16 hours ago

National chief-hopefuls say feds must back down from controlling First Nations membership

The 6(2) controversy hit a leadership forum when a question about the second-generation cut-off for transmitting Indian #status was asked of candidates running for #election of national chief of the Assembly of First Nations.

The consensus is that it’s the right of #FirstNations to determine membership, not the federal government.

#Indigenous #rights #selfdetermination #AFN

Six photos of people running for the position of national chief of the Assembly of First Nations, four men and two women.
Dr. Steve Thompson
18 hours ago

"Court filing reveals Rep. Scott Perry’s vast web of contacts in bid to reverse 2020 election"

"A federal appeals court on Wednesday released previously secret text messages from Perry — only to remove them from the public docket later in the day."

#GOP #ScottPerry #election

More Neighbours Toronto
18 hours ago

Friendly reminder of two important things happening today:

It's #election day in Ward 20 #ScarboroughSouthwest. Make sure you get out and #vote for a candidate who supports #AffordableHousing and more housing for more neighbours.

Today is the last day to fill out the #BudgetTO survey and make your voice heard for how the city of #Toronto should spend it's money. More info at


Erika Sumner
21 hours ago

#BREAKING #NEWS: Election interference #alert

Due to #GOP led lawsuits against the #Biden administration, the #US #Government is no longer briefing #Meta on foreign influence campaigns. The #conservative #legal campaign against initiatives established to avoid a repeat of the 2016 #election (when #Russia manipulated #socialmedia in an attempt to sow chaos & swing the vote for Trump) is leaving us & our #elections vulnerable to Russia & others AGAIN.

22 hours ago

Posts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

#dilbert #parody #trump #satire #comic #webcomic #election #insurrection

Forget about our health care system if Mr. #Trump is re-elected!

“Trump shook up Republicans on Capitol Hill over the weekend by declaring that if elected president he would make another run at repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.”

""I don't want to terminate Obamacare, I want to REPLACE IT with MUCH BETTER HEALTHCARE. Obamacare Sucks!!!!"

Mr. Trump did not provide details on replacement legislation!

Voter Beware!
#vote #election #obamacare #biden #health #healthcare

The Chuck Grassley Plot Thickens: An ABC News Bombshell Report Sheds New Light on the One Coup Plot Trump Believed Could Actually WorkThis was the one—the coup plot Trump seems to have thought was the simplest, the most elegant, and the easiest to accomplish. And we now have all the evidence we need to confirm that he was right. This report builds on the Grassley Plot. Until you understand this plot, you don’t understand January 6.

Mike Pence told special counsel Jack Smith’s team that he tried to get someone else to certify the results of the 2020 presidential election because he did not want to upset Donald Trump, according to ABC News.

Pence, who may be called to testify at Trump’s D.C. election crimes trial scheduled to begin in March, told prosecutors that Trump surrounded himself with “crank” lawyers after his election LOSS that espoused “un-American” legal theories & nearly pushed the country into a “constitutional crisis,” via ABC News.

#Coup #insurrection #steal #election

Nils Wilcke
1 day ago

Pécresse confesse une "forme d'impréparation" lors de sa campagne pour la présidentielle. L'élue LR, qui veut désormais se "montrer sans filtre (!)", se dit "blessée" des "caricatures" faites d'elle, dans un entretien au Point. Elle n'a eu besoin de personne pour se ridiculiser...

#Politique #Presidentielle #Pecresse #Election #LR

Linux Is Best
1 day ago

What happens when you tell someone to STOP blaming progressives, and your point starts being liked and boosted?

They block you, of course!

People like this are not interested in finding solutions or thinking progressively.

#Progressive #Progressives #America #USA #Election #Election2024 #Democrat #DNC

Newly released messages show #ScottPerry had deeper ties 2 #JeffreyClark during #2020election plotting than previously known, #Politico reported Wed

"The exchange between 2 central figures in #Trump’s bid 2 subvrt #election was disclosd in newly unseald filing releasd by a fed appeals court in D.C.," said report. "The exchange was 1 of 12s describd in filing, released in connection w/ effort by #SpecialCounsel #JackSmith 2 access communications stored on Perry’s phone"

Chris Crews (he/him)
2 days ago

One more piece of evidence for the conspiracy crowd tracking #election interference, just not the kind of proof the #GOP wants to hold up to the public.

