39 minutes ago

I'm going to be fixing this Pioneer CLD-1750 in a few weeks (my next spare time slot). Fault is it doesn't read discs. Laser moves, focuses, moves in, focuses again, then gives up. No spindle movement. Anyone have any ideas? I'm hoping it's not laser failure - but it glows red on camera.
I've tried cleaning the laser lens.
#electronics #laserdisc #electronicsrepair

amen zwa, esq.
6 hours ago

Ponderous pachyderms, which #soldering ("sol-der", not "sod-der"🤣) station (through-hole or surface-mount) brand do you keep on your #electronics workbench?

amen zwa, esq.
6 hours ago

Ponderous pachyderms, which digital #oscilloscope brand do you keep on your #electronics workbench?

amen zwa, esq.
6 hours ago

Ponderous pachyderms, which digital #multimeter #DMM brand do you keep on your #electronics workbench?

Csepp 🌢
8 hours ago

Damn it, I hoped it would not come to this, but I guess I'll have to actually solder those pins onto the test pads of the #PocketViewer. I can use the multi tack glue for temporary support and the glue gun to stop the pin from moving, but that still leaves a small gap between the test pad and the pin, so I have to flow a little bit of solder on there. Tested it with one pin, seems to work fine, but idk how I'll manage the other 8 without any of them shorting.
cc: #electronics #theFoundry

9 hours ago

New Patreon post: Athena32 as a real hardware console (talking about my FPGA explorations & plans for Athena32)

#fantasyconsole #fpga #electronics #patreon

Davide Bucci
13 hours ago

The #VCO is finished! Tomorrow I will install it on the synth and test it properly. #AnalogSynthesizers #electronics Lol! The date is wrong 🤣

The VCO fully wired.
20 hours ago

If you like techno and noise, check this out, it's a banger.

#NowPlaying ᑕ✙✙ - DΞΛTH SΞᑕT0R ΛLPHΛ #HarshNoise #Electronics #Techno #Music

20 hours ago

I think that all employees and volunteers working at @restartproject should get a #gold ring made from #recycled #electronics #waste. Hopefully everyone will still #repair rather than break items for gold 😂

Spencer Wolfe
22 hours ago

This account will mainly be about my hobbies of #gardening (when in season), #scalemodels and sometimes #electronics

Maybe little bits of #reading #videogames #coffee and anything #sciencefiction

But the internet here in rural Appalachia sucks, so I don't subscribe to any streaming services. I tend to buy and binge stuff the old fashioned way, so I likely won't participate in the latest Star Trek This or Star Wars That ...

Political postings will be rare.

23 hours ago

Would fitting a cheap mobile phone which, when called, triggers a solenoid switch to create a dead short across the lithium battery resulting in a huge fireball be too extreme as an anti theft measure?

Better not steal my bike then 🤨


1 day ago
4 x AA Batteries == 6v
3 x AA Batteries == 4.5v

4 x AA batteries through LDO -> 3.3v 8 months still going.

3 x AA batteries through same LDO ->3.3v died at 6 months

is it just because even though they're in series there's one more "cell's worth of mAh" available? i'm expecting more wastage from the 4 cells.

The device is on for <2 seconds, then hibernates.

#electronics #dumbQuestion
Bus Pirate
1 day ago

Programming and testing went okish. There were three issues. BP checks VUSB, old test PC with out of spec USB ports (Vusb<4.75volts) caused fails. Small race condition during self test caused a few over current alert prompts (flashing inverted screen colors), simple code bug.

#buspirate #DIYHardware #opensourcehardware #electronics

A screenshot of teraterm interface showing test result as pass with a smiley face.
1 day ago


Egads. I misread this as "HeathKit apps" and thought, *that's* old-school.

#HeathKit #HealthKit #retro #OldSchool #electronics #kit

Thankful Machine
1 day ago

I'm currently talking to a supplier to make neon 22 AWG solid hookup wire :3 Anybody interested?

This is the selection I'm working with so far. I'm thinking of leaving out 901C. If you had to pick between 901C and 929C, which would stay? I'm thinking of keeping 929C because jazz cup. Or maybe they both are nice together.

#electronics #breadboard #manufacturing #retrocomputing #retrogaming

"xkcd Phone Flip" by @XKCD comic - Be careful what you ask the marketing dept for. #electronics #mobile #tech #WTF

Davide Bucci
2 days ago

I finished to assemble and trim the sinusoidal shaping network of the #VCO. I got 0.6% distorsion, that is perfectly acceptable for the task. #AnalogSynth #electronics

The VCO being assembled on the perfboard, with oscilloscope probes.
A screenshot of the oscilloscope with the sawtooth and the sinusoidal waves.
2 days ago

Been a long time since I listen to mashcore (last one is probably NekRock, when it still did mashcore). It feels really good.

