1 day ago

#Movilidad | Specialized Turbo Creo 2: amortiguación Future Shock y hasta 190 km de autonomía para este icono del Gravel.

#BicicletaEléctrica #Gravel #Specialized @Specialized_ESP @iamspecialized #TurboCreo2 #eBikes

Tobias Laabs :mastodon:
2 days ago

Bei solchen Meldungen habe ich Zweifel am #Rechtsstaat.

An die linke Autohasser Bubble, macht die Augen zu und stellt Euch vor, er hätte statt Autos #eBikes bzw. #Balkonkraftwerke zerstört oder #Hakenkreuze an Wände geschmiert.

Es bleiben Sachbeschädigungen und schwerer Raub.

Und Nein, der Zweck heiligt nicht die Mittel.

brad m
2 days ago

“There are plenty of reasons to switch from a car to an #ebike. #Ebikes are #ecofriendly, efficient, take up less room than a car, can carry cargo and lower the physical barrier to entry compared to a traditional #bike"
#bicycle #cargobike #cycling #bicycling #mobility #transportation

Good question: #Ebike rebates: Are you taking advantage of your city or state programs?
"If you’re interested, it’s smart to check your local area for pending or existing legislation”
3 days ago

This is a really big deal for the future of electric vehicles.
#eBikes #EV #ClimateChange

Karstan 🚲🍑💨⛵
3 days ago

BUT, when using the motor simulator on, those two different results don't add up. I shouldn't lose THAT much high end-speed when reducing the wheel size. Even taking into consideration different riding positions and tire resistance, etc. the change shouldn't be that drastic. So what am I missing?

#ebikes #BikeTooter

Karstan 🚲🍑💨⛵
3 days ago

Riddle me this, Batman: I have rear wheel hub motor from the original Swytch bike indigogo campaign. 36v,22a controller. It was on a 700c wheel and I could regularly get up to 26-28mph on max PAS on a flat. I had the motor re-laced into a 20" wheel and can barely get above 16-17mph. After looking closely at the motor, it seems likes it's a Shengyi DGW22, which is nearly identical to the sx2 from GRIN, standard wind. 1/2

#ebikes #BikeTooter

R Scott Jones
4 days ago

I donated our two old #bikes to a local charity bike drive yesterday now that we upgraded to #ebikes. Felt great, and I hope they get put to good use by others. I think I bought this bike way back in the late 90s! #BikeTooter

5 days ago

Trying out google maps alternatives.

Apple maps? Still feels icky, though the phone integration features seem useful. I have airtags on my #ebikes.

Definitely not going to use Waze (a google product)

Organic Maps seems like a really cool project. I can get into that, probably. Are there any Organic Maps folks here in the fediverse?

#degoogling #organicmaps

It's time to replace urban delivery vans - YouTube

5 days ago

My Flash eBike blog series was accepted as a talk at BSidesPDX!

If you're in the #pacificNorthwest on October 6/7 come check it out!

#flashEBike #BSides #BSidesPDX #reverseEngineering #eBike #eBikes

1 week ago

Irritated letters in The Irish Times in answer to Finn (Finn's female???) McRedmond's fluff piece about ebikes #ebikes

Sir, – I read with bemusement Finn McRedmond’s views on e-bikes. Despite her strong feelings on what should be in a cycle lane, there is no indication that Finn McRedmond uses any form of bike herself. As a cyclist, I do find e-bikes and e-scooters annoying. This annoyance, I might add, is born of nothing more than purism and elitism at their riders “cheating”. Realistically, however, they are not the biggest inconvenience to users of cycle lanes.

In my own experience, the biggest threat to cyclists (of all types) are cars and buses crossing into cycle lanes. This is not to demonise motorists – the majority of motorists are careful and considerate – but the absence of protected cycle lanes increases the chance of motorists moving into cycle lanes and colliding with a cyclist. Where protected cycle lanes exist, they are very effective. The onus is on local authorities to provide more of them.

