17 hours ago

Created a case for my @olimex ESP32-C6-EVB using online (VERY cool!)

Quick rough print to check for hole positions. Going to print a slightly heavier duty version and spray with sealant to put out in the chicken coop to monitor the doors and such with #ESPHome and #HomeAssistant


An Olimex ESP32-C6-EVB board is sitting in a 3D printed project box, that's a bit rough looking, but perfect to check for fit and dimensions. It's sitting on a hobby cutting mat
2 days ago

Instead of assuming the components I want to drive from #esphome will be on the PCB itself, I'll throw in some connectors, and solderable "jumpers" to allow different configurations; 5V or 3.3V input comes to mind, for one thing. A footprint allowing different pin counts of connectors. A protoboard area with plenty of connections to power. Some circuitry for the actual intended use, which can be bypassed, etc.

2 days ago

Been a while without a Snarkhome update, so here comes a combo update for the Snarkhome, the Peppers and the Tweeds.

​:fire_heart:​ 🌶️ The peppers are fine. Reaper went back outside after the storm and started 2 more fucking death peppers, bringing the total to like 9. Fishie and the Bonnets are all inside under new lights, finishing off their harvests. I even figured out where to dry the rest of them without accidentally less-lethalling the entire house.

🤖 In smarthome upgrade news, not so much an upgrade as an angry, cursing replacement of complete trash. Since the last update, I've switched out all of the SwitchBot plugs. Fucking 3 of them went horribly terribly fire-startingly wrong. And did I mention they have no warranty? So now all the grow stuff for the tent, hydrotower, peppers, etc is being controlled by "Third Reality" Zigbee switches instead. ( They have been in for about a week and so far they Just Work. (Bonus, they haven't tried to burn down my house. Not even a little.)
🗣️ Since I needed a break from not burning down the house, I converted my notify actions to use for the common 'chime, talk, exit-chime' tasks. (Like when the Big Ear regains sight of the cat, it plays a fanfare instead of the normal attention chime before announcing his return and location.) There is some issue now where not all of the speakers go off reliably, but if I go back to targeting them in a group it works. ​:blobcatshrug:​ I'll just put the helper group back if it gets annoying.

​:ms_weed:​ Finally, the Tweeds are growing nicely. I did get that back corner somewhat under control yesterday, but it is still extra tall over there. It happens. They'll get defoliated with their next (and first) feeding, probably tomorrow. (They are on fresh happy frog, so no need for food yet.) This lovely weather has the windows open, so my tent climate control is mad at me but so long as it keeps up I don't care.
🤞 We're on day 24 of flower and all is well. #growyourownmedicine #cannabis #growyourown #tweeds #switchbot #weed #snarkhome #espcam #esphome #piper #homeassistant #smarthome #switchbot #bigear #zigbee #homelab

The same plantcam view as always. The plants have started poking through the lattice, and quite a few bud sites are visible onscreen, including several tops in the foreground.
Per the overlays, the stir fan is off. The exhaust fan has been on 100% of the past 3 hours, attempting to lower the humidity. A large new card on the right shows a dehumidifier in "Drying" mode, with a state of 73% and a target of 70%.

Jesse Hills released #ESPHome version 2023.9.0.

Cameron Bielstein
5 days ago

Took some time to set up #ESPHome and #HomeAssistant today. Just simple temperature and humidity monitoring to start.

This has been pretty fun, though! Looking forward to trying other integrations and automation.

Dave Smith
6 days ago

The #esp8266 is running a very simple #esphome config. Although I installed two relays, only one is connected. The config is simply

- platform: gpio
name: "PP Line"
id: charger_pp_line
number: D6
inverted: true
restore_mode: ALWAYS_OFF

Santiago Lema :amiga:
6 days ago

@kennergf @homeassistant I played with Arduino code & hardware previously and it’s amusing but #ESPHome is really what made it so much easier. You only code when you really need to, the rest is just defining what you want to connect. When you just want a button, a LED , a sensor and a relay , no need to reinvent the wheel each time.

1 week ago

@M4rkF I’ve used strips & other led lights like this with 4 or 5 wires (rgb + power or rgbw + power) all the time.

Cut the wires from the controller they come with and solder them to a esp32 dev kit, then use #esphome to bring them into #homeassistant

It’s a little more work, but it’s all local control once it’s done

1 week ago

After another day of hacking, I got this working.

