Alaska Native News
1 day ago

Indigenous Scientists on St. Paul Island Work To Protect Marine Mammals
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Team works independently and in partnership with NOAA Fisheries.

Laaqudan sleeping near the Aleut Community of St. Paul. Credit: Jamie Musbach/NOAA Fisheries

For Native American Heritage Month, NOAA Fisheries celebrates the Indigenous...
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Quantum Observer
1 day ago

New Quantum Tool Could Help Researchers Investigate Entanglement #Research #Austrian_Academy_of_Sciences #Christian_Roos #entanglement #Institute_of_Quantum_Optics_and_Quantum_Information #IQOQI #Nature #ÖAW #Peter_Zoller #quantum_materials #Rainer_Blatt #University_of_Innsbruck #quantumdaily Insider Brief Scientists report on a new approach that can significantly improve the study and understanding of entanglement in quantum materials. The researchers w

Universität Innsbruck
3 days ago

Innsbruck Scientists led by Peter Zoller have developed a new tool for measuring #entanglement in many-body systems and demonstrated it in experiments.

The method enables the study of previously inaccessible physical phenomena and could contribute to a better understanding of quantum materials.

The work has now been published in @Nature


#quantum #physics #nature #research #QuantumScience

The temperature profiles obtained by the researchers show that particles that interact strongly with the environment are “hot” (red) and those that interact little are “cold” (blue). Entanglement is therefore large where the interaction between particles is strong.
Credit: Helene Hainzer
Gianluca Bertaina
4 days ago

La nostra ricerca teorica sulla creazione di #entanglement tra atomi in cavità ottica tramite misure continue mostra una buona scalabilità dello spin squeezing.

A. Caprotti, ora dottorando presso l'Univ. di Vienna, ha svolto un ruolo cruciale nelle simulazioni #quantum utilizzando #QuTiP.

Motivati dallo sviluppo dell'orologio ottico allo Sr in INRiM da M. G. Tarallo e M. Barbiero, abbiamo beneficiato dall'esperienza di M. G. Genoni sulla dinamica condizionale.

Gianluca Bertaina
4 days ago

Our theoretical study on #entanglement among atoms in an optical cavity, measuring transmitted light, shows favorable scaling of spin squeezing, even in the absence of continuous feedback.

A. Caprotti, now a PhD at the Univ. of Vienna, played a pivotal role in #quantum simulations using #QuTiP.

Motivated by M. G. Tarallo and M. Barbiero, developing the Strontium optical clock at INRiM, we benefited from M. G. Genoni's expertise on conditional dynamics.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
4 weeks ago

I think I am going to try to make an actual experimental device THAT JOHN STEWART BELL COULD HAVE MADE though of course he was at CERN and could have programmed a computer and so experimented more straightforwardly.

This device will disprove the stupid #quantum #entanglement #non-locality #irreducibility claptrap superstitious pseudoscience cult doctrine.

It will be a sort of quarter-circle pan, with an adjustable radial baffle, into which go little colored beads.

That is it.

Alaska Native News
1 month ago

Successful Effort to Rescue an Entangled Humpback Whale
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Trained responders freed the whale from a life-threatening entanglement near Gustavus

The team approaches the whale with specialized tools to remove the gear. This aerial drone image shows the complexity of the entanglement through the mouth and wrapped around the flukes. Credit:...
#entanglement #gustavus #noaa #rescue #whale

Alaska Native News
1 month ago

Successful Effort to Rescue an Entangled Humpback Whale
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Trained responders freed the whale from a life-threatening entanglement near Gustavus

The team approaches the whale with specialized tools to remove the gear. This aerial drone image shows the complexity of the entanglement through the mouth and wrapped around the flukes. Credit:...
#entanglement #whale #noaa #gustavus #rescue

ralf warümme tauscher
1 month ago

"40 to 50 microactions not to solve the problem, but to change the energy gradient of the problems space."
thanks for saying this twice.
#entanglement #Verstrickung

Futuro Prossimo :verified:
2 months ago

E se vi dicessi che la scienza sta flirtando con l'idea di cambiare il passato andando indietro nel tempo? Niente fantascienza, né DeLorean: solo meccanica quantistica. Un gruppo di scienziati della Cambridge University ha condotto una simulazione che potrebbe aprire nuovi orizzonti nel campo della fisica. Ma vediamo con calma.

