Riku Voipio
4 days ago

🔋There are plenty of "next great battery" inventions going on. But sodium-ion battery appears to be the next big thing that gets out of labs and commercialized.🔋

#electrification #batteries #sodiumion

Looming gas supply shortfall in Australia's🇦🇺 southern states could be eradicated by #Electrification and #Energy Efficiency.

New report finds residential gas use could decrease to zero by 2042, and industrial gas use by 63%. and avoid investment in new gas fields.

#Australia #FossilGas #ClimateAction

Dan Shuman
5 days ago

This, 100%. Rural communities are the ones who will lose out on the EV transition if they don't act, but that doesn't mean we should shake our heads and say they should know better. Education is key.

Longterm I think this issue will improve as EV ranges increase, but we shouldn't wait for that.

#EVs #Electrification

Alameda Post
5 days ago

WETA has now secured roughly $117 million in funding from local, state, and federal agencies to implement its REEF Ferry Program, which aims to transition the fleet to zero-emission propulsion technology.

#alameda #electrification #SfBayFerry

Michael T Babcock
5 days ago

That said, the #construction industry has never even come to mind for #electrification because of the remote sites, diesel just makes sense. Many sites even have their own refuelling tanks. But what about the smaller use cases for construction equipment? Like those rentable bobcats? This guy imported electric mini equipment to try out: by
#EV #farm #ranch #imports

Michael T Babcock
5 days ago

As someone who drives a #PHEV, I'm frequently amazed that it isn't the standard on large pickup trucks. The low end torque and fuel savings for local driving while having a gas engine for long haul work is perfect for people who want to use a truck to both drive kids to soccer on weekends *and* haul a load on week days.
#EV #Electrification #vehicles #cars

Dan Shuman
1 week ago

The thesis in the latter half of this article that maybe we shouldn't be trying to recreate the gas refueling experience with EVs isn't unsound, and is compelling. But I think there's more context to be had here.

For one, oil major adoption of EV charging is a lagging indicator. They primarily got us into this mess, so we should never expect them to lead on solutions (though we damn sure better try to hold them to account).

#EVs #Electrification #EVCharging

Riku Voipio
1 week ago

Crazy week for Finnish #grid.
-19.11, Nuclear power plant trips, 1600MW production lost
-21.11 With limited nuclear and no wind, electricity price peaks to 1€/kWh
-22.11 Wind power record (5400MW)
-23.11 Kinect energy accidentally offers 5700MW of power production they don't have for the next day, nosidiving electricity price to -50c/kWh!
-24.11 Electricity consumption record for 2023 as consumers rush to be paid for using electricity

#gridmix #electrification

2 weeks ago

In Praise of Alert Sounds and Electric Cars

When I go for a walk in our Santa Monica neighborhood, I notice certain sounds that give me a special pleasure. Birdsong, especially birds I’ve never heard before: On some afternoons, escaped parrots can shock me with their bright squawking. I’ll stop to listen to the click of a bicycle in free spin and I’ll smile at the sound of an electric car.
#electrification #audio

Dan Shuman
2 weeks ago

Come for the story about heat pumps and incentives in far northern cold climate, stay for the photos of disco on horseback.

#HeatPumps #Electrification

Jamie Scott
2 weeks ago

After what seems an eternity, the #rail line to #EastKilbride is getting electrified! Contracts have been let, project should be finished by end of 2025 (unless #ScottishGovernment are forced to slow down the #decarbonisation spend again...)

