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Why do I have the constant fear after coming out as trans that the feeling of dysphoria will lessen and I'm just faking everything even though I know that it always came in waves before? I somehow fear that if I get therapy in the future my therapist will diagnose that I won't need HRT...

Why does it have to be so complicated? 😕

#trans #comingout #fear #dysphoria #waves #emotions

Kevin Dominik Korte
2 days ago

Mistakes Happen!
Don't let the last cybersecurity incident create panic and frustration. They only produce the grounds for the next attack.
Learn more:
#cybersecurity #emotions

Dennis A
3 days ago

#neuroscience #neuropsychology #emotions
"There is a science to the evolution of emotions. Understanding it can help relieve emotional dysfunction."

Your brain is powered by literal emotional energy. An expert explains how to find the right balance

"The brain runs on real emotional energy. An expert explains how to relieve emotional dysfunction."

50+ Music
3 days ago

"Can't Let Go" is a song by American singer-songwriter #MariahCarey from her second studio album, #Emotions (1991). It was released as the album's second single on October 23, 1991, by #ColumbiaRecords in the United States and the first quarter of 1992 elsewhere. It was written and produced by Carey and #WalterAfanasieff. The protagonist of this synthesizer-heavy ballad laments an ex-lover who has moved on.

I Do Not Exist
4 days ago
Yesterday, an old friend called me. He asked to meet up again. We talked a lot, and I discovered that he's battling a serious illness, which he's been living with for a few years now and will likely only leave him with a few more years to live.
He had an admirable resignation and serenity, simply saying that while everyone makes long-term plans, he limits himself to taking things one day at a time, making the most out of each day because he doesn't know in what state of health and energy he'll wake up the next day.
He wanted to see me, and I wanted to be there for him, to ensure that he could have the best possible time.

Tonight, alone, I cried. 😢

#Friendship #LifeReflections #Gratitude #Emotions
Dave Mackey
5 days ago

"Feel. Living in my head most of the time divorced me from my emotions, which came back to bite me later. Hard."

- @kentbeck, Helping Geeks Feel Safe in the World, 9/22/23,

#quotes #emotions #psychology #mentalhealth #work #coding #safety

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6 days ago
1 week ago

#Reading Study Reveals #AI's Profound Insights into Chicken #Emotions. "In this groundbreaking study, we present a novel approach to interspecies communication, focusing on the understanding of chicken vocalizations. Leveraging advanced mathematical models in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, we have developed a system capable of interpreting various emotional states in chickens, including hunger, fear, anger, contentment, excitement, and distress." /via

50+ Music
1 week ago
Lewis Dexter Litanzios
1 week ago

😕😞 Learning the #emotions isn't going well #Neurodiversity #Autism

1 week ago

An AI that could manipulate our emotions could rob us of our free will without us realising it. It may even be happening already.

#AI #emotions #symphony #future #tech

Pärttyli Rinne, Mikke Tavast, Enrico Glerean & Mikko Sams (2023) Body maps of loves, Philosophical Psychology, DOI: #OpenAccess #OA #Journal #Article #Philosophy #Psychology #Emotions #Relationships #Academia #Academic #Academics @philosophy @psychology

Annette C. Boehm
2 weeks ago

Psyched! (2): The Art of Enduring Oneself (Bordt)

A write-up of a Jesuit philospher's take on freedom & emotion. Pretty cool stuff IMHO. And no, there's no theology here. At all.

#bookstodon #books #philosophy #mindfulness #psychology #nonfiction #emotions #blog @bookstodon

2 weeks ago

"I'm pretty much looking for beauty all the time. It just seems like some days the light is better to see it." — Melodie Ramone — — — #MelodieRamone #quote #quotes #beauty #circumstances #feelings #emotions #mood #receptive

2 weeks ago

Hate how Stoicism today has just degenerated into a chad philosophy of toxic masculinity and a denial and suppression of emotions and affects instead of an acknowledgement of their presence/importance and a working-with and through the affects. This pop-stoicism can literally make you sick. If my son (and daughter) picked up Aurelius or Epictetus through some Youtuber today I would be worried. #philosophy #stoicism #health #emotions #psychology

Bob Jamieson
2 weeks ago

In these troubled times we all get the ‘bothers’ but I have a surefire cure: write them down
Michael Rosen
The sentence was created to make sense of the world, but some things are beyond logic. Forget what you learned at school, let the words out
Treat yourself. Instead of reading the rest of this article, first go and write down something that’s bothering you …

