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Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: Turns Out, It's a Lot More Fun Watching Elderly People Find Love #Jezebel #entertainmentculture #gerrytheresa #gerryturner #thebachelor #sandra #renee

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Can we talk about just how aggravating it is that companies think they can just "expand" into segments of our society.

Again with the "maybe I'm getting old" attitude, but I honestly feel like companies are really stretching their wings too damn far.

Especially in this case...
#netflix is wanting to get into gaming, and their "examples" that exist around have the look and feel of really awful demo games that we used to get on ship-to-home demo discs for the PS2 and PS1 eras (yes, many of those demo discs were fire, but some of them were really bad video game adaptations of movies at the time)

I'm partial to keeping my entertainment and media companies separate, but I'd love to hear someone else's thoughts here.

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Jezebel: Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth: Patricia Clarkson on Why She Didn't Marry or Have Kids: ‘I’ve Had a Sexy-Ass Life’ #Jezebel #entertainmentculture #patriciaclarkson #whoopigoldberg #humaninterest #kimcattrall #brucebozzi

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This effectively shuts down production of American movies, TV shows, and some online content across the world. But the strike will affect everyone who ...
How the SAG-AFTRA Strike Affects You (and How to Support the Actors)
5 months ago