#entanglement #cambridge #fisica

Barry Schwartz 🫖
2 months ago

I have found a better way to say what John Bell did to obtain his #quantum #physics #entanglement proofs:

Excerpt from a computer program in the CWEB language.
Stitch Media
2 months ago

Once reductionist entanglements are sufficiently disentangled through experimental measurements or observations, science finds the summated, bigger picture of everyday reality it started from as the curiosity to look.
- Chris Handrahan

#StitchedInkMedia #Science #Nature #Entanglement #Reality #Environment #QuantumWorld #Quantum #Observations #Energy #Strangeness #Spooky

Florian Marquardt
2 months ago

Yesterday we finished a fantastic 3-day workshop with our friends from Ottawa. This was the 2023 annual meeting of the Max Planck - uOttawa Centre for Extreme and Quantum Photonics, at the @MPI_ScienceOfLight .

We heard about #topological #photonics, #metasurfaces, #entanglement, #ultrafast laser pulses, solar #lasers, #neuromorphic computing, #Artificialntelligence for optics and many more exciting topics at the cutting edge of photonics.

Physicists in a courtyard, looking up.
Catherine Ivers Norton
2 months ago

Our minds love to measure, organize, and create rules. If I am here and you are there, there is a quanitifiable amount of space between us.

And yet distance is no more than an illusion that allows us to operate as separate beings, apart from each other, the Earth, and the rest of the Universe.

There is no separation.

So, what purpose does the illusion of separateness serve?

#ReadTheStain #writer #coach #philosophy #psychology #spirituality #physics #connection #entanglement #illusion #deepthoughts

A woman with a hand shielding her eyes from the sun looks across a river valley. The caption reads, "Distance is an illusion."
Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 months ago

Derivation of the correlation coefficient for a two channel Bell-test #experiment:

#Simulation employing only action by contact (no ‘#entanglement’):

The derivation is done with #probability theory, employing no #quantum #physics whatsoever. It is shown that Bell, Clauser, et al., compute correlation coefficients incorrectly.

An animation is on PyPI. See another pinned toot.

(What #QuantumComputing really ‘is’ is a subject for future research.)

Dr. Steve Thompson
3 months ago

Control it, or try to control it? Kinda makes a difference on the unknowns they are bringing into our world.

Physicists Discover ‘Unobservable’ Phase Transition in Quantum Entanglement" #quantum #physics #entanglement

"Measurement and entanglement both have a 'spooky' nonlocal flavor to them. Now physicists are harnessing that nonlocality to probe the spread of quantum information and control it."

Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 months ago

My solution to this Bell test fiasco is quite correct. Any errors are trivial details. The whole thing is really quite a simple and actual rather lovely random process. My IEEE technote-style paper is coming along nicely and shows (w/o QM) that the correlations are invariant under in-unison rotations of the PBS/magnets/etc.

But it has nothing to do with the utter fantasy called "#entanglement", and #quantum #physics is revealed to be the work of dunderpated jackalopes such as Bell and CHSH.

Barry Schwartz 🫖
3 months ago

A challenge for #electronics #hobby buffs:

If you look at the the #Ada program (with translations to other languages) in my pinned toots, you will see that the #entanglement of #quantum stuff is actually just the correlations of phase-diffed sinusoids randomly sampled.

So here is your challenge: make QUBIT circuits out of op-amps or 555 timers.

