Data mining-based machine #translation is indeed a #privacy nightmare, but for a lot of stuff sometimes we just have to pick our poison. But recently I've seen that #DuckDuckGo has also started offering this service as one of their instant answers functions.

I have no idea what backend they are using and how privacy-friendly it is. What do you think about it? Would you use it over, say, googletranslate or would you rather use something else?


4 hours ago

This is an interesting observation. Either way, there is no denying that both MS and G have become increasingly invasive.

I've ditched both. #LinuxMint, #Firefox, #DuckDuckGo, and #LibreOffice have taken their place. #PhotonMail is next. No regrets!


Cory Doctorow
6 hours ago

Some of those rackets are well-known, like #JediBlue, the market-rigging conspiracy that Google and Facebook colluded on:

But thanks to the antitrust trial, we're learning about more of these. #MeganGray - ex-#FTC, ex-#DuckDuckGo - was in the courtroom last week when evidence was presented on Google execs' panic over a decline in "ad generating searches" and the sleazy gimmick they came up with to address it.


9 hours ago

@grantdenkinson me too. #duckduckgo is an awesome search engine. I also use the duckduckgo browser app on my laptop and mobile.

Grant Denkinson
11 hours ago

Reminder that that there are multiple internet search engines. I mainly use #DuckDuckGo

13 hours ago

15 ans de DuckDuckGo.

Voilà 15 ans que DuckDuckGo défie Google sur le terrain de la recherche en ligne, mais avec un argument de poids : pas question d’exploiter vos données personnelles.

DuckDuckGo est un moteur de recherche (comme Google et Bing).#DuckDuckGo

@mastodonmigration @protonmail

100% disagree about your #searchengine recommendation.

For top #privacy and #Security choose a search engine that is not located in the US nor any of the “five eyes” countries.

That means avoid #google #duckduckgo and #mojeek

Try #startpage or #searx

so i get to the point of this thread:

Google has corrupted all web search

#DuckDuckGo, the "best" alternative has huge SEO corruption problems from companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay.

it's worse if you are looking for images:

#Pinterest is the #herpes of image search.

it just keeps on and on spreading itself thru every single TLD they can get their hands on: .com .org. .net. ca. fr. .es .de. jp. .au.

it's absolutely awful...


Jonathan R
18 hours ago

How Google Alters Search Queries to Get at Your Wallet

Opt out: use #DuckDuckGo or other search engine.


Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
18 hours ago

I donʼt know how often I have to say this, but #DuckDuckGo is Bing.

Apparently not that private:

Related, specifically the #DDG browser giving your data to Microsoft:

I just canʼt trust them, which is why I switched to @Mojeek after 11 years, 11 months of using DDG as my default.

20 hours ago

That really helps explain why Google’s search results have gotten worse and worse

And don’t get better if you change the terms you use in your search

If this story blows up, it destroys google’s credibility as a useful search engine

Go #DuckDuckGo! 🐤

#google #USPolitics #Congress

Michael Fisher
21 hours ago

@alienghic @djnavarro Saying hi to #DuckDuckGo again ☺️

Ricardo Harvin
22 hours ago

@Researchbuzz So #Google #search *is* literally worthless to users.

" hadn’t even occurred to me that Google just flat out deletes #queries and replaces them with ones that #monetize better." – #MeganGray, a former #FTC official who "battled Google" in an official capacity, and executive at #DuckDuckGo, a good quality #SearchEngine alternative

1 day ago

I'm so done with Google's invasive and dishonest shit.

Here’s how it works. Say you search for “children’s clothing.” Google converts it, without your knowledge, to a search for “NIKOLAI-brand kidswear,” making a behind-the-scenes substitution of your actual query with a different query that just happens to generate more money for the company

That's fucked.

BTW, you can de-google your Android phone with or

You can use search engines like or

And you can use browsers like

@AAKL @WIRED #Google #Firefox #GrapheneOS #CalyxOS #DuckDuckGo #StartPage #Tech #DataPrivacy #Data #Search #SEO

Peace Out Art :noverify:
1 day ago

Just another reason why I use DuckDuckGo. I hate google products.
With any of them you have to go through the settings thoroughly to know what you’re agreeing to, but DuckDuckGo settings are pretty easy to understand, and straightforward. Privacy isn’t automatic though.

💡 DuckDuckGo, il browser più sicuro al mondo compie 15 anni
DuckDuckGo compie 15 anni: le sfide future di un browser focalizzato sulla privacy in un mondo sempre più sorvegliato

#browser #cloudfare #duckduckgo #facebook #google #privacy #sicurezza #online @DuckDuckGo 📚
2 days ago

DuckDuckGo, the most secure browser in the world, is 15 years old. Here's how it sees the future. #duckduckgo #secure #browser

dopey (they/them)
2 days ago

When I turned off #DuckDuckGo safe search feature, I didn't realize that meant being bombarded with NSFW fan art when looking for images of female characters.

