Foreign interference is the 'greatest strategic threat' facing Canada's national security, CSIS says | CBC News #CSIS #Elections #Democracy #China #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

Myanmar people in Thailand hope a new government in Bangkok will take a tougher line on the coup leaders in Yangon.
Myanmar’s democratic struggle at stake in Thailand’s election

#Politique #Votes #France #Elus #Veille #Memory #Elections #Maires #Sénat

3. Sénateurs et sénatrices qui ont votés pour la #ReformeDesRetraites du gouvernement Borne en 2023


Sénateurs et sénatrices qui ont votés pour la réforme des retraites du gouvernement Borne en 2023

Sénateurs et sénatrices qui ont votés pour la réforme des retraites du gouvernement Borne en 2023

Sénateurs et sénatrices qui ont votés pour la réforme des retraites du gouvernement Borne en 2023

Sénateurs et sénatrices qui ont votés pour la réforme des retraites du gouvernement Borne en 2023

#Politique #Votes #France #Elus #Veille #Memory #Elections #Législatives2027

2. Député(e)s s'étant abstenus du vote de la motion de censure transpartisane du 20/03/23 #ReformeDesRetraites

Député(e)s s'étant abstenus du vote de la motion de censure transpartisane du 20/03/23 #RéformeDesRetraites

#Politique #Votes #France #Elus #Veille #Memory #Elections #Législative2027

Un petit fil sur les votes à l'Assemblée Nationale et au Sénat sur la #ReformeDesRetraites 2023 juste pour mémoire.

1. Députés #LR s'étant abstenus du vote de la motion de censure transpartisane du 20/03/23


Députés #LR s'étant abstenus du vote de la motion de censure transpartisane du 20/03/23 #RéformeDesRetraites
Trump is expected to see short-term bump as indictment plays into long-held claims of being unjustly targeted.
What does possible Trump indictment mean for his re-election bid?

Most Ontarians can be fired for workplace harassment. Why can’t municipal politicians? | The Star #Politicians #WorkplaceHarassment #OntarioPoliticians #MunicipalGovernment #Elections #Democracy #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli
14 hours ago

Wisconsin voters abroad, let them hear your voice! Your Wisconsin Supreme Court election ballot must be RECEIVED by April 4. If you still need to return it, consider sending it by courier & then check that it has been received. Info at

Are you a U.S. citizen living abroad? Please follow #VoteFromAbroad for important election information.

#Wisconsin #WI #Elections #Politics #Vote #Voting

A grey background featuring a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis as Deirdre in Everything Everywhere all at once. She is sitting behind a desk with a baffled look on here face, The caption says"That awful moment when you realize you forgot to send your ballot back.
14 hours ago

NEW: WA election officials worry that attacks against a nat'l system that fights voter fraud will make it harder to detect fraud here.

Some GOP states are pulling out of the system known as ERIC as election deniers & a former president target it: #WaElex #Elections

Robert Costello will raise questions about the account of key witness Michael Cohen in hush money case, reports say.
Trump ally to appear before US grand jury eyeing charges
17 hours ago

PSA: Had this through my door today so thought I'd pass on the reminder...

Local elections will be happening for most of us (in the UK) in May and photo ID is now required to vote 🤦🏻‍♂️

👉 Make sure that your driving licence, passport, or whichever form of ID you intend to use, will be valid through May 2023.

👉 If you don't have any ID deemed "acceptable", then you can register for a free Voter Authority Certificate which will do the job:

#voting #voterID #elections #UK

Flyer from The Electoral Commission. Shows a purple post-it note with the words "You now need photo ID to vote at a polling station".
Rebecca Cave
22 hours ago

If local govt finance is to be reformed, I'd like to see more accountabilty built into the system first. Currently only around 1/3 of those eligible actually vote in local elections, and around 40% of those vote for a successful candidate.
I want to see:
1) All local residents eligible to #vote - if you're permitted to work and pay taxes you should be able to vote for your local councillors
2) Automatic #voterRegistration
3) #Elections held on a weekend over two days

🇲🇪 Premières estimations des résultats du 1er tour de l'élection présidentielle du 19 mars 📊

#Monténégro #Présidentielle2023 #Elections2023 #Elections

Jayson Massey
1 day ago

"Admittedly, it’s a system that voters may find cumbersome and complicated. (“What, I have to research and rate the other candidates to make an informed vote?”)"

