6 hours ago

Elektrorad-Fahrende. Die #SUV Fahrenden Rowdies der Neuzeit. Zu bequem aufs Kopfsteinpflaster auszuweichen und dann noch das Mundwerk aufreißen. #ebike

Fußweg und Straße mit Kopfsteinpflaster in der Sonne.
betamax65 👴🏻
11 hours ago

Gestern noch im #Stadthafen von #Rostock mit dem #eBike unterwegs gewesen und heute schon wieder am Schreibtisch des #Arbeitsplatz im #Speckgürtel #Hamburg.

#Nomade #Schwan #Nachwuchs

Don Burnside
16 hours ago

Need to come back to this when less cannabis is involved. #BikeTooter #ebike

✨ robyn
19 hours ago

This machine makes hills disappear ✌️

#Today we #ebike'd ~14km to meet with others & go on a hike together.

Transported hiking shoes (not pictured... they had been strapped into the front basket), a backpack with water, snacks, bug spray etc, plus one disc lock and u-lock. Barely noticed the >50m elevation and muggy weather, even after completing the hike.

This would have been a car trip if it wasn't for these magic bikes.

#urbanism #cycling #ebiking #bikingForTransport #yegbike

An ebike from the front, locked up at a bike rack in front of a building and a lush tree. The bike has a front basket and a helmet dangling from the lock.
22 hours ago

E-bikes and scooters could disappear from UK without Government action, warns industry

The UK is currently the only country in Europe not to have moved forward with formal regulations outlining how and where passengers can use micro-mobility technologies.

#cycling #ebike #transport

1 day ago

Ebikes are game changers!

My wife hasn't ridden a bike in 30 years. She just finished a 20 mile round trip ride on the Busch Greenway, KATY and Monarch Levee trail. I struggled to keep up with her when she hit the turbo mode going up the big hills.

And this was a round trip to the future site of 4 Hands Brewing at the District. This bodes well for future rides!

#cycling #beer #ebike #transport

Friends of the Mt Vernon Trail
1 day ago

Topping up Vern (our GSD) & Pepper (my HSD). Our home policy for charging large Li-Ion batteries: wait for them to cool down, do it outside if possible, always supervised. Seemed like a nice day to chill out back. I love how the Bosch system on Vern will charge both batteries at once, nice and evenly.

@ternbicycles #Bosch #Tern #ebike #CargoBike #quaxing #NoUseForACar @bikedc #BikeDC #BikeVA #Cycling #TernGSD #TernHSD

Two e-bikes parked in a small driveway and attached to charging devices
Richard Reisman
1 day ago

Just back from 6 day “dolce tempo” #ebike tour of Puglia, Italy. Hilly terrain I would never enjoy or finish without power assist was a breeze!

Stephen Rockower MD
1 day ago

@rvaughnmd We've has his and hers Specialized #eBike s for 6 months now. Way cool.

Stephanie Jane
1 day ago

@xankarn This is similar to my OH's experience. He was getting more and more discouraged with the effort of cycling as he got older, but when we saw so many Dutch and German couples taking day trips out from campsites on their electric bikes, he decided to take the plunge - and loved it!

It was interesting though that no one bats an eyelid at an #ebike in Europe, but he has had a few sniffy comments in England about riding one being 'not proper cycling'. Fortunately this wasn't enough to discourage him, but to me it seemed a daft attitude from certain cyclists almost to try and gatekeep cycling to superfit people only. Mind you, we're now six years down the line and one of those sniffers recently got an ebike too!!

1 day ago



Was mag geschehen, wenn ich das aktiviere?!? 😳😳🤔

#StarWars #imperium

Der Bordcomputer des Ebikes bietet den Menüpunkt „Imperiale Einheiten“ an.
Lisa FW
2 days ago

For #WorldBicycleDay2023, I bought a bike! My first eBike, bought to help me through my cardiac ablation recovery & being able to still ride with @bretw , without being a boat anchor 😏
#biketoot #cycling #bikes #ebike

A Specialized eBike leaning against a garage door
2 days ago

My wife just got a Specialized Turbo Como 3.0 #eBike. Man that thing is pretty cool. First eBike I've ridden and now I'm really jealous!


Alexander Karn
2 days ago

I’m shook.

Just rode an #ebike for the first time. I’ve been intrigued for a while, but figured I would stick with human power for as long as my legs could turn unassisted.

This ride was so much fun and gave me a completely different experience of urban mobility. Only traveled a few miles—from Capitol Hill to Dupont Circle—but it was like being a kid again. Best two-wheeled experience in ages. Face hurts from smiling.

