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The U.S. and its allies have stressed a desire to "de-risk,” not "decouple,” from the Chinese economy as a way to explain a slew of new trade restrictions on Beijing. The problem is, for China there’s no difference. #news #economy #china #europe #us #trade #eu #chipmakers #supplychains #economicsecurity #tech

The Japan Times
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Japan’s unemployment rate has fallen for the first time in three months, potentially feeding into higher wages and providing support for the Bank of Japan’s sustainable inflation goal down the line. #news #economy #jobs #japaneseeconomy #economicindicators

David Atwell
7 hours ago

Hey, fyi - Money *does*, in fact, grow on trees.

So does food and housing.

#economy #artificialscarcity #demandmore

Malaysia's anti-corruption body makes disclosure after recent questioning of 1MDB suspect Kee Kok Thiam.
1MDB fugitive Jho Low hiding in Macau, Malaysian authorities say
11 hours ago

Laos government reportedly prioritizes blockchain technology for digital transformation - Laotian Prime Minister Sonexay Siphandone chaired the inaugural M... - #decentralization #technology #government #economy #web3

While some of US Congress's most conservative members are not happy with the deal, business groups gave it a thumbs up.
As per your politics, debt ceiling plan is good or a ‘disaster’
christina d-h
13 hours ago

"green industrial policy as the attempt to “reshap[e] the economy to limit climate change,” rather than any particular policy or program"

#ClimateChange #Economics #Energy #economy #SupplyChain

Central Bylines
15 hours ago

‘It’s Not the Economy, Stupid. It’s the Press’

The right-wing papers have trashed the country and they mean to go on doing so whoever wins the next election. We must stop them, writes Brian Cathcart via @BylineTimes

#RightWing #RightWingPress #Economy

The 'criminal conspiracy' case is related to the procurement and licensed manufacturing of 123 advanced jet trainers.
India files graft case against BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce
The Democratic president and Republican speaker are trying to win over lawmakers to the plan in time to avert a default.
US debt ceiling deal: What’s in, what’s out of the bill

Amen. It appears Biden came through for #veterans in the MAGA manufactured debt ceiling dealings. Veterans fought hard for the country and then compare that to these Republican clowns that want to default the #economy. #domesticterrorist #conservativetaliban #MemorialDay

Package imposes trade, financial and technology sanctions against Iran and stops Tehran from using Ukraine's airspace.
Ukraine’s parliament approves sanctions against Russia ally Iran
Tinubu inherits economy riddled with huge debt from predecessor Buhari, whose protectionist policies spooked investors.
Nigeria’s new President Tinubu promises reset for ailing economy

Real per person spending is now falling in 13 of 21 cities across the country...Kitchener-Waterloo, in particular, is struggling, which the Chamber says may be because of the slowdown in tech industry jobs.

#WaterlooRegion #Economy

Orlando O. Spencer I™
17 hours ago

It’s a #holiday, but we’re still getting the week started. #Win 💪✈️

#OOSGroup #S61C #ATiMS #aviation #aviationbusiness #economy #memorialday

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Review - Renault Zoe (2022) review: little car, long-range, don't crash!


Why are they allowed to sell relatively unsafe vehicles?

Business as usual! Well, at least they have stopped adding (very toxic) led to petrol

#health before #profit #economy
#cars #mining #unsustainable #transport

#ClimateChange #public #transport #cycling #nature #restoration

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We honor the men who forged a deal
To grow our debt ceiling with zeal
By pushing for cuts
Our economy puts
A future of progress to reveal

#biden #mccarthy #debtceiling #economy #ode #poetry

21 hours ago

There is a proven way to live a (relatively) low impact, low carbon, #sustainable lifestyle - that will also provide fresh #food for the local community plus sustain local biodiversity #wildlife

BUT, unsustainable #business as usual ( #politics & #economy ) is making it difficult! for the people that want to, to live #sustainably .

The barriers are - not fit for purpose planning authorities & #money.

#Tax the #polluters! for a one Planet development fund!


The Turkish leader won the presidency for a third time after a run-off vote on Sunday.
Lira hits record low, but stocks rise after Erdogan win in Turkey
The Japan Times
22 hours ago

Services based on so-called level 4 autonomous driving, or fully automated driving under certain conditions, are expected to become a new means of public transit in regions facing population decline. #news #economy #fukui #cars #depopulation #electricvehicles #selfdriving #rurallife

1 day ago

Economic pondering.

