A Geek in Korea
2 days ago Yeah, the DAILY MULTIPLE dev update messages still get through regardless of the Home and Local feeds never loading.

My S8 tablet can browse feeds as normal. I can still read my collected lists for news, so I am still hobbling along for now.
#calckey #error

A Geek in Korea
2 days ago

Calckey PWA Firefox Android on my phone for the past week has been nothing but the loading donut & error screen combo.

Slowly curing my social media addiction by never being able to browse my feeds.
#calckey #error

Calckey errors
3 days ago

@khalidabuhakmeh @Migueldeicaza So that's why it likes to show #ERROR# so much with formulas. Trying to send the user over the edge.

3 days ago

I found a very subtile #error in Hartnell's #BASIC #Breakout version "Smashout"/"Pared" for the #ZXSpectrum:

The graphics for the brick wall are generated from a re-defined charakter ("A"). The defintion is stored as binary data in line 210.

There seems to be the first (leftmost) bit missing, so the Spectrum interpretes it as a "0" which leads to a set pixel in the character.

I edited the DATA BIN entry from 11100111 to 111100111 and the wall looks way better.

3 days ago

@selfisekai I'd recommend
#ifdef _WIN32
#error "Won't fix!"

:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Sooooo imma hit the gym first!
Been trying for an hour
Been fuming for a part of that, as this error drives me insane!
Pay top price and not be able to login!!
Get up in the middle of the night to watch error screens....
Thanks Blizz...
I'll try again after the gym.
Please clan folk, if you're in the game, DM me if you can make out clan!! Thanks.

#DiabloIV #Error #Code315306

Blizzard messing up as usual on launch night...
:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Come on Blizz! Lemme log in, make a character and the clan and then I'm happy. Don't need to be the top tier level before the sun rises... Just want my clan 😂
Stupid error code!

#DiabloIV #Error #Code315306

:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Ugh nice Blizz.... Played loads of money and keep getting the error.... 😭

#DiabloIV #Error

We are investigating reports of login issues...
:playstation: Pixy 🏳️‍🌈
3 days ago

Anyone been able to login to DiabloIV??
I was in a queue and then it said I didn't have a valid license....
So trying again.
I got the digital ultimate edition pre-ordered!

#DiabloIV #Error

Unable to find valid license...
Pinky Floyd
4 days ago
if the #pitcher makes the #error then why aren't the #runs #earned?
5 days ago

I'm not worried about #automated #ChatControl being "#error-prone". I don't want "error-free" chat control either.

If you oppose chat control in general, stop providing an indirect list of conditions under which you'd find it acceptable. Eventually, all of your reasoning will be nuked with a simple "nothing is perfect".

#privacy #DigitalSelfDefense

Listen To Your Gut Instinct
6 days ago

I went to the lab today for "routine" followup tests. My #PCP attached a #diagnosis code for something I don't have & left off the relevant one needed to support reimbursement by my insurance. I am so tired of doctors unwilling to pay attention to detail.

Once a doctor documents a diagnosis in #error, it's nearly impossible to get it removed. When they fail to include the proper diagnosis for things like lab work or diagnostic testing, it becomes a "fight" w/insurance to get claims paid.

1 week ago

Ich wusste es! Ich wusste es, verdammt nochmal!

Da kauft man sich EINMAL einen #Bausatz von #ELV, läßt den ewig liegen, weil man sich nicht ans Löten traut, überlegt, ob man das nicht besser einen bekannten #Lötexperten machen läßt, der wiederum fragt, was es denn sei und wie lange das ungefähr dauern wird, worauf man sich ein #Youtube-Video ansieht und feststellt, dass es nur 16 #Lötpunkte, 2 Bauteile und der Stromanschluss ist, man sich entschließt, das bisserl kann man auch alleine, sich am Samstag hinsetzt und das Gerät zusammenlötet und was meldet das blöde Teil?


1x lang 2x kurz blinken.

Was das heisst?

Gerät defekt.

2 Stunden! Zwei Stunden sinnlos verplempert. 2 Stunden für den Müll.

Dahin wanderte auch der Bausatz.

Da der bekannte Lötexperte meinte, "schick mal, meist kann was retten", das Teil wieder aus dem Müll geklaubt, verpackt und auf die Reise geschickt.

Und das alles nur, weil ELV dieses SCHEISS-Teil nur als Bausatz im Angebot hat.

