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Trevor Zegras #Ducks
$5.75M x 3

$5.75M all base salary each season

RFA Qualifying Offer on expiry: $5.75M

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Si Fuller
17 hours ago

People are scared of geese. But geese are scared of ibises, apparently. The ducks stay clear of them too.

#birds #BinChickens #Geese #ducks

Ducks on the water, ibises on the shore, and geese on dry land, forlornly watching the corm being thrown out.
18 hours ago

This little white duck had so much character I thought I’d devote a photo montage for it.
#Photography #PhotographersOnMastodon #WhiteDuck #CuteAnimals #Splas #Water #Ducks

Cute white duck looks like it has a shadow but no, it’s another duck!
White duck kicking its legs in the water as it dives down for snacks.
Photo of white duck posing, looking cute.
Cascade Pine
1 day ago

Along with the shovelers, the American Wigeons have returned to Seattle!

#ducks #birds #birdwatching #birdPhotography #ducks #ducksOfMastodon #pnw #seattle

A sweet-looking female duck is swimming in the water. Her feathers are mostly light brown, with a little bit of dark brown mottling. Her back feathers are black with a light-brown edge to them. Her bill is smallish for a duck, and light blue-gray in color.
Cascade Pine
1 day ago

First sighting of a Northern Shoveler for the fall season. Welcome back, winter ducks!

#birds #birdwatching #birdPhotography #ducks #ducksOfMastodon #NorthernShoveler #seattle #pnw

A duck is swimming in a green pond, with an almost-perfect reflection mirroring its body and head. The duck mostly looks like a standard mallard female, but the bill is at least twice as wide and long as a mallard's bill.

Every morning, we let the ducks out of their run to spend the day foraging (and pooping) in the yard. They’re always so excited to be released.
#ducks #duckstodon #DucksOfMastodon

A video of a coop door being opened and 4 ducks hopping out one by one

Went to visit the ducks with @slomo after a long time. They seemed happy and relaxed around our presence.

#Duck #Ducks #BirdWatching #Photography #NaturePhotography #Thessaloniki #Greece

A white female Muscovy duck sitting on grass under some plastic chairs and tables. She looks very round and fluffy, and also a bit sleepy.
A large male black and white Muscovy duck, sitting outdoors on grass, under some tables and chairs. A female white Muscovy duck, and another unidentified darker duck, can be seen in the background.
Two Cayuga ducks napping on grass under a wooden chair. One, possibly female, is standing on one foot with its beak under its feathers. The other one, possibly male, is sitting and facing away from the camera.
Four ducks merrily sitting outdoors on grass, next to a plastic chair: One gray Swedish Blue and one black Swedish Blue in the foreground, one unidentified gray one in the middle, and one unidentified brown one with a darker head in the background, with its mouth open.
🎨 By Peter
2 days ago
A group of ducklings enjoying the heat of the pathway at Veale Gardens Adelaide (C)P.Gamble Photography
A candy-stripe rose of pink, slight yellow and red (C)P.Gamble Photography
Another candy-stripe rose of pink, yellow and red (C)P.Gamble Photography
2 days ago

Alex Killorn suffered a fractured finger on Wednesday vs. San Jose. He is expected to be out of the lineup 4-6 weeks

#Anaheim #AnaheimDucks #California #ducks #hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision

Alex Killorn suffered a fractured finger on Wednesday vs. San Jose. He is expected to be out of the lineup 4-6 weeks
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 days ago

Surely somebody needs to see this today. You're welcome!

#Humor #SaturdayFunnies #WeekendFunnies #Ducks


It's a photo of four tiny ducklings milling about on the carpet. Someone has cut holes in the bottoms of paper muffin cups and placed them over the heads of the ducklings, as if they're wearing dresses. The caption says "In case you are sad here is a picture of ducklings wearing paper dresses"
🙈 Cute & Funny Animals 🙉
3 days ago

He’s committed heinous crimes
#Duck #Ducks

#CuteAnimals #FunnyAnimals #Meme #Memes

3 days ago

If you were wondering, #ducks climb trees as well.