#NowPlaying Chaosmond - Modern Occultish Archipluvia #Mashcore #Electronics #Music

Chuck O'Rourke:verified:
2 days ago

Does anybody know if I could use an American power strip in the UK with an adapter?

#electronics #powerstrips #uk #britian #bellin

2 days ago

China crackers holder... Just have one of four batteries go bad and watch the fireworks in your living room

#ChinaExport #FireHazard #electronics

Zero Ohm between the positive contacts of the battery holders
Zero Ohm between the negative contacts of the battery holders
Spook from Planet 21
2 days ago
Are there any #retrocomputing or #electronics oriented Fediverse relays?
2 days ago

Baby's first pcbs are here*, straight from China! It's insane how cheap those have gotten these days.

Not very ambitious perhaps, but at least it will be useful. Couldn't find ones exactly like these ready to buy anywhere (not too wide so as not to hog breadboard space, and at the same time able to accomodate both narrow and wide soic chips).

*I mean mine. No actual babies were involved

#electronics #pcb #pcbdesign #breadboard #breadboarding

pcb board with panelized soic to dip adapters for breadboard prototyping
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
2 days ago

Made a bit more progress on this four motor controller tonight. Once the top cover is on everything will connect with barrel jacks.

#maker #electronics

A messy looking electronics project.
2 days ago

Mac's Dark Castle on the led panel

(I'm just streaming a portion of my screen and playing on

#fpga #electronics #macintosh #game #icebreaker

A video of an 64x128 RGB led module connected to an iCEBreaker FPGA board, showing a crop of the 1986 macintosh game Dark Castle
Make It Hackin
3 days ago

I order my circuit boards, stencils, 3D prints from @PCBWay is the best!
These kits are available on Etsy or Tindie.
#electronics #soldering #arduino

See what's inside these Learn How to Solder Kits.
3 days ago

Oh yes! This is going to be much more fun to look at than a boring tray loading CD player 😀

Lots to do yet though. 😵


Spinny CD spinning
Paul Houle
3 days ago

🪛 Pineapple ONE: Open source 32 bit RISC-V CPU that you can make at home

#computers #electronics #riscv

Bus Pirate
3 days ago

:toot: Bus Pirate 5s and the production tailings.

A surprising number of the reels are direct from the manufacturer: connectors, diodes, FETs, transistors, etc.

International brands like #TDK #samsung came from #szlcsc or the #huaqiangbei market. Look at all that bubble wrap, yuck. :AAAAAA: #buspirate #electronics #DIYHardware #opensourcehardware

Two boxes. Box on top has reels of components. Box at the bottom contains reels of assembled Bus Pirate 5 baords wrapped in bubble wrap.
3 days ago

Hey, everybody! We're in the feedback phase. Some more devices have gone to Armenia, USA and Germany.
A few devices have been sent to Mestastic developers. Made some non-critical updates to the interface and functions on the git. We are moving, perhaps slowly, but surely. The basis is still the protocol.
#loratype #lora #electronics #iot #meshtastic #tech

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
3 days ago

I made good progress on the wire measuring machine last night.

#maker #electronics #3Dprinting

A DIY wire measuring machine
A DIY wire measuring machine
A DIY wire measuring machine
3 days ago

New toy has arrived.
Among many other things it's capable of measuring the ESR (resistance) of a capacitor.
#RetroComputing #electronics

Image of a measuring device.
Boxed shape with a tiny led screen.
3 days ago

The Engineering Design Show (EDS) returns on 11th-12th Oct 2023. EDS has been showcasing mechanical, #electronics and #embedded design for over a decade. We will be there showing some of our latest demos. Visit us in booth J16 and talk to our experts.


Thankful Machine
3 days ago

If you're ever told to do this to every page of a data sheet, I expect you to stop at nothing to prevent it.