(I plan maybe to get to this myself, but I only dabble a bit, and my electronics bench is covered with unrelated garbage since early in the pandemic.)

demï7en 🎗
3 months ago

“For peace in our time, a Chinese dictatorship empowered with growing economy is in everybody's best interests...“

Paraphrasing US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo at #jinping's court. 🤷🏻‍♂️


#CCP #china #dictatorship #genocide #militaryexpansionism #GinaRaimondo #UnitedStates #NatSec #MFN #MostFavoredNation #coupling #entanglement #humanrights

Scientists have observed a new phenomenon called quantum superchemistry, where two molecules interact without touching each other. The phenomenon occurs when the molecules are in a quantum state called entanglement, which means they share a quantum connection even when they are far apart. The phenomenon could have implications for quantum computing, sensing, and communication.

#Quantum #Superchemistry #Entanglement

Adrian Demleitner
3 months ago

I added "A post at the end of summer holiday" to my digital fallow, where I wrote about summer holiday, creating personal digital archives, creating stickers and listening to dub in the heat, and a bit on how less stress is more quality of life.

While cleaning up my digital archives, I came across an older note that wasn't in the wiki, on "Practicing Entanglement".

The thing wasn't finished, but I re-found plenty of nice things in it in how to have a gentler engagement with one's own environment. The photo is from a little informal shrine in a park in Tokyo, that I shot in 2000.


A small informal shrine in a park in Tokyo, cat-sized, with three small stone steps. The shrine is located within the undergrowth of a bit of forest, being framed by plants.
4 months ago

Put power lines underground
In NSW trees are easily declared a ''safety risk to electrical assets.” Trees and wildlife habitats are regularly vandalised with fossil fuels or eliminated.
#electricity #ugly #trees #wildlife #entanglement #shade #climate #habitat #FossiFuel #UndergroundingTransmissionInfrastructure now

Ugly overhead transmission lines eating their way into the landscape

A #single #photon is enough to catalyze #photosynthesis in bacteria, and likely in plants as well.

Researchers analyzed the light-harvesting 2 (LH2) complex of the purple bacterium Rhodobacter sphaeroides. This is composed of a smaller ring that contain nine bacterial #chlorophyll molecules and a larger ring made of 18 of these molecules.

To see these molecules absorb photons, scientists depended on quantum mechanical #entanglement.

Essentially, two or more particles such as photons that are linked or "entangled" can influence each other no matter how far apart they are. Analyzing one entangled photon can therefore reveal what is happening with its partner.

The scientists generated entangled pairs of photons. They sent one photon from each pair directly to a highly sensitive detector. This "herald" photon helped confirm its partner was on its way to illuminate LH2.

Absorbing this second photon led the photosynthetic complex to fluoresce, emitting a weak pulse of light that another detector helped sense.

By analyzing more than 17.7 billion herald photon detections and 1.6 million fluorescence detections, the researchers confirmed "a #single #photon is enough to initiate #photosynthesis," Fleming says.

Since all photosynthetic life on Earth use similar chemical reactions, the scientists are confident these findings in bacteria apply to photosynthesis in plants and algae.

"This is an important milestone," Gregory Scholes, chair of chemistry at Princeton University, who did not take part in this research, tells Inverse. These new findings suggest the information from laser experiments "does represent what happens under natural conditions," he notes

Quantum magic can bend spacetime, according to a new theory. The theory proposes that quantum entanglement, the phenomenon that links two particles across any distance, can also warp the fabric of space and time. The theory could help resolve the paradoxes between quantum mechanics and general relativity, and open new possibilities for quantum technologies. #quantum #spacetime #entanglement

Adrian Segar
4 months ago

Mediate connection in the Age of Entanglement

What do we need to understand to mediate connection effectively today? Inventor Danny Hillis and Adrian Segar make some suggestions.

