Paula Whyman
7 hours ago

Also this is the journal's 3rd Notable essay in 3 years! Yay Scoundrel Time!

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Paula Whyman
7 hours ago

Exciting news--an essay from Scoundrel Time literary journal has been recognized as "Notable" in the 2023 Best American Essays edited by Vivian Gornick. The essay, "A Thousand Times More than a Thousand Times More: a Working Class Boy Surveys the Altitudes of American Money" by David Engelhardt, is about trying to straddle two worlds.

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14 hours ago

"Familiar and unbearable. In this awful and bewildering and relentless city, I am beginning to feel once again like I am in purgatory. What if the closest place, the underside of your own skin, is also the most unbearable?" —Wiam El-Tamami for @grantamag

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I stopped sharing songs here because I've been struggling to see the value in the time I was spending doing that.

I don't know if I'll go back to scheduling a song a day anytime soon, but today I want to share a cut I've come back to dozens of times since I first heard it earlier this year:

Why Socialism by Albert Einstein (edited for length)" by Hobo Johnson

"I've now reached the point where I may indicate briefly what, to me, constitutes the essence of the crisis of our time. It concerns the relationship of the individual to society. The individual has become more conscious than ever of his dependence upon society. But he has not experienced this dependency as a positive asset, as an organic tie, as a protective force, but rather as a threat to his natural rights, or even his economic existence. Moreover, his position in society is such that his egotistical drives of his makeup are constantly being accentuated, while social drives, which are by nature weaker, progressively deteriorate. All human beings, whatever their position in society are suffering from this process of deterioration. Unknown, only prisoners of their own egotism, they feel insecure, lonely, and deprived of the naïve, simple, and unsophisticated enjoyment of life. Man could find meaning in life, short and perilous as it is, only through devoting himself to society."
fuck yeah
Einstein's problem
Ayo, hella fuckin' hard, even he couldn't solve 'em
Boy, Einstein's problem
Boy, that's Einstein's problem
emphasis added by me

For those interested, here's
a link to Einstein's full essay in Monthly Review

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Dominik Alexander
1 day ago

Endlich konnte / durfte die 75. Vorstellung der "Alten Meister" in den "Alten Meistern" stattfinden. Doch es war die eine Pause, die noch nie so lang war, die mich dabei am meisten berührte.

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4 days ago


in this essay & video, we discuss #DragonQuest Monsters (GBC) and tie it into #AnimalRights; covering not only the game itself but the ethics of #FactoryFarming and eating meat (death ethics).

i also learned how to chapterize YouTube videos, so there are chapters now for people who just want to hear about the game or the animal rights stuff, etc.

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terry marches animals and monsters to the slaughter house, the words KILL ALL MONSTERS is over the image
Bryan Beal
5 days ago

"Cyberpunk?" - I actually have something to say about something important. Check out a rarity! It might even be coherent!

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Texas Observer Lives!
1 week ago

“Diversity and inclusion in #journalism isn’t radical; it is at the core of what we do.”

MORE: TXO Editor-in-Chief @gabrielarana reflects on the rise of a new era of McCarthyism at #Texas public universities, and what it means for the future of higher #education and freedom of speech ...

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The Amaliaville Horror
1 week ago

Die neue Ausgabe des queerfeministischen #Phantastik-Magazins Queer*Welten ist ein Themenheft und handelt von #Hexen, unter anderem mit einem #Essay und #Kurzgeschichten. Das Magazin erscheint Ende Oktober 2023 im Amrûn Verlag und kann ab sofort vorbestellt werden. Von mir gibt es darin einen #Zauberspruch und eine #Gastrezension.
Alle weiteren Details auf dieser Seite:

Das Cover ist von Alissa.
🔮 🧙‍♀️ ✨

Auf dem Magazin befindet sich eine Illustration mit drei Personen und einer Katze. Alle drei haben die Augen geschlossen und halten sich an den Händen. Rauch steigt auf dekorative Weise auf.
Margarete Rosalind
2 weeks ago

🔴 #China #internet #trip #chats #firewall #spyware #indonesia #pacific👀
Very good & alarming #essay by Indo-Pacific News - Geo-Politics & Defense News
"Foreign tourists are going to feel the difference and from what I read in #blogs travelers are basically saying: Don't travel to China unless you have a very good reason."

