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AI used to discover a new antibiotic with the potential to treat multi-drug resistant bacteria.

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Flash Mob Of One
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I think the idea of state-sanctioned drug use clinics is actually very reasonable and kind thing.

Addiction is a disease, not a crime or personal failing, and for a state government (as Minnesota is doing) to code in public policy the fact that addicts don't deserve to die sends a very powerful message.

It's just odd that it's a US government (granted, state-level) doing it, as our policy in this country is generally to demonize addicts.

#Drugs #Kindness

Syria's president returns to Arab League after years of spin and war crimes denial. Plus covering Ecuador’s narco trade.
Assad: The rehabilitation of a war criminal
1 day ago

With raids in the Netherlands and six other European countries, the police rounded up an international drug and arms gang on Wednesday.

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I've been meaning to put together a list like this for years. Thanks to Julian Buchanan for actually getting it done.

'What we have been told about drugs is not true: Seventy-five myths busted'

#drugs #DrugProhibition #DrugLawReform #JulianBuchanan

"The Eddie Show" 😎
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✍️ #HunterSThompson "hated to write" because of the steps between his thoughts and getting them on the page—typing.

HST fans and writers/journalists may find a nugget of something useful in Thompson's 1975 sit-down with Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Harrison Salisbury. He went to Hunter S. Thompson's compound @ Owl Farm to interview him at home (26:12).

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Texas Observer Lives!
2 days ago

Did someone say oddities? For #Newstodon Friday we'll bring back our investigation into the Cult of the Toad Shaman and the potentially harmful usage of #psychedelic substances by barely-trained "therapists":

@ProPublica @TheConversationUS @gbhnews @damemagazine @TucsonSentinel @thexylom

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Police found 58kg of cocaine bearing the Nazi flag and imprinted with the name of Germany's war-time leader Hitler.
Peruvian police seize cocaine bricks wrapped in Nazi insignia
The Japan Times
2 days ago

The U.S. Navy said Thursday it is investigating several crew members of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, home-ported in Japan, over suspected involvement in drug use and drug trafficking. #news #japan #drugs #usmilitary #usjapanrelations #yokosukaairbase

3 days ago

#VladTv - #YungJoc on #FettyWap's Case, Explains Why Rappers Turn to Selling #Drugs (Flashback)

Rob Voxpop
3 days ago

'Drugsuithalers Rotterdam in ademnood, bellen zelf politie'. Rob Voxpop (negative vrouw van 40 uit Oisterwijk) vindt dat echt weer typisch, dit soort nieuws. Die domme uithalers ook, zichzelf op laten pakken omdat ze vast komen te zitten. Ze hebben gewoon een euroteken voor die gulden gezet! Maar dan uiteindelijk toch best sneu, die jongeren komen vaak uit moeilijke situaties. Er moet echt meer gedaan worden om die jongeren te helpen en op het rechte pad te houden. #rotterdam #drugs #schrijnend

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in Ken Russell's Tommy (1975) as The Acid Queen. #film #music #KenRussell #drugs #TinaTurner

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Chinese Companies Selling Fentanyl Received More Than $27 Million In Crypto Payments: Report - Chinese chemical producers selling fentanyl ingredients have received more than $27 milli... - #altcoinnews #fentanyl #illegal #china #drugs

@todayilearned And in completely unrelated news, drug #overdose deaths remain at all-time record levels because users of #cocaine, #meth, #heroin, and other #drugs somehow keep getting supplied with batches that are adulterated with #fentanyl, causing fatal overdoses that would otherwise be easily tolerated by regular users if the drugs were pure. Because there's no way there are any Wheelers running about unattended in #police evidence lockers.

4 days ago

People are being poisoned at unprecedented levels by a drug that's sold over the counter. Surely this harmful drug should be illegal, and people imprisoned if they are in possession of if, even for personal use. Some irresponsible parents even store it so unsafely that their kids get hold of it.

Won't somebody think of the children?


#drugs #DrugLawReform

Comic Crusaders
4 days ago

What Conway "does" with Won't He Do It is hurt his legacy!

