The Cross-Cultural Nerd
2 hours ago

First Luoyang Spotlight since the reboot! I give a little tour of my workplace, Luoyang #2 Foreign Language Middle School, one of the best in the city. #Luoyang #education #school #middleschool #job #work

The front gate of Luoyang #2 Foreign Language Middle School lies ahead. On the left, in front of a dense cluster of small trees, is a sign with the school's name in English and Chinese. On the right is the school gate. Behind the gate, in the distance, is the school administration building, with the word "TEAMWORK" written vertically along four floors' worth of wall.
Rαhul Bhαdαni
2 hours ago

There is more to than just CS majors in grad school for CS Undergrads

To fulfill a dream of graduate school education in the United States, and having a US degree requires looking beyond computer science. #education #school #computerscience #phd #phdinusa #useducation #gradschool #graduateschool #STEMEducation #CS

2 hours ago
Listen To Your Gut Instinct
3 hours ago

Someone I know who has been an excellent high school teacher for more than 20 years quit at the end of the day today because "he's tired of dealing with kids who don't care". The students who broke his spirit won't know what they lost for years to come. It's such a shame.


Debra Wexler
4 hours ago

VP Harris announces $1 billion in aid for women’s economic empowerment in Africa. GOP division stymies ability to put forth budget. Disney thwarted DeSantis’ efforts to seize control. Budget and housing battles play out in Albany. School staff burdened with deluge of records requests. Somalis continue to endure drought and famine. Tech execs call for “pause” on AI. Plus much more in today’s news digest.

#news #education #democracy #politics #nyc

Lance Cummings
4 hours ago

I finally made my way onto Medium's Mastodon server.

I'm interested in following educators who create content online (including Medium) and/or use creator approaches in the classroom.


Leftist Lawyer
6 hours ago

The reason there’s no pushback from the #GOP on #public #school #shooting is that they don’t believe in #PublicSchools.

Every time it happen the perception increases that public school is unsafe. It increases the likelihood that #parents will #homeschool. And the GOP is all about shifting the #burden of #education entirely on parents.

Each shooting is analogous to murdering #socialized education.

The kids are just collateral damage to their goal.

6 hours ago

oh, and and @mttaggart for the kind words of encouragement... both excellent #smallstreamers for learning Infrastructure, #cybersecurity, and #education
9 hours ago

!Qzine - Qzine sur

D’habitude quand j’ai des retours sur les fanzines !Q ça peut aller de l’éruption de boutons au passage sous le bureau bouquet d’organes sexuels de plantes de fleurs. J’ai entendu des « putain! »(la …
* #qzine #qzineblog #blog #sexe #relations #éducation #plaisir #sociologie

10 hours ago
Rock Dove
10 hours ago


Sorry, we can’t do the math. According to the National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 26% of 12th graders are proficient in math.

#education #schools #guns #law #massshooting #constitution

Kaniggia JP
10 hours ago

Many times politicians and organizational executives say "this should never happen again" and "no one should be left behind."

Just like "useful words" in various situations...

In Japan, 240K school refusers are left behind.
And still increasing…

#schoolrefusal #schoolrefuser #education

10 hours ago

Florida principal quits after falling prey to a fake Elon Musk scam.

Lesson for Florida principals: Do not send $100,000 to a fake Elon!

#florida #education

Rest In Paradise
10 hours ago

Pnina Werbner, an emerita professor of social anthropology at England's Keele University who helped Muslim South Asians in Britain and Pakistan and worked for women's and workers' rights in Botswana, died suddenly at age 78. #education #activism #rip #obits #obituaries #restinparadise

Prof. Pnina Werbner
Marcel Gaida
10 hours ago

Got around to continuing some online courses on Python. In the exercise "Graph from links - Create a program that will create a graph or network from a series of links." - So I wrote a script that does just that - execute - enter a link to a website and it will create a scatter plot with all the links on that site. You can check out my version at the link below.

#elearning #education #programming #python #plotly

Pierre Lindenbaum
10 hours ago

🇫🇷 #suprise #france #education #university Un document du ministère de l’enseignement supérieur dont « Le Monde » a eu copie révèle que l’ancienne ministre de l’enseignement supérieur Frédérique Vidal, contrairement à ses dires, n’a jamais diligenté d’enquête en février 2021.

