Steven Saus [he/him]
4 hours ago

From 02 Jun: Twitter safety chief resigns after Musk criticizes decision to restrict film - EnlargeGetty Images NurPhoto Twitter VP of Product Trust and Safety Ella Irwi... #elon-musk-twitter #policy #twitter

6 hours ago

#Jack confirms what I have believed for a long time: He is no different than #Elon.

Manish Vij
9 hours ago

#Elon ‘has said that with the acquisition of #Twitter his work has exploded to more than 120 hours a week… “My days are very long and complicated, as you might imagine”’

Semi-retired shitposter performs “working” to puff up “genius” con :D

Manish Vij
9 hours ago

#Elon’s still absolutely hilarious in a Mr. Bean way. ‘Here comes the rake stepper’

Manish Vij
9 hours ago

#Elon used to be funny because he was dumb in that very specific rich tech guy way, but now he’s just dumb in a run of the mill right-wing dipshit way’

@janboehm Willst Du uns jetzt rüber locken und uns Eseln Möhren vorhalten - damit wir wieder bei #Elon vorbeischauen?

Hier kannst Du doch eh nur verkünden und Dich nicht unterhalten?!

Kyle Memoir
17 hours ago

Dear Twitter users:

It’s not virtue-signalling to leave Twitter on principle now it’s owned by, led by, and most amenable and useful to #fascist interests.

It’s virtue signalling to remain.

#elon #musk #twitter

17 hours ago

Ramsay #Bolton holding a sausage. #Fassbender says no. King #Joffrey holding a crossbow. Fassbender says no. #Elon Musk laughing. Fassbender says Perfection.

20 hours ago

@chrismessina #elon wants total control of what he allowes people to see.
Thats the only reason.

Jeffrey K. Walker
1 day ago

I walked away from 14,000 followers on my author #twitter account the day after #elon took over. I choose not to bear witness to his egomaniacal depredations and ruthless ambitions. The do not regret it. Even a little.

In a filing by #Twitter in (#Trump v Twitter), #Elon Musk’s lawyers say that Twitter was never coerced by the government to censor tweets. Also that the FBI only paid for the costs associated with subpoenas. Nothing else. And that makes the #twitterfiles just RW propaganda. Awkward!

Manish Vij
1 day ago

#Elon working hard to get #Twitter to beat number 1 (T••••Co) :D

You don't have to look too hard to see how #Twitter encourages hate on their platform. Just take a look at how hateful comments are shot up to the TOP of replies as long as they give #Elon his $8 bucks.

Comment is an edited photo of Trudeau in blackface.
Comment says: "This is so sad to see. I remember when Sesame Street helped to teach values", in response to a Sesame Street tweet about Pride Month.
Comment: "Your sexuality is so so special. We're all very impressed." In response to an Edmonton reporter tweeting about being called a homophobic slur.
"Comment: So the two most violent and criminal groups in society?" In response to Saskatchewan Roughriders logo combining pride month and indigenous history month in one logo.
Diego Pappalardo
2 days ago

@wdlindsy poor #elon , he's in a bad mood since he learned he lost (let's see, 44b * 2/3 makes...) 29.3 billions on twitter. Given or taken 100 millions. Meh!
#twitter #dumbass

2 days ago
Commander KEEN 👾
2 days ago


#Twitter: Zweiter leitender Angestellte tritt nach Kritik von #Elon Musk zurück | heise online

Had this idea for a while now, however did not yet get to it. #Twitter's press team is finally allowed to state there true opinions about #Elon #Musk. 🤡

I asked them to rate his leadership skills and got a response. Seems they are not that good, I appreciate the honesty. 😉

If you also have questions about Twitter or Elon, maybe try


Screen shot of an email response from The subject is "Re: Rate Elon Musk's leadership skills", the content of the mail is just a poop emoji.
Oliver Schafeld
2 days ago

Normalerweise pappe ich bei #Elon #Musk und #Twitter eine Inhaltswarnung / "CW" dran.