If the primary directive was to make a monetary profit, that agenda would cause bias & perversion, therefore a monopolized market economy that was dominated by large corporations.

Agents with the incentive to make a profit, money, out of people & resources. The system would reward people to perceive other people as resources (labour efficiency drives or even slave labour)

How perverse would a profit incentive be for a health system, for example?

#health #economy

pressenza de
1 day ago

#europa #wirtschaft #transparenz #europe #economy #food #price #monitoring #transparency

Österreich will Transparenz bei Lebensmittel-Margen. Frankreich ist schon weiter. Und die Schweiz? Ist nirgends.

pressenza de
1 day ago

#europa #wirtschaft #transparenz #europe #economy #food #price #monitoring #transparency

Nicht nur im Lebensmittelhandel ist die Preisbildung intransparent. Kürzlich hat der Preisüberwacher die Margenentwicklung bei Raffinerien und Tankstellen untersucht. Anlass dazu war, dass der Benzinpreis vor einem Jahr auf Fr. 2.20 pro Liter gestiegen war, sich dieser Anstieg aber mit den Rohölpreisen nicht erklären liess. Doch nicht einmal der Preisüberwacher blickt durch.

pressenza de
1 day ago

#politik #wirtschaft #nato #peace #disarmament #opinion #politics #economy #democracy

Man ist in Deutschland zwar dabei, die ökonomischen Grundlagen zu zerstören, doch die Linie ist klar: Endlich einmal wieder Imperialist sein! Ohne Wenn und Aber! Das ist der große Traum.
In Phasen großer Umbrüche liegen Triumphalismus und Kassandrarufe oft nah beieinander. Jetzt, wo so viel von einer Zeitenwende geredet wird, ist es angebracht, noch einmal auf das Jahr 1990 zu schauen.

pressenza de
1 day ago

#frieden #abrüstung #meinungen #politik #wirtschaft #demokratie #imperialismus #monopolisierung #nato #peace #disarmament #opinions #politics #economy #democracy #imperialism #monopolization

Doch die ausgerechnet von dem Kanzler, der sich in Windeseile von einem kritischen Beobachter der Eskalation zu einem regelrechten Waffenkanzler gewandelt hat, ausgerufene Zeitenwende (4) wird von vielen als Chance angesehen, an das imperiale deutsche Zeitalter anzuknüpfen.

Top automakers' dependence on steel steering planet towards 'climate catastrophe', environmental group says.
Carmakers emitting 74 million tonnes of CO2, Greenpeace says
Japanese stock market rises to the highest level since July 1990 after the US finalises deal to raise the debt ceiling.
Japan’s Nikkei hits 33-year high on weak yen, US optimism

Thread by @DAcemogluMIT on #Turkish #democracy and #economy after Erdogan's reelection

Accounting firm pledges to do 'everything it takes' to regain trust after leaking government information to clients.
PwC Australia stands down staff amid tax plans leak scandal
Some cybersecurity experts fear the SIM Card Registration Act will encourage identity theft and fraud.
Philippines’ crackdown on anonymous SIM cards prompts backlash
US president and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are confident they will be able to get enough support to avert a default.
Biden says final US debt ceiling deal ready for Congress vote
Antti Peltola
1 day ago


Hypo: #Finland to see biggest property price drop in 30 years:

#Housing #Property #HousingMarket #Finance #Economy

🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coolified:
1 day ago

@3x10to8mps @RollingStone
What it is also is that, not quite dead but ethics in news is dying in favor of salacious or inappropriate headlines for the view count in a supposed
billionaire driven money scarce #economy.

#WealthVampires #MSM

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 days ago

#ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #Economy: "A new working paper by two climate scientists and one climate economist, using the most up-to-date data available, concludes the best path for the global economy would involve a rapid and dramatic cut in climate pollution to meet the ambitious Paris target of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) above preindustrial temperatures — a target that is quickly slipping out of reach.

The new study adds to research over the past decade that has incorporated newer, more realistic representations of climate damages into economic models. Several other updated analyses also have concluded that meeting the Paris targets would result in the best economic outcome. Fewer experts are basing their advice on prior studies that actually concluded a potentially catastrophic amount of global warming would be economically optimal."