I was nervous when I heard the promotional Flex Freestyle, with most of the content there being so "flex"...
#C.V.R. The Bard ##CVReview #conway #music #hip hop #male vocals #hedonistic #boastful #rhythmic #violence #urban #crime #drugs #sampling #serious #introspective #triumphant #East Coast Hip Hop #Hardcore Hip Hop Gangsta Rap #Boom Bap #Drumless

L. Falkenstrom
5 days ago

Lyssnar på ett inslag om drogerna i Frankrike. Krack, kokain och heroin som skapar stora skaror av utslagna människor.

Känns nästan som en dröm för den som vill se "fiendeland" försvagade genom det förfall och social oro det leder till.

Tyvärr har vi väl en liknande utveckling här i Sverige.

#drugs #socialunrest #servesputin

Erik Gagnon
5 days ago

Cannabis and cocaine are both GMO's with unholy roots. Users souls literally conjoin when using these drugs. The drugs become gateways to demonic possession, and captured souls are never set free. These captured souls attempt to corrupt those they encounter, including friends, loved ones, and relatives. This is especially true with those they share drugs with recreationally.

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Transport Online
6 days ago
6 days ago

If scientists in the 1970s hadn't given such a bad name to the testing of psychoactive drugs then we may have been at this point sooner.

However, at last drugs like psilocybin (magic mushrooms) & MDMA are being tested for the terminally ill.

#drugs #party #Auspol

When it comes to mentions of #drugs per-hour, there is no genre on the radio that can match #CountryMusic. #Reggae mentions of #cannabis in various forms may be a close second, but minute-for-minute you will hear no more promotion of #DrugCulture more often than on the country station. You just may not have noticed because the drug is alcohol, and we have a cultural blind spot about that.

The billions of dollars Syria's al-Assad is believed to be making from Captagon have given him a financial lifeline.
How important is Captagon in al-Assad’s return to the Arab fold?
The latest executions were carried out after offenders were reportedly caught with large quantities of heroin.
Iran hangs three on drug charges amid criticism
Angu Walters African Paintings
1 week ago

#AfricanArt #drugabuse #drugs #drug #Surrealism #SurrealArt
Painting of the Day. Drug Abuse
> >
*Here is an @Anguwalters painting very unlike any other. Available for worldwide delivery by @dhlafrica

Drug Abuse painting
Officials say more people may be found as search continues following abduction on way to US border.
Mexico: Army says 49 migrants found after kidnapping from bus
1 week ago
The European Network
1 week ago

Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands of Americans while the European illegal drug market has remained somehow shielded from the deadly synthetic opioid.

There were an estimated 5,800 overdose deaths in the EU in 2020, fentanyl accounted for probably a couple of hundreds.

By comparison, in the same year, the US reported 53,480 fentanyl-induced deaths.

Why are Europeans being spared and is that about to change?

#Europe #France #Estonia #Drugs #Opioids #Fentanyl

1 week ago

#RCMP Media Release #NovaScotia

Valley Integrated Street Crime Enforcement Unit Charge Two With Drug Offences

Mark Walter Harris, 48, and Deanna Lynn O’Neil, 36, both of New Minas, have been charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purpose of Trafficking (3 counts) and Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm. #NewMinas #Drugs #Guns #News #AnnapolisValley

1 week ago

#Billionaire #JeffreyEpstein's business was tax avoidance. Huge amounts of money were moved through a network of charities and foundations devoted to bogus scientific projects to end up whitewashed back in the fraudster's accounts in #TaxHavens
For that,#Epstein needed collaboration of financial agents such as #DeutscheBank whose officials Epstein convinced thanks to his network of underage girls willing to engage in the most pervert #sexual practices and #drugs.

Deutsche Bank to pay uS$ 75 mln to Jeffrey Epstein's victims
Headlines 2023 May.17
Vastmans 🌈🌱
1 week ago

Een doekje voor het bloeden... We blijven nog steeds véél te tolerant voor #alcohol (en #drugs) in het #verkeer.