Christina Dongowski
2 weeks ago

"Perhaps the governments of the Western world are useless on climate because the very thought of catastrophe is so at odds with the idea of earthly power." from: Jacqueline Rose, The Plague, p. 122
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2 weeks ago

the #essay in question is: "Infinite Promise: Xenosaga II and Eminence"
written by my BFF @numeracy

Margarete Rosalind
2 weeks ago
very interesting sight from a young #Chinese girl living now in N.Y. recapitulating the terror from 9/11 USA and how it was seen by people in #China in her childhood.
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나의 경우에는 초기값과 재능이 따로 노는 경향이 있다. 거의 반비례한다고 볼 수도 있겠다. 그래서 초기값이 높은 분야와 재능이 높은 분야가 갈리는데, 생각해보면 결국 후자를 쫒게 되는 것 같다.

나는 스스로의 성장이 보이지 않는 영역은 쉽게 그만두는 경향이 있다. 흥미를 못 느낀다고 해야 하나. 그 어떤 동기부여도 "나 자신의 성장을 느끼는 것"보다 효과적이지 않다. 무능에 가까웠던 분야에서 조금씩 성장하여 봐줄 만한 수준이 되어가는 과정은 나 자신을 설레게 한다. 노력 가성비가 좋은, 그러니까 재능이 있는 분야는 그렇지 않은 분야에 비해 그 성장이 눈에 띄게 크기 때문에 난 나의 재능을 쫒는다.

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2 weeks ago

These are all lines from a #TotallyScrapped #Essay

Posting here simply for #PRESERVATION

Steven Saus [he/him]
2 weeks ago

From 12 Sep: The Impotent Whining Of Privilege - It’s not fair. So use your privilege to do something about it. #bigot #diversity #essay #ethics #feminism #homophobia #privilege #racism #bigots #sexism

2 weeks ago

@MaryAliciaZiff @TonyStark

"If you want to stop abortion, you need to prevent unwanted pregnancies. And men are 100% responsible for unwanted pregnancies... Perhaps you are thinking: IT TAKES TWO! And yes, it does take two for _intentional_ pregnancies.

But ALL unwanted pregnancies are caused by the irresponsible ejaculations of men. Period. Don’t believe me? Let me walk you through it."
~Gabrielle Blair

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#WomensHealth #Pregnancy #USA

Kent Pitman
2 weeks ago

Among 9/11 memories, I refer you to my 2015 essay Packaged Terror, about how ripples of the attack touched me personally, several states away in New Hampshire.

I'm pretty confident that if you have the time, you'll find it an engaging read.

Had I not lived it, I might doubt some of its details myself, but I quite assure you this is a completely true story. And the take-home message is still very relevant today.

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The Xylom
2 weeks ago

Congrats to our contributor Sanjana Paul for being selected to the @grist 50! From our archives, check out her essay, "Who Gets to be a Climate Innovator?":

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3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

"The years I’ve spent with these cats—with Detective in our house, with Walker in a small apartment, with Mango on the porch next door—is worth all the feelings of loss." —Dan McQuade for Defector

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PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
3 weeks ago

I made a lot of progress with my depression these past weeks and am finally motivated to read and write again.
I've started writing an #AutoBiography a long time ago, to cope with what I've been through, but also to release it one day.

I'd love to let other people contribute chapters to my book. Essays on various topics that come up in my story.

So now I'm asking you all, if there is anyone who could think of writing such an essay for me, because you are affected by the topic yourself, or are an expert in the field.
Or if you know someone, who would be perfect for that topic.

Here are a few of the topics:
#Fediverse ( @ueckueck, you said you might write that one, still interested?)

There are other topics as well, but I already have people in mind who I'll directly ask to write essays about them; especially topics around #ClimateJustice.

The essays should be at least 2-5 pages long and provide a general gist about the topic, but ideally also contain something personal, like what the topic means to you.
Written in #English or #German.

Preliminary deadline is summer '24, but a lot can change until then and if you need longer, don't worry.

Please :boost: #boost. Thanks. ❤️
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Nix Kelley
3 weeks ago

this is about what it feels like to choose what's next, and letting go of what might keep you from being able to make that choice.

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Nix Kelley
3 weeks ago

We cannot take every memory with us. We do not *have* to take every memory with us.

