Its a strange world where the UK's Govt. is seeking to 'streamline' the planning process for the landing point of the world's longest subsea #electricity cable to underpin a 25 year deal to import #solar generated electricity from #Morocco, at the same time that it does little to ease the planning for #onshorewind & (through a lack of flexibility) undermines new #offshorewind projects...

That said, at this stage the project may never get going if the financing doesn't materialise!

11 hours ago

“At the root of the issue is #Alberta’s #deregulated #electricity market, which has resulted in market power being concentrated in the hands of a few power companies.

Alberta used to have the lowest electricity prices on the continent

In the past, Alberta used to have some of the lowest electricity prices in North America. However, prices experienced a sharp increase in 2001 when the electricity market was deregulated.”

Christopher Kyba
19 hours ago

Proposal submitted 🎉

Let's hope that this owl flies in 2036!

#ESA #EarthExplorer #NighttimeLights #Energy #Electricity #LightPollution

Title page of our proposal for a "European Urban Light Explorer"
Liam Egan
19 hours ago
There are parts of the Ontario Government that Ford ignores, and they are allowed to pursue the correct path and flourish - electricity and nuclear are two areas. "We've proven that it's reliable 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day," said Smith. "That's why we're moving forward rather aggressively on SMRs and potentially new large nuclear as well." #ClimateChange #SMR #electricity #OnPoli
Atlas Obscura
19 hours ago

Westinghouse Electric Corp in Cleveland, Ohio

An enormous factory from the late 1800s sits abandoned on Cleveland eastside.#inventors #inventions #buildings #electricity #machines #abandoned #factories #section-Atlas
Westinghouse Electric Corp

1 day ago

The trouble with this is that a traditional furnace AC motor uses quite a bit of #electricity. It's trying to push a large volume of air through a system of ducts and vents that are fairly restrictive, so it needs to be fairly #powerful.

So running it all the time uses a *lot* of #electricity.

The solution to that problem is to run the fan at a much lower speed when "off cycle" (not producing heat) - just enough to stir the air and keep it from stratifying.

Of course, there's a "but"...


2 days ago

Digitalized one of my latest sketches, the thunder dragon! decided to keep most of the original pen sketch on some parts to give it texturing :>

(i may have done this during classes but shhh)

#dragon #black #menacing #furry #furryart #sfwfurryart #furryartist #scalie #scalies #dragonborn #scales #thunder #lightning #thunderbolt #electricity #floating #sfw #sfwart #sfwartwork #digital #krita #wacom #shaded #solo #NB #lizard #horned #nosering #claws #serpent #glow #sky #illustration #oc #adopt

digital illustration of a floating black dragon serpent encased in thunder
Peter Pappas
2 days ago

The Dark Side of the Light Bulb: Unraveling the Shocking Story of the "Electric Wire Panic" of 1889 #history #histodons #Electricity #GildedAge #Spiders

Illustration showing a lightbulb that's turned into a vicious spider. Its web (in the form of electric wires) drapes over the 19th century street scene. Many people and animals are electrocuted
2 days ago

Randomly selected image:
EMC_Phase1:images/trains/trains.256/6763a.256 #Train #Vehicle #RollingStock #Wheel #Locomotive #Electricity #Tree #ModeOfTransport #Railway #RailroadCar

Train Vehicle Rolling stock Wheel Locomotive Electricity Tree Mode of transport Railway Railroad car
Bob the Traveler
3 days ago

Ugo Cerletti, born OTD in 1877, was the Italian neurologist who discovered the method of electroconvulsive therapy used in psychiatry #electricity #history

Brian Sullivan
3 days ago

I don't see much press about large scale temporary electricity storage projects (I am thinking non chemical battery storage). I know they do exist (at Niagara for instance where overnight water is diverted to a storage lake and used to produce power during the day when demand is higher). Are they happening and I am not hearing about them or are they not feasible (engineering, economically or otherwise)?