Was es war?


Dabei wollte ich doch nur, möglichst zeitnah wissen, wieviel Strom ich wirklich verbrauche.

Und dabei hab ich mir vorher noch gesagt, Ron lass es. Du hast vor 40 Jahren das letzte mal gelötet, fang nicht wieder damit an. Schreib Programme, Steck Dinge zusammen. Aber lass die Finger von praktischer Elektrotechnik. Du bist dafür zu ungeduldig.

Das kommt davon, wenn man nicht einmal auf sich selbst hört. Blöder Besserwisser.

Surya Teja K
1 week ago

I have been trying to install Fedora Kionite since morning but I just couldn’t get it to work. On my 3rd attempt, the installer failed with this error:

#fedora #ostree #error #linux

1 week ago

Yutup lgi kenapa dh ko lama bgt upload video stuck di pemeriksaan @YouTube #YouTube #error

1 week ago


🔒 Having trouble with ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR in Chrome? Here's a simple solution! 👇

1. Clear browser cache and cookies.
2. Update Chrome to the latest version.
3. Check your system clock and ensure it's accurate.
4. Disable browser extensions temporarily.
5. Reset Chrome settings to default.
6. Ensure SSL/TLS protocols are enabled.

#SSL #Error #Fixing #HowTo 📚
2 weeks ago

The Most Common #Mac #Error #Codes And What They Mean

Joel Bennett
2 weeks ago

I finally got frustrated enough to want to fix #PowerShell DetailedView for #error so the output is colored for readability, like Get-Error.

To my surprise (and a little frustration), it turns out this view actually just calls Get-Error and deliberately strips the color.

There are side effects, but you CAN avoid this by setting:

$ErrorView = "DetailedView"
$PSStyle.OutputRendering = "Ansi"

I'll have to get in a PR to stop stripping over the weekend.

If you need no color, use $ENV:NO_COLOR

Programming Quotes
2 weeks ago

The best error message is the one that never shows up.

— Thomas Fuchs


Richard Peat 
3 weeks ago

Looking at the picture some #HighWycombe council employee spent an awfully long time sticking tickets an all these cars as part of this #error

Mewe 香港娛樂
3 weeks ago

貧窮無限制擺pose 完美演繹︰Hea mood 甩漏樣

請支持娛壹Patreon | #ERROR #阿濟 #鄧永鑄 #百大濟 #娛壹 | #MEWE香港娛樂


早前Chill Club頒獎禮,奪組合銀獎的 #ERROR 講感言時,成員 #保錡 乘機為經理人 #阿濟(#鄧永鑄 又名 #百大濟)謀福利︰「雖然佢仲有好多甩漏,但係我哋五年兄弟,多謝佢,希望ViuTV可以加佢人工。」保錡還道出年度金句︰「因為貧窮限制咗佢工作態度。」


雖被 #貧窮限制工作態度,但無限制阿濟成為偶像的決心!近日保錡胞弟Mavis與友人主理的服裝品牌,食住個勢推出這款金句Tee,作為「事主」的阿濟更親身上陣做model。着住金句Tee的他,完美演繹(可能真係發出內心)瞌眼瞓、hea mood、甩漏樣,以專業表情帶出金句意義,不愧被404錯粉(ERROR fans暱稱)視為ERROR第五人。阿濟去年打入TC Candler的「全球百大俊男」,因而被封「百大濟」,又曾與ERROR成員拍廣告,絕對是被經理人工作耽誤了的偶像。

品牌官網在金句Tee的post寫道︰「你睇@vincitang嘅工作態度就知佢要加人工啦」,唔少網民見阿濟為專屬Tee落力擺pose,紛紛留言︰「實在太cute,一臉唔想do嘅樣」、「救濟大行動」、「唔好太入戲,搏炒ing」。有人問︰「係咪買完唔再貧窮?工作態度如何?」,保錡回覆︰「今次態度好好」。金句還有英文版︰「Poor Limited Working Attitude.」




The past few days I've been getting this error a lot. #calckey #bug #bugreport #error

3 weeks ago

Cómo corregir error "tower_(cli).exceptions.TowerCLIError: failed to parse some of the extra variables"

#Ansible #AnsibleTower #automation #AWX #cfg #cli #config #DevOps #error

AWX Ansible tower_cli.exceptions.TowerCLIError: failed to parse some of the extra variables
3 weeks ago

Silence is Golden, Debugging is Silver

How to adjust PHP error reporting for WordPress Debugging

#WordPress #PHP #Tutorial #Debugging #Howto #deprecated #error #warning

Benjamin Hollon
3 weeks ago

Wait what? I'm trying to compile the new QMK firmware and am getting this:

from <command-line>:
./lib/chibios/os/hal/include/hal.h:130:2: error: #error "obsolete or unknown configuration file"
130 | #error "obsolete or unknown configuration file"
| ^~~~~

EDIT: I'd updated the main repo but not the submodules. `git submodule init` fixed the issue.