#WorldBicycleDay #bicycles #bike

2 days ago

My horse is resting now, being back home. 🚴 #cycling #ebike

Photo of my green coloured e-bike parked in the garden, home.

Das Wetter lädt zum biken ein :blobcatcool:

#Fahrrad #EBike #Kiel #FediBikes

2 days ago

@Ghost_22 Moin!
Tatsächlich habe ich mich durch deinen Beitrag zu einem Lustkauf verleiten lassen und meinen Radel-Fuhrpark (Ergometer.... hust..., MTB) um ein Drittes ergänzt.
Eins von smartEC ist es geworden.
Macht Spass.... hoffe es hält ne Weile. 👍🚲

Das Bild zeigt ein E-Klapprad, aufgestellt am derzeitigen einen Ende des Radschnellweges RS1 bei Gelsenkirchen.

#fahrrad #Klapprad #ebike

Patrick Rérat
3 days ago

Dimitri Marincek received the City of Lausanne Award today at the Dies Academicus of the University of Lausanne.

Huge congrats from a very proud PhD supervisor😉

To know more about his research on #ebike:

Picture of the award ceremony
darren buck
3 days ago

"Its 4,000-litre volume means it has capacity for more cargo than its rivals and Jones believes its narrow shape and secure features further set it apart.

“Volume is what fundamentally sets the ePack4 apart,” says Jones.

“We’ve taken a standard cargo bike and doubled its size.”

#cargobike #ebike

Thomas - voll die Tröte!
3 days ago

Hallo, habe mich auf meine alten Tage (70+) entschlossen, mir mein erstes #ebike zuzulegen. Und um sicher zu gehen, dass das etwas für mich ist, habe ich ein #BikeAbo bei #RieseundMüller abgeschlossen. Und jetzt freue ich mich über regen Austausch über #BikeTouren, Riese&Müller-Bikes, das #Nevo3GTVario etc. Und jetzt seid ihr dran!

3 days ago

My ebike needs some adjustments to the brakes. It's a known issue. They sent a video. My God. I can't even.

They are going to be sending out a link to order hydraulic brake upgrades within the next month or so, it seems. In the meantime, I'm crying inside.

#EBike #CargoBike #BrakeProblems

brad m
3 days ago

#Cyclists are barred from bringing their two-wheelers onto the vaunted #UnitedNations campus, while drivers, who are notorious for skirting parking tickets, are waved right through its security gates — a strange #doublestandard for an organization that promotes environmentally friendly #transportation to fight #climatechange #hypocrisy #cycling #activemobility #bicycle #ebike

Good breakdown on the risk of #ebike and #escooter fires by Micah Toll:

TL:DR - use certified cells!

3 days ago

30er-zonen gelten übrigens auch für velo und #ebike !! 😡

Tim Mackey 🦥
4 days ago

There were numerous technical issues this morning, but the BC E-bike rebate application is live again! Just got mine successfully submitted. Looks like the application pool is not even half full yet.
#Vancouver #VancouverBC #BC #BritishColumbia #Ebike

Screenshot showing my rebate application was successful. The application number is 4 1 X X
Christopher Porter
4 days ago

If you struggled to apply for the BC e-bike rebate this morning, it looks like they're accepting applications again. Not sure how long it will stay up this time. Good luck.

#bikeYVR #ebike #gobybikeBC

4 days ago

Got my #ebike a little less than a year ago and today I hit 1,000 miles on it. I almost entirely use it to commute to work, though I certainly get out for fun on occasion. So, that’s 1,000 miles powered by the sun and my legs rather than carbon.

Speedometer of an e-bike with the odometer reading “0999” miles.
Erin Whalen
4 days ago


Starting today, British Columbia is offering 9,000 rebates of up to $1400 for the purchase of a new ebike – and I just heard on the radio that the website has crashed due to the amount of traffic it has received! 😆 🚲 ⚡

Technical SNAFU aside, I'm so glad to see that our province is promoting more ebike use AND that the idea seems to be popular.

Micromobility FTW!

#ebike #transportation #sustainability #BritishColumbia #urbanism


Argos Papiroflecta
4 days ago


1500€, no es que tengan un precio muy maravilloso, me parece que las del Decathlon son más baratas.

#ebike #bicis

Brent Finnegan
4 days ago

A year ago I switched from a car to an #ebike as my primary mode of #transportation. I wrote about my experience commuting by bike in #Harrisonburg #Virginia and created an unofficial bike map of safer routes around the city.