#voting #elections #rcv

1 day ago


"Challenger Shawn Fain is narrowly leading United Auto Workers (UAW) President Ray Curry in a runoff election for leadership of the powerful union, as Curry's campaign said it had filed a protest over issues including undelivered ballots.

"Late Friday, court-appointed monitor Neil Barofsky said in the presidential race Fain has received 69,386 votes and Curry has 68,881 votes – a difference of 505 votes - but with 600 unresolved challenged ballots.

"The protest filed by Curry's campaign raised numerous issues including the fact that tens of thousands of ballots were returned as undeliverable and urged the monitor to 'immediately delay the announcement of a final result and immediately investigate these questions in a transparent process.'

"Labor contracts with Detroit's Big Three automakers expire in September. The UAW is set to hold a special convention on collective bargaining starting March 27 in Detroit.

"The UAW won a victory in December, when workers at an Ohio General Motors (GM.N)-LG Energy (373220.KS) battery cell factory voted to join the union."


Edward Perez
1 day ago


Greetings! I am trying to build bridges here. My expertise is in election tech, administration, security, disinformation and defense of democracy. I led the civic integrity product team at Twitter. I also do a fair bit of media commentary.

I hope you might enjoy my feed, if you’re not already following.

If you are already familiar with my work, would you please consider recommending me to your friends?

Thanks for helping to extend our community! 🙏

All Progressive Congress's Babajide Sanwo-Olu led the voting with a clear margin over his closest rival.
Lagos governor re-elected in win for Nigeria’s ruling party

New article for my 'Dark Arts Debutants' and above! Do take a look and support my work for this exclusive article! Thank you! #elections #hacking #influenceoperations #propaganda #journalism #media #disinformation @potemkinvillage

If no presidential candidate secures more than 50 percent of votes, a second round of voting will take place next month.
Montenegro goes to the polls as president seeks re-election
The European Network
2 days ago

Voters in Montenegro cast ballots today in a presidential election marred by political turmoil and uncertainty over whether the tiny Balkan NATO member state will go ahead with its bid to join the EU or seek to improve ties with Serbia and Russia.

Analysts predict that the election will produce no clear winner and that incumbent Milo Đukanović will face one of several challengers in a runoff election.

#Montenegro #Elections #Politics #NATO #Serbia #Russia #Balkans

Ron Franke
2 days ago

"If (Washington) had a slogan, or motto, it would be something like this: Solving yesterday's problems tomorrow - maybe. And part of what animates my running for the Senate is dissatisfaction with that. We need to be solving tomorrow's problems today", said Katie Porter as reported by the #SFChronicle.

I'm far from making my choice for the next #CA #Senator, but I like Katie Porter and I like that quote.

#Democrat #politics #California #elections

'She knows all the secrets': Tories to force vote in House of Commons over Katie Telford testimony | Ottawa Citizen #KatieTelford #CanadianParliament #Summons #ElectionInterference #Democracy #Elections #cdnpoli @canadiangreens @cdnpoli

Kai Arzheimer
2 days ago

Research report: Four 2017 #elections that changed West European Politics - #France, #Germany, the #Netherlands & the #UK

🇲🇪 Présidentielle au Monténégro: un scrutin qui pourrait marquer un tournant dans l'histoire du pays 📰

#RevuedePresse #Monténégro #Présidentielle2023 #Elections2023 #elections

🇰🇿 Kazakhstan: les élections législatives anticipées soulèvent beaucoup d'espoir 📰

#RevuedePresse #Kazakhstan #Législatives2023 #Elections2023 #elections

Franke James
3 days ago

🇨🇦 #Whistleblower: "Why I blew the whistle on #Chinese interference in Canada’s #elections"
"A note from David Walmsley, Editor-in-Chief of The Globe and Mail: "Revelations from the [Anonymous] author of this opinion piece formed the backbone of our news stories that there is #foreigninterference in our political system at all levels of #government and across #Canada...This is a rare moment in which we have granted #confidentiality to an Opinion writer."