Gordon P. Hemsley
2 days ago

Why do all of my #DuckDuckGo searches suddenly require me to prove I'm not a robot on sites like LinkedIn and Amazon

David Bender
2 days ago

My semi-annual reminder that #DuckDuckGo is a great privacy-forward search engine alternative to #Google. It's also based in my hometown, so personal point of pride here.

2 days ago

The thing I hate most about #DuckDuckGo : "Not many results contain the search term you were looking for, so we're going to ignore it, because otherwise you'll have narrowed down to the results you want, and what fun would that be?"

3 days ago

Go fuck yourself

#DuckDuckGo #Captcha #Privacy

DuckDuckGo now asks you to complete a captcha.

@nyquildotorg I guess #Google's #Search is indeed unfixably #Enshittified beyond useable and people should switch to better options like #DuckDuckGo...

Thomas Rabenstein 👽
4 days ago

Das ich schon lange keine andern Browser nutze, als den Safari, habe ich bereits erwähnt. Was immer Nutzer von Chrome oder Firefox als Vorteile anführen, die User-Protection-Features des Safari-Browsers sind ungeschlagen.
Nun habe ich auch seit mehreren Wochen meine Standard-Suchmaschine auf Duckduckgo umgestellt und bin sehr zufrieden. Duckduckgo ist eine Suchmaschine die grundsätzlich jedes Tracking ablehnt und ist sehr zu empfehlen.
#macossonoma #safari #duckduckgo

Screenshot: Suchmaschine Duckduckgo
4 days ago

#Brave isn't working too well either. The #KeeperSecurity extension complains it needs to be updated, but nothing I do fixes it. Maybe I should try the #DuckDuckGo browser?

I changed my default search engine from #DuckduckGo to #Ecosia .

6 days ago

@libreivan #DuckDuckGo because less tracking.

teroshan 🐇
6 days ago

@itamarst @ezarowny @hynek Agreed for this particular example TBH, although it's difficult the quality of the results on one search result.

The appeal of #kagi for me lies in the whole package:
- ability to block/bump/pin domains in my results
- personalized bangs across all my sessions (e.g. phone and all computers), + compatibility with #duckduckgo bangs
- Better support for code-related searched, so all symbols are taken into account

I feel lucky to be the target for this product :)

Dóminique ⏚ 
6 days ago

Vous désirez connaître l'emplacement des caméras de #videosurveillance dans votre ville ? Utilisez Shodan ou Netlas. Il existe même des cartes publiées par des collectifs de qui recensent ça. #Google ou #DuckDuckGo est ici votre ami.

Same goes for #duckduckgo ...

Which is a good external tool ;-)

Thomas Rigby
6 days ago
1 week ago

#DuckDuckGo aggregates a wide variety of sources, plus its own crawling of the web. Good! But:

That web is increasingly filled not only with crap, but with sites that *actively subvert* the usefulness of search results.

> Engineers [are] not trying to cure cancer […] they're trying to engineer ways to force you to click on things you don't wanna click on, basically, technological forms of mind control, and also find ways to avoid legal responsibility for that.


Happy birthday #DuckDuckGo — my default search engine for well over 10 years... I think... :)


IT News
1 week ago

‘Unprecedented’ Secrecy in Google Trial as Tech Giants Push to Limit Disclosures - Efforts to seal testimony have increasingly raised questions as the federal antitrust cas... - #antitrustlawsandcompetitionissues #computersandtheinternet #courtsandthejudiciary #justicedepartment #giannandreajohn #searchengines #microsoftcorp #corporations #duckduckgo #mehtaamitp #googleinc #appleinc #cueeddy

1 week ago

#DuckDuckGo 15 周年なのか! :tony_astonished:
おめでとう! 🦆 🎊

Linux Is Best
1 week ago

15 years of DuckDuckGo

Happy Birthday, DuckDuckGo!

#DuckDuckGo #DDG

The Duck Duck Go logo with the words, 15th Anniversary under it.
The Coding Beard
1 week ago

Curious - How many of you use #DuckDuckGo as your primary search engine?

🔗 David Sommerseth
1 week ago

@dymaxion The fix is simple:

* Install add-ons/extensions like or
* Cancel YouTube subscription
* Live happily without ads and tracking.

I can be and I am willing to pay for a service to not be bogged down by ads and tracking. But I will never ever trust Google to really care about my privacy. They are consistently trying to privacy washing their business misleading users they care about your privacy. So I do all I can to avoid using their services as much as possible. They don't deserve their users and their trust how they have behaved the last 10-15 years.