I fixed the bug in #esphome earlier today and just now submitted the pull request:

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon determining the specifics of the protocol used by this remote with the help of my oscilloscope. I'm now at least able to turn this heater on and off from Home Assistant. :)

Picture is screenshot of the oscilloscope with reference of original remote and what esphome is producing, finally matching. :)

Screenshot of oscilloscope screen: Two identical but slightly vertically offset waveforms are shown. A blue one on bottom, which is the reference waveform, captured from the original remote. Mostly overlapping but slightly shifted up is a yellow waveform, showing what was captured from the esphome-connected infrared LED.
1 week ago

Spent most of my afternoon and late evening trying to debug a weird issue with infrared LED and receiver and #esphome; getting the scope out, and finally realising that for remote_transmitter.transmit_rc_switch_raw, esphome isn't actually modulating the signal. Not a weird hardware issue with my LED/sensor/esp32 board etc, but a bug in esphome 🙃

Guess I'll have a crack at fixing it in esphome myself tomorrow or something.

An electronics workbench containing a breadboard with esp32 stuff, multimeter, a small infrared remote for a heater, a disassembled TV remote, various small tools. There is an oscilloscope showing a yellow, mostly flat trace, and purple trace showing 2 and a half sequences of short pulses. A computer monitor shows a few windows: The largest is a github issue thread titled "remote.rc_switch supports IR receiving but not IR transmitting", further there is a window showing part of the YAML config for an esphome device, and a window with a Home Assistant configuration page on the controls the esphome device exposes (a list of buttons mirroring those on a remote).
2 weeks ago

Möglicherweise war #esphome in docker auf Windows ein Fehler. So lange kann es doch nicht dauern, auf einem i7-1165G7 zu kompilieren.

Andererseits tut zumindest schon einmal der Notfall-AP, so ganz verkackt habe ich mein Custom Board mit ESP32-C3-MINI-1 also auf jeden Fall nicht. Jetzt LEDs, RS485, EDL21 starten und es kann sogar eingesetzt werden.

Pretty simple build for this Hepa filter thing I found on Printables. The fans are 5v which I power from the on- board buck converter. But you can also use the USB-C port. Add a quick lil ESPHome config and she’s in Home Assistant.

I used a lil MOSFET board (not-shown… it’s inside) but you could use a relay. I’ll make it prettier eventually. lol.

#maker #diy #automation #homeassistant #esphome #esp32 #arduino #electronics #raspberrypi #vdbx #usbc

A closer look at the top of the item with a PCB taped to it
A 3d printed rectangular shape with two conical holes and some grating on the front. Embosse in one part is the word “hepa”

I love that I can set up custom firmware loaders on my website. I just made a page for custom ESPHome and WLED builds. Still have some work to do, but I’m glad I was able to do this before launch.

#esphome #wled #maker #homeassistant #automation #esp32

3 weeks ago

Zisternenfüllstandsensor \o/ #m5stack #homeassistant #esphome

Ein Ultraschallsensor angeschlossen an ein M5 Atom ESP32 Entwicklerboard

And here's the finished product, mounted near the front door (and piggybacking on an outside light to provide the power). Everything is working great with #HomeAssistant.

I also found NFC tags in the form of buttons! These should come in handy 😊

#homeautomation #makers #nfc #rfid #esphome

Showing an RFID reader mounted to a brick wall, below an outside light.
Showing a black clothing button that also happens to be an NFC tag.

The somewhat finished product 😅

I also included a buzzer to provide feedback on (in)valid tag scans.

#homeautomation #homeassistant #esphome #makers

Showing the guts of a home made RFID tag scanner.
3 weeks ago

Wanna know what LEO is doing nearby? Me too.

#snarkhome #bigear uses #ble heavily. I think I am going to build some more interesting listeners this winter. (I'm disenchanted with pure #homeassistant + #esphome as a framework. Maybe raw mqtt..)

I am also having more and more trouble saying "I don't need a ham license" with a straight face.

#defcon31 #snoopuntothem @dataparty

Using a bit of a guerrilla setup to hook up an dual-frequency RFID tag reader to a Seeed Xiao ESP32C3 board.

Surprisingly, the tag reader works with 5V, which just made my life a lot easier! It speaks the Wiegand protocol, so with the Xiao running #ESPHome I'll soon have it hooked up to #HomeAssistant.

Tag reader here:

#makers #diy

Showing an RFID tag reader connected with some clamp wires to a Seeed Xiao ESP32 board.
Kevin P. Fleming
3 weeks ago

If you're an ESPHome user *and* an InfluxDB OSS (not Cloud) user, and have wanted the ability to easily (and directly) push sensor data from ESPHome to InfluxDB without going through Home Assistant... my latest project may be of interest to you.