BREAKING: Two Republican officials in Cochise County, #Arizona were indicted for failing to certify the county's 2022 #elections on time. The pair face felony counts of conspiracy and interference with an election officer.

#election #crimes

Guy Dudeman
2 days ago

Not sure how far this will reach on Mastodon, but just thought I would put it out there...

There's an important Los Angeles City Council election happening in March, and an actual Socialist is finally on the Ballot!

Not only that, but Lalo Vargas is running against Kevin de León, who has refused to resign following his involvement in the racist city council scandal of 2022.

Lalo Vargas:

"Born in Los Angeles and raised in an immigrant, working-class family, I’m excited to run for L.A. City Council as a proud Mexican-American.

My mother had me as a teenager, and my father worked long hours of manual labor to support our family. I owe everything to the sacrifices my parents have made for myself and my siblings as they worked tirelessly to provide opportunities for us.

Growing up in LA, I saw how immense wealth and extreme poverty existed side by side, just blocks away from each other. It is clear that impoverished communities suffer from deliberate choices made by a government that does not exist to serve them. "

#losangeles #socialism #lalovargas #citycouncil #election #politics #socialist #PSL #vote #democracy #district14 #d14 #kevindeleon #KevindeLeón #endcorruption #racism #endracism #lacitycouncil #la #lacouncil #elections #voting #voting2024 #dsa

DAME Magazine
2 days ago

In this week's Truth About newsletter, Max Burns digs into the all-out assault on #voting #rights

"In red states, the situation has grown dire. #Republican #lawmakers last year crafted a record number of laws designed to strip away the #vote from millions of Americans ahead of the 2024 general #election"

Azure Cerulean
2 days ago

What Happens for #GOP #Candidates If #Trump #Dies During #2024 #Election?

Here's what happens if Donald Trump dies while running in the 2024 #presidential election
Sonam Sheth Nov 25, 2023, 4:11 AM EST

Donald Trump is currently the #Republican frontrunner heading into the 2024 election.
He is 77 years old and will turn 78 in June.

2 days ago

Posts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

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2 days ago


by @thejuicemedia

Republicans and Democrats, as well as voters and political pressure groups could learn a lot from #Australia when it comes to #rigging an #election in a two-party system:


🇰🇵 En Corée du Nord, le parti de Kim Jong-un n’obtient pas 100 % des voix et c’est une première  📰

#RevuedePresse #Politique #International #CoreeDuNord #NorthKorea #election #elections #Election2023 #elections2023

3 days ago

Posts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

#dilbert #parody #trump #satire #comic #webcomic #election #insurrection

General Strike Now
3 days ago

'Time for a general strike!' It only backfires! Related Stories. Chun Doo Hwan's grandson discharged from hospital after livestreaming drug usage.

Excited by a newly released movie about Chun Doo Hwan’s coup and his declaration of the martial law, an opposition lawmaker raised the possibility of President Yoon Suk Yeol doing the same if his party wins the upcoming parliamentary elections.#KimYong-min #ChunDooHwan #coup #YoonSukYeol #election
Beware of martial law!

4 days ago

Posts of strips from the book collection most weekdays. New strips every Sunday.

#dilbert #parody #trump #satire #comic #webcomic #election #insurrection

According to #Bloomberg, US #Economy looking much better than expected, especially compared to the rest of the world

#recession #inflation #bidenomics #biden #vote #election

🇳🇱🇪🇺 #PaysBas : les négociations pour la formation d'une coalition dans l'impasse après la démission de l'éclaireur  📰

#RevuedePresse #Politique #International #Netherlands #Legislatives2023 #election #elections #elections2023 #GeertWilders

Andrew Millar
4 days ago

"On Monday, the [UK] #government passed a statutory instrument that will increase the amount of money that an individual can donate to a party without declaring who donated it, from £7,500 to £11,180. [and]... increased the national #election #spending cap by 80%, from £19.5m to about £35m. This is the amount that party HQs can spend"
#UKPolitics #ElectoralReform


Carolyn Porco
4 days ago


Toto ... I have a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.