#electricity #battery

Sir Adam Beck hydro generating station
3 days ago

"We’ll speed up planning for the most nationally significant projects,” said Sunak...Translation: central government will have to be more heavy-handed in overruling local objections, and may have to legislate to that effect"

Good from Nils Pratley on controversial plans for building new electricity infrastructure, including hated pylons, at twice the pace we usually manage. The NIMBYs are massing.
#Energy #Pylons #Electricity #Planning #ClimateEmergency #UKPolitics

Andi Chandler
3 days ago

Interesting study for using large scale Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) deployments to make use of idle batteries in car parks.
#Energy #Grid #V2G #Sustainability #Electricity #CarParks

3 days ago

Gerade am Fotomomtag braucht es guten Kaffee um arbeiten zu können.
Heute Morgen in der Landeshauptstadt gesehen.

Hashtags: #FotoMontag #FotoMonday #Kaffee #coffee #Elektrizität. #electricity

Farbiges Querformat. Auf einer Wiese steht ein geöffneter roter Stromverteilschrank. Als einziges angeschlossen ist eine schwarze Kaffeemaschine.
Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK
4 days ago

A builder in #Kent who did not check for underground #electricity cables (using "line search before you dig" website) struck an 11 000V cable, was nearly blown up, put 1368 houses off supply for 10 hours and has landed a £24 000 bill from UK Power Networks for the cost of repairing the damage..

Alameda Post
4 days ago

PG&E forewarned its customers this week, stating, “We are communicating with you now so you can understand why and prepare for higher bills.” The company cites wildfire risk reduction measures among the reasons customers will see higher rates.

#alameda #AlamedaMunicipalPower #CaliforniaPublicUtilitiesCommission #CostOfLiving #electricity #gas #PacificGasAndElectric #utilities #UtilityReformNetwork #wildfires

Mark Ohe
5 days ago

Father ends his young son’s health problems by installing an all-electric induction range in 2022.

“My son had pre-asthma, and removing the gas stove from our house pretty much ended any respiratory problems.”

Gas stoves are a major contributor to childhood asthma because they release dangerous chemicals like nitrogen dioxide, formaldehyde and other harmful pollutants, which are toxic to people and pets. #methane #cooking #gas vs. #electricity

Photo of father who ended his young son’s health problems by installing an all-electric induction cooktop.
Khurram Wadee ✅
5 days ago

Currently, less than 10% of the #UK #Electricity demand is being met by #gas, nearly 54% is being supplied by #WindEnergy and 10% by #SolarEnergy.

#Environment #FossilFuels #RenewableEnergy #Renewables

5 days ago

Coal is Still King
Coal still leads the charge when it comes to #electricity, representing 35.4% of global #power generation in 2022, followed by natural gas at 22.7%, and hydroelectric at 14.9%.

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
6 days ago

☀️ This is The Way it should always be. ☀️

#Australia generates so much rooftop solar (RTS) power that #coal- and #gas-powered generators can't compete on pricing. During peak #sunshine hours, #electricity from privately-owned RTS panels is so plentiful that wholesale prices from regular sources is *negative*. When battery backups are the norm, we can say goodbye to coal!
Rooftop #solar 'cannibalising' #power #prices as #Australian generators pay to stay online


Red Panda Coding
6 days ago

The #colour of #electricity is…

The Japan Times
6 days ago

There are growing moves in Japan to make effective use of surplus electricity generated during the daytime by solar power, in efforts to shift power demand according to supply. #business #companies #utilities #electricity #solar #energy

6 days ago

"But when my car uses electricity, isn't the power company just burning fossil fuels & creating CO2 to create the electricity my car uses anyway?"

Listen as Neil logically explains, in this episode of Star Talk, what electric cars mean to America & climate change.

"Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains Electric Power"

#climatechange #carbon #electriccars #electricity

1 week ago

'Maine's Radical Solution to the Energy Crisis'

" #Maine residents will vote this November on whether to create the first statewide consumer-owned utility in the country.

They're facing skyrocketing #electricity bills and frequent #power outages, while the corporate utilities ( #CMP and #Versant) that dominate the state brought in $187 million in profit last year. Both the companies are owned by foreign entities.

Residents are organizing to take power back into their own hands — literally. A ballot measure on the November ballot could create the consumer-owned utility non-profit #PineTreePower, and put it under community control.

We talked with residents about what this would mean for them."


steve mookie kong
1 week ago

I hate PG&E, I wish there was competition.

