Estelle Platini
10 hours ago

"The unit is engaged in the same kind of AI work that the world’s biggest tech companies, like Google, Facebook and China’s Baidu are doing in a race to apply machine learning to such functions as self-driving cars, analysis of salespeople’s telephone pitches and cybersecurity — or to fight Israel’s next war more intelligently."

“I’ve always loved algorithms. I was already involved with them in high school and worked in the field. When I [was] drafted I wanted to combine the technology with a combat,” Maj. Sefi Cohen, 34, recalls.

The unit’s only female member left recently. so for the moment it’s an all-male team. Cohen says: “Everyone who’s here is the tops.”

"Tiny IDF Unit Is Brains Behind Israeli Army Artificial Intelligence", Haaretz, 2017:

#startups #StartupNation #successStory #masculinity #manhood #manliness #force #patriarchy #elite #segregation #history #data #analytics #planning #C4I #ES2 #IDI #IDF #Habsora #merit #tech #techCulture #AI #sociology

Reuters, 2023 - Technologists with the Israeli army's Matzpen application and data operations unit work at their station, at an IDF base in Ramat Gan, Israel Palestine
Estelle Platini
11 hours ago

"L'unité de recherche opérationnelle de la Division de renseignement militaire - l'unité logicielle "Lotem” de la Direction J6/C4i de l'armée israélienne - ne semble pas être le genre d'endroit où l'intelligence artificielle de pointe est mise en œuvre.
"L'unité est engagée dans le même type de travail d'IA que les plus grandes entreprises technologiques du monde, comme Google, Facebook et la société chinoise Baidu, dans une course à l'application de l'apprentissage automatique à des fonctions telles que les voitures autonomes, l'analyse des présentations téléphoniques des vendeurs et la cybersécurité - ou pour mener la prochaine guerre d'Israël de manière plus intelligente."

“J'ai toujours aimé les algorithmes. Je m'y intéressais déjà au lycée et je travaillais dans ce domaine. Lorsque j'ai été appelé sous les drapeaux, je voulais combiner technologie et combat”, se souvient le major Sefi Cohen, 34 ans.

La seule femme de l'unité a quitté l'unité récemment [en 2017], de sorte que pour le moment, l'équipe est composée uniquement d'hommes. Cohen dit : “Tous ceux qui sont ici sont les meilleurs”.

"Tiny IDF Unit Is Brains Behind Israeli Army Artificial Intelligence" - Haaretz, 2017 :

#succès #masculinité #virilité #force #patriarcat #élite #nonMixité #histoire #données #analytique #planification #renseignement #militaire #Défense #armée #Tsahal #IA #techno #technoSolutionnisme #technoCritique #externalités #productivité #éthique #biais #risques #collatéral #victimes #civils #déshumanisation #frappes #bombardement #armes #terrorisme #antiTerrorisme #israel #israelGaza #guerresDIsrael #israelHamas #crimesDeGuerre

Reuters, 2023 - Des technologues de l'unité Matzpen de l'armée israélienne chargée des applications et des opérations de données travaillent à leur poste, sur une base de l'armée israélienne à Ramat Gan, Israel Palestine.
Sean Boyer
12 hours ago

Ol' Higgsy Baby hates #unions as much as he hates the #french. He's found another way for him and his pals to take more workers money by stealing their pensions, forcing them into high-risk schemes made to profit the #elite.

#Higgs rammed through legislation that illegally subverts signed #union contracts.

#CUPE is threatening illegal strikes in response.

I stand with CUPE! All power to all people!

#noBillionaires #noOligarchs #noHiggs #noOilExecs

14 hours ago

The Repatriation Project

Tribes in #Maine Spent Decades Fighting to Rebury Ancestral Remains. Harvard Resisted Them at Nearly Every Turn.

by Mary Hudetz and Ash Ngu
Dec. 4, 5 a.m. EST

"Donna Augustine was in tears as she read the letter from Harvard University that winter morning in 2013. Looking around the room inside an elementary school on Indian Island, Maine, she saw other elders and leaders from the four Wabanaki tribes were also devastated as they read that the university was denying their request to repatriate ancestral remains to their tribes.

"The Wabanaki tribal nations — an alliance of the #Penobscot, #Passamaquoddy, #Maliseet and #Mikmaq — wanted to rebury the ancestral remains. But Harvard’s #PeabodyMuseum of Archaeology and Ethnology said, as it had in past years, that the tribes didn’t have enough evidence to show that they could be tied, through culture or lineage, to the ancestors whose remains the museum held.

"The denial felt like a rejection of Wabanaki identity for Augustine, a Mi’kmaq grandmother, who had spent years urging Harvard to release Native American remains.

"'Every one of us in that room was crying,' she recalled. 'We jumped through every hoop.'

"The group representing the only four tribal nations in present-day Maine had furnished a deeply researched report documenting their histories in the region, even sharing closely held stories passed down within their tribes from one generation to the next that told of their ancient ties to Maine’s lakes, islands and forests.