More than 3 dozen incumbents are running for the doors and *not* for re-election.

Can you blame them?


Raw Story
4 days ago

"Two Corinthians" never stops being funny

Trump thinks evangelicals have no control over him anymore and will fall in line for 2024

#trump #election

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
5 days ago

'Not a menace but a messiah': Author explains why Trump rant proves loyalty to white evangelicals

Ex-President Donald Trump has long enjoyed staunch support from a particular Christian demographic: right-wing white evangelicals.

As anti-Trump conservative Pete Wehner recently pointed out in an op-ed for The Atlantic, white evangelicals "remain loyal" to the MAGA hopeful despite his use of "rhetoric" that is "clearly fascistic."

In a Sunday, November 26 op-ed, MSNBC columnist and Unholy: How White Christian Nationalists Powered the Trump Presidency, and the Devastating Legacy They Left Behind author Sarah Posner suggests that one of the former president's most recent Truth Social rants proves his loyalty to that specific demographic.

He wrote, "we will demolish the Deep State, we will expel the warmongers from our government, we will drive out the globalists, we will cast out the Communists, Marxists, and Fascists, we will throw off the sick political class that hates our Country, we will rout the Fake News Media, we will evict Joe Biden from the White House, and we will FINISH THE JOB ONCE AND FOR ALL! The 2024 election is our final battle."

#USPol #Politics #News #DonaldTrump #Trump #GOP #Election #Alternet

Paolo Melchiorre
5 days ago

🔔 A reminder to Django Software Foundation members

📅 The 2024 DSF Board election is still open for votes and will close at midnight on November 27, 2023, AoE

👥 Candidate statements can be found on the Django website

#Django #DSF #Board #Election #AoE

Zeitgeisty Aphorisms
5 days ago

People can put up with #election but not with hashtag__voting.

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
5 days ago

In case you were wondering if an election was coming up

Migrant Caravan Swells to ‘Over 7,000 People’ En Route to US Border

#USPol #Politics #News #Election #Immigration #Caravan #Refugee

“Playing the chess board in front of us.”

“As I wrote several weeks ago, “Voting is a chess move, not a Valentine’s Day card.” Looking at the chess board in front of us, there is only one winning strategy: ensure the re-election of Joe Biden by increasing turn-out!”

#trump #biden #vote #election #fascism #republican #democrat #democracy

Text Shot: Politics is complicated and requires the balancing of competing and (sometimes) inconsistent interests. For those upset with Biden’s reluctance to make a public call for a cease-fire, look to the results of his strategy. It is understandable that some people are upset or angry with Biden. I won’t try to talk anyone out of their feelings (or, as my Managing Editor wisely counsels, “Don’t tell me how I should feel.”)

“Voting is a chess move, not a Valentine”

“Joe Biden is not perfect. But he is good. We cannot let perfection be the enemy of the good.”

#Vote #election #Biden #Trump #roberthubbell

Text Shot: the act of voting should be a strategic choice, not a teenage crush. Do telegenic charisma and good looks matter in politics? Sadly, yes. But they are poor indicators of character, intelligence, and integrity. And it is unrealistic to expect that any candidate will be “perfect” on every issue that is important to us. “Single-issue” voting is responsible for the blight of extremism threatening our democracy.
6 days ago

"Members of the #Puntland regional state parliament have accused their Speaker, Abdirashid Yusuf Jibril, of undermining the independence of the parliament to enforce the political will of President Said Abdullahi Deni. Speaking to the media in Garowe on Friday, the parliamentarians asserted that the Speaker has impeded peace efforts in Garowe city aimed at resolving the conflict resulting from the #election dispute..."

