Wyatt Brege
15 hours ago

New arrivals up in the dunes this week! #fungifriday #michigan #mushrooms #fungi #dryadssaddle #dunes

A darker dryad's saddle sticking up from a laid down hardwood tree whose bark has wicked away, roughly 10" (ten inches) in size.  It sort of has the shape of a funnel that goes 3/4's the way around, much like an elephant ear, and the texture on the cap reminds of a sourdough crust or pancakes in its striations
Another complex of dryad's saddle, now two stacked on top of one another, each roughly 14" wide, stick out from the base of a standing dead hardwood trunk.  These are lighter in color to the first one captioned, the bottom having what looks like a large bite taken from it.
A false death cap punches up through the thick dead leaves. The cap is flat with some leftover puncture still settled there, while it's annulus posts with a weighty drape high upon the stipe
Parasols, over half a dozen in view, have exploded over this section of the dunes.  The caps are scaled and vary in shape from bell shaped to nearly flat but still barely concave.  The ground is thick with loud, crunchy oak leaves
john lehet
4 days ago

… and finally taking a little bit of time to review files exposed a few weeks ago. On the way to visit my new grandson (who picked up #covid in his 3 hour daycare experience the other week). The Atlantic Ocean is on the way to Southwest Pennsylvania, right?

#infrared #blackandwhitephotography #dunes #atlanticocean

Footprints, tire tracks, shadows from dune fence by atlantic ocean
Chris White
4 days ago

Northeast wind

A #noreaster has dragged blades of grass across the sand, drawing arcs like a compass, recording the wind. Taken in early spring of this year.

#Provincetown #dunes, #CapeCod, #Massachusetts, #NewEngland USA
My #photo
#Fujifilm #XH1

This square monochrome digital photograph shows tufts of grass growing in sand. A strong wind from the left has dragged the blades of grass in concentric arcs of about 90 degrees, recording the wind direction.
4 days ago

Instructions for living a life.

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.

― Mary Oliver

#MaryOliver #Poetry #ocean #sea #dunes #Capecod

View from high on a bluff over the Atlantic ocean.
Vida Latina 🌴
6 days ago

Crane Beach, Ipswich, Massachusetts

#Beach #CraneBeach #Ipswich #Dunes #Massachusetts #Sep22

Landscape view of Crane Beach, Ipswich, Massachusetts. In the foreground you can see sand dune formations covered with native beach plants. In the background the ocean.
1 week ago

Bonjour à toots,
#masto, les #dunes.
Les dunes, masto.
Vous êtes deux systèmes auto-organisés et ouverts à tous. Bon ok, les dunes vous avez de l'avance sur certains points comme : 100% #recyclable, 100% #compatible avec les systèmes connexes (la mer, les mouettes, les nuages, tout ça), 100% #libre (comme dans l'intention du #libreencommuns), bref 100% #nature et j'en passe. Quoi qu'il en soit, vous avez sûrement plein de choses à vous dire...

Un point de vue sur une baie marine. Au premier plan, sable et un peu d'eau visibles à marée basse. Au second plan, immense étendue d'aster maritime, de salicorne, de statice commun, etc. A l'horizon, la côte maritime. Le ciel est nuageux de gris clair à très foncé.
Au premier plan une dune de sable parsemée de végétation basse. Au second plan d'autres dunes jusqu'à l'horizon où l'on voit la mer. Le ciel est bleu zébré de long nuages blancs effilochés.
Au premier plan le sable d'une immense plage à marée basse. Au second plan, des goélands au sol faisant face au vent. A l'horizon on voit la mer et l'écume des vagues à marée montante. Le ciel est bleu zébré de long nuages blancs effilochés.
Luci The Lightbringer
1 week ago

The deserts of Hara's homeland are littered with peculiar patches of mud, which the residents will bathe in. The mud is said to contain minerals that are revitalizing for fur and skin.