It's an ESPHome 'external component' which does exactly that. I've got it running on 28 ESPHome devices (Sonoff S31s, Shelly 3EMs, and various ESP32 devices) and it's working well... but it's still early and doesn't have documentation or example configs yet. If you find interesting, you can follow along at, or ask questions here on the Fediverse. I'll get docs written this weekend.

#ESPHome #InfluxDB

John @The 3D Room
3 weeks ago

Had my first ever #Sonoff basic failure today - device is over 5 years old. Thought it was a failed #ESPHome OTA update but even after re-flashing, it would not connect to wifi.
I've lost count of how many Sonoff Basics I have but it's over 40 so they are still the most reliable wifi switches I have used, with the highest longevity.

I finally got tired at having to do 30 x 3 clicks, whenever there's a new #ESPHome release.
So here's a #HomeAssistant script that calls update.install on all ESPHome devices with updates available:

3 weeks ago

Pfusch? Wieso Pfusch?!
#esphome #homeassistant

Bedienpanel einer sehr alten Waschmaschine. Neben dem Start-Button klebt ein billiger Modellbau-Servo, der Plastikarm endet genau über dem Knopf. Im hontergrund sieht man Kabelverhau, und mit viel Phantasie ein ESP D1 Mini board.
Crunchy Flakes
4 weeks ago

Today’s build: IR receiver/sender device based on esphome to re-use those 100 unused buttons on my audio receiver remote to control kodi. It can send IR signals to turn on my projector and switch all inputs for “cinema-mode” which dims lights, turns on everything, etc. when pausing the movie: lights dim up a bit 🙂 activating cinema mode works via siri or by scanning an nfc tag on the coffee table. #homeAutomation #homeAssistant #espHome

1 month ago

Made this string of addressable LED unicorns out of a bunch of Wilko unicorn solar lights, a WS2811 12V LED string, a DC-DC converter and an ESP32.

The only problem is I have fifty LEDs, but only thirty unicorns. Clearly I need to get more unicorns.

Also, yes, they are all extremely gay.

#ledstring #electronics #unicorns #pride #esphome #FastLED

A bunch of WS2811 unicorns showing the 6-colour Pride flag
A bunch of WS2811 Unicorns showing the Trans Pride flag
A bunch of WS2811 Unicorns showing the Pan Pride flag
Some WS2811 Unicorns lit up in white
LED Patrick🚥
1 month ago

Prepared a new Halloween prop yesterday night. 🎃 This smart speaker runs on 12V and will be placed in my mailbox next to my doorbell. If someone actives the chime 🔔it will make spooky sounds to scare the guests 👻

It's controlled by the #esphome media component and #homeassistant

Can't wait to see this in action 🤓

#diy #halloween

Speaker front
Speaker rear
Internals top
Internals bottom
1 month ago

impressed, by the ease of flashing an #esphome firmware in one simple line on #nixos !

1 month ago

“No don’t close the hallway door, I won’t be able to hear the washing machine beep!”

This sounds like a problem that can be solved with #HomeAssistant and a power monitoring plug… now to find a Zigbee or #ESPHome plug small enough

Kyle Gordon
1 month ago

I'm fiddling with a dead Philips Pronto TSU9400, and it looks to have potential as a lovely, but outdated, device.

I wish that some enterprising individual or company would make a remote powered by an
#ESP32, with a nice touch screen interface, IR emitter, Pronto style dock, and Wifi. #esphome already supports all of the above.

Flashable with replacement firmware if desired, it would blend the network functionality and IR functionality of all remotes into one, and be futureproofed by the very nature of being COTS hardware.

1 month ago

Lunchbreak debugging: #esphome's #pipsolar integration stopped controlling my solar inverter. I figured I'd broken something.
Actually someone pushed a change to ESPHome which subtly broke CRC calculation for the POP (set output priority) command.

Send POP00 (utility power), it works. POP01 (solar only), it's fine too. POP02 (solar and battery)? Nah, CRC is wrong.


Because someone at Voltronic decided you can't have 0Ah, 0Dh or 28h bytes in the CRC, so you add 1 to them.

Jeremy, aka Jaharmi
1 month ago

Due to a recent multi-day power outage, I’m interested in refrigerator/freezer temperature monitoring. I would prefer battery powered wireless sensors that are compatible with ESPHome / Home Assistant. I also want a separate battery-backed or -powered display that reads the sensors if the power is out.

