 17.00-21.00 <> Free entrance L #audiovisual #audiovisualart #drone

Grey Frequency
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Today is Bandcamp Friday - a great opportunity to show some support for independent musicians and labels. Grey Frequency releases can be streamed and downloaded here:

#BandcampFriday #electronic #ambient #drone #darkambient #greyfrequency

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Make: Volume 87 Launch Party promo graphic consisting of the magazine cover and accompanying blurb:
"Join the Make: team & contributors as we explore the latest single-board computers and microcontrollers, plus making your own custom silicon!"
Angry Metal Guy
3 days ago

R.A Sánchez – L’Ottava Sfera Review

By Dear Hollow

The trouble with genre-bending avant-garde artists is the line between utter brilliance and foolhardy amateurishness. Like a sleeping bear of sonic putridity, artists poke it with their toes of jazz and ambiance and drone, and it largely is a matter of time before they’re greeted with the teeth, and consequently, our ears are bathed in confusion.1 R.A Sánchez, proprietor of the ambient weirdness of Black Baptist, offers this odd concoction in solo debut L’Ottava Sfera, a title which is translated to “the eighth sphere” in Corsican. Balancing crystalline and dark ambient soundscapes, jazzy chord progressions and spurts of brass, and a drone weight, all to a pace seen in funeral doom, it takes its sweet and pitch-black time oozing into the bones with sluggish precision.

L’Ottava Sfera does well in emulating the darkness of its cover art.2 Inspired by Catholic imagery, as well as sonic inspirations of experimental jazz, funeral doom, and avant-garde composers like Krzysztof Penderecki and Iannis Xenakis, R.A Sánchez offers a pitch-black sonic exploration into formality, death, illness, and madness, on paper penned like this year’s Swami Lateplate. While albeit merely hinting at metal through expansive soundscapes infected with cancerous doom, L’Ottava Sfera feels heavier and darker than some of metal’s more vicious offerings – as dread and dying course through every fiber of this beast. Undeniably divisive and jarringly stitched together at parts, R.A Sánchez offers a pitch-black descent into meditation and madness through its weaponized gloom.

R.A Sánchez essentially takes funeral doom and drone and strips them to their bare minimum: as atmospheric and unrelenting but its teeth are notably absent, pinpointing its potentially divided reception. Punishment is not his aim, but rather evocation. L’Ottava Sfera’s tracks range therefore from ambient sprawls touched by the crooked hand of drone to dense and unforgiving weight that tugs on the throat. Designed like an unassuming crescendo, the album opens up with the simple and overlong “Nimu,” which can simply feel like a warbling improvisation on a Roland synthesizer. Maneuvering between jazzy chords with underlying pitch shifts, there is little else to be impressed with, continuing into the piano-led “Forma,” whose pastoral chords are interrupted by a staccato break: again, a rather unassuming twist on an unassuming track. However, there dwells beneath the true monster of L’Ottava Sfera at its halfway point: a growing crescendo of drone that adds depth, darkness, and weight to the jazzier proceedings. Even then, the chord progressions stand at odds in “Forma,” with a dark minor scale dominating the drone clashing against the relatively lush major proceedings of the piano.

It isn’t until the full weight of the meticulously constructed and wildly mind-warping “Qutb” that R.A Sánchez reveals his hand. Beginning with a relatively toothless doom beat alongside a synth substitute for squealing feedback, the dirge warps into deep and dark drone slogs that feel the weight of eons, while narrowly skirting the “metal” tag. Balanced with a segment of wonky jazz spasms, a revenant of Miles DavisBitches Brew, the drone hits as a welcome ton of bricks that suddenly dominates the track with a tastefully religious tone that pairs neatly with the ritualistic flavor. Colossal fifteen-minute closer “Gnosi” continues this trend in the mammoth climax of L’Ottava Sfera, where drums and drone approach an uncanny valley version of brutality (recalling this year’s Rorcal) while the ritualistic and shamanistic drone-inflected jazz drags listeners kicking and screaming into the darkness, recalling Neptunian Maximalism or Zaäar. A true test of patience, interlude “Sovranu” is a sprawling ambient track that slowly and methodically swells from near silence to suffocating density throughout its fourteen-minute ethereal march – although a masterclass in ambient dynamics.