Manfred :verified:
4 weeks ago

Update: Funktioniert scheinbar wieder 👍

#Apple wieder kaputt? Kein Login in #iCloud, #AppStore etc möglich

Wer noch?

#error #fail #AppleDown

4 weeks ago

-Perdonando demasiado al que yerra se comete injusticia con el que no yerra.

Baldassare Castiglioni

#Castiglioni #perdonar #error #injusticia #demasiado

4 weeks ago

Error in the RSS-Feed - Call to undefined method Joomla\CMS\Document\FeedDocument::addCustomTag()

The #RSS-Feed in this #Joomla Test-Blog shows an #error.

#RSS #Joomla #error

1 month ago

Cómo corregir error "tower_(cli).exceptions.TowerCLIError: failed to parse some of the extra variables"

#Ansible #AnsibleTower #automation #AWX #cfg #cli #config #DevOps #error

AWX Ansible tower_cli.exceptions.TowerCLIError: failed to parse some of the extra variables
1 month ago

Also ich bin wirklich überfragt. Was möchte er mir damit sagen?

#python #error

Brandon Horst
1 month ago
Mewe 香港娛樂
1 month ago


請支持娛壹Patreon | #CHILLCLUB年度組合 #銀獎 #ERROR #娛壹 | #MEWE香港娛樂


#ERROR 四子摘 #年度組合 銀獎,隊長Fatboy #梁業 表示多謝公司及魯金花,又多謝ToNick。DeeGor #何啟華 說:「我愛公司,時間有啲趕呀,我唔講喇,俾你講啦!」交咪保錡,保錡感謝何丙( #何秉舜 )為他們做了很多好聽的歌,又感謝經理人濟哥:「雖然佢仲有好多甩漏,但係我哋五年兄弟,好多謝佢,希望ViuTV可以加佢人工。多謝Wyman!」

#保錡 再向公司呼籲加濟哥人工,笑言:「因為貧窮限制咗佢嘅工作態度,希望加佢人工。」193 #郭嘉駿 亦感謝何丙,以及樂隊:「如果頭先唔係佢哋攞咗樂隊獎,我哋都攞唔到組合獎。」他笑謂希望來年增設獎項,「MIRROR除外組合獎」,說:「咁我哋就有機會攞金獎喇!大家都支持!我哋都唔阻住大家啦,交個台畀MIRROR啦!多謝!Bye Bye!」
1 month ago

Fehler bei der Museum für Kommunikation #berlin #error

White text on black screen with Windows error
Felipe 🛸
1 month ago

This instance going down and the message I was expecting to get in order to justify it... 🤪

#mastodon #error #graphics

Michael van Laar
1 month ago

Any VS Code experts here? I have a problem that I can't find any information about on the internet:

On one of my three computers, VS Code refuses to accept the “.” character since yesterday. Instead, I get the error message you see in the picture.

All plugins and settings are synchronized with the VS Code installations on the other two computers. And on neither computer do I have this problem.

I am at a loss. Does anyone have any ideas?

#Coding #Editor #VSCode #IDE #Bug #Error

VS Code error message when typing “.”

@pixelfed can you please check what constantly goes wrong on the servers and I can't use my account uploading photo. @L.Yo some days 1 photo some days 20 but it always ends in #oeps #error

@pixelfed @SChau @L.Yo

Unfortunately, today I uploaded 21 photos and got the #error again and can't #upload no more. So this #problem is not the max 100 photos.

Herr Jemineh 🛡️
1 month ago

@Gruener_Antifa #CSS und #PHP praktiziere ich seit Jahren nach dem Prinzip: try and error.

Leider häufig #error.