Which is why I've ended up with degoogled devices, like @murena /e/ OS based phones and non-google services via @protonmail, @cryptpad @filen @quad9dns #duckduckgo etc.

#privacy #privacywashing #degoogle #degoogled #youtube

@christianp It works for me in #Firefox 117.0 / Mac OS.

Also in #Duckduckgo browser.

2 weeks ago

#DailyBloggingChallenge (58/100)

Account #isolation #security (continues)

Account isolation doesn’t just have to be on the device level, but can also be done on the software level like the #browser.

The benefit of using multiple browsers is that #cookies cannot cross browsers: making the pesky #trackers be browser bound and making browser fingerprinting harder to achieve. This will give oneself an edge on personal data protection.

Some browsers have the option to use containers, though it can feel like the overview is quickly lost and potentially it could be a bigger strain on the device.

Browser suggestions:


One should choose the browser dependent on the login credentials one will be using. For example if one will be using Google services like #Gmail or #YouTube, then the obvious choice is Chrome.

#infosec #DataPrivacy #BrowserFingerprinting #DataProtection

2 weeks ago


I've been using DuckDuckGo for a good number of years now, but I'm starting to see a decline in the quality of results - bunch of spam and local government websites that are absolutely unrelated to my query.

I've so used to bangs though. That's hard to give up.

Brave is making strides in search as well. Happy to see competition in this space rising.

#kagi #duckduckgo #search #brave

Instalé #Bluesky. Lo primero que noto es que tiene trackers. 73 intentos de rastreo en solo unos minutos (según la app de #Duckduckgo)

Captura de la app duckduckgo que muestra bloqueo de trackers en la aplicación bluesky
Peace Out Art :noverify:
2 weeks ago

Sorry, if your website requires me to allow your cookies, that’s an automatic close out of it.
It’s that simple.
The fact that this one has anything to do with g👀gle is all the MORE reason to just say no.

#DuckDuckGo said no, then I say no.

“Cookie Error Use of this website requires your browser cookies being enabled. Please go to your browser settings to ensure that cookies are enabled and try again. Refresh”

@june and #DuckDuckGo is only slightly less bad tbh.

3 weeks ago

I've finally switched to DuckDuckGo. I can't stand how bad Google results have gotten.

I made an explicit search for my own obscure website and it was well below all the payola "SEO" bullshit. Simply typing the name produced the desired result in DDG.

I know it's not perfect, but the other products are unusable.

#FreedomOfReach #DeGoogle #DuckDuckGo #SEO #Enshittification #Payola

If I am "googling" something that's my way of saying I'm searching for it online using Duck Duck Go.

#Tech #DuckDuckGo #SearchEngine #AntiTrust #Genericize #Google #Law

"I prefer to do my googling with Duck Duck Go."

To the left of a search box is the logo for Duck Duck Go. The search box is pre-filled with "don't be evil".
3 weeks ago

Somewhat inspired by @theprivacydad's most recent blog post, here's a list of privacy-friendly software that "just works" about as well as (if not better than) more invasive alternatives, even for the relatively non-tech savvy:

#Firefox and/or #Brave
#Startpage (@StartpageSearch), #DuckDuckGo, or #BraveSearch
#AntennaPod (@AntennaPod)

Robert Place
3 weeks ago

@jeffluszcz I agree. Been using DuckDuckGo for two years now, and have not had any issue finding the answers or content I want. #duckduckgo

Nate Gaylinn
3 weeks ago

For now, I’m using #DuckDuckGo as my #Google #Search replacement. It’s not amazing, honestly, but it’s good enough. By comparison, Google Search has been getting worse. It’s so commercial and gamed by SEO that I sometimes struggle to find impartial information. I was also very upset by the introduction of the #Bard #AI Search tool. I used it for a while, and I’m now very confident: I don’t want that, it makes Search worse, and I’m embarrassed / concerned that they would test something like that publicly. Overall, I feel like Google Search has an agenda now, it’s not for my benefit, and I don’t want to participate in that.

@taoeffect shure.

Got it instantly via #DuckDuckGo.

And since the #EU not only bans #anonymous #SIM cards (from domestic providers ofc, otherwise they'd brick roaming like Turkey does for every device longer than 30 days (based off IMEI & IMSI), you basically have a mandtory #GPS #Tracker on everthing that is legally a #Car and made after 01/2017.

3 weeks ago

Not sure who is to blame here, but using #DuckDuckGo to search for backups, you will get this description of the page for #Ashampoo Backup 17. 🤔 Guessing some metadata or SEO something is crosslinked.

