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2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Workers at Good Sam Hospital, run by #HCA, are rallying to raise the alarm on short staffing. "74% of support staff at the hospital think they have insufficient time to attend to patients, while 66% reported delays or lack of patient care due to a shortage of staff."
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I was temporarily reassigned to a #NycDoe #REC for a week and a half, where we tried to provide educational help and daycare for kids whose parents were #EssentialWorkers and #FrontlineWorkers. It’s kind of a miracle I didn’t catch #COVID, since we still didn’t have masks. There were few enough cases that it wasn’t a concern, yet, that the virus could have been lurking in the building at the time.

Did you already register for today's hybrid #DiPLab seminar with ILO senior economist Janine Berg? Starting at 3:30PM CET, it will showcase ILO's upcoming flagship report on essential work & work from home in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. More info here👉 #work #futureofwork #flexiblework #EssentialWorkers #ilo #remotework #workfromhome #seminars #experttalk

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3 months ago

I want so badly to print out a sign that says "Masks Appreciated but not required!" and display it at my workplace (chain convenience store) but knowing my boss I think he'd be upset if I suggested this and take down the sign if I put it up anyway. But so many people are sick!! Many of my friends & family have COVID or flu, and lately I've been seeing many customers coming in MASKLESS to pick up NyQuil, cough drops, tissues, etc, coughing up a storm the whole time 🤔 #MaskUp #Covid #Flu #EssentialWorkers

Bob Jamieson
3 months ago

Petition: Upgrade the pay and status of carers

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3 months ago

On this stormy day my gratitude goes out to hydro linesman braving the storm to restore my power. The snow plow drivers clearing the roads for the emergency workers. The health care workers who gave up being at home to care for others.
As Tracy Chapman sang ‘ I've seen and met angels wearing the disguise of ordinary people living ordinary lives.’
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3 months ago

To all of the grocery store employees working this week in preparation for the holidays AND winter storm across America: THANK YOU.

I sincerely hope people are being unusually friendly, patient, and grateful. Please find time to care for yourselves too.

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4 months ago

Today in Labor History December 8, 2019: The first confirmed case of COVID-19 was confirmed in China. Today, there have been 6.6 million deaths worldwide, officially, but actual numbers may be ten times this high. In the US, over 1.1 million have died, officially, primarily seniors (90% of all Covid deaths are now occurring in people over 65), along with people with disabilities, people of color and low wage workers in so-called essential services, primarily food production, line cooks, and warehouse workers.

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Graph of health worker covid deaths by nation. From Statista.
Graph of nationalities of US health worker deaths from covid.
Problem Patient
4 months ago

If a #strike causes major disruption, that's not the fault of #labor.

Don't blame the #workers who want to have sick days during a #pandemic -- blame the #capitalists who decide that slightly more obscene profit is more important than the lives and livelihoods of our #EssentialWorkers . Blame the #RobberBarons who are willing to risk all of us in a radically unequal game of chicken.

This isn't on #labor. Support the #RailStrike and the #unions .

nhomie 🦣
4 months ago

I find it more than mildly infuriating to watch essential workers get pressured from all sides yet again.

115,000: The total number of workers affected by the negotiations, who won’t get additional sick leave if the deal is forced upon them by Congress

1: The number of days of sick leave allotted to rail workers in the tentative agreement, up from the current zero

From Quartz:

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4 months ago

Who else has to work today?
#blackfriday is still Friday.

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5 months ago

Nobody seems to give a shit about #essentialworkers and how we have #LongCovid and #PTSD from working getting y'all your food while people died around us & now it's literally millions of us in this situation looking for something we can actually do given that we are this fucked up

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“We’re the ones that de-escalate situations to not have to call 911. We are worth more than having the same annual salary as a Seattle Police Department sign on bonus ($30,000).” #InvestintheCORE #EssentialWorkers


2 years ago

RT We are the only developed country in the world that didn't #CoverPayroll so its citizens could #StayAtHome & #StaySafe without worrying about being evicted during a deadly pandemic. #COVID19 #EssentialWorkers #DisposableWorkers #EvictionCrisis #EvictionMoratorium

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3 years ago

Same with #Google and #CloucHore, are they considered #essentialWorkers or are they #workFromHome?

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
3 years ago

Is #Microsoft 95% #workFromHome or are they considered #essentialWorkers?

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Consumers decide every day who are #EssentialWorkers by buying and not buying. That's how a market economy quickly adjusts to changes in what people deem important. To compare, politicians' categorization is comparatively arbitrary and value-unrelated, and therefore destructive.

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3 years ago

Sen. @EWarren and Rep. @RoKhanna announced a list of compensations they say #EssentialWorkers are entitled to because of the risk they are putting themselves in to provide for the public. …
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