Paco Hope #BLM
1 month ago

This might be one of the dumbest #software #error messages I have ever seen. The software knew EXACTLY what I wanted to do. It knew EXACTLY how to do it. It CAN do it. But somehow it decided that, rather than execute the code that ⌘-V would execute, it wants to lecture me and tell me to press ⌘-V. This is just ridiculous. This is from Quip (

An error message entitled 'Paste' with the text "Paste is unavailable from the menu, but you can still use the keyboard shortcut."
1 month ago

Perhaps someone else would find this useful.

Setting up Nextcloud on Proxmox via the OVA image.

Used the instructions here which work great until...

Everything went smoothly until booting and getting stuck on "Booting from hard disk".

The solution was adding an UEFI disk and setting bios to UEFI.

Hopefully that helps someone else.

#nextcloud #SelfHosting #error #howtofix #proxmox

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from Thomas a Kempis:

He that avoideth not small faults, by little and little falleth into greater.

[Qui parvos non devitat defectus, paulatim labitur ad majora.]

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #error #fault #habit #incrementalism #sin #spiral #escalation

WIST Quotations
1 month ago

A quotation from Bible:

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just, and will forgive our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Full quote, sourcing, notes:

#quote #quotes #quotation #confession #error #forgiveness #imperfection #selfdeception #sin

1 month ago

Ayer decía:

-Es menos malo agitarse en la duda que descansar en el error.

Alessandro Manzoni

#duda #error #agitarse #descansar

1 month ago

We are all human and make the occasional #error - apart from the former #deputyPM of course

1 month ago

Those darn NaNs! I have never had the pleasure of meeting the elusive #infinity (probably because the applications I usually use just give me an #error). Thank you for the excellent graphic!

Solinvictus :verified:
1 month ago

incident reports, cloud spending, buy vs build, error rates, new tools, events. Highlights: SRE conference, infra as code, testing solutions, Go-Ruby app for speech recognition

#incidentManagement #incident #cloud #errorRate #error #tools #events #conference #iac #testing #golang #go

incident reports, cloud spending, buy vs build, error rates, new tools, events. Highlights: SRE conference, infra as code, testing solutions, Go-Ruby app for speech recognition
Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
2 months ago

I can't upload media from any device on #Mastodon lately. No photos, no videos, regardless of size. Tried my laptop, phone, and tablet, and nothing. Every time I get the error "Can't process thumbnail".

I tried to share a screenshot of the error but I can't upload media at all.

#help #mastodonhelp #error #errormessage #gamedev #indiedev #musician #musiciansofmastodon

Dear @pixelfed:

What am I supposed to do with this? post failed but you're going to give me absolutely no information on why it failed or what I should do to resolve it?



#AnUnexpectedError #oops #error #PixelFed

Sylvain G.
2 months ago

Jumping the Swift Package bandwagon is not so easy. Created a small iOS 16 package but now Xcode refuses to understand my regular expression. I wonder what I did miss here 🤔#SwiftPackage #xcode #swift #error

Swift package description file fragment. 

let package = Package(
name: "sgTimeZonePicker",
platforms: [ .iOS(.v16) ],
Code fragment with regular expression using slash syntax:

static let tzNameRegExp = 
/^([^\/] )(?:\/(. ))/

The compilation errors in panels:

- '/' is not a postfix unary operator
- Cannot call value of non-function type '()'
- Cannot find operator '/^' in scope
- Expected expression in list of expressions
- Expected expression path in Swift key path
Wesley Moore
2 months ago

@eschaton Interesting, thanks for the insight. While working on this I poked through the headers and tried a bunch of

#error it is set

for various symbols and as far as I could tell on Retro68 it was still hitting the code that set EXTERN_API to the branch that used the pascal attribute:

EXTERN_API(_type) extern pascal __declspec(dllimport) _type

I suppose I could try building without my trampolines and see if it works.

OverSoft :unverified:
3 months ago

ChatGPT is incredible, but it’s also JUST a language model.

It works off of derivatives of what it has been thought. An example of why this might be a problem is the following.

Let’s ask it to explain axiomatic proofs in the propositional logic system. In programmer words: how to prove that simple boolean logic expressions are correct with a set of known valid boolean expressions.

#ai #chatgpt #logic #experiment #error

Holland Albright ♫ 🌈
3 months ago

I seem to no longer be able to upload videos. I keep getting error "422 Error processing thumbnail for uploaded media". Is this across the server or is there a fix I can try on my end?