#Decarbonization #Electrification #railway #ElectricTrains #Scotland

Cory Doctorow
2 weeks ago

#5yrsago Trump spent $200,000,000 on the election stunt of sending 6,000 troops to the border, then withdrew them before the caravan arrived

#5yrsago #Electrification 2.0: #RuralBroadband #CoOps are filling the void left by indifferent monopolists

#5yrsago Dystopia watch: a roundup of the DOD’s new #LessLethalWeapons


TU München
3 weeks ago

Researchers are developing a modular development kit for all-electric #tractors to help #agricultural machinery manufacturers transition from machines with diesel engines to #electricdrives on a broad basis:

#Agritechnica #electrification

Riku Voipio
4 weeks ago

Big industrial heat pumps being built nearby. Input is 40c waste heat from a
Microsoft datacenter and output is +85c water into our district heating network. And that's not all, it also operates as cooler for the datacenter, achieving a combined 6.6 COP! Together, the heat pumps and datacenters will provide enough heat for 100.000 In the district heating area around Espoo.

#heatpumps #electrification #districheating

Seriously considering getting a 2022 Nissan Leaf SV (replacing my 2016 Tacoma) but have concerns about the CHAdeMO charging standard.

I own a home and would be charging at home the vast majority of the time and we're a 2 car family. I suspect CHAdeMO not being future proof won't affect me much given all those facts.

What do my #EV driving friends think?

#electricvehicles #electrification

1 month ago

According to the #ÖBB and a document showing the financing plan for the projects scheduled from 2024 till 2029, the #railway from #Herzogenburg to #Krems is about to be electrified as soon as 2026?! From the table, the planning gets budget assigned in 2024 and 2025. The actual build seems to be budgeted from 2025 onwards already, indicating that it might start then already?
Am I misinterpreting anything?

#rail #austria #electrification #train #trains #railway

On the picture, there is a tabular representation of the scheduled electrification programme, regarding the railway between the austrian cities Krems and Herzogenburg.
The two rows show the budget for planning and the building respectively.
It appears, that planning is estimated to take only two years, as money is assigned only from 2024 to 2025, whereas actually building seems to be scheduled from 2026 to 2029

Lord knows I don't agree with Ian Walmsley on everything he writes for Modern Railways magazine, but he's unimpeachable when it comes to #electrification. Also "#FOAKALOAK" is genius

The end of a magazine article. Text reads "the view of the innovation gurus is "we can't have Electrification, so we have to do something." No, you don't. Throwing money away on alternative fuels proves nothing we don't already know. Another FOAKALOAK (First Of A Kind And Last Of A Kind). 

Pan down.
David Zipper
1 month ago

MIT Technology Review asked me for a "hard problem at the intersection of technology and society that deserves more attention."

My answer: Replacing the gas tax with fees based on mileage driven

#cars #climate #regulation #gasoline #electrification

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Hard times for offshore wind power in the northeast US. Interest rates hurt financing, inflation and supply chain problems increased costs.
#Energy #Renewable #Wind #Electrification

This is a big deal. Utlities and EV Charging stations are starting to roll out per-kWh charging. Looks like Ontario is first in Canada with the Ontario Hydro-adjacent Ivy network (it's a private contractor funded by OH I believe) launching per-kWh charging today.

Up until now, EV charging at fast (L3) and slow (L2) chargers has been priced per-minute as if you were in a parking lot.

It is anywhere from 10c/min to 40c/min (The going rate these days is usually around 30c/min). I believe this was because many EVs couldn't deliver more than about 25-50KW of power which meant it took more than an hour to fully charge a 40KWh battery. New cars are able to charge at 75KW-200KW and batteries are in the 60-100kWh range, so you're looking at 30min-60min charge times (in ideal conditions) for a full charge and less for the standard charge people do of about 50% the capacity.

It makes sense then to move to the actual electricity consumed as the measure for pricing since that, not time, will be the limiting factor.

Another step down the road to electrification of the vehicle industry.
#EV #Canada #Electrification #Cars #Ivy #Ontario #ClimateAction #ClimateChange

A screenshot from an email from the Ivy network. The text says:

Per-kWh pricing pilot program is here.
We're excited to announce our new pilot program! Starting November 1, we are introducing per-kWh pricing at our ONroute locations, allowing you to charge based on the energy you consume. 


How does it work?
Pay for the energy you consume.
This is a new pricing structure for our highest volume locations. 

