IoT is the grey goo
3 hours ago

🤡​ "Users can't handle domain names" 🤡​

This argument is used to leave https domain spelling checks out of user security guides.

This argument is also used to say #fediverse is too complicated.

This argument is elitist bunk and will contribute to #enshittification.

9 hours ago

A joke.

YouTube wants me to turn on my history, no doubt so the algorithm can push outrage material at me for the sake of engagement. To do this, any time I go to YouTube it gives me this nag screen.

The punchline to the joke is this: YouTube already defaults me to a blended Home Screen with subscriptions and strangers, to trick me into watching push ads.

It has never just sent me to my subscriptions.YouTube's nag screen is now in the way of their nag action.

Shit #enshittification

An screen shot of a nag screen from YouTube that appears instead of a helpful list of videos. YouTube is not interested in my refusal. 

The nag screen says:

Your watch history is off
You can change your setting at any time to get the latest videos tailored to you. Learn more
Greg Hills
9 hours ago

Why, Microsoft, why?

I use OneDrive as a convenient way to get stuff from one device to another, but I set all "Backup" options to off. I maintain my own backups, on local drives.

However, Microsoft really, REALLY wants people to use OneDrive to back stuff up. So they insert "Start Back up" at the start of the path to hard linked folders such as "Pictures", where it is easy to click by accident.

Minor, but very annoying.

#Microsoft #OneDrive #Backup #enshittification

A screenshot of my laptop "Pictures" folder's address bar and OneDrive settings, showing that despite all backup options being "off", OneDrive is still forcing a "Start Back up" [to OneDrive] onto the start of the folder address, where it is easy to click by accident.

@nytpu I think that's really sad to see, because #piracy isn't a solution to the #Enshittification of #CCSS and the #greed of companies like #Adobe who decided to axe any #OneTimePurchase #licensing when they were forced to accept their customers' right to sell #UsedSoftwareLicenses...

I'm really disappointed about him, because #FLOSS does solve the issue...

I had just been saying that the enshittification of everything lead me to believe we'd all move away from Discord sometime within the next five years - and then, as if to punctuate my point, Discord releases this new update this week...


Brian Pierce MD
12 hours ago

20+ year PCP here- #primarycare has been going down the drain (#enshittification) long before #amazon got involved so (so far) they are more of a symptom than cause.
Plenty of good articles in past few years explaining it but #healthinsurers AND #medicare and #medicaid are big drivers of this so don't kid yourself that nationalizing it will be any better.

elle mundy
14 hours ago

since amazon bought one medical:
- my pcp quit
- the next pcp i chose quit before my first appointment
- can’t get a prescription sent to the right pharmacy


Aparentemente, en Deezer también han elegido el camino de la violencia. #enshittification #cookies

Captura de pantalla de la web de Deezer donde indica que "para acceder al servicio gratuito debes aceptar las cookies publicitarias", con un botón de "aceptar" y otro de "suscribirse".
Your Autistic Life
23 hours ago

"Inside Feeld's disaster of a rebrand"

The article says that according to an employee of Feeld it's been a "complete shitshow."

I also learn from this article that they fired their customer service team three months ago to replace them with outsourcing.

I've reported three bugs to Feeld and can confirm that the canned responses that don't address my problem are what I got back.


This is #enshittification. The bottom line had to be improved, so corners were cut, and now they pay for it.


#dating #DatingApp #software #SoftwareTesting #bugs #idiots #AlternativeSexuality #BDSM #queer #Mashable #shitshow

Sean Boyer
1 day ago

@tantramar If I'm ever in a situation where I need to get super psyched up angry, to like punch down a wall to save a baby or something... I'll remember the endless repeat ads and that damned phrase.

For over 2 years I was happy to pay for premium to make it go away. Then when #enshittification came to town in a big way, I got out and de-googled entirely - I used a LOT of different google services.

Quinn Comendant
1 day ago

@zhenyi OMFG that’s really aggressive!


Ride Theory
1 day ago

Well, as sure as hell I'm not getting rid of my ad blockers, so I guess it's NO MORE YOUTUBE FOR ME! #enshittification

Keith Ammann
2 days ago

Today's distraction that I don't need: #iTunes is giving me grief about playing songs I bought with an e-mail address I don't use anymore, whose password I've forgotten.

Next project is to burn all my purchased music to CDs so that I don't lose them again.

That should only take a few hundred hours.