#electronics #datasheet

A very helpful data sheet showing a table of pin descriptions for a serial chip. The component is no longer being manufactured, so the maker thought it would be helpful to overlay giant diagonal red text saying how very end-of-life the product is, right over the useful contents. On every page.
4 days ago

Another shoutout, the popular retro tech video maker @janbeta is now publishing on PeerTube at:

➡️ @jan_beta

If your server can't see the videos yet, you can view them directly at:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #RetroComputing #ComputingHistory #RetroTech #Computing #Tech #Technology #8Bit #16Bit #Commodore #C64 #Amiga #Electronics

Hey everyone! Another day, another release! We are happy to announce the Black Magic Debug **V1.10.0-rc0** Firmware **stable release candidate**! Please give this release candidate a try and report any issues you may find, so that we can make sure that the actual stable release is as good as it can be! See release notes for details. Thank you everyone who contributed! #jtag #swd #embedded #mcu #electronics #debug #release #opensource #programming

5 days ago

Goot Wick desoldering wick is the shit. #electronics

5 days ago

1 of N) Some photos from todays MIT Swapfest. Thread continues below. #MitSwapfest #mit #cambridgema #hamfest #makers #electronics

Red and black Analog phones
Osborne computer for sale $100
NeXT computers
Dial based electronics
Nora "repne scasw" Tindall
5 days ago

So I have an Siglent SDS1104X-E, which is perfectly adequate for my use case and has been for several years

But I've been getting by with a cheap single channel 30x5 desktop PSU, handheld multimeters, and no function generator, and I'm fed up.

My budget is (or, yk, will be) about a grand, maybe a tiny bit more if I really need to push it.

What lab power supply, DMM, and function gen should I buy? Is it worth it to go with the Siglent options for integration reasons?

[ #electronics #siglent #multimeter #oscilloscope ]

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
5 days ago

Eventually it's going to have to go into an enclosure...

#maker #electronics

A render of a 3D printed enclosure.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
5 days ago

Sunday Soldering Session…

#maker #electronics

A soldered electronics project
Davide Bucci
5 days ago

Since #SearchEngines are crap nowadays, I propose to share on this discussion small websites you like, kept by individuals or small groups of people and dedicated to #DIY or #electronics

Hey everyone! We are happy to announce the next Black Magic Debug **V1.8.3** and **V1.9.2** Firmware **stable** releases! We fixed an IDE lockup and BMP V2.3 hardware brownout issue. See release notes for details. Thank you everyone who contributed bug reports, testing and fixes to this point releases! #jtag #swd #embedded #mcu #electronics #debug #release #opensource #programming

Spencer Wolfe
6 days ago

A new #introduction

My name is Spencer and I decided to join Mastodon because I like the idea behind the #fediverse and a more decentralized system. I also think the alternatives are becoming crappier by the day ...

What social media I've done involves my #hobbies of #gardening and building a #scalemodel when I have time.

My other interests are #reading #sciencefiction and #electronics

I have a background in #Science ( #Physics ) as well.

I hope to make some new connections here! 🙂 🖖

James Morris
6 days ago
After many hours, including re-capping the power supply (no dice, but worthwhile in any case), and tracing through most of the upper section, I finally found the issue with this Tektronix spectrum analyzer. A tantalum cap on the horizontal storage board failed and shorted the +15v bus. Replaced it and the SA seems to be working ok so far. #hamradio #amateurradio #electronics
Flippin' 'eck, Tucker!
6 days ago

Inspired by both Ben Eater's site and by @blogmywiki's own attempts, I've been meaning for ages to have a go at creating a simple 6502-based computer.

Today I finally had enough free time to sit and start playing. Even though it's not really doing anything yet, it's still quite thrilling to see all the LED lighting up.

The Arduino by the way is just there to help me monitor the output, it's not part of the actual system.

#8bit #Retrocomputing #electronics #6502

6 days ago
The Ferenc electricity converter station and Laci bácsi (the tour guide and former employee) are pretty damn great! Too bad they don't do regular tours (the station is still operating) :(

#Budapest #electronics #HighVoltage #PublicTransport
Engine-Dynamo used for electricity conversion
Control panel of the Ferenc station
Mercury rectifier (2250 A)
Silicon rectifier (2000 A)

heading this off at the pass: no, JLCPCB's ToS do not grant them the right to reuse or sell your PCB designs. read the full text to understand the context and purposes applicable to the rights you're granting them, not just one isolated sentence, and think about the functionality of the site (e.g. generating gerber previews from your uploads, storing uploads in your account's file manager page, publishing customer reviews, etc.) and what rights must be granted to support that.


Pete Prodoehl 🍕
6 days ago

I whipped up a little box to hide the wiring in and mount the control panel on top of for the wire measuring machine. I still need to tidy up the wires but it’s much better with them out of sight.