Carolyn Barber, MD
2 weeks ago

In an alarming reversal, (death) rates have now risen (for young Americans) to the highest level in nearly 15 years, particularly driven by homicides, drug overdoses, car accidents and suicides.

“Greater access to firearms, dangerous driving and more lethal narcotics also helped push up death rates…

“Now that I’ve come back to the U.S., it is incredibly difficult to see children dying from man-made causes, like bullets and cars,” said Wolf.
#guns #drugs #overdose

2 weeks ago

Maybe it’s time to take a leaf out of the Australian book
“The latest results from #HealthCanada's #Canadian #Student #Tobacco, #Alcohol and #Drugs Survey, which surveyed 61,096 teenagers in grades 7 to 12 from nine provinces between September 2021 and June 2022, found that 29 per cent of Canadian students had ever tried an e-cigarette.
Daily vaping rates were eight per cent across all students surveyed and close to 12 per cent among those in grades 10 to 12”

2 weeks ago

The murder of a Canadian man in Puerto Escondido came just days after an Argentine tourist was killed with a machete on the same coast.
#mexico #News #Drugs #TOURISM

"This medicine may cause you to declare yourself to be the Emperor of the Known Universe. Talk to your doctor if you've declared yourself to be the Emperor of the Known Universe."

#Emperor #drugs #ad #advertisement #SideEffects #joke #humor #funny #dadjoke

"Vabysmo may eat your face. Talk to your doctor if your face has been eaten."

#Vabysmo #SideEffects #drugs #ad #advertisement #joke #humor #funny #dadjoke

Scientific Frontline
2 weeks ago

#Diuretic #drugs from the #thiazide group have been used for 60 years to treat high #blood #pressure. But they also increase the risk of developing #diabetes. Researchers at the University of Bern and Inselspital have now pinpointed the cause of this side effect and in the process also gained new insights into the development of diabetes.
#Medical #Biology #sflorg

The execution is the second in three weeks, amid growing concern at the island's use of the death penalty in drug cases.
Singapore hangs man for trafficking 1.5kg of cannabis
2 weeks ago
Facilities run by a local non-profit focus on rehabilitation over punishment, in a method that has expanded worldwide.
In Brazil, prisons without guards offer inmates path to recovery

Earlier today, I quietly and tentatively introduced a new secondary newsletter, #AlteringStates, on learning about #drugs, #DrugPolicy and #HarmReduction from a Singaporean perspective:

In half a day I've already had a bunch of positive responses. I'm really glad, but also sad about what this tells us about the craving in Singapore for narratives and discourse about drugs that isn't just #WarOnDrugs propaganda.

Dozens of people face hanging for drug offences in Singapore with no sign the city-state will soften its approach.
Singapore’s death row ‘main element of its drug policy’
In annual report, rights group says 'killing spree' was led by countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
Recorded executions rise to highest in five years: Amnesty
Alan Kotok
2 weeks ago

Collaboration to Boost Rare Disease Clinical Trials

An organization seeking new uses for today's #drugs and a contract #research company aim to increase the number of clinical trials for rare diseases testing already approved drugs.

#News #Business #Science #ClinicalTrials #Collaboration #RareDisease #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #Databases #CRO #Generics

Finger pointing to the middle of a network diagram
2 weeks ago

Prices are falling on the messaging app's drug markets despite inflation and record seizures.
#Drugs #Telegram #Trafficking #Cocaine #uk #Ketamine #encryptedmessaging #newsdrugs #newsdrugs

I'm doing some market research stuff that is looking at the communities attitudes to drugs use. We have activities on a forum we're meant to be filling in each day. Today we had to talk about something that we feel strongly about with regards to drugs use (like decriminalisation, trends, microdosing, etc)

Someone wrote this:
Anonymous forum (group 11)
"A trend is teenagers seem to be inserting drugs through their rectum to get the hit quicker this actually does worry me as they don’t know the damage they are doing to their rectum."


#drugs #research

A screenshot of a post from a forum that says:
"A trend is teenagers seem to be inserting drugs through their rectum to get the hit quicker this actually does worry me as they don’t know the damage they are doing to their rectum.