"Now they could see it hadn’t been enough for Harvard, which especially prized the remains of 43 ancestors buried for thousands of years near Maine’s Blue Hill Bay.

"Complicating matters for the tribes, another museum, the similarly named but smaller Robert S. Peabody Institute of Archaeology, housed on the campus of the #PhillipsAcademy, a Massachusetts preparatory school, held items from the same ancient burial site.

"Instead of sending a letter as Harvard did, the Phillips Academy museum director, Ryan Wheeler, had asked to meet with the tribes. Seated at the table that morning, he was initially uncertain what he would do. He would later say that it became evident during the meeting that the tribes exhibited a strong connection to the ancestors they sought to claim, both from the report they had provided and their reaction to Harvard’s decision.

"He recalled leaving the meeting certain he would repatriate. 'There was really no question about it,' he later said.

"What the Wabanaki committee and Wheeler didn’t know, however, was just how hard Harvard would push back. In the two years that followed, the director of the Harvard museum went to surprising lengths to pressure Wheeler to reverse his decision.

"A #ProPublica investigation this year into repatriation has shown how some of the nation’s #elite museums have used their power and vast resources to delay returning ancestral remains and sacred objects under the #NativeAmericanGraves Protection and Repatriation Act. By exploiting loopholes in the 1990 law, anthropologists overruled tribes’ evidence showing their ties to the oldest ancestral remains in museums’ collections. We’ve also shown that museums and universities have delayed repatriations while allowing destructive analyses — like DNA extractions — on ancestral remains over the objections of tribes.

"Harvard, where the remains of an estimated 5,500 Native Americans are stored at the Peabody Museum, used these loopholes over the span of three decades to prolong the Wabanaki tribes’ repatriation process while remaining in technical compliance with the 1990 law, our review found.

"For Augustine and her colleagues, few things were more frustrating than knowing that NAGPRA had empowered museums to decide whether Indigenous people had a valid connection to their ancestors. These were the same institutions that had collected the human remains and objects from ancestral burial sites. Despite NAGPRA’s intent to give Indigenous people say over ancestral remains, institutions still made the final decisions on whether to repatriate.

"'The wolves are in charge of how to deal with the sheep,' said #DarrellNewell, a former vice chief of the Passamaquoddy Tribe who helped create the Wabanaki Intertribal Repatriation Committee to accelerate negotiations with the institutions. 'It’s just not a good way.'

"Harvard in recent years has apologized and promised to speed repatriation, saying it aims to repatriate all #NativeAmerican remains and the items once buried with them within the next three years and recently doubled staffing in the Peabody Museum’s repatriation office. However, the school has yet to return more than half of the human remains it reported holding under NAGPRA, according to federal data from November. Only two institutions, of the hundreds that must comply with NAGPRA, hold more human remains than Harvard."

Read more:

#Repatriation #NativeAmericans #Wabanaki #WabanakiConfederacy #HarvardUniversity #CulturalGenocide

Ari Meirov 🤖
1 day ago

Of course. Joe Flacco throws a TD t Jerome Ford on his first possession.

Flacco was 4/5 for 65 yards with the TD. #elite

2 days ago


#netflix #elite #imdb

Jaap van Wingerde
2 days ago

Floor Rusman: »Uitgerekend in 2009, het jaar nadat het #neoliberalisme over de kop was geslagen in de financiële #crisis, explodeerde het aantal artikelen over de linkse #elite. De verklaring: Geert Wilders begon in dat jaar met zijn kruistocht ertegen. . .. Als geen ander wist hij het stereotype ‘linkse elite’ vervolgens in de collectieve verbeelding te verankeren door te spreken over „de #kunstmaffia” en „gladpratende #doctorandussen met #designer brillen”«

Vladimir Savić
3 days ago


#Elite: "The game that couldn't be written"

#retrocomputing🖥 #watching📺

Andrew Thompson
3 days ago

@ProjectFearlessness WTF? We’re criminally insane. #extinction will be privatised by the #elite. They will claim it as the ultimate success for #capitalism

6 days ago

Well this is pretty cool! The system HD110067 seems to be solidly suitable for potential life. I wonder if FDev will add this into Elite like they did with TRAPPIST-1.

#science #space #elite #elitedangerous #alienlife #aliens #aliums #hashtag

1 week ago

If we had #PublicTransport we could reduce #driving. But rural areas have no #Buses. Others who are using #trains or a #bus find #commuting a problem because of poor services. These issues are not being addressed as they don't make more money for the #wealthy & #elite.

1 week ago

My project over the last few months has been to design some ships for Traveller, heavily inspired by a certain computer game from the 1980s.

I've now got all the human ships from the classic version of the game completed, with deck plans, statistics and models.

These are an interpretation of the original designs, so that they fit the deck plans and also the Traveller game system.

