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i think my folks don't understand why i like plants & nature so much. but ~2 generations ago, my family's relatives were living with the land. whether they were actual peasants or something else, they were out there.

we may feel like city people because we were born & lived in cities, but alllll the people before that were with the land.

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10 hours ago

My lonely münü in the immensity of the forest. I'm just one more among the other beings of the valley; not the center, nor the periphery. I'm a cosmological node. I hunt limpets and peccaries, but jaguars and spirits will hunt me.

#photography #ecology #yukpa #solidarity #climatechange #anthropology

House in the middle of a wooded and green valley.  It looks small because of how far away it is.
Tim Waterman
12 hours ago

Exciting things are on the horizon for October in London's #art scene. The #BarbicanCentre is hosting RE/SISTERS: an "exhibition exploring the relationship between gender and ecology, highlighting the systemic links between the oppression of women and the degradation of the planet" #EnvHist #Ecology #Feminism #LandscapeResearch

12 hours ago

This parasitic plant convinces hosts to grow into its own flesh—it’s also an extreme example of genome shrinkage

#science #plants #ecology #evolution #genome #parasitism

12 hours ago

How climate warming could disrupt a deep-rooted relationship
Researchers from Syracuse University and the University of Minnesota find that warming trends will likely result in major disturbances of networks of fungi potentially harming forest resilience

#science #ecology #ClimateCatastrophe #trees #fungi

Silver Dory
22 hours ago

Gipsy Point greenhoods - Pterostylis nutans (nodding greenhood) and Pterostylis melagramma (black-striped greenhood) at Gipsy Point Lodge, VIC. Only a handful of flowers still out on the roadside verge here this spring following a very dry winter. In better seasons there are large colonies of P. nutans out at this location from mid-winter through to mid-spring.

#Orchids #Greenhoods #EastGippsland #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Pterostylis nutans (nodding greenhood) and Pterostylis melagramma (black-striped greenhood) at Gipsy Point Lodge, VIC.
23 hours ago

#TinyEcosystems #ecology #azolla #permaculture #gardening #plants @plants

today's tiny ecosystem is a towering azolla forest that lives in a bucket of water.

azolla is an aquatic fern. on the #farm, it can be used as green mulch & as supplemental animal feed.

it can take over a pond, so i keep dedicated azolla buckets where it can form a 3D mat that can even climb the sides of the bucket!

it can multiply very quickly from even a few pieces. it seems to prefer shade.

closeup on one of my azolla buckets where the azolla has gone vertical
same azolla bucket, but from farther away.
Matthias C. Rillig
1 day ago

This is still my favorite substack newsletter post.

It is an evolving recipe for how to come up with new questions and ideas in ecology, looking back at my own work and that of others' that I find inspiring. I hope I can add additional points (or categories) to the list as they become apparent.

What would you add to this list? 😁

#creativity #ecology #research

1 day ago

2022's features in #CurrentBiology now in the #OpenArchives (15/24): As #DeepSeaMining is moving closer to becoming industrial practice, I've had another look at the impact on marine ecosystems, including this time the noise issue. #science #ProseAndPassion #ecology #MarineBiology

Photo of a polymetallic nodule of the kind which are found on the seafloor at depths between four and six kilometres and which are becoming the target of planned seafloor mining operations. Formerly known as manganese nodules, they also contain cobalt, nickel, copper and rare earth metals. (Photo: James St. John/Flickr (CC BY 2.0).)
Robin Applegarth
1 day ago

In Yellowstone National Park, the reintroduction of the gray wolf in the 1990s has helped reduce an exploding elk population 🫎, which in turn helped save plants 🌱 🌳 along streams and rivers, which provide habitat for migrating birds 🦅, building materials for beavers, and dam ponds for fish and frogs🐸.

#Ecology #wolves #habitat #WinWin #nature

Erik Svensson
1 day ago

This was a nice review of what seems to be an important book about the historical relationships between the philosophies of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, nature and the science of ecology

#marxism #ecology #nature #marx

Christophe Neff
1 day ago

I will present my fieldwork in Azores on Wednesday 27.07.2023 in #Horta at the #Okeanos department of the University of the Azores:
“Capelo mon amour” -
Fajã Grande, #Flores, #Capelo, #Faial 1999 – 2023
24 ans de recherches écologiques et géographiques aux #Açores
24 anos de investigação ecológica e geográfica nos Açores
24 years of #ecological and #geographical research in the #Azores #FajãGrande #geography #geographie #Macaronesia #ecology #fieldecology @geography

“Capelo mon amour” -
Fajã Grande, Flores, Capelo, Faial 1999 – 2023
24 anos de investigação ecológica e geográfica nos Açores
Jeff C
1 day ago

High seas treaty gets signed...