Topic I am choosing is
Use of drugs to improve your wellbeing e.g., micro dosing to treat conditions

Personally I approve of this as if it helps the person out then why shouldn’t they be able to take something a dr has prescribed. I hate when people don’t know the situation or haven’t been in that situation where they say they shouldn’t be taking anything and only believe if it’s visible than it needs help but mentally isn’t a real thing."

I've responded anonymously with:
Damn near killed 'em!"
UN human rights chief says Iran has executed more than 10 people each week so far this year.
Iran hangs ‘sultan of cocaine’ as UN warns of rising executions
Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
3 weeks ago

Alas, fools like this are the reason we are unlikely to see #drugs #decriminalisation in the short-medium term - he's lucky the old bill didn't want to delve more deeply into how exactly his windscreen got smashed like that (looks like a deliberate act by someone he's pissed off), and clear evidence this vehicle has also been involved in some sort of a collision...

3 weeks ago

British Pakistani heroin users tell VICE News they've been shunned by their families and are too afraid to get help.
#Drugs #HEROIN #england #bradford #britishpakistanis #addiction

The drug, often smuggled to Gulf states, has been a key topic in discussions over Syria's re-entry to the Arab League.
What is Captagon, the addictive drug mass-produced in Syria?
3 weeks ago

El Chapo's sons say they are not in charge of the Sinaloa cartel and claim they have nothing to do with the fentanyl trade.
#News #Drugs #loschapitos #ElChapo #dea #mexico #fentanyl

3 weeks ago

he asked a colleague who replied "Russ De Valois told me that when he was a grad student and LSD was still legal, he and his advisor Matt Alpern took it to test the effects on color vision, but once it kicked in they lost interest in doing the study.” <rimshot>

#psychedelics #mushrooms #neuroscience #drugs #color

3 weeks ago

"...So maybe there’s an amplification of the difference prior to noise sources, or the noise goes down. But this might also explain the “day-glo” effect of colors appearing more saturated. So you amplify small changes but end up saturating colors that would otherwise be more tame, and have trouble telling those apart."

#psychedelics #mushrooms #neuroscience #drugs #color

3 weeks ago

a friend in the field wrote to me "Ya long lasting interesting. Longer than the trip itself. Seems like it’s pulling apart weak signals. Most forms of color blindness aren’t total, they’re just that the two color receptors (R & G) have more overlap in the spectrum, so typical red-green differences are muted in the internal signal space (relative to whatever noise). ..."

#psychedelics #mushrooms #neuroscience #drugs #color

3 weeks ago

... and if not color blind might mushrooms give us long lasting heightened color discrimination? hmmmm

#psychedelics #mushrooms #neuroscience #drugs #color

3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Jerry Martin says he opened The Drugs Store to give people access to a safe supply of fentanyl-free drugs.
#News #HarmReduction #Crime #CanadianNews #Drugs #Canada

Michael Reeder LCPC
3 weeks ago

TITLE: Confusion in Text Messaging, Encryption, and HIPAA

A therapist colleague of mine contacted Ring Central (a video and
telephone platform that provides HIPAA BAA subcontractor paperwork upon
request) with questions about their messaging capabilities and
encryption.  They were looking for a compliant way to text message with
clients.  The support staff directed them to this article:

At first glance, the article would seem to make messaging with clients
golden as a good level of encryption is described and the therapist has
a HIPAA BAA with Ring Central.  Right?


A few different topics are getting confused here -- smart phone SMS text
messaging, messaging within Ring Central apps and websites, and HIPAA
BAA subcontractor agreements.

With SMS text messaging by phone it will never be HIPAA compliant (even
if the therapist sends it from within Ring Central) because the client
will get the SMS text message unencrypted on their smartphone.

Messaging within the Ring Central apps and website *IS* at an excellent
level of encryption -- but won't be covered by the therapist's HIPAA BAA
agreement unless the people messaged are also part of the therapist's
company account or are other therapists with their own Ring Central
accounts with HIPAA BAA subcontractor agreements.  This will rarely if
ever cover therapy clients.