#Apple #enshittification

Your Autistic Life
2 days ago

"‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Renewed for Season 2 at Netflix, Casting Now Open"

Remember when Netflix used to have edgy programming? Those were the salad days of guts and glory.

Alas, the enshittification age is upon us. 'Tis but a race to the bottom.

#USNews #Netflix #garbage #enshittification #RaceToTheBottom

christian mock
2 days ago

#enshittification -- inzwischen muss ich auch in einem frischen firefox-install vier verdammte fenster durchklicken, bevor ich ihn verwenden kann.

Blanc Bunny Bandit :loading:
2 days ago

I don't know if I write filters to block #YouTube to Play any videos on that and complete hide players will be good?
I think straight just okay that YouTube know I'm still using adblockers, but I won't lay down my guards by letting them count up the videos that I've watched, blocking players appear in YouTube directly is letting them think that I didn't play any videos.
I also hope that they will only limited video to watch while guarding myself, but not about interacting to, such as add into playlists, comments on clips, etc.
I won't care to open YouTube to watch videos directly because of too many #Enshittification, so I will redirect to `` embed page if I cannot watch from other sources, such as #Invidious and/or #Piped instances.

Markus Hofer
3 days ago

New Zachtronics game in the next Humble Choice, but otherwise the last months have been slim pickings, with last month being a complete miss. I guess in general the not-quite-so-Humble-anymore Bundle is another excellent example of #enshittification at work. Remember when they sold and the first thing the new owners added was a minimum value for their share of the money. Previously you could choose for all your money to go to charity if you wanted, but guess that was too humble... #humblebundle

Anyway I've replaced that old tumblr on my personal domain with a ghost blog, and relegating tumblr to more casual use. Gonna repost some old content there in case #enshittification eats other websites.

Read my #gamedev and #gamedesign opinions!

matiu bidule
3 days ago


La plateformisation de la consommation
Peut-on encore contrer l'ascension d'Amazon ?

3 days ago

#holidays #Xmas #hanukkah #charity #givingtuesday

as 2024 approaches, I sum up my finances and give some money to charity

Naturally, I want to give to charities that are "effective" and do what I believe in

if you google for, say , high quality charities, the #enshittification * means that most of your hits are BS

I think this is a good list of charities:

This looks good, but I am not sure:

This looks like BS:

3 days ago

Apparently a Polish producer of passenger trains, Newag, added some interesting stuff to the trains' software which made it impossible to start them after servicing by anyone other than the producer. Compared to them, John Deere are amateurs. So far the writeup is in Polish, but I guess this one will blow up quickly.

#RightToRepair #Enshittification

Link is in Polish:

Stefan Bohacek
3 days ago

Google's been getting really aggressive with ads lately. There's the ongoing YouTube stuff, the upcoming demise of adblockers, but now they're starting to show ads in the Google Discover feed on Android.

At least there seems to be an easy fix, for now.

#ads #google #android #enshittification

3 days ago
Steffo 🐲
3 days ago

Oh cool, more enshittification: Insomnia now has an account requirement. :blobcatgoogly2:

#enshittification #api #insomnia #postman #cloud

JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

As a (reluctant) admin of several #Facebook pages I'm flooded with #Messenger spam purporting to be official #Meta warnings about security or other issues - and yes, this is also #enshittification in action.

Compared to, say, censoring female nipples, stopping this kind of spam would be trivial but Meta isn't going to do it, because like Elon's blue-checks, FB's spammers are undoubtedly paying customers.


3 days ago


Ohh, #Enshittification heißt das jetzt.

Dabei wird seit Jahren genau davor gewarnt.

Bereits 2008 wurden #DRM Server abgeschaltet und die gekaufte Musik konnte nicht mehr abgespielt werden.

#Amazon hatte sogar gekaufte Bücher vom Kindel gelöscht.

Wenn Anbieter die Lizenz verlieren ist es halt einfach weg.

Damit das nicht passiert, hilft nur solche Angebote nicht mehr zu kaufen bzw kündigen.

Daher hält sich mein Mitleid in Grenzen.

Via @Donaupiratin

JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

I don't know about you - or indeed @pluralistic - but to me the fact that new, ostensibly faster, ostensibly better computers, phones etc. are objectively worse than older, ostensibly outdated ones (e.g. wildly slower at the exact same, mundane tasks) is a clear effect of #enshittification ...

#tech #business

@keenan I’m trying to decide if this is #enshittification or simply corporate bastardry. Spotify have no idea if they want to be a content producer or a content distributor.

