Petra van Cronenburg
4 hours ago

"Du pain, du vin et du boursin" - #artInProcess #artInProgress One of my #BiodiversityShrines -- here a try about #FoodSecurity not yet finished. (The French publicity was the first in television in 1968, changing the way of manipulation and consumerism completely.) #embroidery #PoliticalStitching #Activism #assemblage #ArtActivism #crops #wheat #grain #Klosterarbeiten #biodiversityLoss #craftivism

14 hours ago

#solarpunk #ActualSolarPunk #1337hax #embroidery

recently i helped @saltphoenix replace her solar charge controller (and leveled up my own solar hacking skills in the process). and she made me this absolutely stunning embroidered patch badge to mark my achievement. 😻​

an embroidered green patch that says "1337 S014r Sx1LZ" on top and "13V313d UP" on bottom

the center has a design that's part sun and sunflower, and part a hand holding a lightning bolt. this is an original design!
2 days ago

Awww he came out so cute! :blobfoxaww:

#crossstitch @crossstitch #furby #toys #embroidery

Smol blue furby cross stitch
2 days ago

Partial embroidery that I'm working on. It's from a pic I took on a walk with my husband.

Not gonna lie. Hand embroidery is so therapeutic. Focus on your hands. That's all that matters in the moment.

Vertical shot.

#Art #Craft #Sewing #Embroidery #HandEmbroidery #HandSewing #Sewists #Threads #Thread #Valdani #Hoops #Crafters #Barns #Stitching #Stitchers

Close up "still life" type shot, embroidery hoop with partially done barn, along with some pencil sketching around it. Underneath a bowl of Valdani thread and a Ball jar with a few Dorset buttons (which you can't really see, but that's a tidbit just between us.)
2 days ago

btw I never shared the dress I made for the medieval festival in Eggenburg.
It's 100% handsewn and embroidered with real gold folie and pearls.
The left picture is what I fashioned it after but changed some minor details. Video is in the making but I probably need another 3-4months for it. :( #medieval #sewing #Reenactment #embroidery

drawing of a medieval woman
picture of a woman wearing a medieval dress in blue.
Leonieke Aalders
3 days ago

A new work in progress, aiming to finish it in time to give it to my godmother for her birthday.

Design by Awesome Pattern Studios.

#Nautilus #LeoniekeBorduurt #borduren #PointDeCroix #CrossStitch #embroidery

cross stitch work in progress, multi-colored nautilus-type shell
3 days ago

Went with #2 for the shadows, what do you think?

#crossstitch #embroidery #rainbow #crafts

Cross stitch in rainbow thread with a medium gray shadow
Michelle / The Giddy Stitcher
4 days ago

I've got some actual progress for #WIPWednesday this week. In TWO crafts!

The world map is a long-running project that I once thought would only take a week. Was inspired to pick it back up just last night due to the Autumn colours, love it!

And the green jumper is one of my #FallFinishAlong goals, got one sleeve finished last week and just most of the second one to go! Ten whole days left to do it in, of course. But ack, sleeves.

#Knitting #Embroidery #CrossStitch

A blackwork embroidery project in red, brown and orangey Autumn shades. It is a world map made from cogs of different sizes and patterns. So far I've completed Africa, Europe and most of Asia.
A cozy green knitted jumper in a sort of broken rib stitch pattern. It's folded on a white table, showing off one completed sleeve and the other one still on a circular knitting needle.
4 days ago

#FallFinishAlong Friends, I need your advice. I am working on these 2 grey & yellow embroidery hoops. (The grey thread looks less purple IRL). Do you think I should…

A) Finish each hoop monochromatically
B) Finish both hoops with a third color, possibly this light green?

#mastoArt #Embroidery #Sewing #WIP #WIPWednesday #FiberArt #FiberArts

2 mostly-finished embroidery hoops. 
1st hoop: A flower mandala in grey thread on yellow. 2 sections - a circle near the middle and some large leaves at the edges - have not been stitched yet.
2nd hoop: A sunflower mandala in yellow thread on grey. Sections of the mandala - a circle of knots & some half-done compound stiches near the middle  - have not been stitched yet.
5 days ago

Nice! A story about the hand #embroidery of the Presidential, Vice-Pres, and military branch flags.