Three ducks on a tree above a river
4 days ago

Can anyone who got a chance to watch the game last night confirm. Was Mintyukov actually playing center?

#Anaheim #AnaheimDucks #California #ducks #hockey #IceHockey #NationalHockeyLeague #NHL #NHLWesternConference #NHLWesternConferencePacificDivision

Can anyone who got a chance to watch the game last night confirm. Was Mintyukov actually playing center?

Why does this thing exist? (Podcast)

Episode 64: “Laserquack”

In this episode, Simon and I ponder the educational power of acronyms and look at a way to make the motorcar more horse friendly.

Check it out, wherever you get your pods

#Podcast #Ducks #Horses #Humour #Technology

A duck, made of lasers
Clayton Hove
6 days ago

Ducks in Space 🦆

#ai #duckdodgers #duck #ducks #space

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
6 days ago

#Ducks having a top-secret under-the-table meeting to discuss world domination plans 🦆

Photo of seven mallard ducks in the shade under a foldable table with a sunny grass patch and checkered flag buntings around them.
🙈 Cute & Funny Animals 🙉
6 days ago

The Ducklaration of Independence
#Duck #Ducks

#CuteAnimals #FunnyAnimals #Meme #Memes

James Stanford 🇭🇲 🛴 🖖
6 days ago

Today's 10+KMs #morning #walk in #Adelaide , South Australia, included some of the Torrens Linear Park. Here's some photos taken during that walk.

#weir #parkland #ducks #birds #river #torrensriver #torrenslinearpark #southaustralia #buildings #bridges #australia #boat

Sarah Dal
6 days ago

This includes the Eider Farmers of the Grand General Council in the West Fjords. Their tradition is to sit out with their ducks each night, to keep the fox away, and in the morning they gather for coffee and to recite a poem they wrote during their night's watch.

Sitting out on beaches to keep foxes away from nesting birds is a very big part of seabird conservation here too, I wonder if we need to bring poetry into it?

#Ducks #Conservation #Eider #Iceland

The eider farmers of the Grand General Council in the West Fjords A very interesting social interaction around eider farming that I came across during my study was the Grand General Council in the West Fjords. It gathers neighboring eider farmers around Dyrafjordur, who guards their colony against the Arctic fox during the whole season. What is particular with these people is the peculiar habits and rituals they have developed: they gather at the 35 end of each watch in the moming, to share about their night, and recite one poem written during the watch.

This association has been followed by a visual anthropologist, Haukur Sigurdsson (2012) who made the film Skolliales about them along with his thesis in Visual anthropology. They have invented a full protocol, as well as diplomas, all around the watch for the fox, and more than 3000 poems have been thoroughly collected and archived by their leader, Valdimar H. Gislason, who hosts the Grand General Council meetings. Those gatherings are an occasion to meet around coffee and pancakes, and to exchange about the night watch. This exchange is materialized with the poem that each watcher reads out loud.

I had the privilege of sharing a watch with Valdimar, although without attending a meeting as it
was too late in June, and will share the poem he wrote that night

Í Geir Jóni áðan galt við hátt
glumdi í fjallasalnum.
Lítt mun stoða að leita um sátt
uns liggur hann í valnum.
Sarah Dal
6 days ago

I'm writing about Eiders again and was reminded about the wonderful Ethnoecology of Eider Farmers in Iceland, a PhD by Gilles Chen, that looks at the relationship between eiders and humans in Iceland

It discusses all aspects of the tradition of eider down farming, which I was researching to see if we could apply any of it to conservation of this species here in the UK and these islands

#Eider #Ducks #EiderDucks

1 week ago

Our chickens, ducks and rabbits live together in one big pen. It’s very relaxing to watch them!