#HomeAssistant #ESPHome #temperature #sensor #wireless #display #battery

John @The 3D Room
1 month ago

If you are in the UK and are looking for a nice tidy way to deploy #ESPhome Bluetooth proxies or #ESPresense nodes, I've got your back!

STL files available on @cults3d :

Printed versions available on our website:

#3DPrinting #homeassistant

Image showing a UK USB charger connected to an ESP32 nodemcu board using a short cable. This is mounted in a white 3D printed case and designed to be used as a Bluetooth proxy or ESPresence node.
Image showing a UK USB charger connected to an ESP32 nodemcu board using a short cable. This is mounted in a white 3D printed case and designed to be used as a Bluetooth proxy or ESPresence node.
3D printed case for a D1 Mini ESP32 board, and Amazon 5 watt charger. Plugged into a UK double power socket.
3D printed case for an ESP32 Nodemcu or D1 Mini ESP32 board, and Amazon 5 watt charger. Plugged into a UK double power socket.
Debarko ☑️
1 month ago

Setup a #tuya based smart socket today with home assistant. The local vendor had a locking which blocked me from attaching to tuya cloud but then registering with tuya smart app made it visible on the #iot dashboard.

Next up flashing it with #esphome :ablobcatrave:

Táta Geek
1 month ago

Už dlouho jsem měl připravené měření množství vody ve studni a dával to postupně dohromady. Teď už to vypadá, že jsem opravil / vyfiltroval občasné chyby měření.
Jsme na dovolené, ráno a večer spíná kapková závlaha. Všechno běží podle plánu.

Just hit a 10w load on my FLIP-C3 for several minutes!!!! Working to set it up for a longer run and check temps. PCB was def too hot to touch but I'm not really surprised.

Did confirm today that I'm unable to get a USB connection when the buck is being used. I'd like to figure this out, but I'm not sure it's a blocking feature. Gotta release at some point and I'm pretty sure I'm about to be sending out a small pre-pro batch.

#diy #maker #oshw #esphome #homeassistant #automation

a variable bench power supply with a keypad and a large color display shows 19.99v @ 0.50A equaling about 9.99w - in front of it is a spool of LED fairy lights at full brightness with a FLIP-C3 module on top.
Gorgeous na Shock!
1 month ago

I finally got a PWM H-bridge board & had some time to tinker with this... I've got it in #esphome using the esp32 LEDC PWM unit... The motor has the markings below, & the original power supply seems to be giving off ~12-18V DC. When I vary the speed in Home Assistant, the fan physically spins up to as high as it will go for a few seconds before stopping for a few minutes. It refuses to spin in reverse if I reverse the wires.

Beginning to suspect this is a universal motor or something weird...

Label on the side of a motor, reads:

T00120001     1705
Kevin P. Fleming
2 months ago

PEP-0572 (assignment operator, also known as the walrus operator) is landing in ESPHome 🙂

I think I may have started this when I used it in a rewrite of the Airthings Wave components. It's such a nice addition to the Python language!

#Python #ESPHome

Still waiting for a friend who is helping me write code for the new opamp/adc IC for current sensing to test this. I'm driving over to her place this weekend for a hack day even tho she's gotten most of it done... she just doesn't have hardware in hand. #diy #smallbusiness #victron #vdbx #offgrid #homeassistant #esphome #flipc3 #pwrtool

Also quick shot of a FLIP-C3 reading the Daly BMS's UART - gotta clean this shit up.

A battery compartment with thick wires running between terminal bus bars and two shunts. There is a BMS and FLIP-C3 prototype in the foreground.
2 months ago

Hey #HomeAssistant folks what do we like for smart plugs these days?

Preference would be something with #ESPHome or compatibility with #Tasmota. Otherwise, main requirement would be ability to monitor power.

I also have good #Zigbee and #ZWave networks though if theres something you really like with those protocols.

Wolfgang Tremmel
2 months ago

And deployed it. On the lower right the old display.

Information visible:
- next sunset
- moon phase
- car is parked on the right from the house
- 3d printer is at 68%
- me and my wife are both home
- last display update was at minute 54
- 3 windows are open
- Temperature outside at two places
- air pressure
- its cloudy and todays rainfall
- there is an emergency message from NINA for the area

Running #ESPhome with #HomeAssistant as back end.

