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@mikemathia My Great Grandfather drove something very similar - apparently it was very reliable. Although, he occasionally pretended that it had broken down in the middle of town in order to draw a crowd so he could hand out business cards.
#advertising #EV #history #electric


Moral of the story is that if you don't understand the past, you're doomed to keep making the same stupid mistakes you did before.

@KiwiEV I think that for shunting tasks like tugboats, #electric propulsions are excellent...

The charging problem and capacity problem could be solved with #Methanol, allowing the conversion of #refueling infrastructure for it...

Howard Smith MD, AM
2 days ago

GE Knob-control electric radiant cooktops, model GE JP3030 have burners that remain ON even after the control knob is turned to the OFF position leading to burns. #gastroenteritis #cooktops #electric #radiant #controls #burns #recall

🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
3 days ago

This is probably the largest #induction charging project that is being tested within the public sector. I have seen such tests before, but they were performed on special test tracks.
New #technology installed beneath #Detroit street can charge #electric #vehicles as they drive | AP News #TDBNews

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" suggests that after recycling, battery material waste over an electric car’s life will be about the size of a football, or 30kg, by 2030. That figure does not include any fossil fuels burned to generate electricity, meaning the true real-life mineral toll will be higher than 30kg until countries have decarbonised their electrical grids completely."

Amazing. I hope this is correct 🙏 #climate
#sustainability #mining #electric

Mark Stoll
4 days ago

How problematic is mineral #mining for #electriccars ?

In part two of our series exploring myths surrounding EVs, we weigh up the issues of #resource extraction

#climatecrisis #electric #EVs #TheGuardian

4 days ago

#China’s #HozonNewEnergyAutomobile has started assembling vehicles in #Thailand at its first overseas #factory as it steps up its efforts to tap the #SoutheastAsian market.The #Shanghai-based #carmaker said in a statement to the Post on Fri. that it built the first right-hand-drive version of its #NetaVII, an #electric compact SUV, at its #Bangkok plant on Thurs., about 2 months ahead of schedule. #Hozon is also known as #NetaAuto.

#EV #AsianMastodon #Chinese #TootSEA

CLondoner92 (New Account)
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Places for #London launches search for a new #electric vehicle charging hub partner

New joint venture partnership will help deliver multiple electric vehicle charging hubs across #TfL’s estate and support the transition to Net Zero carbon

Places for London - Illustration of potential hub 2
Places for London - Illustration of a potential hub

It might make sense in the short-term but #RollsRoyce's decision to sell of their #electric air engines division to focus on enhancing the profitability of their jet engine business is nuts!

If we had an industrial policy focussed on the #greetranstion, we might hope they would have been encouraged to do exactly the opposite.

If flying is to continue in a #climatecrisis, then e-air engines must be how it will be power (surely?).

More British short-termism in the face of long-term challenges

1 week ago
Mark Stoll
1 week ago

Electric heat costs way less than reports say, new data suggests

Electrification nonprofit says annual federal report on winter-fuels costs is misleading and leaves out critical nuance

#electric #heating #climatecrisis #gas #TheGuardian

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“Article presents an enticing glimpse into the realm of possible futuristic electric wheelchair designs, envisioning the remarkable outcomes that could arise if renowned Internet brands and prominent car manufacturers collaborated on their creation”

#Electric #Wheelchair #Concept #Designs

Aaand back! Sure. I could have taken a car (or the truck) and used ~ 6kwh in the car or ~12 kWh in the truck. But I took Hemmer, and used closer to 2.5 kWh, had a coffee, and did some quick grocery shopping.

It’s good to be back. I didn’t enjoy the ride out, but the ride back was epic. Music on, eyes active, brain engaged.

I still have to work on my steering though. Not having something to grip with my thighs is… tough to get used to

#motocycle #maxiscooter #electric.

I didn’t intend to look this menacing or worried, but here’s a happy face after riding home on My VX-1. MaxiScooter for… bonus?
The dashboard of my VX-1, showing just how tire it’s looking these days. The cold does nothing for my range.