#chicken #chickens #chickensofmastodon #backyardchicken #hen #hens #rooster #duck #ducks #ducksofmastodon #rabbit #rabbits #rabbitsofmastodon #bun #mastobun #garden

1 black rabbit, 4 white sussex chickens, 1 black ancona chicken and a silver bahama duck grazing together.
🎨 By Peter
1 week ago

A few pics from this morning's walk in Veale Gardens #Adelaide

#Ducks #Ducklings #Flowers #BloomScrolling

A white and red rose in the morning sunlight (C)P.Gamble Photography
A multicolor pink and white and red rose in the morning sunlight (C)P.Gamble Photography
A red rose from the side in the morning sunlight (C)P.Gamble Photography
A couple of ducklings on the bank of the river (C)P.Gamble Photography
1 week ago

All #ducks are bastards but not all bastards are ducks

Steve's Place
1 week ago

In #NCAA football, it would appear the #Cougars are to the #Beavers as the #Ducks are to the #Deion Sanders.

Grant Canterbury
1 week ago

Never noticed this before, but on a wetland visit yesterday it struck me that the #Gadwall flocks are suddenly out of anonymous eclipse plumage and back into their dapper grays for breeding - but none of the other #ducks are. They are on different schedules! Now I wonder why. Sibley guide does give time frames for initiating breeding plumage: Sep for Gadwall, Oct for #AmericanWigeon, #Mallard, & #GreenWingedTeal, Nov for #NorthernPintail, and not until Dec for #NorthernShoveler.

The #Ducks whooped on #Prime and Colorado. 42 - 6. Wow!

The #ducks have enjoyed being fed and I’ve sort of enjoyed having a brief stroll outside. #Manflu #DucksOfMastodon #MastoDucks

A few ducks walking around on the green grass beside their lake.
Several ducks on the green grass around their lake.
A view across the duck lake with grey clouds in the sky and a reflection of the clouds in the water.
🎨 By Peter
1 week ago

Eleven new hatchlings overnight :) Veale Gardens #Adelaide

#Ducks #Ducklings #Flowers #Floral #Feathers #BloomScrolling #Australia

Eleven newly hatched wood-duck ducklings stand on the grass by the water (C)P.Gamble Photography
A vibrant peach/pink colored rose in the early morning sunlight (C)P.Gamble Photography
Ducklings with parent duck by the water (C)P.Gamble Photography
A wood-duck feather on the grass in the early morning sunlight (C)P.Gamble Photography
Seth "Football Collector"
1 week ago

The Oregon Ducks will wear color-changing cleats when they take on the Colorado Buffaloes this weekend. The cleats are heat-activated, and the color will change as the game progresses. It's worth noting that Nike makes these cleats.

#CFB | #CUBuffaloes :cu_buffaloes: | #Ducks | #Nike

🎨 By Peter
2 weeks ago

This morning's walk, got to the gardens a little too early and had to wait for the sun to rise, giant duck says 'Hi' 😀 🦆

#Ducks #Flowers #Floral #BloomScrolling #Color #Colorful #Adelaide #Australia

A pink rose in the early morning light (C)P.Gamble Photography
A view in Veale Gardens Adelaide as the sun comes over the horizon (C)P.Gamble Photography
Two tall large white flowers in Veale Gardens Adelaide (C)P.Gamble Photography
A large duck photobombing my flower photos (C)P.Gamble Photography
🎨 By Peter
2 weeks ago

An on again off again rainy/sunny day here in #Adelaide today, but I got some nice shots none the less :)

#Duckling #Ducks #Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #Floral #Rain #Rainy #Colorful #Color