#furry #aiart #furryaiart #stablediffusion

#ai #stable #diffusion #Hara #cheetah #female #girl #woman #lady #one #piece #swimsuit #desert #dunes #mud #sexy #cute #hot #beautiful #gorgeous #furry #anthro #anthropomorphic #chee

Moshville Times
2 weeks ago

Gig Review: A Gazillion Angry Mexicans / Dunes / The Vessel / Square Dance Caller – Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh (6th September 2023)

Another wee night at my favourite venue for a four-band bill from Newcastle and Australia. We start w

#GigReviews #AGazillionAngryMexicans #Dunes #SquareDanceCaller #TheVessel

3 weeks ago
Wyatt Brege
3 weeks ago

There's something charming about mushrooms that still have a bit of dirt on them #fungifriday #fungi #michigan #dunes #mushrooms #earth

A puny white mushroom that resembles the shape, size, and smoothness of a sparrow's egg is surrounded by leathery beech leaves and  twigs.  The stipe is about a third of its cap's diameter, which is kissed by a single needle of a hemlock tree, and maybe seven or so bits of soil
A mushroom whose cap has the rumples of an old stool cushion is peppered by strands of rich, dark soil and has emerged from an avenue of very thin, gentle grass
A pale amanita mushroom sticks out from a dune side wearing much of the punctured sand atop its conical cap, which resembles in shape the kind worn by rice fieldworkers.  Just beneath the cap is a flowing, subtle annulus that wears like the skirt of a sundress.  Behind, an oak tree still bears green leaves, blurred and tilted
A hockey puck-sized white "true" mushroom is shown from the top down, as if it's a meringue-topped pie that collapsed somewhere in the middle, but dusted vaguely with cocoa powder anyway.  A thin tinsel of forest debris kinks across the surface.  The mushroom is nested in pine needles and some crispy remnants of leaves
Stefan Schmitz :darktable:
1 month ago

Céline in the Dunes of Leffrinckoucke (France)

#photo #dunes #woman #brunette #model

woman in partly open shirt stands on top of a dune, looking sideways
Key Biscayne Independent
1 month ago

Key Biscayne blazes trail for County’s Back Bay storm surge study :

“The work at the Village of Key Biscayne is really a microcosm of what we’ve been talking about across the entire landscape,” said Jim Murley, the chief resilience officer for Miami-Dade County.
#ArmyCorpsofEngineers #AtlanticOcean #BackBayStudy #coastalprotection #DaniellaLevineCava #dunes #HurrianeIan #Hurricane #man

Atlas Obscura
1 month ago
One family's visit to Lake Michigan turns into a wild tale of a missing boy and mysterious tunnels.#geologicaloddities #geology #tunnels #greatlakes #dunes #sinkhole #podcast #section-Articles
Podcast: The Mysterious Sinkholes of Mt. Baldy
A Pretty Good Jason
1 month ago

Bear Cave Campground, Buchanan MI - Aug 2023

It was my 40th birthday weekend trip, and the whole weekend was beautiful weather - 70s-80s in the day and chilly enough for a fire at night and in the morning. There was no wifi or cell service, but we were able to keep busy. There was a lodge with a couple cool old arcade games (Die Hard, 18 Wheeler, Crusin' World to name a few) and a couple pinball cabinets.

Friday we visited Bear Cave. It cave was much smaller than we expected (about 150 feet in length), but we learned that the cave was used to hide slaves in the underground railroad. We're going to plan a trip to a bigger cave outside the state next year. We filled the rest of the first day with a fair that was going on a couple miles away. Lots of rides and show animals, and of course fair food :blobcatjustright:. Youngest daughter had to ride the ferris wheel, as is tradition.

Saturday we visited Warren Dunes State Park to climb some giant sandy hills and swim in Lake Michigan. I climbed the tallest one, then my youngest decided she wanted to go up, so I climbed it again with her, and another one after that. Then a dip in the lake to cool off, and back home to hang out by the fire.

It was fun and I'm glad we went but I can't say I'd want to to back for a few reasons. I won't list them here as it'd risk raining on this mostly positive post.

#BearCave #michigan #camping #cave #fair #dunes

two pinball cabinets - super mario bros and pirates of the caribbean. my oldest daugher's finger is fishing around for quarters in the change return slot
interior of a rocky cave
aerial photo of a fair ground taken from the top of a ferris wheel. lots of people walking around, lots of colorful rides, and several food stands.
sandy dunes with large grassy areas and trees. lush forest in the background and beautiful blue skies
Luke Luther
2 months ago

Indiana Dunes National Park
#indiana #Dunes #lake #lakemichigan

Moshville Times
2 months ago

Road To Bloodstock 2023: Dunes

Our regular run-down of as many of the upcoming Bloodstock bands as we can get to talk to us! Dunes play the Jager stage on the Friday…

Simple things first – where are you guys from?