#TTRPG #TravellerRPG #Elite

RIGHT ON COMMANDER! A Cobra Mk III and a couple of police Vipers fly above a blue-green world, with a space station in the background.
1 week ago


#netflix #elite #imdb

1 week ago

I need an idea for a cool #game - Something #Space and #Trading like X Series. I played #Elite and #X4

In fancy restaurants they feed people from a bucket like pigs in a sty
#China #rich #elite #restaurant #food

waitress pulls out a food from a bucket on a table in a fancy restaurant

Niederlande-Wahl - Politologe: Rechtspopulist Wilders könnte neuer Premier werden

Es sei davon auszugehen, dass es Rechtspopulist Geert Wilders gelingen werde, eine Koalition unter seiner Führung zu bilden, sagte Politologe Daniel Mügge.#REchtspopulismus #Rechtsruck #ELITE
Geert Wilders könnte neuer Premier der Niederlande werden

Dr Pink
2 weeks ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 3 hours ago

Britney Manson
Britney Manson is a Russian-Estonian model, singer, and social media personality. She started her TikTok account in 2022 and became known for her modeling videos in 2023, when she also got signed to Elite Model Management

#Elite #Transgender #Russian #Estonian

2 weeks ago


#netflix #elite #imdb

2 weeks ago

The 99 percent are suffering.

With inflation easing a bit, Thanksgiving dinner won’t be as expensive this year as it has been. But a slightly more affordable turkey is cold comfort. Rent is still prohibitive, with most tenants struggling to foot the bill. Even more worrying, 12.8 percent of households suffered from food insecurity at some point during 2022, a sharp increase from the previous year (10.5 percent). Then there’s health care.

#inequality #capitalism #elite

wealthy couple
Leftist Lawyer
3 weeks ago

I'll add to the toot above, that, there is no being an #environmentalist without simultaneously being a #socialist (give it a name -- other than capitalist or libertarian). We are all tangled in an ideologic #war over the future shape of our planet. It is the favored #elite capitalist class vs. every other living thing on the planet. It cannot be escaped. Like all war, it will find you, or your children sooner or later. Which side are you on?

If you want to join the fight, an easy way to begin is to begin networking among those who make it their business to fight in the war every day.
The has a great list of accounts to follow in its "Climate List Starter Pack." They missed one of my favorites though -- @breadandcircuses -- so go blow up his notifications and follow.


3 weeks ago

【評測】Jabra Elite 8 Active 真無線藍牙耳機 低頻特色依舊 + 高頻有驚喜 + IP68 防塵防水
耳機大廠 Jabra 再次推出新款真無線藍牙耳機,Jabra Elite 8 Active。過去 Jabra […]
The post 【評測】Jabra Elite 8 Active 真無線藍牙耳機 低頻特色依舊 + 高頻有驚喜 + IP68 防塵防水 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#音樂耳機 #Elite 8 Active #jabra #Jabra Elite 8 Active

3 weeks ago

It's been an expensive week of retro collecting... 🤦‍♂️

Worth it though. 😎

#amiga #electron #retrocomputing #amos #elite

Matt Warren 🤖
3 weeks ago

Obviously the Steelers/Packers uniform matchup is #ELITE

3 weeks ago


#netflix #elite #imdb

Starsong Dusk
3 weeks ago

WIP from my stream tonight, ended up having to quit as I went an hour longer than I was intending to, lol!

#ProjectStargazer is a multi-pronged concept that I've been working on that aims to have me do two things artistically- my first comic, and painting landscapes.

Set in the Elite universe, the project follows a crew of ponies on the HMS Element of Magic [J3F-T3V] as they explore the far reaches of the galaxy well beyond the reach of most other intelligent species.

We're still in the conceptual process, but another step was made as this is yet another piece done completely in digital work, with no traditional art as a base.

#mlp #mlppfim #elite #art #mastoart #pony #unicorn #WIP #alttext #krita #digitalpainting #StarsongDusk #Space #illustration

A petite unicorn with a blue coat and long silver hair overlooks a background not yet put in, but it has a gradiant of white to dark blue from bottom to top. Her hair is windblown as she looks off a cliff into a space that is as yet incomplete.
Alex Kidman
4 weeks ago

It's one part Elite, one part Blake's 7... and one part Metal Mickey.

That's one heck of a mix, but is Liberation any good? Here's my review:

#PC #Steam #Elite #RetroGaming

4 weeks ago

'Elite' Season 7 Ending Explained: A Cliffhanger Finale
#Collider #TVFeatures #Elite

Eva_RespectExistence ❄️
4 weeks ago

"In einer demokrat. Gesellschaft sollte das Ziel darin bestehen, die Interessen+ Bedürfnisse aller Bürger*innen zu berücksichtigen, anstatt die Macht + den Reichtum in den Händen einer privilegierten #Elite zu konzentrieren.
Es ist wichtig, Mechanismen zu schaffen, die die Macht der Superreichen begrenzen + sicherstellen, dass Grundprinzipien der Demokratie, wie Gleichheit+ Partizipation, gewahrt bleiben."
Sagt #ChatGPT
- offenbar intelligenter als unsere Politiker*innen.

The Byte Attic 🇺🇦
1 month ago

#Elite for #Agon #Console8!! My dream is coming true! Many thinks to Christian for this! I can't believe I am about to play Elite in hardware I designed... My child's mind is about to go boom!