#maker #electronics #3Dprinting

A wire measuring machine with 3D printed parts.
A wire measuring machine with 3D printed parts.
Natasha Nox 💙💛
6 days ago

*sigh* Replaced all the capacitors. The screen is still only giving me backlight for about a second, but now it makes really unpleasant peeping noises.
I assume the backlight converter is toast, which would be kinda bad... No idea where to get a replacement that fits. #electronics

Natasha Nox 💙💛
1 week ago

Yo, someome wanna come over? I got at least three surprise fireworks over here! #electronics

Old TN panel's power supply.

Close up of a circuit board. There are three capacitors that look like they're bulging.
1 week ago

What a stupid design 😂

Who'd want to look at the miserable face on this boombox every day!


Csepp 🌢
1 week ago

High tech #electronics #reverseEngineering setup.
#theFoundry (I hope I'm not spamming the tag)

A handheld device's mainboard slotted into the pen holder of a desk lamp, so both its front and back are easy to access.
Front of the device with 9 irregularly placed unlabeled test pads.  ThinkPad in the background.
The device's touch screen has some printed-on icons on the bottom of the touchscreen.
A mirror angled so that I can see the back side of the PCB, where the test pads are.
Construction of the mirror's stand, which is just two pieces of cardboard temporarily glued together with some of the Pritt multi-tack that is sitting next to it on the table.
Csepp 🌢
1 week ago

Holy heck, I found two mystery buttons on my #PocketViewer. There are 5 switches clearly labeled on the PCB, but two of them only have holes on the rear of the case, but there is no rubber dome or switch in there. The switch's hole is even covered with electric tape.
Any #Casio engineers wanna tell me what they could be?
One is labeled as "P" on the rear and has a similar hole as the reset button, the other looks like a slide switch.

#theFoundry #electronics

1 week ago

Thanks to for reminding me of #FollowFriday!

Alright, let's do this...

Follow for a peak into the creative process of creating the wonderful #PepperCarrot webcomic 🖌️

Follow for #OpenStreetMap news, or if you're a map nerd like me or her 🗺️

Follow for keeping track of #Pixelfed development and understanding why #ActivityPub is great 📷

Follow, because he's an all-around good dude I met last week in #Darmstadt at #NixCon2023. He recently moved instances and lost a bunch of followers, so follow him if you're interested in the tech stuff he boosts ❄️

Follow for awesome #RetroComputing stuff and if you're into #Electronics. She's a self-described geek and her interesting posts reflects that 💡

Follow, because she seems to be a very kind person who lives an interesting life. Also, she boosts various interesting stuff ☺️

Follow for...well...endless bees 😄 ​:bee2:​

And of course follow!!

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 week ago

Due to Apple's #iPhone #connector change, we have decided to review our collection of #wires, small peripherals, and other items surrounding our #electronics.

Much pictured here is being organized. We determined that we have enough:
* Apple extension cables
* USB-C to #USBC cables
* USB-A/USB-C to lightning
* #cable management velcro

Not pictured: my CAT-5 cables, HDMI, coax, etc.

I’ll be consulting our city’s #eWaste department.

#cables #networking #iPhone15 #iPhone15Pro #USB

Different computer cables and other items on a grey carpeted floor. Many of the cables are white. Some pictured are USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to USB-A, various Apple power bricks, USB-C to lightning, USB-A to lightning, USB-A extension cables, proprietary Apple USB-A extension cables, velcro ties, external hard drives, small network switches, two old laptops, USB-A to micro-USB, Thunderbolt 2 cables, Thunderbolt 3 cables, USB-A to USB-B, USB-A hubs, blank CD and DVDs, a variety of lighting to A/V adapters, and more.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
1 week ago

I’ve added a second wire guide to the wire measuring machine. I may need to find a longer board and add a tray where the cut wires can land.

#maker #arduino #electronics

1 week ago

One creator I don’t think often gets enough love and inspires me is Fran Blanche on YouTube.
#hacking #electronics #youtube

Andy Warburton ❌❌❌
1 week ago

Big thanks to @deshipu for the help getting this simple animation running on this little OLED! It’s amazing how much character you can create with just a couple of circles and rectangles! #circuitpython #electronics

A small oled screen showing some animated eyes
Cutie-PHY (◕ᴗ◕✿) ⚡
1 week ago

Dear fellow Electronic humans. Does someone know if there is the possibility to adjust the soldermask opening for this BGA if I do not have access to the library? I adjusted the main rule and all other components have been changed, but there is an overwrite for the BGA. #electronics #altium

1 week ago

Hello #electronics people. I would like to improve on a couple of things like soldering and understanding building solid circuits. Also would like to know more about power consumption and making schematics of circuit design. I'm a web developer but I would like to learn more about electronics so I can build stuff with micro processors but also larger installations. There are part time HNCs and BEng courses near me. I can't find any evening courses really. What would you recommend?