#news #somalia

6 days ago

"'We will not recognize the results of this illegitimate #election, riddled with irregularities, and we decline all responsibility for the political and social instability that could ensue,' warned the collective...od opposition candidates... Siteny Randrianasoloniaiko, who stood apart from the collective for a time to lead the campaign...also denounced 'worrying anomalies' which...'raise legitimate questions about the validity of the results'"

#news #madagascar

Pathetic & Reprehensible

A Very Trump Thanksgiving 👎🤬

Now is not the moment to ignore #Trump’s rants and threats. He has a history of saying the quiet part out loud, of letting us know just how bad his intentions are. It’s incumbent upon us to listen. I understand the folks who think we shouldn’t share his hate-filled diatribes, but if we do not, it’s easy for people to push him aside as a crazy uncle, not as the serious threat he is to the future of our country

#vote #election

Text Shot: Now it’s time to get to work and make sure Trump never holds public office again. Even though we’re heading into the holidays, there are simple steps you can take now to make sure you’re ready come the new year:

Make sure you’re registered to vote
Sign up to work the polls
Pick a campaign to support or work on
Join the League of Women Voters or another pro-voting group
Don’t miss any opportunity, even if it’s inconvenient, to encourage others to take where we are seriously
A friend who is well-educated and well-meaning said to me this week that she didn't see any chance Trump had of winning next November. "Am I being naïve?" she asked. “Yes,” I told her.

This coming election is going to be an all hands on deck event.

U.S. state policy contexts and mortality of working-age adults

“Especially strong associations were observed between certain domains and specific causes of death: between the gun safety domain and suicide mortality among men, between the labor domain and alcohol-induced mortality, and between both the economic tax and tobacco tax domains and CVD mortality”

#vote #Election #mortality #morbidity #death #politics #trump #biden #guns #suicide #alcohol #tobacco #HeartDisease #death

Text Shot: Simulations indicate that changing all policy domains in all states to a fully liberal orientation might have saved 171,030 lives in 2019, while changing them to a fully conservative orientation might have cost 217,635 lives.

Mind-Boggling and Reprehensible!

If Democrats Ran Red States Fewer People Would Die

“if, in 2019, “liberals” (#Democrats) had run all the Red states, then 171,030 fewer Americans would have died that year. On the other hand, if “conservatives” (#Republicans) had succeeded in imposing their #Healthcare, tax, labor, and gun policies on the Blue states, there would have been an additional 217,635 dead Americans.”

#vote #election #biden #trump

Text Shot: If you were born and live in Japan, you can expect to live to 85 years old. For South Korea average lifespan is 83, as are Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, Israel, and Australia.

It’s 82 for Italy, Spain, Ireland, France, Finland, and New Zealand.

Cuba (!) and Panama are 79; Uruguay and Croatia are 78.

A total of 61 countries have average lifespans of 78 years or older, ranging from Singapore’s 84 to Estonia’s 78.

And then there’s the United States. Our average lifespan comes in at a paltry 77 years, along with Iran, Tunisia, and Morocco.

And it’s entirely because of Republican policies.

#court #election #crime

NCBCP v. Wohl

Cause: 42:1985 Consipracy to interfere with civil rights

Nature of Suit: Civil Rights: Voting

Jury Demand: Plaintiff

The 5-day jury trial is adjourned to Jan 29, 2024

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
1 week ago

The weird sound heard all over the Netherlands on Thursday morning was the sound of WW2 resistance fighters rolling in their graves. #SarcasmButOnlyHalf #Election #PVV

1 week ago

#GeertWilders' victory in #Netherlands election spooks #Europe

The unexpectedly meaty win for controversial, #hard-rightpolitician Geert Wilders in Wednesday's general #election in the Netherlands set international #headlines on fire.

Right-wing #nationalists across Europe rushed to congratulate the #populist, dubbed the #DutchTrump - partly for his dyed, #bouffant-like hairdo, and partly for his famously #firebrand rhetoric. 😶

Not Just Bikes 🇳🇱
1 week ago

Election results for Amsterdam.