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3 weeks ago

„Gerechtigkeit im 21. Jahrhundert. Zwischen Klimawandel und Künstlicher Intelligenz“: Dieser #Essay-Band von @awhamburg erscheint am 11.09.2023 @herder_verlag. Akademiepräsident Mojib Latif ist Herausgeber u. Autor neben anderen.

Foto darf nur im Zusammenhang mit der Pressemitteilung verwendet werden.
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
3 weeks ago

#Serenity comes from the ability to say ‘Yes’ to #existence. #Courage comes from the ability to say ‘No’ to the wrong #choices made by others.”

#AynRand, “The #Metaphysical Versus the #ManMade,” from ‘#Philosophy: Who Needs It’

Full #essay here:


“Serenity comes from the ability to say ‘Yes’ to existence. Courage comes from the ability to say ‘No’ to the wrong choices made by others.”

—“Philosophy: Who Needs It” by Ayn Rand
3 weeks ago

Why should progressives accommodate conservatives' need to be socially accepted, when conservatives refuse to allow "others" to be socially accepted.

If the conservatives want people to be friendly with them, then they need to stop being so actively hostile to people.

@JuliusGoat does a much better job explaining this idea in this essay:

#Essay #Friends #LGBTQ #Ally #Progressives #Conservatives #Democrats #Republicans #Politics #USPol #USA

Blog headline and photo with caption.

Headline: If You Want To Be Friends, Then Why Aren’t You Friendly?
A look at one of the most alarming and pressing problems of our age: the much-lamented fact that "the left" won't be friends with "the right," over "political views."
by A.R. Moxon
August 26, 2023

Photo with caption: Laura Ann Carleton, murdered for allyship with queer people.
3 weeks ago

September 3

Tolerances | There are breaking points to what people say about others. We've skated over that line.

17 min video

quiet yelling?

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4 weeks ago

Debunking January 6 Conspiracy Theories | Renegade Cut

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Christina Dongowski
4 weeks ago

Lucy Scoles is such a great literary critic / essayist, she makes you want to immediately read the novels she writes about. I loved this little portrait of Elizabeth Mavor (of whom I've never heard before) and her novels of #queer love among women.
@bookstodon #bookstores #womenwriters #femaleauthor #breiterkanon #Literatur #Essay #feuilleton #bookerprize

4 weeks ago


Your comment reminded me of an essay entitled, "Alex Jones and the kitten burners" which describes some people's need to #hate someone in order to feel good about themselves. And the problems that can lead to.

"They need to feel 'better-than' more than they want to be simply good"
~Fred Clark

Written in 2017, but it's even more relevant now (re: #LGBTQ #WomensRights ...).

#Conspiracy #ConspiracyTheories #Hypocisy #Righteousness #Essay

Text from article:
People don’t really believe this, do they? Yes. Yes they do.

Well … they want to believe it, and they try their hardest to do so. And they’ve all-but completely convinced themselves that they do. If you ask them, “Do you really believe this?” they won’t be lying when they say yes, because they’ve been convinced that being a good person on the side of good requires them to say yes and to dutifully avoid entertaining any thoughts about any of the obvious evidence or scientific/logistical impossibilities that cause the rest of us to gape at their apparent credulity.

But, we protest, how could they believe such malarkey? How could anybody be dumb enough to believe that?

That response, while perfectly understandable, is a mistake. It’s not about being dumb, or even about being ignorant. Believing such things is not a matter of anything intellectual or educational. It’s emotional and, ultimately, ethical.

People believe such things because they have come to need to believe them. They need to believe them because they need to think of themselves as righteous. Or, at least, they need to feel something like what they imagine it must feel like to be able to think of themselves as righteous.

And if that’s what you need to think and what you need to feel, then it won’t matter how smart you are, or how well-educated or well-informed you might be. If you’ve gotten to the point where you need to believe such things, you’ll believe them.
Unsere Autorin verliert sich in den Gemälden und Gedichten von Etel Adnan. Und erinnert sich dabei an nasse Wiesen und das tobende Meer in Irland.
Kunst von Etel Adnan: In Farbe schreiben
Manniac 🌈
4 weeks ago

Was STAR WARS RUINIERT: Die ganze Geschichte zu Ahsoka, Andor, Rebels & Fans vs Fans 😲
#StarWars #Ahsoka #Essay #Film

1 month ago

#essay : an effort made, or exertion of body or mind, for the performance of anything

- French: Dissertation

- German: der Aufsatz

- Italian: saggio

- Portuguese: redação

- Spanish: ensayo


Report an incorrect translation @

Tomasz Susuł
1 month ago

I'm starting the project!