And as for people on e-bikes? Best of luck to them. Anything that gets people on a bike, of any sort, is a good thing. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.
Electric scooters and bicycles
When is a bike not a bike?
Fri Sep 22 2023 - 00:09

Sir, – Finn McRedmond warns us that soon certain motorised vehicles will clog Dublin’s streets and bike lanes (“Electric bikes might be fun and flashy but, let’s face it, they’re not really bikes”, Opinion & Analysis, September 21st). We are told that these vehicles, which will leave a negative imprint on the city, are too heavy, too noisy and will be left obstructing footpaths. Children cycling to school will have to share the road with the adults who drive these vehicles at speed!

What’s surprising is that this warning is about 35kg electric bikes rather than 1,800kg SUVs. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 7.
Sir, – Rather than lament the poor experience she had in London, perhaps Finn McRedmond could take a look at Bray, Co Wicklow, where there is currently a very successful e-bike trial in place where bikes are properly parked and not abandoned.

The app used by the bikes in Bray ensures that the bikes are properly parked at the end of the journey or the user is fined; the speed of the bikes is also restricted in high traffic areas and you cannot park in certain areas.

It is a shame that the author writes off an entire programme without looking at the trials in Ireland and assumes that poor behaviour by Londoners will somehow be replicated by Dubliners. – Yours, etc,



Co Wicklow.
R Scott Jones
1 week ago

Hey #biketooter, what items do you carry for #ebike repairs? I have a rear hub, so I can't imagine taking it off in the field to replace a tube on that tire, but I could on the front I suppose. But considering just riding with a pump and tool for minor adjustments. Thoughts? #ebikes

1 week ago

"As #ebikes age, they are quickly turning to electronic waste destined for the scrap yard along with old laptops, tube monitors, and old cell phones. That is something the industry needs to be prepared for. I hope there is regulation that will require companies to support these products for a reasonable period of time."

brad m
1 week ago

Quit complaining carbrains and #cycling snobs!

“all the research points to positive results when it comes to #bicycles with an electric boost” #ebikes
“People who ride #bikes should support people who ride #bikes. People who drive cars should #sharetheroad with all users. Communities should want various modes of #transportation, and options that include saving the planet” #cycling #infrastructure #safestreets #health #climatechange


I think if vehicle trips were analyzed, lightweight electric bikes/trikes/quads would be found adequate or preferable in many instances, recognizing there would be a big difference between urban and rural areas because of distances and infrastructure.

I think getting more of these types of vehicles on the road is mostly about creating infrastructure (consistent, ubiquitous bike paths would go a long way), and changing personal habits.

#eBikes #ClimateChange #FossilFuels

You don't suppose stories about EV being little better than fossil fuels for the environment, and stories about lethal, exploding batteries (neither of which are accurate) were generated and disseminated by the fossil fuel industry, do you?

I mean, they wouldn't do that, right?

#EV #eBikes #ClimateChange #FossilFuels #BigOil

R Scott Jones
1 week ago

Rode our #ebikes to the new local taproom - Wren Südhalle in Ahwatukee - of our fav #Arizona #brewery for the first time.

What a pleasure! Just one mile, mostly on residential neighborhood roads and a multi-use path, so about 5 mins of flat pedaling. I can get used to this! #chooseazbrews #phoenix #ebike #BikeTooter #drinklocally

2 e-bikes chained up outside a shopping center with a nice sunset
A scrumptious glass of Spellbinder hazy IPA on a golden bar top with beer taps in the background
brad m
1 week ago

“there’s a hero waiting in the wings: the e-#cargobike. Not only can these bad boys deliver packages in #urban environments just as quickly (and sometimes faster) than #delivery vans, they take up far less space and are much less likely to cause #pedestrian deaths”
Fun fact #UPS started as a #bicycle #delivery company

#Ebikes are cleaner and safer. So why aren’t we using them? #lastmile #lowemissionzones #safestreets