It's 16MB so I'm not gonna upload it directly, but here's a quick short video of it being used with the default software. The screen is actually better quality by far than my camera wanted to record x3

#ESP32 #ESPHome #HomeAssistant

Picked up one of these from a discount store for $12, it's a pair of them...I did not realize they're ESP32-powered! Holy crap! That's awesome! AND support LoRA! Way cool!

Gonna see about making it work with @homeassistant somehow via @esphome ^.^ #HomeAssistant #ESPHome #DIY #ESP32

Box labeled 'STEM starter kit' with description that it contains two beginner-friendly walkie-texties for messaging.
Photo of the device PCB, showing it has an ESP32 module (labeled with a brain icon) and a LoRA module (labeled with a radio icon).
Christopher M0YNG
2 months ago

Whilst failing to find a micro SD car reader I did find a little bag of what I thought were #bme280 sensors that read temperature, humidity, and pressure.
Apparently I'd failed to get these working before as a couple has wires soldered on.

So I solder it together with an #esp8266 and install #espHome and it fails to recognise the sensor saying it has the wrong ID. Turns out they are #bmp280 which do temperature and pressure only.

Less useful but now I have another temperature sensor!

Esp8366 in clear heat shrink showing the tiny wires looped around so the bmp280 can stick out at 90 degrees.
Kyle Gordon
2 months ago I think this is absolutely the sort of shit behaviour we should expect from the big players. They will for sure do nefarious behaviour on home networks if it gives them the chance to profile users more.

I'd never heard of raguard, but it's next on my list when I get home.

I have some Amazon Echo devices, mainly for voice support within
#homeassistant, but not only are they becoming more and more crap, they are soon to be superseded by #homeassistant native voice support. I intend on playing seriously with some #esphome voice gear this year and then chucking out the Amazon garbage.

Michal :verified: :btw:
2 months ago

It's alive!

My DIY outdoor weather sensor based on #esp32, #solar panel, #tp4056 battery charger with #lipo battery, #sht30 as the temperature+humidity sensor, #bh1750 as the light intensity sensor, and a voltage divider to monitor the battery voltage. All values are being collected by #esphome running on the esp32 and sent to my #homeassistant running on a raspberry pi.

Now to find a reasonable case for this and throw it somewhere in the garden within the reach of wifi...

The whole setup on a table, with Odroid Go serving as the "on-the-go serial monitor" to view the logs.
Wolfgang Tremmel
2 months ago

New toy - EPaper display for my #HomeAssistant setup. Running #ESPhome on a esp32s3.

Code is public and can be found here:

Epaper display showing three temperatures, and some other information

I’m on that "I just got a 3D printer and now I'm using it for everything" streak, so I just printed a holder for my #ESPHome powered water meter sensor.

#homeautomation #homeassistant

Showing a 3D printed holder to attach an inductive sensor to a Sensus 620 water meter.
3 months ago

#hydrotower update: it's #cucumber mating season and the teenage cucumber is rebelling. (Half an hour ago it was curled around the trellis.) One female flower fertilized, waiting on more to open. (Lots of boys though.)

Turns out my #cilantro is happy but has aphids :( We dumped the harvest and will wait for it to grow back, maybe in time for #TacoFriday.

#Basil has grown above the top so we have a natural spot to eat from. And my mystery seed is #romainelettuce! Not sure how it got swapped but it's happy too.

Pic: a horny teen flips us off

#hydroponics #3dprinting #homeassistant #esphome #esp32 #snarkhome #smarthome

A cucumber vine with wide leaves climbs past a plastic frame. A tendril sticks out away
3 months ago

@mharleydev if you can configure #wled you can configure #esphome 😸

3 months ago

To clarify a bit, the reason I don't argue with #stalebot more than once is simple: Filing a good bug report is hard work. (I'm not referring to feature requests, although those can be hard work too.)

A project that uses #stalebot invariably accumulates tons of valid but closed bugs. A few of them will get accidentally fixed, but most remain real and get lost. (A closed bug looks fixed, so users tend to open a new one.) This feeds the "need" for stalebot because "omg too many bugs!" even though they are just noise generated by stalebot to begin with.

Back to #esphome: Why should I spend at least 30 mins searching their junk pile, plus at least an hour of gathering logs, experimenting, etc?

The humans involved will never look at it, and eventually their robotic receptionist will tell me to go away. I refuse to put more effort into this than they do.

#esphome #github #stalebot #homeassistant #bugs #bugreports #snr #qa

3 months ago

Today's total pile of horse dookie is courtesy frequent-flyer #ESPhome. The latest release completely broke #BLE (and by extension, my #bigear)

Weirdly, #homeassistant can still "see" the tags, with it's broken distance calculation (weighted average?) and useless "source" field.