#pge #utilities #electricity #gas

Your energy bill is going up. Understand why and what the next steps are 

Important update about your energy bills
This winter, you will see higher rates for gas and electric service. We are communicating with you now so you can understand why and prepare for higher bills.
Jack of all trades
2 weeks ago

There are 82 operational data centres in Ireland, 77% of which are the big tech hyperscalers, and they demand 18% of Ireland’s grid supply on a daily basis (as compared to the European-wide 2.7%).

That's a crazy number, 18% of electricity supply in a country going towards data centers.

#electricity #BigTech

2 weeks ago

I can't believe we still need to discuss nuclear power:
* nuclear is extremely expensive, it mainly exists because governments wanted plutonium for weapons. Nuclear is so heavily subsidized (including research), the numbers simply don't add up
* nuclear is not the answer: for a true transition, we need decentralized, resilient systems. Not centralize megaplants in the hands of corporations and governments.
* specifically the pro-nuclear lobby advocated against renewables for decades. Now they see a chance for revival.
* Did you ever wonder why only megalomanic governments plan new nuclear power plants? Because they are too expensive, too slow and not worth the risk (risk is low, but the consequences of a disaster are *very* large, making it unattractive). And now add the increase in natural disaster frequency to the mix.
* modern electricity systems need flexibility. And this is not what nuclear has.
* we are discussing avout a technology that even the International Energy Agency (really a not very progressive institution) doesn't expect to grow significantly in the next decades.

Pro-nuclear propaganda is funded by the nuclear lobby 😛

And lately, because shit hits the fan and people get anxious, also by normal people (not wanting to accuse you of anything😘). It would be so desirable to have a technological answer to our problems (fusion reactor-groupies, I am looking at you 🧐), but bad news: there is no silver bullet. We should make plans about how to reduce energy consumption instead of trying just to continue the same capitalist game. Think about how technocracy as an ideology influences how we think and talk about these issues.

Much love and solarpunk!

@ninafelwitch @butch
#Nuclear #NuclearPower #NuclearPowerPlants #Electricity #ClimateChange #EnergyTransition #NuclearFree

2 weeks ago

At Portsmouth port, an almost £20m grant has been secured to operate a shore power system, allowing ships to effectively plug into the mains, using renewable energy to run their onboard systems. This will improve air quality at the port and save 5,500 tonnes of carbon a year.

#GoodNews #Portsmouth #Port #Energy #Electricity #Renewable #Green #AirQuality #Carbon

2 weeks ago

@jackofalltrades There's a lot of disinformation and fear-mongering going on with regards to the electric grid. Here in Austria, the catch phrase is "Blackout", and it's used to make people afraid of decentralized power production and also of course to sell things.

Last year, the government had all schools, kindergartens and the like make a "blackout plan". They painted a picture of immediate complete breakdown of everything, lasting days, and made parents decide in advance what should happen to their children in such an event. Schools had to stock food and batteries and buy toilet bags because there would be no water and toilets. (We are in a metropolitan area, there's food for weeks at the school anyway, almost all children can walk home, and our water comes though the pipes through gravity without extra power, and toilets flush even when there's no electricity. But apparently our government does not know about this.)

Supermarkets offered "Blackout kits", like camping supplies but more expensive and in an orange box, but as far as I know, they didn't sell well.

A generation before, we had plans for nuclear catastrophe. Schools had parents sign for being allowed to administer iodine pills to the kids in such a case. That never happened. All the potential sources still exist as far as I know, but our focus has shifted.

Now with the changes in energy production finally getting under way, I see a lot of fear being produced. A few weeks ago there was news about how a record number of solar panels had been installed this year so far. But instead of celebration, the articles were about "Oh, the poor grid! Will it hold? Have fear!" People who install solar panels are slowly framed as egoists, because their fancy roof decorations might damage our fragile electric grid.

You see, we've been paying high maintenance fees with our electricity bills for decades. And surprisingly, the power companies have not used this money to invest and prepare for these now very surprising, suddenly happening changes. Nobody could have seen that coming, I know. Solar panels were invented this year, and there have never been any wind turbines before the 2020s, right?