Hi, we’re Dunes, we’re based up in Newcastle/Northumberland.

How long have you been playing together as a band?

We got together in 2016, so around 7 yea

#Interviews #Bloodstock #Dunes

Adrian Fry
2 months ago

Once again I'm at #Forvie #Nature Reserve. Not so many #terns which might actually be a good thing as it means the young have fledged and they won't be at such risk of #H5N1.

#Aberdeenshire #dunes #beach

Dune basin filled with pebbles, surrounded by dunes under a mixed sky.
Grassy dunescape with a heavy sky.
Closeup of pebbles in a sandy basin with dunes in the background and mixed sky above.
View of the beach taken from the dunes looking northwest. Grasses in the foreground and mixed sky overhead.
Sue Finch Photography
2 months ago

“ 28. Got Sand? -52Frames_abstract ”

On our way home from Mesa Verde we stopped for a little while at Great Sand Dunes. It was hot and muggy as it had just rained. I left this distant person in the shot because it gives it scale, but, I believe, still qualifies as abstract even with a distant person in the shot. #GreatSandDunesNationalPark #Nationalparks #sanddunes #abstract #dunes #wandering #onthewayhome #westernparks #nature #explore #explorenationalparks #sonya7r4 Photo Location: Great Sand dunes National Park, Colorado, USA

Bryan Hansel
3 months ago

I love the interplay of shadows and light on sand dunes. When you're there early in the morning and after a windstorm, the purity of blue shadows and golden morning light feels inspiring.

Vertical shot. If you haven't changed your default settings, click it to see it all.

#Photography #dunes #DeathValley

Shadows and light interplay on the Ridgeline of sand dunes

Come visit the Indiana Dunes!

I created a travel poster using AI and Canva.

#Indiana #Dunes #lakemichigan #travel #summer

An Indiana Dunes Lake Life poster I created using AI and Canva. Three women are posing in bikinis with "Indiana Dunes" above and "Lake Life" below.
3 months ago

33 seconds of relax from the #dunes of #Maspalomas in Gran Canaria 😌

Video of sand dunes where the wind blows and the sand moves across the dunes.
Stefanie Neumann
3 months ago

Step into the light.
See #dunes move from desert to sea.
Not #feminist, not knight in shining armour.
Just be.
I #wonder if #evil is the #twin of good.
Peace emerges in the centre, not from extremes.


#vssnature🐦 #vss365🐦 #rise365🐦 #brknshards🐦 #MastoPrompt🐘

Daniel Fischer
3 months ago

Martian #dunes indicative of wind regime shift in line with end of ice age: -> Study provides deeper insight into #Mars' climate evolution: #Zhurong

Green Shores
3 months ago

Ranger Ranald, standing at the point divergence between dune accretion (vegetation covered dunes to the right) and dune erosion (slumping vegetation, bare sand to the left), during a visit by NatureScot staff to St Andrews.
#Dunes #Erosion #habitat #SandDunes #Coastal #Shorelines

one person speaking with two others facing them on a beach. In the background is a sand dune, to the left of the speaker, the sand dune is stable and has grasses growing on the surface. to the right of the speaker the sand dune vegetation has slumped and lots of bare sand is visible.
Sandy Lawrence
3 months ago

AAAS: "In a twist, beach grass could make dunes more vulnerable to storms."During hurricane, dunes take brunt of accentuated wave action. Land managers oftem advocate planting grasses + other vegetation to boost integrity. Scientists study dunes in large metal troughs called wave tanks, but typically only several meters in length + trials last an hour. But Oregon State University has a104-meter-long flume. Brought in 500 cubic meters of sand + spent wks sculpting a beach + dune, then gave 6 months for bitter panicgrass (Panicum amarum) to grow and establish roots. 'Experiment simulated 19 hours of wave battering in total.' But every half-hour halted to scan the shape of the dune with a laser. [Experiment repeated with identical dune bare sand]. With bare sand, waves removed sand but slope remained the same. But with dune anchored by plants, waves excavated sand in front of vegetation. "These divots grew into larger depressions as more erosive energy was concentrated in a smaller area, because the grass blocked part of each wave." After 14 hrs, the waves had carved a 79 cm vertical face of sand called a scarp. Then the erosion rapidly accelerated against the vertical face of sand. "Overall, the vegetated dune lost 22% more sand than the bare dune because of erosion." But bitter panicgrass has fewer roots than other dominant species on dunes, + plants helpd dunes rebuild after storms because they trap wind-blown sand. As always, more research needed. #hurricanes #dunes #grass

