Sreedev Krishnakumar
6 hours ago

Signal App Head on Govt Threats to Break Encryption: ‘Privacy A Red Line, Would Rather Shut Down’

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16 hours ago

Anyone know the current status of the NZ government's plan to force tech companies to backdoor encryption, for access by law enforcement?

"This is big news, and is of direct relevance to Matrix as an end-to-end encrypted communication protocol whose core team is currently centred in the UK."

If we can defeat this - as we did with software patents - a lot of companies developing encryption might consider moving their flag to Aotearoa ...

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rmhrisk :verified:
1 day ago

The world needs standards-based and interoperable Certificate Lifecycle Management. The world needs ACME. #encryption #tls #standardds #opensource

2 days ago

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`A new competition focused on 'Psychedelic Cryptography' has awarded cash prizes to artists who made videos encoded with hidden messages that can be most easily deciphered by a person who is tripping on psychedelic substances, such as LSD, ayahuasca, or psilocybin mushrooms.`

2 days ago

Wer mir in der Post rumschnüffelt bekommte eine aufs Maul

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So einfach ist das. Da braucht es gar keine schissi Diskussion

Phoenix R&D
3 days ago

We align with the other CEOs in the messaging space to continue working on end-to-end encryption and privacy-preserving messaging technology.

In case you missed the conversation, you can watch the recording again at:

#RightsCon #E2EE #encryption #chatcontrol

Raphael Robert in a conversation with the CEOs from Signal, WhatsApp, Matrix, and Mallory Knodel.
3 days ago

ISOC-NY TV – Jun 7 – May 2023 NYC Mesh Org Meetup + Why Encryption Matters w/ Ryan Polk

On Wednesday June 7 2023 the ISOC-NY TV show features features the May NYC Mesh Org Meetup, which includes a 'State of the Mesh' report by Brian Hall, plus Ryan Polk of the Internet Society explains why, in the face of 'backdoor' legislation, encryption matters.

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3 days ago

'Human rights groups are concerned that bid to weaken #encrypted communications will harm dissenters in authoritarian regimes.'

'“You can imagine that once the #UK does away with #encryption, it will be easier for criminals and other governments alike to try to hack into platforms and private communications,” said Charles Mok, a former legislator in Hong Kong'

Helma 🤗
3 days ago

Just listened to the excellent talk of #RobinWilton at #TNC23, director of Internet Trust at the Internet Society (ISOC). We need more advocates like him for defending our security and democracy. I agree fully with his statement encryption provides for physical security.

End of June I will be talking about this very same topic at the annual @SURF Security & Privacy Conference in Utrecht (NL).

#Encryption #CSAM #ChatControl #CSS

Encryption is under threat. Governments ate passing anti-encryption laws, even if the label does not mention the word itself.
Rasheed Ahmed
3 days ago

@skiff open sourced their cryptographic library "including useful functions for symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, hashing, and more. Contributions and suggestions are welcome!"

#OpenSource #foss #npm #nodejs #e2ee #encryption #cryptography #ellipticcurvecryptography #ecc #emailencryption

Skiff logo like a round yummy doughnut with logos of their apps: Mail which looks like an envelope, Pages which looks like a page being turned, Drive which looks like a filing cabinet I think, and Calendar which looks like a calendar showing April 1st date!

„Sicherheit durch Verschlüsselung und Sicherheit trotz Verschlüsselung“? Sowas gibt es nicht! Das ewige sicherheitspolitische Mantra können wir ad acta legen, denn es gibt ein Grundrecht auf verschlüsselte digitale Kommunikation, das „digitale Briefgeheimnis“:!/Publikation/1481 #cybersecurity #encryption #crypto #verschlüsselung #republica #berlin

Helma 🤗
4 days ago

@cazencott @signalapp Same would be arguing closing the curtains at night makes you suspicious of stuff like that. It is utter BS, but they just want easy and cheap mass surveillance. That's all. Encryption is key for GDPR btw. Encryption make us all safe (also politicians).We need encryption for security purposes. #Encryption #Privacy #Security

Dan York
4 days ago

@profcarroll I also appreciate that aspect of Apple.

Yesterday watching the WWDC keynote, I joked with someone that if you had played a drinking game with a drink for every time an Apple presenter mentioned "encryption" (or "privacy"), you would have been quite drunk by the end! Pretty much EVERY presenter mentioned it at least once.

