What is the weirdest thing you ever did with GNU #Emacs?

4 hours ago

I just want to say as an #emacs prisoner (if I had a car it would have a bumper sticker that said “my other editor is a post modern lisp machine”) that the ux is awful. Executing a mortal kombat fatality on my keyboard to save a file is sadism. #LispHeretic

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This since from the Interview with an Emacs Enthusiast video, but you might have not seen it.

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Version 4.3.0 of the Modus themes has been released!

12 hours ago

@zelphirkaltstahl sure thing. Do bear in mind I am new to #emacs

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

Here's my current config, WIP.

12 hours ago

Literally programming my #emacs config in org-mode is so satisfying.

Sr. Estegosaurio 🦕
13 hours ago

Having to rebuild #emacs every time I update my #flake inputs is kind of unfun.

At least I'm on a beefy machine so it takes little to no time.

At the end I am the one to blame, I guess I'm the one who set the version to be emacs-git. xD

13 hours ago

Spent an evening specifically learning more about `iedit-mode` in #emacs. Boy howdy, that's a powerful package.

I had used it as multi-cursor updates, but it can double for movement, which is super useful for visiting code/text neighborhoods with matching text.

(webdev Tory) :emacs:
15 hours ago

I used #emacs `find-and-replace-regexp` to reformat my todo list to include the #github issue number (also featuring Anzu) #regexp

16 hours ago

Faſʒinierende Inputmethod, um altertümliches Deutſch in den Emacs eingeben ʒu können. Bekommt beſtimmt eine Ausʒeichnung!

#emacs #deutsch #german

One of the greatest #emacs commands I've recently started using is M-x transpose-regions. It happens really often that you want to swap the order of something but keep something in between the same. E.g. passed arguments in the wrong order?


normally you'd have to cut one, remove the delimiter, paste it in front, then put the delimiter back. With M-x transpose-regions this is a single op!
I d been thinking about fonts in #emacs with config dot org and definign that in home.nix , st my build doesn't break again .
This is a googd reference

oatmeal 🐧
1 day ago

#orgmode #emacs #Tailscale’s tclip is a self hosted code snippets (as in gists) manager, which can now render org-mode markup.

There are couple of ways to deploy it on one’s infrastructure, including #portablectl and #docker, though I was not able to get it running due to this error

1 day ago

Tried setting up #mu4e email client in #Emacs so that I can just go through the email and note down the tasks for the day without having to leave Emacs.

It was an interesting experiment, but doesn't work well for me because of the UX. For eg., Gmail smartly condenses into a thread based on related emails, even when they are not a thread. But in mu4e, I have to wade through 8 emails which are essentially the same.

1 day ago

cool #TDD #emacs #liveCoding. Is there an alternate frontend for twitch like invidious? Javascript bologna everywhere. Operating deep in a backquote expression somewhere looks so crazy.

Chmouel Boudjnah
1 day ago

Small tip on getting a bunch of projects recursively remembered by #emacs project.el:

(project-remember-projects-under "~/go/src/" t)

2 days ago

I have not found a good solution for org-mode notes on iOS. The dream would be replacing the Notes and Reminders apps. Anyone in the illustrious #emacs community have a polished solution?

2 days ago


before you start make a list of 2 things you want #emacs to help you accomplish

do not deviate on any other task or area of emacs till you accomplish one of your main 2 goals

be specific about your goals. no general things like "learn emacs"
it has so many features it's easy to get sidetracked

Irreal - Blog

Zamansky: Learning Elisp #10

2 days ago

@Joe_0237 Just start it up and go, tutorial and documentation are all built-in. Ignore starter kits etc. until you know what you're doing. There's an O'Reilly #Emacs book for learning the basics, and when you're ready the #MasteringEmacs book will give you everything else you need. Good luck, and don't give up!

