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"Kellogg's Froot Loops is catching heat from the anti-woke crowd for its latest move. … The brand is running a promotion on Canadian boxes that links kids to a free digital library … about diversity and inclusion.

The website spills the beans, saying the library was cooked up with the help of BGC Canada and Kids Can Press. They wanted families to dive into topics like kindness, acceptance, and cultural inclusivity."

Adrian Segar
2 days ago

Why do you go to conferences? Spider Robinson said, "Shared pain is lessened; shared joy is increased; thus do we refute entropy."

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Shared pain is lessened: a black and white photograph of two people in conversation sitting and looking at each other over a cafe table.
2 days ago

The world needs more empathy -- here is how science can harness it #AnimalRights #empathy

N Jay Sorensen
2 days ago

🚀 Effective leadership is key to organizational success! 🎯 Embrace #Innovation, #Empathy, and #Resilience to lead effectively. #LeadershipMatters #BusinessGrowth 🌟💼📈 Connect, inspire, and thrive! 🌐💡💪 #LeadershipGoals #ProfessionalDevelopment

2 days ago

Scientists have created tiny living robots from human cells that can move around in a lab dish and […] have dubbed these creations anthrobots

#anthrobot #covid19 #empathy #human #robots #slapmybot

3 days ago

Stalin never said "one death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic". Or if he did, he was quoting a French satirist.

It embodies several fundamental truths about people's (especially neurotypicals' in my opinion) psychological defense mechanisms, the limits of empathy, and our inability to deal with big problems, so I'm glad that I can use it in future, though I'll need to link to the article.

Dubious source but confirmed with Wikipedia here:,of%20millions%20is%20a%20statistic.

Thanks @DavidCorn for the quote in this article re Kissinger's death:

Relevant to a long discussion I had on #empathy a while back.

Eka A.
4 days ago

An absolute must watch. It's about why social media mucks things up, and how you can fight it. #SocialMedia #Psychology #FilterBubble #Internet #Empathy #SocialStructures

5 days ago
Compassion’s COMPASS
5 days ago

Fortune: How we lost the ability to evaluate two seemingly #contradicting facts at the same time–and why it could mean the end of #empathy


Forever classic and classy
❤️ #empathy #audreyhepburn

spoon state
6 days ago

@scientist intelligence has many facets, so consider the inverse.

many ways to be smart = many ways to be stupid, and we are all lovely snowflakes (not in the right-wing insulting way), no two of us alike 😂

and not caring can mean someone is a literal or #functionalsociopath (like CEOs driven to adopt narcissistic/psychopathic traits to win their capitalism game).

if researchers estimate 1 out 30 of us is a psycho/sociopath, and another handful choose to act like one…

basically, they are everywhere, and our culture encourages us to see them as positive examples of success, so follow their lead.

for most of us though, we like having #empathy, so there’s hope in teaching people how to care more

1 week ago

If you haven’t seen this ad already, you really should. And if you don’t smile and maybe shed a wee tear - you are made of stone. What a story behind the ad too! #compassion #kindness #empathy #christmas

Mark Wyner :vm:
1 week ago

This is ADHD. I feel so seen by this. To hear/read these words helps me feel a little less shame, guilt, and anxiety.

Please be kind. Neurodivergence is mostly invisible. You don’t know the struggles some people are facing every day.


#ADHD #Neurodivergence #Neurodiversity #Kindness #Compassion #Empathy

A gravel path leading into a small forest. Designed transcriptions are overlaying the video as they are spoken.
Triple5Light Therapy
1 week ago

Don't Look too Closely!: #OletaAdams #Dontlooktooclosely #Vulnerability #Empathy #Honesty #Truth

Don't ask, if you really don't want to know

Don't say you will, if your heart keeps saying you won't

Don't try, if you really don't want to go

All the way, to the end of the road

Don't look too closely

Or you will see

Part of my secrets

Coming out in me #Dontlooktooclosely #Empathy #Honesty #OletaAdams #Truth

1 week ago

We R conditioned 2 overlook destructive impact of human conflicts on nature, biodiversity. Our world has witnessed lack of #empathy as concerns 4 sustainability & protection of #wildlife R forgotten in times of #war. #Animal #casualties R considered collateral damage whether result of abandonment, euthanization of domesticated animals or poaching. #IllegalWildlifeTrade, destruction of #habitat of #wildanimals need robust int law 2 protect animals during armed conflict

1 week ago

ICYMI: First Contact and the Theory of Monetized Empathy

"Given the reality of economic inequality and humanity’s refusal to [abolish] currency, we are left with the reality that we would be seen under this gaze. I am not saying there is not a healthy place for idealism in our collective cultures, but there is a difference between idealism and deluding ourselves."