As usual with every national election everywhere, the cities are significantly more left than other areas of the country.

That's something, I guess.

#Amsterdam #election #verkiezingen

National election results for the Amsterdam region showing overwhelming support for left-wing parties.
1 week ago

@Socratease @PDFlynn

And if you think that this Oracle social media analysis is only looking for supporters, you are not seeing what these monsters have in mind. They're going to ruin their detractor's lives and are building those plans too. Everyone who may be on the detractors list better move heaven and earth to stop them in this election. #fascism #Trump #democracy #election #vote

From a friend (cont.):

Back before Trump won election, I bumped into a working stiff who told me that Trump was different and would make a difference. Communicating with ignorance is difficult; it's like throwing things at a black hole. I couldn't think of what to say to him.

Some hours later, I thought of what I might have asked him (which works better than telling or arguing with people):

"Have you ever had a boss that was a screamer, who was always right and you always wrong?"
...and most have.

I *then* could have said, "That's Trump"

I recently saw a humorous post:

How do you measure entitlement?
In degrees Karenheit....


--Stewart Dean, Kingston, NY

#Trump #election #elections #voting #VoteBlue #ignorance #boss #scream #right #wrong #entitlement

1 week ago

Wilder and wilder - first Argentina, now the Netherlands. It ain’t safe out there

Geert Wilders aims to become Dutch PM after shock election winGeert Wilders aims to become Dutch PM after shock election win

#election #Netherlands #GeertWilders

1 week ago

Thomas Edsall goes into detail in a NY Times column about Trump's deteriorating mental state and increasing paranoia and anger — and asks at the end why media continue to present him as a normal presidential candidate.

The column is worth reading.

(no paywall)

#election #Trump #mentalHealth #pyschopathy

Working Class Games
1 week ago

Reminder that listening to RATM can help deal with frustrating election results (like a fascist win in the netherlands right now)

#election #rage #noShelterHere

1 week ago


This very important information. Everyone who values freedom and democracy needs to understand what is going on. Trump is attempting to become the next Hitler and he's dangerously close to pulling it off.

"Why it matters: Hundreds of people are spending tens of millions of dollars to install a pre-vetted, pro-Trump army of up to 54,000 loyalists across government to rip off the restraints imposed on the previous 46 presidents.

The screening for ready-to-serve loyalists has already begun, driven in part by artificial intelligence from tech giant Oracle, contracted for the project.
Social media histories are already being plumbed."

#fascism #trump #democracy #election #vote

Bob LeFridge
1 week ago

It's election day in the Netherlands and exit polls show Geert Wilders' far-right, anti-immigrant 'Party for Freedom' has won the most votes.

At this stage most of the other parties don't want to work with him. Coalition talks will be interesting.

#Netherlands #Election #Wilders

Yusuf Toropov
1 week ago

#Thanksgiving time ... and I am DAMN #GRATEFUL #JoeBiden is #POTUS.



INSTANT bullshit countermeasures


"#stolenelection" = #BS
#2020election #election

Stolen Election “THE JUDGES WOULDN’T EVEN ] 9 A { LET TRUMP’S LAWYERS PRESENT ANY EVIDENCE! Right-winged channels distributed this fact to be | regurgitated and re-regurgitated without a care for context. 7, This refers specifically to Texas v. Pennsylvania, 592 U.S. (2020) in which Texas sued 4 other states to retroactively un-count mail-in ballots that had arrived after Election Day, but were postmarked before then (which is odd, because Texas also counts mail-in ballots under this provision). The judge threw out the case without hearing the evidence... = that evidence being... that they'd counted ballots that were postmarked on/before Election Day - because the case had [§ no legal standing; a state cannot sue another state for how ( they run their own elections. e @ 1t'd be like me trying to sue my neighbor for wallpapering his own halls pink, then crying because the judge dismissed it without even hearing my evidence that he’d done so!
1 week ago

Donald #Trump's classified documents case appears to be headed for a politically precarious postponement.