Oliver Braunschweig
1 month ago

#Electrification of #transport is important, but we should not forget that #EVs still use far more #energy than public transport, biking, or pedestrians.

It is essential to combine different modes of transport in an equitable way, while keeping in mind that cities & rural areas, the poor & the rich, and different countries have different needs. According to Vox, #Norway is an example of both what to do and what not to do. #Inclusive #EnergyTransition #GlobalHeating

Greg Harvey 🌍
1 month ago

Fell into a big debate about #greenenergy last night with guys who think burning wood and keeping your old diesel going is greener than #electrification. I don't believe they *really* think that, but what stood out for me is a huge number of people feel left behind by electrification and think it's the preserve of the rich, so they can't be bothered to do the maths. We need some kind of reliable generator of a ten year "business plan" for an ordinary household that demonstrates the actual value.

IT News
1 month ago

A giant battery gives this new school bus a 300-mile range - Enlarge / GreenPower has given its class-D electric school bus a big ba... - #environmentalprotectionagency #electricschoolbus #electrification #electricbus #greenpower #cars #bus

David Zipper
1 month ago

In Vox, I explained why Norway’s “EV miracle” is a cautionary tale.

Eye-popping incentives have spurred electric car sales -- but they've also widened inequality and undermined transit/biking.

Excessive EV promotions create their own problems.

#norway #evs #climatechange #electrification

Jack of all trades
1 month ago


I agree with you that any #ClimateAction that fails to address the problems of #inequality and #SocialJustice is bound to fail. That's why #ClimateChange is such a hard problem to solve, as it's not mainly a technological issue (#electrification, #EnergyTransition, etc.) but rather a social problem. #Degrowth movement tries to address this, but it's a hard sell to many in the Global North. Privilege is hard to give up.

Riku Voipio
1 month ago

@InverclydeSwimmer Mostly from a waste-to-energy CHP plant, that currently wastes the by-product heat during summer. But there will also be direct electric heating that will be utilized when electricity is cheap due to oversupply of #renewables


Kadri Simson
1 month ago

RT by @KadriSimson: Today the Electrification Alliance unveils a new #ElectrificationManifesto urging the @EU_Commission to fast-track the #electrification of Europe.
At our launch event at @AudiOfficial’s Brussels #EV plant, @KadriSimson agreed on the urgent need to ramp up direct electrification🧵


[2023-10-23 15:23 UTC]

Kadri Simson
1 month ago

RT by @KadriSimson: “Energy Commissioner @KadriSimson has been a guiding force in putting #electrification at the heart of the Green Deal over the course of this past mandate, making it an easy choice to present her with this electrification award" - said @kristianruby ⚡️


[2023-10-23 16:15 UTC]

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

#NewZealand Labour's retrofit rebate election promise

Up to $18,000 for deep retrofit of an existing home
Encourage air tightness, #insulation, double-glazing and #electrification
Up to $7000 for partial retrofits
Up to $3000 for households who electrify and move off gas

In August, the Green Party announced a policy that would cover up to 25% of the cost of zero-carbon home upgrades such as rooftop solar, heat pumps, and better insulation incl windows.

Yimby Earth
3 months ago

American railoads: we can't electrify because we're running freight! Sometimes doublestacked containers in well cars! Impossible! Might try a battery loco in 10 years?

India: Electrify all the things!
Tracks for double stacked containers on flatbed cars? Electrify!