Ashampoo ® Backup Pro 17 A milligram is a unit of mass or weight equal to one thousandth of a gram, and equivalent to 0.0154 grain. Learn the origin, synonyms, and examples of milligram in different fields of science and physics.
Erik Moeller
4 weeks ago

One way #DuckDuckGo could set itself apart is to clearly label content that's behind paywalls, login walls or "Disable your adblocker" walls. Public vs. gated web.

Koen de Jonge - SynQ
4 weeks ago

@JoostThissen @jarno ik gebruik al jaren #duckduckgo en dat werkt, maar echt zuiver is het niet omdat die op de achtergrond bing gebruikt. Was er maar een echte federated open source zoekmachine.

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 month ago

Spot - Search engine that doesn't track
I typically use #DuckDuckGo, but read about Spot from #Murena. Meta #Search without tracking. Enjoy.

David Chartier
1 month ago

Wow, #DuckDuckGo ads on TV (SyFy channel). Neat.

1 month ago

I feel like I’ve reached the end of the Internet when search results include Quora.

#seo #searching #google #bing #duckDuckGo

Grant Gulovsen
2 months ago

Trying out #DuckDuckGo as the default search engine in Firefox. Pretty good for general searches, but not very good for doing any searches against the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission website, which is something I do regularly. ☹️

My biggest annoyance with #DuckDuckGo is that it does not use #OpenStreetMap as the default #map provider when searching for place names. Is there a #searchengine that uses #osm by default?

2 months ago


#Vivaldi bzw. auch Klon in meiner Mastodon-App, auch, wenn mich ärgert, dass Vivaldi in vielen Browser-Statistiken und Browser-Detection-Tools als angeblich "Chrome (Google)" gelistet wird. Ich helfe also statistisch dem größer werdenden Feind ;-)

Gelegentlich #DuckDuckGo-Browser, weil der da so bequem erreichbar rumdümpelt.

Brian Lawson
2 months ago

My #firefox and #duckduckgo experiment is going well. But email feels like a bigger commitment along this #degoogle path. I looked at the usual suspects like Proton, Mailfence, Fastmail,etc. I also ran across #disroot ( This is much more than just email! They offer #NextCloud #Cryptpad #Jitsi and all sorts of other stuff. A group of loosely aggregated open source stuff, and feels less seamless as a result. But definitely interesting. Anyone have any experience with them?

N.A. Ferrell
2 months ago

I drafted a new article about DuckDuckGo's reliance on Bing. Shortly after drafting, and before editing, I read that TechCrunch had been blacklisted/de-indexed by Bing. I suppose the timing was good for the article but it created more work for me. (Obligatory note that NLJ is de-indexed by Bing, and as a result, invisible to DuckDuckGo.)

#bing #duckduckgo #searchengine #microsoft

2 months ago

Mr @chocobueno said that #duckduckgo with #firefox gives him a blackface logo ... Did anyone saw this before or is he just messing around with me ? 🤔

A blackface duckduckgo logo ...
Jan Penfrat
2 months ago

Today is a good day to run away as far as you can from the #Chrome browser (and anything else from #Google really).

Chrome -> @mozilla #Firefox

Search -> @Mojeek @StartpageSearch or #Duckduckgo

Gmail -> @protonmail #Mailfence or @mailbox_org

Maps -> @organicmaps or #OSMand

Android -> @murena's #eOS or

Play Store -> @fdroidorg

And for full-blown liberty: @yunohost :)

Lennard van Otterloo
2 months ago

@baldur That’s interesting. I had noticed the decreasing quality of Google, but not Bing yet.

My standard search order was always DuckDuckGo -> Google -> Qwant but am contemplating DDG -> Qwant -> Google.

Perhaps I should look into Qwant -> DDG -> Google instead.

#Qwant #Bing #Google #DuckDuckGo #Search #SearchEngines

2 months ago

@cusick I know that feeling.

The kicker is threats to delete our unused accounts. We have to login regularly.

You might like forwarding accounts, multiple email addresses with one real email. The pseudo accounts are really easy to control.

#DuckDuckGo has one I think works this way (haven't tried it). I'm using another.

Why on earth does the #DuckDuckGo Browser not have an extensions API!?

I really liked the idea of it but not being able to extend it even for simple things like adding my password manager to it just sucks a lot :/


Techdirt just posted that #Bing #DuckDuckGo #Microsoft blackholed them. i checked and sure enough, nothing.

this is why SEO is a scam. it has given Google, Bing and whomever is left in search, millions of hours in FREE LABOR for what is the crapshoot possibility of a crawl & link; forget about the first page placement.

that privilege is for sites owned by parasites corps.; willing to negotiate rankings off the books, and not a ±20 yrs-old indie blog like Techdirt

2 months ago

@jon just moved to #VivaldiBrowser for Android and OSX for some of these reasons. #DuckDuckGo instead of, and installing web apps instead of apps from Play. Good shoutout!