I'd file a bug but I am not arguing with #stalebot again. (And even their humans are not great.)

#homeautomation #snarkhome #esp32 #ibeacon

3 months ago

#esphome ified my fan. 😄

The nice thing about the sonoff basic is that it's a wifi relay that is small enough to build _into_ things.

So after a meager 90min of dremeling, wiring and glueing: voila! 💨

A #homeassistant switched fan that looks as nice as before and plugs into the outlet with just a small cable instead of an oversized wifi outlet.

#projects #diy #homeautomation

The inside and underside of the fan. The sonoff basic fits neatly inside including the whole case. Which is great because I can glue it in place like that.
The finished desk fan. Works just like before, but has a hidden wifi relay inside now
The hidden button of the sonoff basic.
The sonoff next to the ballgear for the fan rotation, before I cut off the sonoff's case edges
Mike Wren
3 months ago

@zrail that is is brilliant. Right up there with #HomeAssistant sending a snarky message to the kitchen Sonos speaker when an #ESPHome module with air quality monitor exceeds a 200ppm of PM2.5 “burned dinner again, did ya?”

So, what I actually did was switching the firmware of my "RF Bridge" from #Tasmota to #ESPHome.

There's nothing wrong with Tasmota, but it's the only Tasmota device I had while I have more ESPHome powered controllers, and one of the key features of ESPHome is centralized management - I figured I'd replace that one single-use piece of software with another one that's part of my tech stack anyways.

I have no clue what went wrong with the upgrade, It's absolutely possible this was a #Layer8Problem.

Now, what I didn't anticipate is how much more value I'd be able to get out of the device due to ESPHome's customizability.

3 months ago

With the recent air quality issues, decided to finally get this done and another #HomeAutomation project in the books and connected to #HomeAssistant with #ESPHome .

#ESP32, PMSX003, powersupply and a custom designed and 3D printed mount and screen guard.

(yes I know it's slight askew, will fix it tomorrow when not as dark and buggy)


Project box, with an ESP32, PMSX0003, power converter and a custom mount. The project box is open so you can see the insides.
Project box mounted slightly askew under the eve of a chicken coop to monitor air quality
Home Assistant Air Quality card with 1.0, 2.5 and 10 pm aquality
Kyle Gordon
3 months ago

Dear lazyweb #makers I am looking for recommendations for a UK wireless smart plug, preferably ESPHome compatible, that can sustain 10Amps or higher, and probably a fairly high startup surge. It's for my 2.2Kw air compressor...

#homeassistant #homeautomation #esp8266 #esphome

Charlie Owen
4 months ago

I’ve FINALLY got my little weather station built on #ESPhome up and running. It has taken months to get something that is waterproof AND has external sensors AND allows in atmosphere for sampling AND doesn’t permit the heat from the ESP32 to throw off the values.

This (not so) little thing gives values on lux, pressure, temperature, and humidity, as well as sensing how heavy any rainfall is.


A beige box with attached sensors, on an outside balcony.
A beige box with attached sensors.
IT News
4 months ago

DIY 3D Printed Rain Gauge Connects To Home Assistant - Measuring local rainfall has real practical uses, especially in agriculture, but m... - #microcontrollers #weatherstation #homeassistant #homehacks #esphome #esp32

5 months ago

@ShakataGaNai I have a couple Shelly Button 1s that work pretty good. They are Wifi & rechargeable. Haven’t tried flashing #esphome on them since they do what I need out of the box & have a HA integration already

Jon :donor: :verified_paw:
5 months ago

Anyone using #homeassistant have recommendations for a cheap battery operated button? Preferably not zigbee (since I don't use it for anything else). Something prebuilt running #ESPHome would be just grand

5 months ago

Hi there, dear curious being!

You can find me under the names of sowa (Polish for owl) or sowi (short version for hard-for-non-Polish sowiszcze). I avoid using my given name. I use he/his/him pronouns generally. I'm from #Poland, so I know #Polish (#polski) as my native tongue, but use #English way more often, at least on the Internet. I'm learning #Finnish (#suomi) using tools like #Duolingo.

My wife and I have been taking care of #bunny (well, plural should be here) for many years and currently, I'm a #bundad of four #rabbit(s). I can tell you quite a lot about them and show you a lot of their #photos. I love #parrots, too (and #birds in general).