Linh Pham
1 week ago

Vox: It's time to replace urban delivery vans

#eMobility #eBikes

Marc Hedlund
1 week ago

If you live on one side of the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge, and go to school or work on the other, there’s an ebike incentive ($500-$1,000) for that: #EBikes #Richmond #SanRafael #BayArea

1 week ago

Decided not to get the #Aventon Soltera beause of all the issues I'm seeing on forums about their batteries not working. Going for the #VVolt Alpha S instead (out of Portland, OR). #Singlespeed, no chain! (Belt) Unfortunately the size I want is out of stock. Will have to be patient. #EBikes
1 week ago
Warner Crocker
1 week ago

I’ve seen eBikes parked in odd spots before but this one is new.

#Chicago #eBikes

A Lyft eBike parked between construction barricades on a lawn along a city street.
David Coombe
2 weeks ago

@derekbarry I’ve been thinking the same. We also need light weight city cars in our EV mix to help reduce consumption and these may be slower. Including vehicles like those Australia Post has. On 80km/h roads there could be a 40km/h separated lane. (I don’t think bikes often do 50km/h as mentioned in article.) #EVs #eBikes

2 weeks ago

Who says you need a car to carry passengers and cargo? #BikeLife #Bikes #Bicycles #ebikes #micromobility #transportation #urbanism

Tab Combs
2 weeks ago

Happy #WebsiteSunday!
A new site for the #CargoBike curious, from family biking guru #BikeShopGirl:

#BikeTooter #EBikes #KidsOnBikes #CarryShitOlympics

Please RT!

I did my version of a triathlon today: yoga in the morning; walked a bunch with my sweetheart to go down to the farmers' market, bookstore, coffee shop, furniture/design shop; rode Zelda the e-bike to go pick free plums thanks to a Buy Nothing offer. I love fall Saturdays!
#BikeTooter #FarmersMarket #autumn #walking #yoga #cycling #EBikes #triathlon #SaturdayThoughts #weekend

Wesley Cook ⚡🚲
2 weeks ago

But what if it's raining and your kid has a soccer game???

#biketooter #cargobike #ebikes

Urban Arrow Cargo bike with rain cover and an infant car seat inside. Rain cover is dripping with water from the rain

An anonymous sociopath scattered these sharpened pieces of steel in a #BikeLane in #Surrey BC. #carculture #bikes #bike #ebike #ebikes #metrovancouver

Marc Hedlund
2 weeks ago

It seems like lots of people, including me, have assumed BloombergNEF’s report on “two- and three-wheel electric vehicles” displacing oil consumption is a sign of victory for ebikes (for instance: Unfortunately, I don’t believe these reactions are correct—here’s the head of BloombergNEF’s transportation reporting saying that category *excludes* ebikes: Maybe something’s changed since 2021, but be cautious reposting. #EBikes

A tweet from @colinmckerrache on August 5th, 2021, reading: 

“*All figures 2020, except passenger cars which is latest June 2021 sales data. Excludes PHEVs and low-speed EVs. Two/three wheelers figure is motorbikes, mopeds, scooters, excludes e-bikes (but the lines are getting blurry there).”
2 weeks ago

Curious on the data surrounding transport emissions and differing vehicle types over short journeys? The e-bike, it turns out, could be very, very good for the planet.

Hat tip to #BikeIsBest for making the point best too:

#climate #climatecrisis #congestion #pollution #cleanair #ebikes #transport #electricbikes #cycling #oil #ev #evs

Bloomberg New Energy Finance (@business) report finds that electric bikes and trikes are globally displacing close to a MILLION barrels of oil PER DAY — which is more than 3X that displaced by electric vehicles. #ebike #ebikes #EV #safestreets

Excerpt of diagram from Bloomberg New Energy Finance "Electric Vehicle Outlook 2023" illistrating that electric passenger cars are currently displacing 264,382 barrels of oil per day, while electric bikes and trikes are displacing 997,230 barrels of oil a day.
jd 🔆
2 weeks ago

E-bikes . . .