#electrification #railway #railroad #India #Bharat #USA #DedicatedFreightCorridor

Will Deakin
3 months ago

For those interested in such things, here is a connoisseurs map of "European" current rail-electrification based on @openstreetmap tagged data

Electrified track OLE is red, third- and fourth-rail DC in green and brown, unelectrified in black

Colours in the spirit of the FizzyKnitting @25kV

Developed in @python using #OSMnx to wrangle the data and visualised in @qgis

#rail #ElectrifyAllThings #electrification #Europe #DataVisualization

European rail network electrification colour coded by type. Please see the separate legend for detail

Key colours are red for Overhead Contact Line (OCL), green for third-rail DC and black for unelectrified track
Legend for the Rail Electrification map showing Overhead Contact Line (OCL) AC with voltage, and other rail DC transmission 

This is based on the FizzyKnitting colour scheme developed work by Garry Keenor et al (@25kv) 

Note: more than 95% of the complexity (third-rail, fourth-rail and dual) is in the South East of Great Britain
Will Deakin
3 months ago

For those interested in such things, here is a map of "European" current rail-electrification based on @openstreetmap tagged data

Electrified track is red, all other track in black

Developed in @python using #OSMnx to wrangle the data and visualised in @qgis

True connoisseurs of the art please note, this does not make a distinction between voltage, frequency, and type (OLE/third-rail/fourth-rail)

#rail #ElectrifyAllThings #electrification #Europe #DataVisualization

A map showing rail infrastructure in "Europe" showing electrified track in red and all other current track in black based on OSM tagged data

The Atkins uplift measurement team have been out all week at Steventon, one of the highest (6.0m) contact wire locations on the UK network. They've been doing an amazing job, battling the heat and a broken generator. We'll use this data to understand what actual uplift values are, and hopefully be able to reduce the number of bridges and signal gantries that need replacement for #electrification

(Pictures taken from a position of safety working under a safe system of work)

A GWR class 80x passing over a level crossing on a hot sunny day. An Atkins operative in full orange PPE with blue hard hat looks on with cameras on tripods pointing at the overhead line
Two Atkins operatives in full orange PPE with blue hard hats standing by a tent containing monitoring equipment. One is checking his notes
3 months ago

#energy #electrification thought. Has anyone does the following calculation carefully: keeping a house comfortable during a heat wave means lowering the heat index, which involves both temperature and humidity. If you use A/C to lower an indoor temperature, it costs energy to fight the continuous conduction loss through walls/windows.

Water vapor doesn't diffuse the same way heat does. In a humid heat wave, does dehumidification give you more human-comfort-per-watt than actual air cooling?

Riku Voipio
3 months ago

After urban busses, the next low hanging fruit for #electrification in transport is.. Refuse collection. Low speeds and frequent start/stop means you can get away with smaller battery than many other usecases. And citizens are happy with less diesel revving in neighborhoods!

Alpine Joe
4 months ago

@capntransit @apoorv_bh89 @railminindia

The Henry George Program (podcast) just released an episode on the progress of rail electrification in the USA. TLDR: almost no progress.

Still a good episode to listen to.

#electrification #georgism

Gustav Svärd
4 months ago

Railway electrification in Europe is a mess.
Ought the EU provide funding to help (smaller?) ones change over to the modern standard?
(I.e. 25 kV, 50 Hz)
#rail #trains #electrification #electrified #railways #railroads #EU #Europe #infrastructure

4 months ago

@clive It's not just the US that loves pickups - #Australia does, too (they're called 'utes' - after 'utility vehicle', here). They're the best selling vehicles in Australia: Our 4WD utes and SUVs are much smaller and lighter than their US counterparts and much better off-road, to cope with harsh Australian conditions. #electrification does pose an issue, though as the charging structure is not in place for Australia's vast distances, and suitable EVs are simply not available - even if they were affordable (I'd be a customer, but nothing suitable is available, even if it were in my price range).

There's going to be pain involved, as remote communities and the disadvantaged - who drive older ICE vehicles - struggle to move to EVs. The 'nudges' (tariffs) which might seem reasonable for urban drivers are going to seem pretty unfair to them - and fertile breeding ground for a nasty culture war.

Industry Decarbonization News
4 months ago

I am trying something new. I'm creating video lectures explaining decarbonization technologies. First video: How to make Cement without Carbon Emissions #ccs #electrification

4 months ago

Weren’t there some major tax incentives passed late last year in the U.S. for home energy efficiency improvements, maybe even refundable credits?