I like a good #Meme or #DadJoke. If you saw sowa on #Imgur or sowiszcze on #reddit - that was me. Also, #DarkHumor is in my domain, since I'm a #Millennial hahaha.

I'm into all things #Pokémon. This includes #Nintendo #Switch #games, #PokémonGO, #PokémonMastersEX, and #collecting #TCG #cards. I foster a small local #community of PGO players, treating #Discord as the main place of operation. I like(d) attending PGO #GOFest and #SafariZone. I've also been involved in #TheSilphRoad for a few years now.

If it runs on #electricity, it's probably a #hobby of mine. Biggest of them being, in no particular order: #IoT and #SmartHome (#HomeAssistant, #ESPHome), #SelfHosting, #PCBuilding, #3DPrinting, #3DModeling. Of course, I picked an #IT related career, so I'm a #SoftwareEngineer. I play #games on #NintendoSwitch, #Playstation, and sometimes #PC. I prefer #IndieGames or relaxing ones.

I can occasionally #vent about stuff, #driving being my main source of anger. On that note, I can be considered #neurodivergent because of my #depression and #anxiety. I try and advocate for the improvement of #MentalHealth everywhere.

Other notable hobbies of mine include #refurbishing, #reusing, #upcycling, #scrum, #agile, #dotnet, #csharp, #electronics, #diy, #fixing, #fiddling, #technology, #fantasy, #NordicMythology, #music, #Szczecin, #tinnitus, #cooking, #baking, #photography

5 months ago

I've added a screen to my #aquarium showing the temperature and the ppm using #esphome and a Pico W!

Aquarium with small screen in top-left corner
Close up of the small 0.9inch screen in top-left corner of the aquarium showing the temperature and ppm

Geeky about @homeassistant #HomeAssistant and forever lost down that rabbit hole. Have done some tinkering with #WLED and #ESPHome, but I’m a total newb there.

Always open to questions.

(#Introduction: 2/2)

Jazzed up my Ikea peg board with #HomeAssistant, a NodeMCU and #esphome 🌈🌈🌈

IKEA peg board with rainbow LED strip behind it.
6 months ago

If your #github project uses #stalebot you are being actively hostile to your community and should stop it.

I'm looking at you, #esphome, and the 4 (at least!) identical bugs indicating problems with esp_touch that were all closed by stalebot. Some of them were reproduced and started discussion and debugging before being closed.

Auto-closing is for #support requests, not #bug reports. Bugs don't magically disappear just because you ignore them.

6 months ago

If your #github project uses #stalebot you are being actively hostile to your community and should stop it.

I'm looking at you,
#esphome, and the 4 (at least!) identical bugs indicating problems with esp_touch that were all closed by stalebot. Some of them were reproduced and started discussion and debugging before being closed.

Auto-closing is for
#support requests, not #bug reports. Bugs don't magically disappear just because you ignore them.

6 months ago

New blog post: Integrated our air conditioners into #HomeAssistant with #ESPHome and a light bit of equipment hacking to integrate it tidily.

Details and good photos included.


Composite of 3 photos: An inside unit of an air-conditioning system, The handheld remote controller for that unit, and an assortment of electronics involved in modifying the AC unit. The last image has the logos of Home Assistant and ESPHome overlaid.
7 months ago

@jfparis What exactly can you do with #ESPhome and curtains? I'm saving up for a few #switchbot devices to plug into my #Homeassistant setup. I'm just sad that the #Xbox integration no longer seems to recognize if you're playing media currently or not. I would have loved to make the curtains close when we started playing something and then oen again afterwards!

Tonight, the curtains are getting "smarter"
#EspHome #HomeAssistant

Brian Jackson
7 months ago

My first working version of turning a touch sensor into an LED control panel using #esphome and an #adafruit TSC2007 touch sensor controller! It’s currently backed with some temporary pencil scribbles, but it can control hue, brightness, and white color temperature. Next up is a proper backer for the buttons and sliders, and then 3D printing an enclosure for it! #diy #maker #HomeAutomation #HomeAssistant #arduino

7 months ago

My Ulanzi Pixel Clock arrived today. Got it working with #HomeAssistant via #EspHome with EsphoMatrix.
Just simple stuff at the moment, lots of exploring to do on this but it's going to be fun.

A Pixel Clock showing Mastodon followers
7 months ago

I'm working on a #ESPHome sensor in #HomeAssistant that is battery powered and has a momentary switch (binary_sensor) I want to read.

Because it's battery powered, I am using the Deep Sleep function to get maximum life out of it. The switch wakes it up and it connects to Home Assistant to report the switch state.