What You Need to Know about #SpaceEthics

#FirstContact #capitalism #empathy

Dave Spector
1 week ago
2 weeks ago

#songoftheday is a catchy #NEWSONG for #PEACE song - as if #TheBangles would meet #JoanJet – comes from a pair of ukrainian ladies living in #london: #BloomTwins

They write

"With our song we urge the world to stand with us.(...) and


A COOL 2023 #PEACESONG for all the conflicts out there. Put it on rotation

#WEAIDfamily #humanitarian #inspire #motivate #kindness #empathy #quoteoftheday #JukeboxFridayNight #fridaymusic #radio #goodnews

Stoicminds Channel
2 weeks ago

Stoicism and Empathy: Balancing Detachment with Compassion Revisited #stoic #stoicism #empathy #resilience #mindfulness

lucie digitální
2 weeks ago

One of the senior executives in my organisation has just returned from three weeks in Italy and, in an all-staff email, is telling people how wonderful Venice is to visit.

Such a thoughtful message for those struggling with ever-increasing mortgage payments


2 weeks ago

What OpenAI and ChatGPT Tell Us About Future of AI We can't afford to roll the dice as we pivot to a higher level of humanity. #artificialintelligence #openai #samaltman #empathy

A hand struggling to rise above the water - What OpenAI and ChatGPT Tell Us About AI's Future
2 weeks ago

𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐢𝐬 𝐄𝐦𝐩𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐲 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐍𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐢𝐬𝐬𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐏𝐞𝐨𝐩𝐥𝐞|𝐏𝐚𝐮𝐥 𝐂𝐨𝐧𝐭𝐢

💡⚡Meet Cicero, your AI-powered Knowledge Curator. Create Personalized Newsletters, Feeds, and Synthesis from hundreds of sources on anything -

Know more about Narcissism, Sociopathy, Envy, and the Nature of Good and Evil with Paul Conti and Lex Fridman

#Narcissism #Empathy #Cicero #Curator #Knowledge #CiceroLearn

PSA: Before richsplaining to poor folk how good they got it, please go volunteer serving poor people in your community.

Bonus project goal: Spend some time listening to their stories

WARNING: May lead to anarchist tendencies

#Empathy #Service #Poverty

kiq / キク
2 weeks ago

#empathy #エンパシー” / “EMPATHY - PSYCHO JUMP @ リンクス梅田 2023/11/23” (1 user) #fancam #idol #アイドル #YouTube

Aaron Huslage
2 weeks ago

I will not apologize for my empathy.

My love for the Jewish people does not preclude my love for Palestinian people. I can dislike the leaders of these groups and still love the people of these groups. One group does not need to cease to exist in order for the other to continue to exist.

Embody love and #empathy. Help your fellow humans.

Do not lose your humanity. Free #Palestine. Stop the #Apartheid and #Genocide.

2 weeks ago

@RadicalAnthro "Values of #collectiveness, #empathy and #spirituality are rarely part of the discussion in the global #climate debate. They are hard to quantify, which means policymakers and economists discount or ignore them. According to Francy, this is where 'white' #capitalist society has gone wrong..."
#Capitalism #ClimateCrisis #CorporateColonialism #IndigenousPeoples

Sociological Focus
2 weeks ago

As part of our Special Issue on Teaching, Colleen E. Wynn, Elizabeth Ziff, and Allison H. Snyder offer an exploration of #empathy in faculty #teaching practices.

#sociology #newresearch #pedagogy #learning

2 weeks ago

I'm procrastinating for a good cause (not waking up my child by doing dishes and food prep stuff) so, in the meantime, a two part question poll:

How much do you read (fiction or nonfiction) and do you feel as though reading improves your ability to take perspectives and have empathy for others?

I'm really interested in hearing your replies, since I can only do four choices and of course I feel like there is infinite variation in both amount of reading and also the degree by which people feel as though this does or doesn't alter their brain.

#Reading #Empathy #Meditations #Bookworm #ReadingPoll

2 weeks ago

There's a lot to unpack about MS Project... starting with the cutesy Manhattan Project graphic they've chosen to greet you the first time you open it. So #empathy, much #delight, wow.


Grayscale illustration of a man in a suit looking through green binoculars at the "camera."