Aber Böhmerman schreddert den "reichsten 12-jährigen der Welt" so schön, das geht ungefiltert raus. 🤣


#satire #meinungsfreiheit #humor

2 days ago

If you still have a Twitter account or are buying a Tesla, you are supporting this. #elon #musk #nazi #pride #birdsite #tesla #TSLA

3 days ago


At this rate our 13 user Mastodon instance will be worth more than #twitter by the end of the year. The power supply alone is worth more than a fiver.

If #elon would like a second go at getting it right I'm open to offers starting at a mere billion and a free trip to Mars!

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
3 days ago
A photo of Elon Musk frowning
A photo of Sia wearing a big bow and hair covering her eyes, holding a microphone.

Good to know...
I'm NOT an #Elon fan boy but then I do dislike car dealer associations trying to $$ own anti-democracy right wing politicians.
#NativeAmericans, good on you!

3 days ago

With #pridemonth beginning I can't help but notice the hate machine on #twitter in full bore but you know what else stands out? A lot of it now even feels auto-generated by bluecheck bots.

Big shock it turns out to be that #Elon didn't really care about bots on his platform hmm. 🤔

4 days ago


Science de comptoir ft. StopScience

#vulgarisation #geologie #science #ScienceDeComptoir #StopScience

Old Man Mike
4 days ago

If you diss #Musk on #Twitter you give him #power through website/app interactions to continue his quest for a right wing global takeover.

If you diss #Elon on #Mastodon there’s fuck all he gets from it except laughed at.

Don’t be a tool to your own demise.


Elon Musk Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
stephan :no2nd_earthl: :typ2:
5 days ago

Der #Elon fliegt zu viel!

Elon fliegt von Alaska nach China ...
5 days ago

Elon Musk 晤中國工信部長金壯龍 商討新能源汽車發展
Tesla 行政總裁 Elon Musk 昨(30 日)到訪中國,今日(31 日)與中國工業和信息化部部長金壯 […]
The post Elon Musk 晤中國工信部長金壯龍 商討新能源汽車發展 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#科技趣聞 #Elon Musk #Tesla #新能源汽車

Old Man Mike
6 days ago

Wish people would stop saying #Elon bought #Twitter. 1/3 was from loans, a leveraged buyout, what Musk contributed from selling #tesla stock was massively overhyped, and overvalued, pumped by Musk himself. Fuck that guy. Sorry for the “state sponsored propaganda” #NPR,Elon%20Musk%20bought%20Twitter%20using%20a%20leveraged%20buyout%3A%20He%20paid,is%20called%20a%20leveraged%20buyout.

Kevin Russell
1 week ago

Elon musk took the Turkish people's chance at democracy and freedom away, interfering devastatingly, by preventing the Dictators opposition from tweeting, while filling Turkish twitter with fake news, deep fake videos.

Including tweets showing deep fake film of the leading opposition party chanting approval of a Turkish terrorist group, and twitter prevented anyone from calling them fake.

Elon Musk's fell purpose with twitter, is to bring Turkish elections, to America.

#Elon #stolen #Turkey

Old Man Mike
1 week ago

Elon Musk tweets literal Nazi quotes and yet still millions of “liberals” remain there, emboldening his quest, enforcing his mechanism of deceit, and validating his idiocy while cementing their (and our) downfall from democracy into a dictatorship. Bra-fucking-vo

#Twitter #nazi #elon #liberals #morons #enablers #cloutseeking

1 week ago

@stux Sooner #Elon and his mates bugger off to #Mars the better. 😸

1 week ago

Unbelievable after the disaster that was the last SpaceX launch and the dumpster fire that is twitter, along with the Tesla self driving issues. By all means let's allow #Elon to physically mess with the human brain. Bet #SCOTUS isn't going to rip power from the #FDA.