Alfred M. Szmidt
2 days ago

@Joe_0237 It is not as daunting as you might think it is. Just start it. You don't need to learn Emacs Lisp, you don't need to learn magic to use it... #GNU #Emacs ❤️

AOE, Takashi
2 days ago

ワイはorg-modeのためにEmacs :emacs: を使っている。あれは最強のアウトライナー兼タスク管理ツール。
VS Code :vscode: にもorg-modeの移植があったけど、今どの程度の機能まで実装しているのだろうか。 #emacs

Any org-mode wizards here? Is there a way to link to a headline in an org-mode file from an external document? Like a deep link for org-mode files that works from everywhere!
#emacs #orgmode #askfedi

Andros Fenollosa
2 days ago

Fantástico ❤️

Curious how to get started contributing to Emacs? Colin Woodbury has written a helpful blog post on just that topic, including instructions for copyright assignment: #emacs #CopyrightAssignment

Ténno Seremél
2 days ago

I wonder how can I change this weird blue in the menu in modus-operandi 🤔

(require 'modus-themes)
(setq modus-themes-bold-constructs t)
(setq modus-operandi-palette-overrides
(bg-mode-line-active "#335ea8")
(fg-mode-line-active "#ffffff")
(bg-mode-line-inactive "#f0f0f0")
(fg-mode-line-inactive "#000000")
(load-theme 'modus-operandi t)

#lang_en #emacs #modus_themes #questions

Emacs window screenshot with modus operandi theme.
2 days ago

Does someone have a tip on how to configure #Emacs Tramp so that it uses bash when I open #vterm and connect to the remote system? Currently it only opens SH. In addition it should support #NixOS as well. So it probably has to use `/usr/bin/env bash` instead of `/usr/bin/bash`.

2 days ago

#Emacs key binding cannot stuck in my head for a longer time. I stop using it for a while, and everything is gone. On the other hand, I can still go back to #vim after years of break, and everything clicks.

Jack Baty
3 days ago

Stuff everything into emails and use Notmuch to manage it all? I say let's try it.


3 days ago

Just read this wonder blog post:
that tells you this magical snippet that converts NEWS, texi, org and md files intoinfo files, which are significantly easier to navigate into.

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

Yes! I got all three of the capture templates I want! I can always update the Todo one to maybe do more with priorities or add tags or properties. But yeah it looks like I've got it working pretty well. Meh I can take out the %u in ideas, I don't really need a timespamp for that. Nah I'll leave it alone. I can use that to see about any stale ideas in filing. Or something.

(setq org-capture-templates
'(("n" "Note"
(file+headline "~/org/" "Student notes")
"* %?\n %u"
:empty-lines-before 1
:empty-lines-after 1)

("t" "Todo"
(file+headline "~/org/" "Todo")
"* TODO %?\n %u"
:empty-lines-before 1
:empty-lines-after 1)

("i" "Ideas"
(file+headline "~/org/" "Ideas")
"* %?\n %u"
:empty-lines-before 1
:empty-lines-after 1)))

#emacs #foss #org #org-mode

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

Okay, got a custom ID on a heading in my file that I capture things to. Now I just need to tell my notes template to put stuff under that heading...

#emacs #foss #org-mode #org

3 days ago

just spent far too long futzing with the display of invisible characters in #emacs.

got indention guides running again (not sure when I lost them).
i HAD it showing spaces (and i think tabs) with specific characters but was utterly incapable of getting it only do it for the leading whitespace


a screenshot of a random bit of ruby code.

you can see vertical lines at each code indentation level. so that it's easy to see if you're still in a method or outside of it, and other things.
3 days ago

Is it possible to make #Emacs guess whether to indent using spaces or tabs based on the style used in the current buffer? (or even just the current line)

Devin Prater :blind:
3 days ago

So last night, I guess I updated some package, and now in Nov-mode in Emacs, for reading Epub files, hitting space to scroll down, well it scrolls *all* the way down to the next chapter instead of just a screenfull. So yeah that sucks. I'll have to just start opening them in Bookworm on Windows I guess. *sigh* this always happens. I get all good with Emacs and then something just *has* to break. It's probably my fault too.

#emacs #nov #epub #reading

I am writing a book about how to write books and the book explains how I wrote that book
#emacs #writing

"Drawing Hands", lithograph by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher
3 days ago

@kzimmermann @jr

I assume, that supporting multiple accounts would not add much advantage to #Profanity. Having multiple terminal windows or #tmux or #Emacs #vterm buffers is just too easy. Use the `--account` parameter to start multiple instances with different accounts.