The plan is to do a #photo #essay on negatives, but as a backup I will also be shooting with a #dslr. Due to the limited amount of text here, the whole thing will appear on my blog (pl & eng) and on Medium. I will of course be uploading some of the photographs here! I expect the whole thing to take three weeks at the most, but as soon as I have any interesting photographs you'll be the first to see them!

#photography #project

Mistress witch writes
1 month ago

„I have once met a collector of souls as well“, my witch whispers.
Tonight, we‘re thinking about friendship.
It can be heartbreaking where desperate souls go.

This one is about the dangers of having a heart in this world.

#writingcommunity #amwriting #bloggingcommunity #essay #witch

The Xylom
1 month ago

PERSPECTIVE: When Manasvi Verma moved over 8,000 miles from New Delhi, India to St. Louis, she ate less of her Dadi's kadhi, but more of her roommate's mom's chicken noodle casserole. How has that changed her from the inside out and the outside in?

#india #stlouis #boston #food #science #equity #essay

Mistress witch writes
1 month ago

„I have once met a collector of souls as well“, my witch whispers.
Tonight, we‘re thinking about friendship.
It can be heartbreaking where desperate souls go.

Essay is being written!

#writing #WritingCommunity #amwriting #blog #blogging #essay #thoughts

The very talented @debharman stops by the Taoist Online today with a terrific article:

The Beautiful Brokenness of People and Japanese Concepts We Love To Learn


1 month ago

Hmm, vll nicht ganz die richtige Instanz, aber weiß hier zufälligerweise jemand wo man einen wissenschaftlichen Essay zu Bewegungstheorie und sozialem Wandel publizieren könnte? Als Master-Studentin, sollte sowas doch eigentlich möglich sein.
#FollowerPower #Soziologie #Essay #SozialeBewegungen #BewegungsForschung #SozialerWandel

1 month ago

Reading this great essay by Jessica Zhan Mei Yu about Australian racism that is, by some luck, online for free so I can share it here:

#racism #essay #Australia #reading

Frozen Canuck
2 months ago

Mina Le on everything you need to know about japan's kawaii industry. Pretty interesting!

#Kawaii #Japan #Culture #Essay

2 months ago

"It took time until I was ready to watch sunsets again. On the day of the explosion I had looked up at the sky, and seen a pink, orange, and white mushroom cloud... I used to love sunsets. I would chase them across the city, one of the first subjects I learned to photograph." —Tamara Saade for Delacorte Review and Literary Hub

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Essay #Beirut #PortOfBeirutExplosion

DAME Magazine
2 months ago

Sincere apologies for our not posting here of late! We had some behind-the-scenes tech issues to contend with.

BUT we’re thrilled to be back with a fantastic #essay from Laura Bogart on how Greta Gerwig’s #Barbie and the film's tale of occupying liminal spaces was a reflection of her own experience of coming out later in life.

(we’ll also be posting a bunch of recent features throughout the day). Good to see everyone and we missed you all!

Mistress witch writes
2 months ago

„Once you‘re a mother, you‘ll know too“, was what both of them then said to me, and honestly, I wanted to die.

#essay #writing #WritingCommunity #thoughts #witch #blogging

2 months ago

"I can see my father as he was then, a deep-eyed, deep-skinned, welterweight of a man—broad-shouldered and slim in the waist. At least this is how my four-year-old eyes remember and reenact him, sailing Las Vegas Boulevard, the nose of his ’69 Charger cutting through neon, the clamor of sudden jackpots and cocktails a’ripple in his wake." —Erica Vital-Lazare for The Baffler

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #Essay #BlackHoles #AbsenteeFather

Mariya Delano
3 months ago

“But that's the magic of gradual trust compounded by years of loyalty, nothing changes even when you think you're completely different”

An old friend of mine published this beautiful, tender piece on friendship from her personal blog. I think many of you would enjoy it:

#writing #blog #friendship #love #reading #essay

Nix Kelley (they/them)
3 months ago

new essay: 'capitalism makes no sense to me'

I've been thinking really hard (it seems like there should be a faint smell of burning emanating from my brain) about why capitalism sucks SO MUCH. it's all tangled up with how I view the world as a neurodivergent person, but I don't think that should mean that society should continue to harm all of us.