Neuralink # @neuralink We are excited to share that we have received the FDA's approval to launch our first-in-human clinical study! This is the result of incredible work by the Neuralink team in close collaboration with the FDA and represents an important first step that will one day allow our technology to help many people. Recruitment is not yet open for our clinical trial. We'll announce more information on this soon!
Stop the GQP & Fox News
2 weeks ago

It appears 2024 will be Biden vs. Trump after the DeSantis launch failed to meet the production values of a QAnon podcast. But as Donald campaigns, he'll also be fighting court battles. With so much on his plate, should questions of dexterity be raised?

#trump #donaldtrump #politics #uspol #uspoli #uspolitics #republicans #gop #gqp #gopclownshow #gqpclownshow #news #currentevents #rondesantis #desantis #musk #twitter #elon #elonmusk

Trump at deposition confusing the defendant with his ex-wife.
Ida Tschichoflos
2 weeks ago

#DeSantis #Twitter #Musk #elon #presidentialflop #presidentialcampaign
Sehr schön! So ist das eben, wenn man ein Unternehmen erst mit viel Geld und Sadismus gegenüber allen Angestellten zugrunde richtet, dann ist halt auch keine Substanz mehr da, auf die man bauen könnte. Und ein Präsidentschaftskandidat mit einer noch schmierigeren Ausstrahlung ist schwer vorstellbar. Das nennt man Instant-Karma!

Hunter Perrin
2 weeks ago

So #Elon, during that terrible group call for #RonDesaster today, said they were "allocating more servers to handle all the users". In a competently designed system, that is done automatically by the software.

So either he was lying, which is bad, or he was telling the truth, which is worse.

2 weeks ago

@w7voa This #Elon character has clearly taken the reigns from the Trump character as the most unbelievable NPC in this glitchy simulation.

2 weeks ago

The number of listeners for DeSantis twitter announcement was embarrassingly low. There are twitch streamers playing games who get more views on a normal day. Fireside chats existed. Nothing new was invented. It was an embarrassing failure for Twitter, Musk, and DeSantis.

#DeSantis #GOP #republicans #politics #tech #twitter #elon

Michael Fenichel
2 weeks ago


Yes, as he attempts to show off his smarts and be "personable" (if not "charismatic") by joining fellow #disinformation / #fascism fan #elon #Muskvirus -

An odd way to make a first impression nationally, without (actual) human engagement, &/or live coverage on a real "news" network with live images etc.

Another discussion about how "smart" this fellow #TrumpVirus genius with "all the best words" uses & re-uses his favorites. ("Woke", anybody? Not in HIS schools!)

CNN Circus, Pt2

Cartoon showing  DeSantis portrayed as Disney character Cruella, and subtitled "DeSantis: The worst Disney villain of them all".

He is depicted in an MTG white fur coat, his white go go boots, and standing under an altered Disney sign, changed from "The most magical place on earth", crossed out by the red pen he holds, changed to "The most WOKE place on earth". 

Ron oozes: "Ive identified over 101 damnations!"
Daniel Detlaf
2 weeks ago

DeSantis will be announcing his presidential campaign on Twitter with Elon Musk.

We're picking up the signals you're sending Musk. We get it. Twitter is the new center of the alt-right universe. Congrats.

"Free speech" has somehow become a euphemism for shitty people trolling each other.

#politics #twitter #elon

Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago

From 17 May: Elon Musk Tried to Quote ‘The Princess Bride’ and Mandy Patinkin Isn’t Having It - Inigo Montoya is a character driven by his own mourning over his father’s death. Revenge fuels him ... #elon-musk #inigo-montoya #mandy-patinkin #movies #the-princess-bride

3 weeks ago

@arstechnica wrote:

"Musk says he’ll keep tweeting whatever he wants even if it repels advertisers. If the consequences of his tweeting "is losing money, so be it," Musk said."