Delaying his trial until after the November #election might mean the trial never happens at all, with Trump expected to order the DOJ to shut down the case if he wins.

A shorter delay could push the trial into the heart of the general election campaign.
1 week ago

“Our people don't want trinkets and window dressing and tokens. We want owner equity…”

Candidate for AFN national chief David Pratt believes the chiefs’ voices have been lost in the organization.

He says the primary focus of AFN needs to go back to issues of self-determination, sovereignty, treaty implementation and the land questions First Nations are dealing with from coast to coast.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #politics #election #AFN #governance

A man wearing glasses has on a beaded buckskin vest and a feather chief's bonnet. He stares off into the distance.
Peter Bloem
1 week ago

I guess we're in for a lot of cries of "We won the election, it's cheating not to let us into the government" from the PVV if they become the biggest.

I hope the response is crystal clear. Winning the election is not about getting the most votes.

Winning the election means getting the support of the majority of the country.

If one quarter voted for you and the rest thinks you're toxic, you haven't won anything, and you don't have a mandate to govern.


I missed this from @openDemocracy last week, but it may shape how the next #election plays out.

The number of #Tory held seats where a 5th or more of #voters are in rented homes has nearly doubled from 22% in the 2011 census to 40% in 2021.

Renters, as we know, are at th sharp end of the #costoflivingcrisis, but also often lag in registering to vote...

So Q. is: will the #Tories appalling record on renters' issues bite them or are the gambling on them not voting?
1 week ago

Sheila North says the Assembly of First Nations needs to get back to basics, and she wants to help the organization do that.

That’s part of the reason she chose to run for the position of national chief.

She said an examination of the current state of affairs in First Nations communities is required and their needs must be the priority.

#Indigenous #FirstNations #politics #election #AFN #governance

A woman with dark hair looks toward the camera with a sly smile.

The Australian Ballot: Secret ballots are called "Australian" because Australia had them before the US or the UK
#australia #election #politics #history #voting #+

1 week ago

The #EighthCircuit appeals court on Mon drastically weakened the #VotingRightsAct, ruling only the #federal govt could bring a #legal challenge under §2 of the #VRA, effectively barring private citizens & #CivilRights groups from filing #lawsuits, a crucial part of the #law that prohibits #election or #voting practices that #discriminate against #Americans based on #race.

Jeroen Habets
2 weeks ago

"When I #voted For People To Be #Poorer I Didn't realise it would happen to #Me!"

#theexplodingheads "#ColinFromPortsmouth has never felt more let down by his party, who can be sure of his vote in the next #election."

I'm afraid it translates perfectly to the #DutchElections (e.g. replace #Tory with #VVD)

2 weeks ago

New Orleans / Louisiana friends - Election day, if you haven't voted, please do.
Important harm mitigation. Too many didn't bother to vote in the first election, so we have an incoming MAGAt Governor elect. But the important offices of Secretary of State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer depend on today's election.

#NewOrleans #NOLA #Louisiana #Election

2 weeks ago

What the hell? The President can conduct insurrection? What bat shit world is this?

Article: Colorado judge finds Trump engaged in insurrection, but rejects constitutional ballot challenge

#jan6 #uspolitics #colorado #election #insurrection

2 weeks ago

New Orleans / Louisiana friends: Remember to VOTE tomorrow (Sat 18 Nov).

Antigravity magazine voting guide:


#NOLA #NewOrleans #vote #Election #Louisiana

Additionally, the U.S. intelligence community released a report on Russian interference in the 2020 United States elections. According to the declassified DNI report released on March 16, 2021, there was evidence of broad efforts by Russia to shape the election’s outcome.

The report detailed a massive disinformation push that successfully targeted, and was openly embraced, by Trump’s allies. The Russian government meddled in the 2020 election with an influence campaign “denigrating” President Joe Biden and “supporting” Donald Trump.

The chief U.S. intelligence office concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw sweeping efforts aimed at “denigrating” President Joe Biden’s candidacy ahead of the 2020 election.