‘You can walk around in a T-shirt’: how Norway brought heat pumps in from the cold - The Guardian
#CleanEnergy #electric

someone should make an #electric #car #ev based on a replaceable #battery

when you get low on charge you pull into a battery #swap and swap your battery for a fully #charged one, for the cost of the electricity, labor, and some portion of the material / replacement #cost

this could be an add-on to #gas stations even

then #range is no issue at all

instead of having to wait for a #recharge, just swap and go.

all the convenience of gasoline engines without the gasoline

2 weeks ago

All the king’s horses. #ShotOniPhone #photography #scooter #electric

2 weeks ago

Foggy Dreams

Winter is coming, time for some eerie lo-fi/ambient mixture.

@eri #bitwig #music #lofi #electric

utzer [Friendica]
2 weeks ago

Is there a offline or online tool to calculate/generate #synchronous #machine (mainly generator) #PowerChart / #CapabilityCurve which also allows to provide Xd and Xq and to read/calculate the field current for any given operational point?

#Electric #ElectricalEngineering #Machines #Generators #PowerGeneration

2 weeks ago

This thing is happening in little 'ol Marina, CA, and the CEO of Toyota N. America thought it was worth a visit. #Joby #electric #airtaxi,vid:pa4vPE17FXc,st:0

Spaceflight 🚀
2 weeks ago

📆 Nov 17, 2023 After decades of arguments, experiments, claims and counter-claims, a #satellite 🛰️ smaller than a shoebox is preparing to activate a #propellentless drive in #space for the first time.
#Satellites typically have #electric drives which propel tiny quantities of ionized gas at extreme speeds to give little pulses of thrust.
Developers claim the #QuantumDrive goes beyond Newton using non-Newtonian relativity and #QuantumPhysics.

2 weeks ago

Don’t do stab wiring! Just troubleshot a bad ceiling fan really turned out to be a dangerously cracked switch. #DIY #electric

2 weeks ago

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The more I play with the electric car and the more I feel that it affects how I spend my time. Today I would have written a blog post before going out, but I didn’t. I didn’t write before going out because I knew that the battery would be down to 30 percent by the time I got to my destination, and 30 percent of battery power on a car means 14 hours of charge time. I.e. the earlier I head to charge the car the sooner I can head home to have dinner at a reasonable time.

I had planned to write my blog post this morning, whilst charging the car. I didn’t. Someone was painting in the apartment where I had planned to write. Instead I spent time with people, as the car charged. By the end of the day it was at eighty percent before I drove home and now it’s back to over sixty percent.

Being environmentally conscious, by driving an electric car, rather than a petrol one comes at a cost. That cost is waiting for cars to charge when using normal power sockets. What bothers me is not the charge time. It’s that in 2017 or so buildings were built without power sockets to parking spaces. They should have put normal power plugs.

An electric car doesn’t need much power to charge. With a normal power socket, if you charge overnight you can easily top your car up to one hundred percent every night. It can charge while you’re sleeping, ready for the next day.

Before the pandemic there was a discussion about preparing a garage for electric cars and my experience is proving that we don’t need fast chargers, or even medium chargers. A normal power socket would be enough to charge a car to one hundred percent overnight. Of course it would be nice to have fast charging, but fast charging is an excuse to sell a 900 CHF plug and an excuse to pay thousands to upgrade the power throughput of a building.

The simple reality is that a normal plug is more than enough to charge an electric car, if you admit that a car is parked twenty two hours per day, giving it twenty two hours per day to charge. Fast charging is a gimmick.

I’m bringing this up again because I watched a video yesterday about the Silence 4 electric car. It’s a small electric car that is perfect for urban living. The killer feature is that it has two removable batteries, that can be removed and charged away from the car. This means that when you use the car you can wheel the batteries into your “cave”, apartment, or office, and charge the batteries, before commuting home, or to another location.