“The government has warned e-bike users to stop using incompatible chargers after a coroner found a man was killed when a battery plugged into the wrong device caught fire.”

#Bike #ebikes #OttBike

Just rolled over to 2,600 miles on my e-bike. Using carbon footprint calculator (yes we need systemic solutions not just individual, the footprint was sold to us as a way to induce consumer guilt, moving on) if I had driven those miles I would have emitted 1.1 metric tons of CO2. I'm in a state with hydropower, recently added solar panels so now my charger is the sun, and I don't use the e-assist for every mile biked.

#Bikes4Climate #ClimateAction #BikeTooter #EBikes

Photo of the cyclometer on an e-bike showing 2600 miles traveled and a full battery charge.
James Green
2 weeks ago

New achievement unlocked: Research Woodwork Level 2

#ebikes #iscycle #irishResearch @iscycle_ie

Bosch jigsaw with some pieces of wood from a cargo bike
2 weeks ago

@KFuentesGeorge Yeah, I should have provided more detail. My environs are pretty flat, not really hilly at all. The one route that will be uphill the whole way will be to where my girlfriend is in assisted living, but it's not much of a grade except for the very last bit. (and then it's downhill all the way back!)

And really, all of my trips are going to be quite short. So I'm really leaning very very strongly to analog.

#ebikes #bike #bicycle #BikeTooter

Prof Kemi FG
2 weeks ago


ebikes are the truth and the way. Especially if you're hauling things. Especially if the ride is hilly. If it's a flat ride, I'd say analog is probably ok (and could be superior in some cases, since ebikes are, in my experience, slower on flat and downhill).

I guess the question is: how tired, hot, and sweaty do you want to be at the end of your ride?

#ebikes #bike #bicycle

2 weeks ago

Okay, having found an apartment (yay! whew!!!), I'm going to want an errand/commute bike, since most of my shopping/errands etc will be in easy range. Need to start thinking about ebike vs analog though. Inclined to stick with analog. Will start trying some out over next month or so.

(Maybe both? But not sure my budget will allow that. Maybe I sell my fancy road bike? 🤔)

#bicycle #Bicycling #ebikes #ebike #BikeTooter #bike #Biking

David Zipper
3 weeks ago

This is exactly right:

"The focus on young e-bike riders’ safety can obscure the bigger crisis: People driving cars and trucks are killing more people on our roads."

"If the goal is to understand what makes streets dangerous, we have to look at cars."

#bikes #cars #california #ebikes

robyn ✨
3 weeks ago

did some shopping on our Rad Bikes today. were immediately approached by an elderly couple asking "how do you like your Rad Bikes??", so we shared how much we love them.*

the reason they were familiar with the brand was that a lot of their friends apparently had bought a Rad Bike over the past year, and every single one of them just loves it.


* I am not earning a commission, although maybe I should be. 😅

#ebikes #RadBikes #bikeTooter #yegbike

Neil E. Hodges
3 weeks ago
You saying you're faster on your #ebike than I am on my non-boosted #bicycle is like me saying I'm faster on my #motorcycle than you are on your e-bike. It's not a meaningful comparison. #cycling #ebikes
3 weeks ago

Where can I get my e-bike motor repaired?

We found one specialist Ebike Motor Centre) who can help with certain brands and mid-motors, but who says it's a complex space in which to operate:

#ebikes #maintenance #electricbikes #technology #mobility

Tab Combs
3 weeks ago

Hey peeps. What US states have laws specifcally addressing minimum age for riding an #EBike? Not just agencies specifing an age, but an actual, codified law?
And do those laws differentiate between pilot and passenger?


#BikeTooter #Ebikes #BikeLaw

Jeremiah Lee
3 weeks ago

While I was only its CTO for a month before a layoff in 2022, I still dream of owning a Vässla Pedal e-bike (or preferably an unreleased successor that improved a few things).