D. April Wick
4 days ago

Sometimes people see the solar panel on my trike and say something about wanting a #solar car. Let me just run the numbers here, just off the top of my head:

My #ebike - a big cargo tricycle - weighs a few hundred pounds (including me and whatever I'm carrying) and travels 10-15mph. I can go around 50 miles/day if it's sunny, and maintain a steady charge entirely from solar power.

A car probably weighs about 10x that and travels an average of 4x as fast.

Also, I usually provide around 50% of my trike's power by pedaling, which you don't get in a car.

So you'll need 10x4x2x the amount of solar panels I have on the trike to keep your car going at normal car speeds for 50 miles per day, which means 80x the solar panel area I have on the trike. If you only need to go 25 miles most days, you could get away with 40x the solar panels.

My trike's solar panel is about 3x4 feet (12sqft). Our hypothetical solar car is going to need between 480 and 960sqft of solar panels. At about 6 feet wide for an average car, that means your car needs to be 80 to 160 feet long. The average car is around 15 feet long. Our hypothetical solar car could be half the length of some city blocks.

Carrying enough solar panels to keep a car charged is somewhere between "difficult engineering challenge" and "downright absurd".

This isn't just about the implausibility of solar cars; it's about the absurdity of car design in general. Cars use an enormous amount of power for what they do. Electric cars may be an improvement over gas cars, but they are still incredibly inefficient.

This is (part of) why we need safe #bicycle and #pedestrian routes, why we need good #transit, why we need all kinds of #micromobility and #activetransportation.

(I say "part of" because here's a whole other essay to write about the *safety* of a vehicle that's so heavy and so fast, but I'll save it for another day.)

Key Biscayne Independent
5 days ago

With rash of bike thefts on island, police nab suspect accused of 7 :

Police pulled him over Sunday for riding an e-bike in the wrong direction

#bicycle #ebike #fugitive #KBPD #Super73 #Theft

Kathy J :vbike:
5 days ago

Stop and go traffic on the Guadalupe River Trail this morning. #cycling #ebike

Canada goose sitting in the middle of the Guadalupe River Trail.
5 days ago

What does "e-bike ready" mean on #tires ?

Is it actually useful for bikes that weigh 10kg more than average and go 25km/h, or is it a marketing ploy to make people overpay?

I am not featherweight, and 25 km/h is nothing special, but I always bought normal tires. Are the e-bike ones stronger and heavier? Is there net benefit from switching?

I'm so confused. A 10kg difference on a 70kg system is not enough reason for a new category of equipment.

#bike #ebike #cycling #biketooter

5 days ago

@MnGardener81 I recently did a quick analysis for a commute route with my e-bike that was 9 miles long, 90% bike path/10% road. That route I only used 0.05kWh, mainly using the motor to increase speed up to 25-28 mph (much more energy intensive/mile!) along the more dangerous road segments and leaving the electric assist turned off for much of the bike path traveling at ~15-18mph.

On that short trip segment I also burned 345kcal, or ~0.4kWh of food energy, demonstrating just how surprisingly inefficient human cyclists are compared to electric bicycles, mile for mile! Compared to your longer 15.6 mile trip and using 0.26kWh electricity, it's a great demonstration of what I consider to be the absolute ultimate energy efficient transportation system. Adding in the human input dropped my efficiency down to a comparatively abysmal 20 miles/kWh. #ebike #energy #cyclist

5 days ago

Today, as often on Wednesdays, I rode to an appointment at 11 and back to work at 12. Since I bought the #eBike, I am now taking scenic routes, when I can, such as today. Totally recommend that! #BikeTooter

A field on the left, green. A road and some parked cars on the right. Some buildings in the back, and the Black Forest in Germany in the far back. Blue sky.
5 days ago

Yesterday I put 15.6 miles on the wagon hauling kids, groceries and garden supplies. None of the cycling was done with efficiency in mind. So overnight I plugged it into my energy monitoring plug. Results were 0.26 kWh to fully charge. This means I averaged 60 miles per kWh. #BikeTooter #energy #radwagon4 #CarReplacement #ebike #cargobike

5 days ago
6 days ago

Rave to drivers who know how to share the road with cyclists - you are much appreciated!
Rant to the person who passed me earlier today only to make a right-hand turn a second or two later right in front of me, cutting me off 😕 Really?!
#Cycling #eBike