#Florida Governor #RonDesantis is making headlines with his polarizing #culturewar #battles and likely #presidentialbid. However, his actual #record of #governance, especially for those without significant wealth, is one of #abjectfailure. Despite four years in office, the state continues to rank low in #healthcare, #education, and #eldercare.

#LGBTQIA #Florida #RepublicanParty #Hate #Bigotry #Discrimination #Racism #Homophobia #Transphobia #Failure

13 hours ago

Opinion | The Virginia GOP just passed a blueprint for bullying teachers - GOP view of which parents rights should be respected. A blueprint for conservative bullying of teachers, students, and school boards about race and gender. via @msnbc #education

Gavin MacGregor
14 hours ago

Thought you might be interested in a bit of Scottish Archaeology news - Archaeology Scotland have just moved office to the wonderful Newbattle Abbey College

With a Medieval Abbey, Designed Garden & Landscape & WWII military camp there is an amazing heritage here.

And as a place of education we hope there will be lots of other learning opportunities.

#Archaeology #Scotland #Heritage #Education #Learning #Charity #News

White van with Archaeology Scotland logo on side sitting outside brick built WWII building
Large mansion house of Newbattle Abbey College, with crenelations along top of wall, and Scottish flag flying above
Garden with lawn and topiary trees, and yew hedges, in formal arrangement.  Elaborate sundial forms focal point. Beyond which mature woodland of wider designed garden and landscape

The so-called parents' rights movement has little to do with parenting or children.

' The reality of the “parents’ rights” movement is that it is meant to empower a conservative and reactionary minority of parents to dictate education and curriculums to the rest of the community. ... “Parents’ rights,” in other words, is when some parents have the right to dominate all the others. '

#education #schools #censorship #fascism #ParentsRights

Dezene Huber 🌻
14 hours ago

This #Canadian #federal #budget is a complete disaster for #postsecondary #education, #graduate #student and #postdoctoral #training, #research, and #development of #expertise in #Canada.

The message is "do more with less." But in reality all we can do is less, less, and less.


Quote: "The health of Canada’s research ecosystem is central to fostering innovation and developing talent—two critical elements Canada needs to ensure its long-term prosperity."


Meme that says "one does not simply do cutting-edge and meaningful research without adequate funding for personnel and infrastructure."
15 hours ago

Earlier this month we organised the annual CodeWeek community meeting alongside our colleagues at the European Commission. 🌍

Participants from of Europe met in Brussels to exchange ideas, share suggestions and plan for the coming months. 🙌

It was inspiring to witness so many people united in the mission to make coding accessible to all. 🎉

Here’s what the event looked like…

#CodeWeek #Coding #STEM #Education #Computing #Community #Comms

Mark Dunk
16 hours ago

#ICYMI UL students celebrate publication of their award-winning newspaper

Congratulations to all those behind the latest edition of Limerick Voice - they are continuing a fantastic tradition of exceptional journalism at UL

#StudyatUL #Limerick #Journalism #Student #Students #StudentJournalism #Education #University

A photograph of a group of five people stood on an elevated glass walkway above the photographer, looking down as they hold copies of the Limerick Voice newspaper created by University of Limerick students. There are four women and one man, all dressed smartly, with a large window behind them filling the frame
17 hours ago
Apereo Foundation
17 hours ago

Something for #HigherEd to think about?

French Ministry of #Education publishes Digital Strategy recommending various #FOSS applications for use by #teachers for #OnlineLearning. This move is motivated by sovereignty, security, freedom, and community, which shows how much progress has been made in the understanding of #OpenSource, compared to older discussions that focussed on the budgetary benefits.

#OSS #EdTech #OpenEdTech #ELearning #HIgherEducation

The Conversation Africa
17 hours ago

Young people bear the brunt of many challenges facing African countries. African adolescent girls and young women have the highest HIV infection rates. The continent has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies in the world. Many young people in Africa live with conflict and violence and are displaced. Many lack food, education and jobs.