#grid #stopburningstuff #stopBurningFossilFuels #Electricity #blackout #dunkelflaute

People & Nature
2 weeks ago

Is it possible to base electricity networks on #renewables? Won’t they break? Could there be advantages? 2nd part of a 2-pt article on “Electricity systems: building blocks of a socialist view”. Networks are adapting to high shares of #electricity generation from renewables. Capital has its plans for this: socialists can counter these. Ultimately, decentralised renewables + networks managing flows as commons, not commodities, can empower & democratise. #ClimateCrisis

Graham Downs
2 weeks ago

I had no idea #Nigeria was struggling so much with their #electricity. This is terrible. And it makes me realise that as bad as #loadshedding is, it's not this bad yet.

Thoughts and prayers (yes, I know) are with the people of Nigeria. :(

2 weeks ago

I wrote about our plans for a #summer #vacation to #Greece without airtravel a while ago. I'd said I wanted to put my money and effort where my mouth is.

Now I wanted to add a follow-up, but the original post is already gone. My fault for setting auto-deletion to 3 months.

Two adults and two children travelled from #Vienna 🇦🇹 to #Corfu 🇬🇷 and back via #Italy 🇮🇹 , with some sightseeing in #Ancona, Corfu Town, #Brindisi, and #Rome without using any cars or airplanes. I had bought additional travel insurance for missed connections, but we didn't need that.

Itinerary: Tram, #Nightjet sleeper, bus, #ferry, bus, bus, (hotel stay with occasional outings by bus), bus, bus, ferry, shuttle bus, bus, (hotel), #Frecciargento train, (hotel, metro and bus for #sightseeing), #Frecciarossa train, Nightjet sleeper, metro. (Busses means regular public transit busses on numbered lines that the locals also take.)

Every single vehicle everywhere had working air condition. They were clean and on time, and all the longer trips had tasty food. There's power outlets everywhere. The Frecciarossa (red arrow) between Rome and #Bologna only got to 250 km/h, not the 300 we were hoping to see, but that was the only slightest disappointment.

The ferries are not at all climate-friendly. I have not found a number for how much #CO² for a crossing, but they are similar to cruise ships. The trips are far shorter than cruises of course, but we see and smell the black smoke from the stacks. It's wrong to feel smug about taking a ferry instead of an airplane. All the busses had #combustion engines. All the trains/metros/trams were #electric, so that depends on the grid. The Austrian ÖBB prides itself on using only "green" #electricity.

We enjoyed the trip very much. I am unsure about any future travel. I would totally do this again in terms of comfort and experiences. But my goals for how much I hope to not pollute and damage the world for my pleasure have changed. I have no answers right now.

#stayGrounded #climateCatastrophe #ClimateDiary

Ang Black
3 weeks ago

Former rubbish dump in Essex becomes UK’s third largest #solar farm

> Ockendon #SolarFarm to generate enough clean #electricity to power the equivalent of 15,000 homes


Wif Stenger
3 weeks ago

Electricity price drops below zero again amid mild, breezy weather in #Finland

#windpower #renewables #electricity no

3 weeks ago

I've shared news before about solar panels being used in combination with growing plants. This article talks about the use of roof space for both gardens and solar panels as created by Vienna's University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences.

#GoodNews #Solar #PV #Roof #Garden #Shade #Energy #Electricity #Vienna

3 weeks ago

A Cornish Pasty factory has installed a 131.2kw solar system which will supply at least 20% of it's yearly power needs. More impressively, on one very sunny day, it met 98% of their power needs at that point!

#GoodNews #Cornwall #Cornish #Pasty #CornishPasty #Factory #Solar #PV #Manufacture #Energy #Electricity #Cooking #Ovens #Delicious

#Bitcoin #mining aided #Texas's #electrical grid, when the #bitcoinMining company #RiotPlatforms reduced its power usage amid the summer heatwave.

> only a handful of business operations can effectively implement significant demand response systems, and #cryptoMining might be the most optimal at shedding load.

#crypto #btc #cryptocurrency #electricity @crypto @bitcoin

Any #electronic experts have recommendations for a #multimeter?

I need to figure out which of a loom of wires coming out of my car's ECU is supposed to be running to the fuel pump relay which a previous owner deleted.

I've heard that "clamp" style meters can measure wires without probing them. Will that work if the wire I'm looking for has been disconnected?

Any other features I should look for?

#electrical #electronics #fuelInjection #vw #type3 #electricity

Interesting comparisons of France and Germany by #wwf in a Zoom yesterday about the #electricity transitions of both countries.