I seem to recall this from last winter but haven’t heard anything about it since.

We’re considering some improvements, so I would greatly appreciate any info you have experience with this! TIA

#sustainability #homeimprovement #solar #electrification #taxes #taxcredits #energy #energyefficiency #climate #climatechange #solarpanels

The Transportation Historian
6 months ago

I was looking at some electric railroads when I stumbled on this line on Wikipedia: "[Railroad] electrification in the US reached its maximum of 3,100 miles (5,000 km) in the late 1930s."

Today, there are only 681 mi (1127 km) excluding light and commuter rail. Most of which is only used by Amtrak and local passenger rail.

It's shocking to see how much closer we were to achieving #sustainable #electric #transportation a century ago than we are today.

#rail #train #electrification #usa

6 months ago

@empiricism Interesting essay.

Small point: although #ExxonKnew and promoted 'unreasonable psychology', of course they weren't the first to understand the greenhouse effect: see eg #JohnTyndall and #EuniceFoote in the 1850s and Svante #Arrhenius's public talks in the 1890s.

Agree we can collectively #StopBurningStuff. It requires not just technical solutions, eg #electrification and #heatpumps, but making sure human institutions do not undermine true sustainability.

Rekha Murthy
7 months ago

Carbon Countdown 2023: Reaching Our 2030 Climate Targets in Massachusetts

Join this free virtual event on May 20 9-11a

Explore climate actions in our state, from local initiatives to statewide legislation. Feat. MA Climate Chief Melissa Hoffer and Senator Mike Barrett, plus breakouts with MA climate activists + leaders.

#climate #massachusetts #cleanenergy #maclimatetargets #carboncountdown #electrification #climateactivism
#biodiversity #affordablehousing #geothermal

N COUNTDOWN = . ONWARD! Reaching m Our 2030 Climate Targets === th NEW | May 20" only! 9:00 am P Virtual « Climate Chief Hoffer: An equitable and sustainable future —A vision for Massachusetts [EIg5[E] |- Senator Mike Barrett @ e :;'; « Climate Solutions Breakout Rooms E‘B‘ o <« BIODIVERSITY Protecting ecosystems, in our backyard and beyond Speaker: David Morgan = BUILDING ELECTRIFICATION A future without fossil fuels Speakers: Anne Wright and Bob Zogg « NETWORKED GEOTHERMAL Neighborhood scale heating and cooling Speaker: Zeyneb Magavi « AFFORDABLE HOUSING Healthy, Efficient, Resilient Speaker: Neal Mongold LG CCE T A S com| Sponsored by Sustainable Middlesex | Spread the word to your networks! Enianmental Action Team- BostonCan - Garle Enviramental ustanabilty ommitee - Climate Coltion f Somervlle - ClmateRealityPrect Boston Hetro Chaptr- Concard cademy - ConcordCN - Coler Cancord ool Winchester - ootk Energia Bborough - Enrgae Framingham Energie Wptand- nvironmental League of A - it Parish ConcrdEnvironmentol eam - s Tansiin les- Gren Heedham - Green Newtan GreenPepperel- HeatSmart lance - HEET - HousingCrporatianf Atingtan-JCAN- exCAN-esngtanGren Networ - Litan Sustanabily Cammitte. PSGren Teams - MassEneoize- A - elose Enrgy Comision Sl cio Justice Tama Fallen- ustainbleAlngton - sustanable Belmont - Sustinae LeingtonCommitce - Sustanabl Sherborn - SustinaleStow SustaiableWellesty-Upper Charls Cimate Ao

Kaitlyn Mair talking about development of a national traction power supply strategy through to 2050. Outlines the scale of the power challenge for #electrification and #decarbonisation

Kaitlyn at a lectern talking to a slide showing traction power requirements rising from 500MVA today to 1800MVA in 2050
Dan Shuman
8 months ago


I'm an engineer and physicist now working in #RenewableEnergy, focusing on #EnergyStorage. I'm all about #Renewables and non-fossil energy, #Electrification, #GreenTech, #Sustainability, and #CircularEconomy.