Yet young people are not heard in decisions that directly affect their lives and health.


Sotiris L.
17 hours ago

Hey, #teachers, I'm building a resource sharing platform to help us easily share, search for, categorize, and organize #educational resources for FREE.
You're more than welcome to be one of the first to join at
cc @edutooters
#education #teaching #edtech #teacherlife

Uploading a file on
Sara Hjelm
17 hours ago

All turned to rain and my afternoon saved by
“Skolan efter marknaden
Om skolans och lärarrollens framtid”
(That last part was the assignment all the authors got)

Loots of reviews of this already so I’ll not be disappointed. I love the title
@asaplsnr @Skolinkvisition

@edutooters #education #npm #EduTooters

Jeff Greene
17 hours ago

Hey Higher Education Instructors - Here's a FREE handbook of the science of learning and how to implement its findings into your teaching. Must read!

#education #psychology #EducationalPsychology @edutooters @psychology

Patrick Masson
18 hours ago

I also liked this one with a surprisingly small keyboard.

Apparently, there is a wireless, micro-keyboard combination mouse out there in the #EdTech marketplace that I never heard about.

I also like the "racked up peripherals" available at every workstation; two gigantic five-inch floppy disk drives.


#ChatGPT #OpenAI #ArtificalIntellegence #MachineLeaening #Education #OpenSource

AI-generated image with a surprisingly small keyboard.

©2023, by P. Masson.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International  License.
Patrick Masson
18 hours ago

I then removed the titles, e.g., "Executive Director," " CIO," etc.

#ChatGPT #OpenAI #ArtificalIntellegence #MachineLeaening #Education #OpenSource

AI-generated image using Mastodon personal profile, but omitting job titles. One of a set of four; school children in a computer lab.

©2023, by P. Masson.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International  License.
AI-generated image using Mastodon personal profile, but omitting job titles. Second of a set of four; student in working at a computer.

©2023, by P. Masson.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International  License.
AI-generated image using Mastodon personal profile, but omitting job titles. Third of a set of four; school computer lab.

©2023, by P. Masson.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International  License.
AI-generated image using Mastodon personal profile, but omitting job titles. Fourth of a set of four; school children in a computer lab.

©2023, by P. Masson.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons  Attribution 4.0 International  License.
J. M. Guhlin
19 hours ago

Leveling Up with TA-TEKS: Computational Thinking, Coding, and Python #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

The Science Nomad
20 hours ago

#Sensors in #Science + #Tinkering 4 #Teachers. My new portable, bluetoothed, gas sensor modules, bringing biology, climate change & Air Quality into under served #school systems. My recent work has been developing #experientiallearning for #environmental #Education in #macedonia supported by UNICEF. Can be popped in a plastic bag & used to track rates of #photosynthesis outside in-situ. With a change of sensors we have used these to monitor airborne particle loads, and noxious gases.

A small daisy plant is housed inside a clear vessel. suspended above the plant is a small red sensor module, drawing gases up across the sensor electronics. Beside the clear enclosure are two bright LED floodlights illuminating the plant.
A small palm sized red sensor module sits on a desk. The red plastic case is slightly rough indicating it has been 3d printed. Visible on its sides are 2 access ports for usb cables - for charging and connecting to a computer. Visible on the modules conical top is a small opening with a fan enclosed. This draws air into the unit and pushes it over the sensors.
A graph is displayed on a large android tablet. The information has been sent via bluetooth from the sensor module. The graph has three lines, Red, Magenta and dark Blue. The red line represents humidity, this line is very nearly straight and horizontal. The magenta line represents the air temperature in the enclosure, at the start of the line on the left it is flat, but at the time the lights were turned on it begins to rise. At the time the lights were turned off it begins to slowly fall back but does not return to its original level. The dark blue line represents carbon Dioxide levels. The live representing the CO2 levels also starts of level on the left hand side, and begins to fall, a little after the lights have been turned on. At the time the lights are turned off the CO2 levels begin to slowly rise. The screen also shows buttons to connect the APP to the sensor module, and to save the data as well as email the data for further analysis.
Rita Portela (parody)
1 day ago

More info and resources:

California Indian Education for All Webpage:

Free Native Ways of Knowing Micro-Courses:

2022-23 SDCOE California Indian Education Resource Guide:

#CaliforniaIndigenous #Native #Indigenous #Decolonize #Education

The Elements of Mutual Aid
1 day ago

After just one week, we’ve made nearly half our campaign goal to fund the editing process. We’re blown away this community support.