#MichaelRosen #words #writing #emotions #sadness #feelings

Gregory B Sadler
2 weeks ago

George Grombacher's Lifeblood podcast recently passed the 2,000 episode mark. We had an in-depth conversation about podcasting, money & finances, people's mindsets about those, & how perspective about those leads to a better life!
#Interview #Money #Life #Philosophy #Podcast #Finance #Mindset #Emotions

Dominik Alexander
2 weeks ago

Kopfschmerzen von der nächtlichen Fahrradfahrt sind nicht die beste Voraussetzung, um dann noch einen Text zu schreiben. Ich hab's trotzdem versucht. Allerdings war es zäh; das Universum wollte mir nichts sagen.

#amwriting #freewriting #universe
#headaches #emotions #hate

Fantasy galaxy like a cave with many tiny planets inside of it. Colours of blue and orange dominate the scenery. Everything looks a bit chaotic.
Joni Tesserakti
2 weeks ago

@musevg "I hate this place"

"I'm going to enjoy watching you die, Mr. Andersson."


Jeremy Mallin
2 weeks ago

I find that I am much more able to be myself (unmask) on here than I am in person. 🤔


Jeremy Mallin
2 weeks ago

I've found that not only do I have favorite #television shows I watch over and over again, but I have specific favorite episodes of those shows that I watch more than any of the others, usually to trigger specific #emotions—good cry episodes, episodes that make me feel pride and joy for a character's triumph, etc.


3 weeks ago

“When you make the conscious decision to take charge of your own #emotions, you are declaring your independence and power.” – TemQBS...

Yoram Blumenberg
3 weeks ago

Status report update: 🧠💔⁉️🤯😭 but keeping it in check (for now) by starting to watch «Dark Winds» Season 2.
#adhd #emotions #RSD

Yoram Blumenberg
3 weeks ago

Status report: 🧠💔⁉️🤯😭
#adhd #emotions #RSD

Greg W.
3 weeks ago

Dealing with a #narcissist is hard on your #mind and #emotions.

Narcissists act in ways that are manipulative, controlling, cruel, and even evil.

It’s a virtual requirement as a politician.

To stop narcissists from controlling your mind and emotions, you first need to know how they do it and then come up with strategies that make you stronger

The narcissist can’t exist in a void, they must have sycophants whose loyalty is unswerving. But that’s for another story.

Jason Kautz :smug:
3 weeks ago

What if it's our #evolution to diminish our reliance on our old, natural #emotions? ...To be more #independent ...? #adulthood

to gain #foresight

Anthony Eichberger
3 weeks ago

In a recent edition of my informal Fallacies Series on #Medium, I ask the following question: Will every relationship we encounter in our lives be strictly either an "ally" or an "enemy"...???

#Psychology #Behavior
#Relationships #Compromise
#Emotions #Cognition
#Sympathy #Empathy
#Communication #Society
#Culture #Sociology

IT News
3 weeks ago

Share Your Feelings Like a Spy - While hackers can deftly navigate their way through circuit diagrams or technical... - #confessional #simonegiertz #lifehacks #emotions #feelings #shredder

3 weeks ago

❤ "We don't love someone for their physical appearance, for their clothes, or for their car, but because they sing a song that only you can hear." - Oscar Wilde

#OscarWilde #quote #love #relationships #emotions

3 weeks ago

Via Fabrice Pastor (Neuropsychologue) sur LinkedIn :

🧠 #Emotions : la #Peur...

La peur est une #émotion qui joue un rôle central dans notre survie en tant qu'espèce. Elle nous alerte face au #danger et nous prépare à réagir.

💡 Comment je me sens ⚡:
La peur est fortement liée à l'amygdale, une petite structure en forme d'amande dans notre #cerveau.

#Neuroscience #Emotions #BienEtre #Psychologie #France
#LinkedInTopVoices #Engagement #SelfGrowth

Infographie par Igor Thiriez (Psychiatre)


50+ Music
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

My brain/emotions have a relationship set of rules.
1st off communication is essential.
This is my list & thoughts.
Long term.
Monogamy. We are exclusive and and trustworthy.
My partner could have A partner that is of different gender from me.
We must have open communication and have met. No secrets. There is no expectation of my inclusion within their relationship.
If that partner is married or in a relationship none of it can be secret.