Text underneath reads:
Welcome to Project. Looks like you don't have a license to create projects or roadmaps, but you can view those shared with you. To get a license, contact your Microsoft 365 admin.
David Wakeham
2 weeks ago

Suicidal Ideation A 🧵

I’ve suffered suicidal ideation for most of my adult life. It obviously stems from my childhood abuse and was reinvigorated following my motor vehicle accident.

Other examples are episodes of heightened trauma after my Millie was murdered, during my PhD etc.


#MentalHealthAwareness #ChildhoodAbuse #SexualAbuse #PhysicalAbuse #PsychologicalAbuse #Trauma #Compassion #Empathy #PersonalStory #MentalHealthMatters #SuicideIdeation #SuicidePrevention

Image of sad female. Above her head are multiple thought bubbles depicting different modes of suicide.
Martin Nutty
2 weeks ago

One of the better commencement speeches you will see.

J. B. Pritzker, Governor of #Illinois, provides guidelines on how to spot idiots along with thoughts on cruelty, #kindness, #compassion, and #empathy

Good advice for all no matter what stage of life


Clay Rivers
2 weeks ago

💛 “Losing a White Friend Due to His Racism”

What do you do when they cross the line?

–William Spivey


#Conversation #Racism #Empathy

3 weeks ago

In #JesseWatters' world, the #homeless aren't #victims of circumstance, but architects of their own downfall, undeserving of #empathy or assistance. It's a narrative that's as convenient as it is #cruel, absolving society of any responsibility to address the issue while scapegoating those who are most affected by it.

By peddling this kind of #fearmongering, #Watters isn't just being cruelly #antisocial; he's actively contributing to the problem.

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Well-meaning white people who truly want to understand and be allies need to internalize this message, shared by #LilyGladstone, on the idea of #assimilation and what that word always means to those of us who aren't white in white-majority situations of every kind.

"This is actually a really oppressive concept for us. We have to put something of ourselves away in order to belong."


#empathy #think


Celine warns of Idiocracy
3 weeks ago

Try to forget their reaction. They don't know anything about your troubles. They cannot understand what you're going through, and might not even understand it, if they walked a mile in your shoes.

They miss #empathy ლ⁠(⁠・⁠﹏⁠・⁠ლ⁠) and they're probably not even interested in learning more about this important subject.

By the way: I think you're awesome! Getting help is a broad step in the right direction. (⁠ ⁠T⁠_⁠T⁠)⁠\⁠(⁠^⁠-⁠^⁠ ⁠)

Clay Rivers
3 weeks ago

💛 “Losing a White Friend Due to His Racism”

What do you do when they cross the line?
–William Spivey


#Conversation #Racism #Empathy

Eric the Flerken Ailurophile
3 weeks ago

There is a huge filter between my mouth and the ears of peoples ears who are hyper-empathetic for one side in the Israeli Palestinian conflict. So, if I say, “It’s wrong to kidnap toddlers,” some of my friends hear, “I don’t care about the Palestinian children being killed.“ And if I say, “Stop the bombing, you’re killing children,“ some of my other friends hear, “I don’t care about the Israeli children.“ I wish I could get rid of this filter.
#conflict #middleeast #war #empathy #love

4 weeks ago

#KarimKhan, chief prosecutor at the #ICC:

»we must reject desensitisation. We cannot allow ourselves to be anaesthetised to this level of anguish. We must always remember that those we see pulled from the rubble, those awaiting news of family members abducted or killed, are the same as us. We should approach their plight with the same sense of #urgency, #empathy and #compassion that we would if they were our own children, parents, friends or loved ones«

#Gaza #Israel

Will Moore 🎉
4 weeks ago

Empathy is cool #kindness #empathy

4 weeks ago

According to a study in the “Journal of Neuroscience Research”, people who regularly smoke weed are more capable of sensing others’ feelings.
#Weed #Cannabis #MARIJUANA #Science #Empathy

Pauline von Hellermann
1 month ago

Worrying about #Normalisation just now. Not the rapprochement btw Israel and Arab countries but the normalisation of suffering and ongoing problems; that the longer the Gaza bombing goes on, the more “normal” it becomes and the less attention the world pays (as with other ongoing conflicts). Same with #ClimateEmergency - we are quickly getting used to all the catastrophic news. So important to tell #HumanStories, to keep #Humanism and #Empathy for everyone alive, in all of us

1 month ago



Is there anybody there?


New on here so flailing around in the dark a bit.


What to do.

What to do.

Fuck it…I’ll just jump in the deep end and see what happens.