I hope a company with better operations management buys its intellectual property because this e-bike design was beautiful, functional, and not just a motor bolted onto a bicycle.

#eBikes #Vässla #Pedal

Vässla Pedal e-bike on white background
1 month ago

My (first!) ebike arrived today and I am in love already. Rode 10+ miles in 36C and couldn't stop smiling the whole time. Really excited for how this will change my relationship to my local area.

⚡️ 🚲 😍

#ebikes #bikes

Marcus Jenkins
1 month ago

Absolutely the king of ebike conversion kits is the #bafang mid drive. They're awesome for retrofitting. Even the 250W ones for Europeland are cool in flat/flat-ish areas. For hillier places the 350/500/750W models *look* just the same as the 250W ones and come with a sticker that says "250W", nudge-nudge, wink-wink. 500W with gears takes the biggest of unfit blokes up the steepest of hills - personal endorsement!


Marcus Jenkins
1 month ago

This is one of the reasons I make my own ebikes. VanMoof looked cool, but a right to repair nightmare and now the typical IoT nightmare when the cloud behind it goes "poof!".

#internetofshit #vanmoof #ebikes

HowToPhil (Phillip R)
1 month ago

There are plenty of #ebikes for less than $1000 and many for less than $500.

You don't need to spend $10,000 on an ebike... I see some recent videos where people seem to think that's the standard ebike cost... it is not.

Geoff Green
1 month ago

The only thing worse than this article are the comments from NYT readers, most of whom probably handed their teens car keys at age 16.

#bikes #bike #ebike #ebikes #BikeTooter

1 month ago

I feel like this should be well publicized data: In 2021 Car fires have gone down to 175,000 highway fires. In the 1980's it was much hire: 456,000 yearly car fires. THESE NUMBERS ARE WILD.

Where is the NYTimes article about car fires? Next time complains about a eBike or an EV battery remember it's all click bait.

Sidenote, I was in a car fire once. Got out in time but not before there was smoke billowing out of the glove box.

#eBikes #EVs #WarOnCars

Marc Hedlund
1 month ago

I recommended this bike a while ago, the Cannondale Compact Neo. I take it back; reliability has been awful. Currently on my way back to the shop with it and then I’ll donate it. #EBikes #Cannondale #BikeTooter

The Cannondale Compact Neo ebike as it left the shop.

@ai6yr @ascentale #BikeNite A3. We have cargo #ebikes so I pop a tote in the back storage area and then two keep cold Trader Joe’s bags on my running board. I shop more often than I did with a car and have to be a little more deliberate about what I buy, but worst case scenario I’ll just make two runs because I have three grocery stores real close (but haven’t needed to yet).

A white man backing out a bike loaded with groceries in front of a Safeway. A girl with a pink helmet is sitting on a child seat on the bike next to him.
A white man riding a bike with groceries loaded on the back waiting for a traffic light to turn green.
R Scott Jones
1 month ago

Hey #biketooter, I'm thinking of snagging an REI Coop Gen 1.2e #ebikes during their 40% off sale this weekend as my first #ebike. Just need it for some suburban errands/transport in a generally flat (and low crime) neighborhood.

All my major destinations are ~1 mile away (a few places are more like 3mi) so range isn't much of an issue. Cost is though, and this seems like a darn good value.

Any recommendations on accessories, esp locks, helmets, or other gear?

Bicycling Monterey
1 month ago

"We call on elected leaders to address real causes of deadly collisions: road design."—Joint statement from Active #SanGabriel Valley, Bicycling #Monterey, Bike #Bakersfield, Bike #EastBay, Bike #LA, Bike #SanLuisObispo County, Bike #Sunnyvale, #California #Bicycle Coalition, California #Walks, #Claremont Streets For People, #Ecology Action, #Marin County Bicycle Coalition, MOVE #SantaBarbara County, #Napa County Bicycle Coalition, #Pasadena #CompleteStreets Coalition, #Sacramento Area Bicycle #Advocates, #SanDiego County Bicycle #Coalition, #SanFrancisco Bicycle Coalition, #Shasta Living Streets, #SiliconValley Bicycle Coalition, #Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, and #StreetsForAll.