The C919 commercial plane flew from Shanghai to Beijing as China seeks to compete with Airbus and Boeing.
China’s first home-built passenger jet makes inaugural flight
David Farnell
2 days ago

Holy crap, they cut a deal. Maybe the world economy won't be wrecked in the next few weeks after all.

#USPolitics #DebtCeiling #Economy #Biden #McCarthy

Deal raises debt limit for two years while capping spending, but uncertainty remains on whether it can pass Congress.
Biden, McCarthy reach tentative deal to raise US debt ceiling
Steve Davidian
3 days ago

@TeamMidwest Unfortunately I think it's part of a much larger trend of squeezing workers to the maximum.
I stood at my local CVS pharmacy the other day waiting for a shot, about 10 minutes. In that time I saw 7 workers being productive at a breakneck pace. Given that they handle prescription drugs, it seems likely that mistakes can happen. But it was absolutely insane.
#work #economy

3 days ago

A system has been developed, economically, politically, structurally, that is & will cause severe ecological limiting factors #ClimateChange

The neo-liberal "free" market #economy won't prevent the #climate crisis it's causing. The consumers or industries won't decide to not fly on Jets, not burn fuel, or single use plastic products, etc, (at least, not until it's too late to prevent the worst outcomes)

Solution - The One Planet Development Policy (See pinned post on profile)


Shawn in Montreal
3 days ago

Well, this won't come as a surprise to a lot of folks here, but a new Statistics Canada report states that there may not be a labour shortage in Canada for many positions.

Employers simply have to pay people.

#Canada #economy #laborshortages

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the agency will run out of funds to meet financial obligations by June 5.
Where do things stand as the US rolls back debt ceiling deadline?
David Ano
3 days ago

For the sake of trying something new, I did a video essay. It was suggested by some of my kids. After all, I already post rants on politics on my various social media accounts, why not make a video? Because making a YouTube video is hard! But I did it! Will I do it again?

#YouTube #news #politics #DebtCeiling #NationalDebt #taxcuts #KevinMcCarthy #default #economy

Ruto's administration is facing a cash crunch while trying to plug revenue collection shortfalls and boost the economy.
Kenyan president accuses tax agency of graft as economy struggles
Despite rising prices consumer spending remained buoyant but high inflation complicates Fed's interest rate decisions.
Inflation measure closely tracked by US Fed rose in April
4 days ago
4 days ago

Consumer Spending Rose More Than Expected in April

New data on spending and income suggest that the #economy remains robust despite the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases.

Voters have been let down before, wonder if Bola Tinubu will be able to fix systemic issues in Africa's largest economy.
Nigerians look to president-elect Tinubu for economic turnaround
Deferred payments for wheat imports are to relieve financial pressures caused by lack of foreign currency, official said
Egypt defers payments for wheat imports amid dollar crunch
A default could upend global financial markets and push the United States into a major recession.
‘Time’s up’: Deal on US debt ceiling close as default looms

"These Republicans want chaos because they know the media – and, as a result, the public — will blame President Biden, both in the short term and in the long. …

They want to ruin his presidency and they don’t care who suffers in the process."

#Republicans #default #StockMarket #economy #chaos

"Republican House members – by demanding full compliance with entirely unrealistic demands – appear hellbent on defaulting on the national debt, sending the stock market and the economy into a tailspin while depriving the most fragile members of our society of the federal payments on which they depend."

~ Dan Froomkin

#Republicans #default #StockMarket #economy #chaos

Company celebrates as it completes what is likely the final test before commercial space tourism operations begin.
Final Virgin Galactic test flight paves way for paying customers
US company dominates market for chips used to power ChatGPT and similar services, a key reason behind its stock surge.
Nvidia close to being first trillion-dollar chip firm on AI use
Central bank decides on 10th straight hike as it raises its inflation forecast for year and blackouts plague country.
South Africa raises interest rates to 14-year high
President Biden says he could invoke constitution to order the Treasury to issue bonds and keep paying gov't bills.
What is the 14th Amendment and can it resolve US debt cap fight?
The globe's southernmost town is hoping to become a hub for biocultural and environmental education.
Puerto Williams: A journey to the end of the world
5 days ago

The US #economy grew faster in the first quarter than previously estimated, according to revised GDP from Commerce Department

High oil and gas prices and worries about supplies have seen spending on renewables leap ahead of fossil fuels.
Solar investment outshines oil as race for clean energy heats up
Jack of all trades
6 days ago

Recently I've been thinking about how #climateChange is going to affect the #economy. First measure I wanted to look at is #GDP.