The concept goes further. The batteries are leased so the car is fourty percent cheaper. this means that, in theory, and if the car is popular enough, you could go on a road trip and swap the batteries every hundred kilometres. The batteries still require time to charge but if you can swap batteries that are depleted for batteries that are full, the time you stop for is greatly reduced. The beauty of this system is that the batteries can also be used by their electric scooters.

The problem with electric cars, for now, is that they’re not as easy to refuel as petrol cars. Once they are then the barrier to entry will disappear. When a car costs 100 per week, on petrol, it makes sense to switch to electric.

#car #carbonFootprint #electric #environmentalism

Threads and the Fediverse where the Fediverse is the milky way
🙃 ɐıunp zsɐɯoʇ :idle:
2 weeks ago

There is a large campaign of negative reviews on the Internet that this car from Xiaomi is really a compilation of parts copied from other manufacturers. Well... these are #Chinese and copying is in their blood for generations 😅 I’m far from saying it’s an ugly car. It may not be fascinating, but it certainly isn’t ugly. The simplicity of electric cars means that now anyone can build a car.
#Xiaomi unveils #SU7 #electric #vehicle details, set for 2024 release #TDBNews

Pedro J. Hdez
3 weeks ago

"There were over 280 million #electric mopeds, scooters, motorcycles and three-wheelers on the road last year. Their sheer popularity is already cutting demand for oil by a million barrels of oil a day – about 1% of the world’s total oil demand, according to estimates by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. "

3 weeks ago

sometimes you make do with what you have. army called it improvise. I called it sump pump is running and lights. so I jumpered the dryer plug after opening main and 240 branches. lights/heat, 2 fridges and a freezer. no hot water or ac, 220v. just all the 120v normal stuff. all through a 4ft piece of 12-2 on a 20 amp breaker.

#electric #generator #120v

Picture of an electrical cord with both ends male and a big red circle X on it.

/:3%\%5 7 f \ ‘) \ \ / N y’ N 5 THESE ARE NOT MADE THEY SHOULD NEVER BE MADE WE WILL NOT MAKE THEM WE WILL NOT HELP MAKE THEM - ‘ - = . i 8 B = . ¢ E g o g‘ ’:‘ U o el e e ol o 2w Tad

#MercedesBenz SA to roll out 127 #electric vehicle charging stations

The roll-out will include AC and fast-charging DC charging stations along the country’s main routes and between metropolitan areas, as well as at airports, shopping malls, restaurant hubs, private hospitals, strategic expansion sites, residential estates and small towns throughout #SouthAfrica.」

#EV #ElectricVehicles #chargers

3 weeks ago

Moped taxi drivers want to ditch EVs and get their motorcycles back. Passengers cancel when the EV bike arrives because they find the backseat narrow and uncomfortable. Drivers need to constantly watch the battery & always be aware of nearby battery-swapping stations. “We can’t just go wherever we want to go... I really want to have a standard motorcycle, if I could.”
#Electric #EVs

Elan Head
4 weeks ago

There's a suddenly heated competition to define an #eVTOL charging standard. For The Air Current, I did a deep dive into #Joby #Aviation's charging interface and the case for and against adopting it as a universal standard. #electric #aircraft #technology

4 weeks ago

What the af is this? #ford are still trying to get us to swallow the bile that is that ridiculous #electric #Mustang abomination, now they have the gall to claim this thing is a #capri.

This actually is a great example of the wet, pathetic bunch we have become if this is the new Capri.

Bodie would like a word.

Meanwhile in the #automotive sector, #China's car exports have (for the first time) by-passed their imports.... no doubt reflecting the growing popularity of their relatively cheap #electriccars.

Its a little bit of an echo of the start of the great ramping up of Japanese car exports... at the start Japan's cars were treated as a joke, but no-one's been laughing for decades.

Are we about to see the same transformation of China's #cars?

If you own an #electric MG you may know the answer!