And this is great! Because it is such a major company talking up the positive value of #encryption and why it is needed for security and privacy.

Miguel Afonso Caetano
4 days ago

#France #Encryption #Privacy #Cybersecurity: "The emphasis put on encryption offers another advantage to the police narrative-building objective. It is used as an alibi to explain the lack of evidence of a supposed terrorist plot. The police thus justifies: the evidence exists, but it cannot be deciphered.

The Investigating Judge wrote that the reason why phone taps only provided “some useful information” is because of the “minimal use of these lines” in favour of “encrypted applications, in particular Signal”. This conclusion grossly ignores the fact that the analyses of tapped phone lines in fact show that almost all suspects make intensive use of SMS and traditional calls.

The same applies to the analysis of the digital seals, which did not lead to the evidence the police had hoped for. However, following the searches, the DGSI had access to all or part of six out of seven phones of the defendants, to five Signal accounts, to most of the digital devices seized and to the email and social network accounts of four of the defendants. Altogether, this represents thousands of gigabytes of personal data, conversations and documents. Entire lives at the disposal of intelligence services officers."

Em :official_verified:
5 days ago

Them 👉

“Do you use encrypted messaging (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, ProtonMail)? “

Me: Yes! Of course! Don’t you? 🤨

“For your personal data, do you use an encryption system? “

Me: Yes! Of course! Don’t you? 🤨

“Why do you use this kind of encryption and anonymization applications on the Internet?“

1. Because Privacy is a Human Right 🔒✨
2. To protect from thieves
3. To protect from stalkers
4. To protect from phishing
5. To keep my personal data away from surveillance capitalism

Why don’t YOU want to protect yourself from that? 🤨

#Privacy #EncryptionIsNotACrime #Encryption #E2EE #RootForE2EE 🎉 📚
5 days ago

The latest #Safari #browser version includes a number of useful improvements, including better #privacy controls, #encryption #features, and the ability to create "apps" from any web page.

Fab :verifiedpurple:
5 days ago

It's really interesting, and shows just how little some people know about technology. What's worrying the most, those people are General Directorate for Internal Security and Investigating Judge.

So, if you are, among other things :
- Using Signal or any application encrypting communication,
- Using ProtonMail or equivalent,
- Using VPN,
- Using LineageOS or /e/OS,
- possessing simple technical documentation,
- ...

You may have a terrorist behavior.

#infosec #encryption #cryptography

Em :official_verified:
5 days ago

“Why do you use Signal and all this Encryption!
Do you have anything to hide? 😡“

Yes! I do!

- The color of my underwear
- My friends’ cats photos
- My failed gym class grades
- My first attempt at "portrait"
- The outcome of my last meal
- The weird mole on my left toe
- How much I cried watching Star Trek
- How much cheese there is in my fridge
- My failed knitting experiment
- The horrible poem I just wrote
- My bank card pin number
- My social security number
- My main password
- The web search history for your birthday gift

Privacy is a Human Right! ✊

Not sharing publicly what you do not wish to share is your right! 🔒✨

#Privacy #Encryption #E2EE #RootForE2EE 🎉

5 days ago

Bon ben j'en connais un paquet, des terros, si on se base sur ces critères-là exclusivement...

**Affaire du 8 décembre : le chiffrement des communications assimilé à un comportement terroriste**

#LesCons #encryption #chiffrement

Interested in an exciting cloud project management position? We welcome spontaneous applications at (Resume, motivation letter, etc.)
#privacy #opensource #cloud #nextcloud #encryption #projectmanagement #remotejob

Computer literacy, #privacy hygiene, the use @signalapp and other #encryption tools: for the French prosecutor in the "8 December" case, all that points towards conspiracy and terrorism.

French #humanrights NGO @LaQuadrature denounces the criminalisation of digital practices at the heart of our day-to-day work and the manipulation to which they are subjected in this court case.

A frightening story about the slippery slope of #surveillance

Me : using signal as an every-day tool to communicate with my family and friends
The french authorities : think I'm a terrorist for not wanting people to spy on my private communications, them included.

🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔

Counting the days until having a "private life" becomes prohibited by law to prevent terrorism.