This gets confusing.  So -- for example -- when I go into my Ring
Central account online and click on "Message" I'm invited to email a
messaging link to anyone I choose.  So far so good.  But when that
person (like a client for example) goes to that messaging link, Ring
Central REQUIRES them to sign up for their own FREE Ring Central
account.  That FREE account WILL NOT be covered by a HIPAA BAA
agreement.  So the messages sent to them (inside a Ring Central app or
website) will be encrypted but not HIPAA compliant.

Similar problem with Ring Central video conferencing.  As long as the
client DOES NOT sign in with their own free account -- and instead goes
to my anonymous video link -- it will be covered under my BAA agreement
with Ring Central.  However, Ring Central invites clients to sign up for
their own FREE account in order to video conference with me.  If the
client makes that mistake, then its no longer a HIPAA compliant video
conference session because only one of our two Ring Central accounts is
covered by BAA.

I sometimes wonder why this all is left in such a confusing state?

Of course, I'm not a lawyer, so do your own research too.
Michael Reeder, LCPC
*Hygeia Counseling Services : Baltimore / Mt. Washington Village location*

 #psychology #neurology #socialwork #psychiatry @psychology
@socialwork @psychiatry #mentalhealth
#psychotherapists @psychotherapists #pharmacy
#medicationchecker #drugs #druginteractions #cookies #tracking #hacking
#3rdpartytrackers #HIPAA #privacy #dataprivacy #webbeacons#RingCentral
#VoIP #telephony

3 weeks ago

Jerry Martin has opened The Drugs Store in Vancouver. If arrested, he plans to launch a constitutional challenge.
#News #Drugs #CanadianNews #HarmReduction #vancouver #Canada

Flipboard Science Desk
4 weeks ago

Psychedelic medicine is coming — but who’s going to guide your trip?

National Geographic reports: "The U.S. may approve therapies using MDMA and psilocybin — aka ecstasy and magic mushrooms. The medical community is preparing for the deluge of demand."

Subscription required:

#Psychology #Drugs #Medicine #Therapy #Mushrooms

Olympia Indivisible
4 weeks ago

#waleg #drugs Our GOP lawmakers are blaming Democrats for the failure of SB 5536 the #Blake bill. Both the ACLU and police wanted a no vote.

Conservative lawmakers primarily wanted the harsher penalty not because they thought it would help people but because they thought it would help with logistics.

1 month ago

The sheriff’s office in Riverside County, California, admitted that after selling the meth, the dealer just drove away and officers couldn’t catch up.
#News #Drugs #METH #RiversideCounty #police #California

1 month ago

Roadside Drug Tests Used to Convict People Aren’t Particularly Accurate. Courts Are Beginning to Prevent Their Use.

Field test kits provide the evidence most commonly used to secure convictions in drug cases in the U.S.

One judge called the tests “arbitrary and unlawful guesswork.”

#Police #Prosecutors #Crime #CriminalJustice #Courts #Drugs

Andy Aydın-Aitchison
1 month ago

Top #Criminology story in Scotland today

£10k of class a drugs, lamb and bag of chips recovered from vehicle.

Lamb is doing okay, in care of local farmer.

#Scotland #Drugs #OnTheLam #BornToBeBaaad

Police Scotland image of lamb in back seat of passenger vehicle, with chips and a plastik bag. The lamb is sticking it's wee pink Tongue out. Caption, A lamb was found in a car on the M74 motorway with class A drugs and a bag of chips.
Texas Observer Lives!
1 month ago

Prison journalist Jason Walker won't stop reporting, even if it costs him his safety or his life. Since his groundbreaking reporting on K2 #drugs behind bars, he's been transferred more than 10 times.

Staff writer Michelle Pitcher met Walker and tells his story:

#journalism #prison #HumanRights #JournoLife #media #FirstAmendment #CriminalJustice #news #Texas

Prison Journalist Jason Walker, a short haired Black man with a short, neat mustache, is seen in a white prison uniform, behind a blue visitation window. His face is lined with age or worry and he is wearing a serious expression.
Keri Blakinger
1 month ago

Sheriffs in Riverside tried to do a drug sting but then the guy left with their meth - 60 pounds of it - and they meant to pull him over and arrest him but instead he got away.