R.A Sánchez toes the line between coyly amateurish and meticulously cunning across the album-long dynamic of L’Ottava Sfera, ultimately landing on a sound best described as soul-crushing – even if it takes a while to get there. The pitch-black tones that embody the destination “Gnosi” showcase the intention and care all along: an ultimate emptiness that scratches under the skin with a duality of both religious and primal weight. The road is bumpy and forlorn and your patience will be tested across its forty-four-minute runtime of divisive genres, but fans of jazz, drone, and dark ambient will find their journey well rewarded.

Rating: 3.0/5.0
DR: N/A | Format Reviewed: STREAM
Label: Lost Tribe Sound
Releases Worldwide: December 1st, 2023

#2023 #30 #AmericanMetal #AtmosphericDoom #BlackBaptist #DarkAmbient #DarkJazz #Dec23 #Drone #FuneralDoomMetal #Jazz #LOttavaSfera #MilesDavis #Neoclassical #NeptunianMaximalism #NonMetal #RASánchez #Review #Reviews #Rorcal #SwamiLateplate #Zaäar

fields we found/ quiet details
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New blog post up - Thoughts on streaming and ways support artists

“Like many of you, I am and always will be someone who buys music…
…After buying music, streaming is another way to support artists and the label…”

Full post

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Maxwell Volume
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Really enjoying the recently released & very tasteful Elmet Brae "EB01: The Land Compilation" - "A community compilation of #soundscapes / #ambient / #noise / #drone from Merveilles Town members and friends". Released, I believe, by @oppen. Excellent texturally evocative sonic environments. #music Recommended!

4 days ago

Good to receive another year's authorisation for our drone operations under UKPDRA01 from the CAA
#drone #commercial

A copy of the first page of an Operational Authorisation for commercial drone flights in the UK

This album contains collections of improvisations with some minimal layering. It was a departure from other studio albums in that it was the first time I released improvisations instead of producing tracks.

It is best heard in the dim light of a mountain stream, but a sonic meditation in your own personal space will do just fine.

I have several other "outtakes" from these sessions that I am thinking about putting together as a new Bandcamp release. They're entirely different and contain more dance elements. So stay tuned!

#craque #inpuj #ExperimentalMusic #ambient #noise #drone #SonicMeditation

4 days ago

Lovely sunrise this morning! #sunrise #dji #drone #Pennsylvania

colorful sunrise
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
5 days ago

There are some pretty impressive looking drones for agricultural use.

#Drones #Drone

5 days ago

Early start on drone flights in Eryri today. 🔆

Light snow on the summits for a couple of days now. Snow showers moving in as I write. 🌨️ ☃️

#mountains #sunrise #drone #photography #nature

Llyn Cwellyn just before local sunrise.
Sunrise over Eryri.
Mountains lit by raking sunrise light.
A mountain scene, looking towards Elidir Fawr from Cefn Du.
5 days ago

#pouetradio #tootradio #np

ANNA VON HAUSSWOLFF - All Thoughts Fly (Full Album)
#pipeorgan #drone

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November 27 2023 #drone shot at 100meter of the #shelter part of our #danish #woodland.

Taken at midday with a cloudy overcast. It snowed a bit in #denmark last night.

Only two days since the last #photo but as #nature looks so different with a bit of snow I figured it's worth breaking the rhythm.

A dark green, black and white composition. Straight down showing a sharp line between the white circle (low grass = gets covered in snow easily) and the surrounding areas with trees. Same mechanism makes the paths visible
1 week ago

Come on, get your responses to the CAA on the new drone laws. In particular, to Remote ID, which is very problematic, given it will potentially prompt the police to visit you for flying higher than 120m above launch point - something that looks fine, until you fly in mountainous areas.

The law states 120m max above ground below the drone, not the launch point. It's a vital distinction the CAA are improperly corrupting and will see many pursued without need.