Chart: China's car exports overtook imports this year. $bn

Chart show imports oscillating between $30-40bn, but dropping to just over $30bn this year, while exports have grown from $10bn in 2018 to over $50bn this year
Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
1 month ago

British Columbia to get Canada’s first electric helicopter-like aircraft

HeliJet announces its advanced air mobility goals in Victoria

#electric #helicopter #yyj

Reprogramming #Bafang #BBS02 mid-drive #ebike motor to have better speed/power curves to improve efficiency and safety.

@cycling @ebikes #biking #cycling #bikeTooter #electric #ev #bike

1 month ago

This shaped inito an hour for the ages #live #music #electric WHAT DO THOSE PPPPPEOPLE

The Transportation Historian
1 month ago

2,798 miles.

There was once 2,798 miles of fully #electric #interurban #track in #Ohio. That's more miles than than the current interstate highways in Ohio, and more miles than any other state had.

Not a single town with a population over 10,000 (and many even smaller towns) did not have an interurban line, and many were also served by traditional #rail.

And we lost it all.

#history #PublicTransport #train #trains

2 months ago

#Tesla owners fuming - hit with £17,000 bill to fix car after rain

They claim battery was damaged due to water ingress

It is not covered by the battery’s 8-year warranty

Repair bill: £17,500

Tesla said battery had water in it because weather in Scotland has been so bad

It seems Teslas are unfit for purpose in #Scotland

#EV #cars #autos #Scotland #battery #Electric #ElectricCars #Scotland #rain #weather #Capitalism #CapitalismFails #scam #complaints #BoycottTesla

2 months ago

I know I've banged on about this before, but my god how have we not regulated for private light electric vehicles (including e-scooters) yet? All I want is to be able to own (and insure) an electric monowheel and live my jetsons dreams.

#uk #electric #transport

It's been two years since I bought my pickup truck but I still haven't decided what motor to put in it yet.

I want to do #electric and the best way to do that considering how small the truck is and how I just want to piddle around town with it, I think a little 3000w 72v system like this one on Alibaba might do the trick.

#ev #electric #chinese #alibaba #vehicle #diy #electronics #motor

picture of rear differential from a chinese tricycle which has an electric motor and disc brakes. measurements show 77cm 83cm 87cm 93cm 103cm and 109cm sizes are available. Axles are four lug with 7cm spacing.
picture of rear differential from a chinese tricycle which has an electric motor and disc brakes. The kit includes the motor, controller, junction boxes, brake master cylinder, and handlebar controls
1964 Datsun 320 Pickup, white and covered with rust
Raymond Larabie
2 months ago

In the pancreas of Nagoya, electric meters find solace in their metal haven, peeping through rectangular ports—perhaps dreaming of the world beyond. 🌆
名古屋の中心で、電力計は金属の避難所で慰めを見つけ、長方形の裂け目からのぞきます - おそらく彼らの拘束の外の世界を夢見ています。🏙️
#streetphotography #streetphotographyjapan #griiix #ricoh_gr #aichi #nagoya #japan #electric #solace #dreaming #confinement #electrical #safety #meter #ludicrous

Post Growth Institute
2 months ago

#postgrowth member Taylor S. peels back this socioecological “fix” so we can see the entire #electric #vehicle apparatus for what it is: a for-profit transport system made for capital accumulation in an era of #climate #change.

For steps we can collectively take to steer towards a more accessible #public #transportation #system:

A photo of Starman from the Space X launch, astronaut sitting in a red convertible with the Earth in the background. White text in all caps reads "Electric vehicles fix capitalism, not the planet"
2 months ago

"EMF" is #electromotive #force. When you push an #electric #current through a #conductor, it generates a #magnetic #field, which can interact with magnets or other current-carrying conductors to produce motion - such as an electric motor turning.

However, when you push a current through a conductor, it "pushes back" some, fighting the change to its magnetic state. This is normal; you sometimes have to account for it to prevent damage to the driving electronics. It's called "back-EMF".