Major thanks and appreciation for @igd_news, Red Pine Revolutionary Collective, @firestorm , and @TheFinalStrawRadio for supporting this series! We’re excited to be in association with such radical projects that we’ve admired for years! Your support is critical.

If your organization or collective is interested in supporting this docuseries come to life, send us a message or check out our Partnership Packet - link in bio!

Donations can be made to our Seed and Spark campaign:

Solidarity. And all power to the people’s cinema! ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

#documentary #mutualaid #anarchism #fundraiser #seedandspark #internationaldocumentaryassociation #abolition #socialjustice #education

2 days ago

On lessons about Ruby Bridges, Rosa Parks, etc:

my (white) 2nd grader got a lesson on this stuff and came home genuinely befuddled, 'people are mean because of someone's skin color? WHY?'

He didn't think all white people were bad

he didn't think he was bad

He thought racists were fucked in the head

Racists hate that.

#Politics #Education #Censorship

José A. Alonso
2 days ago

Designing an inclusive and accessible mathematical learning environment based on a theorem prover. ~ Bernhard Stöger, Klaus Miesenberger, Walther Neuper, Makarius Wenzel, and Thomas Neumayr. #ITP #IsabelleHOL #Education #Math

2 days ago

The parent reportedly thought the Disney movie based on a true civil rights story would “teach white children to hate Black children.”
#News #Florida #extremism #Politics #RonDeSantis #stopwokeact #CivilRights #History #rubybridges #RACISM #education #disney

This Friday, March 31, we’re excited to welcome designer and lettering artist, David Jon Walker ✨

Join us to learn about David’s process and inspiration for his 🔥 thought-provoking 🔥 lettering works.

This event is free and online ❤️
Details and registration are on our website:

Check out and follow David's work:

#community #criticalthinking #love #onlineevent #lectureseries #type #design #education

Mark Dunk
2 days ago

Is ChatGPT the End of Writing? Turnitin Believes It Could Actually Boost Students' Writing Instruction -- THE Journal #ai #chatgpt #turnitin #education #teaching #learning #k12 #school

They Call Me Dr. Breaux
2 days ago

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Education #WEBDuBois

"The South believed an educated Negro to be a dangerous Negro. And the South was not wholly wrong; for education among all kinds of men always has had, and always will have, an element of danger and revolution, of dissatisfaction and discontent."

W.E.B. Du Bois, The Souls of Black Folk

R. Scott Lee, Ph.D.
2 days ago

If you are involved with or interested in K-12 education one of the people I highly recommend. I recently had him as a guest on my podcast and the first of two episodes is available now. Here is a direct link or you may use your favorite podcast app to listen to The Thoughtful Teacher Podcast.

#education #edutooter #k12 #socialemotional

Doug Belshaw
2 days ago

Reinventing the Fortress: using Open Recognition to enhance ‘standards’ and ‘rigour’

#OpenRecognition #OpenBadges #education #learning #microcredentials

J. M. Guhlin
2 days ago

Promising Steps Toward Expanding Broadband Access in Texas #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

Miguel Guhlin
2 days ago

Carroll ISD school board votes to leave Texas Association of School Boards

#texas #education

Daniel Stucke
2 days ago

So much I should say on #Ofsted and also the derisory pay offer for teachers in England. It’s just crap isn’t it?! I don’t regret leaving teaching, and I should. #TeachersStrike #teachers #education

Auschwitz Memorial
2 days ago

28 March 1924 | A Polish woman, Zofia Bielawka, was born in Kolbuszowa.

In Auschwitz from 29 January 1943.
No. 32102
She perished on 3 March 1943.