Jimi Lend
1 month ago

@diaeter :)) sehr gut! für #Mastodon musst Du Dich hingegen einmalig anmelden und dann die #App installieren, das ist bereits ein Vorauswahlkriterium wo sich die Geister scheiden :=) beim #Blauhimmelsding fühlen sie sich die #Zuströmenden durch #Anmeldecodes schon wieder einem Schritt jener #Elite näher, der sie in Masse ein komfortables Leben möglich machen.

@himmelssohn if it works, set up #timeshift and you should be done with #manjaro
I run into trouble wth aur packages sometimes, too. The game #oolite does not install. Nevermind, it would have been nice to play #elite again...

1 month ago


#netflix #elite #imdb

1 month ago

We used to have #freespeech in the #UK. #Academics could #debate. #People weren't locked up for disagreeing with #government. #Democracy is in its last thows of #life. Anyone that can leave probably will but they need to do it before it's too late. #Brexit already restricted options. Only the #wealthy & #elite are now #free. At what point will we become #refugees seeking #safety in another #country? Will #Scotland push for #independence. I hope so.

1 month ago

Qualcuno ha Elite Dangerous? Mi potrebbe interessare provare ogni tanto il Multicrew. #EliteDangerousOdyssey #elite

1 month ago

We may be old, Boris Johnson, but don’t dare call us expendable

At the Covid inquiry #BorisJohnson’s advisers criticised his handling of the pandemic, as text messages revealed he believed that Covid was ‘nature’s way of dealing with old people’.

#ToryScum #OAPs #inhumane #HumanRights #ToryDictatorship #fascism #FarRight #CovidIdiots #Covid #pandemic #ToryFascists #ToryFascistDictatorship #dystopian #dystopia #Britain #Orwell #Wealthy #elite #Tory #Tories

1 month ago

The #NHS is being used to spin #money out of human suffering by our own #Government. How long before we discover how many of the #Tory #political class have their fingers in the #Palantir pie? #Tax payers' £££s must not be used to booster #funds of the #elite & their cronies. I'm so sick of the #corruption.

Leftist Lawyer
1 month ago

For those unfamiliar with the #BernieMadoffRule ... here goes.

The #elite only suffer penalties when they do one of two things: (i) steal from other elite, or (ii) embarrass other elite.

Depending on the severity of committing one transgression, an elite can generally get away with it. Do both ... and examples are made.

Madoff did both.
Ken Lay did both.
#Trump did both.
#Santos did both.
#SBF did both.

See a pattern?
Once seen ... it can't be unseen.


Leftist Lawyer
1 month ago

The 12 Step program to create and maintain the #economic dogma that benefits the #elite:

1. Have a bunch of rich people create private educational institutions.

2. Call those institutions the #ivyleague (Ooooo ... how prestigious!)

3. Hire your elite #crony friends to teach there and call them #Doctors of #Philosophy (again, prestigious).

4. Assemble groups of highly impressionable post adolescents salivating for prestige in a room.

5. Introduce them to their #PhD #God who holds absolute sway over their #future #prosperity.

6. Force them to compete against one other over who can best regurgitate the God's orthodox #ideology.

7. Reward those that most successfully regurgitate the God's orthodox ideology with great #jobs and access to influence by giving them A's and references.

8. Punish those who think critically by relegating them to low paying jobs and obscurity through low grades and withholding references.

9. Pat your fellow #toadies on the back a lot.

10. Scorn dissenters as #heterodox #fools.

11. Rinse and repeat for #generations.

12. #Laugh all the way to the #bank.


1 month ago

Disponible jusqu’au #Russie #élite #Arte Les enfants de l’élite russe vivent leurs rêves tandis que leurs compatriotes sont envoyés sur le front en Ukraine. Invoquer un père haut placé permet en effet d’échapper aux vagues de mobilisation. La journaliste russe en exil Masha Borzunova met en lumière ces mondes parallèles. Masha Borzunova s’entretient avec Diana Isakova, la fille du… via @feedbot

1 month ago

We are living in a #world in which the #wealth of the few is prioritised over the #health of many.
It makes no sense to ignore an #airbourne #virus when we know there are serious consequences of #covid. Nevertheless, when those in #power see a #financial advantage for the #elite & those in #power have access to #healthcare most of us can't even imagine, making-no-sense is presented as the #newnormal #SARS_COV_2 #cdc #infection

The Hollywood Reporter
1 month ago

Omar Ayuso Talks Return to ‘Elite’ and the Moral Responsibility He Feels Playing a Gay Muslim Character
#TV #TVFeatures #Elite #Netflix

Alex Kidman
1 month ago

It's friday, and that means it's time for my retro game of the week!

Plenty of games claim elite status, but there's only one game that is truly... Elite.

Of course, it's Elite, for the... NES?


Yep, it's a thing. A glorious thing. Find out why in this week's article!

#retrogaming #Elite #EliteDangerous #NES #retro

Elite NES
Luke Miller
1 month ago

It's my obligatory "please buy my new game" post!