Benita Skinner
6 days ago

These are the treasures, I found this weekend in my stash.
They’re for the Bits & Bobs collage quilt I’m dreaming about making! 🥰💙💖

I have some Bits & Bobs information, about sharing my progress, in today’s newsletter. 💌

#quilting #sewing #buttons #fabrics #beads #ribbons #trims #embellishing #collecting #vintage #embroidery #doilies #handkerchiefs #oldlaces #fabriccollage #textilecollage #BitsandBobs

Bits & Bobs collection - from my stash.
6 days ago

Sold this weekend - Wonky Tree.
Woven tapesty background with hand embroidery. Unusual for me and a bit of a one-off, should I do more like this? 🤔
#FineArtInStitch #TextileArt #Art #embroidery #MastoArt #FibreArt #FibeArt

A woven tapesty wall hanging in shades of white, blue and browns with rustic branch supports at top and bottom. Embroidered with a wonky tree
1 week ago

and another wip. I should finish at least one or two brooches before the next fair on saturday .. :ablobeyes: #lgbt #embroidery #BeadEmbroidery #ProgressFlag

wip picture of the colors from the progress flag in a heart on an embroidery frame.
1 week ago

The rainbow #embroidery floss makes super interesting patterns - what do you think?

#crossstitch #rainbow #halloween

#AltText: small crossstitch planchette

1 week ago

Absolutely love this Salmon of Knowledge kit by Was a joy to embroider
#Embroidery #SalmonOfKnowledge #Finn #IrishLegends

Embroidered salmon in shades of blue thread on blue fabric with silver beads. Ogham writing on the salmon body reads knowledge recalling the Finn McCool legend about the Salmon of Knowledge
Handmade Hearts
1 week ago

Update on the Christmas #embroidery. Got the suit done. :)

Embroidery in progress on denim in a hoop. Most of it is a sketch depicting a heterosexual couple in wedding garb. The woman's dress has some white outlines stitched in as well as some French knots to show pearl buttons down the front. The man's suit is filled in with shades of black, white, and grey for shadows. His bowtie is a little bit messy, and it's black with white spots. The rest is still just sketches.
1 week ago

Quick shoutout to a really nice new PeerTuber posting all about crafts including crochet, cross stitch and more:

➡️ @michellemay

The videos are really well done, I'd recommend them to anyone interested in fibre arts and crafts.

It's brand new so your server may not have noticed all its videos yet. You can browse all the videos directly at:


#FeaturedPeerTubers #PeerTube #Crafts #Handicrafts #Craft #FibreArts #PeerTubers #Crochet #CrossStitch #Embroidery

Isabelle Prim
1 week ago

A tiny frog, for a friend 🪡
Tiniest embroidery I ever stitched - yet : 1 over 1 (1 strand over 1 thread of linen fabric)
Diameter of the frame : 3,5 cm

#embroidery #CrossStitch #handmade

Green leaping frog (DMC 958) cross stitched on blue linen fabric.
Round wooden frame, 
fabric attached with DMC 958 and 993 threads.
Petra van Cronenburg
1 week ago

Finally the penny has dropped! I have an exhibition showcase at a rather conservative #embroidery festival. My #BiodiversityShrines are provocative in a region with farmers who spray pesticides twice when the soil is broken (their logic) and far too many people vote for Le Pen. My idea: I build them up as #archaeological #museum exhibits from the #future! #Subversive. Catch them by #beauty and #colours and when they are hooked ... bang! 😁 #EcoArt #ArtActivism #assemblage #activism #biodiversity

Tiny ants made of rocailles and the finest wire sitting on violet silk for a test.
Watering a big piece of bark from a wild cherry (prunus avium). It looks like a papyrus roll. Therefore, I want to fix it like this. On the inside, I want to stitch a fantasy writing with yarn, as if it is a find of an ancient civilisation. Wild cherries are a common tree at forest edges but more and more die because heatwaves and droughts are too much for them.
A red vintage cigarette tin box for an assemblage because we "burn biodiversity away". It is wallpapered with a page from a vintage dictionary that begins with the word "human". Other words are checked, forming a story. Inside, a "spider's web" of raw silk is laid out. The cigarette slogan is visible on the lid: When only the best will do. I plan an installation with my small ants but have still to craft some.
1 week ago