Andrew Chin
3 days ago

Kicked around ideas last night with #ChatGPT for the title of my forthcoming book-length #law review article on adjudicating simulation evidence of gerrymandering after Moore v. Harper. It took a few hours and I went back and forth and in circles a lot (my fault). No colleague would have had the patience for that. I'm quite happy with the result: "Simulation and Deference: A Path Toward Sustainable State Jurisprudence on Partisan #Gerrymandering."
#election #elections #politics #computing #AI

Liberals, Greens fail to field full slate of candidates in upcoming P.E.I. election | The Star #PEILiberals #Elections #PEIGreens #Democracy #PEIElection #peipoli @cdnpoli @canadiangreens

Aishatu Dahiru is seeking to make history as Nigeria's first elected female governor, in Saturday's election.
The woman who could be Nigeria’s first elected female governor

🇲🇪 Monténégro : des élections législatives convoquées pour le 11 juin 2023 📰

#RevuedePresse #Monténégro #Législatives2023 #Elections2023 #elections

3 days ago

Gurjar queens, Vokkaliga warriors: How BJP is inventing history for a new Hindutva caste politics

Historians suggest that the heroes the BJP is invoking to allegedly attract castes either do not exist or their role is being exaggerated.

#BJP #caste #CastePolitics #history #pseudohistory #FreedomStruggle #karnataka #TipuSultan #vokkaligas #gurjars #muslims #elections #hindutva #india

Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 days ago

#FollowFriday recommendations for the #Philadelphia area:

- @stumblewyk - GM running #TTRPGs, #Philly sports, cute dog
- @joni - brand design, #SVG, #bees, weight lifting, the tippy top of DE
- @stephstephking - education and children, #writer, #publicTransit
- @nicolewolverton - Horror, #elections, globetrotting

Jacob Resneck ✓
3 days ago

I am new to #Wisconsin and live in a virtual #news desert (sorry, not sorry #Gannett). So when looking at local city council and school board #elections, I was surprised that none of the #campaign finance reports are online. I was directed to reach out to the municipal clerk and school district for them. The latter which is treating my query as a records request. Happy #FOIA Friday, y'all.

Duane Aubin :verified:
4 days ago

7/21 Election Riot of 1874, Eufala, AL, also known as the Coup of 1874, "while driving away more than 1,000 unarmed black people at the polls. In attacking the #PollingPlace in Spring Hill, the League effectively hijacked the #elections."

Clinton Riot of 1875: "Whites had been attacking Black and White Republicans [and, don't let that trip you up, my next thread is on the #PartySwitch, so stick a pin for now...] in every #election cycle."



Video streaming platform says decision aims to allow voters to hear equally from candidates in the run-up to 2024 vote.
YouTube fully restores Donald Trump’s account
4 days ago

J&K Political Leaders Turn Up the Heat on Demand for Assembly Elections

Leaders from various J&K parties met the chief election commissioner on Thursday, insisting that elections be organised at the earliest.

#kashmir #jammu #AssemblyElections #NationalConference #NC #FarooqAbdullah #PDP #INC #NCP #CPIM #DMK #AAP #democracy #ECI #elections #article370abrogation #india

The European Network
4 days ago

Upcoming presidential elections in Montenegro are set to be a make-or-break moment for the country's political future.

The country is split between a bloc that supports the country's pro-European stance and another that leans toward Russia. This has led to frequent protests in past years.

Montenegro declared independence from Serbia in 2006 but struggles to shake off Serbia's attempts to influence its politics.

#Montenegro #EU #Serbia #Russia #Elections #Politics

The European Network
4 days ago

A populist party founded only four years ago is set to emerge as the biggest party in Dutch provincial elections after a wave of protests by angry farmers.

The Boer-Burger Beweging (BBB), or Farmer-Citizen Movement, is projected to win 16 or 17 seats in the 75-seat Dutch upper house of national parliament.

Farmers have been demonstrating against plans to cut nitrogen emissions by slashing livestock numbers and closing farms.

#Netherlands #Elections #Politics #BBB

#Turkey’s anti-#Erdoğan opposition vows a reset on #EU and #NATO#POLITICO

"Turkey’s opposition is confident it can unfreeze #EuropeanUnion accession talks and will end #Ankara’s veto on NATO membership for #Sweden and #Finland, if it beats President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in the hotly contested upcoming #elections."