The issue I have is that the time taken to wake up, connect to WiFi and talk to Home Assistant is much much longer than the momentary switch is pushed for. So by the time it's connected, it reports the state as off.

Is there something obvious I'm missing? Can the ESP report that it was woken by pin interrupt (as opposed to timer wakeup) that I should be reading?

Over the weekend, I converted my garden monitoring microcontroller from #MicroPython to #ESPHome.

The controller is a M5StickC-Plus with a temperature, humidity, air pressure sensors, and IR thermometer attached via I²C. The button on the front records the timestamp when plant food is added. #HomeAssistant adjusts the LCD backlight automatically using a nearby motion sensor.

Firmware is on Github:

#project #projects #gardening #microcontroller #esp32

A collection of plants, including rosemary, scallions, chives, and cherry tomatoes being monitored by a microcontroller. The controller is displaying 27% humidity.
Various sensors from a microcontroller being displayed in a Home Assistant dashboard
9 months ago

Today is another #esp32 #microcontroller adventure. I just don't like the existing apps, and #esphome still can't stream (it only provides the <=1fps idle snapshot rate.)

I should also clean up and submit my added camera prefs to the #RTSP repo soon.

Is this what it feels like to be excited about a project? Been a while.

Any #recommendations from the collective for #camera management that isn't #zoneminder?

Bonus attachment: a #cardinal at a #birdfeeder, as seen from an #esp32cam painters-taped to a window. Lots of camera and focus adjustments to do still.
TW: it's about 5 degrees off from level. I have no intention of fixing it. Eventually I need to design a more permanent, adjustable suction cup mount.

Red cardinal on a small feeder hanging in front of a suburban street
9 months ago

Did I show you my @somafm launcher? Just put a card on the reader, and let the magic happen. (built with #esphome and #homeassistant)

Andrew Litschner :verified:
9 months ago

Firstly, I wanted to get a better handle on how much #energy we use. I've got a couple of #esphome powered HA Glow devices monitoring incoming energy, and using this information to calculate how much we're exporting back to the grid (not much 😬). We've been wanting to add a #battery or generator as a backup power supply. After a few long blackouts this past year, we wanted that security. Having an idea of how many amp's were pulling at any one time helps us plan for what size unit to buy.

Andrew Litschner :verified:
9 months ago

A couple of projects I've been working on recently (a thread).

I'm aiming to move as many of my devices to local control as possible. Removing dependence on the cloud, and taking ownership of my data is a priority.

#homeassistant #homeautomation #projects #esphome #valetudo

Back in May I picked up a few of these Adafruit MagTags. They are a small (2.9 inch) e-ink display with an ESP32-S2 on the back, plus a few sensors. Originally I wrote something to query the Grafana API and plot the graphs (left magtag). More recently I realised it would make sense to run ESPHome on these instead. I haven't got greyscale working yet but it's nice to have the benefits of Home Assistant integration.

#HomeAssistant #ESPHome

My original MagTag setup, which queries the Grafana API.
New setup which uses ESPHome integration.
Theo Salvo
9 months ago

@CrowderSoup @homeassistant I recently played with #esphome and the integration with #homeassistant. I buy what I can first, integrate with HA, but if that doesn’t work then I build it and integrate using ESPHome.
Just published this on my blog as well.

9 months ago

Hello Mastodon!

#introduction time! ESPHome is a tool that makes managing your ESP8266/ESP32/Pi Pico W boards the easiest possible.

It creates custom firmware for your #ESP8266 / #ESP32 / #PiPicoW devices using simple configuration files. No programming skills are needed to get started with ESPHome.

Supporting a wide range of sensors that can be monitored and controlled via home automation systems like @homeassistant

#ESPHome #HomeAssistant #OpenHome #HomeAutomation

Brian Wigginton
10 months ago

I spent the afternoon building a little temp sensor for my #homelab using a #ESP8266 #Wemos D1 mini and #BMP280 temp sensor. #ESPHome made it a breeze to get the board configured and pushing data to #Influxdb so I could chart it in #grafana.

Eventually I'd like to get this running off a #LiFePO4 battery, and maybe onto a PCB. Would love to have these all over the house.

How hot does your homelab run?


Screenshot of a Grafana dashboard showing a temperature guage and line graph. The temperature is rising into the yellow warning zone on the line graph since temperatures are greater than 89 deg F. Overlaid on top of the screenshot is a photo of a breadboard circuit with the D1 Mini and BMP280 sensor wired together.