#meetings #technology #connection #entanglement #HumanProcessTools

5 months ago

Quantum computing is set to revolutionize industries, and it is never too soon to dive into this rapidly advancing field😉

Explore the core concepts in the new introductory DESY lecture and engage in open discussions at 🔗

Learn about qubits, quantum gates, the role of entanglement in quantum algorithms, the fundamentals of complexity theory, a few hybrid quantum-classical algorithms, and the noisy intermediate-sized quantum devices🧑‍💻

All #Enabla lectures are #free and #OpenAccess. Support us by liking, reposting, following, and engaging in discussions on Enabla. Your actions help us spread knowledge. Thank you!🙏 @DESY @DESYnews

#QuantumComputing #Qubits #Entanglement #QuantumAlgorithms #ComplexityTheory #NISQ

DESY Ukraine Winter School "Introduction to Quantum Computing" lecture by Dr. Stefan Kühn on Enabla
Alaska Native News
5 months ago

Report Your Sightings of Two Entangled Humpbacks Last Seen Near Juneau
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Report sightings to the Alaska Marine Mammal 24/7 hotline at (877) 925-7773, or the U.S. Coast Guard on VHF Channel 16

NOAA’s Alaska Marine Mammal Stranding hotline received reports identifying two separate entangled whales in the Juneau...
#noaa #entanglement #whales #southeast #alaska #juneau

Francesco Buscemi
5 months ago

Today was Bell Theorem Day here! I've just shown my students the CHSH game for the first time in their lives. I always feel honored and privileged to be the one who tells them about such a profound fact of nature for the first time. Classical logic is just an artificial human construct, and nature does not "think" that way!

#BellTheorem #nonlocality #entanglement

5 months ago

Day 3 of #ICOLS2023 !
Just a few talks today, as we went for an excursion after lunch. But still very interesting and relevant topics: #quantum #entanglement in #AtomInterferometry, a quantum system to emulate the complicated physics of glass, some more steps towards #QuantumComputing and an overview of miniaturized lasers for our experiments - trying to get rid of tables full of optical elements and lasers!

Marek Gluza
6 months ago

On Wednesday Tatiana Vovk explained to me how the character of environment measurements influences the #entanglement of the realized #quantum trajectory.

When you simulate #markovian dynamics of an open system through such trajectories better use #homodyne operators instead of number measurements. Unless, that is, you want to generate volume law entanglement in most of your trajectories 😂 Then do the latter. 😊

The #NTU fellowship that funds my travel is about bridging the gap between theory and experiments so yeah here's a picture of the turbulent water of the river Inn which is literally the meaning of Innsbruck - the bridge over the Inn.
Kate :verigold:
6 months ago

Humpback whale freed after gruelling eight-hour rescue mission in #Australia Deteriorating conditions and other whales in area south of Sydney hampered attempts, say rescuers 🐋 #Whales #Cetaceans #MarineMammals #Bycatch #Entanglement

Daniel Fischer
9 months ago

This turned up in one of my timelines a night ago - and I still can't make up my mind whether this #quantum #entanglement #joke is silly or profound ...

Krystal Higgins
10 months ago

I bloody love having my brain melted by discussions of superposition and entanglement. Time is an illusion and all that jazz:

#physics #Science #entanglement #superposition

Barry Schwartz 🫖
10 months ago

It is really difficult to make the point that, if the logical foundation of an #experiment is fallacious, then the experiment simply DOES NOT demonstrate what the experimenter claims it does.

This is why the experiments, supposedly showing "#quantum non-locality", in fact show nothing of the sort.

Indeed, the results of these experiments ARE NOT EVEN INTERESTING.

Their was never any "#entanglement" in the first place. You simply have two light signals that have a common cause.

#Entanglement of dissimilar #particles! Previously, #physicists were only able to entangle identical particles.

Physicists discover completely new type of #quantum entanglement

Christopher Kelty
1 year ago

The article is based in hundreds of conversations on the platform about wildlife in LA. It is our modest attempt to help move the somewhat stalled theorization of "entanglement" along a bit. #sts #entanglement #multispecies #environnement #losangeles

Steven Saus [he/him]
4 years ago

From 12 Feb: Researchers entangle quantum memory at facilities over 50km apart - While quantum computers can do interesting things without dedicated memory, memory would pr... #entanglement #fiber-optics #quantum-mechanics #quantum-memory #qubits #science