#mastodon #mastodonhelp #upload #error

amen zwa, esq.
3 months ago

To err is human. Mathematicians frequently makes mistakes in their proofs, accountants in their arithmetics, doctors in their diagnoses, lawyers in their arguments, engineers in their design calculations. Since errors in these fields have dire socio-economical consequences, each field has long established its own tradition of error prevention, through reviews by peers, supervisors, or regulators. Indeed, a practitioner who committed a serious malpractice would lose his ability to practice, perhaps even his property and liberty.

#SoftwareDevelopment, however, is different:
• We don't have a strong tradition of #error conscientiousness, like other fields do.
• We usually don't use mathematical proofs to identify and excise mistakes.
• We generally don't share our ideas with others, at least not in the formal way practitioners in other fields do.
• We often don't have a clue as to what we ought to do, but cater to whatever marketing wants at a particular moment.
• We almost never have adequate time to perform the task, even in those rare cases when we did know what we were supposed to do.
• We can't demand the appropriate tools for the work, but are obliged to use what our employer supplied.
• We don't have ethical rules by which we govern ourselves.
• We don't have regulations that govern our practice.
• We don't suffer the consequences of our mistakes, like practitioners in other fields do.


My biggest difficulty with linkers is… understanding their errors! I know I'm not alone.

That's why `weld` must be exemplary on errors, period.

Please welcome `weld-errors`,

What's new?

* Any error contains a code, a (formatted) message, and a help message,
* `weld` pretty prints those errors,
* `weld --explain <error_code>` gives detailed diagnostics,
* Automatic awesome documentation.

See the screenshots.

#RustLang #error #diagnostics #friendly #linker

A screenshot of a terminal, showing `weld` pretty printing an error, then showing the detailed diagnostics with `weld --explain`.
Example of how to declare an error with the `weld_errors::error!` macro.
Documentation of an error type generated with the `weld_errors::error!` macro. It contains links to diagnostics based on error codes!
Generated documentation that contains all the error diagnostics!
3 months ago

Getting this quite a bit today on #mastodon #error

Screen grab of error code 503 on
3 months ago

Genuinely how the fuck do you recover from an error like this?

Don't tell me how you happen to know, tell me what information someone who doesn't know the answer already would use from this error page to find a path to recovery.

#rails #error #developerexperience

Screenshot of a Ruby on Rails error page for "undefined method `to` for #<ActionView::Base" showing no useful stack trace, and no obvious hint to recover from the error.
Billy O'Neal
3 months ago

@olafurw this is unacceptable. The following would be ok:

#ifdef _WIN32
#error Windows is too slow, not supported

Don’t force someone to build you and potentially think something works only to explode cryptically on deployment.

3 months ago

So the book that I am reading has a glaring mistake (well, glaring for me and anybody living within the area of the Great Lakes). They messed up Lake Superior with Lake Michigan. And now I can't help but wonder what else could possibly be wrong.


#books #bookstodon #reading #GlaringMistake #error

TSM at Work
4 months ago

Your first reaction upon seeing red #error text in your #pipeline that runs your test cases against your code that was just deployed should not be to open a #trouble #ticket for me. Maybe it is a problem that I can solve. But you have to put in the effort to show me that it may actually be something for me to investigate. And you have to #ShowYourWork.

And just give us a #link to the failed run, not a #screenshot. It’s faster and easier for both of us.

4 months ago

Stream of all time, thank you everyone who dropped by~

(I wanted to upload a GIF, but no matter what resolution or dimensions I chose it says that Mastodon doesn't accept that resolution/dimension. Very weird.)

#mastoart #wario #stream #error

4 months ago

If nothing is working anymore in your #nextjs project and you see #Webpack #missing #module #error everywhere, get rid of some folders and reinstall the dependencies:

rm -fR .next node_modules
npm install

I just spend the last couple of hours to find out why my project was not working anymore after installing some dependencies… #cache for the win ❤️

#InstanceAdmin #error:
ERROR in ./app/javascript/mastodon/features/about/index.js
Module build failed (from ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib/index.js):
Error: /home/mastodon/live/app/javascript/mastodon/features/about/index.js: EACCES: permission denied, open 'build/messages/app/javascript/mastodon/features/about/index.json'

Ji Fu
4 months ago

Is there another #Element #Matrix web @app I can use? is throwing #error

"Your Element is misconfigured
Unexpected error resolving homeserver configuration"

4 months ago

I feel very uncertain about this cartoon, how deep does the uncertainty go?! #uncertainty #error #data

4 months ago

#error : a wandering or deviation from the right course or standard

- French: erreur

- German: der Fehler

- Italian: errore

- Portuguese: erro

- Spanish: error


Thank you so much for being a member of our community!