#capitalism #autism #autistic #ActuallyAutistic #ADHD #neurodivergent #essay #praxis #justice

I think a big hurdle with getting people onto the platform is the fallacy of convenience and is essentially a matter of instant versus delayed gratification. Even if #Mastodon is a better experience that just requires a little extra effort to get into, people will most often go for the instant gratification of hopping into one of the human rights violations we call mainstream social media like #Threads, #Twitter, #TikTok, #Instagram and more simply because it's easier.

Even if the aforementioned more convenient options are literal spyware, encourages super unhealthy mindsets of bigotry; ableism; turning oneself into a commodity; and spreads disinformation like a disease, and has actively tanked the mental health of the human population in just a few decades flat! The amount of people in groups outside of Mastodon that I have had to steer away from places like TikTok is scary because people are willing to throw their rights and privacy away for some goddamn internet clout: one of the most worthless currencies humanity has ever designed.

So, I think one way we can tackle the delayed gratification hurdle is just.. avoid talking about federation and taking things off-topic by having to explain a bunch of terminology. Just... invite your friends to your instance, *then* explain what Mastodon is, #Fediverse, all that. Just get them on the platform first; don't make it overly complicated. Just make it seem like they're signing up to the usual social media platform, and slowly introduce them to what makes Mastodon so unique.

Not only does this avoid having to get people do preliminary research (which is usually a surefire way to turn people away from the platform), but it can also keep them off overcrowded instances like and because when you recommend Mastodon, people just look it up and end up joining either of those two by the name. And even if your friend(s) doesn't like the instance you've chosen for them, they can just migrate their entire account elsewhere!

I think it'd just be a better approach to get them through the door first before overwhelming them with all the Fediverse talk. Because even I am still overwhelmed by all the other Fediverse platforms, and it absolutely can be daunting.

#LongPost #Essay #Commentary #Observations #SocialMedia

3 months ago

"How did Momo make me feel? She had taught me that moments live in the flickering gold light of a beech tree and a bowl of warm soup. That loss waits for all of us, so we’d better wring happiness from every second." —Linda Button

#Longreads #Essay #PersonalEssay #Grief #Epitaph

3 months ago

“The Man in the River”
by A. R. Moxon, Verified Duck

This modern parable is well worth reading for everyone, but especially for those involved/interested in #Journalism #News #Media #Politics #BothSides #Bipartisanship #Neutrality

Thread version:

Essay version:

#Essay #WorthReading

A deal Justice #Alito’s wife made with an #energy #company paints recent Supreme Court decisions on the #environment in a damning light.

“What makes political figures who violate ethics laws so exceptional is how much #obviously #unethical #behavior #is #legal under our current overly permissive rules,” Hauser said.

“Our current ethics regime assumes that a person’s financial interests need to be extremely specific in order to influence their behavior, a worldview that ignores the foresight rich people and corporations regularly demonstrate.”

Unlike other federal courts, the Supreme Court does not have a legally binding ethics code. While justices are required to file financial disclosures under the Ethics in Government Act, the choice of whether or not to recuse from cases involving a conflict of interest is entirely self-enforced.
This loophole caught the public’s attention in April, when a ProPublica report detailed the lavish, undisclosed gifts and financial support Justice Clarence #Thomas and his family received from billionaire GOP megadonor Harlan #Crow.
Since then, other justices’ financial dealings have been called into question, including Neil #Gorsuch for an undisclosed property sale to a lawyer with business before the court, and John #Roberts, whose wife’s employment as a legal recruiter for Supreme Court-bound lawyers raised a host of ethics questions.
#Alito now finds himself in a position similar to Thomas, after another ProPublica report from last week described a fishing trip and private jet ride the justice took with conservative operative #Leonard #Leo and billionaire hedge fund manager #Paul #Singer, valued at over $100,000. While pictures from the trip suggest that Alito personally appreciates the bounty of America’s dwindling unpolluted landscape, his rulings in environmental cases suggest that politically he does not. 
Before publishing its investigation into Alito’s relationship with Singer — whose business model is organized around using the courts, including the Supreme Court, to extract payments from distressed bond issuers — ProPublica reached out to Alito with a list of questions. Alito responded by penning a #defensive #essay in the Wall Street Journal, which #published the response #before #ProPublica had even published its story. 