#Auschwitz #Birkenau #ww2 #Poland #Nazis #Germany #NeverForget #education #history #histodons #Remember #otd #facts #woman #Kolbuszowa

A mugshot registration photograph from Auschwitz. A woman wearing a striped uniform photographed in three positions (profile and front with bare head and a photo with slightly turned head with a headscarf on). The prisoner number is visible on a marking board on the left.

This video from Holistic Think Tank (partners of @humrespro) is a beautiful paean to humanistic learning and the need to #RestoreHumanity to schools around the world. Trust me—you want to invest 21 minutes in watching this. 🧡 🚀 #Education #Teaching #ProgressiveEducation #EduToot

No One
2 days ago

@supernovae @bmerberg
Because schools and media teach us that communism is bad and capitalism is freedom. Freedom to do what? Be a wage slave?
Of course the schools and media never explain what capitalism or communism actually are. It's Orwellian language control.
#Orwell #Education #Indoctrination #Antifascism

Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 days ago

How has it come to this? No child should have to think of dying in a mass shooting, let alone feel the need to hold such sign just to get us to give a damn. #politics #republicans #gop #gqp #nashville #massshooting #schoolshooting #NashvilleCovenantSchool #politics #uspolitics #news #breakingnews #uspol #genz #education

2 days ago


I hope people realize how anti-teacher #Vallas is. And how anti public education he is. He stands to make a lot of money, personally, by privatizing more #Chicago schools.

#CharterSchools #Privatization #PublicEducation #Education #MayorsRace #PaulVallas #BrandonJohnson #Teachers

They Call Me Dr. Breaux
3 days ago

#BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #CivilRights #Education #FlPolitics

How about we cancel snowflakes instead of classes?

Florida college cancels civil rights lesson after student complaint

Human Restoration Project
3 days ago

What research supports finding a path to purpose in school? We break down Willliam Damon's Stages of Purpose & what he found in his survey of 1,200 young people. What % do you think are "disengaged"? 👀 #education

J. M. Guhlin
3 days ago

Two Ready-to-Use “This, Not That” Jamboard Bellringers #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

Drea and Team
3 days ago

Everyone please say hi and welcome
The Science Nomad
to the fediverse. 📚 😊

#STEMeducation #fediscience #openscience #education #teacher #edutoot

Q. what is driving the alarming surge in teenager suicide on both sides of the Atlantic?

Many suspect #socialmedia, while, others might argue that the stresses of secondary #education (esp. reforms since #Tories took over) are playing a role;

Whatever it is this shows how Anglo-Saxon societies are failing our young;

when life becomes so unbearable for the young that suicide looks like the plausible answer, we need to ask ourselves some very serous questions about how we organise society!

Chart: Rates of suicide among teenagers have climbed steeply since 2010 on both sides of the Atlantic; rates of death by suicide per 1mn people.

US. age 10-14:
Boys: rate stable around 20 until 2010 then rapidly rises to over 30
Girls: from around 8, to over 20 in same pattern.

England & Wales, age 15-19
Boys: oscillating around 40-5o until 2010, then rise to well over 60
Girls: stable at aound 15 until 2010, but now approaching 40
Marty Chan
3 days ago

As I do more and more virtual author visits for schools, I'm learning how the littlest things can make the biggest impact. Just did two sessions for a school in Tokyo. The kids went wild when I posted pictures of landmarks near their school. Thank you, Google Maps!

#kidlit #education #teaching #writing

3 days ago

Glitch art is something people have never liked making accessible to public knowledge - but the wave of “crypto artists” taking over the scene seem way more locked down on it.
Well guess who wrote a course on it last year that I’m finally finishing and shooting this quarter?
For this one free on analog_dreams of course.

#glitch #glitchart #glitchartist #education

Human Restoration Project
3 days ago

The flipped keynote lineup for our fully virtual Conference to #RestoreHumanity is complete:

🌟 Dr Antonia Darder
🌟 @TheJoseVilson
🌟 @MisterMinor
🌟 @iowa_wtf

Join us July 24-27th to break the doom loop!