3 days ago

@buermann @990000

at the supermarket the other day, looking at the yogurt shelves, I was struck by how, IMO, yogurt is the ultimate food version of #enshittification

new brands start out offering plain healthy (no added sugar) yogurt with a recipe from the old country
and they wind up selling 100 varieties sutffed with sugar in tiny plastic tubs that are the epitome of wasteful packaging

3 days ago

What do you mean #enshittification wasn't the 2023 Word of the Year? :MOULE_Shock:

Very disappointing! :MOULE_Cry:

@Lundemo I'm somewhat locked into it still for a few friend and family groups; I've extolled the #enshittification of #Facebook till Im blue in the face, but they're techphobic and lethargic and despite their idiocy I still want to stay in touch with them.

But I have nearly eliminated #Facebook #ads. Its easier than you think.

Eli (a writer)
4 days ago

I dunno if this counts as #enshittification for @pluralistic or not, but like... what the fuck. Why is eBay just blatantly lying to my face like this >_<

I'm trying to buy severance on dvd, and ebay tells me in an ad that someone with a 100% positive feedback rating is selling a copy
...however, when i actually go to look at the product, it tells me that this seller's rating is only 86.7% positive.

why? why, ebay? why tell me that someone with an 86.7% rating actually has a 100% rating? liars
brad m
4 days ago

The #bundle is the #lockin that is the #enshittification (with #advertising)

“bundling #apps ‘doesn’t fix the problem’ of how to make a successful #TV-#streaming business. #Streaming companies may not lower prices to what they were, but they could earn their prices with improved libraries & feature sets. In some cases, streaming companies have exhibited an opposing approach.
"The macro, high-level view is that there are too many #streaming services losing too much money”

4 days ago


what we really need is a short, snappy, easy to spell replacement for #enshittification

also something that is not a 4 letter type word, as that almost certainly turns some people off

4 days ago

What do you mean #enshittification wasn't the 2023 Word of the Year? :MOULE_Shock:

Very disappointing! :MOULE_Cry:

tis my monthly reminder that if y’all aren't reading the Martens, y’all doing it wrong.

the minute i started reading, i thought of
@pluralistic and his #enshittification short-hand for late-stage capitalism. because if IPOs are not for creating investment value but as the founders exit strategy (ie. WeWork) this is what happens: enshittified stock markets

❝ The Number of IPO Listings Has Plunged in the U.S. While Some Investors Are Nursing Losses of 70 to 95 Percent

4 days ago

If you're using the #android play store versions of #SimpleMobileTools note they're going #NonFree to a vendor known for #enshittification. Stick with the #FDroid versions for now.

Github thread

Shrikant Joshi
4 days ago

Just realized, the Embrace-Extend-Extinguish philosophy doesn't actually end with Extinguish.

There is a 4th stage.


Every single product that has been #enshittified has inevitably gone extinct.

It happened to MySpace, to Digg, and everything in the Google Graveyard. It is happening to Twitter and Reddit.

The only person worse off at the end of this cycle is the consumer.

We need to force companies to open-source products that they decide to sunset.


4 days ago

The Latest Feeld Update Is A Complete Shitshow

I guess testing is something that only dogs do, right?

If you don’t know, Feeld is an application for people who are into BDSM, couples looking for unicorns, or people with unusual desire. I use it because I’m into BDSM. This is the dating platform on which I’ve had the most success so far.

I’m using Feeld because it is the best one to answer my needs, but best one here does not mean what you think it might mean. Here, best one is equivalent to least shitty. I’ve had quite a few problems with it, ranging from poor location handling, to awful filtering capabilities, to flat out bugs.

Here’s an example. Location handling in the old app was godawful. What you got was a distance from your location, and that was it. Good luck guessing whether that person was 20 miles away from you but took about 30 minutes to get there because the travel was mostly on highways, or took one hour of driving on small roads. Yes, it does make a difference. You also had no clue whether someone was travelling away from their home base, or was located in your city. This was fixable by explicitly stating your position in your profile, but precious few people did this.

So last week, Feeld told its customers that it would go dark for 12 hours to make an upgrade that would be “totally worth it!” I’m paraphrasing here, but that was the gist of their corp speak. The upgrade took more than 24 hours, and the results are very subpar.