"The main achievement is the new possibility to create marine protected areas in international waters."

#environment #ecology

Marc Robinson-Rechavi
2 days ago

Last week to apply for the open position @dee_unil for a professor in Evolutionary Ecology! Assistant prof level, associate prof possible. #Ecology #Evolution #ecoevo #TenureTrack

Gif illustrating the fields studied at Lausanne department of ecology and evolution: fish in water, equations, ant, Petri dish with microbes, flower bud, owl
2 days ago

Jellyfish show how you don’t need a brain to learn, say researchers

"Jellyfish change their behaviour based on past experiences, researchers have revealed, in a study that suggests learning could be a fundamental property of the way nerve cells work."

#Jellyfish #ecology #animalbehavior #neuroscience

Silver Dory
2 days ago

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW. A lot of different forms of the well named variable smokebush - Conospermum taxifolium - out at this location and further south near Ulladulla.

Conospermum are one of the lower profile NSW Proteaceae (compared to Waratahs, Grevilleas and Bankias growing nearby!) and not as showy as some of the more well known WA species. But still interesting when in flower. Unfortunately Conospermum are generally difficult to propagate and not often stocked by nurseries.

#Conospermum #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
Conospermum (smokebush) in coastal heathland near Jervis Bay, NSW
Sabrina Schalz, PhD
2 days ago

Really happy to share that I passed my PhD viva today! 🥳

I studied eavesdropping on speech in wild carrion crows in the UK, you can read the main paper here:

#academicchatter @academicchatter @phdstudents #ecology

Mikko Tuomi
2 days ago

Protected #nature areas are considered fundamental for maintaining #biodiversity and countering its loss.

But how effectively do established protected areas work and prevent negative trends?

Researchers found mixed effects, highlighting that protected areas do not fully meet the expectations set for them.

Rather than reversing the trend in biodiversity loss, current protected areas will, at best, help decelerate the species decline rate.

#extinction #biology #ecology

Silver Dory
3 days ago

Mallacoota orchids - spotted donkeys + dusky fingers in open heathland to kick off the spring show. Lack of recent rainfall will probably mean this year is not a classic East Gippsland orchid season but some good patches out in some locations (so far!)

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Mallacoota orchids - spotted donkeys + dusky fingers - spring 2023.
Michael Cervieri
3 days ago

things i did not know:

there are over 7,000 bee species in san diego county, about a third of the world's known species.

#bees #ecology

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 days ago

From 20 Sep: Move over, Cordyceps, there’s a new “zombie” parasite to haunt our dreams - Enlarge / An ant infected by the lancet liver fluke climbs up and clamps its powerful jaws... #biology #ecology #liver-fluke #parasites #science #zombifying-parasites

Greg Dance
4 days ago


On Easter Island there are the stone heads that remain as if grave stones of a race that destroyed its ecology in pursuit of its beliefs, & so ended its own civilisation.

Sunak & the Tories are the high priests of a similarly obsessed belief system that will destroy ours!

#history #capitalism #climate #ecology #emergency #sunak #truss

Molecular Ecology
4 days ago

Please RT!

⌛️ 2 weeks left to apply!

We offer a 4-year PhD-position @Mol_Ecol
with a focus on #ants

Announcement & application:

Info on Working Group:

#ecology #evolution #Austria

People with gardens should be obliged to keep a percentage of their land planted with trees, shrubs, flowerbeds and plants, not just grass.
We should also make it a rule not to "maintain" everything, to leave wild areas.

When you have the privilege of "having" a piece of nature for yourself, you have a duty to keep it habitable for other living species.

(I say this because the neighbours have razed almost all the land next door).


Silver Dory
4 days ago

Grevillea patulifolia* in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW. Leaves are more rigid/pointed than Grevillea linearifolia (which G. patulifolia was once included in) but the abundant slightly pink flowers are attractive.

Unfortunately don't see a lot of this or similar G. linearifolia related species in nirseries (outside of specialist native nurseries) although some compact coastal forms have been more widely grown. The slightly prickly foliage on G. patulifolia is probably not going to help it become a popular choice for growers or nurseries but I'd definitely grab a couple for my garden if I ever saw them for sale somewhere.

*Bungled the ID in original post - G. linearifolia is also growing nearby at this location but this is not it ... didn't realise Grevillea patulifolia could also be seen growing at Ulladulla.

#Grevilleas #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Grevillea patulifolia in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW.
Grevillea patulifolia in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW.
Silver Dory
4 days ago

Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) near Hyams Beach, NSW. A lot of variation in flower size, shape and colour at this location growing in both open forest and coastal heath. The occasional larger pink-flowering forms were particularly eye-catching.