Liberation is a retro space adventure inspired by the original BBC Micro Elite and classic UK sci-fi such as Blake's 7, Space:1999, Quatermass, Metal Mickey-- ah too many to list! (I post about them a lot-- follow and we can talk #TheTripods)

It's my first "mastodon era" game, developed entirely since I've been on (thanks!). Made on Linux with Godot. I'd love to make more!

#starcops #blakes7 #elite #gaming #bbcmicro #doctorwho

1 month ago

I've added the Asp Mk II to my list of Elite ships for Traveller. A 200t ship with Jump-4 and thrust 7. Now working on the Moray Star Boat, which is the last of the common ships in the original game.

#TravellerRPG #Elite #TTRPG

1 month ago

#Elite was released closer to the end of World War II than to this day.

Elite on BBC Micro
Melissa Roth
1 month ago

Oscar season begins tonight with Nyad & Killers of the Flower Moon (despite the 3.5 resonated on a few levels with our writer). If you're in the mood for something lighter, afterlife #comedy #Upload or the space-set romcom on Peacock should work. If you need steamier, Spanish prep school drama #Elite is back and over the top. A highlight reel of what's new and #NowPlaying: #movies #elite #scorsese #tv #space

2 months ago
2 months ago

Class will soon be dismissed as Netflix announces the eighth season of "Elite" will be the last. Series creator Carlos Montero promises they will end on a high note. Season 7 drops on Friday.
#Elite #Netflix #Television #Streaming

Mark Moxon
2 months ago

Comparing #NES Elite (1991) and #BBCMicro cassette #Elite (1984).

Instructions = 22,237 NES vs 9402 BBC

Subroutines = 824 NES vs 407 BBC

Variables = 998 NES vs 257 BBC

Data (bytes) = 87,660 NES vs 5803 BBC

See for more stats.

#retrocomputing #8bit #retrogaming

2 months ago

This video explains why porting #Elite to the #NES hardware was deemed impossible:
#famicon #retrogaming

2 months ago

The Global Trade in Passports Is the Latest Boom Industry Catering to the Superrich

If you can afford to pay, there are a growing number of states willing to sell their citizenship and the privileges it brings. “golden passports” exposes the dark side of #capitalist globalization and its unequal valuation of human lives.

At least twenty-two countries in 2022 had a legal basis for naturalizing individuals who invest or donate a specified amount into the country


2 months ago

@Adam_Cadmon1 @sidereal
Devs did get a bit carried away tho. I remember #Elite for BBC micro came with a bloody novela

2 months ago

The potential implosion of #Twitter under stewardship of #Musk has focused minds on its value 2 journalists. 1/2 our survey respondents (51%) say potential loss or weakening of Twitter would be bad for #journalism but 17% take a more positive view suggesting it could reduce reliance on the views of an #unrepresentative but #vocal #elite. #LinkedIn (42%) has emerged as the most popular alternative, followed by #Mastodon (10%), & F#acebook (7%). Others struggle to see a like-for-like replacement.

In 1965 James M. Buchanan launched a center dedicated to his theories at the University of Virginia, which later relocated to George Mason University.

Nancy MacLean describes how he trained thinkers to push back against the Brown v. Board of Education decision to desegregate America’s public schools and to challenge the constitutional perspectives and federal policy that enabled it.

She notes that he took care to use economic and political precepts, rather than overtly racial arguments, to make his case, which nonetheless gave cover to racists who knew that spelling out their prejudices would alienate the country.

All the while, a ghost hovered in the background — that of John C. #Calhoun of South Carolina, senator and seventh vice president of the United States.

Calhoun was an intellectual and political powerhouse in the South from the 1820s until his death in 1850, expending his formidable energy to defend slavery. Calhoun, called the “#Marx of the #Master #Class” by historian Richard Hofstadter, saw himself and his fellow southern oligarchs as victims of the majority.

Therefore, as MacLean explains, he sought to create “#constitutional #gadgets” to constrict the operations of government.

Economists Tyler #Cowen and Alexander #Tabarrok, both of George Mason University, have noted the two men’s affinities, heralding Calhoun “a precursor of modern #public #choice theory” who “anticipates” Buchanan’s thinking.

MacLean observes that both focused on how #democracy constrains property owners and aimed for ways to restrict the latitude of voters.

She argues that unlike even the most property-friendly founders Alexander Hamilton and James Madison, Buchanan wanted a private governing #elite of #corporate #power that was wholly released from public accountability.

Suppressing voting, changing legislative processes so that a normal majority could no longer prevail, sowing public distrust of government institutions— all these were tactics toward the goal.

But the Holy Grail was the #Constitution: alter it and you could increase and secure the power of the wealthy in a way that no politician could ever challenge.

2 months ago

In his resignation letter, Rupert Murdoch, aka the Dirty Digger, rails against "the elite".

Mate, you are the Elite, the Illuminati, the New World Order. Now kindly transition to the grave.