Let’s take the example of the location problem. Now I can see which city people are located in. Yay! Except that a lot of profiles don’t show any city. Instead, they show nothing at all, they show “Exploring”, or they show “Exploring [such and such location near to me.]” What the hell does this mean??? It seems that “Exploring” means that people are not at their home base, but I’m not sure about this. There’s also an option to show distance in miles in the app settings. I turned it on, but it does not seem to do anything.

Oh, another problem that existed previously was that people did not use the same terms in their list of Desires. These operated similarly to hashtags on Twitter, the fediverse, YouTube, etc. One of the issues is if someone put in “dominant” in their desires, did they express a desire to be a Dom, or to have a Dom, or perhaps both? It was very unclear. So Feeld standardized the list of terms we can use. However, their conversion was dodgy. I can see profiles that appear to have been converted where the person in the profile expresses that they are a sub, but their desires are, “Being dominant.” Yikes!

In addition to the above, the app loading is slower than it used to be, and it also hangs more often. Before the upgrade, I had to kill the app fairly often, after the upgrade, this frequency has increased. This is highly aggravating.

What’s going on here?

Nobody performed proper testing on the code. It is as simple as this. I did take Feeld to task in the past over this. I guess no lesson was learned. I used to be a software engineer. Testing was one of my tasks. I guess testing has gone out of fashion. The bottom line must be protected at all costs. If it means skipping testing, then so be it.

This upgrade is the work of amateurs. What a shame!

#AutisticWriters #BDSM #bugs #Dating #DatingApp #enshittification #Feeld #software #testing #YourAutisticLife

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
4 days ago

So, #GitLab has decided to become completely unusable, by showing this #Cloudflare "prove that you're human" screen and then redirecting back to it in an infinite loop.

It is stunning with how #enshittification does nothing to convince me to change my habits (it's probably due to the pi.hole), and I just decide not to use that site ever again.

Checking if the site connection is secure needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
Jack Daniel (often offline)
4 days ago

Dear Slack, maybe try to be worse, as your attempts at "improvement" have backfired.

Sampath Pāṇini ®
4 days ago

I’ve yet to have a single spam/scam report to the #LinkedIn Trust & Safety team lead to an outcome / finding that the account in question does go against the “Professional Community Policies.”

I’ve reported dozens of phishing or fake accounts.



@catdad I use #SoundCloud and #YouTube but most of all I instantly #RiP tracks so that they don't get lost to time, #Enshittification and #LinkRot.

Looking for advice on creating a personal archive website!

Thanks to #enshittification I’m worried about losing articles & information & art I always come back to, and would like to create a mini-library for treasuring that knowledge.

- Does anyone have pros/cons/advice of a wiki format and how to set it up?

- Are there other tools/sites/etc you’d recommend I use for this? Goals: Easy to update, very accessible & as future-proof as possible.

#library #archive #information

The Carrier
5 days ago

@MusiqueNow @Jyoti Yeah. I loved the Smiths as a teenager and it just pisses me off that he's such a horrible person. Needless to say, I don't listen to them or play them on the station since it came out how awful he is, which makes me even more annoyed that he couldn't just be a normal non-racist non-horrible person.

And Spotify is as bad. Between platforming the terrible and ripping off the artist they're just another example of #enshittification

Marc Khoury
5 days ago

@990000 Spotify is where the listeners are. When they started, they gave lots of freebies to the users to capture them, then they gave lots of freebies to artists, then once they owned the market, they went through the final stages of #enshittification and just started sucking up all the money from everyone.

@das_menschy @workingclassgames and to break the #Enshittification Cycle as per @pluralistic we need to consequently choose #FLOSS that can't do it per definition.

Use @torproject #TorBrowser!

das menschy
5 days ago

@workingclassgames That's #enshittification:

"Here is how platforms die: first, they are good to their users; then they abuse their users to make things better for their business customers; finally, they abuse those business customers to claw back all the value for themselves. Then, they die. I call this enshittification,"

- Cory Doctorow

Robert Kingett
6 days ago

Tried to renew my Microsoft Office subscription until 2030 and Microsoft stopped me from giving them more money after I paid until 2028. We reached peak #Enshittification!

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
6 days ago

🥥 #Enshittification is the name of the game, and all the big tech corps play it the same. 🥥

Arne Brasseur
6 days ago

And there it is, Meetup threatening to close the BeClojure group unless we pay minimum $120/year.

Anyone have a Mobilizon instance they can recommend?