If there are to be multiple people involved it must not be a surprise, and it must be inclusive. Again, communication is essential and no secrets.

Single, do whatever you want, just don’t hurt unwilling others. Everyone has a backstory.

That has been my thought for a long time. It is amazing how many people are unable to communicate or have stepped out and kept secrets.

Once trust is gone, that is a very difficult spot. One that I don’t particularly enjoy being in.
#emotions #thoughts #relationships

4 weeks ago

@thor I am trying to keep an emotional diary where I note doen my feelings. Most of the time, I can’t even name them. I just write ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

#emotions #feelings

Adrian Segar
4 weeks ago

In 2009, the biologist E.O. Wilson described what he saw as humanity's problem. I think it’s also a fundamental meeting problem.

#meetings #MeetingDesign #humanity #FundamentalProblem #ActiveLearning #emotions #institutions #technology #eventprofs

Meeting problem: a photograph of a crowd of people talking at a conference is surrounded by face emoticons representing various emotions plus four red icons of meeting venues. In the background are images of computer high-end graphic cards.
Millie Rooney
1 month ago

A question.
Do your emotions add up to more than 100%?

Can you be 40% happy, 70% sad and 23% annoyed?
Or if you are 70% sad can you only be 30% happy?

I had to fill out a well-being survey recently and my emotions could only add up to 100%.
I don't think that is how emotions work?


#emotions #qualitative #quantitative #research #wellbeing

Jon Fazzaro
1 month ago

"At best, emotions are instructive bits of sensory information, like a traffic light or a low-fuel gauge. And if we can choose to observe them instead of trying to manipulate them, we often learn something valuable." #emotions #work #art

Adrian Segar
1 month ago

Have you ever expressed your feelings in public at a conference? Conferences That Work provide a safe environment for sharing how you feel.

#meetings #EventDesign #safety #feelings #emotions #sharing #agreements #eventprofs

Expressing Our Feelings In Public: four photographs of a children's theater production
Imperfect Cognitions
1 month ago

We have 61 blog posts on #emotions! Why not check them out? For instance, here Tom Cochrane talks about his new book, The Emotional Mind @philosophyofmind @psychology

Book cover with a sphere on black background

A good friend of mine is going through a hard time and asked me for some advice about #Taoism. So, with her permission, I turned my answer into an article. You can read it for free below:

#philosophy #religion #self #emotions #medium

Patrick Stewart
1 month ago

A good friend of mine is going through a hard time and asked me for some advice about #Taoism. So, with her permission, I turned my answer into an article. You can read it for free below:

#philosophy #religion #self #emotions

gprimola$ :idle:
1 month ago

I want to share something with you.
My therapist once told me, in regards to my relationship with my father:
“Like it or not, you have a relationship with your father. Everybody has a relationship with A father, even if they don’t have or ever had a father. Having a father is part of everyone’s psyche, therefore you have a relationship with a or your father. The only thing you need to do is define this relationship the best way it works for you. It doesn’t have to be ideal, it just needs to not jeopardize your life.”

#relationships #relationship #father #dad #daddy #therapy #psychology #emotions #son #thoughts #thinking #reasoning

Steve Thompson
1 month ago

‟Embracing Virtually: How Digital Interactions Mirror the Warmth of Real-World Hugs” #virtuality #emotions

‟The concept of 'digital hugs' challenges the way we think about physical vs. online interactions.”

1 month ago

Mosquera & Jylhä cont.

Our collective and political failures to respond sufficiently to the climate threat induce a variety of #emotions, even anger.

The unequal distribution of risks: climate change is caused by wealthy nations and individuals, while other groups face the most acute consequences of it.

The groups at risk do not have much influence: disadvantaged, the future generations, animals and the young have none or very limited options to influence climate policy.

1 month ago

Maxime Rovère : « Que faire des cons ? »

Introduction à son excellent livre durant TEDx Tours, 2019 :

#philosophie #émotions #connerie #conférence

The #Art of #Color #Psychology in Design: Evoking #Emotions and Enhancing Projects

1 month ago

The Art of Color Psychology in Design: Evoking Emotions and Enhancing Projects
#color #psychology #emotions #design

Gregory B Sadler
1 month ago

Here's a video on an issue I've run into with clients, students, colleagues, and even just attendees at my talks. "Experts" make sweeping, seemingly (but not) supported philosophical claims. People uncritically accept them and then are troubled by them
#Video #Philosophy #Claims #Arguments #Skepticism #Experts #Gurus #Emotions

philipp wunderlich
1 month ago

Are people more likely to volunteer, if their #emotions in a crisis are aligned with those of others?
I am excited to present the current research I conducted together with Christian von Scheve at @freieuniversitaet in the regular session on emotions at #ASA2023.