Prepare to remove your curtains, blinders, and so on everyone. If you use them, you obviously have something to hide and are probably planning an attack somewhere

#idiocracy #encryption #frenchpolice

🇬🇧 :

🇫🇷 :

Teri Radichel
6 days ago

Sorting Out The Risk of the Triangulation Exploit
Exploring iMessage attack paths and surface
by Teri Radichel | Jun 4, 2023
#triangulation #kaspersky #imessage #apple #encryption #malware

Impressive reminder to never take #encryption claims to face value by @crnkovic.

Robert Dalton
1 week ago

Proton has referral links now! They get a free month of Mail Plus, and you get a $5 credit if they signup after the first month. So if you never tried Proton, this is your sign!

#ProtonMail #Email #Encryption

1 week ago

"In a suburban Brisbane garage, young women decoded radio transmissions that changed the course of World War II. For the first time, their top-secret work on a panicked Japanese cable about a new type of weapon can be revealed." #WWII #WW2 #cryptography #encryption #decryption #CodeBreaking #Australia #history #ModernHistory #TypeX #military #signals

The Garage Girls and the secret war machine which uncovered Japanese secrets - ABC News

Picture of the intercepted message reporting the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to Japanese high command. The translated Hiroshima cable was declassified for the ABC document arty Breaking the Code: Cyber Secrets Revealed. (Supplied: Australian Signals Directorate)
1 week ago

Sad that some #FEMM MEPs who vigorously defended #EndToEndEncryption to guarantee women private & safe access to #ReproductiveHealthcare, are now attacking it by supporting #ChatControl (#CSAM reg).

When you break #encryption you break it for everyone.

Manish Vij
1 week ago

Same UK govt trying to kill #e2e #encryption is going to court to hide Boris’ Covid WhatsApps 👌🏽

2 weeks ago


IMO, the Surgeon General's scaremongering over kids and social media is part of an anti-encryption push by world authorities.

If the powers that be convince the public that social media harms kids, they can establish a system where internet users must identify themselves under the guise of proving they're not children.

#SurgeonGeneral #Kids #Children #SocialMedia #MentalHealth #Encryption

2 weeks ago

2/3 📢To ensure women's safety online, @europarl_en must protect #encryption.

Survivors rely on encryption to speak safely with gender-based violence service providers. 💬

Women rights defenders & journalists can do their vital work thanks to encryption.🖥️

Chris Gerhard :bt:
2 weeks ago

When the Government want to undermine private communications in the name of child protection, recall that they really don't care about child abuse. #onlinesafety #encryption

The Guardian view on the child sexual abuse inquiry: survivors deserve better

Garrit 🧳🇯🇵
2 weeks ago

I did a thing! ✨

Some people don't see the value of using a password manager and keep sharing their streaming service passwords with their friends and relatives *in plain text*.

This is an attempt to simplify the process of sending encrypted passwords for non-technical users, using local encryption with temporary #PGP keys.

I'd be happy about any feedback and suggestions. Also, feel free to share this with your friends and relatives!

#security #privacy #encryption

@me @BleepingComputer @mozilla @torproject because if there's one thing everyone from #BruceSchneier to the stupidest Windows-#Sysadmin will agree upon it's: "DON'T #TAMPER WITH #ENCRYPTION AND DON'T TRY TO BE "SMARTASS" UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACLTY WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

As shit like that get people understandably sussy...

Jim Parsons
2 weeks ago


Yes, sure, the internet is ‘open’ but as we’ve all experienced : quickly embraced by #SiliconValley #VC corporate interests who centralized & commercialized all human experiences and interactions it enabled.

Decentralized federated services is the right path and there’s ample device compute power in consumers hands but we need resilient Tech & Commercial models that easily blend / connect private (#E2EE #encryption) & public (open) spaces – otherwise we're fucked.


Glyn Moody
2 weeks ago
My Actual Brain
2 weeks ago

I have been waiting for Proton to have a desktop client for ProtonDrive before I subscribe. I wonder who else is waiting for this to subscribe.

#Proton #ProtonDrive #Privacy #Linux #security #Encryption

Avoid The Hack!
2 weeks ago

From Proton : Introducing the Proton #Family plan

- single subscription
- up to 6 users
- 3 TB storage
- All Proton services w/ paid features @protonmail @ProtonDrive @ProtonCalendar @protonvpn

You can put your family on to better #privacy !