#economics #debt #collapse

Matt Alley - BlueCollarWriter
6 days ago

BlueCollarWriter Labor News Update 5/24/2023
Labor News Update:

- #WritersStrike news
-Federal judge finds West Virginia Governor Justice coal companies liable for nearly six years of unpaid UMWA union retiree benefit plan premiums
-Companies Are Taking a Harder Line on Union Organizers, Workers Say

#1u #Unions #WGA #UnionStrong #UnionProud #economy #NLRB #WorkersRights

1 week ago

We have been told for generations that lowering taxes on the rich helps the economy, and that "increased entitlements" are a burden the taxpayer cannot afford.

These are lies. The truth, borne out by history is this:

Programs that help the poor, the working poor and those unable to work, actually benefit the overall economy and are not a net tax burden on the taxpayers. 1/2

#work #education #healthcare #help #investment #food #economy #tax #taxes #housing

2 weeks ago

#Disney Pulls Plug on $1Billion #Development in #Florida

A new office complex, & relocation of a division from California, would have created >2k #jobs but was scuttled as the direct result of #DeSantis #politics

By Brooks Barnes
#Economy #GOP #Republican

2 weeks ago


Until we can rid ourselves of this monstrous idea we call "the economy" we are utterly fucked.

#capitalism #economy #religion

Frederik Borgesius
2 weeks ago

.@tfiebig @Sedista & Martina Lindorfer
'In this paper, we take a look at the progressing use of cloud-based educational tools, often controlled by only a handful of major corporations.'
#tech #bigtech #cloud #academia #law #politics #competition #education #eu #capitalism #economy

Bob Jamieson
2 weeks ago

EU clamps down on free ports over crime and terrorism links

This article is more than 3 years old

Moves comes as Britain launches consultation on creation of up to 10 of the zones

#FreePorts #crime #corruption #ToryCorruption #Toryfailure #ToryFascism #politics #economy

Bylines Scotland
2 weeks ago

🆕 A Wellbeing Economy — Why Do We Need It, What Is It and How Do We Pay for It? | Jim Byrne

It is time to leave orthodox neoliberal economics behind and embrace a wellbeing economy for our own sake.

#economics #scotland #economy #politics

What if instead of a #debtCeiling we had a #carbonCeiling and everytime they don't manage to cut enough #emissions to reverse #climateChange we threaten to blow up the global #economy? #climate #globalWarming #carbon #cO2

2 weeks ago

The global #economic crash? Sooner or later?

A young child can understand that if they keep taking, without replenishing, "it" will run out.

Generally, the world #economy is founded on a taking, without replenishing, #unsustainable model.

Capitalism has stolen the commons, & that's an #ecological tragedy in the making.

Upstream: Ep. 14: The #Green Transition – The Problem with Green #Capitalism Part 1.

Episode webpage:

Media file:


2 weeks ago

US retail sales increased in April, reflecting strength in several categories that highlights steady consumer spending #economy

2 weeks ago

Lithium could power the 21st century. But the methods use to find it are largely from the 1800s.
#News #Lithium #Mining #Economy #electriccars

2 weeks ago

"Republicans are desperate to tank the economy and everything else so they can seize power by force and rebuild America as a christofascist Nazi state. It's hard to convince 350 million people that their mostly-functioning society is terrible and has to be replaced by White Jesus Gun Club. If you destroy everything first and plunge the country into desperation, a lot of that resistance fades away pretty quickly."

#Republicans #Nazis #economy #DebtCeiling

Flipboard News Desk
3 weeks ago

Is Biden's infrastructure program bigger than Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal?

USA Today reports on "32,000 projects announced across 4,500 communities totaling $220 billion in planned spending."

#Biden #USPolitics #Infrastructure #Economy

Bread and Circuses
3 weeks ago

What might degrowth actually look like, on a personal level? How would your life be different?

One way to answer this is to consider what daily living was like for those who came before us. How did your grandparents or great-grandparents live?

Assuming those people were born somewhere between the end of the 19th century and the middle of the 20th, here are a few of the things many of us consider to be necessities today that they probably lived some or all of their lives without...