Flipboard Culture Desk
3 months ago

Writer and editor Mrigaa Sethi grew up as part of Bangkok's conservative Indian community, "where their child's eventual heterosexual wedding was the dream twinkling in every parent's eye." Here, they talk about the evolution of their relationship with their fashion designer mother as they discovered their sexuality and identity as a butch gay woman.

#Pride #Fashion #LGBTQ #Essay #Singapore #Thailand

Cheri Lucas Rowlands
3 months ago

This thoughtful @longreads essay on silence, teaching in a red state, and history lessons never taught by educator Anne P. Beatty is worth a read, especially as book bans are on the rise in the US:

There's a quiet power in this piece. I enjoyed working on it with Anne last month.

#Essay #Nonfiction #Teaching #Education #Books #History #Longreads

Texas Observer Lives!
3 months ago

This #essay is a follow-up to @josephinelee's report on the new leadership at the #Texas State tHistorical Society, and the potential upheaval for our state's #education:

#history #schools #TXlege #politics #USpol #racism #WhiteSupremacy #extremism #Republicans #academia #essays #books

3 months ago

"In coming out, I found some of the freedom I was supposed to find." —Samuel Ernest

#Longreads #Essay #Pride #PrideMonth #ComingOut

Mariya Delano
3 months ago

It feels like the world is ending from every possible direction.

Maybe you feel like your world is ending too. And neither of us benefits from putting on a fake smile and keeping on as if we aren’t dealing with deep, existential, debilitating fear.

So here’s an uncomfortable question: does #marketing work even matter during an apocalypse?

I try to answer it in my recent newsletter:

#essay #newsletter #writing #substack

Emmanuel José García
4 months ago

Dear friends,

I hope this message finds you all in high spirits and ready for a thrilling mathematical adventure! Today, I am thrilled to share with you a groundbreaking essay that delves into the untapped potential of half-angle formulas and their astonishing applications.

🔗 []

In this thought-provoking piece, titled "The Theoretical Importance of Half-Angle Formulas," I explore the remarkable world of these often-overlooked formulas and their far-reaching implications. But before you dive in, let me share a captivating quote by the legendary George Pólya: "An idea which can be used only once is a trick. If one can use it more than once, it becomes a method."

Now, why is this quote relevant to my work, you might ask? Well, my friends, in the realm of mathematics, finding a single result is indeed fascinating, but uncovering a method—a systematic approach that can be employed repeatedly—is truly extraordinary. My essay takes you on a journey through the complexities of discovering and harnessing methods using the half-angle formulas.

Warm regards,
Emmanuel José García.

#math #trigonometry #newapproach #polya #halfanglesmatter #symmetrymatters #essay

4 months ago

"Hundreds of copies lined the shelves of the bookroom, hidden, mute. Nothing is more silent than an unread book."

In her new Longreads essay, Anne P. Beatty reflects on teaching in a red state, silence, and learning the history of her hometown.

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #History #NorthCarolina #Greensboro #Teaching #Essay

A beautiful #essay about #MegWhite from #TheWhiteStripes and her refusal to play along with the rules of the #pop #business and the #musicindustry .
#music #pop #femaleartist
Meg White on The White Stripes, Fame, and Anxiety

4 months ago

In today's #LongreadsTop5:

➡️ Abuse and murder on tuna fishing boats.
➡️ New books cars and society.
➡️ The international laws that govern the sea.
➡️ A mysterious teepee.
➡️ An oral history of Top Chef.

#Longreads #Editors Picks #Nonfiction #Journalism #Reading #OralHistory #Essay #Books

4 months ago

"For all the books on all the shelves of all the world’s libraries, life must in the end be lived as a series of discrete moments and individual decisions. What we face might be complicated, but what we do about it is simple."

#longread #essay #amreading #longevity #Stoicism

Liam Spradlin
4 months ago

From Le Corbusier to Figma, “design is, at its core, a permanently subject-oriented discipline.”

In my essay on Scratch, I invite us to think about a practice that uses emerging tech not for productivity, but toward a richer philosophy of the interface.

#design #ai #essay

Animated illustration of a big tree with human faces and arms growing in its branches
4 months ago

"Many years will pass before I can bring myself to check western Ellesmere Island on Google Maps, in part because I dread what I will find. Much of my path down the Lewis to Tanquary Fjord has been swallowed by melt and rising seas." —James Conaway for The Hedgehog Review

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