I got floss mail! It should make pretty rainbows as I stitch :blobfoxaww:

#embroidery #crossstitch #rainbow #thread #crafts

Different variegated threads
1 week ago

wip of my new rainbow brooch #Embroidery #rainbow #Lgbt

picture of a rainbow made with beads on a wooden frame

I finished it!
This was my first time doing woven roses and it was way trickier than I thought but also easy? It's so strange. I'm happy with how they came out though!
#embroidery #MeMade

An embroidery hoop with mirrored floral on the left and right, in the centre it says "Live Laugh Lachlan"
1 week ago

Ended up doing this instead - but I’ve got a lot of time and rhinestones on my hands so you never know :blobfoxcrylaugh:

#crossstitch #crafts #embroidery

Outline of half a tiger face
Handmade Hearts
1 week ago

Not showing the original for privacy, but here's the outline and start of an #embroidery #portrait I'm making for my fiancée's parents for Christmas. I have made one (1) portrait before this. Will it turn out good??? We'll see. I'm hoping to do this sort of thing for cashola in future.

And yes, I realize the way I sketched the man here makes him look like Shaggy Rodgers.


A messy sketch of a heterosexual couple in wedding clothes on denim in an embroidery hoop. The groom's left side shoulder has been filled in with black embroidery floss.
1 week ago
A gameboy cross stitch a little bigger than a US nickel
1 week ago

Approximation Algorithms for Lawn Mowing and Milling

A very fun talk about hacking on #sewing machines to do interesting embroidery.

#video #embroidery #algorithm

1 week ago

People who follow #mosstodon and/or #lichenSubscribe might like this embroidery artist:
#moss #lichen #embroidery #art

1 week ago

My good friend, neighbor and occasional catsitter Judit has written a book! It is a work of art and worth checking out, even if you aren't into embroidery or knitting. She worked on the project over the past several years while also battling long covid. It's on presale now and will be out on September 29th.

Available through Laine Publishing, below is a link with lots of photos. #embroidery #knitting #FiberArts #art #WorkOfArt #books #WomenInArt

@knitting @fiberarts

2 weeks ago

Hand embroidery of one of the cosmos from the backyard.

#HandEmbroidery #Embroidery #Stitching #Sewing #Art

PInkish and lavendar stitching with white highlights on a linen canvas. Center is dark with gold and brown french knots. Flower is centered on a circular embroidery hoop.

Today, for #SciArtSeptember, I'm sharing one of my favorite pieces: a hand embroidered diagram of a cell. All of the lines are chain-stitched, except the nucleus which is french knots and straight stitches.

You can't tell in this photo, but this thread glows in the dark.

I also do this pattern in colorful threads.

#SciArt #textiles #embroidery #art

Hand embroidered diagram of a cell, in white thread on a dark blue fabric stretched in an embroidery hoop.
Lyssa Chiavari
2 weeks ago

First embroidery class completed! #Embroidery #FiberArts #Loomscrolling

A photo of my first completed embroidery project, still on the working hoop. It's a cute design with a bunny sniffing flowers.

IN OTHER #sewing NEWS...

HERRINGBONE: the original zigzag stitch.

i don't know why i thought it’d be a good idea to hand-sew a cardigan with a rayon knit i was not feeling so hot about yet here i am hating the fabric but proud of using the #embroidery techniques i’ve learned into garment sewing

as with everything i try to wing without a pattern, this has taken me waaay too long to remember: to tame rolling knits, herringboning twill tape around the edge is the OG stabilizer

am showing how am stabilizing an unruly rayon knit edge by using cotton twill tape.

i first attached it to the edge with a running stitch on the side it is rolling towards. the i fold it back and hold it in place with a herringbone stitch, which, basically creates triangles up and down the tape.

this securly keeps it in place without rigidity. it reinforces the seam allowance but still allowing the knit to move and do its thing
2 weeks ago

Finishing up some last minute pieces for the market tomorrow - even more up on the Ko-Fi shop :blobfoxaww:

All profits to charity!

#crossstitch #fedigiftshop #embroidery #skull #halloween

Two cross stitch skulls with candles