6 days ago


And totally #technologieoffen - works with #ecars and #ebike as well

Christopher Phin
1 week ago

Four years ago, we took out a 0% Scottish government loan to buy my wife an #ebike. Despite still not really thinking of herself as a cyclist, it’s now her favourite object. Here she shares why she loves it. 😍

#cycling #ActiveTravel #ActiveTransport #BikeTooter

1 week ago

Are there electric tricycles for those of us with knee issues who aren't quite ready for the full mobility scooter thing and live in hilly areas?
#Biking #Ebike #Mobility

Starting June 1, the Province of British Columbia will offer residents a rebate for purchasing a new ebike. The lower your income, the higher your rebate. This is good policy. E-bikes are amazing! #ebike #ebikes #mobility #climate

Graphic shows amounts of ebike rebate for varying income levels.
Kevin B. ⛵️
2 weeks ago

Nice! BC will be offering an ebike rebate program starting in June.

I bought mine last May, so I probably don't qualify, but I'm glad that others will :)

#ebike #bike #bicycle #BritishColumbia

Ride Theory
2 weeks ago

As of today, I have ridden my #ebike 11,579 miles, or about 47% of the circumference of the Earth.

George Hotelling
2 weeks ago

I think the thing that's been most surprising about my #ebike commute is how many people smoke weed in their cars on the way in to work. You don't get to smell that when you're in another car.

2 weeks ago

Hello #BikeTooter, I'm looking for a cargo #ebike recommendation for tall people. I'm 6'5" and, if it matters, close enough to 250 lbs.

We have a Tern GSD in the family, and, while they say it's good for my height, I find it a bit awkward.

Boosts for reach are cool.

2 weeks ago

Overall a brilliant ride. I did a lot in Eco, and I came back home with 9% left after ~60 km and ~1200 m elevation.
#eBike #BikeTooter

2 weeks ago

I ended up high on the #Blauen with a view Northwest. Nice! #eBike #BikeTooter

View over a field with cows, some trees, hills in the background
2 weeks ago

I would usually go down there, but not on that bike... #eBike #BikeTooter

Me on a clearing. Trees.
2 weeks ago

At Dreiländerstein #eBike #BikeTooter

Bike next to a stone in a clearing
2 weeks ago

This is what the trails looked like, today. #eBike #BikeTooter

Fire road leading up the hill, trees, everything is green and bright in the Sunshine
2 weeks ago

There was some beautiful moss, too! #eBike #BikeTooter #Mosstodon

2 weeks ago

It was mostly dry, but over in France, some trails where a no-go, today. #eBike #BikeTooter

Ebike on a muddy forest trail.
2 weeks ago

It was a very nice day! #eBike #BikeTooter

Field with lots of yellow flowers in it. Trees on the left, blue sky
2 weeks ago

Glorious day, but I had to finish a thing in the morning. Since I left late, I took the #eBike and went exploring: #BikeTooter

Nic Dafis
2 weeks ago

Heiperfilltira ar yr #efeic

Hypermiling the #ebike

Odometer/milometer on a Raleigh Centros, showing a range of 101 miles. This might not be entirely accurate.
Ariel Kroon
3 weeks ago

O #cyclists of Mastodon, I beg your aid! I drive an old but sturdy #omafiets that has a solid steel frame. I love the #upright #bicycle experience (as someone with back problems and chronic pain, it's actually a necessity...) BUT I also have chronic #fatigue and it's a HEAVY #bike. I want to convert it to an #ebike if possible - any recommendations or places I should start looking? I'm in #Canada, so if it doesn't ship here, it's no good :(

Please boost for visibility!

#cfs #spoonie

3 weeks ago

What I learned while bike commuting year-

That e-bike cut my long transit commute fully in half. From a 90-minute ordeal of walk-train/train-walk, my commute decreased to a 45-minute bike to train to bike commute. I was completely sold on the power of e-bikes (pun intended).

#cycling #Ebike #transport #Ev

Liebe #Fahrradbubble (@mastobikes_de, @fedibikes_de, @fedibikes), wusstet Ihr, dass der #ADAC seit 2020 zumindest in Darmstadt auch mit #EBike + #Fahrradanhänger #Pannenhilfe gibt? Autos ( und Fahrrädern (

Laut macht die niederländische #Wegenwacht das auch.

Weiß jemand, ob das nur 'n Versuch war, oder ob das jetzt dauerhaft so gemacht wird? Und nur in Darmstadt oder auch anderswo?

Und wie sieht's bei TCS u. ÖAMTC aus?