1 week ago

Practising Permacomputing: Call for workshop participants

"This autumn is dedicated to Practising Permacomputing; a concept and a nascent community of practice-oriented around issues of resilience and regenerativity in computer and network technology derived, among others, from permaculture principles. As part of this community, space is offered to makers and thinkers in digital culture (and other connected areas) to put the fundamentals and applications of #permacomputing into practice through a series of workshops, a meetup, and a concluding day of public presentations with guests. Join us to explore permacomputing futures!"

#workshop #selfhosting #datacenter #recycling #electronics #plants #amsterdam

Rewilding Computation: Practising Permacomputing
Flyer of the workshop series and event. It's a duotone image dominantly green with some some plants, a chip, and a transistor.
1 week ago

I got a new RF toy keychain. It can passively tell if it’s a 125KHz RFID or 13.56 MHz NFC reader. It’s a dumb device otherwise just for easy identification and even troubleshooting
#hacking #radio #rfid #nfc #infosec #cybersecurity #electronics

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
2 weeks ago

It's been a while since I did an actual electronics project with an enclosure and everything, but a professor in Chicago got in touch with me about doing a small motor control project so I threw something together.

#maker #electronics #3Dprinting #prototyping

An electronics project in a 3D printed enclosure.
Ben Combee
2 weeks ago

If you use your fingers to type out hard #scienceficion stories for publication, are you a digital-to-Analog converter? #dadjoke #electronics

John Christensen
2 weeks ago

Hello all! I'm John, and I love learning, and building open software that makes the world a better place.

I have a physics background, but my interests have meandered through (too) many areas.

Topics I love to learn or chat about:

Interested in contributing to areas like #education and global #inequality

If you're into any of the above topics and are interested in collaborating on projects, I'm all ears!

Extreme Electronics
2 weeks ago

Nottingham Gaussfest

Tesla coils, Wimshurst machines, Van de Graaff , Jacobs ladders generators and all sorts of high voltage demonstrations. (plus a pair of beam engines)

Please register to visit (or if you have something HV to demo)

Please boost for coverage and redistribute to your networks.

#gaussfest #tesla #TeslaCoils #HighVoltage #electronics #makers #wimshurst #VanDeGraaff

A CD being ripped apart by high voltage sparks (against a copper background) 

Nottingham Gaussfest
Large electrical discharges from a huge tesla coil at night at Nottingham Gaussfest
Van De Graaff machines and a Wimshurst machine at Nottingham Gaussfest
Small Tesla coil and a couple of people viewing (in masks)  at Nottingham Gaussfest
2 weeks ago

Ah, let's pop the hood on this #harddrive and see if we can fix something ;-) #electronics #hdd #diskdrive

Inside of my broken hard drive
Barry Schwartz 🫖
2 weeks ago

A challenge for #electronics #hobby buffs:

If you look at the the #Ada program (with translations to other languages) in my pinned toots, you will see that the #entanglement of #quantum stuff is actually just the correlations of phase-diffed sinusoids randomly sampled.

So here is your challenge: make QUBIT circuits out of op-amps or 555 timers.

(I plan maybe to get to this myself, but I only dabble a bit, and my electronics bench is covered with unrelated garbage since early in the pandemic.)

2 weeks ago

Did a recording session with Heartland Marimba Quartet last weekend of my piece “Exajoule” and here are a few snippets of it! #music #newmusic #marimba #percussion #electronics

Heartland Marimba Quartet performing “Exajoule” for marimba quartet and mobile phones by Jeremy Muller.
2 weeks ago

I just received my first batch of custom PCBs! So much fun, and honestly worryingly cheap. It's very tempting to start soldering right away, but I guess taking the kids to preschool has higher priority ... again. #pcb #pcbdesign #electronics #hobby #hobbyproject #hobbyprojects

A small, custom-made pcb
Csepp 🌢
2 weeks ago

Do people with a #functionalProgramming background have an easier time with #electronics / #hardware design? Thinking specifically of things like #FPGA dev.
I was listening to an Unnamed RE episode recently where the difficulty of learning an HDL was attributed to it "not being like programming", where "programming" means "writing a series of instructions that modify state".
Also worth asking if this extends to other math-y areas.