David Johnston named special rapporteur on foreign interference | CityNews Toronto #GGJohnson #Elections #Democracy #ElectionInterference #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

5 days ago

The #BBB turning up the soil in the province of #Overijssel

#Netherlands #PS2023 #elections

Chart: Provincial election results Overijssel 2015-2023
6 days ago

RESEARCH - Political polarization of news media and influencers on #Twitter in the 2016 and 2020 US presidential elections
#misinformation #disinformation #elections #research #academia

Florida governor and other leading conservative US presidential hopefuls express scepticism of Washington's aid to Kyiv.
US Republican DeSantis calls Ukraine war a ‘territorial dispute’
Hannah Celsius
1 week ago

What did our PM Rutte just do? I read on the NOS site, that he stated at the Goedemorgen Nederland show, that the Dutch fascist parties PVV and FVD aren't more right-wing than his own party VVD.

I guess he felt inspired by his talk to Meloni.
So... did he just openly proclaim the VVD and himself to be fascist?

(yes, we already know they are)

#Netherlands #elections #fascism

1 week ago

As opposed to what's going on in Republican states, New Mexico is expanding voting rights. When signed by the governor, a new law will immediately restore the right to vote to anyone on probation or parole -- about 11,000 people.

Besides making Election Day a state holiday, the new law provides voters on Native land with language translation at the polls (if needed) and polling places that are closer to where they live.

#NewMexico #voting #elections #rights

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
1 week ago
Yehuda Rothschild
1 week ago

@Aphelion @Tzipporah

If any other #Mvskoke need help on registering to vote hit me up or contact the election board:

Nelson Harjo
Manager, Election Board
The Muscogee Nation
P.O. Box 580 | Okmulgee, OK 74447
T 918.732.7683 | C 539.286.4174

Or if you need Citizenship help, hit me up for that too!

#MuscogeeNation #Native #Indigenous #NDN #Citizenship #ChiefElections #CouncilElections #Elections

Yehuda Rothschild
1 week ago


Nudging my daughter Torie, and gkids @Tzipporah and Yocheved to register to vote for the upcoming #Mvskoke elections.

I'm already registered, and I'm sending in my absentee ballot request form, and Tzip is working on their registration form. I gotta check on the other two.

Maybe we can all kibbutz about candidates when the time comes.

Any other Mvskoke up for this?

#MuscogeeNation #Native #Indigenous #NDN #Citizenship #ChiefElections #CouncilElections #Elections

Richard Grant
1 week ago

@eddie1perez Welcome! I hope you find (and build) a lively community over here.

If I may suggest ... a lot of discovery here occurs via hashtags. (E.g., #introduction draws attention to new arrivals, #elections and #abortion are the sort of thing people follow & search for. And many of us have a perverse interest in the #birdsite.) Your interests, reflected in your posts so far, seem rather wider than your modest self-characterization.

More thoughts: @feditips,

John Refior
2 weeks ago

"Ellis signed a stipulation stating that several comments she made about the 2020 election violated professional ethics rules barring reckless, knowing or intentional misrepresentations by attorneys.

"Among the false statements highlighted in the stipulation were comments by Ellis on social media and in TV appearances claiming that the Trump campaign had evidence the election was 'stolen.'"
#uspolitics #elections #LegalEthics #TheBigLie #JennaEllis

2 weeks ago

"Now, just months before the #2024 presidential primaries, it remains unclear whether any federal agency has plans for a comprehensive investigation of the effort to gain access to election systems. Election and law enforcement experts are concerned that the stolen information might be used to interfere with future #elections and that the FBI and Justice Department may be sending the wrong signal to those responsible if agencies don’t investigate."

2 weeks ago

Some Election Officials Refused to Certify Results. Few Were Held Accountable.


A ProPublica review of local officials who refused to certify 2022 election results found that most did not face formal consequences. Experts explain what that means for the future of American elections.

#Elections #Voting #Democracy #NorthCarolina

Chris J. Karr
2 weeks ago

@danyork As a poll worker myself, I'm annoyed that there is not a good "salute" emoji to send you.

#elections #pollworkers

Frankie ✅
2 weeks ago

Trump, Vowing ‘Retribution,’ Foretells a Second Term of Spite

In a speech before his supporters, the former president charged forward in an uncharted direction, talking openly about leveraging the power of the presidency for political reprisals.