@Linux_Is_Best @SpaceLifeForm I have #FTTB + #DOCSIS but my #ISP is going full #Enshittification and whilst they don't mess with my traffic, they fail to uphold the SLA and also act unwilling to provide any allevitive solution...

6 days ago

Youtube's tantrum escalates.

Forced to concede that they cannot outpace ad blocking extensions, parent company Google artificially limits the rate of extension updates in Chrome.

No justification for the user experience is given, and in fact this makes chrome users more vulnerable to attacks injected via ads.

#tech #news #enshittification

Markus Seifert
1 week ago

I shouldn't read too much of the essays from @pluralistic

They leave me somehow depressed, how clear he describes the faults of the #enshittification that happen everywhere.

On the other side he always finishes on a positive note with an idea how to fix it, either by yourself or others (government, regulators, society...).

If you don't follow him yet I strongly encourage you to do so as soon as possible. But be warned: He writes a complete essay nearly every day!

Thank you Cory!

Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek
1 week ago

Mastodon wird unser Hauptkanal, mehr LinkedIn, auf X und Meta nur noch das Nötigste - wir ändern unsere Social-Media-Aktivitäten! Wie und warum erzählen wir hier:
#socialmedia #xodus #twitterexodus #enshittification

Farbfoto: Frau hinter einem aufgeschlagenen Buch mit dem Titel "Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow" verschwindend. Im Hintergrund Bäume und Meer, darüber der Text: Make Social Media Beautiful (Again)
Shannon Clark
1 week ago

Given the #enshittification of seemingly everything online does anyone have suggestions for where to do the following online these days (at a fair cost and with the minimum of hassle)

Find good, available winter break holiday options for my son and I (my wife wants a few days alone to do 2024 business planning) ideally using up some of my hotel/airline/amex points as their value and usefulness is declining. Possibly somewhere warm(ish)

Not Disney or other big brands/amusement parks

Adrian Segar
1 week ago

Mastodon is the old Twitter. What do I mean by that? Well, sit down at your mobile device, lad, and I'll tell you a story. Once upon a time…

#newpost #SocialMedia #Twitter #Mastodon #enshittification #eventprofs #assnchat

Mastodon is the old Twitter: Phil Smith #Twitter vs #Mastodon Twitter is like a top of the range Lamborghini but you’re trapped in the boot full of broken bottles and it’s being driven over a cliff by a madman. Mastodon is like sitting in the back of a dilapidated VW camper van, with knackered suspension, no air conditioning, but lots of nice passengers having a sing-song and there’s a dog called Mr. Snuffles.
Robert Kingett
1 week ago

Is there a community or Evergreen Wiki of the #Enshittification of platforns, apps, and services? If so, link to it.

#Zoom appears to have really entered the #Enshittification stage of their existance, with pop-ups trying to sell new features after you leave a meeting.

try to unsubscribe, get unsubscribed from the subsublist


i don't even like the term enshittification but man fuck the internet these days

Brian Knutson
1 week ago

@taylorlorenz #enshittification : magazine edition
2 weeks ago

Hat tip to @pluralistic's latest essay for making me see something in a new light; the paperclip maximizer AI thought experiment by Nick Bostrom.

"The paperclip maximizer example illustrates the broad problem of managing powerful systems that lack human values." (Wikipedia)

Can you think of another powerful system, lacking human values, whose only goal is to produce more *X* at the expense of both the planet and humanity?

#AI #Corporations #Capitalism #PaperclipMaximizer #Enshittification

Bjoern Michaelsen
2 weeks ago

@nixCraft Its getting more and more likely that the #fediverse niche will be the only thing surviving this #enshittification at scale. Or at least be the last bastion standing.

@ifixcoinops I previously tooted about the trials and tribulations of trying to help my octogenarian parents with their newly acquired HP printer/scanner. It

HP are the flipside to Brother...the pioneers of #enshittification. This product, marketed to non-technical SOHO users, had a USB with a sticker covering it saying DO NOT USE. The instructions made it clear that you were to INSTALL AN APP ON YOUR PHONE and REGISTER with their craptacular Cloud Service...and credit card info was MANDATORY even if you didn't buy anything.

If you didn't do this, and if the internet connection was down when the printer was powered on, IT WOULD REFUSE TO PRINT until it detected an internet connection!

My parents live on a farm with spotty wireless broadband so on my advice they took it back to the store and exchanged it for the equivalent Brother.

The Brother had no (cr)app. It *came with a driver CD*! It came with the USB cable!! It was ACTUAL PLUG AND PLAY!!!