Aaron Parecki
1 week ago
I'm excited that my last two trips of the year are both to beach towns in the US, which means an excellent opportunity for some drone flying! My last couple trips have been to places with too strict drone laws so I didn't bother bringing it.
1 week ago

November 25 2023 #drone shot at 100meter of the #shelter part of our #danish #woodland.

Taken at midday with a low sun, thus shadows. It's +1 degree C.

It's been six weeks since the last shot. Having a newborn 👶 eats time 🙂

From above. Visible in green are coniferous trees and grassy areas. Deciduous trees lost their greenery. Nice long shadows from the bright low hanging sun

Between 1932-33, Joseph #Stalin ordered the death by starvation of 7 to 10 million Ukrainian people. This is called #Holodomor (means "death by hunger" in Ukranian), a #genocide committed by #Russians and one of the worst in History.

Today, 90 years later, while Ukrainians have a Remembrance Day to mark Holodomor, Vladimir #Putin ordered the largest #drone attack of the #war.

#UkrainianHeros shot down 71 out of 75 #Iranian-made drones.

#NeverForget #ArmUkraineNow #UN

Aaron :bc:
1 week ago

It's a new #PhonoInput thing to send you drifting into the sounds of alternate realities. An hour of slowly evolving tidal #drone with #ambience of forests and human activity. Things we could have lost in The Atomic Age - or - If the Bomb Had Gone Off on Home Soil.

#Ambient #AmbientDrone #FieldRecording #MinimalAmbient #Meditation #EnvironmentMusic #FreeMusic #NameYourPrice #TheAtomicAge #NuclearAmbient

Tracy Rosenberg
2 weeks ago

On November 28, the #Alameda County Board of Supes will be considering use policies for one of CA's largest arsenals of #military equipment. Please join us in continuing to advocate for a ban on scattershot munitions and to call for #drone use regulations. More info here.

Sign with meeting date announcement for Tuesday November 28 at 9:30 and a slogan "Ban Scattershots and Regulate Drones".
Picture of a line of riot cops with scattershot munitions, assault rifles and other military equipment
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
2 weeks ago

This is roughly my 150th #Drones4Fun image. It's been fun using the drone to seek out and photograph images that I find interesting and to collect them. I process RAW images with #DarkTable and then archive them on my photo blog:

All past images are also still available at the #Drones4Fun hashtag.

I've been looking to get more photos of Farms, found this one yesterday on the outskirts of a growing town. I like it.

#Drone #DronePhotography #Drones #Minnesota

Aerial view of a scene with a small farm with red barn and parts of their fields in the foreground. Just past the farm, we see many houses and larger buildings. A river passes by the farm and the center of a small town can be seen immediately on the opposite banks of the river.
Matthew Bandy
2 weeks ago

I am loving our new Freefly Astro #drone. Rock solid with great mission planning tools.

Freefly astro drone
Ulrike Franke
2 weeks ago

The Bundeswehr is creating a #drone task force while (parts of) the SPD is proposing an international treaty on armed drones.

Those would have been great initiatives in 2009.

2 weeks ago

@simon_brooke @JSharp1436

These are made in Israel and hospitals in Gaza have reported people coming in with wounds consistent with these drones.

#israel #drone #ukpolitics

Akkana Peck
2 weeks ago

One of the R/C pilots where I fly at Overlook made two beautiful drone videos over White Rock Canyon.
5x speed:
2x speed:
#NewMexico #drone

2 weeks ago

Small office drone. Using the built-in plaits waveforms. Works like a charm, so much depth color in one module.

#eurorack #drone #modularsynth

Tiny eurorack case with only mutable instruments beads patched to the output.
Alan McConchie
2 weeks ago

Did I already share this cool #3D model of the #BellinghamWA waterfront taken by Gerry Gabrisch's #drone? Be sure to click through for the interactive version!