#news #trump #elections #GOP #GOPCult #uspol #usa #politics

Minnesota Reformer
2 weeks ago

Despite a dozen hearings in the House and Senate, Minnesota lawmakers have scarcely mentioned a key provision of a major elections bill that would make it a crime to spread election misinformation to try to stop people from voting #minnesota #voting #elections

P.E.I. spring election set for April 3 | SaltWire #PEI #Elections #Democracy #PEIpoli @cdnpoli

Ontario's top court strikes down third-party election ad spending rules | CityNews Toronto #OntarioCourts #Elections #Advertising #Democracy #onpoli @ontariogreens @onpoli

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
2 weeks ago

"#Fascists always start by declaring themselves the victims of others. Victimhood is essential to the #fascist worldview; it’s at its core "

"And we all must speak up, before it’s too late. We must call this what it is: #fascism."

#Politics #Republicans #Trump #DeSantis #Elections #Eradicate #Black #BIPOC #Women #LGBT #Lesbian #Gay #Transgender
What Will Happen To Everyone Who is Not #White, #Straight, & #Male If We Don't Speak Out? | #TheHartmannReport


Oh, shit, not again 😩

This “I don’t trust democracy” shtako needs to end

#elections #estonia

EKRE leader: I do not trust e-vote result
EKRE leader Martin Helme has said that he does not trust the e-vote result, and wants a recount.

EKRE had led Reform early on in the paper vote count, albeit when only a small proportion of the total vote had been taken into account – including those in some districts where the party traditionally performs well.

The e-vote result gave a seismic shift towards Reform, however, which has a projected 38 seats (up four from the last election) to EKRE’s 17 (down two), while Eesti 200 is on course for around 14 seats.

EKRE  had long made the claim that e-voting was flawed and should not be trusted, but had in more recent months been more amenable to the practice, going on its public pronouncements.

The vote counts from seven more, mostly quite populous districts are still to come in, however...
Märt Põder
2 weeks ago

It's weird to see how forcefully a technical protocol is pushing to reframe our concepts of privacy and democracy. Or is technology just a technical thing? Observations of a serial e-voter from 2023 parliamentary elections in Estonia. #evoting #rk2023 #elections #observation #estonia

3 weeks ago

OPINION: Labour must learn from its old mistakes and commit to fairer elections.

We’re living with a Tory disaster that Labour could have averted by reforming how the UK elects its government.

#UKPolitics #ProportionalRepresentation #Elections #Labour #Conservative #UK #UKNews

3 weeks ago

#Ottawa must sharpen its monitoring of foreign interference in #elections, report says #Canada

Kat ♾️
3 weeks ago

Let the games, begin! 🙄

New [Fox] poll shows Trump with large lead over DeSantis among GOP voters


#USpol #elections #GOP

The Conversation Africa
4 weeks ago

Nigerians go to the polls on 25 February to elect a new president, vice-president, 109 members of the Senate and 360 members of the Federal House of Representatives. Here are five essential reads about the elections.


Nils Wilcke
4 weeks ago

Nadine Morano tête de liste LR aux Européennes? L'eurodéputée serait pressentie pour conduire la droite aux élections, selon Challenges. De quoi retenir celle qui est draguée par le RN? Un choix clivant, en tous cas, qui promet des débats de haut niveau... #Européennes #Politique #Journadon #LR #UE #Elections

Nadine Morano: "La pizza, je l'aime plutôt Reggina, et pas orientale. En revanche, j'adore le couscous, et les bricks à l'oeuf."
Nadine Morano: "Le problème d'image d'Eva Joly ne vient pas que de son accent, il est aussi physique"
Nadine Morano: "Je ne suis pas raciste, j'ai une amie plus noire qu'une Arabe !"
4 weeks ago

Now this government have brought in mandatory ID to vote, many people won't have appropriate ID.
This is voter suppression and will disproportionally affect the most vulnerable.
It can also affect you if you, "no longer look like the photo on your ID".

You can apply for a FREE ‘Voter Authority Certificate’, but you must do it ASAP, as this comes into effect on 4th May 2023 as there is likely to be a backlog.

#ToriesOut #Elections #Vote

“Whether we and our politicians know it or not, Nature is party to all their deals and decisions, and she has more votes, a longer memory, and a sterner sense of justice than we do”

- Wendell Berry

#Election2023 has to be a #ClimateElection.