Beach dune
Flume for wave experiments
Howard Lee
4 months ago

Erosion emphasizes cross bedding - Navajo Sandstone, Zion Canyon #sedimentarygeology #dunes #Jurassic

Howard Lee
4 months ago

Early Jurassic desert sand dunes - Navajo Sandstone, Zion National Park #sedimentary #geology #erg #dunes

4 months ago

Perfekt place for a #SilentSunday walk.

Tranquill red coloured Dunes in awesome light

📍Mokbaai, #Texel

#MastoPhoto #Landscapephotography #Dunes

Tranquill red coloured Dunes in awesome light. A footpath in the middle. Blue sky on the horizon. Sunset light.
4 months ago

#SeaSaturday 🌊
📍 De Geul, #Texel

I had a lovely evening photo hunt in the dunes with a friend the other day. We took some nice pictures.

#MastoPhoto #Seaside #Dunes

Dunes with high grass in front in golden light, stunning colourfull sky, tiny ship on the horizon.
footsteps in the sand. green dune grass, north sea on the horizon. blue sky. golden light
sunste, dune with grass in shadow in the front.
Dunes in golden light, stunning sky, sunset to come
Knowledge Zone
4 months ago

To Improve Your #Work #Performance, Get Some #Exercise : HBR

#JamesWebb #Telescope: Icy moon #Enceladus spews massive #Water #Plume : BBC

A raging #River and frost-tipped #Dunes reveal watery #History on #Mars : Nat Geo

Check our latest #KnowledgeLinks

George Steffanos
4 months ago

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes, Death Valley National Monument, California from April 1984.

A decade later this became Death Valley National Park. An unusually rainy spring brought fresh green even to the floor of Death Valley, although temps climbed above 90 by noon on this early April day. The small animals that created all the paw prints did not appear during the day.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #desert #nature #California #nationalparks #deathvalley #dunes #sanddunes

A deep blue cloudless desert sky. Pale beige sand dunes showing the tracks of many small animals. A large green leafy shrub to our left, 2 more atop a dune ahead in the near distance. Rugged dark gray naked rock mountains rise from the edge of the valley floor beyond.
George Steffanos
4 months ago

Walking through the rain towards the ocean. Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area, March 1984.

A storm is ending, but the rain is still falling at this early point in my hike, helping create this moody panorama. I am hiking through a very broad swathe of sand dunes along the Oregon coast.

#hiking #photography #landscapephotography #hikingadventures #nature #Oregon #spring #March #sanddunes #dunes #ocean #seashore #OregonCoast #Pacific #PacificOcean #PacificCoast #springtime #adventure

As the rain clouds begin to break up a bit we are walking a trail through light rain towards the nearby ocean. We are crossing a very broad swathe of sand dunes along the Oregon coast. Some of the dunes are covered with groves of evergreens, others tall golden grasses, and many are just barren sand dunes.
Norma Brandsberg
4 months ago

Pensacola, Florida was locked in fog. These sand dunes looked like mountains. I photographed them disappearing in the distance available in sepia, color and black/white. See here:

More art:

#florida #sanddunes #dunes #monotone #blackandwhite #panhandle #pensacola #sepia #AYearForArt #art4mom #landscapephotography #travelphotography #nature #BuyIntoArt #springforart #artforsale #Travel #elegantfinephotography #normabrandsberg

Pensacola, Florida was locked in fog. These sand dunes looked like mountains. I photographed them disappearing in the distance available in sepia, color and black/white. See here: 

More art:
G Dan Mitchell
5 months ago

Sea of Sand. © Copyright 2023 G Dan Mitchell.

Waves of sand dunes in soft pre-sunrise light.