Several similar(and also quite variable) Caladenia species also growing nearby (C. carna and C. alata) - so a lot of small pink/white orchids to enjoy in a small area!

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) - orchids near Hyams Beach, NSW
Caladenia hillmanii (purple-heart fingers) - orchids near Hyams Beach, NSW
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
4 days ago

Bright City Lights Linked To Smaller Eyes In Urban Birds: Study | WSUPullman | Global Change Biology

by @GrrlScientist via ForbesScience / Forbes

#ornithology #UrbanBirds #evolution #ecology #LightPollution

christina bowen
4 days ago

#KnowledgeEcology is the heart of my work, but I don’t talk much about the practice of it.

I’m starting to, and would love to know if you’d be interested in shaping the possibilities of the field.

#ecology #ecologists #knowledge #datascience #infosec #science #ComplexityWranglers

In five centuries, human actions have triggered a surge of genus extinctions that would otherwise have taken 18,000 years to accumulate

—what the paper calls a "biological annihilation."

#environment #ecology #extinction #earth #climatechange #conservation

Michael Cervieri
5 days ago

anyone know of a flashcard app for identifying plants? in particular, native and invasives in the american northeast, zones ~5-7.

i found one for the american southeast, zones 8+.

i could consider making one, but that's a long slog.

@plants #gardening #forestry #ecology

Jackson Perseus
6 days ago

Does anyone out there in the Fediverse know whether anyone is reporting on the ecological cost of the war in #Ukraine?

I was just looking at the combat zones and I have to imagine some places are experiencing complete food-chain collapse, mass deforestation, displacement, etc.

I’d also love any suggestions if you have reading on ecological recovery post-conflict in general.

Might post back if I find anything interesting myself!

#ecology #forest #environment #nature #war #Russia #climate

Eva Amsen
6 days ago

This was such a cool study, I threw out my planned schedule to write about this instead.

Ecologists worked with art historians to find out if it’s possible to study landscape changes by looking at #art from the nineteenth century.

#art #science #ecology #arthistory #environment #nature

Silver Dory
1 week ago

Grevillea macleayana in coastal heathland near Ulladulla, NSW. These coastal forms with mostly entire, elliptic leaves + showy pink/red toothbrush racemes offer a lot of potential as garden plants but don't seem to be as common in nurseries as they were in the 80s/90s when growers still propagated actual species. Generally listed as rare but locally common at Ulladulla and around Jervis Bay.

#Grevilleas #Proteaceae #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology #Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Earth, Wind and Wire🌪️
1 week ago

I need to seriously reduce my time looking at screens, my eyes are virtually hurting.

What are your favourite podcasts? A bit nerdy, informative, deep dives, tech, ecology, queerfeminist discussions, Asia-Pacific.

I'm thinking in the lines of Cultures of Energy, @mel_hogan Data Fix, @parismarx Tech won't Safe Us, @emergencemagazine, Wohlstand für Alle, You're Wrong About, ... but also some format I do not have on my radar. @sts @academicchatter

#podcast #sts #sociology #ecology

Silver Dory
1 week ago

Spotted Donkey Orchids (Diuris maculata) near the Genoa River, VIC. One of the first Diuris out in East Gippsland - can flower as early as August. Only a handful of plants out in open grassland at this location in mid-September.

Used to be known locally as D. pardina which is now thought to be endemic to SA. Most plants previously known as D. pardina in VIC are now called D. curviloba with several coastal populations in East Gippsland included in D. maculata - which also occurs nearby in NSW.

#Orchids #OzPlants #Biodiversity #Ecology
#Botany #Photography #Spring #InTheField

Spotted Donkey Orchids near the Genoa River, Victoria - spring 2023.
Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 weeks ago

#Ecology #Environment #ClimateChange: "Earth’s life support systems have been so damaged that the planet is “well outside the safe operating space for humanity”, scientists have warned.

Their assessment found that six out of nine “planetary boundaries” had been broken because of human-caused pollution and destruction of the natural world. The planetary boundaries are the limits of key global systems – such as climate, water and wildlife diversity – beyond which their ability to maintain a healthy planet is in danger of failing.

The broken boundaries mean the systems have been driven far from the safe and stable state that existed from the end of the last ice age, 10,000 years ago, to the start of the industrial revolution. The whole of modern civilisation arose in this time period, called the Holocene.

The assessment was the first of all nine planetary boundaries and represented the “first scientific health check for the entire planet”, the researchers said. Six boundaries have been passed and two are judged to be close to being broken: air pollution and ocean acidification."