A white iris flower in full bloom after the rain, wet with raindrops (C)P.Gamble Photography
A vibrant pink/magenta flower in full bloom with purple center, after the rain, with raindrops on its petals (C)P.Gamble Photography
A very light pink rose with raindrops in the sunshine (C)P.Gamble Photography
A parent wood-duck and duckling enjoying a feed of corn on the grass in the sunshine (C)P.Gamble Photography
Haunted Anubi
2 weeks ago
A Pixel Art Redraw of a duck standing in a rock, with a tiny hat on their head. They're being illuminated from the back by the sun.
A Picture of a duck standing in a rock, with a tiny hat on their head. They're being illuminated from the back by the sun. They're also a fancy fella.
2 weeks ago

I'm seeing quite a few duck posts on fedi today - so I feel compelled to share a neat youtube channel I stumbled across in my recent dives.

A dude hatched a duck from an egg and imprinted on it, and now has a channel dedicated to his duck Wrinkle's adventures.

#Ducks #Seducktive #JustWholesomeFun

3 weeks ago

Went to the park today and took some poultry pics. Some of them were in their enclosure, others roamed around freely.

It impressed me how close the ones in the first and third pic let me get to them to take their picture

#photography #ducks #chickens #AnimalPhotography #poultry

Cute fluffy orange chicken looking at the camera right behind grills
White duck sleeping with its head down and eyes closed, but still standing on its feet
Proud orange rooster with a black tail inside a bush
Brown duck with a yellow bill she orange feet, standing proudly on a rock in the middle of a pond
3 weeks ago

chicken & duck sharing a little water tub in a sunny rainforest. inter-species peace is possible, my friends.

(photo taken at @saltphoenix 's farm last month)

#gardening #chickens #ducks #homestead #offgrid #tropical #quack

chicken & duck sharing a little water tub in a sunny rainforest.
4 weeks ago

07/09/2023 - Another warm day in the shire. We decided to take it easy. Coffee shop then a walk to the duck pond in the morning. Afternoon was spent sitting outside, enjoying the warm air and a tense few games of Fives and Threes (I lost but the rematch is on for tomorrow). Evening walk up Creag Choinnich for sunset, a bit of dark and a blueberry muffin. A good day.

#Ducks #Dominoes #EveningWalk #Hills

Photo of a Mallard duck by a pond.
Photo looking over to Carn na Drochaide. A hill we are thinking about for tomorrow. I'll see if the legs are in agreement. Blue sky and sunny day. Grass and trees in foreground. Heather hills beyond.
Photo of us playing Fives and Threes Dominoes. Mrs Spaceways was on good form today, rematch tomorrow maybe.
After sunset. Photo of my blueberry muffin in twilight on top of a rock which is on top of Creag Choinnich.
4 weeks ago

Something for #WildlifeWednesday

Three ducks playing "ring a ring o' roses" (or in German: Ringel Ringel Reihe)
It's still warm and sunny here, so I'm still in a good mood 😄

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #WildlifePhotography #wildlife #photography #ducks #animals #FediGiftShop #prints #birding #birds #SeptemberSunshine #POTD

Three ducks are swimming in a triangle shape on wavy water that is part white/grey, part dark blue depending where the sun is being reflected.
Land der Tiere
4 weeks ago

Noch besser als Waldorf und Statler von den Muppets: Die #Enten Jente und Polente auf ihrem Balkon am Teich. Wir würden zu gerne ihre Gespräche verstehen. 🦆 🦆 ❤

#landdertiere #lebenshof #tierrechte #tierschutz #tierrettung #vegan #govegan #ente #alletierewollenleben #tiereeinfachlebenlassen #animalrights #veganfortheanimals #sanctuary #vegansanctuary #animalsanctuary #sanctuarylife #animalrescue #friendsnotfood #ducks #rescueducks

Die Enten Jente und Polente auf ihrem „Balkon“ am Teich im Land der Tiere
4 weeks ago
Drake with a very shiny green head following me at a distance and quacking non-stop. Here he's in a long grass area, bill open mid-quack, with a yellow daffodil flower behind him.
The duck with a white head and rich brown body is a female paradise shelduck (native). Won't put up with any nonsense from the far more numerous ordinary ducks! Hanging out on a paved area that's near the main pond, cafe and information centre - where they're often given food hand-outs!
Lovely smooth all-white duck, beautiful animal. Yellow beak and orange legs and feet. Standing on a green lawn with a mallard drake dabbling at the grass just behind her.
Three ducks together, lined up on the lawn. The all-white duck looking sweet, a male duck in the middle - another quacker in mid-quack, and on his other side a female mallard. They all look very companionable.