4 months ago

i updated the profil picture and logged out and in again as i was told. my followers can't see the changes or a picture 🖼️ #VivaldiSocial #Vivaldi #error

4 months ago

Do we really need Ruby stack traces to use a gigantic indentation for stack traces that makes it far more likely lines will wrap with no added cognitive benefit in parsing those lines?

#ruby #error #developerexperience

Screenshot of a Ruby stack trace with stack lines indented so far off the left side of the shell that several words wrap to the next line unnecessarily.

Oh, it was an ERROR, was it. 🙄

If you read further it says that the elaborate, draconian restrictions are already in place in other locations outside the U.S. And Netflix just didn't intend for us to see them YET. 😑

#Netflix #Error

Whoops. Server beached me!

#Spoutible #error


Error code 525

Visit for more information.

2023-02-01 17:58:24 UTC

You Browser: Working

Ashburn: Cloudflare Working Host Error

What happened?

What does the "can't verify CSRF token authenticity" #error mean when I'm trying to follow people back 😳

⠠⠵ avuko
4 months ago

My laptop just casually attained Nirvana.

#error or #nirvana

A picture of a computer BIOS battery information screen. The laptop’s BIOS confidently stated “Battery 00%, Not Installed”, and at the same time “AC Adapter = Not Installed.”

So, tell me laptop… how are you POWERED ON THEN?
4 months ago

Has anyone ever found a working solution for error 0x80070005 when trying to install Windows Updates? In this case on Windows 11, trying to install 22H2.

All the 'solutions' offered on fora and the Microsoft site do not work.

#Windows #Error #Update

Ryan Li
4 months ago

@khalidabuhakmeh Yes. The results of these two online editors are different. I just added the `#error` to check the C# versions of them.

But anyway, I am going to use in future. 😀

Code works in .NET Fiddle.
Code doesn't work in Online GBD.
Khalid ⚡
4 months ago

@jtr109 get rid of the #error at the top.

Sean O’Sullivan :tardis:
5 months ago
An error message in Outlook that says, “Two occurrences of Lunch cannot occur on the same day”.
Krystal Higgins
5 months ago

Error states can be great opportunities to #guide new users.
For example, if you head to #ChatGPT to try it out, but the servers are busy, the site will iterate through a series of prompts where ChatGPT writes about the delay. This allows people to see the range of things the #AI bot can do. At the same time, new folks are given an actionable way to deal with this state: they can choose to be notified when the tool is available again.
#useronboarding #uxdesign #error #design

Screenshot of ChatGPT "at capacity" screen, showing an actionable next step ("Get notified when we're back") as well as example content ("Write a poem about the status of ChatGPT")
Harlan Haskins
5 months ago

@dgregor79 _very_ cool to see #warning and #error expressible as macros!

Aral Balkan
5 months ago

If you get #SSL_ERROR_NO_CYPHER_OVERLAP (Firefox) or #ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH (Chromium) errors when calling https.createServer() in Node.js, you’ve got your options and listener order reversed in your method call. It should be options first, listener second.

(I’m actually working on generating certificate authorities/certificates so I was frantically searching the X.509 code for some obscure bug.)

My kingdom for parameter objects/named parameters.

#NodeJS #https #tls #ssl #error

Mark Needham
5 months ago
Paul - The Web Dev Guy
5 months ago

That moment when you go to record a video for a client demo, believing everything to be fine. And halfway through the recording...


#laravel #dev #devlife #error #500error #clients #demo #software

Maarten Stolte
6 months ago

that time in Germany #toilet #error👍

Toilet with screen that shows and error "Slave has no connection to a master! Rebooting..."

Anybody else getting a bunch of random 500 Server errors from @fosstodon when posting/favoriting? Even this post threw them until I refreshed a few times.

#fosstodon #error #bug

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
7 months ago

A very large error message.

#error #bitlocker #toronto #unionstation

(Alt: A bank of monitors at Union Station in Toronto with a Windows Bitlocker error spanning across them)

Rob Whiting 📓
7 months ago

A collection of resources for creating more helpful ⚠️ #Error messages and #Notifications.