Introductions are always a good thing. They make it personal and that’s what it should be.

Not sure if they’re a thing on here but maybe they ought be - we might be kinder to each other.

So here goes.

Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start.

I’m the Bee Guy - the founder of the first and only true native wild bee sanctuary on the planet - The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland.

A not for profit social enterprise 24/7 365 advocating for native wild bees. Not about honey bees - they’re fine. Only on here for the #bees and the #planet. Heart on my sleeve, head in the stars, feet in a muddy puddle. Big plans. Need your support. Thoughtful brave disruption.

Language matters. As a species we’re more fucked than we can imagine so we need to imagine better.

We need to fight for the good things but we need to have fun in that fight.

You won’t find me with the usual enviro talking heads. They don’t get it. (I think I scare them).

So let’s save it all and have a fucking blast along the way.

We don’t need PowerPoint presentations we need #action. We don’t need #people that read off Powerpoint presentations we need people that read the room.

But above all we need #transparency, #empathy and #love for all #creatures.

Don’t do personal stuff on here really. Live for my kids/family. Don’t use my name simply because I don’t like it much. Socially awkward but I’ll wax lyrical forever for the planet. Not an expert. Don’t want to be. With what I know I drink to sleep.

That’s it.

For now.

Nice to meet you.

Have the best day you can.

Go #gentle.

‘I get knocked down, but I get up again

You are never gonna keep me down..’

P.S. The Bee Sanctuary of Ireland is the only certified #vegan #organic land in #Ireland.

Black and white image of myself The Bee Guy, seated, head leaning against left hand eyes down.
Black and white image of a bumblebee bum as the bee forages on a flower.
Compassion’s COMPASS
1 month ago

“All the new doctors in training should be mandated to read your book! It should be in every medical school…”
John Tedeschi MD.
#compassion #empathy #mentalhealth #training #insight

Michael Labowicz
1 month ago

This quote has stuck with me, ever since I first saw it. Good to keep in mind #empathy #bekind #quotes

Picture w/ Robin Williams, quote says "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always."
Cindy Weinstein
1 month ago

One more reason -- and an extremely important one at that -- NOT to change the clocks! It's so hard on people with #dementia, especially those who experience #Sundowning, and their #caregivers. November is #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth and #NationalFamilyCaregiversMonth. Let's do better by this community -- 6.7 million and counting -- that already has so many challenges.


Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

Do you believe that prioritizing kindness, respect, and empathy get in the way of progress?

If so…who hurt you, bro?

#kindness #empathy #respect #FirstPrinciples #ProductManagement

Intel-Graphy \ - v - /
1 month ago

It's cruel and ironic that the vast majority of humanity are very interconnected with the #internet and IT devices, yet we are so apart from each other because the same network is depriving us of authentic information and identity, as well as preventing us to have #empathy and critical thinking skills. #SocialMedia #Politics

Cindy Weinstein
1 month ago

November is #NationalCaregiver'sMonth. If you have time to read (or listen to) one #book that magnificently, painfully, and honestly shares the challenges of #caregiving, the complex workings of a #brain with #dementia, and the sheer power of #empathy, read #DashaKiper's #TravelersToUnimaginableLands. You will also learn how #Melville's #Bartleby, #Beckett's #Godot, #Kafka's #Metaphomorphosis, and other works of #literature help us understand #Alzheimer's.

Dasha Kiper, Travelers to Unimaginable Lands: Stories of Dementia, The Caregiver, and the Human Brain.
1 month ago

my #SengokuRance article is done and it's #PASSWORD #PROTECTED so if you want to read it, pm me and I'll give you the password. it is challenging and not in a "hehe im so smart" kinda way but a "what the f^&k" kinda way with a cynical mix of humor and #RealSeriousStuff

#ComputerGames #RADICAL #EMPATHY

Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 month ago

#Empathy is a full-body experience you practice, not just something you think.

“I do not ask the wounded person how he feels, I myself become the wounded person.”
- Walt Whitman

BLK News Now!
1 month ago

#Maine Rep. Jared Golden says #Lewiston (his hometown) mass shooting changed his mind on assault weapons ban. Why do people have to die for politicians to "change" their minds? Why does it have to happen in your backyard for you to care? He's a "#Democrat" by the way. If U.S. politicians had as much #empathy as this country has ammunition, the world wouldn't be short of 18 innocent people.