Álvaro Ramírez
3 days ago

I love this feature. Smartparens offers a similar thing. I've been toying with adding a cycling function, though would happily take an existing alternative :) #emacs

Emacs cycling through pairs (i.e. quotes and parenthesis) of current expression.
Howard Abrams
4 days ago

@sqrtminusone @fenix @daviwil Very good point, but with a reasonable amount of files, I love using 'woccur".

Find the changes (you can use #emacs built in 'grep'). Turn on 'wiccur" and then just change that buffer to visually see the changes.

4 days ago

every week or two i stumble across some new quality of life improvement in #emacs, which leaves me going "fuck yeah!"

This morning it was the "wrap-region-mode" which surrounds a selected region with whatever. Parens, quotes, language specific comments....

Álvaro Ramírez
4 days ago

1 week until we have our #Emacs London meetup (Sept 26th).

Please add your topics to

Happy to add topics for ya if you prefer. Just ping!

Help get the word out and boost 🙏

Emacs London meetup in session
Christian Tietze
4 days ago

If you need someone to scream at you about how they set up a dedicated home server for #Emacs

... look no further!

Devin Prater :blind:
4 days ago

Wow, the desktop-save mode in Emacs is really cool. Started reading the Emacs FAQ, and across like 10 restarts of Emacs, either from messing with the Emacs config or WSL junk, it's still right where I left off.

#emacs #foss

Devin Prater :blind:
4 days ago

Yes! I finally got a simple, very simple, toDo system going! In Emacs, I'm using Org-capture, and then I have that file connected to the Org-agenda. That way, when I do C-C a t, for showing the agenda, in todo view, there the todo's are.

#emacs #org-mode #todo #accessibility #blind

Introducing the Emacs Writing Studio. A complete introduction to Emacs for authors. #writing #emacs

Emacs Writing Studio logo
6 days ago

Thankfully I was an EMACS guy in school. I loved the ability to split the screen in the Non-GUI OS and type without having to ask permission first.

I don't think anyone has to do development in the shell anymore, so I think Nano is more sane for editing config files.

Still, this is a fascinating story

#VI #VIM #EMACS #Nano #Unix #BSD #Linux

Be an outlier with style: dive headfirst into the world of Emacs. Wave goodbye to telemetry, daily updates, corporate greed and paternalism.

At we're a gathering of trailblazers and mavericks, and are ready to support you on your journey to freedom. 👋​

#FOSS #Emacs #VSCode

Devin Prater :blind:
1 week ago

OMG y'all Emacspeak has my back!

C-<up> runs the command emacspeak-mark-backward-mark (found in
global-map), which is an interactive byte-compiled Lisp function in

It is bound to C-<up>.


Cycle backward through the mark ring.
To cycle forward, use pop-to-mark-command bound to C-<down>
#Emacs #Emacspeak

2 weeks ago
Aside from an annoying false-positive error when calling kernel functions, the Lexical language server for #Elixir is definitely working better than elixir-ls.

I also got elixir-ts-mode working, which uses Tree-Sitter and is also noticeably better than its standard counterpart, elixir-mode in #Emacs.
Devin Prater :blind:
2 weeks ago

So a few people have wanted me to show them what Emacspeak sounds like, and what it gives over other speech systems. So I made this example. First is a book, a novel (Resident Evil), so be aware of that when listening. The second is a book introducing Linux. The third is a simple Markdown file, showing how company-mode can help a bit with auto-complete, and how Emacspeak makes font-lock (different fonts for different item types in any text), accessible through voice changes. Along the way, you'll hear how Emacspeak handles punctuation, switching buffers, closing buffers, and other such dialogs. I do have typing echo set to speak nothing as I type, because it's distracting to me.

#emacs #emacspeak #tts #foss

Ricardo B�nffy
2 weeks ago

Some exciting news from a very stable and very mature program.

What's New in #Emacs 29.1? - Mastering Emacs

GNU Spotlight with Amin Bandali: Seventeen new GNU releases in the last month including #Binutils, #Coreutils, #Emacs, #Gama, #Glibc, #Lilypond, "LinuxLibre #Poke, and more. Full details: Big thanks to @bandali0 @bandali, all the devs, and other contributors!