As per the usual plan, we headed out into the dunes in darkness, arriving at a likely location for photography while the sun was still below the horizon. At this hour the light is very soft and the colors subtle — the intense color of sunrise doesn’t arrive until a bit later. Often it is nearly silent, especially on a windless morning, and the sunrise light show begins quietly.


#deathvalley #nationalpark #desert #dunes #travel #sunrise #landscape #nature #photography

Mesquite Dunes II

Mesquite Dunes is the largest and most accessible sand dune in Death Valley. Located just east of Stovepipe Wells.
The round trip hike out to the largest dune (pictured here) is a 2 mile out and back and takes about an hour and a half walking in sand and seems to be twice as far as it actually is because of this. See the full image here: #MesquiteDunesII #BillGallagherPhotography #AYearForArt #DeathValley #SandDunes #DeathValleyNationalPark #Dunes

Mesquite Dunes II

I captured this image from about half way from the parking lot to the tallest dune at Mesquite Dunes. Walking in the loose sand of these dunes makes everything a little more difficult. 
In front of me are a number of ridge lines that are formed in the dunes. 
At the bottom left is a small bush that is showing behind the first ridge. 
In some places the sand turns from a light brown to almost black. 
The back drop behind these dunes are the purple mountains of Death Valley National Park.
6 months ago

Another perspective of the beautiful sand dunes of Maspalomas - this time you can see a tiny bit of the blue ocean in the background. I made sure to not have any actual people in the picture, yet the footprints in the sand will tell you that there might have been a few walking around ;)

#AYearForArt #BuyIntoArt #AmazingApril #photography #SandDunes #Dunes #desert #POTD #FediGiftShop #TravelPhotography #WallArt #ArtBooster #Maspalomas #GranCanaria #CanaryIslands #prints

Sunlit golden dunes of Maspalomas with footprints in the sand, a tiny peek towards the ocean and a clear blue sky.
Babs E. Blue
6 months ago

The April grasses...flutter, wild....
soften the air with their sweet breath - Ellen Bass

Photgraphy by me
El Morche Dunes, Spain

#photography #travelphotography #travel #dunes #April #beach #beachgrass #nature #sea #mediterranean #Spain

John Mullinax
7 months ago
Patrick Walsh
8 months ago

Enjoy the silence. Half light in the Californian desert. #silentsunday #photography #photo #art #mastodon #desert #dunes #california #landscape #nature

Undulating sand dunes, mostly smoothed out by a recent wind.
Florian Kriechbaumer
8 months ago

Sometimes we all should look at the stars. Shot in the deserts of the UAE 🇦🇪 ✨ #milkyway #milchstrasse #fotografie #astrophotography #galaxy #nightsky #starrysky #photography #amazingearth #nights #startynight #desert #dunes

Girl under the Milky Way
Girl under the Milky Way
Jen Fraser
8 months ago

The #sea of #desert #dunes meet the #ocean in #Namibia #Africa in a moment of gorgeous light breaking through the #Fog. #Ripples in the #sand offer gorgeous texture.
#LandscapePhotography #Landscape #Nature #NaturePhotography #PhotoOfTheDay #Foto #Travel #TravelPhotography #Peaceful #Peace #Foggy

A blue gray ocean is in the background and dunes with ripples are in the foreground in subtle light.
Undiscovered Scotland
9 months ago


We travel 30 miles north by boat and land at Sanna, a little to the north of the tip of the Ardnamurchan peninsula. What you find is an amazing collection of beaches, dunes and rocky headlands. One of the things that makes Ardnamurchan so entrancing is its sheer remoteness. More pics and info:

Where to next? Vote via the poll attached as a reply.

#Scotland #ArdnamurchanPeninsula #Ardnamurchan #Sanna #Beach #Dunes #UndiscoveredScotland

The image shows dunes with tall grass in the foreground, and a path leading onto a long beach that faces right, out to sea. In the distance there is a headland with a few scattered buildings visible.
Sally Hammond
10 months ago

I can’t resist a #FungiFriday #mushroom post - these are from #Holkham #dunes and #woodland on the #Norfolk #coast

Inkcap toadstools tall white shaggy
Orange wax cap fungi - two, vivid in moss
Bright red fungi pink stem
Golden tree fungi bright and large irregular shape on birch