#BikeTooter #California #ElectedOfficials #transportation #PublicSafety #PublicHealth #ebikes #bicycles #cars

1 month ago

Kudos to the EU Parliament for their ruling on replaceable batteries. Great news for consumers and the environment... and their ruling will not only cover smart phones, #eBikes too will have to follow this new regulation.

1 month ago

‘After three decades an e-bike brought me back to cycling’ - one case study on how there was no going back to the normal motorised routine after trying an electric bike
#ebikes #electricbikes #cycling #transport #traffic

robyn ✨
2 months ago

Back in #Edmonton.We probably don't even qualify for the #CarryShitOlympics with this trip, but hey, that's the vast majority of groceries for the week done!

There were six customers in total at the store (we went very early since... Well, jet lag), and FOUR of them had bike helmets on!! Solid mode share, and maybe hopefully counteracting the "oh, everyone drives here" a little bit.

Also, already missing the German bread & cheese selection.

#ebikes #ebiking #yegbike #cycling

Two ebikes in front of a large, mostly empty parking lot. The left ebike has two shopping bags in its front basket, a smaller rack bag, and a backpack sitting beside it. The right ebike has two black panniers.
Dr. jonny phd
2 months ago

what more can i say about #ebikes except they are the most fun thing on this planet and also will make you never want to drive in your car again

2 months ago

People For Bikes, the main bicycle industry lobbying group, is trying really hard to keep ebike repair tools and manuals out of the hands of independent repair shops through carveouts for ebikes from right to repair laws on the grounds of battery safety.

This is very similar to the tactics used by car companies to keep car owners locked to dealerships for repairs.

Yes, batteries can be dangerous. But what's even more dangerous is that people will improperly dispose of broken bikes when they don't have access to the documentation and diagnostic tools manufacturers make, but only license to official shops.

Besides the battery thing is a big red herring. The stuff they're holding back isn't battery repair tools, it's documentation of everything else like controllers and throttles and sensors. They would rather brick your bike than let you have control over it. #RightToRepair #Ebikes #FelonyContemptofBusinessModel

robyn ✨
2 months ago

hi I'm in #Germany / hallo aus #Deutschland 👋🏼

We're taking trips with e-vehicles and look at old buildings

#ebikes #escooter #urbanism #electricVehicles #Hessen

A super cool Renault Twizy vehicle, charging at a charging station. It is a small commuter car that looks super futuristic.
A very colourful, traditional timber building with intricate ornaments in gold, turquoise, and brown.
Two e bikes, one blue one red, and two e scooters on a path in a lush forest.
Seth G.
2 months ago

#Shopping for #eBikes is NOT an easy process.

I'm trying to stay #CarFree , but a 30 minute walk to the grocery store isn't a fun hike, especially when we're running low on heavy essentials.

I know that, in the long-run, maintenance will be cheaper than a #car, but there are so few #CargoBike options cheaper than a used vehicle, and that's depressing.

Any advice from someone who's gone through the process before?

#Bicycle #cycling

David Zipper
2 months ago

In the last 6 days the NY Times has run 4 articles about e-bikes -- all of them negative.

A few other stories the paper might consider:
🔹 E-bikes pollute far less than even electric cars
🔹 Compared to autos, e-bikes pose minimal risk to other people
🔹 Unlike cars, e-bikes provide exercise

#ebikes #bikes #journalism

Erich Z
2 months ago

There has been a deluge of articles in the last couple weeks about the danger of #eBikes and California's push to require licensing to ride them.

As a bike rider it's never surprising to see the media and drivers blame riders for their own deaths, no matter how egregious the driver error was. And some of the cited examples are quite egregious.

But this push for education and licensing made me wonder:

How effective is Driver's Ed at improving road safety?

Not at all.