Any #electronic experts have recommendations for a #multimeter?

I need to figure out which of a loom of wires coming out of my car's ECU is supposed to be running to the fuel pump relay which a previous owner deleted.

I've heard that "clamp" style meters can measure wires without probing them. Will that work if the wire I'm looking for has been disconnected?

Any other features I should look for?

#electrical #electronics #fuelInjection #vw #type3 #electricity

Raven Luni
3 weeks ago

Been working on my schematic design program - turns out its good for knocking up any kind of vector graphic you want - illustrations, signage, you name it.


3 weeks ago

This was an interesting find yesterday. It covers from 1978-1984, the Golden Age of Computers.

(Continued in comments. Image descriptions added.)

#RetroComputing #Magazines #History of #Computers #FunFinds #70s #Color #Robots #ElectricVehicles #Electronics

A pile of 7 bound volumes of Electronics Today International magazine. Plain black plastic folders with the name in gold (in lower case) on the spines.
The front cover of the January 1978 edition of Electronics Today International: "Canada's Own Electronics Magazine" (Cover price $1.25) - It features a lot of blue, green and orange circuit boards, because it's from the 70s, so of course it does.
The front cover of the January 1979 edition of Electronics Today International (Cover price $1.25)  - The main story is "ROBOTS: Toys for kids, or tools for society?" with a sinister-looking toy robot on the cover too.
The front cover of the January 1980 edition of Electronics Today International (Cover price $1.50) - The cover shows a close up of somebody playing an electric bass guitar with the project being "New sound from Guitar struzz box!"
3 weeks ago

Hit a bit of a road block this morning. I need to setup my 4 channel oscilloscope but my bench is a bit full. And my scope is gigantic. #electronics #workbench #RetroComputing #VintageComputing

Miles examining oscilloscope to determine where it will best fit
Andy Goralczyk
3 weeks ago

Just finished a DIY project of mine that has blocked my workbench for over a year: A custom Blender logo "neon" sign.

Has a 3d printed frame. Atmega328P based microcontroller to pwm 1.5 m of neon LED tube, plus a buck converter and 24v power supply.

Huge thanks goes to @sybren for designing a MOSFET driver PCB for me because my original circuit tended to explode ever so slightly 😂 #blender #b3d #diy #electronics

A DIY blender neon sign
Thankful Machine
3 weeks ago

Any #suggestions for a free/open source 2D #cad program that would do well with abstract block diagrams for #electronics? Looking for something akin to a #schematic design entry UI in #fpga IDEs but doesn't need to have any semantics. Just want to sketch modules, multiplexers, logic gates, and slash notation for buses.

3 weeks ago

I bought JST cables to solder to a LiPo and the freaking polarity of the wires was reversed and I blew my LiPo charger and gave myself a blister in the rush to not burn anything.

Off to a great start today. Note to future self:

- Always check polarity.
- Don't buy shit from Amazon.

#Electronics #LiPo

Cutie-PHY (◕ᴗ◕✿) ⚡
3 weeks ago

This layout is so clever and nice :ablobcateyesflip: Small Input and output loops, and the input nodes field counteract each other. Feedback is far away. Great stuff.
Only the thermal performance of this part could be better.


Screenshot of a example buck converter layout.
3 weeks ago

First chipshots from the new microscope. No idea what this chip is, other than by Motorola and with a mask code of B61T ZC419213. Does anyone recognise the artwork next to the batwing in the first photo? I'm guessing it's a country, county/state or city. #ICRE #siliconart #electronics

Edit: thanks to everyone who pointed out that's Switzerland! The chip also has the text "Motorola EDO" and "EDO Geneva" on it, which should have been a hint XD

3 weeks ago

This is really cool: About ten years ago, a few friends and I built the first #Matelight, a very large display made from crates of glass bottles stacked up sideways, with adressable LEDs stuck into the bottles from the back. Now Hito Steyerl, a renowned artist, used a Matelight inspired by the actual one we hacked together back then at c-base as a part of one of her installations, called "Green Screen". Here's an article on the exhibition, and a photo:
#electronics #art

A large wall built from glass bottle crates stacked up sideways is built up in the mdidle of an exhibition room with a dark ceiling, light walls and floors, and dim red lighting. On the back of the wall, the silhouettes of fern-like plants are visible. The plants seem to grow out of what would be the top of the crates. The front of the wall shows a big picture of a white flower, using the bottoms of the bottles as illuminated pixels. A person in casual clothes is standing in front of the installation, looking at it.