#RupertMurdoch #elite #NWO #Illuminati

alexdp :verified:
2 months ago

I just had two posts #censored from I will never know the real reason, but both were just the longest possible sequence of tags, to reach and be visible to a large audience. I suspect what ticked the hammer off were tags referring to "prohibited" substances. namely #thc #weed #marijuana #LSD #acid #tryptamine #hallucinogenic. the posts were deleted without informing me even though I was also using tags such as "moderation" and "noalcohol" in the same post. why is it forbidden to talk positively about these blissful compounds that nature gifts us, while hyperconsumption of #alcohol, #nicotine and #coffee is normalized and even encouraged, and the elite is allowed to indulge unquestioned, including #public #officials?

#law #rules #regulation #prohibitionism #doublestandard #classwar #class #conflict #hypocrisy #establishment #elite #decadence #culture #oppression #censorship #freedom #information #substances #drugs #tolerated #moderation #user #noalcohol #nocoffee #nocigs #notobacco #nonicotine #bike #biking #parks #plants #nocars

Token Sane Person
2 months ago

@TheSpaceshipper If you want to play #elite today I recommend "oolite", a faithful reimplementation, plus some extra features.

3 months ago

Fair Warning: I'm about to start a #Conspiracy that the #Tea shortages that are soon to hit England are actually fake, and it's the ruling #elite that are hoarding all the tea in #England, and there will be riots.

I mean sure, it's actually climate change, but who runs the companies that fuck the climate? Well, in England, it's probably tea-drinkers.

A little revolution, a little climate activism, a little bit of fuck-the-colonials.

There's basically no down-side.

3 months ago
Luke Miller
3 months ago

Trying to mix things up. Have a cut a demo from a pre release version of #LiberationGame and put it up live today. My inspirations for this retro space adventure are the original Elite from 1984 and BBC videotape #scifi like #blakes7 and #doctorwho. Check it out!

#retrogames #elitedangerous #elite #douglasadams #reddwarf #starcops

ᴚ uɐᗡ
3 months ago

Hey now.. 😎 #goals #elite

What nerd superpowers does THIS unlock...?

-- thanks @ExtraPenguin

1337th follower and advocate of light mode
3 months ago

we beat a tough Nebraska team with zero idea how they were gonna play.

we beat a tough MAC team--handily--that went 9-4 last season.

And this coming week, we're going down to Chapel Hill. Just watch, we're going to more than hold our own. We're gonna beat a QB who people were talking about as a Heisman candidate.

And next week when we're 3-0 with three solid wins, we'll still be ignored by the media. We're not playing Winona State or Little Sisters of the Poor unlike the ranked teams.

Let's fuckin' gooooooo Gophers! I believe in these guys.

#GopherFB #RTB #ELITE #cfb @cfb

3 months ago

Really cool video about the enduring legacy and influence of 8-bit classic #Elite. To this day I still have no real idea how they got a game with 2048 planets, full 3D wireframe graphics, space combat and trading, ship upgrades and progression, to run in a computer with 32k of memory and at a playable frame rate

Elite was totally mind-blowing in 1984

How Elite Influenced Starfield and 40 Years of Space Games

The #Oligarchy, the #Wealthy, the #Elite, the #Aristocracy, the #UpperClass, #BigOil, #BigTech, #BigBusiness rules are: "Leave nothing on the table for the #Worker / #CommonPerson. Play the game to enrich said #Oligarchy and make all government rules in favour of said elite listed above. Would the #Oligarchy object to #Slavery and/or #Serfdom? NO - they would not! Slavery and Serfdon is alive and well in the 21st Century. The #Game is absolutely, totally rigged against the #worker.

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
3 months ago

@anelki #SkiUMah #RowTheBoat #ELITE #cfb @cfb

This would be in a frame on my wall.

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thanks to #gopherfb coach PJ Fleck for this incredibly classy (or dare I say ELITE) note in reply to something I sent.

it was a very thoughtful gesture and also reads exactly like he talks and like he is generally, which is all to say a Tigger like ball of energy and optimism.

#SkiUMah #RowTheBoat #ELITE #cfb @cfb


I truly appreciated your note! I learned a long time ago...


2.  Avoiding criticissm means you have to say NOTHING, do NOTHING, and become NOTHING!

we are truly doing ELITE work!

your letter meant a lot!

R.T.B! [Row the Boat]

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@aljazeera Fun fact: The elite have access to Prussian Blue pills which removes Cesium from the body. #Elite #NuclearMadness #Propaganda

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Arrest of MAGA Congressman Ronny Jackson Followed Threats Against State Trooper: Report

Former Donald Trump physician and current Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Texas) threatened a state trooper amid an altercation with authorities at a rodeo last month, The Dallas Morning News reports, citing a sheriff’s incident report.