Feeding the ducks some blueberries.
(🔊 for happy quacks)
#DucksOdMastodon #duckstodon #ducks

A video of some ducks eating blueberries from my hand

Feeding some fruit to the ducks this morning.
Discovered that eating strawberries make them look a bit terrifying.
#DucksOfMastodon #duckstodon #ducks

A black and white duck with red liquid all over its chest
1 month ago

They're in our infrastructure. This is very much part of the plan. #ducks

Bjorn Idle
2 months ago

A female Putangitangi (Paradise Shelduck) cleaning herself in the sunshine. That's a bit of fluff caught in her nostrils, not smoke!

#Birds #BirdsOfMastodon #ParadiseShelduck #NaturePhotography #Nature #Ducks #TravisWetland

Zoomed-in photo of a goosey-ducky bird with a bright white head, black eye, and chestnut ruffled chest. She is looking to our right, with one wing extended slightly behind her, showing off the flash of white on her feathers.

There's a bit of fuzz caught around her nostrils, making it look a little like she's breathing out smoke

Something cute and wholesome for your timeline. Love you.


#Cute #Animals #Bunny #Turtle #Wholesome #Berries #Ducks #Puppy #Cat

Three videos in succession. 1: Bunny eating strawberries from a plant while riding on a turtle, followed by a kitten hopping over them, in a forest setting. 2: rabbit on its back on a giant leaf chewing on a long blade of grass. 3: puppy with its paws on the edge of a water filled basin, intently watching ducklings paddling around.
2 months ago

got to maine yesterday and today i saw this amazing duck friend. this is a common eider! she was swimming around with her chick off the coast while i was looking through tide pools.

she got up on this rock waiting for baby to join her (they did not want to, they were content to continue doing little baby dives in the water) before getting exasperated and getting back in to swim around with baby. i've never seen one of them up this close! i was very very excited.

while she does not have as striking colors as the male, i think she is very beautiful duck. i love the speckled feathers on her chest.

#birds #ducks

a large speckled brown duck stands atop an algae covered rock that juts out from the bright blue ocean. she stands tall on grey feet with a long bill that extends up to almost her eye. she is damp from just being in the ocean

There are actually 8 tiny floofballs.

#birb #birds #ducks #adelaide #australia

8 chicks hiding underneath mama australian wood duck
father duck yapping away at other birds to drive away from mother duck and chicks.
2 months ago

New #ducks in town. They’re #NotDuckingAround

Rubber duckies! Mermaid duck aka MerDuck on left and sailor duck on the right. The kids down the road just brought them back from UK to add to our growing duck collective.
2 months ago

Tufted ducks have a deceptively cute name, one look at this guy’s face and you immediately know he will fucking kill you and your loved ones

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Birds #Wildlife #NatureCommunity #Photography #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdPhotography #BirdWatching #Canon90D #Ducks

On the water, a male tufted duck stares down the camera lens. A combination of the shape it’s bill meets the feathers on its forehead, and the furrowed eyebrows gives it an exceptionally sinister look. Run away!
Jen C Mars
2 months ago

A favorite photo of a hidden spot I happened to peek while taking the trail around a city pond. Left undisturbed.

#birds #BirdPhotography #ducks #photography #cute

Six baby ducklings snuggle together fast asleep, filling up the frame with gold and brown fluff. The whole image is bathed in warm, sleepy sunshine and feels cozy and magical.
J blue
3 months ago

A clump of something fell into a bush and I heard a peeping sound.