Devin Prater :blind:
2 weeks ago

@TheQuinbox Update to the prerelease WSL2. Install Ubuntu (this is the thing I got it to work with the best). Install Emacs 29:

Now, apt install ffmpeg, tcl*, tk*, mplayer, libasound*, sox, mpg123, and make sure tclx is installed too, apt install tclx. Oh also install build-essential

Now, git clone

cd emacspeak


Install Voxin if you have it.

make outloud

If it doesn't work, make sure build-essential is installed. If it still doesn't work, look at whatever it's failing with, and install the dev package of whatever it's failing with.

Now, go to the home directory:

cd ~/

nano .emacs.el

(load-file "~/emacspeak/lisp/emacspeak-setup.el")

and it should be working. If not, make sure you're on Win11, have WS2, and WSLG installed, and make sure packages are up to date with sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade. the stars in package names (*), mean a wildcard character. I do this because I honestly don't know the exact dependencies of all this bullcrap just to get one thing to work. And if I try just the essentials, it doesn't work. So maybe someone smarter than me can make some kind of nix environment that works 100% of the time. Or just a script.

#emacspeak #emacs #wsl #wslg #foss #linux

Thanks a lot to whoever makes #emacsbedrock. I've been enjoying using it so far, even though it has parts that aren't my cup of tea.

#emacs #bedrock #configuration

2 weeks ago

Previously, for performing a numerical simulation experiment and summarizing the results into a test report, I had to run my C++ programs in the console to generate some data. Then I would use Octave scripts to load the data, process them and produce several figures. Or sometimes I wanted to acquire a visual intuition, I would copy the data into LibreOffice Calc, interact with them and generate some charts. After that, I copied the figure files from Octave and charts in LibreOffice Calc into the test report created in LibreOffice Writer. During the editing, paragraph formats, figure size and position had to be manually adjusted. Such working mode is scattered into a bunch of tools and requires distinct operational techniques or custom.

Now thanks to Emacs and Org mode with its babel module, all the above activities can be coalesced into a uniform environment with a consistent operation style. For example, C++ program can be triggered in a Bash source code block. An Octave session can be started to call existing scripts or perform interactive computation and plotting. I also use Maxima block for symbolic math derivation, LaTeX block for pseudocode, PlantUML block for drawing data structure and algorithm workflow, Asymptote block for generating accurate math illustration.

#Emacs #OrgMode

Christian Tietze
2 weeks ago

On Tools and the Aesthetics of Work

The best thing is the "Mythic I" is basically booting into #NixOS just to launch #Emacs so you can write. Period.

Lubricated thocky keyboard, wooden computer frame. Amazing.

The real #focus mode

2 weeks ago

@hisham_hm Good question.

Also for programmers, mainly FOSS, that use #emacs, #vim and others development tool with intense handling of key combinations.

Say, the simplest Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V, Ctrl-X are useful because they sit adjacent and close to Ctrl-key... in QWERTY keyboards. In Dvorak keyboards they seem located randomly.

We ordered 15,000 Emacs Logo stickers so you don't have to. Order a pack of 10 at #Emacs

A picture of a bunch of GNU Emacs stickers. There are probably hundreds in bundles secured with rubber bands.

#emacs users, have you ever been frustrated that you could not remember a handy command when you needed it? We've got you covered with this Emacs Reference Card v25 from the #GNUPress Purchase one from

A screenshot of the web page selling "GNU Emacs reference card v25." The price is $3. It has a person holding the card and gesturing with the other hand.

The Emacs Reference Card is very handy! And if you master what's inside, you'll save way more than $3 of time. #GNUemacs #GNUpress #Emacs

スパックマン クリス
3 weeks ago


elfeed in #emacs because it is in emacs.

used to use newsbeuter which then became #newsboat.

I might go back because I like links better than w3m.

Obviously, I prefer text based.

Frank Meeuwsen
3 weeks ago

Mijmeringen over tóch maar weer #Emacs en #orgmode gebruiken voor mijn persoonlijke takenlijst. Obsidian taken beklijft ook niet.

Howard Abrams
3 weeks ago

Dealing with a big file in #emacs, but have a wide physical screen? Split into multiple windows, and call `follow-mode`. The file will now flow as if you had multiple columns. Scrolling works just as you'd expect. Packages like avy-goto become really powerful.