Jackson threatened to beat the state trooper and “bury” a West Texas sheriff in the next election

#MAGA #elite

The Spaceshipper 🚀
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Elite Dangerous (2014): Station approach concept, early art by Josh 'Badger' Atack
#scifi #elitedangerous #conceptart #spaceships #elite #games

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So evilly & cruelly predictable that #Oligarchs seeking a space for #Fascism *always* redefine the word #Elite to mean Well Educated while simultaneously removing Higher #Education from accessibility to the 'untermenschen'
#Deflection #Propaganda

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Time for a quick family photo. 😎

#elite #amiga #zxspectrum #bbcmicro #retrocomputing

Boxed versions of Elite for the bbc micro, zx spectrum and Amiga
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Did you know that #Elite, released for the #BBCMicro in 1984, was one of the first games to feature a procedurally generated galaxy? It's considered to be one of the most influential games of all time. #GameFact

Play your favourite classic #retrovideogames, all on one device, with our #retrogaming handhelds. Explore our collection at K-TEC UK, complete with brand-name SD cards and custom firmware pre-installed. Get your gaming nostalgia fix today.


The Elite space ship, as seen on the BBC Micro. Play this influential classic game on the Anbernic RG280V from K-TEC UK.
Rekha Murthy
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@EC64 I would say it was #Elite

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Agricultural Land Is Becoming an Investment Vehicle for the Rich

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t work the land on his Hawaii ranch, but he and other wealthy landowners still benefit from huge agricultural tax breaks. The scheme allows the superrich to hoard wealth at the expense of the general public.

While the large-scale sugarcane plantations that dominated the local economy for more than a century have all been shuttered, agricultural land remains a hot commodity.


Luke Miller
6 months ago

While the game is out with testers for a few days I put together a trailer

#LiberationGame #scifi #spacesim #blakes7 #elite

A series of battles and spaceships and planets from the upcoming game Liberation, done in a retro style
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I fly through the stars
in my Cobra Mark Three,
For there's no commander
more Deadly than me.
Except for a captain
from Diso's third moon:
She's smart, she's #Elite,
and she's #MrsRavoon.

John Kennedy
8 months ago

And all is right in the world. #elite #retrogaming #retrocomputing

Craig Grannell
9 months ago

#DailyRetroGame 70: Elite (1984)

‘Ambitious’ doesn’t cut it when talking about a space game that packed 3D combat and interstellar trading across massive procedurally generated galaxies – and all in just 32k. Initially confusing publishers (one rejected the game and said it needed a lives system), #Elite became a huge hit, and reframed what home micro games could be.

Play it on: #BBCMicro with @markmoxon fix: or #Amiga



9 months ago

Remember #Elite - the space-trading pioneer back in 1984? The entire source code of the BBC Micro release was made public a while ago. However @markmoxon recently added a complete documentation to every single line.

Check out
#RetroGames #VintageComputing

Screenshot of the 1984 space-trading game “Elite”.
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I have several #lists here that make my life easier. The most #elite is for people I want to make sure I see. It’s called #special. I move people off this list if they post too much. I want to make sure I see the #rare visits - the #eagles #mountain lions, and #bears. The posts there are like rare birds - and they don’t realize I caught them! #Relaxing

Take a breath between boosts. It’s not necessary to say everything at once.

Man walking towards us on dirt road in Ireland with green berms and trees on both sides
9 months ago

Looks like the new Elite Harmless could be built entirely from VSCode 😄

They don't distribute binaries for copyright reasons, but if you happen to have a pre-built binary I'd be interested in... ehm... testing it.
#c64 #elite #retrocomputing #retrogaming #programming

9 months ago

There's an active #C64 #Elite project which includes commented disassembly of the original code plus an impressive number of improvements 😮

9 months ago

There is even documentation on how various subroutines interact to build high-level functionality.

Here's a description of wire-frame ship rendering:

#elite #c64 #6502 #assembly #3d #graphics

9 months ago
9 months ago

The original source code for the classic space game #Elite on the #BBCMicro and #AcornElectron, with every single line documented and (for the most part) explained. 🙂


10 months ago

Mark Moxon, che già qualche tempo fa ha liberato dal flicker le versioni #8bit di #Elite guadagnandosi una Medaglia d'Oro sul recente Zzap! 7/92, rilancia intervenendo anche sulla misteriosa routine dei pianeti.

Non ce la farà ad aggiungere questi 88 byte nella primigenia versione #BBCMicro ma per #BBCMaster, #6502SP, #Commodore64, #CommodorePlus4 e #Teletext (!) il signorino qui è già al lavoro.

Video comparativo di Elite per BBC Master, in versione originale e nella nuova versione flicker free per i pianeti.

Call for new taxes on #SuperRich after 1% pocket two-thirds of all new #wealth | #Inequality | #TheGuardian

"#Oxfam has called for immediate action to tackle a post-Covid widening in global inequality after revealing that almost two-thirds of the new wealth amassed since the start of the pandemic has gone to the richest 1%.

In report to coincide with the annual gathering of the global #elite at the #WorldEconomicForum in #Davos, the charity said the best-off had pocketed $26tn (£21tn) in new wealth up to the end of 2021. That represented 63% of the total new wealth, with the rest going to the remaining 99% of people."

OutOfExile_IDR § Voice ®™️
1 year ago

Ivory Tower Profiles - Community Engagement and Conversations:

I just happened across an interesting post.  It seems to be from one of those type of accounts that many complain about.  I’m just the messenger delivering the opinions that I have gathered in countless conversations on the subject but, I’m guessing I still may get flack.  This is not a complaint about this person, follow backs, or follower count, only what I have heard others talking about.