A duckling.

Walked around with it to find the mom and the quacking sound came from the roof. So my favorite mallard hen was able to have a successful brood after all. Climbed onto the roof and put duckling back. Hopefully they will be ok. Left a large plant saucer on the roof with some water and brick to hold it down.

#nature #wildlife #ducks #birds # # #pajaros #oiseau

A cute mallard duckling sitting on green grass. It is super fluffy and squat. It’s face is mustard yellow with a brown top and a dark line crossing the eye neatly parallel to the top markings. The belly is cream colored with dark brown top and cream markings. The bill is small and black. The duckling is looking off to the side.
A cute mallard duckling. It is super fluffy and squat. It’s face is mustard yellow with a brown top and a dark line crossing the eye neatly parallel to the brown top. The belly is cream colored with dark brown top and cream markings. The bill is small and black. The duckling is squinting into the camera. It is sitting snugly in the grass.
Duckling in a teal planter pot. The pot has some dirt along the sides. I was in a hurry and didn’t want to stress the bird and this was the first thing I saw that would be good to carry it up on the roof.
Mallard duck hen standing over a duckling brood on a grey roof in a corner with the black chimney. There are several small fluffy ducklings staring at the camera from underneath and some cracked eggs about.
Sarah Dal
3 months ago

I'll count them tomorrow but here's a screengrab of a maximum (120m) altitude drone shot of an Eider duck haul out. Natural England asked us to complete this survey so that the impact of a future HPAI outbreak amongst the Morecambe Bay population could be assessed.
#Drone #UAV #Ducks

An aerial shot of a narrow promontory that juts out into the sea. It's mostly grey shingle with grass and vegetation in the middle. On the light grey shingle are hundreds (thousands?) of dots, each one is an Eider duck resting at high tide
Screen grab of the aerial drone view of the colony at 100%
fletch 🦆
3 months ago
A pixel duck walks along a gravel path while emanating sparkles. 1 bit pixel art, white pixels on blue background.
3 months ago

Well, hello! Looks like I ought to do an #introduction here.

Hi! I'm Adam. I recently drifted into the Fediverse with the Great
#RedditMigration of July 2023. I've already dabbled with Mastodon and kBin. Now I'm dipping my toes into Calkey.

I'm originally from
#Iowa but live in #Wisconsin now. Like, far #northernwisconsin.

My wife and I have a tiny farm where we have a small
#garden and are mob-ruled by our flock of #chickens, #ducks, and #geese. We've also employed the help of the tiniest herd of tiny Nigerian Dwarf #goats to help us fight back some of the invasive honeysuckle and buckthorn that seems to have taken over our little homestead.

We also have two
#cats, two #dogs, and a very independent, "wild" #rabbit that my wife actually rescued from a food bank garden.

My interests include, but are not limited to;

• Current events/politics
• Culture/history/language
• Food

A couple of years ago I was lolling around in bed with my customary box of lolling-bonbons when out of nowhere a mated pair of wood ducks fucking landed in the tree right outside my window. We don’t get a lot of waterfowl up here on Vulture Ridge, and these ducks are pretty rare to begin with, so this was a jaw-droppingly unexpected and unprecedented event, particularly for an old aunt who does most of her birding through a picture window from a prone position in the boudoir. I was dumbstruck.

They hung around preening for a few minutes, presumably so I could contemplate’em with a childlike sense of wonder, then winged off, never to be seen again. To this day I scan for’em whenever I look at this tree. Sometimes I wonder if I dreamed it.

Eastern phoebe on the patio chair.

#birds #birding #ducks #lifer

View through a picture window of the bottom third of a large gnarled live oak tree.  Steel pipe fence and a patio chair draped with a white towel in the foreground. An Eastern phoebe is perched on the chair back, in silhouette.