A 3D model of the former Georgia Pacific plant on the Bellingham, Washington waterfront, now partly redeveloped into a mountain-bike pump track. The foreground shows the undulating surface of the bike track which resembles a field of sand dunes. A bunch of cool, rusted-looking metal tanks and silos and old brick industrial buildings are visible in the background.
2 weeks ago

Edge computing with drones made by C-Astral Slovenia, OLinuXino Open Source Hardware with EU SOC inside from Olimex Bulgaria, TSN Linux support from Linutronix Germany, and edge computing algorithms implemented by Nexedy France. #drone #edgecomputing

3 weeks ago

The most pain-free part of this #drone mapping was when @OpenDroneMap crunched through the 462 images in 45 min on the fast #orthophoto setting (using 2.3GHz quad-core i7, 16GB RAM). The $57 installer (not required, but easier and the purchase supports the #OpenSource developers) made it a breeze to get Philippine #RedCross set up on their Windows laptop.

Shows the extent of an orthophoto from a drone mapping mission. A running track is visible towards the center, and the buildings make a vibrant puzzle of various red, blue, and aqua colored roofs.
Aerial drone imagery of a town in the Philippines. The imagery is vibrant and sharp.
Four people stand outside looking at a controller with a DJI Air drone resting on the ground a few feet away.
Ronnie /
3 weeks ago
VST Alarm SwishSwoosh Amber
3 weeks ago

Leading a workshop with the Philippine #RedCross bringing together stakeholders from their different departments to begin development of a roadmap for utilizing #drones in humanitarian action, so we were obligated to take a group photo by #drone.

Which is better... from higher, or from lower but with a hovering drone joining in the picture?

A group of people from Philippine Red Cross, many of them wearing red, stand on an outdoor patio. A drone is hovering between them and the camera, which is a bit higher than them.
A group of people from Philippine Red Cross, many of them wearing red, stand on an outdoor patio. They are looking up at the camera which is on a drone some distance above them.
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
3 weeks ago

Last two days have been beautiful days for flying the drone and getting some good photos.

More straight down stuff today. I call this Boat Hibernation.

#Drones4Fun #Minnetonka #Minnesota #AerialPhotography #Drone #Drones #DronePhotography

Looking straight down on a peninsula packed with boats with tight white covers. Around the peninsula are several docks full of boat landing slips.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
3 weeks ago

Roast-Chicken Rock™

Bow-Fiddle is a natural sea arch in sandstone-quartzite on the Moray coast at Portknockie.

A few drone photos yesterday in the (rather gorgeous) early morning light.

#moray #scotland #drone #photography #bowfiddle #geology #hdr

Bow Fiddle rock. Looks like a roast chicken from this angle
Sun-path bright light reflecting on the water outside Portknockie
Morning sunlight on Bow-Fiddle rock
Moray coast at Portknockie from the other side of Bow-Fiddle rock

"Sky over the possible eruption site is now closed" by Flugblogg #Iceland #aviation blog - NOTAM closure for VFR aircraft and drones clears #Reykjanes #volcano🌋 evacuation area for emergency responder priority use #pilot #drone #avgeek

Karsten Schmidt
3 weeks ago

New #ThingUmbrella example (#147): Computing the RGB waveform[1] of an image using slit scanning & column-based histograms via &

Demo (images are only processed locally on your own device):

Source code:

This is by far not the fastest way to compute this, but it explains the principle approach more clearly. Almost exactly 13 years ago (to the day), I used the same with Java and my toxiclibs to transform images, driving altogether 768 granular oscillators to create super complex, constantly morphing drone sounds. Some selected audio snippets & images are here:

[1] It's called "waveform scope" in Adobe Premiere, even though the term is misleading...

#ThingUmbrella #ImageProcessing #ImageAnalysis #Audio #GranularSynthesis #Drone #DSP #TypeScript #JavaScript #OpenSource

RGB waveform of an example image, showing the complex signal graphs of the superimposed red, green and blue color channels of the image

"#Drone ban near #Grindavík" by #Iceland airports & ATC operator @Isavia - Airspace priority reserved for emergency services during precautionary #Reykjanes #volcano🌋 evacuation in the area. #geology #aviation #avgeek

Stefano Marinelli
3 weeks ago

In Italy, drones under 249g have a height limit of 120 meters, but they must always be within visual line of sight. Many claim they can see their drone up to that height. I have more than 10/10 vision in both eyes, yet today, I flew mine at just 20 meters, got distracted for a moment, and soon it wasn't responding to my controls anymore. Turns out, I was actually trying to remote control a crow