S. Sanchez
1 month ago

I made this tiktok about the family of the dead Israeli settlers talking about how they don't want revenge in their name and it appears to have been shadowbanned, getting no views after a day of heavy engagement with my videos.
#FreePalestine #Gaza #WestBank #Palestine #ActuallyAutistic #autistic #empathy #justice #environment #ClimateChange @palestine

Update: New version

S. Sanchez
1 month ago

I've not seen a lot of coverage of victims in Israel being promoted by the occupational Israeli government and this article about families of those victims seems to indicate why.
#FreePalestine #Gaza #WestBank #Palestine #ActuallyAutistic #autistic #empathy #justice #environment #ClimateChange @palestine #israel

Update: I made a tiktok about this that appears to be shadowbanned

Michael Marten
2 months ago

It is perfectly possible to hold all the following:
- abhorrence for what #Hamas has done this week AND abhorrence at what #Israel is doing to #Gaza and other occupied territories now
- understanding of what has driven many #Palestinians to despair so that some think violence is the only way to be heard (few people were listening until this week) AND understanding of #Israeli gut reactions for mindless vengeance
- a desire to see the norms of international law enforced consistently in terms of the illegal Israeli occupation of #Palestinian lands AND a desire to see the norms of international law enforced consistently for the targeting of civilians
- even as a pacifist, recognising that all oppressed people such as the Palestinians have the right under international law as agreed by the UN to engage in armed resistance AND denouncing the murder of civilians as not being compatible with this right
- holding Israel #accountable through international judicial processes for its decades-long oppression and subjugation of #Palestine AND holding Hamas accountable through international judicial processes for its actions in murdering civilians.

Being able to hold such dual positions is a function of human #empathy, and we should try not to lose sight of it, especially when times are hard.

Molly Glass, an ASL consultant who is also deaf, wrote a really insightful post on LinkedIn about her lived experience. It was moving and edifying, and I encourage y’all to give it a read. Specifically if you want to amplify your empathy for the deaf community.

#Accessibility #A11y #Deaf #Disabilities #Empathy #ASL

Large type over four signing emoji of various genders and ethnicities that reads: a day in the life of a deaf child.
Andra Zaharia
2 months ago

Why do we need to talk about #empathy when there are so many problems to solve in #cybersecurity? 👉 If you've seen me champion empathy around here (and other corners of the web), it's because it plugs into 3 of our essential human needs:

💜 CONNECTION: we all need an emotional bond with someone who pays attention to us and cares about us to maintain our mental (and physical) health. We also need to be part of a community to develop and thrive. Empathy provides that.

💜 VALIDATION: to see someone else recognize our emotions and experiences as valid (and valuable) is essential to feel accepted and seen and/or heard. Knowing we're not the only ones to experience confusion, fear, doubt, and many other perfectly human emotions helps us understand, process, and overcome these blockers.

💜 SAFETY: empathy helps us feel safe enough to persevere in spite of our perceived misgivings. It provides an emotional safety net that gives us the courage to experiment, to trust (ourselves and others), to hope, and to dream.

You can choose to see empathy as a buzzword or dig deeper into its layers to discover the practical, palpable benefits you can draw from it.

What will you choose?

PS: The new #CyberEmpathy #podcast season starts tomorrow! :does a tiny happy dance:

David Roessli
3 months ago

One of the reasons I love attending @smashingconf so much is that people are always at the center of the talks and topics #empathy #humble

Tiffaney MB
3 months ago

Don’t allow the stress of thinking about the days ahead to steal your present peace.

One breath at a time.

One thought at a time.

One day at a time.

Peace. ❤️

#SelfLove #SelfAwareness #SelfCare #YouMatter #Anxiety #Depression #Beauty #Empathy #Boundaries #HumanRights #Creativity #Coach #BlackMastodon #LifeCoach #RadicalSelfCare #Community #SelfWorth #Trauma #MentalHealth #Love #Peace #Panic #Breathe #Loneliness #Love #Voice #Purpose #Destiny #Stress #MentalHealth #Thoughts

The Bee Guy
4 months ago

Hope this provides a little bit of insight and creates a little more #empathy towards these wonderful creatures.

Thanks for reading.

Please share to spread further the knowledge.

And please do still dream of sleeping in #flowers.

Have a great one!

#bees #bumblebees #beesanctuaryireland
#vegan #organic #nature

Pollen covered bumblebee sits on a pink Musk Mallow flower petal.
4 months ago

@untemperedsteel @autism101 @actuallyautistic
"Empathy deficit" is one of the most insidious myths about #autistic people. It arose from misinterpretations of limited clinical observations. #empathy

David Gray-Hammond
4 months ago

I'm interested to see if this is a thing.