#sociology @sociology

Marc Moelders
2 months ago

@RobertSeyfert @sociology

Hey, affective sociology: If someone is to be persuaded of sth. as a problem or a solution, s/he has to be affected („affiziert“). If you agreed, what literature would you recommend?

#affect #emotions #sociology #persuasion

Among these bands that are for me *immense*, in which I mean: they have been so inspiring to me for so many years; i always come back to them; they always make me feel some special emotions; they often inspire me musically (even if just to sing or hum along or dance); a vast majority of their discography is consistently, absolutely to my taste...

.. among this bands i think there will always be Stereolab! 🔊 🎵 💓


#music #emotions #LaetitiaSadier #bittorrent #sharing

A screenshot of a media player currently playing Les Yper-Sounf, from Stereolab, on album Emperor Tomato Ketchup. Other album are visible in the playlist, including Chemical Chords, Sound Dust, and Margerine Eclipse (but not Cobra and Phases Groups Play Voltage in the Milky Night, nor Dots and Loops).
Stereolab performing in London in 1994, Black and White photo courtesy WikiPedia ( on which Laetitia Sadier plays what could be some sort of Moog synth...
Kristian Steensen Nielsen
2 months ago

🚨Excited to share a new #paper (in press at Emotion Review) with
@CameronBrick and @WilhelmHofmann on #emotions and #biodiversity 🌳🐾

Despite strong links between emotions and biodiversity, #research on these links remains relatively limited. With our paper, we therefore hope to inspire more research on the #emotional dimensions of biodiversity loss and #conservation, and we highlight some of the many #opportunities for researchers (and practitioners) to get involved.

Aside from losing my job today, my dad is also going into the operating room for #surgery today. Whole lot of #emotions going on right now. Might be a good day to eat some of the #psilocybin #mushrooms I grew and go for a #bike ride.

Carl Englander
3 months ago

I'm listening to Peter Gabriel's amazing 2010 album 'Scratch My Back'. Emotional, slow, music performed at an amazing performance level. WoW! It Includes the only cover I've heard of David Bowie's 'Heroes' that approaches the original in emotional worth. Wow! Just WOW!

#PeterGabriel #DavidBowie #Bowie #TheBookofLove #Music #Rock #Emotions #Strings #Orchestra #Listen #Audiophile #Audio #Roon

Joseph Holsten
3 months ago

@liilliil @Lorry @aliide @sarajw You all got me excited about finding a less than 100% political Persian speaking community off Twitter. Instead, I get hashtag games. Thanks for nothing, internet. #letdown #cruelworld #disappointment #hashtag #emotions #suffering

Shiny Amygdala
3 months ago

Please, HELP me with this activity idea:

I'm trying to make another free #ActivitySheet for anyone to use, but I'm stumped.

I wanted this to be a self directed activity, where one could write thoughts that personally help them get grounded and feel better. And that they could keep this on hand for when they need a pick-me-up and all they have to do is like, pick a number or a color, or roll a virtual dice or actual dice and it would fall on a "good thought".

Anyone got ideas for what to add, or rules, or something?


#Anxiety #SelfHelp #Emotions #BadDay #Pain #MentalHealth

An activity sheet in back and white line that says "Wheel Of Fortune: good thoughts edition" in the center of the page there is a wheel with 8 blank segments and a smaller blank circle in the wheel as the wheel "hub".
Shiny Amygdala
3 months ago

Another coloring/activity sheet:

"All the feels inside
you can write them here"

How you write them is up to you-- pain as an acronym, all the P, A, I, N words in each respective letter... I dunno, whatever you wanna do with it.

I'm going to be filling this out for myself later.

#ColoringPages #ActivitySheet #Pain #ChronicIllness #Emotions #HidradenitisSuppurativa #Lonely #Healing #FreeArt

A coloring activity sheet with big letters in the center that spell PAIN. Inside the letters of that word are lines to write words of the feelings in your particular pain. 

Above the letters PAIN it reads: 
All the feels inside.

And below it reads: 
You can write them here.