#nzpol #climatechange #newzealand #climatecrisis #elections

Drone footage of New Zealand roads wrecked by Cyclone Gabrielle
Estelle Weyl
1 month ago

If you are in Wisconsin, please vote today. It’s a top 2 primary, so if democrats don’t show up for the primaries, which is way more of a conservative thing to do, it’s possible that the two extremist GOP candidates could go to the general election.

#Wisconsin #Elections

#Finnish #grammar foils pro-#Russia #trolls | #News | #YleUutiset

"As #Finland moves ever closer to joining #Nato, pro-Russia trolls have been trying to turn Finnish public opinion against the alliance, especially in advance of the upcoming parliamentary #elections.
However, some of the trolling attempts have led to notable failures, especially when faced with a particularly worthy adversary: Finnish grammar.
One sentence, appearing to come from a Finnish user, has been widely repeated on social media and reads 'Nato ei voi tallentaa Suomea'. The phrase seems to have been translated via an online translator, and appears to be an attempt to write 'Nato cannot save Finland.'

Alan Kotok
1 month ago

#Photojournalist Sue Dorfman tells National Press Club members how she documented the nuts and bolts of U.S. #elections from 2020 through 2022, at the NPC #Photography Team's meeting on March 1. The event is free, with registration required. The talk begins at 1:00 pm ET, following a self-funded lunch at noon. (Photo: Sue Dorfman)

Women in a Cincinnati, Ohio hair salon reading a 2022 voters guide.
1 month ago

A team of Israeli contractors who claim to have manipulated more than 30 #elections around the world using #hacking, #sabotage and automated #disinformation on social media has been exposed in a new investigation.

Franke James
1 month ago

The Guardian: Revealed: the hacking and #disinformation team meddling in #elections

Tal Hanan "is being unmasked by an international consortium of journalists. Hanan and his unit, which uses the codename “Team Jorge”, have been exposed by undercover footage and documents leaked to the Guardian."

1 month ago

#Germany's conservative Christian Democratic Union (CDU) appears to be ahead in the rerun of Berlin's state #elections, exit polls show

Matt Bailey
1 month ago

A few months ago I traveled to Kyiv to better understand the situation re: cybersecurity and the elections that will need to happen after the conflict ends. I spoke on Democracy! The Podcast to share a bit about what I learned, and why it matters for all of us. #elections #democracy #cybersecurity #ukraine

Nicole M. Wolverton
2 months ago

It feels like a good time for an updated #introduction post--I'm a university #writer by day & (mostly) #HorrorWriter ( by night. My #YAHorror novel is coming in summer 2024 (#AMisfortuneOfLakeMonsters, CamCat Books).

I'm a #masters candidate, graduating spring '23 w/ an #Academic interest in #RecreationalFear #Horror.

I #DragonBoat, #Travel, & am an elected #Elections official. I eat a lot of #cheese, #chocolate, & #sriracha, & I read a lot of #books.

2 months ago

@GottaLaff This story should be read and reread and posted and reposted. The GOP and its affiliates are traitorous and attempting to dismantle our democracy.

#fbi #nyt #nytimes #politics #law #justice #elections #uspol

Michal Bryxí
2 months ago

Czech Republic presidential elections 2023 are over. At home the winner got ~60% of the votes. Abroad it was ~95%. And for n-th time there is something about the way expats tend to vote that I can't explain, but deeply agree with.
Does this happen also in your country?

#Czechia #Elections #PresidentialElections #CzechPresident #PetrPavel

Andrew Chin
2 months ago

@democracydocket @kevinjelliott Nick Stephanopoulos wrote this in August 2022. I wonder how he might revise it having heard the oral argument. I came away from the oral argument under the impression that Moore would be decided on narrower grounds based on whether the Court thought the decision below could be fairly read as judicial review rather than legislating from the bench, perhaps adopting Rehnquist's standard in his Bush v. Gore concurrence. #law #elections #scotus #democracy #nc

Jason Yip
2 months ago

“…holding local #elections in the same year as state or federal races boosted participation rates in other U.S. cities by as much as 460%.”

2 months ago

Via DecisionDeskHQ:

Watch two big #elections to unfold on April 4th. Democrats are optimistic they can flip the #Wisconsin State Supreme Court and two Democratic hopefuls will go toe-to-toe in a runoff election to become the next Mayor of #Chicago.