This person, a journalist, is asking for help getting twitter followers to follow here.  The profile already has 106k followers but, only follows 246.  I did the math. That's just under .25 %, less than 1 (one) % of their following.  One of the bio tags on this persons profile is writing about “internet culture”.  I can’t help but wonder how this person can accurately report on a culture they do not seem to engage with 99.75% of it’s members. 

As one said, in one of many discussions,  it seems arrogant to not hear the voice and opinion of those that follow you.  Many I’ve heard tend to agree and again, I’m just the messenger.

The most recent posts from this profile seem to be only about this person and twitter.  I can't find an introduction or a “Hello Fediverse, just concern for follower acquisition and self.

Even an article on why their Twitter account was suspended.  No engagement or conversation with the nearly 19,746  followers this user is reqesting assistance from, to collect more followers here.

When I want the news, I turn it on and can’t recall Lloyd Robertson or Katie Couric seeking out my attention or assistance.  Today, they would probably be focused on gun violence or the plight of Ukraine, rather than the potential of lost adoration.

Two days ago was another such thread refering to another such “user".  The subject account had 20k followers and only one toot was ever posted.  This “user" follows zero of their 20k followers (That’s 0%). Many conversations, and several opinions cite how some big accounts arrogantly expect people to flock but, never engage or acknowledge with those that follow. 

Another post several weeks ago was actually directed at another journalist, scathing them for the same lack of engagement.  I understand the busyness of facing a deadline but, engaging a few is not that hard.  Take a scroll down your follwers list on a Sunday morning and favor,  boost or DM "hello" to a few.  Its really not that time consuming and the people you get to know, are often amazing.

Me?  I follow and reach out.  If they follow great, if not, I don't really care.  I'm about quality, not quantification.  If I find those I follow seem self absorbed or clog up my feed with irrelevance, I mute or unfollow the source.

The common theme echoing is this:  Mastodon is not a corporation but, is our community.  To be part of any community one generally first must engage.  Those who do not, are often viewed as outsiders with no regard for it’s members.  Think of it like this:  You patronize a shop regularly and the merchant gladly accepts your money. When you see this person on the street, they do not even nod politely, seeming only to avoid you;  would you still shop at that persons business?

What’s your opinion on this? I’d  like to know, as long as you remember, don’t shoot the messenger.  The concern of many is that ivory tower users like this, will turn our community into Twitter 2.hole.  A people driven algorithm of elitist exclusion. Again, we are not a target market, we are community of persons.

[After finishing this, I looked at the profile of the individual with the 20k to zero following. I noticed 3k more followers but, now the person follows two.  One of the followed is the other profile with 106k noted above.]

"Engaging handshake" Artwork below by John Hain:

Buy him a cup?

Don't forget the ALT text.

#community #engagement #interaction #involvement #gratitude #GivingBack #followers #following #mastodon #birdsite #exclusion #aloof #elite #IvoryTower #outsider #opinions #twitter

Image is this artist’s rendering of the many things a handshake can represent.  The foundation of the two hand clasping is a blending of multiple colors. From left to right each color intertwines as shifting shades of blue gives way to purples then mauves and ending with reds.

The countless words that cover this union of hands include, but are not limited to:

Welcome, communicate, connect, relate to, respect, bridge, help out, regard, appreciate, diversity  accommodate, join with, reach out and possibly, the word engage.

Art by John Hain.
1 year ago

A similar look was used to render the planet on the main screen of #Acornsoft's #ELITE game (although don't believe it uses the same technique).

Paul :unverified:
1 year ago

Hi everyone, bit of a quick #introduction, been interested in #gaming and #games since the Sinclair Spectrum.

Top games probably #Morrowind #SupremeCommander (make sure to check out the FaF community), #Civilization #Halo #Quake #Doom #TotarWar #Elite. Mainly play on #PC or #Xbox, but own a #PS5, #NintendoSwitch etc.

Used to run a fairly substantial network of gaming websites back in the olden days.

Pixel Bandits :verified:
1 year ago

Until a few years ago I wouldn't have been able to name a "favourite game of all time". Considering I've loved #VideoGames and #Gaming for over thirty years I'm surprised that I can.

But it's #EliteDangerous isn't it. I've got my #Elite #tattoo because I simply would not be where I am in life now without this game.

For attention here, one of my favourite in-game pics. I'll be sharing more pics of my elite journey and expect to see it on #LiveStream at again soon!

Elite Dangerous. A federal corvette is landed on a lad in a space station.
2 years ago

read-the-feminist-manual was accepted for the exhibition during the #xcoax2022 conference in Portugal. Alas, the organization doesn't cover expenses, and on top of it, I'd need to pay registration. I cannot afford it, neither I want to pay for being part of an exhibition. I find it strange that independent artists need to pay while their art research is already so precarious.
As a friend put it, in the north they pay you, in the south you pay.

#academia #elite