#privacymatters #encryption #cybersecurity AFAIK re: the #ActivityPub protocol, what we can direct messaging thanks to birdsite language is really just a one-to-one post. Even if #Mastodon established #E2EE #encryption over AP, it's unlikely to federate well at this stage. Perhaps better to keep #Matrix as the #Fediverse go-to for that?

2 weeks ago

It's not possible to protect children by banning their privacy, breaking #encryption or putting a backdoor into online services, which realistically, can be exploited by anyone. That is not protection, it's the opposite.

#onlinesafetybill #uk #cognitivedissonance #infosec

Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

Unbelievable double-think happening here. The UK government is going full-throttle in its war on encryption, with the Online Safety Bill the vanguard in exposing the security of everyone's device.

Encryption protects us from cyber-criminals, keeps our messages private, and stops governments and corporations from spying on us. It is online safety for kids and everyone.

✍️ Sign our petition to save encryption:

#e2ee #encryption #ukpolitics

James Baker
2 weeks ago

The UK Government is about to launch an advertising campaign to undermine the end-to-end security of your family's DMs. E2EE helps to ensure when you share a picture of your children, a paedophile or criminal isn't snooping on that image. #encryption #privacy

Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

Will client-side scanning impact UK’s international reputation?

Ciaran Martin: it’s an unhappy situation. UK could take reputational hit for introducing it in law but then never actually use it. The language of the debate is toxic. We should stop shouting at each other and get around a table.

ORG's Policy Manager, Dr Monica Horten agrees, there needs to be a grown up debate about client-side scanning and other proactive measures in the #OnlineSafetyBill.

#e2ee #encryption #ukpolitics

Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

@Mer__edith : no evidence that mass surveillance is a solution to the problems raised by those who want #e2ee chats scanned.

Ciaran Martin: client-side scanning technology may used by others who have no interest in protecting children, eg an authoritarian regime.

#e2ee #encryption #onlinesafetybill #ukpolitics

Open Rights Group
2 weeks ago

Client-side scanning of private chat messages was top of the Today programme political debate this morning with @Mer__edith and Ciaran Martin, former Head of the National Cyber Security Centre.

Client-side scanning is a technology that intercepts and checks chat messages on mobile phones before being encrypted.

@Mer__edith: these are mass surveillance measures that operate at scale. The government has used sleight of hand to put them in.

#e2ee #encryption #onlinesafetybill #ukpolitics

Anna Nicholson
3 weeks ago

@mattburgess @FuchsiaShock Aside from violating the privacy rights of EU citizens, wouldn’t banning end-to-end encryption spell the end for online retail (bye bye Amazon), online banking, contactless payments (in fact, any payments other than physical cash), secure access to medical records, secure access to government records concerning citizens etc. etc.?

Or do they just mean that end-to-end encryption should only be legal for transactions where one or both parties are government agencies or big corporations?

The whole thing seems either ridiculously ill-conceived or a massive threat to democracy or both 🤦🏻‍♀️

#encryption #EuropeanUnion #privacy

Kushal Das :python: :tor:
3 weeks ago

As @warthog9 said: #OpenPGP ends up making up the backbone of the supply chain security whether we like it or not.

#encryption #security #privacy

Proton Mail
3 weeks ago

Introducing the new Proton Family plan! Protect the privacy of your loved ones with end-to-end #encryption.
✅ Up to 6 members
✅ 3 TB shared storage
✅ Access to all premium services,
✅ Coming soon: #ProtonPass

Starts at $19.99/month

Matt Burgess
3 weeks ago

The attack on encryption in Europe is very real. We obtained a leaked document from the EU showing Spanish officials want to ban end-to-end encryption.

Beyond this, the document shows the views of 20 countries on encryption, and how it relates to a controversial proposed law that would allow companies to scan people's chats to hunt for child sexual abuse material.

The majority said they are in favour of some form of scanning of encrypted messages.

The document also reveals that a lot of countries don't appear to know how end-to-end encryption works, with many proposals being technically infeasible.

#tech #encryption #chatcontrol #news #technology #privacy

3 weeks ago

1/5 🚨WIRED leak shows that Spain, Cyprus & Hungary want to use the #CSAR law to push for illegal #surveillance.

Contrary to what the European Commission says, the intention is to allow the police to break into people's private digital life.