The world can break us down. I’d love to hear how y’all find ways to see the beauty in life. What makes you feel better? Optimistic? Comforted?

Maybe a thread here would help others.

For me, music helps a lot. Being in a room with my kids and wife helps. Dogs on my lap. Chocolate. Rain. Lots of clouds and rain. Good coffee.

(Photo: CC Daniel Mirlea)

#Life #Inspiration #GoodLife #Emotions #Happy #Beauty #Joy #Optimism #Comfort

Dark, gray, gloomy photo of a rocky mountainside with snowy pine top trees in front of them, clouds and fog nestled into everything
Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
3 months ago

@DivergentDumpsterPhoenix @actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy

I hope other #autists find the following statement validating and righteous-anger-inducing rather than invalidating because it's meant to be the former:

#Alexithymia is not developed by autists due to their #autism. Alexithymia is developed by autists because #neurotypicals continuously invalidate our #emotions until we become utterly confused by them and incapable of expressing (or even of knowing) anything about them.

The #trauma that our society heaps upon autists is the cause of autistic alexithymia, and we really need to talk more about how "normal" people psychologically fuck us.

Dave Rahardja
3 months ago

This is a pretty good way of framing what #emotions are.

“How emotions work | Neuroscientist Lisa Feldman Barrett”

Laura May, PhD
3 months ago

Hi everyone! I'm happy to be here to connect with everyone during the fall of reddit and Academic Twitter alike. I research #blame and #emotions in politics, and recently published a paper on what third parties do to contest blame ( I also host a science communication #podcast called Conflict Tipping on social #conflict and what to do about it ( I'm looking forward to connecting with other scholars! (And yes, I like hashtags.)

If anyone's at @CheltSciFest tomorrow, I'll be there in the Main Hall tomorrow, 6:15pm, with my esteemed colleague @DrRichFG
Come see us Making Sense of Feelings, exploring the baffling studies of emotions.

Chaired by Julia Wheeler

Come say hi!

#CheltSciFest #Emotions #Panel #Brains #History

@thetaoistonline I'm aware that there's an extensive philosophical literature on emotions.

And ... it's not entirely in vain.

But much as other branches of philosophy have evolved into scientific disciplines, or been strongly informed by them, I feel this area could as well. It was after thinking to myself "emotions clearly must have developed through evolution and provide some level of fitness benefit, I wonder if anyone's looked into the evolutionary origins of emotions question" that I did a few searches ... and turned up Charles Darwin's work.

I'm not saying that discussion of how we engage with our emotions on a philosophical basis is invalid. But ... it should at least offer a nod to the science and origins, methinks.

@blogging @writing @philosophy

#philosophy #emotions #evolution #CharlesDarwin #psychology

5 months ago

#Design #Opportunities
The intentional impact of images · Every image that’s put out has the opportunity to make a difference

#Images #Visuals #ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #GraphicDesign #ImageDesign #Emotions #Actions #CallToAction

China Gears Up for Cognitive Warfare

China’s military is increasingly at work on wearable technology and a dedicated #psychological #support #system to win at what it views as the crucial space of #cognitive #warfare—manipulating enemy troops’ state of mind to shape their behavior and hardening its own forces against such efforts.

“In future cognitive domain operations, the influence of rational factors such as science and logic on individual cognition is likely to be weakened, and cognitive confrontation may become a #contest of #emotions,” says one recent article in PLA Daily.

Cognitive domain operations seek to capture the mind of one’s foes, changing the thoughts and perceptions of an adversary to shape their decisions and actions. As another People’s Liberation Army outlet describes, a cognitive attack aims to “use an “invisible hand” to control the opponent’s will, making the opponent feel “I can’t” and “I dare not,” and then achieve the effect of “I don't want to.”

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
5 months ago

The Best Heavy Metal Power Ballads About Death And Depression
Mental health issues are important components to heavy metal. And the music can be the best form of therapy. Here are the best power ballads about death and depression.


ChatGPT making things up about the article:
Power ballads are an integral part of both rock and heavy metal, and this article looks at the best of them focusing on death and depression. From Metallica's "Fade to Black" to Slipknot's "Snuff", the list looks at how different bands have dealt with fans' struggles related to death and depression. With lyrics that evoke pain, emotion and love, these heavy ballads are more than just rock numbers; they offer an escape and conduit for emotions that fans identify with. Every fan of rock and heavy metal will find something to love in the range of power ballads featured.
5 months ago

coming in to #SoulfulSaturday with a real beautiful one that reminds me to be soft when it comes to love...