Helen Czerski
2 months ago

Science/coastal hivemind, I need your help. We’re working on the underwater acoustics of small all-electric boats (almost certainly far less underwater noise pollution than engines). We would like to do some trials - just measuring the sound near an electric boat - but we’re struggling to find someone in (or very near) the UK who has an electric boat we could use/hire. Has anyone got any ideas or know anyone who owns an electric boat?

#boats #electric #sea

2 months ago

A toy that #ElectroBOOM definitely would enjoy.

#warning #label #electric #electro #power #USB #meme

International power adaptor. Has warning: "does not convert voltage". Has USB ports. Pic of electroboom saying "Is for me?".
nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
2 months ago

Detroit is the worst place to own an electric car | Metro Detroit News | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

Detroit is, of course, the Motor City — but apparently that only refers to old-fashioned internal combustion cars, and not those newfangled electric ones.

According to a new study of the best U.S. cities to own an electric car, Detroit ranked dead last. The study was conducted by roofing company Gnome Roof, which helps connect consumers with solar power panel installation providers to help charge their electric cars.

#Detroit #Michigan #News #ElectricVehicles #Electric #RenewableEnergy #ClimateChange #GoGreen #DetroitMetroTimes

Spaceflight 🚀
3 months ago

Analysts believe that a direct hit by an extreme #CME such as the one that missed Earth in 📆 July 2012 could cause widespread power blackouts, disabling everything that plugs into a wall socket 🔌. Most people wouldn't even be able to flush their toilet 🚽 because urban water supplies 💧 largely rely on #electric pumps

#CoronalMassEjection #SolarStorm

3 months ago

I wrote about our plans for a #summer #vacation to #Greece without airtravel a while ago. I'd said I wanted to put my money and effort where my mouth is.

Now I wanted to add a follow-up, but the original post is already gone. My fault for setting auto-deletion to 3 months.

Two adults and two children travelled from #Vienna 🇦🇹 to #Corfu 🇬🇷 and back via #Italy 🇮🇹 , with some sightseeing in #Ancona, Corfu Town, #Brindisi, and #Rome without using any cars or airplanes. I had bought additional travel insurance for missed connections, but we didn't need that.

Itinerary: Tram, #Nightjet sleeper, bus, #ferry, bus, bus, (hotel stay with occasional outings by bus), bus, bus, ferry, shuttle bus, bus, (hotel), #Frecciargento train, (hotel, metro and bus for #sightseeing), #Frecciarossa train, Nightjet sleeper, metro. (Busses means regular public transit busses on numbered lines that the locals also take.)

Every single vehicle everywhere had working air condition. They were clean and on time, and all the longer trips had tasty food. There's power outlets everywhere. The Frecciarossa (red arrow) between Rome and #Bologna only got to 250 km/h, not the 300 we were hoping to see, but that was the only slightest disappointment.

The ferries are not at all climate-friendly. I have not found a number for how much #CO² for a crossing, but they are similar to cruise ships. The trips are far shorter than cruises of course, but we see and smell the black smoke from the stacks. It's wrong to feel smug about taking a ferry instead of an airplane. All the busses had #combustion engines. All the trains/metros/trams were #electric, so that depends on the grid. The Austrian ÖBB prides itself on using only "green" #electricity.

We enjoyed the trip very much. I am unsure about any future travel. I would totally do this again in terms of comfort and experiences. But my goals for how much I hope to not pollute and damage the world for my pleasure have changed. I have no answers right now.

#stayGrounded #climateCatastrophe #ClimateDiary

3 months ago

The Orkney islands are to test two battery-powered electric hydrofoil ferries for commuting between its outlying islands as part of efforts to cut carbon emissions from shipping.
#Scotland #Orkney #Hydrofoil #Electric #Ferries

Erin Whalen
3 months ago

Railways around the world are rapidly going electric – except in North America. Yay for the rest of the world and booooo for North America.