#Physics is where I started and someday want to return, but currently focused on our great task.

New to #Mastodon, hoping to find a place where people can connect more authentically than #LinkedIn, without the algorithm or the corporate hype machines. #EnergyMastodon

Askill H. Halse
8 months ago

87 percent of new cars sold in Norway in March were #ElectricVehicles. The record high numbers are largely driven by high sales of #Tesla Model Y at discounted prices. #Transport #Electrification

Horizontal bar chart showing the ten most selling car models in Norway in March 2019
Extinction Rebellion Global
9 months ago

The very first car batteries are only now beginning the end of life cycle (most last far beyond early expectations)

With the arrival of Electric transport many are concerned about batteries
Well here us some good news…

Redwood (set up to recycle batteries) has managed over 95% efficiency in recovering important metals from a mix of batteries.

Alfred Twu
11 months ago

My thoughts on the latest political controversy over the phaseout of gas stoves in new buildings...

1. Electric induction stoves are easier to clean, cook better, and don't pollute indoor air.

2. If we're doomed to have culture wars, maybe it's better they're fought over household appliances instead of human rights 🙃

#electrification #induction

cartoon of a electric stove fighting a gas stove
11 months ago

In which #CSX claims we can't do double-stack freight and electric catenary w/o expanding the RF&P right-of-way, which I don't fully believe, and also Virginia and North Carolina want to electrify the S-line to Raleigh?? #VAHSR #rail #electrification


2022 was also the year #electrification became a mainstream policy objective, with major legislation at the state and federal levels.

But I'm sure the fossil fuel industry has nothing to do with this. /s

Anna Nicholson
11 months ago

A relatively recent side interest of mine is rail electrification, and I found this a very useful explainer of the way weights, pulleys and droppers are used to keep the contact wire level in overhead electrification:

(At some point, I will get around to finishing @25kV’s excellent book on the subject, available as a free download here:

#rail #railways #OverheadLineEquipment #catenary #electrification

Dezene Huber 🌻
11 months ago

BC suspends energy supply to crypto mining: Good!

#Cryptocurrency #mining consumes massive amounts of electricity... while creating very few jobs in the local economy. We are... (preserving) our #electricity supply for people who are switching to #electric #vehicles and #heat #pumps, and for businesses and industries that are undertaking #electrification projects that #reduce #carbon #emissions...”

(Josie Osborne, Minister of Energy, Mines and Low Carbon Innovation)

Still getting my head around this place, so here’s my third (hopefully public) attempt at an #introduction:

I’m Adam - late 30’s, tram/train/transport/history/clean energy nerd, dad, and ຄົນລາວອົດສະຕາລີ (Laostralian). 🇱🇦

My interests include #transport, #trams, #railways, #history, #urbanism, #electrification, #technology, #culture, #IAP2, #sustainability, #cleanenergy, #renewables, #powersystemengineering, political systems, #elections, the machinery of government, and all things #southeastasia 🙏🏽

Jenny Yang
1 year ago


I'm a chemistry professor at UC Irvine that specializes in inorganic chem and electrochem.

My research focuses on #electrification of the chemical industry, #decarbonization, #carboncapture, and #sustainability. Current projects on electrochemical carbon capture and utilization, but also electric fields in #catalysis and #bioinsipred systems.

I'm an #academicmom that loves cooking, running, cycling, hiking, ultimate frisbee, and ice hockey but never has enough time.

1 year ago

The really specific #introduction beyond what I spend most of my time on now!

I have done a lot and still think a lot about #housing #buildings #environmentalJustice and #electrification (or #decarbonization). In #California I spent several years as an #energyEfficiency #policy wonk. I help run a participatory #grantmaking fund called the EBE Fund.

I am an #engineer, #environmental and #petroleum in a past life. I want #systemsChange #justice and a #GreenNewDeal. I live in #SanFrancisco!