#music #feelings #emotions

5 months ago

@keirenmitchell @bryankam @philosophy

General comment (have not read that)..

Totally plausible. But it sounds equivalent to feelings or #emotions. These are (or should be considered, IMO) a language in their own right.

I'd say that we are not all equally fluent in this #language, for sure. In fact, it's the interpretation of these, combined with the need to share them with others in suitable ways, that drives the initial motivation for another, more formal language, as well as the inherent discrepancies that occur in #communication.

So I'd probably modify the "symbolic mapping onto mother tongue" description as a social alignment of these individual-yet-shared states through higher forms of communication, especially going away from "now", where feelings tend to dominate, to the juxtaposition of the past & future, where we need extended reasoning to anticipate future emotional needs*, and how we might best ensure them.

This level of #complexity is not possible with (logographic) symbolism, which generally comes in ~1:1 ratios to meaning, such as #numbers do. This framing also harmonizes with several other schools of thought, from Fast/Slow Thinking, to Incompleteness.

*I include eating there, even though it might be seen as physical. Reason being that hunger is an emotion (interconnected to others too) that signals a need.


5 months ago

short video from patrick teahan about other peoples' moods as a top-tier trigger for people with childhood trauma:

i clicked on it immediately because i definitely have this problem. i fall heavily into the first camp: assuming that i caused the other person's sour mood and/or feeling like i have to help "fix it."

this is totally rooted in how i grew up with my parents. both of them (in their own unique ways) don't emotionally self-regulate and expect other people (that would be me, when i'm around) to play the part of the helpful child and listen, sympathize, and cheer them up. even if they didn't expect it, i did it anyway because i hated having a walking human dark cloud in the house. it's even worse when they meltdown in public because they might be awful to people in service positions, or do something weird on the road, or just make things uncomfortable around other people.

anyway, it's a hard pattern to break, but i try! i try hard!!!

#CPTSD #trauma #recovery #emotions #EmotionalDamage

6 months ago

Yool Kim seizes the disarray of our inner emotional landscapes by trapping energetically impassioned characters in her color-blocked works. #mixedmedia #emotions

A monochromatic, blue artwork made by scratching linework onto a mixed-media surface. A collage of faces covers the entirety of the surface, the face expressing the same emotion: tiredness and malaise.
Sophia ☑️
6 months ago

Those monster's #eyes are hurting mine,
on a dark day
At dark nights.
Their #loud grunts are hurting my #ears .
Their #gas is sickening my #lungs .
They are #emotionless , they are without emotional #intelligence
Their #leaders however might #control them, but are challenged by controlling their own #emotions .

6 months ago

Over the last decade, #scientists have explored the association between #GutMicrobiota & the #brain & affected #neurologic manifestations. These #studies have indicated that #gut #microbiota #influences #neurogenesis , #behavior , #emotions , #CognitiveDevelopment & progression of #neuropsychiatric diseases. A #NewStudy published in the journal #FrontiersInMedicine reviewed recent literature on the link between gut microbiota, the brain & #NeurologicalDisorders.


Gregory B Sadler
7 months ago

One of the questions that Thomas Aquinas considers in his treatment of anger is whether or not that emotion has the same "object" as does justice. Here's a Sadler's Lectures podcast episode examining that!
#Anger #Justice #Aquinas #Emotions #Philosophy

Kristian Harstad
8 months ago

because some people online seem to have difficulty understanding basic things like, I dunno, erm... #feelings?... I thought this helpful handy guide to decoding #emotions might be a useful tool in those tricky situations

you could even use these #ernest-like #faces instead of your regular #emojis

Dr Susan Maury
8 months ago

Love this piece on the role of #emotion in #science & #research!! So many thoughts, but YES decision & action are inextricably tied to #emotions, including for scientists. When people talk about rational #logic they often assemble 'facts' to confirm their own emotion-based biases. Acknowledging the role of emotions in research improves our science. @BPSOfficial

8 months ago

Did you know that boys from 4 - 6 years old show a steady decrease in facial expressions, and girls show no effect at all?

We need to talk about how we socialize boys (AMAB folks) to numb or avoid their emotions from a very young age...