📺 #Encryption is vital for creating safe spaces, especially in insecure situations:

Jan Penfrat
3 weeks ago

"It would be desirable to legislatively prevent EU-based service providers from implementing end-to-end #encryption."

🇪🇸 #Spain is going full-on #authoritarian and doesn't even bother to hide it in nice language. 😡

If you're from/in Spain, your time to protest is now.

#e2ee #privacy #HumanRights #digitalrights

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

What is this concerted effort by the EU? Stupid. That's what it is. #news

In a leaked EU document detailing 20 countries' opinions on a proposal to scan people's private messages for illegal material, which WIRED obtained, officials from Spain said they would like to ban end-to-end encryption in the EU. "It is imperative that we have access to the data," they wrote.

#Europe #encryption

IT News
3 weeks ago

Leaked Government Document Shows Spain Wants To Ban End-to-End Encryption - An anonymous reader quotes a report from Wired: Spain has advocated banning encryp... - #encryption

With Apple’s Advanced Data Protection enabled, your backups and many other files will get the benefit of end-to-end #encryption, better securing them against government requests, rogue Apple employees, or potential data leaks.

Tutanota ✅
3 weeks ago

Journalists, whistleblowers, activists - they all risk their lives to make the truth public.

Let's fight for the right to #privacy and #pressfreedom.

Together with #Threema, #Tor #FightfortheFuture and others we call on policymakers to not undermine #encryption.

We ALL depend on encryption for #security and #privacy! 💪🔒

Read more:

"Every time you use encryption, you’re protecting someone who needs to use it to stay alive." Bruce Schneier
Damon Outlaw
4 weeks ago

If you are looking to break away from #google then I highly recommend #privacy #encryption

J. M. Guhlin
4 weeks ago

Need to clean, protect, and back up your digital files? Learn some tips and tools for digital spring cleaning. Get started now! #tceajmg #edtech #education #encryption #backup

A chalkboard with words, Spring Cleaning, written on it

#DontScanMe! The Tory’s Snoopers Charter is back, and its even worse this time round.

Lobby a Lord today to protect your privacy from the Conservative’s planned surveillance state:

#Privacy #Encryption #SnoopersCharter

:fediverse: Dear Lazyverse,

:debian: 🔒 I'm helping somebody set up Debian on their daily driver and would like to get their storage encrypted. I know about reencrypt from cryptsetup; but does anyone know of a good tutorial to make sure it's done completely/thoroughly/correctly?

#Debian #Linux #encryption #infosec

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 month ago

"I'm not going to discuss this with you unencrypted," needs to become a normal part of our modern vocabulary.

#privacy #safety #encryption

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 month ago

The number of people for whom #encryption and #privacy will be a matter of life or death is increasing and this trend will only continue to intensify.

For the sake of your #safety and that of your loved ones, please prepare now.

This needs to be a pervasive conversation people keep hearing from every direction so they realise this is real and not some paranoid nerds just being weird.

Start refusing to discuss sensitive topics through insecure means. Don't allow people to endanger themselves.

1 month ago

People with wombs. REMINDER
Get an encoded email address for online medical reports.and don't send them to your work address.

Now that pregnancy termination is a criminal offense, be careful of written info showing you were pregnant, especially electronic.

#encryption #pregnancy #woman

John Scott-Railton ☕
1 month ago

Spate of spurious claims about #encrypted messaging apps lately.

Unless they come with receipts, don't amplify.

Realtalk: People panicking & switching to a less safe app = godsend to intelligence services like Russia.

Don't get played.

#encryption #e2ee #security #privacy #cybersecurity

Some BS about signal
Em :official_verified:
1 month ago

Everyone has a
fundamental right to communicate without being observed by an undesired third-party.

This was the norm before. It needs to become the norm again.

Privacy is a Human Right.

End-to-end encryption enforces this right  🔒✨

#RootForE2EE #E2EE #Encryption #Privacy

Bill Lamb
1 month ago

Idle Thought: The #Birdsite is apparently busy (with so few people now they have to be) cranking out new encrypted services.

So, a warning: Do NOT trust Musk's Birdsite with anything to do with encryption, privacy, or security.

Do NOT trust him with your data or your personal information.

Do NOT trust him ... well, at all. About anything. Treat him like you would Trump, his hero.

#encryption #privacy #security