Tickets @ #sunchat #edchat #education #K12

Full promo image for Conference to Restore Humanity 2023 featuring Dr Antonia Darder, Cornelius Minor, Jose Luis Vilson, & Iowa WTF. July 24-27th. Info & tickets @
Yahia Lababidi
3 days ago
4 days ago

Pennsylvania: Cybercharters Are an Educational Disaster - 9th grade cyber charter students are 9.5% less likely to graduate, 16.8% less likely to enroll in college and 15.2% less likely to persist there beyond one semester. via @dianeravitch #education

4 days ago

The Definition of Senior: A Look at the expectations for Software Engineers | #compsci #culture #education #practices #programming

Tom Drummond
4 days ago

@lina @csk This is truly one? Who is publishing sets for kids? #children #tiling #pattern #mathematics #education

Great article from #geekwire on the research I did with #foundry10 in partnership with #GameToGrow!

Great timing with the #DnDMovie!

We explored how #SEL (#socialemotionallearning) can be supported by #TTRPG / #DnD / #DungeonsandDragons using skilled facilitation and the ludic space.

#InformalEd #informalLearning #education #EduTooters #RPG #gametogrow #Seattle

Texas Observer Lives!
5 days ago

Burnt out on #education ... that he became school board prez:

Celia Israel's historic mayoral campaign in #Austin as a #LGBTQIA+ Latina woman

Hail Mary imagines a #border crossing as a story of angels, and the devil:
(CW: Blood)

David Shabani—From France to the Live #Music Capital of the World:

#culture #movies #immigration #Texas #Austin #SXSW

Texas Observer Lives!
5 days ago

While the rightist (hello #MIchaelGove) #education commentariat focus on rote learning & facts as being central to educating the young, employers top three skills requirement (FT) looking forward 5 years are:

1. critical thinking & analysis;
2. problem solving;
3. self-management

All three are undermined by the right's position on what state education should look like.

So if (like Liz Truss) you're looking to find the anti-growth coalition, look no further than the right's edu-policy!

5 days ago

" In 1972, Bob Metcalfe presented a thesis about connecting MIT’s mainframe computer to a precursor of the internet called Arpanet. The dissertation committee failed him, saying the topic wasn’t theoretical enough. This year, he received the Turing award. " #Internet #Network #Innovation #Science #Education

Miguel Guhlin
6 days ago

@wfryer The biggest takeaway from EdTechSR Ep 285 for me? that lets you bypass paywalls

Listen to EdTechSR

Down with paywalls! ;-) #noxp #paywalls #EdTechSR #Education #ai

Sorry to report that I'm shuttering my weekly newsletter.

I'd hoped that my public radio-style spring fund drive would attract new subscribers or, at least, one-time donors.

It was a bust.

Worse yet, very few people read the newsletter.

Though I'm grateful for my three subscribers, it isn't enough to justify the labor it takes to write this thing.

Meanwhile, the uncontrolled spread of covid in schools continues… :(

#SchoolsAreSuperspreaders #Covid #LongCovid #Education @novid

Stress and sleep-deprivation causing back pain for teens, not schoolbags, University of Limerick study finds

Some 48% of adolescents experience back pain later in life with some 28% saying it is significantly disabling

#StudyatUL #Research #BackPain #PainRelief #HigherEducationResearch #Health #HealthAndWellbeing #Education #University

A photograph showing a person in a pea green top from behind. Their hands are reaching round to cradle their lower back as they experience pain. Only their shoulders to their waist is visible, and they are seen against a white backdrop
Mark Dunk
6 days ago
J. M. Guhlin
6 days ago

iPhone Tips and Tricks You May Not Know #edtech #education #TCEA #tceajmg @edtech

Steve Faulkner
6 days ago

I can attest to this, having 2 daughters…

“‘It broke the link’: how the pandemic disrupted children’s relationship with school

One in five pupils in England were reported as persistently absent during the last school year”

#UK #education

The Xylom
6 days ago

Fresh off the press: Who knew there were more than rock pigeons and crows to be found within the concrete jungles of Bangalore? Mrunali Srundar spoke to the educators, innovators, and advocates who are bringing nature to children in the South Indian city:

#conservation #nature #environment #india #education #children #news

@msfreepress @TexasObserver @heiseonline @damemagazine @TucsonSentinel @themarkup @STAT @gbhnews @ProPublica