Personal computers.
Voice-activated devices.
Mobile phones of any kind.
The Internet.
Cloud storage.
Credit cards.
Debit cards.
Big houses.
Multiple bathrooms in one home.
Online shopping.
Cheap airfare.
Online financing and mortgages.
Huge closets full of clothing, shoes, and accessories.
Kitchen electrics.
Automatic ice makers.
Overnight mail delivery.
Fast food.
Drive-up windows.
Food imported from all over the globe.
Disposable diapers.
Disposable tissues.
Paper towels and napkins.
Disposable tableware.
Microwave ovens.
Ready-made foods at the grocery store.
Synthetic fabrics.
Automatic laundry machines.
Riding lawn equipment.

And so on. Not all of these necessarily would disappear if we chose degrowth, but many would. Do you think you could still be happy?

Adapted from this article --

#Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #Economy #History #Degrowth

Idealized painting of a farmer's market, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on display. Two adults are shopping, pulling a young boy in a wagon. Background shows a barn, a windmill, green hills, blue sky.
Jorge 🇪🇺 🌍🛰️
3 weeks ago

#Brexit benefits.

"Poland will be wealthier than Britain by 2030. It's time we took notice"

#EU #Poland #Economy #News #Britain #UK

Story from The Telegraph: "Poland will be wealthier than Britain by 2030. It's time we took notice"

I can understand why Republican leaders don't want to say anything about the phenomenal job growth we've seen under Biden, but why don't the American people know anything about it?

Spread the word! Job numbers are still growing! This is good for workers! #Republicans #USPol #JobGrowth #Biden #economy

Alexander Zeitler
3 weeks ago

None of the world’s top industries would be profitable if they paid for the natural capital they use.

„The total unpriced natural capital consumed by the more than 1,000 “global primary production and primary processing region-sectors” amounts to $7.3 trillion a year“

#environment #economy

4 weeks ago

The US added 253,000 #jobs in April, far more than the expected 185,000, while the unemployment rate fell to 3.4%. #economy

Funny how "second biggest bank failure in US history" is a buried headline, as if it's just some technical detail only business insiders would be interested in. Nothing to see here, folks! Everything's going great!

#FirstRepublic #bank #economy

Jen Sorensen
1 month ago

This week's comic: Republicans are dismantling child labor laws in several red states.

#economy #labor #work #jobs #unions


1. 'Hey corporations! Have you considered the benefits of 14 year-old workers?'

Girl pushing pallet of boxes 

'Look at that cute little hard hat.'

2. 'These adorable scamps are learning valuable assembly line skills instead of wasting time with homework.'

Kids working on assembly line

'Keeps 'em from encountering any rebellious ideas.'

3. 'Statistically, kids are safer from mass shootings in a meatpacking plant than in school.'

Kid has accidentally cut off own arm while trimming meat

'Maybe they'll lose a limb, but hey, they'll probably survive.'

4. 'Best of all, they're cheap and their brains haven't developed enough to form unions!'

Kid carrying bag of cement mix - 'Form what?'

'Don't you worry about it!'
Flipboard News Desk
1 month ago

The U.S. economy slowed in the first quarter, with GDP growing only 1.1%, compared to 2.6% the previous quarter.

The AP explores the question: How will we know if we're in a recession?

#Economy #Business #GDP #Recession

1 month ago

The U.S. #economy grew at a 1.1% annual rate in the first quarter. Higher interest rates drove the slowdown, but consumer spending was resilient

Autonomie und Solidarität
1 month ago

‘Green colonialism’: Indigenous world leaders warn over west’s climate strategy

"World Indigenous leaders meeting this week at an annual #UN summit have warned that the west’s climate strategy risks the exploitation of #Indigenous territories, resources and people.
New and emerging threats about the transition to a greener economy, including mineral mining, were at the forefront of debate as hundreds of Indigenous chiefs, presidents, chairmen and delegates gathered at the 22nd United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues."

#greencolonialism #Vertreibungen #neokolonialismus #antireport #klimakrise #climatecrisis #Extractivism #Rohstoffe #economy #nature

Disney says there was 'a relentless campaign to weaponize government power against Disney' over free speech.
Disney sues Florida’s DeSantis over efforts to ‘weaponize’ govt
Jonathan Wright
1 month ago
🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
1 month ago

Why is inflation in the UK higher than other rich countries? No surprises, its Brexshit 😤

#Brexshit #economy #CostOfLiving #RejoinEU