The report also mentioned that Russian proxies met with and provided materials to Trump-administration-linked U.S. figures.

#coup #election #crimes #russian #PsyOp #propaganda #warfare

2 weeks ago

Desperate to regain the fogy vote?
#UK #BBCNews #news #IHT #election #GeneralElection2024 #GE2024

BREAKING: NEVADA is investigating their fraudulent electors.

State’s attorney general is investigating the efforts of Republicans who falsely claimed to be Trump electors.

#fraudulent_electors #election #fraud

#CanPoli #CdnPoli Canada Politics Poll of the Day! #CPPotD
A followup to yesterday's poll (follow the #CPPotD hashtag to see previous polls).
When do you expect the next Canadian General Election to be held?

Boost for reach!
#cdnelx45 #election #Canada #LiberalParty #NDP #CPC #Green #Bloc #PPC #PleaseBoost

Yusuf Toropov
3 weeks ago


The top elections official in Hinds County, said his office started receiving calls re: ballot shortages Tues. afternoon. He said he made a frantic trip to an office supply store as #election commissioners scrambled to print more ballots & voters waited.

A precinct in Clinton had 100 people in line but only 14 ballots available at 6:45 p.m.; another ran out of ballots 3 times, only received 100 more each time, according to the court filing by #Mississippi Votes.



Sheril Kirshenbaum
3 weeks ago

For nearly a decade, I did national public opinion polling out of 2 large research universities.

As I now watch U.S. election coverage swell, a friendly reminder that polls miss A LOT of people + A LOT of opinions.

So a full year out from the next #election, don’t pay much attention to polls in the #news.

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago

“Not the odds, but the stakes.

That's my shorthand for the organizing principle we most need among journalists covering the 2024 campaign.

Not who has what chances of winning, but the consequences for Americans and their democracy. What is likely to happen if... Again and again.

Not the odds, but the stakes.”

#Politics #USPol #USPolitics #Election #Elections
#Journalism #Journalists #Press #Media #News #USA

Screen shot of a Mastodon post by
Jay Rosen

With the text:
Not the odds, but the stakes.

That's my shorthand for the organizing principle we most need among journalists covering the 2024 campaign. 

Not who has what chances of winning, but the consequences for Americans and their democracy. What is likely to happen if... Again and again. 

Not the odds, but the stakes.

#uspolitics #journalism #journalismus
Zhi Zhu 🕸️
3 weeks ago


"Coverage that serves the community well focuses on what’s important not to politicians but to the people... It shows not only who could win but what it would mean.

High-value #election coverage revolves around families, individuals and every affected resident. It weighs their aspirations against campaign rhetoric & possible election outcomes...

Low-value election coverage clings to the question of who’s going to win."

#Journalism #Press #Media #Politics #News

Coverage that serves the community well focuses on what’s important not to politicians but to the people. It discusses policy not according to official messaging but to impact. It shows not only who could win but what it would mean.

High-value election coverage revolves around families, individuals and every affected resident. It weighs their aspirations against campaign rhetoric and possible election outcomes. It’s careful to account for the interests of those who historically have been underrepresented in the political conversation or excluded from it entirely.

Low-value election coverage clings to the question of who’s going to win. The business of highlighting polls, dollars and endorsements — often called “horse race” coverage — is central to election reporting in many newsrooms across the country. It’s easy to do, it’s always been done, and it often gets attention.

But how well does it serve voters?

Horse race coverage prioritizes those in power, not the people the powerful are supposed to serve. The news it delivers can be superficial, and in some cases it can amount to misinformation if its effect is to legitimize objectionable campaigns or distract from crucial facts.

That’s why in Newsline’s election coverage, we’re demoting the horse race and elevating constituent interests.

NYT covering Hillary Clinton’s “deplorables” remark vs NYT covering Donald Trump’s “vermin” remark.