We shall see if Musk's creditors, the ones who loaned him the money to buy Twitter, feel the same way. He borrowed the money because he didn't have the cash on hand to pay for Twitter, and if Twitter loses enough money, he won't have the cash to operate it.

#Elon #Birdsite

3 weeks ago

Elon – the self-described "free speech absolutist" – agreed to censor Twitter in Turkey last Saturday, the day before a critical election, at the request of the nation's autocratic government, in a country where national media is ~90% state-controlled. Musk has lucrative business dealings with the incumbent Turkish government through SpaceX. (7-min read)

#Turkey #Turkiye #Erdogan #Twitter #Elon #Musk #elections #media #censorship

Laidback DM
3 weeks ago

It seems the Muskf$&@ only believes in free speech when it suits his needs. But we knew that already, didn’t we?

#musk #ElonMusk #elon #twitter #censorship #Turkey #democracy #fuckMusk #FreeSpeech

Philip Kreißel
3 weeks ago

Elon #musk hat schon mehreren autoritären Regimen und #faschisten geholfen. Gleichzeitig sperrt er praktisch im Wochentakt weitere Journalisten.

Aber die deutsche Presse lässt sich das einfach gefallen und berichtet weiter über #Elon als wäre er ein verschrobener Celebrity.

3 weeks ago

@protecttruth @mmasnick

#Elon #Musk influences elections in #Turkey muzzling opposition voices and commits libel against reputable journalist of The Atlantic:

Diego Pappalardo
3 weeks ago

I just can't stop laughing. So the "genius" owning #Twitter rolls out #encrypteddms . For paying accounts...
Because it's not as it encrypted messaging was available for free on Signal, WhatsApp or Seeld, #elon .
No really, I bow to you Sir. 😂

Honestly the sad truth about twitter. #sexism #twitter #elon

@w7voa It's funny he won't go back no matter how much #Elon beggs him.

I'm not sure how many active users Truth has, but I'm sure it's not that many. It must be a money losing business, so it's probably only a matter of time until it becomes another one of Trump's failed businesses.

Frankie ✅
1 month ago

Elon Musk went from being the Henry Ford of our generation (admired carmaker, brilliant salesman) to being the Henry Ford of our generation (conspiracy theorist, Nazi-enabler)

#Elon #elonmusk #hatespeech #twitter #birdsite

Nathaniel Harari
1 month ago

The Verge: Disaster alert accounts are preparing for a world after Twitter

There is going to be a real cost to Elon Musk fucking everything up. But that is what happens when you rely on services like Twitter and don't control your own data or data flow. Why they don't make the move *now* to migrate over to Mastodon is flabbergasting.

#twitter #mastodon #elon #services

The Rob Burgess Show
1 month ago

Over on the bird site, Elon is, I swear to you, adding blue check marks against celebrities’ will if they cross him. He’s using it as a punishment now, telling their followers they have paid for Twitter Blue when they haven’t. People are having to keep changing display names just to escape it. It’s enough to make a cat laugh.
#twitter #twitterexodus #elon #elonmusk

1 month ago

#ElonMusrat rocket launch was a success? The rocket tumbled and their control center had to blow it up! On top of that, the rocket’s exhaust blew up the launch pad so bad, it’s unusable! It looks like it was hit by a BLU-82 15,000 pound bomb! #Elon calls it a success? If there were people aboard, they would’ve died! Would Elon be hailed as a brilliant entrepreneur? #EETD or blows up!

1 month ago

I don’t agree with people saying #Twitter is a fascist project now that #Elon Musk is involved. It’s been that way for years.

Twitter was Donald Trump’s personal hate megaphone even before becoming president.

Also, Twitter was run for years by a white techbro who believed racism falls under “free speech”. Meanwhile, Black people and Latinx were banned for the weirdest stuff all the time.

Austin Kocher, PhD 🌎
2 months ago

Elon Musk's rocket SpaceX Starship explodes after launch. 🤣

#elonmusk #musk #elon #spacex #tesla #rocket #failure #fail