#DroneAdventures #LostInFlight #TechIrony #DroneFun #Drone

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
3 weeks ago

Autumn colours: a few drone photos floating above the Black Woods of Rannoch

#perthshire #scotland #highlands #blackwoodsofrannoch #rannoch #drone #photo

Drone photo looking down on the edge of the Black Woods and Loch Rannoch
Drone photo looking down on the edge of the Black Woods of Rannoch
Drone photo looking along the end of Loch Rannoch
Symmetrical reflections of sky and clouds in Loch Rannoch by Camghouran

I sent the new #drone up today for the second time. Now that the initial nervousness has worn off, I'm realizing that it flies the same as my previous drone, but more responsive and quieter. These shots were taken in #Oriental, #NC on yet another gorgeous day.

I've also learned what I've suspected for some time: the bigger the boat I park next to, the smaller my boat looks. #photography #boating #DoItNow cc @jfk

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
4 weeks ago

I stumbled upon Swan Headquarters where some important meetings were in progress.

#Drones4Fun #Drone #Wildlife #Swan #Minnesota #DarkTable #Cuyuna #AmateurPhotography

Clusters of swans on a lake strethcing into distance. Some Canadian Geese mixed in. Trees along lakeshore are bare and the sky is overcast.
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
4 weeks ago

An interesting stretch of the Mississippi river in Northern Minnesota. Near Aitken.

(Actually, it's a diversion channel, so I'm not sure if that is officially part of the river.)

#Drones4Fun #Mississippi #Minnesota #Aitken #DronePhotography #Drone #Drones

A straight channel of water bisects the image from top to bottom. A line of trees border the banks on either side and then farm fields. In the distance we can see a forest on either side of the channel. It's a cloudy day.
Jeff Forcier
4 weeks ago

Should I get a #drone for inspecting my property (roof - lots of it is not accessible from inside the house - and gutters, etc) and also obviously for Fun™?

My main worry about getting 'into' drones (besides cost, obv) is they seem to be increasingly illegal to operate anyplace interesting, like say, your suburban home 2.5mi from a small airport. (Also, loud AF, unless you go even more expensive…)

Rick Berk
1 month ago

A bird's eye view of a wooded area, showing off its autumn colors, somewhere in Maine. I've recently added a drone to my photo kit and am enjoying the change in perspective it provides.

#mastoart #aerial #drone #dji #landscape #landscapephotography #photography #buyintoart #homedecor #officedecor #printsforsale #fineart #fineartphotography #maine #autumn #foliage #colorful #col

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

Atten: Drone Friends (not friends who are drones)

Thinking it might be time for a drone upgrade. Currently using #DJIMini2 mostly for photography.

What would be the next best drone I can get with a noticably better camera?

#DJI #DronePhotography #Drones4Fun #Drone #Drone

1 month ago

Noice! Have you ever heard sand sing?

Singing Sand at Great Sand Dunes

#sounds #drone #noise

Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

Forest Road.

I like the layers in this photo.

#Drones4Fun #Cuyuna #Autumn #DronePhotography #Drone #Minnesota

A low angle aerial photograph of a forest with a recently frozen lake in the foreground and a dirt road passing along the shore of the lake. Trees have a tint of autumn colors, however most of the leaves have already fallen. A row of lush green pine trees stands behind the front row  of deciduous trees.
Tim Erickson, @stpaultim
1 month ago

Just a reminder that I'd be happy to have some company using the #Drones4Fun hashtag.

I started this hashtag, because many of the drone related hashtags are full of information about the military use of drones.

#Drones4Fun is just for fun.

#Drone #Drones #DJIMini2 #DJI #DronePhotography

1 month ago

good #bandcampfriday to all! though with much uncertainty for the platform, i have released a new album today through which i found my deliverance from a lot which has hung over me this past year

"the inaccessible solitude of the sky" is an #ambient #guitar #shoegaze and #drone record with a touch of #synth and is a companion to "all that remained was the beating of our hearts"

i hope it helps unfetter you from what holds you heavy of heart and mind 💗