Like 2003 again but in the best way!

spoon state
2 weeks ago

@DoomsdaysCW Have you read @pluralistic’s new book, The Internet Con? I’m in the last few chapters and it’s been so helpful to think about the solutions he talks about for #enshittification. Too much to ask? Yeah. Too much to demand and take back? No. :solidarity:

Joni Horinoita
2 weeks ago

"Ensin tarjotaan hyötyä käyttäjälle, jotta saadaan riittävästi yleisöä – ”täällä parhaat kissavideot!” Sitten hyötyä aletaan tarjota mainostajille – ”meillä mainostat tehokkaimmin kissavideoiden katsojille”.

Kun on saatu merkittävä määrä kissavideoi­den jakajia, katsojia ja mainostavia yrityksiä ja eliminoitu kilpailu, aletaan hyötyä siirtää alustalle: mainosten hintaa nostetaan ja kissa­videoiden katsojille työnnetään yhä enemmän mainoksia ja aiempaa vähemmän kissavideoita sekä halpoja bulgarialaisia koiravideoita.

Mainostajat eivät uskalla hylätä erinomaisesti toiminutta mainosalustaa. Kissavideoihmiset eivät uskalla lähteä, koska alusta on ainoa paikka kissa­videoille ja kaikki kissavideokaverit ovat siellä.


Blueskyn ja Mastodonin kaltaiset federoidut, avoimiin protokolliin perustuvat palvelut näyttäisivät mahdollistavan paskeentumisenkestävien sosiaalisen median palveluiden rakentamisen teknisesti. Toinen kysymys sitten on, kiinnostavatko näin rakennetut palvelut rahoittajia."

Mikrobitti: Onko kaiken pakko paskeentua?

#paskeentuminen #enshittification #bluesky #mastodon

Michael Hartle
2 weeks ago

Once one has learned about the #enshittification lifecycle of products and services, it shows up everywhere, and it is like trying to build stuff out of crumbling sand.

I am *so* fed up to be handled as consumer cattle. I want to understand how cooperatives / non-profits can drive technology standards / libraries / stuff under a scheme that makes enshittification hard(er). I need to (re)read more Doctorow stuff.

Michael Hartle
2 weeks ago

Given that sharing the mobile screen on TV once worked perfectly without a hitch, having to install special apps trying to become my one-for-all dashboard, grant permissions like crazy, configure the living hell to accommodate shitty apps and agree to TOS of a surveillance capitalists wet dreams to basically pay rent for a feature I had already paid for, this is a prime example of #enshittification by #Google and #LG as explained by @pluralistic.

Hobson Lane
2 weeks ago

@pluralistic Loving your latest book _The Internet Con_! But I can't find the TikTok logo in the **quadrants of evil** chart (upper right corner), p.36, or "off the charts" on the inside back cover. Am I missing something?

Background: The text mentions that TikTok is "off the charts" on the inside back cover. The inside back cover is a blank page.

#CoryDoctorow #TheInternetCon #BigTech #Enshittification #Surveillance #Privacy #EFF #Monopoly #bookstodon #books #writing

For quadrants of evilness, x axis is "more control-freaky" to the right, y-axis is "more surveillant". Apple logo is in the lower right,  mostly control freaky corner. Google is in the upper left, most surveillant corner. Facebook is in the upper right for the confidence of evil, most surveillant and most control-freaky. TikTok is mentioned as being "off the charts" on the inside back cover but my print edition is just a blank page on the inside back cover.
Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago

‘In the context of enshittification, “IP” has a single, crisp meaning: “Any policy that lets me reach beyond the walls of my business and exert control over the conduct of my competitors, critics and customers.”’ via @pluralistic #enshittification #e14n

Thomas Beagle
2 weeks ago

Finally cracked and installed the Reddit app and... wow, those are a lot of big ads that they're shoving into my face. The opening page has one article with the other 75% of the screen taken up by a pizza ad.

Reddit made it very clear that they've given up their community roots and gone corporate, and this #enshittification is the seemingly inevitable result.

As an aside, it's impressive to see the success of the concept of #enshittification, which was one of the first things (maybe the first?) I learned on Mastodon, as it was posted here by @pluralistic shortly into the mass migration from blue bird. I certainly don't feel like I missed out on the action being here 😉.

Just read @pluralistic 's commentary Don't be evil. Nothing new if you've been following him, but an excellent summary to have in mind and share with friends, family, and colleagues #enshittification