#politics #trump #election #news #media #theNewYorkTimes #newspaper #hillaryClinton #mediaBias #bias

Screenshot of The New York Times

Hillary Clinton Calls Many Trump Backers ‘Deplorables,’ and G.O.P. Pounces
Screenshot of The New York Times

Trump Takes Veterans Day Speech in a Very Different Direction

Stop talking about what Donald Trump is talking about challenge 2024

#politics #trump #election #election2024 #uspol #uspolitics

3 weeks ago

We can disagree on things like #Israel but my God. This is not the time for voting third party or sitting out.

I’ve lived a long time and never heard speech like this from a candidate. It’s truly Hitlerian. #Trump #GOP #Election #Democrats #Palestine

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The Public Doesn’t Understand the Risks of a #Trump Victory. That’s the #Media’s Fault (Margaret Sullivan, The Guardian, 11/23) >>>

Sullivan, 1/2: "The #press must get across to #American citizens the crucial importance of this #election and the dangers of a Trump win. They don’t need to surrender their journalistic independence to do so or be “in the tank” for #Biden or anyone else."


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11-8-23 Nicole Sandler Show — Election Wins, Morality Loses
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War is ugly. Always is, always has been. There's a famous poster from the Vietnam War era that reads "War is not healthy for children and other living things". Sometimes we must restate the obvious and still, people who need to hear it just won't listen.
Today, I'll speak with law
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An interesting note on the #Virginia senate race - and in regards to our state's "First Past the Post" voting schema:

Fredericksburg area (SD 27) elected a Republican to the Senate while they elected a Democrat to the House.

Fredericksburg is relatively liberal. So how did this happen?

The House race was between two folks, a Democrat and a Republican.

The Senate race had three runners, a Democrat, a Republican, and an Independent.

It looks like Monica Gary, the Independent pulled votes away from Joel Griffin, the Democrat.

Gary was for legalization of Cannabis, Abortion Rights, and improving public transportation.

So folks that would normally vote for Democrats, voted for her instead - splitting the vote and allowing the Republican to win.

Until we replace First Past the Post with a Ranked Choice voting schema, or even a some sort of proportional representation schema, we have a two party system. That's what First Past the Post creates. Any vote for a third party is, unintuitively, a vote AGAINST what that party stands for.

Tara Durant, Republican, won with 33,794 votes or 48.33%. Note, not breaking 50%. Joel Griffin lost by only 1,527 votes. Monica Gary, who held a similar stance on many issues as Griffin, pulled 3,219 votes from the Democrat, causing him to lose. (Monica Gary was a great candidate, but with First Past the Post, she split the vote and while Griffin / Gary had the majority votes - their platform lost.)

Vote Democrat or Vote Republican - don't vote third party. THAT SAID!!!! Absolutely vote and push to replace First Past the Post voting schema. We need proportional representation. We need ranked choice.

If we had ranked choice, folks could have voted for Gary and when she didn't make the top two (if a candidate hadn't broke past 50% of the vote), their vote could have then gone to Griffin and allowed him to win - or more voters would have voted for Gary first and she may have won. As the majority of Fredericksburg voters voted for a liberal platform, that would have represented the will of the populace better.

Note, ranked choice is better for Republicans as well. It prevents a Republican leaning Independent or Third Party candidate from splitting their vote, too.

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Tara Durant, Republican, wins with 33,794 votes or 48.33%. Note, not breaking 50%. Joel Griffin lost by only 1,527 votes. Monica Gary, who held a similar stance on many issues as Griffin, pulled 3,219 votes from the Democrat, causing him to lose.
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Meet your new State Senator, VA

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Danica Roem plays guitar

METAL guitar
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Democrat Brandon Sakbun--27-year-old former Army Ranger—wins Terre Haute mayoral race, beating four-term incumbent Republican Duke Bennett. @INDems Chairman Mike Schmuhl has compared him to Pete Buttigieg. (Buttigieg did not become mayor of South Bend until age 29.)

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Photo of Brandon Sakbun of Terre Haute, Indiana who won mayoral race.
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Democrats have won the Virginia Senate, won abortion rights in Ohio, and won the Governorship in Kentucky.

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