This article by Michael Barnard in The Future is Electric seems to offer a good overview of the global electrification of rail and why North America is lagging behind. (Spoiler: the article blames private ownership. Are railway tycoons STILL screwing us over? 🙄)

#electric #trains #railway #transportation

3 months ago

Tadaaa! Der Neue (links im Bild)! #Kona #Electric

Eric Vitiello
4 months ago

Hawaiian Electric has restored power to one of three main transmission lines serving West Maui, bringing service back to some 3,700 customers

#Maui #Wildfire #Hawaii #Electric #Power

Airships are making a comeback as a greener and cheaper alternative to airplanes. Electric airships are being developed and tested by various companies and organizations around the world. Electric airships can carry heavy loads, fly long distances, and land anywhere without needing runways. #airship #electric #flight

Erin Whalen
4 months ago

Following up on yesterday's story about China's new battery-powered container ship, here's a recent Condé Nast Traveler article claiming that electric ferries are about to take over the world.

As someone who lives in a community accessible only by boat, I would love to see electric ferries and other forms of zero-emission waterborne transportation become more popular!

#electric #battery #renewable #marine #transportation #BritishColumbia #coast

‘It was an accident’: the scientists who have turned #humid air into #renewable power
In May, a team at the #UMass Amherst published a paper declaring they had successfully generated a small but continuous #electric current from #humidity in the air. It’s a claim that will probably raise a few eyebrows, and when the team made the discovery that inspired this new research in 2018, it did.

James Akers
5 months ago

One dream that came true this time at #Pilchuck for me was to have a fruit party! I just started eating fruit this month and it's a whole new world! I also love the idea of making craft appliances that can act as functional sculptures.

This one is for parties- designed to mix fruit, people and ideas, it would be neat to make a big one with a weed whacker!
Smoothies only poured in #handmade cups!
#sculpture #glass #fruit #party #art #seattle #electric #appliances #glassart #blender #idea

Blenderin action being activated by its safety switch with cut, frozen watermelons an fresh bananas
Blender face while blending in the lodge for proper smoothie party
Closeup of the momentary safety activator switch I pulled out of the old blender. It needs its safety switch to turn on- safety first! I 5 minute epoxied it to the cleanable glass base
Yours truly in Farmer Fashionista party getup giving the blender a shake
Lucky Resistor
5 months ago

Just released revision B of the #refillable #capsule for the #Philips "smart clean system" for #electric #shavers.🎉


The updated version boasts thicker walls for easy #PCTG printing, and it's compatible with both 0.6mm and 0.8mm nozzles.

Featured photos showcase prints using #Fiberlogy PCTG Pure Transparent.


#3dprinting #sustainable

A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
A sustainable 3D-printed cleaning fluid capsule for the Philips smart cleaning system for electric shavers. A transparent print using PCTG on a wooden surface with a blue filament box in the background.
5 months ago


if they are riding two-stroke bikes, they are probably worse. ;)

#Flight (and motorcycles) needs to move to #electric like everything else. We need to get #carbon fuels out of our #energy streams.

Google AI: “The first all-electric passenger plane, called Alice, completed its first test flight on September 27, 2022 at Moses Lake airport in Washington. The nine-passenger commuter aircraft can fly up to 250 miles.”

Bill McKibben:

"We live on a planet where there’s no cheaper way to make #electricity than to tilt a panel in the sun’s direction...

Texas... has an #electric grid unconnected to the rest of America. And that grid now has a substantial amount of #solarpower: 16,800 megawatts worth on some days this year, up from 2,600 in 2019.

... #solar has been making a 'massive, determinative difference' in preventing rolling #blackouts."

#energy #ClimateChange #FossilFuels


Hi all! I'm Garry, I'm a #railway engineer based in the UK specialising in the overhead line systems that supply power to #electric trains. I'm so convinced that electric rail is the future that I wrote a book about how it works - you can download it FREE at or buy hard copy at I also post the odd #RailwayPhotos #RailwayPhotography. I'm going to be moving all my #RailwaysExplained threads over here and doing some new ones too