#EmotionResearch #Emotions #Psychology

Dave Mackey
8 months ago

@DrFerrous Yes, I think those two may be synonymous. It's desired within #coding circles because it involves a sort of fluid, uninterrupted productivity...and I think it is something many coders experience frequently...

I think I experience it sometimes and to me it also feels like a state of calming - thus my ponderings regarding any potential relationship between #meditation and #flow (since the popular conception of meditation, rightly or wrongly, seems to involve calming of the #emotions)

Blue Monday: Why it is not, and has never been, a real thing

Here's my definitive statement on #BlueMonday, given how often I've been quoted and cited today by people STILL insisting it's an established fact

#Media #Psychology #Moods #Emotions

Félicien Breton
9 months ago

Dr. Nicole LePera sur l’#éducation, la #masculinité, la #fragilité masculine, la #violence :

« Parlons du syndrome du gentil garçon.
Nous avons une génération d’hommes qui ont du mal à comprendre leur colère et qui agissent de manière dysfonctionnelle :
De nombreux hommes sont conditionnés pour être "gentils" dès leur plus jeune âge. Ils sont élevés dans le sens d’une responsabilité excessive et de la prise en charge des émotions de leurs figures parentales.

Cela peut se traduire par :
- être le "petit homme" de la maison
- réconforter les parents en cas de conflit
- réprimer ses émotions pour paraître fort
- montrer un "visage courageux"
- ne pas chercher de réconfort émotionnel
- ne pas parler de ses #émotions.

9 months ago

Finalizing my comprehensive exam reading list for my #Psychology minor. I'm going to be focusing on #EmotionRegulation, phenomenological and constructivist approaches to emotion regulation, and what that means for queer folks. With also a tiny emphasis on mindfulness and embodied methods.

#PhD #GradStudent #Emotions #PhDresearch

Mario Hauff :coffefied:
9 months ago

What are #positive #thoughts? What are negative #emotions? Or categories of good/bad?

Is it bad or negative to cry, to mourn, to feel angry to have fear?

Why do we judge? For what is it good?

Certainly, #depression is a different category. When you feel "nothing", or just this deep pit or long tunnel, muddy darkness, heavy load. It is important to get professional help. At least to stay alive.

But generally, what about asking yourself "Is this thought helpful?"

John Bailey
9 months ago


Consulting hypnotist:
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Nichole Elizabeth DeMeré
9 months ago

This podcast episode is truly uplifting.

:abunhd: :abunhdhappy: :abunhdhappyhop: :abunhdhop: :abunhdowohop:

“How do we practice deep and reciprocal relationships as resistance to our culture of transactionalism and extraction?” asks Tanuja Jagernauth. In this year-end episode of “Movement Memos,” Jagernauth and host &
@MsKellyMHayes discuss the cultivation of hope, how activists can practice reciprocal care, the importance of celebrating big and small victories, and how to process painful feelings without being consumed by them.

#abolition #activism #anticapitalism #care #community #covid #emotions #grief #healing #hope #inspiration #love #pain #pandemic #podcast #radical #reciprocation #relationships #solidarity #survival #timelinecleanse #trans

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Photos of the speakers.
9 months ago

I am in the midst of rounding out my comprehensive exam reading list for my minor in #psychology

Does anyone here have suggestions for good Psych papers on emotion regulation for queer & trans people?

Especially if articles contain mentions of using technology to mediate this or group experiences.

Thank you for the help!

#EmotionRegulation #Emotions #LGBT #QueerAffirmingCare #MentalHealth

#introduction: historian of science, medicine, and technology, writing a book about #emotions in the history of Japanese #robotics. Interested in #DesignBias, #ScientificTranslation #ImmigrantScientists.

Hobbies include #EdibleLandscaping #Cat training and #pumpkin carving.

#histsci #histodons #histstm

Taylor Brooks
10 months ago

A second #introduction post as I have just switched to another server. I first joined Mastodon on 31 October 2022 and all I can say is: ahhh, it is so cosy here. :mastodonworld:

I am a quiet sort, but friendly. Hoping that counts. ☺️ I'm a #PhD student in the UK studying #Immigration, #MoralPanics, #Discourse, #Racism, and #Emotions.

About Me: She/Her; #LGBTQ. I try to learn a little something new everyday that has absolutely nothing to do with the PhD.

My last work: Constraint Satisfaction and Recirculation Neural Networks Framework.
Example of training and testing session applied to clinical data for the exploration of complex relationship between emotional's pattern and cognitive style.
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