I'm AuDHD and experience such intense empathy that if I see someone else injure themselves, I feel it to.

Like, I only have to think about someone else hurting themselves and it's like I can feel it.

Does this happen to any of you?

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @actuallyadhd
#empathy #actuallyautistic #neurokin #adhd #autism #pain #empathy #neurodiversity #autistic #audhder #audhd #neurodivergent #adhder

Text reads "Any other Autistic people so empathetic that they can feel other people's injuries?"

My cousin’s child went around the neighborhood today to collect signatures for a document that reads as follows:

“The Declaration
I declare that fireworks can only happen on the 4th of July. The rest of the year NO. I declare peace! And all of the dogs in the neighborhood will bark all year if you do not sign this paper. Not to threaten you.”

No one corrupt him. He’s perfect.
#4thOfJuly #Empathy #Kids #Dogs #Nerd

"In January of the new year, the CDC records a weekly average of 3,662 deaths. I wonder: If all these people were millionaires, then would we still say we were over the pandemic? …

COVID has yielded the most stunningly pervasive gaslighting phenomenon in recent history. Willing and eager governments worldwide are abandoning citizens to a debilitating disease by one simple trick: saying it no longer exists."

~ Tithi Bhattacharya

#COVID #solidarity #empathy #capitalism

Jan :rust: :ferris:
5 months ago

We don't need more hard skills. We need more heart skills.

#Society #Human #Empathy #Skills #Corporate

Tim Chambers
5 months ago

More thoughts on this moment, & the #Meta and #Project92 debate...including three traits I think the moment calls for from both sides:

➡️ #humility
➡️ #empathy
➡️ #community ...

All three are needed now more than ever as we suss this out.

More here: 👇

cc: @fediversereport @fediversenews
@spreadmastodon @fediverseobserver

5 months ago

#PhilipKDick in his novel on which #BladeRunner is based writes about #empathy

Empathy in humans rather than other organisms

More of this rebellion, please. The corporate dollar isn’t threatened by giving “unsellable” food and expired products to folks in need. There’s always some “business reason” to throw things away, but that’s entirely apathetic. This is the way. Raise your fist and fight that shit. Leave the goods out. E someone who helps.

#Capitalism #Generosity #BuckTheSystem #Homeless #Houseless #Kindness #Empathy

Browning bananas, a box of cereal, two plastic-wrapped sandwiches, and some personal hygiene products stacked on a dumpster

in "The #Ethics of #CreativeAI" :

"It is important to view this chapter as a starting point for discussion about what kind of society Creative AI techniques will be creating, and, more importantly, what kind of society Creative AI practitioners want to create through their artistic practice and use of #AI tools."

by @CatherineFlick and Kyle Worrall

#honesty #humility #empathy #care #civility #flexibility #bias #ethicalAI #aiEthics #safety @ai #ethics @ethics #AIArt

6 months ago

1/20 There's something I haven't seen discussed online a lot. But it affects a lot of people, in negative ways that are not immediately obvious to the people around them.

I'm describing this to ask you to think about it a little, and, I hope, perhaps treat the affected with a little more #empathy once you understand.

I have to tell my own story to get into this, but it'll be short.

I have significant #hearing #loss.


🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
6 months ago

Unveiling the Complexity of Musical Taste: Subgenres and Preferences Explored - Neuroscience News
Researchers report personal musical preferences aren't just about genre, but also about sub-genres within those categories.

#MusicTaste #Psychology #Recognition #Empathy #SelfExpression #CulturalIdentity #SocialInteraction #MoodRegulation #Reinforcement


I'm not so sure that #Ai is capable of even mimicking #empathy, especially in relation to something so inherent to human experience like health/mental disorders.

Dave Rahardja
7 months ago

Here’s a thought experiment: If you had a small group of skilled mobile, desktop, server, and web front-end engineers who have access to time and money, and are eager to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE USING THEIR SKILLS (and not just spin up yet another exploitive startup) what would YOU have them do?

Be specific.

Assume cost is no object.

It’s time to stop bellyaching about how bad tech is, and start brainstorming about what good it can do.

Please repost for exposure.

#TechForGood #humaneInnovation #empathy #solidarity #humanity #FridayDevAdvice

Thank you to STAT News for having me on the First Opinion #podcast! I enjoyed talking with editor Torie Bosch about #AI & #empathy in #healthcare in the real world, & the intersection with #physician #burnout, understaffing, and lack of time

#MedMastodon check it out!