Drugs really winning the war on drugs here. #drugs #meth #cops #california #riverside

If you read one thing today, read this by Kokila Annamalai, a fellow member of the Transformative Justice Collective, on Tangaraju Suppiah's life:

He spent his life in prison for #cannabis. #Drugs did not wreck his life. #Singapore's #WarOnDrugs did.

Fred Rocha
1 month ago

Vaping: come for the flavour, stay for the nicotine. #drugs

1 month ago

Senior agency officials, including top boss Anne Milgram, face questions about lucrative contracts as Congress scrutinizes operations abroad.
#News #Politics #dea #Drugs #Washington #drugenforcementagency

1 month ago

After Pandemic Delays, FDA Still Struggling to Inspect Foreign Drug Manufacturers

In the wake of recent deaths from bacteria-tainted eyedrops, a ProPublica analysis of FDA data reveals that the agency only inspected 6% of the overseas plants where drugs and their ingredients are produced in 2022.

Compare that to 2019, when the FDA inspected 37% of these facilities.

#FDA #Drugs #Medication #Safety #Manufacturing #Health

1 month ago

@Radical_EgoCom #caption for your toot's image:

Tweet from Reuters Top News

Rise in U.S. #suicides highlights need for new #depression #drugs

Tweet from Yusuf @yusuf_VI

We're depressed because we're #overworked, #underpaid, can't afford our #studentDebt, can't afford a #doctor, can't afford a home, can't afford a family, while people at the top take most of the value of our #labor for themselves. We don't need better drugs. We need a better #economy.

follow @PleaseCaption

1 month ago

The supplement tianeptine, sold under brands like Zaza and Tianaa Red, is causing excruciating withdrawals, leaving people broke and even suicidal.
#News #tianeptine #gasstationheroin #addiction #Opioids #Drugs #Florida #fentanyl #HEROIN

Claire Miller
1 month ago

An #FOI has revealed that Humberside Police has uncovered and shut down 340 cannabis farms in the past two years alone.

One of the most prominent spots, where police uncovered a whopping 23 cannabis grows, was in Grimsby's East Marsh.

#journalism #FreedomOfInformation #JournalismTips #InvestigativeJournalism #Crime #Drugs #Cannabis

This week's #FOIFriday:

1 month ago

El Menchito, the son and top deputy of the CJNG cartel's infamous leader, was due to plead guilty in a U.S. court. Then a new lawyer showed up.
#News #worldnews #cjng #CARTELS #Drugs #Crime

2 months ago

The Republican senator is investigating the DEA and FBI—and he's asking for help from lawyers for convicted Mexican official Genaro García Luna.
#News #Politics #Drugs #worldnews #ChuckGrassle #GenaroGarciaLuna

2 months ago

#Biden admin said it was taking steps to crack down on #fentanyl supply chains by increasing sanctions & expanding cooperation w global partners.

…go after traffickers to stem enormous quantity of illegal #drugs coming into US, which the admin describes as a growing threat to national security…

The White House said it would aim to increase measures, including financial sanctions, meant to cripple illicit financial activities that fund drug trafficking operations”

Ooooh just switched from hot to cold pack… ooooohhhhhh yes. Between that and the medication. Definitely some relief.
#backpain #musclepain #therapy #canpoli #medication #drugs #generic

Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

In one morning's work, a Panhandle prosecutor and his undercover narc busted three dozen black residents of #Tulia. ...

From the archives: Arguably one of our most important stories, an investigation into the shocking #racism of #police arrests in the tiny town of Tulia, #Texas:

#prison #HumanRights #news #politics #USpol #WarOnDrugs #Drugs

2 months ago

Irvin Cartagena faced a potential life sentence for supplying drugs that caused “The Wire” actor’s overdose, but a guilty plea allows for less prison time.
#News #MichaelK.Williams #homicide #fentanyl #deathbydealer #tranq #overdose #overdosecrisis #Drugs